Heroes of Mariah - It's Like That street promo, Brussels, 03/30/05

When the fans do the promo!          En français - In het Nederlands

As usual, Heroes of Mariah made a street promo for the release of Mariah's new single.  "It's Like That" was not very easy and we searched a lot for something to catch the attention of people in the streets.  At first we thought partying in the streets (but I don't think police would admit it ), no Bacardi and no purple either for the same reason .  Finally a few weeks ago, Kinou and I decided to make "It's Like That" chocolates, hey, Belgian chocolates are famous.

Mariah got the "primeur" of our "It's Like That" chocolates in Paris and she was really happy with it.  The big day was yesterday, March the 30th., we could only contact a few fans as this street promo was in a hurry, 'cause the release of the album is so close.
Kinou and I worked hours and hours, almost day and night, to make "It's Like That" chocolates.  We made approximately 250 chocolates. They are soooo cute.

We were in the city center of Brussels on March the 30th. with 2 other fans to distribute the chocolates, to promote Mariah and "It's Like That".
He, he, "It's Like That" was bangin' in the streets, and people were interested by the chocolates, heard the track and knew Mariah has a new single.  Some of them found it a cute idea and a few congratulated us for the promotion.  The 3 boys (me included) were wearing masks like in the video .

We had fun, the only sad stuff was the single was not to be found in the big cd stores .  Oh well, at least people heard the single, received their chocolate and know now there will be a single available and an album coming out very soon.
Thanks to Kinou for the long hours of work to make the chocolates.  Thanks to Rosario and Marc who joined us for the street promo.  And thanks to me .

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