Heroes of Mariah in Paris - 1/16/03 - 1/17/03           En français - In het Nederlands

I told you that I would try to meet Mariah in Paris to give her Heroes of Mariah's gift.  It was a secret and thanks to the fans who sent a message to go with the gift.  Well, it's done, I was able to give it to Mariah .  Hey! you're curious no?  Well here are the details of the gift.  I bought a star and I named it after Mariah, hey, a real one in the sky .  Now, you know that a star will shine in the sky for eternity and that this star is called: Mariah Carey.  Here are the scans from what was given to Mariah.

Mariah was very touched and moved.  With the gift I joined the documents with the map of the constellation where is located her star and I gave her the fan book too.
I'm still moved myself and I can't find the words to explain what I saw in her eyes. This magic moment occurred at 3h00 in the morning in front of the George V in Paris.
Mariah stayed in front of the hotel during 20 minutes, and was speaking, joking, laughing.  I could have faint.  I dive in her eyes, I drink her smile (I don't know if you drink a smile in English , 'cause in French it's so poetic to say "je bois son sourire"), I'm the happiest guy in the world.

I will not describe you all the Paris events, the French fans will probably do a report.  For personal reasons, I couldn't make the queue for the signing session at the Fnac the following day.  As I'm a lamb, I helped the poor fans who made the queue since 9h30 in the morning until 6h00pm CET by bringing them: coffee, hot chocolate, hamburger and fries.  That's the Mariah spirit! 
The evening in front of the studios we had cold, very cold, but that was worth it 'cause Mariah took time to greet her fans again.  Wayne said to us that Belgium was probably planned for the World Tour.  Thank you, he brought warmt in our hearts, we screamed: "Yes!!! Yes!!! Go Belgium!!!"  and he smiled nicely to us.
Caroline, Olivier, Kinou and Jacques were there too to represent Belgium.  Great!  We shared our emotions, we laughed, we almost cried, we had cold, BUT ABOVE ALL... we saw Mariah.

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