October 2013 - Heroes of Mariah
Cuties !!!! 

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Posted on October 31

Roc and Roe's Halloween

- Roc & Roe wish everyone Happy Halloween!!! click here
- Dembabies are brilliant!!!! click here
- Halloween Sugar High! click here
- Super Girl Pose! click here
- Superman vs. Superboy! Luckily Supergirl saved the day! click here

Source: Nick 
Posted on October 31

Tonight, Halloween!!!!!!!
Me scared !!!!!! 
Posted on October 31
The Art Of Letting Go listening party Time Converter for lambs/fans around the world

I made a time converter so you can easily check when the listening party will start in your country/city.

Posted on October 30

Lil' "living the life" video shared by JD

Click here to watch it.

"I dimmed all the lights Jermaine 'cause tonight it's all the way"- Mariah singing Donna Summer lines her own way 

Posted on October 30

A "so Mariah" moment: "What..."I just don't care for it!" 

Click hereto watch it

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Posted on October 29

Mariah Carey Gives Us An Update On Collaborations With Nas, Mike Will, Hit Boy .....

Mariah Carey And Nas' Collaboration Is So Good You'll 'Feel' It

Click here to watch the video

Carey explains why her upcoming track the Queensbridge rapper is already a favorite.
Earlier this year Mariah Carey teased a summer release for her latest album, then titled The Art of Letting Go, but she eventually delayed the date to properly complete the record. Some of those finishing touches on the LP will include completing her new collaboration with Nas — and possibly even linking up with two much younger collaborators.

Back in September, Mariah tweeted a photo of herself in the studio with Nas, whom she worked with on "Thank God I Found You (remix)," and their reunion sounds promising.

"We have yet to finish our collaboration but it's one of people's favorite records, even though it's nowhere near finished, and even though it's not at that [right] place yet," Carey told MTV News, adding that she's so focused on the current project that it's difficult to even compare it to the last time she recorded with the Queensbridge rapper.

"It's gonna be dope, I could tell you that," her longtime collaborator Jermaine Dupri added, even putting in a call to Nas during the interview to get an update on their schedule.

And Nas isn't the only one Mariah has been spending quality time with in the studio. Instagram photos over the past few weeks have revealed that she's also been at work with producers that include Mike Will Made It, Hit-Boy and Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins.

"[The album's] sound is varied in terms of textures and in terms of the lyrics," she explained. "A lot of songs are [very] different from one another, but there's something that's similar in terms of all the records. There's an intensity that I think people are going to feel."

Dupri, who joined Mariah's management team over the summer and is overseeing production of the album, shared his two cents on the project so far. "You see those producers and you probably think the producers are driving the songs," he said. "But the records actually sound like they're crafted for Mariah as opposed [her] getting on people's records and doing what they're doing."

"She's definitely not the artist that will allow you to write the record before she gets to the studio."

"That's because [you're actually] crafting with the other person," Mariah offered up. "The best records in my opinion are the ones where we got together from the inception to the completion of the record. I like this record because we started from scratch, with nothing."

When asked how her twins Monroe and Moroccan have affected her music, Mariah played coy, and would only say that she had something special in store. Will we hear them on the record? "I don't wanna give away one of the very special things about this record," she teased.

Mariah's latest song "The Art of Letting Go" will be released via Facebook on November 11. 

Source: MTV (All rights reserved)
Posted on October 29

New pics, new ideas .......

- Meeting in the hallway!
- At the studio with a pip idea, thinking about how to bring it to fruition.

Source: Mariah
Posted on October 29

Video: Mariah Carey Bares Her Midriff (also single cover and the trailer)

E!News posted a nice video, they messed up the single title calling it album, but who cares, it's good publicity ...

Source for the link: @Kat_Lamb_AZ 
Posted on October 28

Mariah unveils the artwork for "The Art of Letting Go" !!!

Source: Mariah on Facebook
Posted on October 28
Mariah in studio tonight

Mariah is working really hard, she will be in studio tonight with JD and Bryan Michael Cox

Source: Bryan Michael Cox
Posted on October 27

So cute 

"Ms Monroe preparing for her 500 hrs O Beauty School"
"Roc's first pumpkin!!!"

Source: Mariah on Twitter
Posted on October 27

Dazzling Mariah Carey steals the BET show !!!

She may have been attending an awards show among a slew of younger pretenders, but at the age of 43, Mariah Carey still managed to out-dazzle them all in a stunning black crop top and long black and gold patterned skirt as she stepped out at a BET awards bash on Saturday night.

Coordinating with her stunning look, Mariah styled her voluminous honey locks into bouncy waves and sported a pair of dangling gold earrings as she spoke onstage at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center.

Source: DailyMail (All rights reserved - extract)
Posted on October 27

Patti Labelle honored with the Living Legend Award at Black Girls Rock presented by Mariah Carey 

Click here to access Patti Labelle's Facebook

Posted on October 26

Mariah at the taping of the BET "Black Girls Rock" Award

And as expected, Mariah will present the Award to Patti Labelle

Source: Mariah - Danielle Priano - Courtney - Twitter
Posted on October 26

Mariah to present a BET "Black Girls Rock" Award

The Award will honor the accomplishments of women of color who have made outstanding contributions in their careers, and who stand as inspirational and positive role models in their communities

As Patti Labelle is one of the honorees, we can only guess Mariah will be the presenter of that Award.   The ceremony will air on November 3.

Source for the info: BET on Twitter
Posted on October 26

Watch Mariah's #LettingGo trailer on HER Youtube

C'mon guys, let's go!!!! Even if you watched it over and over, watch it again on her YouTube channel.

Posted on October 25

Subtle hint ...

Here's what happens when you watch the teaser video frame by frame trying to read the notes
Posted on October 24
Fuse News video

Fuse posted a different version of Mariah and JD's interview (especially the end  )  on their YouTube channel.  Click here to watch it

Posted on October 24

Run, run, RUN on Mariah 's Facebook NOW

Just click here .....

Posted on October 24

Some avoid that quote ..... ding, ding, ding, does it ring a bell ?

"some people have preconceived feelings about what they want to hear from me musically, some say you need to sing like this.."- MariahCarey 

Posted on October 24

More videos from the Press evening !

- E! News - click here
- Fuse TV - click here (thx MariahDaily)

Posted on October 24

Mariah Carey Discusses Video Shoot Injuries, Her New Single 

Click here to read the article

Posted on October 24

"In honor of my father - Alfred Roy"

Posted on October 23

Some quotes #LettingGo

- "I want my fans to understand this is for them and know that it means something"
- "I would only hope people who are not fans will feel something from it, too."
- “We are almost at a place where it’s a 100 percent better, but you can’t really rush it. It is what it is.”

Posted on October 23

More interviews to come #LettingGo

- today with AJ Calloway on Extra TV
- today on Fuse TV at 8pm EST
- on 106&Park (not sure when but most likely today, thanks Marilyn)
- tonight on E! News: Mariah is telling it all about her new album and her #Halloween plans with Nick and their twins (E!News probably meant her single)

Posted on October 23

Mariah and JD #LettingGo interview on MTV

Click hereto watch it.

Mariah Carey Says Jermaine Dupri's 'Genius' Single Release Will Make Her A 'Regular Person'

Mariah Carey and Jermaine Dupri have cemented a rock-solid legacy over the past 18 years, collaborating on some of the singer's biggest hits, beginning with "Always Be My Baby." But the longtime friends are embarking on a new chapter together with the release of Carey's "The Art of Letting Go" on November 11.In addition to the classics they've crafted, Carey and Dupri have a connection beyond the studio. This summer, the legendary So So Def Recordings founder took on a management role in Mariah's camp — a role he has played unofficially in the careers of artists such as Bow Wow and Kriss Kross.

"We've always had similar tastes in music," Mariah told MTV News of their relationship. "So we met because he was already producing great records and I wanted to work with the person behind the music that I was listening to and loving. That's when people were [shocked] — 'she's trying to work with rappers.' They didn't know what to do with that."Dupri's first order of business in his management role was encouraging Carey to release her new song via Facebook, in an effort to speak directly to her fans."The Internet has made the world flat, so when you have a person like Mariah whose fanbase goes from here to other end of the world, why not share [the music] with everyone at once?" he told us.Mariah welcomed the idea of releasing "The Art of Letting Go" directly to fans, even setting up plans to host a Q&A with her Lambs on Facebook in conjunction with the release of the song. "The way I interact with my fans, it's a different thing than most people," Carey explained. "I've [had] this type of relationship with my fans since I first knew I had fans, which was not till my third album. It [sounds] crazy but it's actually true. I never felt like 'oh I'm famous.' I think now, people have one song -- even if it's one song, they're like, 'look at me I'm famous....All of a sudden, fame takes over, [but] you have to stay you, you have to stay grounded and my fans have kept me grounded."Carey, who released the single "#Beautiful" with Miguel earlier this year, emphasized that Internet fame puts a short shelf life on an artist's career, recalling the moment she finally believed that she had fans, after seeing them waiting in the cold to land an autograph."Honestly, interacting directly with your fans is the best thing you can do because they are the ones who keep you where you are. Longevity is something that not everybody can have," she said. "Even some of the biggest new stars that have become meteorites over the past couple of years, you see them flailing and you wonder why. And maybe it's because they didn't have that connections with their fans.""I think now everybody feels famous because of the Internet but [it's good] for me to be a regular person and reach my fans directly. I think it's a genius concept.For the anticipated single "The Art of Letting Go," which is also the title of her 11th solo album, Carey worked with producer Rodney Jerkins, under the guidance of Jermaine Dupri, but don't let the title fool you, because the mother of two isn't pretending to have all of the answers. "I don't think I've mastered the art of letting of go," Carey replied, when asked if we should interpret the title literally. "I think the art of letting go is something that will probably take most people a lifetime to master, so the song can be interpreted however [fans like]. It's one of those things where people are gonna have to feel the song, if they feel it...then they're really gonna feel it in their heart."

Posted on October 23

Watch Mariah's interview for Newday on CNN

If you missed it live, Newday posted the interview on their site, click here to watch it !!

Mariah Carey Reveals "The Art of Letting Go"

Superstar Mariah Carey has topped the charts for more than two decades.

And she's looking to continue that success - with a hotly anticipated new single despite a slew of recent injuries that threatened to bring her career to an end.

CNN's Nischelle Turner caught up with Carey at her Manhattan recording studio for late night interview where the diva shared all the highest notes.

From her new music, to the changes she's making in her life, to her advice to young music stars and her road to recovery since fracturing her shoulder, Carey reveals all.

“There’s an emotion to it as you listen to the song from start to finish,” Carey says about “The Art of Letting Go.” “You can tell that it’s me.”

Her token of wisdom for young girls who want to follow in her footsteps is a reflection of the song. “Listen to the art of letting go. “This is about letting go of maybe something that's not right for you, but you just don't know how to make that final move and let go of it, like it's not easy. It’s something that you have to learn how to do. And I think that we’re all still learning.”

Nearly 100% recovered from her injuries, Carey says she’s also ready to let go of the pain.

Turns out the songstress also let go of longtime manager Randy Jackson, teaming up with Jermaine Dupri, who she’s made many hits with in the past.

”I will say this; she did not want to talk American Idol. She did not want to talk Miley Cyrus,” Turner reports.  "Miss Mariah wanted to talk about Miss Mariah.”

Thanks to @KENeBFly for the link
Posted on October 23

#LettingGo Press evening !!

Source: Mariah - JD - Twitter
Posted on October 23

Mariah with Steve Stoute for "The Tanning of America"

- Is Steve Stoute a lamb or a goat? - click here
- For laughs - click here

Source: Mariah on Twitter
Posted on October 21

Jessie J 's playback: Mariah 's "Emotions" at the After show party #Sheffield

Click here to watch

Source: Marilyn by e-mail
Posted on October 20

It's starting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #MariahChristmas

Mariah's All I Want For Christmas currently No.1 Billboard's Holiday Digital Song Chart!

Source: Ash
Posted on October 20

Grammys submissions
Many submissions in each category, let's see if Mariah's songs will make it to the nominees 

- Song of the Year
- Record of the Year
- Best Pop Performance 
- Best short form music video

Almost Home
- Best song written for visual media

Posted on October 18

Nas talks about his collab on Mariah's track: "It's a banger!"

In recent weeks you’ve been photographed in the studio with Mariah Carey and Jermaine Dupri. Will the collaboration appear on your album?

That’s on her album, and it’s a banger! I was excited to get back in the studio with her. She’s one of the greatest voices of our generation. She’s on another level. Just working with an artist that big really shows me how much further I can go. I’ve been inspired just sitting there talking to her. She’s very smart and extremely talented. And I’m just happy to work with her again.

In the past you two remade Keith Sweat’s timeless classic, “Make It Last Forever.” If you guys could hypothetically go back and remake another classic hit, what would it be?

Wow! I think me and her would be Marvin [Gaye] and Tammi Terrell in a way. Their track, “Ain’t Nothing Like The Real Thing,” or something like that.

Source: Huff Post Black Voices (All rights reserved - extract)
Posted on October 18

"The Art Of Letting Go" update

Hey lambs,

Thank you (!!!!!) for all your comments this week about the announcement of "The Art of Letting Go." I wish I could answer all of your questions and I’m gonna try my hardest and definitely tell you a bit more about the song.

I wrote and produced "The Art of Letting Go" with my friend, the uber talented Rodney Jerkins. We had worked together before, but this time around, I feel we wen...t down a more organic path in terms of our approach to the songwriting process.

"The Art of Letting Go" was the second of two beloved songs I wrote with Rodney for this album. As we were writing, we both got goosebumps and a feeling of nostalgia. It might sound over the top but when I was singing this song, I felt like I had touched upon certain emotions within myself that I haven’t put on a record in a very long time. I truly can't wait for all of you to hear and share these feelings with me.

#LettingGo !!!! 11.11.13 !!! --MC

Source: Mariah on Facebook
Posted on October 18

Day and night in studio

There was a funny moment last night when Mariah told on Twitter: "they wont let me out of the studio" as she wanted to watch her fav serie "Scandal".

She later posted a "It's moments dahhling!!" lil" video, click here to watch it.

Posted on October 18

Mariah Carey behind the scenes photo from the Oh Santa! cover shoot

Source: hugowashere on instagram - MariahNetwork on Twitter
Posted on October 17

Lamboween 2013 !!

Head over to Chris' Mariah Events Facebook for all details.

Fans francophones!  Chris de Mariah Events Facebook  vous invite à fêter Halloween et bien sûr pour les fans de Mariah ça se transforme en Lamboween.
Il vous demande de lui envoyer une photo de vous (costumé ou non) avec une petite touche d'Halloween quand même.

Nederlandstalige fans:  Chris van  Mariah Events Facebook  nodigt je uit om Halloween te vieren and natuurlijk voor Mariah fans is het Lamboween genaamd.
Hij vraag u om een foto van jou op te sturen ( verkleed of niet) met een Halloween toets.

Source for the info: Chris
Posted on October 17

Mariah in studio with JD

JD just posted a pic of him and Mariah in studio.

Posted on October 17

JLo's longtime assistant quits, defects to Mariah Carey’s Camp ?

Lopez’s right-hand woman Gilly Iyer recently departed JLO’s entourage to work for music producer Jermaine Dupri, who joined Carey’s management team last week.

“Gilly had enough, she was over it,” a source close to the mother-of-two JLO told Radar.

“Gilly had been looking to leave for sometime and as soon as Mariah hired Jermaine, she quit. Jennifer was stunned. But she has already hired a replacement.”

Source: Radar Online
Posted on October 17

Wooooooooooooooooooo go on Mariah's official site

Go take a look at Mariah's official site, The Art Of Letting Go design AND a countdown 

Posted on October 14

No physical single ...

Mariah Carey 's The Art Of Letting Go is CURRENTLY scheduled for a digital release only (at least in most of the countries) (let's hope the label changes its mind)

Posted on October 14

"The Art Of Letting Go" listening party on Facebook

On 11 November 2013 at 11am ET !!!!! Mariah Carey listening party on her Facebook
Posted on October 14
"The Art of Letting Go" Single to Launch on Facebook

Hi everyone!!

I couldn't be more thrilled to announce that my brand new single "THE ART OF LETTING GO", will be released here exclusively on my Facebook page on 11.11.2013!!

This song is so personal to me and I'm very excited to share this experience with you in such an intimate way.

"I can't even know what to say"!!! We're less than a month away and I can't wait to answer all your questions and share this experience with you. Be sure to check back here every day for updates and all there is to know about "THE ART OF LETTING GO".
LYM!! --MC #LettingGo

Source: Mariah's Facebook
Posted on October 14

Seems we will have news this week !!!

Take a look at JD's Twitter 

Source for the info: my bro V aka Cutelamb
Posted on October 13

Reminder: Get Mariah's We Belong Together VEVO certified

C'mon guys, we need that 100 million views !!!! Let's go!!!!

Posted on October 13

Be sure from now on to check Mariah's Facebook every day (often)

Source: JD
Posted on October 11

I'm sure you all follow her there, anyway, here it is ....

Mariah's message on Facebook

Hiiii lambs!!

I'm so happy to be able to catch up with everybody here on Facebook. The last three months of my life have not been easy. Getting through this injury has been the toughest experience of my life. It took me three months to get to this point but thank God I was able to recover and get my arm back. It's a huge deal, it hould have taken eight months and even my doctors can't believe it.... It's been a long journey, the physical therapists have been incredible and I am very grateful to all of them for helping me.

When people expected me to go "Here I am, I'm back and everything's great!", it didn't happen because my hand was still in tremendous pain and it took this long for it to heal. I've been working day and night, and it took a lot of rest (though I did sneak in to the studio a couple o' times!) but I can finally say that I am on my way to a full recovery.

There's a lot of excitement that I'm going to reveal to you very soon, and sooner than you know it, you're going to understand why but more than that, you're going to feel what I've been feeling for the past- not three months- but three years.

This is, to me, one of the most important albums I've ever made in my life. If you're a lamb, a fan, or just a human being that needs to feel good, happy, sad, miserable, joyous... "I gotcha" (said like Roc- you haven't heard how he says it yet but you will soon, it's a complete+total classic!)

LYM!!!! --MC

Posted on October 11

Finally a nice little family pic (at the Magic Kingdom, October 8)

Source for the pic: MsBriezyB 
Posted on October 10
Mariah Carey's OPI Holiday Collection

- Belgian fans, the entire collection will be on sale in Belgium starting November 20
- USA fans, Mariah's Holiday collection is now on sale on HSN (thx Robert)

Posted on October 10

Mariah, Roc and Roe at Disney World today

Source: Mariah - Nick (Nick posted it on October 10)
Posted on October 9
Mariah, Roc and Roe at Disney World again today

Source: Annie - Carol - Destinyhaunss
Posted on October 9

More pics of Mariah at Disney World

Maybe more tomorrow ....
Source for the pics: MsBriezyB 
Posted on October 8
Mariah and cute lil' Monroe at Disney World

Unfortunately it seems the sling is back.
Source for the pic: Livin
Posted on October 8
Destination Disney World 

Mariah, Nick, fam and friends are heading to Disney World to celebrate Nick's birthday.

Posted on October 8

Fountain of Youth ....

Not only did Mariah gave us a "Touch My Body" vibe pic today, but also a 2000 vibe !

Posted on October 8

SO sexy Mariah !!!!!

Today by posting a very sexy "Touch My Body" vibe picture for Nick, Mariah put Twitter and worldwide press on fire, so far ALL press reviews I read are positive.  Go Mariah!!!!!

Posted on October 8

Mariah Carey and Jermaine Dupri merger shocks the Industry 

Longtime musical collaborators take their business relationship to a new level

The two hit makers have written and produced some of the biggest songs in the world, most recently having grabbed an armload of Grammys for their collaboration on the critically acclaimed global phenomenon, “The Emancipation of Mimi.”

The blockbuster record spawned “We Belong Together,” which was crowned “SONG OF THE DECADE” by Billboard Magazine just two years ago.

“A multi-talented artist of Mariah’s caliber should be doing everything imaginable. I’m sure others have said this but not the way I intend to do it. For me, it’s about the execution,” says Dupri.  Carey adds, “We have a bond that surpasses music. I am super excited about our merger because we have so many innovative ideas that I know will come to fruition.”

Mariah’s rep, Cindi Berger, who was in the studio with her the other night, says, “I’ve never seen Mariah so passionate about what she will be revealing to her fans very, very soon.”

Source: Global 14
Posted on October 7

Graham Norton set up Mariah Carey G-A-Y gig, reveals Jeremy Joseph

Graham Norton was partly responsible for Mariah Carey's infamous show at G-A-Y, owner Jeremy Joseph has revealed.

The US singer is one of many iconic artists to perform at the famous London nightclub, but her booking came about in an unlikely way.

"It was actually Graham Norton who phoned me," Joseph told Digital Spy.

"Mariah had done his TV show and he was like, 'Listen, you're going to get this call in about an hour. Whatever you do, do not put the phone down. Someone's going to phone you and just trust that it's them.'

"About an hour later someone calls me and goes, 'Hi, it's Mariah. I'd love to do G-A-Y on Saturday', and I'm going, 'What?!' I'm thinking it's an April Fools joke in the middle of August.

"Anyway, she told me to go over to her hotel the following evening to see if we could get it together in time. So then I'm off to Claridges the next day to meet up with Mariah! It was completely surreal."

Carey entered the club on the now infamous night - which was then held at the Astoria in London - on a chaise longue carried by four muscle men.

Posted on October 5

Too cute 

"I got u mommy", Roc said My little protector 

Source: Mariah on Twitter
Posted on October 4

Jermaine Dupri and Mariah Carey back at it again

A big congratulations goes out to both Jermaine Dupri as well as Mrs. Mariah Carey for partnering up yet again for more awesomeness!

But this time Mr. SO SO DEF will be her manager!!!! We are so excited to hear what comes out from this great merger …

We're still jamming out to Mariah's major come back album The Emancipation of Mimi which sold more then 5 million copies! Fun fact JD produced and co-wrote "We Belong Together", "Don't Forget About Us" and "Shake it Off". JD won his first Grammy for best R&B song of 2006.

Source: SkamArtist via SO SO DEF on Twitter
Posted on October 4

New video: Be Beautiful - Mariah Carey Dreams Fragrance for Women - Kohl's 

Click here to watch.

Source: Kohl's - Andy by e-mail
Posted on October 4

Adorable !!! 

"Roc helping physical therapist .. C'mon !!! Who does this at 2?!?"

Source: Mariah on Twitter
Posted on October 4

Another pic of Mariah on the set of "The Tanning of America"

Source: @AlfredSpellman 
Posted on October 3

For your information ....

Many reactions about the info below, do you really believe I would have told it if there was a restriction to share it, well then you don't know me at all !!!

As for JD, give the man a chance before bashing him ....

Posted on October 3

It's official!!! JD will manage Mariah

I just got word, Jermaine Dupri will indeed manage Mariah (or at least be one of her managers as there are a few)  Congrats to him !

Posted on October 3

At a shoot for Steve Stoute's "The Tanning of America" on VH1 

Source: Mariah on Twitter
Posted on October 3

As usual, we will wait for an official confirmation or Press Release ....

Jermaine Dupri to manage Mariah Carey ?

Dupri took a moment to visit the A3C Hip Hop Festival to share his thoughts on the impact of technology on the music industry. While sharing his insight into the music industry, and the fact that he and Mariah were indeed still in the studio, Dupri released the news that he will now be managing Mariah Carey.

Source: RollingOut
Posted on October 2

"The Cecil" in Harlem ......

When I posted the photo, I wasn't able to recognize who was with Mariah and Nick, now we know ....

"A visit from entertainment power pair Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey had the Cecil chef Alexander Smalls dancing in the aisles over the weekend. The new Harlem hotspot, billed as an “Afro-Asian-American brasserie” when it opened a week ago, hosted the A-list couple Saturday, when they popped in with Pepsi executive Frank Cooper and his wife, Nina, for a bite. According to our insider, Smalls literally danced for joy next to the VIPs’ table on W. 118th St."

Source: NYDailyNews 
Posted on October 2

Mariah on Twitter 

Click here and enjoy

Also check out Liron's tweets

Posted on October 2

Video: BTS (Korean boys band) covers Mariah Carey 's '#Beautiful

Click here to watch it

Source for the link: Jevi
Posted on October 1


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