September 2013 - Heroes of Mariah
What Arsenio Hall says Mariah Carey did for him in his darkest days 

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Source: Don Lemon from CNN
Posted on September 30

According to G-A-Y club boss Jeremy Joseph, it’s Mimi’s entourage who are the prima donnas

She supposedly doesn’t do stairs but it turns out Mariah Carey isn’t a stroppy diva after all.

According to G-A-Y club boss Jeremy Joseph, it’s Mimi’s entourage who are the prima donnas.

‘A lot of people have reputations and they are not true. One of the best examples of that would be Mariah Carey,’ Joseph told Metro, revealing the US superstar even called up to book the gig herself.

‘We’d arrange that she was going to go on at 2am and everyone was waiting for her. We were waiting and waiting. She was an hour late – I was thinking this is a diva moment. Then after she’d been on stage, she was like “how come you were an hour late? I was sitting waiting in a hotel for an hour”. It wasn’t her that had held it back it was her security guard. We’d called him and said we were ready and he decided to have a coffee and then told her an hour later we were ready. It wasn’t her. All she asked for was water and towels. Everyone was disappointed she didn’t want puppies.’ 

Source: MetroUK(extract)
Posted on September 30

Mariah and Nick out to dine last night

Last night, Mariah and Nick stopped by "The Cecil" in Harlem for a dinner.  (look at that smile .... but oh so tired, if I see one more complain,  I'll .... nevermind)

Source for the pic: @chefjoejohnson
Posted on September 30

Another pic of Mariah in studio

Source: MariahCareyAustralia
Posted on September 28
"This album ...."

Mariah just tweeted a pic with the caption "This album... " 

In studio with JD and Nas

Posted on September 27

So #Beautiful

Mariah out in NYC.  I guess more pics will follow !!
Source: Marilyn by e-mail
Posted on September 26
Stunning !!! (as always)

the pic was posted on Mariah's Instagram
Posted on September 26

"No Mommy, I feed you!!"

Mariah posted an adorable pic on Instagram.  Many fans were worried to see her with the sling again, but the pic was taken on Sept. 14/15 when the family went eating ice cream before a studio session.

Posted on September 25

Nick reacts to pics of Mariah working on Arsenio's show 

Mariah Carey is a busy woman. In addition to performing and raising her kids, she also helped launch Arsenio's new show.
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Posted on September 23

Video: Watch an adorable lil' footage of Roc

Nick talked about Mariah's recovery and Roc and Roe on Ellen, click here to watch it (too cute lil' footage of Roc)

Posted on September 23

"Dem Puppies" Win In Style Social Media Award 

Mariah's Jack Russell Terrier puppies are now the official winners of the In Style Social Media Award for "Most Stylish Pets"! Congratulations to MC & "dem puppies"!

Source: Mariah's official site
Posted on September 23

Sunday dinner

Mariah just posted a cute picture on Twitter

Posted on September 22

Nick talks about Mariah and the kids

We caught up with Nick in New York, where he was for the final episode of AGT, he quickly jetted to Los Angeles, where he’ll stay for less than 48 hours, and come back to New York.

If nothing else, his busy schedule has been a learning experience for his children.

My daughter can look at a map and point out California, and New York,” Nick told In Touch. “She knows she lives in New York. She can point out Florida, I can't even do that! My son, he can, but he's not as...they say like females are more advanced than boys.”

Don’t worry though—Moroccan’s got talents of his own; Nick added that “he's a tough guy, he's a boxer, he plays the drums, and he's adorable.

Nick also explained one of the benefits or having twins—they always have a friend around!

“They're best friends,” he told In Touch. “All they do is worry about each other, they feed each other, it's great.”

Nick also says that he and Mariah make time for each other—even if it’s not in a traditional way.

“Date night for us is like watching DVDs in bed eating popcorn,” he said. “That's the best kind. But the whole family last weekend went and got ice cream at like midnight before she went to the studio and we went uptown, and sat there, it was pretty cool.”

Source: InTouch (All rights reserved)
Posted on September 22

Mariah's OPI Holiday mini pack

A must have for ladies (and collectors)
Posted on September 19

Gisele Bundchen reveals how Mariah Carey songs helped her learn to speak English

Gisele Bundchen revealed during her Thursday appearance on the Today show that she picked up English by listening to Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men.

'I learned how to speak English by listening to Boyz II Men and Mariah Carey,' the supermodel revealed. 'It was 1994, I was 14.'

Source: DailyMail
Posted on September 19

Quick update .....

I hadn't much time to be online today, but here it is

- The Walmart release date mess surfaces again (it was denied here on July 19)
- Rumor?  Mariah apparently recorded/mixed at another studio ( (no name just in case it's not true or 2 avoid stalkers waiting on there)
- Haze was in studio with Mariah too last week !!

Posted on September 18

Video: Mariah's OPI Holiday Collection review

Click here to watch it.  Pictures and reviews are also available on MirLidnNailArt
Posted on September 17

Watching "The Croods" while anxiously awaiting Daddy's arrival!

Mariah just tweeted a pic of her and the adorable Roc and Roe.  As she's getting physical therapy, she's very happy to have her sling is off.

Posted on September 15

As long as it's not officially confirmed .......

Mariah set to perform at X-Factor ?

Simon Cowell has lined up the world’s greatest divas as well as One Direction 

Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Mariah Carey and Susan Boyle have already agreed to perform on the Sunday night results shows, as have 1D.

Source: DailyStar
Posted on September 15

Mariah Carey Talks Arm Sling: "It's Not a Fashion Statement"

Ever since she dislocated her shoulder in July, Mariah Carey has been recovering in style with some hard-to-miss bedazzled, studded and even feathered arm slings.

And last night was no different, with the songbird showing up to pal Nas' 40th birthday party, hosted by Hennessy V.S. in New York, in a sparkly sling and a little black dress.

But according to Carey, she's not trying to score any fashion points with her snazzy slings.

"I really don't want to keep rocking this sling," she told E! News.  "It's not a fashion statement, I promise."

And though Mimi's definitely taking her injury in stylish stride, we can't say we blame her for wanting to ditch her constant arm accessory.

"It's not easy with two babies," she went on to say. "I'm grateful for all my fans being so supportive, it really keeps me motivated."

So, how long can we expect her to have to wear her non-fashion statement slings? Thankfully, from the sound of things, she's recovering pretty speedily.

"I'm working with best of western and eastern doctors," she told us. "It is very painful, but thank God I'm healing at the rate that I am."

Get well soon, Mariah!

Source: E!News (All rights reserved)
Posted on September 13

UK fans!! Mariah Carey's OPI Holiday Collection is on sale 

Lucky you, you can already order it here

Posted on September 13

Unreal melody!!!

Producer Hit Boy tweeted this:
"Unreal merlody by @MariahCarey RT: @Hit_Boy I'ma come clean. I fell asleep w this Mariah shit on repeat. Unreal melody. WoW. HBMCJF.'

Posted on September 13

Many pics of Mariah at Nas' birthday dinner

Many pics are up at The Mariah Network, go take a look, many great ones!!!!

Posted on September 13

Mariah at Nas' birthday dinner 

Source: @Zavala__Miguel on Twitter
Posted on September 13
In studio again after Nas' birthday dinner

Just 1 h ago, DJ Suss One tweeted: "Late night studio flow with @mariahcarey & jwarhol"

Posted on September 13

Fun in the city, "slinging it up"...Nas's 40th 

Source: Mariah on Twitter
Posted on September 13
#Beautiful Mariah with JD at Nas' 40th birthday dinner

Source: JD
Posted on September 12
Gotta love Mariah's tweets .... 

"The most incredible mix of a potential single by artists who live for music. I'm so happy! Potential singleee!"

Posted on September 12

Mariah: Studio Life

Last night in the studio, putting finishing touches on my album, cast and all lol/col. #excited  #studiolife #L4L

Source: Mariah on Twitter
Posted on September 12

Nick interview: talking life with Mariah

Nothing really new.  Click here to listen.

Source: DoubleJsOnAir
Posted on September 12

MaryAnn and Lena SouL making background vocals

Lena SouL tweeted a pic of her with Mariah and MaryAnn:
"The other day I had the honor of working with the amazingly talented and #beautiful @mariahcarey. The experience was epic. With my sis Maryann on one side and Mariah on the other I sure do look like a midget lol smh. But all jokes aside I honestly can't thank God enough for blessing me with opportunities that only He can bless me with! #GodBeLookinOut4LittleOlMe#MariahCarey #MC #Lambily #Lambs #BackgroundVocals #GetHerNextAlbum#itsDope #imExcited #DreamsComeTrue#HashTagCrazy #Singer #LenaSoul #iSing#iLoveMusic

Source for the info: MCLambRiah2 
Posted on September 12

Mariah in studio with ......

JD, Hit-Boy, Rodney Jerkins and Mike Will Made It 

Source: JD
Posted on September 12

Mariah in studio today !!!

According to Germano Studios, Mariah is recording for her new album in Studio 1 with Brian Garten engineering.

Another tweet states Pharrell was in Studio 1 writing and recording, but no quick conclusions, we don't know if they work together.....

Posted on September 11

Cute lil' Roc 

Mariah just posted a pic of Roc 

Posted on September 10

Contest! (closed) (the winner is @juancros10 )

I'm doing a Glitter contest today, 'cause tomorrow would be uncalled for (at least to me).  On 11 September 2001, I took part to the label's promo for Glitter, riding around in a vintage Glitter car and giving away promo stuffs, until .... well you know ... we stopped it all out of respect !

The contest will close at 10 pm today, just e-mail me your fav Glitter track and add your Twitter @.

Posted on September 10

Mariah doing magic in studio

Mariah tweeted she's working !!!

Posted on September 9

Mariah spotted in New York

Mariah was spotted last night at Serendipity in NY.

Source: WTFabbas via 327MCfan
Posted on September 8

Too many questions ....

So many questions about that "info", I don't know anything more than what I've been told by a more than reliable source !!! - "It's not true"
I have no idea what this UMG guy was talking about!  So weird ....

Posted on September 7

Twitter is evil 

Forget the "info" below, I've been told it's not true

Posted on September 6

Keep in mind ..... Let's wait for an official press release!!

New record label ?

That account seems legit, the guy already tweeted about Mariah last month.  Now this:

"Mariah Carey's new record label has been established. The name has still not been announced but its a 50/50 deal with UMG"

Source: Universal Records
Posted on September 6

Mariah news story on French 100% Mag

They basically say Mariah keeps going and is not done even if youger artists are in the place. 

Click here to watch it, starts at 19:13 mark.

Posted on September 5

Platinum celebration !!

"As I heal from my recent injuries,it was nice for Steve Bartels, president of IDJ to come by and celebrate the Platinum success of #Beautiful Thank you #lambily for having patience with me as I recover,I've never experienced any pain like this and I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy,lol yet true,L4L LYM"

Source: Mariah on Twitter
Posted on September 5

Vote for dem puppies !!!!!!
Every fan knows Mariah's love for her dogs, she's naturally really happy the puppies are nominated!

"I can't believe it!! my puppies got nominated for an award!! Lambily please vote 4 the Family O' Jacks!"

Click here to vote!

Posted on September 3

Mariah's OPI Holiday collection comes out in October!

Mariah Carey creates nail polish collection inspired by her hit holiday album

They may not want a lot for Christmas, but hardcore Mariah Carey fans will probably put the songbird’s new nail polish collection at the top of their wish list this holiday season.

Carey has teamed up with OPI to create a the “Mariah Carey Holiday,” which includes 18 limited-edition polishes inspired by the singer’s best-selling album ”Merry Christmas.”

Priced at $9 each, the polishes are named after Carey’s holiday song lyrics — “All I Want for Christmas (is OPI),” “Underneath the Mistletoe,” “Visions of Love,” and “Baby Please Come Home” — and come in shades like red, chocolate brown, glittery gold, and pearl. The collection also includes six new Liquid Sand polishes in colors like icy blue, frosted pink, and sparking graphite.

“Mariah Carey is truly synonymous with the holiday season. People around the world listen to her festive, iconic songs — ‘All I Want for Christmas is You’ is a personal favorite – and these 18 lacquers evoke the warmth, beauty, energy and positive spirit that’s present in Mariah’s music,” OPI Executive VP and Artistic Director Suzie Weiss-Fishmann said via a press release from the beauty brand.

This isn’t the first time Carey has partnered with OPI. After signing a deal with the beauty brand, the diva released her début collection in August 2012. 

The Mariah Carey Holiday collection will arrive at Dillard’s, jcp Salons, Regis, and other retailers in October.

Source: EW Popstyle (All rights reserved)
Note: Pics of the collection have already been posted here early August
Posted on September 1

Video: Cute candid moments!!

Check out these candid mini-clips of Nick, Mariah and dembabies Roc and Roe shot during their Disneyland Vow Renewal and Dembabies 2nd Birthday Party.

The video was shot by Nick’s father.

Click here to watch it

Source: Che from NickCannonArchives
Posted on September 1


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