Heroes of Mariah - The Remixes street promo, Brussels, 10/22/03

When the fans do the promo !           En français - In het Nederlands
Really great !!!  At the end of this report, you can watch a little video of our street promo .

Since we started our street promo in 2001, this one has been, I think, the funnier one.  This promo was not very easy to do, we searched a long time Kinou and I the best way to catch the attention of the passers by.
My Belgian flag Mariah fashion on my back, we went to the Place de la Monnaie, in the commercial city center and we met a very cool and very motivated fan.
Kinou and I had imagined a crazy thing , we wanted to catch the attention in a very different and original way.  We played "The Remixes" very loud on our radio-cassette which has very powerful speakers and we talked to the people so they would listen the remixes and the ones who accepted to dance, in the streets, there now, were able to receive the double cd "The Remixes" (kindly given by Sony Music Belgium).
The ones who know me outside the internet, know that I'm shy , so it was Kinou and the fan who helped us who went to talk with the people while I was busy with the music and filming the promo .
What more can I say, it was simply great, a lot of people were interested, also a lot accepted to dance.
It was really nice.  The crazy idea worked .  People stoped to watch and Kinou and the fan who helped us gave them flyers.
I hadn't imagined that so many people would accept to dance in the street.
A very nice lady, manager of a clothing store in front of where we were, wanted to dance too, but couldn't leave her store.  We gave her the double cd of "The Remixes", she turned off her radio and promise to play the cds non-stop until Saturday .  Great !!!
Youngsters came spontaneously in front of the camera to say to Mariah that they love her .
That's Belgium!!!
I will add some pictures soon, but you can already watch, if you want, a little video of our street promo.
Sorry for the quality and the size of the video, but the original file was 219MB and this one only 4.83MB.
To watch our little video, click here.
Thanks to Patrick, Kinou and me .
Thanks to Sony Music Belgium for the double cds of "The Remixes" they gave us .

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