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Heroes of Mariah/Go 4 Hit Promotions is making the European promotion of What Would U Do.

What Would U Do
Damizza presents: Shade Sheist (now replaced by Butch Cassidy), Nate Dogg & Mariah Carey
This track (with Butch Cassidy) is featured on the Baby Ree Mixtape Vol. 2.

Heroes of Mariah/Go 4 Hit Promotions was able to get the track airplayed on 3 radio stations in Europe:
- Ado FM in France.
- Kiss FM in Germany.
- Radio Vibration in Belgium.
Please don't spam these radios and e-mail them only if you live in these radios area, otherwise it will have a negative effect on the track.  Thanks .
To listen to the DJ talking about What Would U Do on the Belgian radio, Radio Vibration, click here.

Heroes of Mariah/Go 4 Hit Promotions was able to get the track played in a club for the first time in Europe, and it was on Friday, January the 23rd. 2004 in Brussels, Belgium.  It was a loooong night, if you want to see the little video: Low - Medium
Sorry for the quality and the size of the video, but the original file was sooooo big.
Clubs where the What Would U Do vinyl is played:
- The Athanor, Brussels, Belgium (since Jan. the 23rd. 04).
- The Lounge, Brussels, Belgium (since Feb. the 28th. 04).
- The Carré, Brussels, Belgium (since Feb. the 29th. 04).

A Belgian DJ will put What Would U Do on a Belgian mixtape.

Cd, Advance Copy, 3 tracks
1. Radio Edit
2. Instrumental
3. Explicit
Vinyl, promo, 4 tracks
A1. Radio
A2. Instrumental
B1. LP
B2. Acapella

Official Press Release:
Click here.

What Would U Do Sound clip:
Click here.

A big thanks to Baby Ree Productions for all the help, material and infos .


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