Heroes of Mariah - Charmbracelet street promo, Brussels, 12/7/02

When the fans do the promo !             En français - In het Nederlands

We made it through the cold !
Brussels, Saturday December the 7th., it's very cold, it's freezing .  I prepare myself to face the cold to walk around the commercial streets of Brussels for the promotion of Charmbracelet. We are two, doesn't matter, we will get noticed, we will show at all the passers by that we are fans of Mariah and proud to be  and that Charmbracelet is brilliant.
We prepare ourselves, Mariah is fixed on wheels , hey man, it's necessary to capt the attention!  Kinou made a Charmbracelet umbrella, like previously for Through The Rain, but this time, we hung paperboard "charms" on it, each "charm" is the exact copy of the drawings appearing on the cd.  It's great! 
Then we start!  I drive my Mariah through the streets and Kinou carries the umbrella.  We walk in the center of the street, c'mon, we will not go with Mariah on the side!  People move aside when we pass, stop, turn back, come to see the hung "charms" and ask questions.  Many people come to ask us if it's to announce a concert of Mariah.  I would have liked to answer them yes.  But, we speak to them about the new cd and we explain them the meaning of the songs. 

Well, we are only two and don't have enough hands to distribute flyers and magnets.  How to do it?  I found it, we will do it  Magritte way (surrealist then).  I stand in the middle of the street, Mariah in front of me, the umbrella in my hand, stock-still, a fixed glance.  Hé, hé, it works!  People stop. 
- "Is it a protest?" 
- "What does he there?" 
- "He protests for what?" 
- "I bet that he supports Mariah Carey " (No! He found it
- "Is it a new kind of commercial?" 
- "Too brilliant buddy!" 
Then, there, it's Kinou who enters in action, she answers the questions, she explains the "charms", the significances, the album, lets listen the tracks...  it works!!! 
A small group of Japanese tourists stops and asks questions.  We tell them about Shino's site and then we tell them that, if they buy the album now, they will receive a Charmbracelet magnet (which we had made for this promo).  They become crazy, they want it and ask where is the nearest record store.  Later, they came back with their album and we could give them 10 magnets .  Of course, other people received their magnet too.  We heard Mariah's name in all the languages.  The center of Brussels is very visited by the tourists.
I really feel the cold now.  My feet, where are my feet?  I do not feel them any more, but as I walk, it's that they are always there.  It freezes outside but the heat is in my heart, since I have the chance to be a Mariah fan. 
Mission accomplished: Thousands of people saw the standy of Charmbracelet (nicely given by Universal Belgium) and Mariah's name was on all the lips in the rue Neuve, this Saturday December the 7th. 2002 in Brussels.
Private message : Mariah my dear little sweetheart, please... release the next album in summer.

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