One night with Mariah

Friday the 13th

I go see the official site of Mariah.  50 fans are invited to a party in London.  The fans must call Victoria from Virgin UK at the number indicated on the site.  And if I try to phone?  Pfff, it's probably too late.  Wait a minute, the message was posted yesterday evening so, Virgin UK was closed.  And if...
I phone, an answering machine tells me to leave my name and phone number, pfff.  But if it's 9h30 in Belgium it's only 8h30 in London, so it's normal that the offices are closed.
Now, it's 9h00 in London, maybe the offices are open?  I try to phone again, answering machine, I try again and again and suddenly a human voice says me "Yeah, hello" I ask if I may speak to Victoria and the voice says "Yeah, I'm Victoria".  I think that I lost my voice I don't know what to say anymore.  Finally, I say :
-I phone from Belgium, is it still possible to attend to Mariah's party tonight?
-"Yes, but, it's in London".
-I know.
-"It's tonight".
-I know, I can be there.
-"Ok, give me your name and the name of your guest".
I give my name, a guest quick, quick, who will be my guest?  I know that I can't contact Björn from the staff,  he's at work, and that I don't have the time to contact a member of the Fan-Club, 'cause Victoria wait for the name immediately to be able to make the list of the guest.  Finally I give the name of my guest.
-"You must take the invitation at the Virgin office in London before 5pm".
I phone to the train station
-I must go to London today, did you still have places in the Eurostar?
-"Please hold the line".
Pfff, they make me wait with music, wait, and wait, and wait.
-"There's still a few places available for the train of 13h00 in Brussels Midi, you must be there at 12h30 for the check in, but for the return there's no places before sunday".
-Ok, I take them.
I'm in the train : and if the train had a problem and that I don't arrive in time in London?  My heart beats hard.
16h00 hum, 15h00 (London hour)
Waterloo Station, find a cab, arrive at the Virgin office before 5pm.  Quick, quick.
I receive my letter of invitation and 2 bracelets.
I finally found an hotel for 2 nights.
I take a shower and go eat a snack, I realize that I forgot to eat since this morning.
Cab to Hackney, to the Ocean (a trendy club, a little outside of London).
Hundreds of fans, on the front of the club giant screens broadcast videos of Mariah, a big security staff very meticulous, fans without bracelets want to make the queue too, the giants bodyguards become nervous.  An icecream man, fan or clever had put a lot of Loverboy posters on his delivery truck.
We may enter, checking, searching on the whole body, no cameras (I was almost sure that I can't enter with my camera).
I'm in the club, there's 2 bars, little tables, couchs, different DJs play music "Garage style" (Sorry, I don't know much this style).  Everybody start to dance (Sorry again, I'm not a dance specialist either).
The fruit juice, the brown soda with bubbles (I don't tell you the brand) and the white wine are free.  The other drinks must be pay.  People offer different snacks (dim sum, chicken drumsticks, etc...).  The music is aired loud, very loud (I think that my head will explode).  Mariah is everywhere on screens.  The DJs warm up the fans (I tough that the fans were already warmed up).
A spot is turning on next to the DJ's and Mariah appears.  "Hi everybody, thanks to be there, I hope that you enjoy this party and I hope you'll have fun".  She still talks, I can't remember anymore all she says, so many things, all is like in a dream.  A DJ starts the instrumental of Loverboy and Mariah makes an impro of Loverboy, I think that at this time the DJ was MJ Cole (to be checked).  The fans dance, it was very sensual, most of the fans where black people, and, they can dance, it was soft, tender, erotic.  I try to dance like them, but unfortunately I can't move my body like them, but they appreciate it, they smile :
-"You come specially from Belgium?  Cool man!  Come on, let the rythm move your body, come on little guy, show all your feelings with your body, it's your body who talks".
Little guy!  Of course, they are beautifull and muscular, the girls are very beautifull too, me, I'm white like the snow and with my 1m83 and my 53kg (6'1'' and 117Lbs)...  Well, ok, it's cool you can call me the little Belgian guy.  Mariah comes in the room with us, smiles, makes sign to everybody, it's not the star, she don't play to the star, she's natural, she has a little black t-shirt, a stylized necklace with an M garnished with little diamonds (I think it was diamonds), her light brown hair with glints of blond done in pony tail.  She touches my arm (I think that I will not wash it anymore).  And suddenly absorbed by the rythm, she starts to dance too.  Oh my God, absolutely next to me, I'm petrified, she's...  I don't know what to say, her body talks too...  And when Mariah's body talks...  She smiles and I stay there so impressed, I look at her, my eyes can't look someone or something else, pinch me, it must be a dream!  She return next to the DJs, she talks, she makes signs, she enjoy her party and then...  The emptiness...  Mariah is not there anymore...  I ask the security for information, she's already gone or she will leave, impossible to know.  For the first time since Mariah appears, I look my watch, it's 3h00am.
The time is suspended, no time or hours, the world no longer exist.  I think that I become crazy, I feel a strange sensation of something who will never happen again.
My big cardboards of Loverboy under my arm, I must return to the center of London.  I search for a cab and this night I'm black in my mind and in my heart, even if my body stay the body of the little Belgian guy.  In the cab, I surprised myself humming "I give my all, to have, just one more night with you".
I'm in the hotel again, a brown soda with bubbles (no brand) and in the bar they aired "Can't let go".
I'm in my room and I think "They can't take that away from me".

Reported by Gilles.

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