Heroes of Mariah - Boy (I Need You) street promo, Brussels, 4/5/03

When the fans do the promo !             En français - In het Nederlands

Well, the day of street promo for Boy has arrived!
This time, it's necessary to do something more than the other times, considering that Through The Rain is still on the air of some Brussels radios and is still number 8 out of 50 in the chart of one of these radios, so Boy is slow to start.
Well, the video of Boy contains scenes of manga, manga = Japanese comics, hum, not easy...
Finally, in addition to the flyers, we decide to distribute little lucky bags with rice in it (I don't know in the other countries, but here rice is sign of happiness and prosperity) .  On the little bags we glued stickers with: Mariah Carey - Boy written on it and on the other side the same in Japanese.  Hum, not enough, we decide to also make chopsticks, same thing, Mariah Carey - Boy and in Japanese on the other side (Great God, my Japanese friends, how do you write a text when you must go quickly, because it's not easy to write each character, ask Kinou about it ).

On the way to meet the other fans, as we had our Mariah with wheels again (see our street promo for Charmbracelet), passers by stopped to ask us questions.  It's a good sign .  We meet the other fans in the commercial area of Brussels.  Cool, this time we were 6.
Until 5h00pm we walked in the rue Neuve, our Mariah on wheels in the center of the street, drove by one of us, the others around, distributing the flyers, the little Boy lucky bags, the chopsticks.  People were curious.  It make them think, why rice? Why chopsticks?
The goal is reached.  Our Mariah on wheels and us spent the afternoon in the rue Neuve and a lot of people are now aware that there is a new single.
Little note: People are disapointed that here in Belgium we only have a 2 titles single in a cardboard sleeve, 'cause, they say, there's already Boy on the album and the remixes would have been welcome.
Another little note: Some were interested by the dates of a concert in Belgium or in a close country.
We distributed 180 flyers, 100 bags of rice and 100 chopsticks, all this made by ourselves.
Now Boy, we hope you'll make it in the charts!!!
Thanks to Rosario, Marc, Christian, Olivier, Kinou and me. Thanks to Rosario, Marc and Christian for the great Boy promo passes.  Thanks too to Kinou which spent hours to write on the little bags and the chopsticks. Thanks to Jack and Kinou who give the money for the promo. Thanks to Universal Belgium for giving us Boy promo cds which we gave to the members of our street team who were there for the promo and Boy singles for a contest .


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