Septembre 2011 - Heroes of Mariah
Flantastic Mariah with dem pups!

Mariah a posté une nouvelle photo sur Twitter. Cliquez pour agrandir
Posté le 30 septembre
Un grand merci!!!
Un grand merci à tous les fans qui ont pris le temps de voter pour Mariah dans la Fuse battle of the fans, on a gagné!!!!!  Mariah a gagné!!! bien sûr, puisqu'elle est LA meilleure et beaucoup de ses fans sont des gens super 

Et encore un nouveau poll:
Which Singer Is Most deserving Of The Title "Diva"?
On sait déjà tous qui est la seule à mériter le titre de Diva!!!!! mais on vote quand même.

Posté le 29 septembre

Photos de Roc & Roe et nouveaux sons bientôt!
Une fan a envoyé un tweet à Mariah lui demandant quand on verrait les bébés et disant qu'elle était excitée pour le nouvel album, ce à quoi Mariah a répondu:

"très bientôt aux deux questions"

Posté le 29 septembre

Les mises à jour pourraient être un peu hectiques dans les quelques jours à venir, je ferai mon possible pour vous informer ici ou sur Twitter
Mariah en studio avec JD !!!!! 

"so happy to be back in the studio with the one & only @Mr_Dupri aka Jermash!"
(tellement contente d'être à nouveau en studio avec le seul et unique @Mr_Dupri aka Jermash)
Source: Mariah sur Twitter
Posté le 25 septembre
Mariah's Q&A on Google + last night
It was really too late for me to update last night (3:45am here), you can read the Q&A at this link.
Interesting infos:
- The twins are great, they're so much fun. I will be talking about them in an interview soon..!

- I'm working on new music right now which I'm very excited about and I have other creative endeavors coming up as well!

- (about releasing dembabies pics) - We're trying to figure out a way to do it but it's a delicate situation. We want to share the pictures with the world because they're our children and we're very proud of them but we just have to be very aware of how we do it. It will probably be on the internet as opposed to a tabloid or something!

 (about a Christmas musical/pantomine) - All I can say is... you'll find out soon!

About that last info, it first popped up in December 2004 and since then almost every year until last year where Mariah told about it herself to clear up all rumors:
"It definitely wouldn't be about my life; start that rumor and they'll never lose it, so make sure people know it's not about my life. Right now we're working on finding a script. We've been in discussions with HBO for over three years now. Everybody's been very supportive of the project, but nobody wants to accept a script that's not amazing. Anybody out there reading this who's a writer or writer-in-training, we're definitely accepting different ideas right now. Because it's so important to me, I don't want to make a mistake and have the script not be as good as the music. I want the script to be better than the music.
A long time ago, the first idea I had was for it to be on Broadway and hopefully become a perennial. Then we spoke with HBO and got into discussions about making a movie musical. So it wouldn't be a TV movie, because it's not TV, it's HBO."

Chris Lighty also said last year that project would definitely happen!

Posted on September 24

Dembabies pictures soon?
While I was on the page for the info below, I checked some other audio, Nick says he thinks he's ready to release pictures of the babies soon, but how soon is soon for Nick 
Click here and check the Sept.22 links.
Source for the link: NickCannonArchives
Posted on September 22
The picketers case explained by Nick
Remember, poor Mariah and Nick went out to diner at Boat House and were booed with "shame on you" by some picketers, Mariah explained it on Twitter
Like in many countries in the world the love or hate thing about Mariah is no exception in the US, I read so many mean and insulting comments in medias and blogs, morons!

Anyway, Nick explained with more details what Mariah said on Twitter.  In fact, Nick's mother was in town for a visit and Mariah wanted to show her where she worked for her first job back in the days and it was in Boathouse in Central Park.  They entered on a side entrance and enjoyed their diner, they then left by the main entrance where they were booed by picketers.  Mariah and Nick didn't know there were picketers as they didn't notice it from the side entrance.
Mariah was really upset and replied to the picketers that they didn't know.

You can listen to Nick's explanation at this link (look for Nick and Mariah’s Cuss Out Drama on Sept.19)

Source for the link: NickCannonArchives - Peggy by e-mail
Posted on September 22

Full Pepsi ad featuring Mariah
Click here to watch it.
Posted on September 22
New Fuse poll: Which Mariah Carey video bests the rest?
Mariah fans, here's your chance to tell the world which of her videos is the greatest.
Vote soon and vote often to save your favorite MC video from elimination!
Click here to vote for your favorite Mariah video

Don't forget the Fuse Fan Battle!
- Battle of the fans: vote here

Source for the link: Mallorie on Twitter
Posted on September 22

Tony Bennett about Mariah
For the DUETS II sessions Tony chose Mariah Carey. "She's just so talented," said Bennett, "and she invited us to travel to her beautiful home in Los Angeles which is equipped with a state-of-the-art recording studio.

During the session, recorded when she was close to giving birth to a set of twins, I kept kidding her that our record was more than just a duet because I was actually recording with three people! And let me just say that she knocked that performance right out of ballpark. She was sensational."
Posted on September 22

Fuse poll finale: Vote for Mariah NOW!!!
It's now the real deal!!!!
- Battle of the fans: vote here
Posted on September 21/22
New Pepsi Television Ad Features Music Superstars Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, Kanye West, Ray Charles and Mariah Carey
Pepsi will unveil a new television spot titled, "Music Icons" tonight during the debut of FOX's THE X FACTOR.  The television spot celebrates Pepsi's rich music history, featuring global icons Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, Kanye West, Ray Charles and Mariah Carey.  "Music Icons" captures the essence of Pepsi and THE X FACTOR's search for the next pop music star. 
Click here to watch the ad and read the Press Release in full 
Posted on September 21
Fuse poll last day before the finale: Vote for Mariah NOW!!!
- Battle of the fans: vote here
Posted on September 21
WOW!!! Record broken again!
Sometimes, when I have a min,  I ask on Twitter who's in da house for Mariah, last night we broke the record again, 26 countries were in to support Mariah:

Paraguay, Lebanon, Australia, Philippines, Canada, Israel, Venezuela, Ireland, Bulgaria, USA, Sweden, Algeria, Portugal, UK, Italy, Brazil, Uruguay, Mexico, Serbia, Spain, Turkey, South Africa, Japan, Holland, France, Belgium.

1 winner from Philippines has been picked at random.

Posted on September 21

I told you so, here and on Twitter, Mariah may still be part of X Factor US but for something else.....

X-Factor US, episode 2544  Simon really needs Mariah more than she needs him whatever he says!
"She wants to be and I've met her and I've spoken to her several times. She was going to be on my section of the show where we invite the contestants to your house and then selfishly there was a hurricane, so she couldn't come. But, I think that she, I think she wants to be a part of the live shows and we've got to work out how we do that. But you can't say no to Mariah, I've learned that.”
Click here to watch the video

Source: The X Factor USA
Posted on September 20

Gorgeous Mariah walking in Manhattan!

Click to enlarge
Source: Spletnik (All rights reserved) - Kenny
Posted on September 20
New Mariah pictures!!!!!
Click here to see one (I'll not post it as it comes from People)
I'll not post those ones either, they are small and tagged, just click here to see them.
Source for the Japanese link: Shino
Posted on September 20
Will we unfollow someone soon on Twitter?
Posted on September 19
Nick dedicates a verse to Mariah
Nick Cannon dedicates his verse on Miguel’s unreleased track “On You Like Rain” to his wife Mariah Carey.

“From being my Dreamlover to you waking up next to me as my wife,” he raps. “Notorious, glorious, the way your voice spills out on us/ Now you just lookin’ like a sexy mother—/ Shh, you gon’ wake the kids up.”

The father of twins explained why he decided to jump on the unofficial remix. “Dreams do come true. Song spoke to me, so I spoke with it."

Click here to listen to the song

Source: Rap-Up
Posted on September 19

Heroes of Mariah contest results
Exactly 209 fans took part 
3 fans were picked at random and the Tony Bennett's album feat. the When Do The Bells Ring For Me duet with Mariah, goes to:
Pierre-Emmanuel J (Canada)
Brandon A (USA)
Angelie K (Indonesia)
Posted on September 19
Seriously, some people are just

Poor Mariah and Nick went out to diner at Boat House and were booed with "shame on you" by some picketers, Mariah explained it on Twitter.
What was supposed to be a nice diner was kinda ruined by morons, yes I said it, morons!
Anyway, they looked cute together as usual.
Source for the pic: Susane
Posted on September 18
Roc's lil fist 

Mariah showed us Roe's lil' hand, now Nick shows us Roc's lil' fist, really cute!
Posted on September 18
Reminder: Last day to enter!!!!
New Heroes of Mariah contest 

Tony Bennett Duets II give away
As we all know, Mariah is featured on that album with the "When do The Bells Ring For Me" duet.  I have albums to give away.
- No question ('cause I don't feel like exploring Tony's past), just send me an e-mail with "contest" in the subject.
- Submit your entry 'til September 17
- 3 winners will be picked at random
Good luck guys!
Posted on September 17
DJ Clue tweets
DJ Clue has send a tweet to Mariah:
"Let me know when we're working."

They already hinted working together while Mariah was pregnant.
Mariah and Clue, that's great news (to me) 
Posted on September 16

I was so surprised, mad and histerically laughing at the X Factor stuff this morning that I completely forgot to post you the link to the video where we see Simon Cowell delicately announcing in front of a camera that Mariah had been replaced by someone bigger. 
Word is on the streets Mariah could be replaced by Stevie Wonder.
It's not the fact that she has been replaced (probably due to schedule conflicts), it's the way Simon announced it.  I don't care at all about X Factor but with a little luck Mariah will maybe make a guest appearance and perform something...
Anyway, here's the link to the video.
Posted on September 16
X-Factor US, episode 2543 
We know Mariah canceled her visit to France where she was expected to tape something in Simon Cowell's judges house and this due to the hurricane, now it seems Mariah's participation in the show is canceled too (at least for the judge's house).  Simon Cowell just announced he will have someone bigger to replace Mariah, c'mon son.......................... 
Posted on September 16
I know some new info surfaced about those submissions, but for personal and/or legal reasons, I will not post anything more.
Posted on September 16
Fuse poll last one before the finale: Vote for Mariah NOW!!!
- Battle of the fans: vote here
Posted on September 15
Record broken again!
Sometimes, when I have a min,  I ask on Twitter who's in da house for Mariah, last night we broke a record, 25 countries were in to support Mariah: 

Germany, Holland, Sweden, Serbia, Slovenia, Australia, Italy, New Zealand, Afghanistan, Turkey, Mexico, Philippines, Ireland, Algeria, UK, USA, Canada, Brazil, South Africa, Lebanon, Japan, Venezuela, Spain, France, Belgium 

1 winner will be picked at random asap

Posted on September 15

Mariah writing and ready to shock the world and little Monroe has her first tooth
In an interview with HipHollywood, Nick said little Monroe has her first tooth (that info is for the girls who I know loves those details) and he said Mariah is writing and ready to come out and shock the world.
Click here to watch it
Posted on September 15
Listen legally to Mariah's full duet with Tony Bennett

Click here to listen to the entire "When Do The Bells Ring For Me" duet.

Source: NPR - thanks to Leo
Posted on September 14

Have you voted for Mariah today?
- Battle of the fans: vote here
- Best Pop Goddess Collaborations: vote here.
Posted on September 13
You know you're a mega star when someone uses your name to attract people
Posted on September 13
Update: The music business is f*cked up!
Even if the Music Xray representatives for Sean Guerrier De Bey (working for IDJ and who has worked on TEOM) confirmed the info below, I now got official word that a person is taking liberties on Mariah's behalf.  Seriously.........................
Posted on September 13
"It's the real deal"
The info below has been confirmed by Music Xray representatives (only at the moment)
Posted on September 12
   Mariah Carey is Looking for new music
Sean Guerrier De Bey (A&R, Management, Artist Development, Entertainment Lawyers - World Live Music & Distribution) posted the following:

"Mariah Carey is working on her new Studio album. Her Label is looking for songwriters and producers that have impeccable talent to collaborate with.
Please submit mastered material only."

Source: Music Xray - mccfan11 on our forum
Posted on September 12

Please keep voting for Mariah!
- Battle of the fans: Mariah is currently leading with 77,52%, keep voting here
- Best Pop Goddess Collaborations: Mariah is at the 2nd place with 14,52%, keep voting here.
Posted on September 12
New Heroes of Mariah contest 
Tony Bennett Duets II give away
As we all know, Mariah is featured on that album with the "When do The Bells Ring For Me" duet.  I have albums to give away.
- No question ('cause I don't feel like exploring Tony's past), just send me an e-mail with "contest" in the subject.
- Submit your entry 'til September 17
- 3 winners will be picked at random
Good luck guys!
Posted on September 12
Please keep voting for Mariah!
- Battle of the fans: Mariah is currently leading with 71,15%, but be careful we lost 1%, keep voting here
- Best Pop Goddess Collaborations: Mariah is now at the 2nd place with 14,20%, keep voting here.
Posted on September 10
Trey talks Mariah on radio
Last night Mariah's old friend and background singer Trey Lorenz was on LOTL radio and chatted with fans answering questions.  Trey has a new single coming out on iTunes on Sept.13 (at least in the US), be on the look for Rescue Me (I think) which was really beautiful, even if I'm a Hip Hop guy.
Here are some highlights:
- He told again what most of the old school Mariah fans know, that the word "Lambs" comes from R&B singer Trina Broussard, Mariah liked it and started to call her fans "Lambs".
- His favorite Mariah song of all time is "Can't Let Go"
- Mariah is the greatest lyricist in the world
- He absolutely loves going to Europe, he also talked about how Mariah fans in every country of the world know the words to each song and can sing along even if they don't speak English.
- He will probably come to Europe for some showcases

Sorry if I can't remember it all, it was 3am here when I got him on the phone and the line cutted off after a few minutes 

Posted on September 10

Very cute 
Nick was on The Talk show earlier today and said that as push present he gave Mariah earrings (what we knew) and the babies hands and feet prints framed with some Bible scriptures.
Posted on September 7
Seems like The-Dream would like to work with Mariah again...
The-Dream will be working with plenty of artists as a producer and songwriter later this year. "I'm working on the Pusha T and Fabolous [albums] of course," he says. "I've already talked about getting in with Gwen [Stefani] and the guys, No Doubt. I'm anxiously waiting to see what Mariah [Carey] is ready to do, and when she's willing."
Source: Billboard (extract)
Posted on September 6
Reminder: Vote for Mariah!
- Battle of the fans: Mariah is currently leading with 72,20%, keep voting here
- Best Pop Goddess Collaborations: Mariah is still only at the 3rd place with 13,70%, keep voting here.
Posted on September 5
As there's no much going on at the moment, I may aswell post a lil' info about Roc and Roe, nothing really new.....

Roc and Roe according to Nick
"When Monroe is asleep she is so quiet and cute. But as soon as she wakes up that is it. She is crying and screaming and making a lot of noise"
"Morrocan is more chilled and relaxed. He will lie there for a minute or two working out if he is hungry yet or if he wants a hug. He is more chilled out."

Source: Showbizspy
Posted on September 5

"When Do the Bells Ring For Me" snippet
You can now listen to a snippet of Tony Bennett's duet with Mariah at this link
Source: Leo by Twitter
Posted on September 2
'The International Lamb Academy'
Guys, this is a great and fun idea, take a look at this link, they are looking for a few more "teachers" 
Source: Vahe by e-mail
Posted on September 2
Simon Cowell: Mariah Carey’s a diva and Elton John’s a pain in the a**
But The X Factor boss wasn’t being unkind about the A-listers – he was paying them a compliment.
Simon Cowell has branded Mariah Carey a “diva” and called Sir Elton John “a drama queen” and a “pain in the ass”.

But far from being cheeky about the superstars, Simon was in fact highlighting his all-time favourite singers during a Fox All Access radio special.

Cowell and his fellow X Factor USA panel members joined up to discuss their favourite artists during the special interview, and Cowell earmarked the pair as his top stars.

He said: "Mariah is everything you want a diva to be. To me if you look in the dictionary under diva it says see Mariah Carey.

"She gets it and it's everything a star should be. Great, great, great singer, unbelievable songwriter and I just adore her."

Cowell also said he is a big fan of Elton’s commenting: "Elton comes to mind because he is unpredictable, he's lasted the decades, he's still relevant now, he's a pain in the a**, he's a drama queen, he's interesting and he's a brilliant songwriter.”

X Factor USA’s two night premiere is being aired on Fox on Wednesday, September 21 and Thursday, September 22.

Posted on September 2

Someone Takes On Queen Of Christmas Mariah Carey With Album Of Original Holiday Tunes
Some of you know me so well, they know the name of that someone will never be posted again on my site .  When a kiddo who wasn't born when Mariah already was at the top of the world has the nerves to trash her, his name is banned from my site 

Anyway, here's MTV's article with a name replaced by "someone"....

"someone" might not be aware that by producing an entirely original Christmas album he is stepping into an arena dominated almost exclusively by one of pop's biggest divas, Santa's Helper outfit enthusiast Mariah Carey.

For all intents and purposes, Mariah Carey is the unofficial Queen of Christmas. She wears Santa hats in public (and has miniature ones on her dogs), puts together holiday music spectaculars and usually celebrates the holiday with a lavish vacation in Aspen. A Google search of "Mariah Carey Christmas" returns over 45 million results and the video for her 1994 single "All I Want For Christmas Is You" has over 28 million views on YouTube.

The pop star has released two Christmas albums, 1994's Merry Christmas and last year's Merry Christmas II You, and while neither is wholly original (the second is principally standards with only a few original tunes), Carey owns this niche. Merry Christmas is the biggest selling Christmas album of all time, with worldwide sales exceeding 15 million copies.

And if "that someone" is taking the original song route, he should be aware that Carey has set a pretty high bar. In the 17 years since its release, "All I Want For Christmas Is You" has become a standard itself – the New Yorker called it "one of the few worthy modern additions to the holiday canon." The track resurfaces on worldwide singles charts every holiday season, and topped the Billboard Hot 100 Re-currents Chart every year from 2005-08. The numbers for it are actually kind of staggering – "All I Want For Christmas Is You" is the best selling holiday digital single ever (and the nineteenth best-selling digital single of the 20th Century!), the most downloaded holiday ringtone of all time and is Carey's biggest single ever in the UK.

It's probably worth noting here that we cannot speak impartially about Carey or "All I Want." Like so many others who grew up during the peak of her popularity, the song has become the Christmas track of our generation. Little Drummer who? Jingle what? It is inescapable and amazing. During college we used to ride around with friends singing "All I Want For Christmas Is You" in the middle of July. This song is so good, it's Christmas every damn day, if you ask us.

And now the kids will have fresh "someone" songs to spike their holiday season. We'll stick with our girl Mariah, but that's great for them. 

Source: MTV - Under60
Posted on September 2

Good news for French fans: "Precious" will finally be released in France
Better late than never!  "Precious" will be released on DVD and Blu-ray in France in November.
The movie will be in English and French and will also come with French sub-titles which I recommand as nobody wants to hear Mariah's and the other actors' voices dubbed.
Precious will be available at Fnac and Amazon (Amazon is cheaper)
Source for the info: Stéphanie on Twitter
Posted on September 1


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