January 2007 - Heroes of Mariah
"Mizza" - Damizza and Mariah
For the ones who don't have that great song yet, Damizza gives it in download on his MySpace. While you're there, listen to Damizza and Butch Cassidy's brand new track "Cruzin'", first single from their upcoming album "Back B4 You're Lonely".
Posted on January the 31st.
If you're among the ones who followed the Celebrity Big Brother in the UK or followed the news, you know the shameful attitude of a celebrity contestant, the following article says that girl uses her mixed race like Mariah 
Using the right blend of colour
By Tony Sewell

Big Brother continues to keep us up, this time the debate is around Jade Goody being mixed-race. Indeed, had you not known her detailed biography then she could easily pass as white. 

It is ironic that she is now forced to cash in her mixed-race colours in order to defend herself against attacks of racism. 

In a recent interview with the News Of the World she said: “No, I'm not a racist, but I accept I made racist comments. I don't see people for the colour that they are, or where they come from. 

“I'm mixed race myself and I speak to everyone of every colour, background and nationality. 

“I don't care about where people are from.” 

If you are the whiter shade of mixed race you easily pass as white. Indeed this cloaking mechanism has been used to subvert those with big race agendas. 

However if you are able to get underneath the race radar, then you can have some fun. 

There are those who attempt this and fail miserably either because they are so obviously black, like Tiger Woods, or as in Jade’s case, because it is used to scramble credibility. 

There is a sad analysis around mixed-race people that perceives them either as lost or confused. However many have shown a great ability to adapt to their conditions and use their status as an advantage. 

Mariah Carey has used her mixed-race status to advance her career. Carey says a music critic referred to her as “another white girl trying to sing black”. 

Carey, was infuriated. “I'm not a white girl trying to sing black," the singer said in an interview soon after. 

“My father is black and Venezuelan, my mother is Irish. That makes me a combination of all those things. I am a human being, a person. What I am not is a white girl trying to sing black." 

“Some people look at me and they see my light skin and my hair," she says running a slender, neatly manicured hand through her long, semi-curly, honey-coloured tresses for emphasis. 

“I can't help the way I look, because it's me. I don't try to look a certain way or sing a certain way. I'm just trying to be me. And if people enjoy my music, then they shouldn't care what I am, so it shouldn't be an issue." 

Mariah has been able to position herself as the blue-eyed soul queen and also a one-drop black soul sister; both at the same time. This meant that her records could sit comfortably across all racial lines.

After this her career took a slide and was revived by simply becoming more black. All her videos have her surrounded by examples of black, street masculinity. 

In this sense Mariah is no better than Jade who uses her mixed-race card to defend herself against accusations of racism.
Source: The Voice (All rights reserved)

Heroes note: Even if it comes from The Voice, this article was not written by Mariah's friend Jasmine.  The Mariah quotes are taken from the 1991 "Ebony"magazine, you can read the full "Ebony" article in my articles section.
Posted on January the 31st.

All in all, positive reactions from the media
The news of Mariah appearing on the cover of Playboy magazine is now spreading fast across the world.  I checked the feedbacks in a lot of languages and except a few puritan US medias, the reactions are positive, even flattering and even the UK tabloids known for their trash are very clean.
This shows how some puritan fans can be worse than hateful tabloids, what I don't get is the problem some people have with Playboy, like I said before it's not a porn magazine, it's an adult magazine, if you don't know the difference go check it by yourself in a store 
The funniest stuff I read until now while checking the worldwide media is a quote from Hugh Hefner:
"Playboy founder Hugh Hefner put himself in hot water this week when he denied rumours that reality TV star, Kelly Osbourne would be appearing in Playboy anytime soon saying "I can't see it happening somehow - we don't airbrush to that extent." 
Posted on January the 31st.
Mariah on the set of "Tennessee"
A fan spotted Mariah on the set of "Tennessee" in an area in New Mexico.
Source for the info: Angel
Heroes note: Let's hope everyone is smart enough to respect Mariah's privacy and rest when her shoots are over everyday.
Posted on January the 31st.
Jeannette Walls from MSNBC is lurking again on fan forums
Take a look here at what she has to say about Mariah's Playboy picture, she even quotes someone..... well done guys!
Can't you simply write your thoughts in an elegant manner, can't you really stop bashing all Mariah does or doesn't do?  I really don't get it.
Message to all these fans, next time you see Mariah, instead of being all honey and sugar, for once in your lifes, be honest and spit it in her face!!!!!
Posted on January the 31st.
No many news today...
There's nothing really new today, thank God 'cause I had a problem with my internet connection, so I'll reply to your e-mails asap, don't forget to vote for Mariah in the Grammy poll and don't forget tomorrow is the last day to enter the Heroes of Mariah contest.  Be good and take care guys.
Posted on January the 30th.
Only 2 days left to enter the Heroes of Mariah contest and get a chance to win a copy of the Aspen Peak Magazine.
Posted on January the 29th.
Reminder: C'mon, a little vote for Mariah
It will not make her win an Award (if only it was that easy), but we will show the poll guys, we support our girl
Click here to vote for "Don't Forget About Us" in the Best Female R&B Vocal Performance and Best R&B Song categories.
Posted on January the 29th.
Nothing really new.... 
E!News posted an article about Mariah on the cover of Playboy.  They talk about leaked photos...the fans knew it, they say rumors were floating around for several weeks... the fans knew it since more than 1 month, they say a Playboy spokesperson confirmed it to E! on friday... the fans knew it since 1 week, they say Mary Carey (the porn star) could be pissed when she sees our girl on the cover of Playboy (well they don't say it in these words )... we knew it too.
The only new stuff could be Mariah's answer to 20 "revealing" questions.
If you want to read their article, click here.
Source for the link: neptune0483 by e-mail
Posted on January the 29th.
"Tennessee"- 50 local jobs in Albuquerque area
According to "The Albuquerque Tribune" the shooting of "Tennessee" which began in and around Albuquerque last week is expected  to create more than 50 local jobs for crew members.
Note: As posted this morning, the first shooting day with major acts starts today.
Posted on January the 29th.
And ..... Action - "Tennessee" first shooting day today!!!
My contact on the set of "Tennessee" let me know the first shooting day is today!!!
Posted on January the 29th.
Here we go again... Bone Thugs' album pushed back!!
It's a curse dammit, everytime Mariah is scheduled to be featured on an album, something happens.  First the track on Busta's album was trashed, then the one on The Game's album was also trashed, we have no news of the featuring on Freeway's upcoming album and now my fiend DJ EB-Child just told me Bone Thug's "Strengh and Loyalty" is pushed back until mid- April 'cause there are so many tracks (remember ... 70 tracks), that they still don't know which ones to choose to put on the album which could maybe be a double album.  The first single is/could be "I Tried" featuring Akon. Let's now patiently wait until we have more infos, and all cross the fingers we will hear something soon.
Posted on January the 27th.
We already knew it but I still find it ironic.... Kris, Mariah's makeup guy tells Christina Aguilera is his fav artist to work with
Gwen Stefani once sang, "The magic's in the makeup," and Kristofer Buckle makes the magic happen. At 17, Buckle, who grew up in the '80s New York punk scene, was already fancying up the faces of Metropolitan Opera stars, and now, at 38, he's one of the most sought-after artists in the biz. He perfected Renee Zellweger's pout for the Golden Globes and regularly works with Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey and Heidi Klum.
Who are some of your other fave femmes to work with?
"I love working with Christina Aguilera. She's the complete package. She's a true entertainer. She understands the importance of the song, the movement, the hair, the makeup and the costume. She knows it's all one thing, and it's all very important."
Click here to read the full article
Source: The Courier-Journal (All rights reserved) (extract)
Posted on January the 27th.
James D'Arcy still part of "Tennessee"
You were a few to e-mail me that James D'Arcy was out of the cast and eventually replaced by Bill Sage, I asked for infos among my contacts and James D'Arcy is still part of "Tennessee", he has been re-casted.  Also the Heroes of Mariah "Tennessee" promo page is updated with pics and news.
Posted on January the 27th.
Playboy Magazine cover
It seems the site Rap-Up got the exclusivity of the Playboy Magazine cover.
Click to enlarge and enjoy!!!
Info for Belgian fans: The US edition of Playboy can be found in most of the big cities around our country.
Source for the cover: Rap-Up - Sean John 411
Posted on January the 27th.
First shoot of Playboy revealed
As previously reported Mariah will make the March cover of Playboy magazine, on newsstands February 9th. in the US.
Perez Hilton (the guy who hates and trashes Mariah on his trash website) is the first one to have an exclusive picture of one of the images from the shoot by Markus Klinko and Indrani.
I don't like tagged pictures unless you took them yourself but that one is so beautiful that I couldn't resist to post it 
Click on the pic to enlarge.
Oh, by the way, the fans (including me) who were in front of the Vuitton store at the "Say Somethin'" video shoot at night last March, already saw Mariah exactly like that 
Source for the info: Lisa by e-mail
Posted on January the 26th.
Today is the special memories day for Belgian fans, remember guys, 7 years already......
Posted on January the 26th.
Tomorrow, special memories day for the Belgian fans, remember?????
Posted on January the 25th.
Don't forget the new Heroes of Mariah contest, 21 good answers until now !!!  Click here to access the contest.
Posted on January the 25th.
"Tennessee" update
Another act is announced... Bernie Mac and good news Canada has acquired the rights 

V V S Films has acquired all Canadian rights to TENNESSEE, the upcoming feature from acclaimed producer Lee Daniels (Monster's Ball / The Woodsman / Shadowboxer). "We're very happy to continue our successful relationship with Lee Daniels and his company" stated Ernie Grivakis, president and CEO of V V S Films "He's a talented producer with a proven track record and we're confident that TENNESSEE will be another winner." 
Principal Cast: James D'Arcy, Ethan Peck, Mariah Carey, Bernie Mac 
Source: VVS Films (All rights reserved)
Posted on January the 25th.
Well, well, well..... Ya'll know what this is.....
Dupri in talks to join Island
Super-producer Jermaine Dupri is in negotiations with Universal Music Group about joining its Island Def Jam label, according to several music industry executives. 

These executives said that the talks between Island and Dupri are centered on his possible role at the label, but specific details of his duties have yet to be determined. 

A deal with Island would reunite Chairman L.A. Reid with Dupri, who is seen as a double threat - functioning both as a producer and as a special guest rapper on albums from such heavyweights as Jay-Z. Dupri brought his So So Def Records to Arista when Reid was CEO of that label. 

As a producer, Dupri helped produce Usher's "Confessions" album, which sold 7.9 million copies and was the top-selling album of 2004. He also produced Mariah Carey's comeback album, "The Emancipation of Mimi," which ranked as 2005's best-selling album with 4.9 million copies, according to Nielsen SoundScan. 

In January 2005, Dupri joined EMI's Virgin Records label as the head of its urban music division. But he resigned in October, just 21 months into his tenure. 

Representatives for Dupri declined comment for this story, and Island Def Jam could not be reached.
Source: New York Post (All rights reserved)
Heroes comment: Correction: Jermaine didn't produced "The Emancipation of Mimi", also let's hope he will now put aside his now boring "Ya'll know what this is, So So Def" drop in all what he does.
Posted on January the 25th.

Mariah in Playboy confirmed!!!!!! 
We will need to wait to see if she will make the cover, but it's confirmed she will be featured in the March issue of Playboy.
"The Sex and Music Issue
Playboy delivers its annual compendium of sensual delights, starring slinky songstress Mariah Carey as you've never seen her before"
Source: Playboy
Posted on January the 24th.
Jasmine's Juice
Blimey! The Voice online site nearly crashed over the past three weeks, what with Mariah fans all over the globe hitting it to see what their favourite star was up to over the vacation period at the incredible opening of Oprah Winfrey’s Leadership Academy for Girls in Johannesburg, South Africa. Big up Oprah – you are a true inspiration to us all. 

Every week, minutes after The Voice uploads my column, fan sites from around the globe, like Mariah Daily, Mariah Journal, MariahHeros, Mariah Lambs and many more, all pinched the piece and carried it on their websites. Oh well – share and share alike, right. I love you all. 
Click here to read the article in full, always interesting and funny even when it's not Mariah related.  read it every week!!!!!
Source: The Voice (All rights reserved) (extract)
Heroes note: Happy belated Birthday Jas  (or should I say Anniversary), we love you too!!!
Posted on January the 24th.

Mariah Carey film to shoot in N.M
Tennessee, starring Mariah Carey, James D'Arcy and Ethan Peck, will be shot in and around Albuquerque this week through Feb. 13, Gov. Bill Richardson announced Monday.

The production expects to hire more than 50 local New Mexico crew members. Aaron Woodley is directing with Lee Daniels producing.

Tennessee follows the path of two brothers who must return to their hometown in east Tennessee from Albuquerque to look for their estranged, abusive father when one of them is diagnosed with leukemia and desperately needs a life-saving bone marrow transplant.
Source: Santa Fe New Mexican (All rights reserved)
Posted on January the 23rd.

Death of the Diva
The music industry is so short of cash that experts are predicting the end of the pop star diva.

“The days of record labels indulging artists are pretty much gone now,” said one industry figure. 
“No more American divas coming in on private planes with teams of stylists, hairdressers, chefs etc.
“The UK had a very bad Christmas for record sales; this is the end of the line for divas.” 

Another source confirmed that Sony BMG cut short visits from American singers Christina Aguilera and Jessica Simpson last year as they promoted their new records.
“It costs too much to have them here for long,” he said. “They insist on having a stylist with an assistant, hair stylist with assistant, a make-up artist with an assistant, etc etc, all of whom have to be paid for. 

"No-one in the industry has the money to put up with it any more.” 

Since the major record companies – Universal, Sony BMG, Warner and EMI – were wrested from the control of enthusiastic music executives in the Nineties and bought by corporations, they have been under constant scrutiny.
Even those at record companies will admit that they are overstaffed and overpaid.
In years gone by a label could take a bad year, confident that its big artists would save the day. 

But as soon as bad figures come in, managers are now under pressure from shareholders. This has meant that labels stopped investing in stars who go on to sell long-term and continue to bring in big revenues.

“It’s EMI now but it could be any one of us in a month’s time,” fears a source at one of the label’s rivals. “This is a year of significant change in the music industry, it’s potentially cataclysmic.”

Since 2000, every label has fought a pitched battle against illegal downloading. Despite the huge rise in legal downloads, their worth has not yet made up for the loss in CD sales.
Source: Daily Express (All rights reserved) (extract)
Posted on January the 23rd.

Daring Carey
By Eva Simpson & Caroline Hedley
We all know curvy Mariah Carey loves to parade her bod.
And thanks to a saucy Christmas present, she has an excuse to show off even more.
The pop diva, 36, is the owner of a pair of sparkly nipple tassels and loves to flaunt them.
A pal tells us: "She feels kind of kinky owning them but a lucky few have been given a private view."
The men in question were not complaining.
Source: Sunday Mirror (All rights reserved)
Heroes note: He, he Jas, one of your naughty gifts has been revealed 
Posted on January the 23rd.
In 4 days, special memories day for the Belgian fans, remember????? 
Posted on January the 22nd.
For the new fans who maybe don't know these pics yet: Mariah at the "Honey" video shooting in Puerto Rico

Posted on January the 22nd.
Mariah at the Grammy's?
Bodyguard to the Celebrity A-List Elite
This weekend, CelebInsiderPR caught up with Celebrity Bodyguard Mark Behar, and had an opportunity to conduct a Rare & Exclusive Phone Interview, as he was traveling.

I asked Mark about his on-going legal battles, with "Mary Carey".
Mark said, "I really don't want to & have No Comment on this matter, that's still going on".

"Alrighty Then". Next I asked him, if he was taking Mary or Mariah "Carey", to the "Grammy's", next month, in LA.?
Mark Again, was really "Closed Lip" about this, and really didn't have or give an answer either way. He just said, "Well I know that Mariah will be there for sure, because she's scheduled (I think) to perform there, at the Awards Show. And as for "Mary", I really couldn't tell you, go ask her yourself".
Source: PR Inside (All rights reserved ) (extract)
Posted on January the 22nd.

Mariah in New York, going out for the evening on January the 16th.

Click to enlarge.
Source: Cat on our forum.
Heroes note: Untagged bigger pics can be found on Cat's forum.
Posted on January the 21st.
"Tennessee" update

Another act is announced, Melissa Benoist, the Post's Ovation Award winner for best younger actor of 2006, has landed a major role in the film "Tennessee," 
Benoist plays the teen love of D'Arcy's character. She begins filming Valentine's Day in New Mexico, then in Tennessee. 
As previously reported a part of Tennessee will be filmed in Albuquerque, at least Lee Daniels will be there in February.
Source: Denver Post - Alamogordo Dali News
Posted on January the 21st.
Reminder: C'mon, a little vote for Mariah
It will not make her win an Award (if only it was that easy), but we will show the poll guys, we support our girl 
Click here to vote for "Don't Forget About Us" in the Best Female R&B Vocal Performance and Best R&B Song categories.
Posted on January the 20th.
Kinou, Jack and I were in the city center of Brussels this afternoon, drinking a coffee in the rain, I know.... , don't ask me why, but we never go inside, rain, snow, cold, wind, nothing can stop us... for the ones who already did street promotions with us, it was at the little coffee shop in front of the Inno rue Neuve.
Anyways, we were talking and rambling (as usual) and suddenly we saw a man wearing clothes like if he was ready to go to the North Pole and then something popped in our (busy) minds again. "Tennessee" was normally setted to be shot in Spring, but with an impromptu Tour, it was postponed and from a stuff to another it was postponed again.  The views in the movie will be very different, instead of beautiful Spring mountains, it will be Winter mountains (probably beautiful too). I just checked the weather in the 3 cities (and their area) were the movie will be shot, well guys, it's not warm at all and even rain and snow. The clothes will change, instead of some random jacket, it will be warm clothes.
I know I'm rambling again, but seriously, this will change the atmosphere of the movie, not in a bad way, but it will change the colors, the intensity of the light, the clothes, the make-up, etc....
Aaron Woodley told me they will be shooting at the end of January and the casting call was for shoot days Jan. 22 to Feb. 21, Mariah of course will not be in every days shooting but still, she will be in the cold at least for the scenes were she and the 2 brothers travel!!!
Posted on January the 20th.
In 7 days, special memories day for the Belgian fans, remember????? 
Posted on January the 19th.
New Heroes of Mariah contest open now!!!  Click here to access the contest.
Posted on January the 19th.
"Glitter"only  #17 in worst movies ever made poll 
The new poll of the worst films ever made, compiled from the views of 12,000 people on behalf of MSN movies, includes a number of critically acclaimed classics among the flops. Last night Mike Lok, entertainment editor at MSN, said: " I'm sure most viewers would admit to getting guilty pleasure from at least one of those on the list. Some films are just so bad, they're good."
Worst movies of all time:
1 - Spice World
2 - Titanic
3 - Grease 2
6 - Anaconda 
8 - Gigli
9 - Catwoman 
14 - Cool as Ice
15 - Crossroads
17 - Glitter
18 - The Fellowship of the Ring
20 - Eyes Wide Shut.
The article is published in The Scotsman and I made a list of what I found in it, if one of you guys finds the whole list please send it.
Posted on January the 19th.
On the technical side, very interesting, I don't know if you already read it somewhere, I forgot to check "Mix", always interesting....
Tour Profile: Mariah Carey
Balancing ballads and Hip Hop
With 30-plus-years' experience as a front-of-house engineer, including outings with Sting, James Taylor and Paul Simon, it's safe to say that Howard Page has seen his share of unusual tour requirements. Perhaps the most surprising specs he's encountered are on the current Mariah Carey tour, for which the songstress has requested a collection of bejeweled microphones. “The microphone's jewels have to match the dress she's wearing, and that changes three, four or five times a night,” reports Page, who now serves as director of engineering at Clair Bros./Showco. “So we have about five or six different mics for her.”

So far, Page and the rest of the crew on the Adventures of Mimi tour have watched the ballad-queen-turned-hip-hop superstar rotate the inventory of microphones at arena shows in Tunisia, Japan, China and all across the United States. When Carey, her four-piece band, three backup singers and a handful of dancers stopped at the Oracle Arena (Oakland, Calif.) in early October, she used silver, black and gold mics.

The all-Clair Bros. tour is carrying an i4 array. Most of the adjustments are made during production rehearsals, leaving Page time to speak about the amount of coverage he is getting from the front and side arrays. “When you attempt to extend the horizontal coverage of a line array system, you have to be incredibly careful,” he explains. “You want to have minimal overlap of the pattern of the main [to avoid] comb filtering, and you want a perfect continuation of the horizontal coverage of the main array. Not only perfect in terms of the dispersion of the main array versus the sides, but also time-aligned. Instead of using artificial methods to make those two systems match, I have designed them such that they are rigged in a perfect arc.”

Page also spent a fair amount of time perfecting the bottom end, designing a steered sub-bass array. “My role is typically to go out to tours and fix things that are not right, and I've been out to many tours where the bottom end is an over-the-top, gut-wrenching, awful noise,” he continues. “Sometimes it's a gain structure problem, but usually it's a balance problem.”

On this tour, Page is using Prism II subs. “They give me an absolute depth-defined note,” he says. “They may not be as musical as other subs, but the idea is that for the level that I'm running this show, which is quite loud, I want the tightness. The trade-off, unfortunately, is that I have to sacrifice some depth in the low end to get that definition and hear those notes.”

By steering the subs, he adds, he has virtually eliminated the summing in the middle of the stage. “I've evened it out across the floor,” Page says. “When you do that, if you create a true steered array, it not only sounds good on the floor, but it ends up sounding good in the high seats, as well.”

To cover the expensive seats in the front rows, Page is using eight FF2 front-fill cabinets. “I'm a bit of a perfectionist, so I have the middle set on one delay and the outer set on another,” the FOH engineer comments. “The idea with front-fill delays is that you want the image to appear bigger than it really is. That environment in the first two rows is always a bit tricky to get right because if you just put little front-fill speakers down there and turn them on, that is all those people will hear. They don't get any feeling that they are in a big gig.”

Speakers aside, Page is using a fairly straight-ahead setup at FOH that includes a Yamaha PM5D console and Clair Bros. I/Os driving the system. “In a normal situation with my sound system, the I/Os at front of house are almost straight-through devices,” Page explains. “I'm using them as my D-to-A converters for the output of the Yamaha PM5D. I stay in digital all the way to the I/Os at 96k and then I convert and run analog to my [dbx] DriveRack.”

Page doesn't rely on much outboard gear — just a touch of onboard limiting and a TC Electronic 6000 multi-effects processor for reverb on Carey's ballads. “I see guys have compressors on every channel and gates all over the place,” Page says. “Sometimes that's valid, but what I notice is that it distracts from them mixing the show.”

Monitor compound
At the monitor position, Robert Miller is using a Digidesign VENUE to mix eight pairs of stereo personal monitors, a mix for the engineers below the stage, a mix for monitors that are flown over the stage and placed on the side of the stage for the dancers, and a shaker and a sub. “There are lot of things going on,” he says with a laugh, “but I try to keep it as simple and straightforward as I can.”

Carey uses Ultimate Ears personal monitors, and, yes, the pieces have bling, while the band and backup singers use Future Sonics models. Miller delivers all onstage a straight-ahead mix. “There is nothing too crazy going on,” he says. “Everybody gets a nice blended mix. I've worked on some tours where the music is in their left ear and the vocals in their right ear. It's not like that. Everyone has a stereo mix with good separation.” The flown and side monitor cabinets are Clair Bros. R4s.

Knowing that this tour was going to take them across the globe, Miller picked the VENUE board for its availability and kept the list of plug-ins simple. “I stuck with the standard Digidesign plug-ins so I can get them wherever we go,” he explains. “I didn't want to be needing something that wasn't available.” Troodon Technologies' TrooTrace Audio Analysis Bundle, which he uses as a spectrum analyzer, is one of his more useful plug-ins.

Singing the video
Where it gets challenging, though, is when Carey sings with videotaped performances by such artists as Jay-Z and Jermaine Dupri on the more rap-flavored tracks. “She interfaces with [the video] and Mariah winds vocally in and out between the rap track with this larger-than-life hip hop feel going on behind her,” Page says. “The essential thing is that you have to have the gain structure on your console completely in control at all times. In those circumstances, if you're not careful of the overall level you're running or of the interplay between all of the elements of your mix at all times, it will train-wreck in a heartbeat.”

That's especially true, Page adds, with so many elements to juggle. “There's the little rap section, now it's back to Mariah, now a little keyboard riff, now a scratch hook from the DJ,” he describes. “Suddenly, you get a situation that I call ‘everything louder than everything else,’ and you've lost any reference point of your mix.”

This tour, featuring Carey's catalog of songs that bounces between ballads and hip hop tracks, has given Page an opportunity to prove a philosophy that he's worked with since early in his career. “Excessive low end fatigues an audience, and three-quarters of the way through a show, you notice that they are not as excited and up for the next song as they were in the beginning,” Page says. “It's essentially because, psycho-acoustically, you are beating them to a pulp with the low end. When I get an opportunity, I give the audience what I call ‘an acoustic breath.’

“There's an interesting psychological thing that goes on with an audience,” he continues. “They scream their heads off during the show, but when she starts a ballad, they scream for about four words of a song and rather than me turning it up to fight them, I leave it where it is and they all stop screaming. They are essentially here to hear the song. If you give them a dynamic breath, they will come back and they'll listen.”
Source: Mix (All rights reserved)
Posted on January the 19th.

The 20 Richest Women In Entertainment
1. Oprah Winfrey $1,500 millions (1,5 billion)
2. J.K. Rowling $1,000 millions (1 billion)
3. Martha Stewart $638 millions
4. Madonna $325 millions
5. Celine Dion $250 millions
6. Mariah Carey $225 millions 
7. Janet Jackson $150 millions
8. Julia Roberts $140 millions
9. Jennifer Lopez $110 millions
10. Jennifer Aniston $110 millions
11. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen $100 millions
12. Britney Spears $100 millions
13. Judge Judy (Sheindlin) $95 millions
14. Sandra Bullock $85 millions
15. Cameron Diaz $75 millions
16. Gisele Bundchen $70 millions
17. Ellen DeGeneres $65 millions
18. Nicole Kidman $60 millions
19. Christina Aguilera $60 millions
20. Renee Zellweger $45 millions
Source: Forbes- Simona by e-mail
Posted on January the 18th.
Acting out: Singing a different tune
It's not out of the ordinary for an actor to make it as a singer.
We've seen John Schneider, John Travolta, David Soul, Eddie Murphy, Nicole Kidman, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jamie Foxx and Jennifer Lopez achieve success on the music charts. That's just a small sample of those who can claim success first as an actor, then as a singer.
Let's not forget the list also includes David Hasselhoff, Don Johnson and William Shatner.

But when a singer tries to venture into acting, everybody shrieks.
I'm not sure why, either. Don't the two sort of go hand-in-hand?

Nobody says much about this until one of them fails miserably. Case in point: Mariah Carey and the "Glitter" fiasco.
I'm one of the five people who actually saw that movie, but I didn't think she was as horrible as critics said. Her biggest problem was she didn't seem believable as an actress. She lacked credibility, but she showed potential.
Source: Sturgis Journal (All rights reserved) (extract)
Heroes comment: If only a few people saw "Glitter" in the US, the question is: How can so many people (who often even didn't even see it) still bitch about it so many years later?
Posted on January the 18th.

Diva CD collection in Belgium
Starting January the 20th. Belgian newspaper, "Het Laatste Nieuws" will release each Saturday with their newspaper a CD from what they call "Diva CD collection" featuring "15 Femmes Fatales", at a special price.
Mariah's CD Greatest Hits will be released with the February the 3rd. edition of the newspaper.  A collector item!!!
Click on the scan to enlarge.
Thanks to Eliseke on our forum for the info
Scan and text: Heroes of Mariah
Posted on January the 17th.
A Little Interview with Jasmine Dotiwala

Yesterday, Eric from MC Archives had the pleasure to ask Jasmine Dotiwala a few questions. As you all know, Jasmine is one of Mariah's closest friends and often writes for the British newspaper The Voice about the time they spent together. Jasmine first met Mariah when Mariah was a guest on her MTV show in Capri.
Mariah: "Initially, I was expecting the typical TV interview: you know, someone who hasn't done their research and who came to the table full of preconceptions about me - everybody has preconceptions about me - but she was cool. I had to pretend to be mad at her, and push her in the pool. So I did, but then I jumped in after her because I just love swimming so much. We were both fully clothed, and as she didn't have anything to change into afterwards, I gave her a pair of my knickers. That was a real bonding moment. Ever since then, we've stayed in touch, and whenever I'm in London we hook up."
Jasmine told Independent on Sunday, "It's not so strange having a celebrity friend when you get used to it. The public persona doesn't match the private one. When you get to know Mariah, you realise that she is totally down-to-earth. Don't laugh, I'm not joking..."

Does Mariah know about the main websites dedicated to her (sites like MCArchives, Mariah Daily, Mariah Journal, Heroes of Mariah and Mariah Connection)?
MC absolutely knows about all these sites, in fact often your sites are quicker at telling the fans and world about MC's world than the official label sites! We often look at them and they make us laugh, cry and smile!

Which website is your favourite?
I'm not sure which my favourite is yet, but I will keep a look out. I'm impressed with the variety of stories on yours though and like the fact that everything's easy to read and find and it feels like a true "news site". 

Heroes comment: You can read the full story of the moment Mariah and Jasmine met for the first time in my articles section, here.
So you girls want a good laugh?  Here's my little pickle dance just for you, I know you like it 

Posted on January the 18th.

New Heroes of Mariah contest open now!!!  Click here to access the contest.
Posted on January the 17th.
US fans: Oprah's Live Today Show
Today it will be about Oprah's Holiday vacation in South Africa, so they will maybe show a lil' part with Mariah.
Source: Oprah.com
Posted on January the 17th.
Celebrity jeweller calls on music stars to testify
Jeweler to the stars Jacob Arabov is calling on his celebrity clients to testify as defense witnesses at his upcoming federal money-laundering trial. 
Rappers Sean "Diddy" Combs and Jay-Z, songstress Mariah Carey and Los Angeles-bound soccer great David Beckham top the list of witnesses drawn from Jacob & Co.'s clientele, a source close to the case told The Post's Kati Cornell. 
Recent court records show lawyers for "Jacob the Jeweler," who has a store on East 57th Street, detailed their strategy and a list of megastars they intend to call in a sealed submission to a U.S. judge in Detroit. 

The bling-meister is accused of accepting cash for jewelry from the members of the Black Mafia Family (BMF) - a Detroit-based drug ring that moved millions of dollars in narcotics - and then failing to file the proper tax forms in a scheme to hide the illegal source of the money. 
Defense lawyer Benjamin Brafman refused to comment on specific witnesses, but said Arabov's celebrity clients would testify about his good character and how "they themselves made substantial purchases in cash from Mr. Arabov and all the money was handled properly." 
Brafman is trying to have the case moved to New York, which is home to many of the boldface witnesses he plans to call during the trial. "Trying to coordinate flying them into Detroit is a logistical nightmare that is beyond comprehension," the lawyer said. 

Arabov is hoping his celebrity pals never need to take the stand as he awaits a decision on a defense motion to toss the money-laundering charge. "As far as he knew, BMF Entertainment, as well as its owners and its artists, were up-and-coming in hip-hop," Brafman wrote in court papers. 
Arabov, who is named in a massive indictment with 40 other defendants, already scored a win when prosecutors agreed that he and two other accused money launderers should face trial separately from members of the violent drug ring. If Brafman can't get the charge dismissed, he wants to see his client's case severed from the other two so he can stand trial alone in New York. 
Source: PageSix (All rights reserved)
Posted on January the 17th.

Pfiouuuu, e-mail problem solved!!!!! I'll reply to all of you asap (tomorrow, I better say today, 'cause it's middle in the night again)
Posted on January the 16th.... huh, no 17th.
Or you're really quiet (even the spammers), or I have a problem with my e-mails, I think it's the second option , huh, no it's not funny... I'll sort it out with my provider so I can start the contest asap 
Posted on January the 16th.
It seems Belgians can't get enough of "Get Your Number"
I knew the track was a huge hit in my little country (Belgium) last year, staying 23 weeks in the Official Sales Charts and 25 weeks in the Official Airplay Charts, but I didn't know it's still requested in clubs and great news, the track is still #34 in the chart for the French speaking part of Belgium of the greatest ringtones seller here in Belgium (Jamba).  Isn't that awesome if we know a ringtone costs 4 Euro ($5 US) !!!!!! 
Posted on January the 16th.
Disabled pianist Frank Muñoz played for Mariah in Madrid
If he had been born with two perfectly normal hands, Frank Muñoz believes he would not have become the piano player he is today.
His left hand did not form properly. The arm is shorter than his right and his hand looks like a smooth triangle — no fingers but with two appendages on each corner.
The point of the piano was to make him less self-conscious. He took lessons from the nuns that taught at his Catholic school — La Salle — which since has been closed. Muñoz's first lesson was 50 years ago.
Now, at 56, Muñoz has returned to settle in San Antonio after traveling around the country as a teacher and to Spain as a student. He has played piano for the king of Spain and singer Mariah Carey, although he did not know who she was at the time.
Ever the student, Muñoz is studying for a master's degree in Spanish online at the University of Minnesota. He has traveled twice to Madrid through the program. Two years ago, he played for Spain's King Juan Carlos I and Queen Sofia. 
Muñoz was playing the piano in the cavernous lobby of the Westin Palace Hotel in downtown Madrid when word spread of the royal couple's arrival. The management asked if he could entertain them. 
"They (hotel management) said, 'They may want to stay and listen.' And I said, 'Who?' And they said, 'Their majesties,'" Muñoz said. "They sat (by the piano) for 45 minutes." 
He played for Carey when she was staying at the same hotel. She had a conversation with him about his playing technique, he said.
Source: My San Antonio (All rights reserved) (extract)

Here's the story of a Mariah fan who met Frank Muñoz past Sunday in San Antonio (thanks to "Two Scoops Ahead" for sharing his story)
I was at a photography convention this past Sunday in San Antonio, TX., and this guy, with only one full-working hand, came in and started playing piano in the hotel lobby. It was completley amazing! His left hand was basically a stump with no fingers. 
After a couple of songs he began to tell us about himself (my group of photographer friends and I were all photographing him while he played). One of the stories he told was of a beautiful woman who came up to him while he was playing (he said she was surrounded by 4 big men). Well, after he finished, he turned to her and she said that she was about to cry. She told him of how amazing she thought it was that he could be disabled like that and play so well. He then asked her if she was a musician (he didn't know who she was), and then when the guys around her started to laugh she said "Quiet!" and explained that she was a musician. He asked her what her instrument was, and she, of course, said her voice. Then, she introduced herself as Mariah Carey and asked him to play another song. He said that when he finished she was crying and said that she would come see him again the next day.
Posted on January the 16th.

Mariah listed with 2 songs on KIIS LA Top 102 Songs of 2006
It's kinda old news (14 days ago), but while promoting my boy Damizza I came across the Los Angeles KIIS Top 102 Songs of 2006 and Mariah was listed as #21 with "Don't Forget About Us" and #75 with "Say Somethin'"
Posted on January the 16th.
Ok guys, gotta go now 'cause my toothbrush waits impatiently near the door with her leash to make her little walk 
Posted on January the 15th.
Next Heroes of Mariah contest very soon, the prize will be a copy of the Aspen Peak Magazine with Mariah on the cover 
Posted on January the 15th.
Mariah with 2 songs in Vibes's "50 greatest duets of all time"

- # 13 - "Fantasy" Mariah Carey and Ol' Dirty Bastard
The Backstory: It wasn't until beauty Mariah Carey found the lyrical beast that her career reached ridiculous heights. "Fantasy" shipped Mariah to the 'hood. It also brought ODB into suburban girls' bedrooms. 
Key Moment: The pinnacle comes when Mr. Brooklyn Zoo proclaims, "Me and Mariah / Go back like babies with pacifiers."

- #30 - "I'll Be There" Mariah Carey and Trey Lorenz
The Backstory: A number one hit on the pop single chart for the Jackson 5 in 1970, it was a vocal showcase for a then 12-year-old Michael. Carey ambitiously updated the song, sharing duties with backup singer Lorenz. 
Key Moment: Mariah's got five octaves, but when Lorenz dives into his verse with exultant "Oh"s and the backing choir follows his lead, it sets the song in motion.
Source: VIBE (All rights reserved)
Posted on January the 15th.

Ok guys, be very careful with what you post on your fan sites, even if it's just to watch and not to download!!!!!! Read the following, if it happens with "official" websites, it can certainly happen to fan sites
Universal Music CEO is enforcer for industry
Straight-talking Morris negotiates tough deals with online properties
Universal Music Group CEO Doug Morris resents that MTV and other cable music channels built multibillion-dollar businesses around videos given away by record companies anxious to promote their artists.

So when he saw his own grandson watching 50 Cent’s “In Da Club” video on Yahoo, it got him asking: “How much are we getting paid for that?”
The answer — nothing — led Morris to pull all of Universal’s videos from the giant Web portal until it agreed to a licensing deal in 2005.

He wrangled similar arrangements from Time Warner Inc.’s AOL and other Internet portals as part of his unrelenting campaign to generate more revenue for Universal.

Among Morris’ most recent targets were Google Inc.’s YouTube, Microsoft Corp. and News Corp.’s MySpace.

“As the largest music company, he’s got an interesting hand of cards,” said Mike McGuire, a technology analyst for Gartner Inc. “He’s playing them pretty adamantly and pretty hard.”

Universal, a division of French telecommunications giant Vivendi SA, accounted for about 31 percent of total U.S. album sales in 2006, according to Nielsen SoundScan. The company is home to artists such as U2, Kanye West and Mariah Carey.

Morris’ get-paid mantra has cast him as a champion in the eyes of many people in the industry — and a bully among others — at a time when music companies are trying to stem losses from declining compact disc sales and widespread online piracy.

With online music and video becoming the digital content of choice for iPods, mobile phones and Web sites of every stripe, the recording industry is scrambling to find ways to cash in as much as possible.

“I’m no tough guy,” said Morris, 67, a former songwriter and performer who is entering his 12th year as chairman and chief executive of Universal Music.

“It’s just the position you get put in, where you’re either going to succumb to it, and say, ’fine, that’s OK, yeah, put your advertisements next to our videos, we don’t care,’ or you’re going to say ’hey, this isn’t fair.’

“I’m going to be a kamikaze pilot until that’s all straightened out,” he said.

Other recording companies have yet to follow Universal’s hard-line lead, particularly in suing online video and social networking sites. They appear happy to let Morris carry the fight through lawsuits and other measures.

In his tussle with YouTube, Morris called the site a hub for pirated music videos and negotiated a licensing deal that landed Universal and other labels small stakes in the company just before it was acquired by Google for $1.76 billion last year.
Click here to read the entire article.
Source: MSNBC (All rights reserved) (extract)
Posted on January the 15th.

Stem voor Mariah in de verkiezing van Persoon van het Jaar in Nederland 
Stem het hele jaar door en iedere dag 
Nederlandse and Belgische fans, allé jongens, doe maar je best!!!!!! Klik hier om te stemmen. 
Source for the info: Oscar by e-mail
Posted on January the 15th.
Randy's hope for American Idol, Mariah more than a guest...
Here's the extracts of the transcript of Randy Jackson's conference call in which he talks about Mariah

It seems like on CBS Rock Star kind of clicked with some viewers because the song selection was a little more modern. Are there songs that you’re just sick to death of from American Idol by now?
Jackson: Yes. There are a lot of songs that we’re sick to death of during the auditions. We mentioned “At Last” by Etta James, which is an amazing song, but people just butcher it; “Fallin” by Alicia Keyes, people just butcher that. There are tons of songs that people butcher and I have heard no one yet to ever sing a Mariah Carey song and do it justice.

You mentioned that sometimes you’ll hear 200 auditions a day. How can you, as a judge, give equal time and your attention to the 200th person. Aren’t you just dying by then?
Jackson: Fortunately for us one of the things that makes this show really, really cool is that myself, Simon, and Paula are really 25-year-plus music industry veterans. We’ve done every facet of it. There’s nothing we don’t know about the music business. So me having been A&R guy for 15 years and also being a musician myself and being on a countless number of auditions when I was growing up, you’re used to doing it. I put bands together. I just had Mariah out on tour with a huge band. I mean it’s what I do, so I kind of know how to pace myself by this point. Do you know what I mean?

I was reading my Entertainment Weekly also and I saw that you were quoted as saying you’re going to call up Mariah Carey and ask her to be a guest judge, not a guest judge, but to mentor the kids and sing on the show. Is that going to happen?
Jackson: I don’t know. I mean I’ve been thinking about it. We’ve tossed it around a bit. I think she’d be great because I think still, for me, she and Whitney and Celine are those three big great divas, I mean some of the better singers of our time that we’ve ever known. 

Have you talked with Mariah about it?
Jackson: I mentioned it to her. We’ll see. I don’t know. We’ll see. You’ve got to stay tuned on that one. 

She was open to it?
Jackson: Yes. I mean definitely open to it, so we’ll see what happens.

Source: FoxNews (All rights reserved) (extract)
Posted on January the 14th.

Building a Stairway to Paradise, for Your Beloved Pet
The Hartsdale Pet Cemetery has a long pedigree in this relatively new industry. Founded in 1896 by a veterinarian, the cemetery contains the remains of around 70,000 animals, some owned by famous people like Mariah Carey, Diana Ross, Xavier Cugat, George Raft and Kate Smith. Also buried at Hartsdale are dogs that worked with the police, in war settings or in movies, or as aides to blind or deaf people.
Source: The New York Times (All rights reserved) (extract)
Heroes comment:  Awwww, it's Clarence (Mariah's cat), I remember back in the days my good friend Anderz (from Mariah Diary) sent me the pic of Clarence's headstone.
Posted on January the 13th.
Which "Carey" will show up at the "Grammy's"?
Mark Behar, is a 39.yr old Young Entrepreneur/Business Owner & Investor of Major Multi-Unit Rental Properties & Buildings, in Delray & Boynton Beach, Florida. He also 
"Moonlights" as a 'Celebrity Personal Security & Bodyguard- to the Music & Movie Elite, and has had his share of run-ins, with A -to- Z Musicians, Actors & Celebrities, from the likes of "Mariah Carey -to- Mary Carey".

Amongst all the resent controversy, Mark has been invited to, and will be attending this year's 49th Annual GRAMMY Awards Show, that will be held on Feb. 11, 2007 at the STAPLES Center in Los Angeles and will be broadcast live on the CBS Television Network at 8 p.m. (ET/PT). Performers and presenters for the telecast have already been announced.
Who Knows & Let's See, Which One of them, He will Show Up With?
Respect & loyalty will set him free.
If he shows up with Mary "Carey" Cook, it would "Shock" everyone. Talk about controversy. It would be considered, "Rosie & The Donald II".
Just imagine and picture "Rosie & The Donald", showing up to a "Worldwide Telecast Event", like the one of this caliber, "Hand-In-Hand", after all this publicity. It would shock the world.
Source: PR Inside - Simona by e-mail
Posted on January the 13th.

K-Town update
I think I found some infos, some of you know me and when there's something new, I feel the irresistable need to search for more infos , it's like you know, "I can't sleep at night when you are on my mind" , anywayz, here's something interesting, could it be a sequel of it?

All credits for the banners go to the biggest Master of Martial Arts.
Posted on January the 13th.
Mariah in Iceland today?
Remember the Pravda article claiming Mariah, Justin Timberlake and Whitney Houston would perform for Russian oligarchs in an Icelandic ice castle?  Well, if it's true, the Russian oligarchs bash is tonight!!!!
Posted on January the 13th.
'The Runners' To Produce For Mariah's New Album
The Orlando-based producer duo of Andrew "Dru Brett" Harr and Jermaine "Mayne" Jackson collaboratively known as The Runners of Trac –N- Field Entertainment has done it again. Hip Hip artist Young Jeezy's single, "Go Getta" is making record breaking radio spins in limitless major cities.

With just one year in the production game, The Runners are making the top their home stadium and the number one on the back of their jerseys. Their first major hit was Rick Ross's "Hustlin," which has immensely sold over a million ring tones! "Hustlin" was such a major hit that it brought Hip-Hop's savior, rap artist Jay-Z, out of his "retirement" when he was featured on the "Hustlin" remix along with hip hop's Young Jeezy.

These production bad boys are also on board to produce the theme song for the new 2007 season of America's Most Wanted. Other notable artists The Runners have worked with and produced tracks for include "Reppin Time" by Jim Jones, "Money on My Mind" by Lil Wayne "All or Nothing" by Fat Joe and "Murda Murda" by Juelz Santana. The Runners are set to provide the market place with hit after hit singles with their production on highly anticipated upcoming songs and albums which include Pop moguls, Britney Spears and Mariah Carey, Hip-Hop megastar's T.I., JadaKiss, and UGK, songstress Christina Milian, the King of R&B; R. Kelly and more!
Source: Thug Life Army - MariahJournal - Andy by e-mail
Posted on January the 13th.

"Tennessee" end January
Aaron Woodley just let me know that things are very busy and in full swing. They are in the last weeks of pre-production and will be shooting at the end of January.
Source: Aaron Woodley by e-mail
Posted on January the 12th.
Morgan Carey, Mariah, K-Town.....
Here are extracts of the interview Rashmi did of Morgan Carey about Skull with infos about Mariah:
Korean Reggae artist, Skull has been described by DJ Bobcat as, "Incredible, he defines what Hip Hop Culture is all about!" 
Mariah Carey, of his debut single, Boom Di Boom Di said, "The song is really hot”!

How did you become involved with the music industry?
Morgan Carey: I was trying to help my sister, [Mariah Carey] break through at the beginning and get her into the game. A good friend of mine, Gavin Christopher, cut her first demo and I later hired Ben Marguiles to work with her. They went on to write a number of the hits on her first album together. I actually walked her by the hand up to Seymour Stein’s office at Sire with that demo. Back then I knew a lot of industry people from having worked in the clubs so I played her stuff for anybody I knew who would listen; Billy Idol, Nona Hendryx, Tina B, The System, etc. Not long after, Mariah and Tommy [Mottola] got together and it went where it went. 

When did you decide to become involved with Skull?
Morgan Carey: YG and I had a series of conversations, he knew that I was very taken with Skull and YG was very clear about his dream of making it happen in the States. At that time I was in no way interested in working in music, I was developing several film and television properties and still was soured on my experiences. 
YG invited me to Tokyo for one of the shows on their world tour. Skull’s group was the warm up band, and they killed it for like 10,000 fans, who, couldn’t understand a word of Korean, didn’t know these guys, but with in minutes the girls were throwing their panties. Skull’s vibe before and after the show was surreal, in a very approachable way though. He’s very spiritual, and has a sincerity and air of peace about him, which really strikes you.

Tell me about the K-Town project

Morgan Carey: I told YG that Skull would be perfect for a part our movie, K-Town. Mariah [Carey] will be playing a part in it, and I thought it would be a great way to introduce YG Entertainment to the U.S. 
My plan is to release the soundtrack through YG Entertainment, and have a few tracks from YG artists. It’s an action driven drama with cross-cultural dilemmas at its core. I can’t really say anymore, you’ll just have to see it when it comes out. 

Click here to read the interview of Skull and Morgan about Skull in full, it's interesting.
Click here to take a look at Skull's MySpace, the young guy is talented.
Source: Rashmi by e-mail
Posted on January the 12th.

Trey Lorenz interview part 2
A few months ago, Rashmi interviewed Trey and gave us the first part of the interview remember? well here's the second part, click here to read it in full.
Source: Rashmi by e-mail
Posted on January the 12th.
Mariah mentioned in Washington Blade todays horoscopes' section
Leo: (July 23-Aug. 22): The good news is that the curvaceous Mariah Carey will be appearing in the March issue of Playboy. The bad news is that she will be wearing clothes. You’re feeling cheated about the whole thing. This is worse than when your best friend promised to set you up with a hot, eligible girl, and she turned out to be a multiple divorcee with a chronic sweating condition. Jupiter says don’t get your hopes up.
Posted on January the 12th.
Just ask Mariah
Has the door permanently closed for Janet Jackson? According to many, it has. However, the fact that the world loves comebacks as much as they love superstar downfalls could eventually open a new door for Janet. Just ask Cher, Mariah Carey, Tina Turner, and others who carefully crafted major comebacks simply by reminding the world why they became superstars in the first place. 

I'm sure that Janet has finally realized that appearing half naked on different magazines isn't working anymore. She needs to fire her publicist and manager. She needs to disassociate herself with that musically utalented midget, Jermain Dupri. Then, after taking some time off, she needs to find producers who will help her craft the thoughtful, catchy tunes that made her a superstar in the first place. When this happens, we will all forgive Janet for the Dorito Ho era.
Source: BC Magazine (All rights reserved) (extract)
Posted on January the 12th.

The boomerang effect: Bye, bye Mister Levy
Alain Levy got fired by EMI group, he's the one who was in charge when got fired Mariah from Virgin.... what goes around comes around!!!!!
Posted on January the 12th.
Mariah in a new movie (part 2)
2 days ago I posted the news Rashmi sent exclusively to Heroes of Mariah, about Mariah being pencilled in to be acting in another movie called K-Town.
The same day, I did a quick research (see Jan. 9 news), well it bothered me I couldn't find more info about that movie. I got an idea..... Morgan Carey is the only one who mentionned that new movie until now.... he's in charge of Skull.... Skull is Korean.... do you follow me .... I leave the rest to your imagination 
If there's no link, well that was just my idea.  If there's a link, you read it here first 
Posted on January the 12th.
Bone Thugs-N-Harmony track with Mariah update
Please read the long update I did yesterday, today the Anchorage Daily News' Play section gives some new infos, according to them, Jermaine Dupri produced the song featuring Mariah, which could be an early single.  Their new album is set for a March release in the US.
Posted on January the 11th.
Mariah Carey, worst-dressed? Nah.
I see that Mr. Blackwell put Mariah Carey right up there on his worst-dressed list, but some people think this is a compliment. I did recently see a photo of Mariah in Aspen. She was outdoors. It was snowing. She was wearing skin-tight, cleavage-baring black leather from head to toe. Four inch heels. She was holding a glass of champagne. Why do we love Mariah? Because this talented star doesn't pretend to be the girl next door!
Source: Liz Smith for Page Six (All rights reserved)
Heroes coment: Go Liz, go!!!  You know we love ya 
Posted on January the 11th.
Mariah and the possible duet with Egyptian singer Hakim, strange infos
A few days ago, Wiwi from Tunisia sent MariahJournal the info he heard on a Tunisian TV show on Hannibal TV last Saturday, about Egyptian singer Hakim talking about an eventual duet with Mariah.
I reported this news on Heroes of Mariah (with credit to Wiwi and MariahJournal), but I made some more research and found finally the following on the Egyptian section of Al Bawaba:
"After his recent participation in the Noble Peace Prize special event ceremony in Norway on December 11, 2006, the Tunisian satellite channel Hannbal held Egyptian singer Hakim as special guest on the show “Al Laila Laila” (Tonight is the night). During the televised interview, Hakim revealed that he has become more careful in his selection of public appearances interviews and occasions that he appears in.  Hakim also revealed that he has postponed his long awaited duet with American pop star Jennifer Lopez. The singer said that the delay is due to the fact that Jennifer is moving to a new production company and the duet will be held once she is completely settled. He added that the duet with Algerian Rai singer Cheb Khaled has been postponed as well due to a misunderstanding between his production company and that of Khaled. Hakim noted that he is currently working on a new duet with a Porto Rican singer named Dano Omar. Hakim is placing the final touches on his upcoming album, which is scheduled for release in the near future."
As you can read, they didn't mention Mariah in that article, and honestly if Mariah is choosen again as second choice (remember the Tunisian concerts), I would prefer this duet to stay just a rumor.
Posted on January the 11th.
"Tennessee" postponed? + another movie?
According to Morgan Carey who was interviewed by Rashmi (Music Journalist) a few days ago, "Tennessee" is postponed, but the reason was not revealed.
Mariah is also pencilled in to be acting in another movie called K-Town (K stands for Korea).
Stay tuned for the full interview soon.
Source for the info: Rashmi by e-mail
Heroes note: I made a quick research, K-Town is a common abbreviation for Koreatown, any region with a large Korean population contained within a larger non-Korean society.  The only movie in production with that name I could find is called K-town Superfrog, great story, but it can't be this one as all actors are already chosen and it's in production so.... let's wait and see...
Posted on January the 10th.
Mariah at American Idol?
A few articles report the following extracted from Randy Jackson's telephone news conference last week.:
McCartney, an iconic figure who's an impressive "get" for any venture, is being courted and is rumored to be part of the new season. Carey may also end up on the guest list.
"Nothing's locked," Frot-Coutaz said of the ex-Beatle. "We've had discussions with him over the years. It's always a matter of making it work."
"In Carey's case, record producer-cum-judge Jackson may be the key: He and the singer are friends and have a long professional association. Jackson said they have "tossed it around a bit" but have yet to set her appearance."
Heroes note: Hum, we will need more infos... look at my yesterday's post.
Posted on January the 10th.
Fans francophones, tout l'article de Jasmine a été traduit pour vous dans la section francophone de Heroes of Mariah 
Posté le 9 janvier
Mariah makes Mr. Blackwell's annual Worst-Dressed List again
Sorry guys but this makes me laugh... Mariah came at 5 on Mr. Blackwell's 'Worst Dressed' list (just like last year), normally I don't pay attention to this kind of stupid stuff, but seriously, look by yourself who's the fashion god who judge the others since 1960, no wonder he doesn't like Mariah's dresses 

Posted on January the 9th.
People's Choice Kicks Off Awards Show Season
The 2007 award show season officially kicks off tonight with "The 33rd Annual People's Choice Awards." Queen Latifah will host the show live from the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles today on CBS.
Remember Mariah was nominated in the Favorite R&B Song category:
- "Ain't No Other Man" by Christina Aguilera
- "Sexyback" by Justin Timberlake
- "Shake It Off" by Mariah Carey
Posted on January the 9th.
Finally!!!! I checked all day long for Jasmine's report 

Santa’s helpers: MC and Jas
"I can’t talk about MC’s other gifts as they’re a bit naughty"
By Jasmine Dotiwala
Just before Christmas I flew out of Heathrow to NYC's JFK airport to begin my yearly adventure with my Xmas cousin Mariah Carey. 

Once settled in MC’s Manhattan apartment, 15 of us (including MC's bestest mates Maryann, Rachel, Trey Lorenz, and brothers Shawn and Mikey), took off in a convoy of black Maybachs to the sound of carols as we made our way to a private airfield where a Christmas-themed jet awaited us. 

We toasted the start of our adventure with DP champagne as we headed to Aspen, Colorado. On our decent into Aspen the snow fell wildly and we could see reindeer and wild horses running about beneath us - it looked so cool! 

Our first night was spent exploring Mimi’s lodge in the mountains where we were staying: A marvellous six-bedroom house. 

Many 4am-moments saw us swigging the Pinot in MC’s jacuzzi with the night sky twinkling above us as Evil G, MC's brother Shawn, played the best hip-hop sets on his iPod. 

MC encouraged us all to slip into our bikinis – with the boys in their trunks - and jump in and out of the house hottub and snow. 

Our housekeeper Maggie woke us daily with the aroma of breakfast cooking and boy could she rustle up a fingerlickin’ brekky! 

On our second night in Aspen MC had a surprise planned. She had 50 kids from a special care home driven from Denver to Aspen where she arrived with Santa on a sleigh pulled by nine real reindeer. The kids had the time of their lives as MC and Santa gave them gifts of cameras and CD players. 

The following night our really cute 18-year-old driver Cody told me that Method Man and Redman were performing that very night. Yes. Really. This really rich, white, city had a hip-hop scene! It had to be seen to be believed so I told MC and we excitedly went to Bellyup, where the troublesome duo were in the flesh.

The club show was ultra fun but not a touch on a real gully London street vibe. 

Twenty of us spent Xmas day opening gifts, screaming, eating and lazing about in our Xmas T-shirts. 

Amongst my gifts were a Gucci candle, Juicy couture socks and bracelet, a Ralph Lauren cashmere scarf, a sexy little black dress, a shower scrubber with ‘nuff accessories, a sequin clutch handbag, Elton John fireside aroma rocks, lots of silly board games, and some very pip jewellry. 

I gave MC some cute undies (just the type she likes), a solid silver yo-yo (engraved with ‘MC you make my world go round, JD’) which she showed off doing tricks with, a very sexy slinky dress by London designer Kesh who made it extra low at the front and back with a big bow at the booty and a diamond hanging slinkily down MC’s back (which she paraded in), a blinging gold and grey Rolling Stones lips T-shirt from Topshop and the one she really loved - a black hoodie graffiti tagged by London-based graff artist Batlow who blazed the piece up with pink and violet diamonte! Heavy! (I can't talk about her other gifts as they're a little naughty!) 

On our last night we attended a party for Aspen Peak magazine, where MC was the guest of honour. She wore the Rolling Stones lips T-shirt and looked ultra fly with her limited edition not-in-the-stores-yet Louis Vuitton boots. 

Once MC had worked the red carpet the party could really begin as she held court in the DJ booth with DJ Suss who was flown out from NYC specially. Suss threw down crazy beats but as you can imagine the Aspen crowd weren't familiar with all the ones we were going crazy to. (In fact they requested stuff like Harry Connick Junior. Sheesh.) 

Then Seal and his missus supermodel Heidi Klum joined us and we all hung out, danced and chatted for a bit - they were SO sweet. 

At midnight we sped off to the Caribou Club before being whisked straight to Rifle (private) airfield at 2am for our flight back to NYC. 

MC has given me a lifetime of memories and adventures that I won't believe took place when I look back at 80 years of age!

My holiday adventure didn’t end there, eight hours later we jumped on another jet en route to South Africa for Oprah Winfrey’s New Year’s Eve party.

Readers, can you bear to miss your ‘Juice’ next week? 
Source: The Voice(All rights reserved)
Posted on January the 9th.

Mariah will be on the Playboy cover 
According to Net Music Countdown, there will even be an interview inside the magazine.
Posted on January the 9th.
About American Idol 6
As for the guest stars who will appear during season six to mentor finalists for their Tuesday night performances , Entertainment Weekly said expect more marquee names as the series progresses. 
"Everyone wants Paul McCartney, and there's a chance this year. It would be fantastic to do the Beatles songbook," Cowell told Entertainment Weekly.  Added Jackson, "I don't cross my Idol life and my producer life that much, but I may call Mariah [Carey] this season and say, 'Yo, come on, dude. Get in this game.'"
However during a conference call with media, Randy Jackson sidestepped answering if Mariah Carey would appear on American Idol 6 and if there would be group performances as part of the competition outside of just Hollywood week.
Source: Reality TV Magazine - Reality TV World
Posted on January the 9th.
Jas, where are you????
C'mon girl, hurry up.... (inside info for you guys, I was talking to Jasmine who will post her article in The Voice today, but it's still not up )
Posted on January the 9th.
Will Mariah's track make it on the new Bone Thugs-N-Harmony album ?
As several collab tracks were already scrapped last year, let's see if Mariah's joint with Bone Thugs-N-Harmony will appear on their album.  As I already posted it a few months ago (see September the 7th. 2006), Krayzie said for the new album Mariah did a song with them. The question now is, will Mariah's track be chosen among the 70 tracks recorded for the album?
The album entitled "Strength and Loyalty" should be released in the next few months.  But you know how it goes....
Bone Thugs-N-Harmony make the cover of the "Remix" magazine January 2007 isue.  Inside there's an entire interview of the boys (I have no time to type it all sorry), but basically they talk about their new album, collabs, their work with Swizz Beatz, the way and the material Swizz Beatz records with, etc...
"Bone Thugs-N-Harmony and Swizz Beatz go on all-night recording sprees, creating and boiling down over 70 tracks for the Thugs' comeback album.
Bone Thugs-N-harmony wanted to reassert their identity at the top of the hip-hop heap while Swizz Beatz stepped up his game to aid and assist Bone's rapid fire blow and legendary persona. Swizz's Full surface Records had already signed the group when Interscope came calling, attracted by Bone's remix of Mariah Carey's "Don't Forget About Us".  Swizz produced a handful of tracks that ended up on "Strenght and Loyalty". The sessions began at his Monza Studios in Manhattan with Swizz Beatz typically pounding out as many as 20 beats at night. Dissatisfied with the early results and rebelling against label pressure, Swizz initially scrapped almost all the early tracks"
Let's now all hope, Mariah's track wasn't scrapped!!!
Posted on January the 8th.
"Mariah Christmas Force" update and results
First of all a big thanks to all the European fans who took part at this action and also to the supporting sites.
- Fans from 18 European countries took part and requested "All I Want For Christmas Is You" in their country. 
- Estimated audience 500.000.000 
- Fans requested on several radios in their respective countries, but not all were able to confirm if their radio played it due to lack of time, work, etc...
- Some radios responded very well and played the track several times a day: The Netherlands (thanks Roger), Greece (thanks Nicos), Sweden (can you confirm Hans?), Belgium, France (thanks Aurélien), the UK (thanks Leon) 
- Estimated reached people 80.000.000 
Thanks again, you guys rock!!!!!!! 
All details are posted in the "Mariah Christmas Force" page. Also a little prize will be given to one of the fans who were the most active in this action, I'll announce the winner asap.
Posted on January the 8th.
Mariah To Duet With Egyptian Singer Hakim?

In a Tunisian TV show on Hannibal TV last Saturday, Egyptian singer Hakim was asked about a duet with Jennifer Lopez, but he denied and said, "We are working on an eventual duet with Mariah Carey; the one with J-Lo was cancelled."
Hakim has already recorded a duet with James Brown in 2004 which was a success in Arabic countries. The single is called "Leila" and it's a duet where Hakim sings in the Egyptian Arabic accent and James Brown sings in English.
Note: This information has yet to be confirmed or announced by Mariah's management.
Source: Mariah Journal - Wiwi
Heroes note: Hakim is what we call in Europe a "Rai" artist which is a kind of RnB with arabic sounds, his biggest hits were "Ah Ya Galbi" and "Salamou Aleiykom" who hitted some Belgian radios. 
Posted on January the 8th.
"Tennessee" casting Extras Call
According to the New Mexico Film Commission site, a casting call has gone out for extras for Tennessee. The shoot days are Jan 22 to Feb 21. No locale mentioned.
Title: Casting Call: Tennessee
Date: 01-05-2007
Url: no data available
Lee Daniels Entertainment is seeking extras for an independent film called
“Tennessee”. This film stars Mariah Carey, Ethan Peck and James Darcy. The shoot days are Jan. 22-Feb. 21.
They are asking for reliable actors whom are passionate about their craft!
Please submit headshot and resume ASAP to:
tennesseeproductions@hotmail.com or drop them off in person at 500 Copper Ave. NW, Ste. 100, Albuquerque, NM 87102.
Source: New Mexico Film Commission Website - mcharms2003 - Simona by e-mail
Posted on January the 8th.
"Mariah Christmas Force" update and results will be posted later today
The estimated audience of this action will be posted later today, my friend Roland-Pierre (student in media and marketting (Université de Liège, Belgium) sent me the estimated audience reached by this action.  A little prize will be given to one of the fans who were the most active in this action.
Posted on January the 8th.
MSNBC posted an old news, but it's still interesting
Steamy nights
Mariah Carey sleeps in a steam room.

The diva says that there’s one room that didn’t appear on that infamous “Cribs” tour of her apartment, and that’s her bedroom, which she has turned into a water-logged chamber to keep her vocal chords humidified. 

“Literally I’ll have twenty humidifiers around the bed,” Carey told V magazine. “Basically it’s like sleeping in a steam room. The bed is all terry-cloth, the ceiling is pitched so the water can’t fall on my head, and it drips down to my side, and the TV is behind glass.” 

Carey, who is known for her provocative on-and-off-stage outfits, also discussed her sexy image — and blamed the media. 

“I think that a lot of women are just trying to live up to the stereotypes and to the standard that’s set on TV and in magazines, which is airbrushed women who weigh 3 pounds,” she said. “And it’s not fair. It’s not easy. But everybody gets really protective of me. They’re, like, ‘Be less sexy.’” She said that if she overdoes the sexy look “it’s not intentional — if you film my body a certain way, it’s gonna look like a certain way. But honestly, I’ve been the same way since I was a little kid. Like, I’m just emulating whatever’s on a magazine. “
Source: MSNBC(All rights reserved) (extract)
Posted on January the 8th.

Vote for Mariah on Grammy's poll 
Leo came across this poll, please spread the word and vote for Mariah. Click here to vote.
Source for the info: Leo by e-mail
Posted on January the 6th.
Oprah gets bad press in Chicago
Click here to read the article from Chicago Tribune.
Posted on January the 6th.
People like Mariah have bottomed out and bounced back hotter than ever
Mariah quoted as example for the come back of Briney Spears
Mike Errico, editor for Blender.com, said Spears should take a cue from Mariah Carey, who fell out of favor in 2001 after making a string of career mistakes. 
"People like Mariah have bottomed out and bounced back hotter than ever. So I think anything that's happening now might not necessarily reflect her sales. I think it will come down to the same old things -- does she have a hit, will the radio play it, and will the country be in the mood to listen to it," Errico said.
Source: abc13.com (All rights reserved) (extract)
Posted on January the 6th.
Mariah versus Mary, not solved
Austrian press and  German press, claimed Mariah won the case against Mary Carey, which was strange 'cause the judges decisions in these kind of cases take more time and the judgement will be published first in the US (normally). In fact, it seems the case is not solved, TMZ posts the following:
"An internet report published this morning indicated that a judge ruled in favor of Mariah Carey in her attempt to prevent adult star Mary Carey from trademarking the stage moniker she's been using for years. According to Mary's attorney, who is assisting her with the trademark application, the report is not true. There has not been a ruling in the case. 
Indeed, Mary hasn't even filed her response to Mariah's objection. Mary has plenty of time to file that response before a Judge would normally rule. So, as of now, there is no ruling saying Mary Carey cannot trademark her stage name and we're told the web report indicating otherwise is being taken down. Although she hasn't filed her formal, official response with the trademark office, you'll recall Mary already shared her thoughts with us on Mariah's attempted intervention into the trademark process." 
Posted on January the 6th.
A big thanks to all of you who e-mailed me for Heroes of Mariah's Anniversary 
Posted on January the 6th.
Mariah on the cover of Playboy: While waiting for official news....
Mariah on cover of Playboy March 2007 issue, it could be true, remember Mariah and Hugh Hefner spent time talking at Mariah's post Grammy party last year. And March being Mariah's Birthday month, what a great idea would it be!!!!!

Fans have different views on this until now unconfirmed news.  What if it's confirmed???  Will you love Mariah less?  Will you love her voice and her songs less?  Will you love her less as a person?  If your answer is yes, then stop right now and leave the Mariah community, 'cause you're not a fan.
If your answer is no, but you're afraid of what other people could think, then if Mariah really is on the March issue cover of Playboy, I think we can all stand up for her, like we do since so many years.  Do you really think, some retarded, puritanist people will make a difference?  These ones already trash Mariah, so, no problem they will never stop even if Mariah was dressed like a nun, they would find something to say, 'cause haters have always something to say.

Back to Playboy, dahlings it's not a satanist magazine, it's not a porn magazine, it's not an SM magazine, it's simply a magazine with pictures of very beautiful woman, nude or not, depending of the model.  Marilyn Monroe was the very first woman posing for the first issue of Playboy in December 1953.  She was the magazine's first "Sweetheart." Later, the term was changed to "Playmate of the Month.".  Like some other celebrities since then, Marilyn wasn't nude on the cover.
Oh, a last word, there's an empty space to the left of Marilyn's crypt,  Hugh Hefner, founder and publisher of Playboy magazine, purchased the spot to spend eternity next to his first "Sweetheart."
Now, look at the pictures below and tell me where's the problem??????

Source for the pics: Collectors Market (All rights reserved)
Posted on January the 5th.

Mariah among the hottest dancers at Oprah's South African New Year Bash
Oprah’s family and friends had traveled from throughout the country to be with her. Her best friend, Gayle, was our co-host; Steadman was ever-present, always with a watchful eye and supportive hand on his beloved. Dozens of celebrities came and some brought their families. It was surprising to us that for so many well-known African Americans, this was their very first time on the Continent. Among the hundred or so of us were Quincy Jones, Andrew Young, Mariah Carey and her superstar manager, Benny Medina, who, along with Mary J. Blige (who was with her husband, Kendu Isaacs) and Lady Cicely, were the hottest dancers and were still shaking it up long after we’d ushered in the new year and the rest of us had collapsed. Along with their wives and children, Chris Rock and Spike Lee came out, as did the loving media marrieds Deborah Roberts and Al Roker and their family. Holly Robinson Pete amazed us all, arriving with her mother, hubby, their four little ones and two nannies. Kenny "Babyface" Edmonds, Nick Ashford and Valerie Simpson, Tyler Perry and producing partner Reuben Cannon, India.Arie, Anna Deavere Smith, Chris Tucker, Star Jones, Kimberly Elise, Suzanne de Passe, BeBe Winans and Patti LaBelle were all there as well along with the most gorgeous and joyful Tina Turner and a host of others. That’s the power of the O factor! 
Source: Essence (All rights reserved) (extract)
Posted on January the 5th.
Mariah is back in New York
Apparently Mariah is back in New York, she was spotted yesterday coming out of Wolfgang's Steakhouse on Greenwich Street, looking good in a green dress and getting into her Maybach.
Source: Daily Gawker
Posted on January the 4th.
Album sales continue fall, downloads climb in the US
U.S. album sales continued to decline in 2006, down nearly 5 percent from the previous year, but total music sales were up thanks to a huge increase in digital downloads.
Billboard magazine senior correspondent Brian Garrity said consumers are buying more single songs and fewer albums, and that makes it harder for the record industry to maintain profits.
“At the end of the day, pop music is a singles driven business, so why would I want to buy a whole album?” Garrity said.
But the top sellers in 2006 were no match for the biggest albums of previous years. Mariah Carey sold nearly 5 million copies of “The Emancipation of Mimi” in 2005, and 50 Cent’s “Massacre” was close behind at 4.8 million.
Larry Kenswil, president of Universal Music Group’s global digital division, said companies are looking at new ways to profit from digital downloads.
Some ideas include using advertising to let consumers listen to tracks for free, or creating new products that fall somewhere between a 99-cent single and the cost of a whole album — maybe a package of three songs and a video, Kenswil said.
Source: Boston Herald (All rights reserved) (extract)
Posted On January the 4th.
8 years this month
Time to celebrate, I offer you some champaign .  Time to party .

Here's my webmaster résumé:
- 1999 - MariahBelgium - It was my first site.  A little one, very little  and then my PC crashed and it was a complete and total mess, all was gone .
- 1999 --> 2000 - The Mariah Zone - This one was a lil' better, but will not stay in History .
- end 2000 - Conception of Heroes of Mariah .
- 2001 --> 2007 (and years to come) - Heroes of Mariah - The Belgian Club, fan site, news, tenderness, humour (for the ones who get it) and support.
What Heroes of Mariah already did - click here.
Posted on January the 4th.
Artist David Hevel represents Mariah as a goat

Hevel, who left Missouri for California and a masters in fine arts in 2000, usually begins his sculptures with an exotic animal, a taxidermy form, which he then matches to a celebrity’s personality. He has made Tyra Banks into a giraffe, Britney Spears into a baboon and Mariah Carey into a goat. Hevel’s offbeat works at Byron C. Cohen Gallery include a decapitated Missy Elliott.
In David Hevels world, celebrity gossip provides endless fodder and inspiration for his densely packed, obsessively crafted, and wickedly humorous sculptures. Hevels use of synthetic materials suggests the hyper-artificiality of the subject matter itself.
Mariah as a goat standing precariously on piles of small silk pillows. I noticed happily that Mariah's teeth seemed a bit pearlescent. Oakland-based Hevel, whom I had the pleasure of meeting, said the goat, though life-sized, was not so true to form. He mentioned something about the head looking better closer to the hip so he'd cut out part of the body. I nodded as if I knew all about reconstructive surgery for farm animals. 
Also draped in jewels and radiating sparkly golden butterflies, ready to attack a decked out Mariah Carey – brought to life as a cowering goato cowering from a flock of golden, glittered butterflies, her long blond wig and beard curled and tossed coyly while she parades on wooden balls placed on piles of brocade pillows.
David Hevel's work is a fantastic explosion of over the top animal sculptures draped in "bling bling". 
Source for the info: Kansas City Star and a lot of research I did on the net
Posted on January the 4th.
Wentworth Miller admits a small cameo role in two of Mariah Carey's music video clips "did more for my career than anything I'd done up until that point".
Source: The West
Posted on January the 4th.
Mariah is not in the 2006 Top 20 artists in the US
Mariah who was #1 on that list last year, is not in the Top 20 anymore and is even ranked at #64.
Source for the info: USA Today
Posted on January the 3rd.
There's no wonder celebrities like to go to Russia
We know a lot of celebrities (including Mariah) already went and will go to Russia to entertain rich businessmen, no wonder why.... at New Year's Eve George Michael performed 1 hour in a private mansion just outside Moscow for 3 million dollars .  Remember an article from the Russian Pravda reported Mariah would entertain Russian oligarchs early this year on a plane, let's wait and see if it's true, for this amount of money no one would refuse!!!!!
Posted on January the 3rd.
In an interview, photographer Selma Fonseca talks about Mariah:
Q. Which celebrities have been great to work with? Who has been unfriendly?
A. The best celebrities to work with are the ones that are confident with themselves, they are always camera-ready, and they know they will be photographed -- like Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks, Mariah Carey, Lil' Kim, P. Diddy, Ben Affleck and, of course, Paris Hilton. They are nice to everyone, to their fans, people on the streets and photographers. My experience of unfriendly celebs was with Jay-Z, Ed Harris and Leo DiCaprio.
Source: New York Daily News (All rights reserved) (extract)
Posted on January the 3rd.
More tidbits about the opening of Oprah's school in South Africa
Oprah Winfrey opened her school for disadvantaged girls in South Africa yesterday with a tearjerking ribbon-cutting ceremony that capped a five-day, star-studded celebration with 200 of her celebrity pals.
Mandela, 88, attended the opening and praised Winfrey for overcoming her own poverty-stricken childhood to become a benefactor to the disadvantaged throughout the world.
"There wasn't a dry eye during the ceremony," an insider told the Daily News. "Grown men were crying tears of joy and pride."
In the five days before the opening, Winfrey hosted celebrations that included a black-tie ball, a safari, an afternoon tea and a campus tour.
Attendees included Winfrey's longtime boyfriend, Stedman Graham; best friend Gayle King, and a host of stars who included Sidney Poitier, Quincy Jones, Tina Turner, Spike Lee, Chris Rock, Chris Tucker, Mary J. Blige, Mariah Carey, Tyler Perry, Nick Ashford, Valerie Simpson, Diane Sawyer, Kenneth (Babyface) Edmonds, Star Jones Reynolds, India.Arie and Holly Robinson Peete.
The week before Christmas, each guest received an elaborate invitation and itinerary. The guests paid their own way to South Africa, but once there, Winfrey rolled out the red carpet and picked up the tab for the more than 200 invitees.
Guests began checking into the five-star Palace Hotel in Sun City last Friday. They received a goody bag filled with a book written by Winfrey about the school, a pen, a program and African souvenirs, a source said.
After a welcome party on Friday, khaki-clad guests were treated to a safari Saturday. Later, they were escorted to tents housing a cigar bar, drinks bar, buffet and barbecue pit.
On New Year's Eve, Winfrey hosted a black-tie party featuring performances by Edmonds and Blige, who belted out "No More Drama," the source said. Guests feasted on lobster dishes, stuffed guinea fowl and a smorgasbord of delicacies.
Source: New York Daily News (All rights reserved) (extract)
Posted on January the 3rd.
Mariah: "It's been pretty miraculous,Oprah does nothing halfway, so I know these girls mean so much to her, and the party was just amazing"
Oprah was brought to tears over the holiday weekend, as a star-studded group of friends joined her at the opening of her $40 million Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls outside of Johannesburg, South Africa. 
Oprah’s all-girls academy stands good on a promise she made to Nelson Mandela six years ago, to educate and provide a future for impoverished girls.

“I never had children, never even thought I would have children,” Oprah confessed. “Now I have 152 daughters; expecting 75 more next year. That is some type of gestation period!”

As for Oprah’s dreams and aspirations for the young ladies, Lady O told “Extra,” “The future is so bright for them, it burns my eyes.”

We were with Oprah and her celebrity friends, Tina Turner, Mary J. Blige, Sidney Poitier, Spike Lee and Mariah Carey, as they made history in Africa.
“It's been pretty miraculous,” Mariah admitted. “Oprah does nothing halfway, so I know these girls mean so much to her.” 

Funnyman Chris Rock was also on hand with wife Malaak and their two little girls, and the comedian put his trademark spin on Oprah’s crusade.
“It’s great that someone is spending this kind of money to educate my people,” Rock said. “This is probably the biggest non-prison ever built for black people.”

And of course, best buddy Gayle King was by Queen O’s side.
“I'm so proud and so happy for you,” Gayle told Oprah. “[That’s] how I feel today because I know what this moment means to her.”

But before Oprah brought everybody over to Johannesburg for the big reveal, it was an all-star New Year’s Eve party, done the Oprah way.
“It was just amazing,” Mariah told us.

The partygoers revealed it was a mind-blowing bash, which included an impromptu performance from the legendary Tina Turner. 
“I did it because it was that kind of a party and it was celebrating Oprah,” Tina touted. 
Source: ExtraTV staff (All rights reserved)
Posted on January the 2nd.

Tina Turner, Chris Rock, Sydney Poitier, Mariah Carey and Mary J Blige were all present at Oprah Winfrey's Hollywood-style opening of her leadership academy in Henley-on-Klip, Meyerton, on Tuesday. 
The event officially opening the academy, set to house and educate girls from disadvantaged communities, teemed with local and international celebrities including Nobel laureates, ambassadors, musicians, actors and media personalities.
Nobel laureate, Kenyan born Wangami Matai, former US ambassador to South Africa Dr Andrew Young, Quincy Jones, Babyface, Holly Robinson Pete, Kimberly Elise, who acted alongside Winfrey in the film 'Beloved,' all appeared stylishly clad at the glitzy event.

Local businessman Tokyo Sexwale was also present and Nelson Mandela was expected to attend although he had not yet arrived by midday. 
An appearance by US media personality Diane Sawyer was also expected. 
The number of celebrities was matched by tight security at the event. 
Comedian and actor Chris Rock told Sapa it was great to see the opening of a school like Winfrey's in his lifetime. 
Soul musician Babyface said the event was all about what the school meant for the girls and he was proud to be part of Winfrey's dream. 
Guests were also treated to a performance by two-time Grammy Award winner and 12-time Grammy Award nominee India Arie.
Source: Sapa (All rights reserved)
Posted on January the 2nd.
Mariah at the opening of Oprah's school in South Africa
Singer Mariah Carey arrives at the opening of the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls outside Johannesburg January 2, 2007. Winfrey started the private learning and residential institution for girls in grades 7-12 who show outstanding promise despite their social circumstances.
Source: Yahoo! News - Lisa by e-mail
Posted on January the 2nd.
Rumor alert: Mariah's new album: "Illusions: The Butterfly Within"
We all need to wait for an official confirmation, but Exit Weekly lists that title for Mariah's new album.
Warning, Wikipedia lists it also, and we all know how trustable that site is, as anyone can add infos, so which one took it from the other????
Also, remember how many false infos are posted before a new album, remember "Candyland", "Lollipop", etc...
Source for the info: Danny
Posted on January the 2nd.
Still no pictures of the New Year's party and the opening of the school, like I wrote in my previous post, I guess Oprah holds the great pics for her O Magazine.....not in the January issue which is already about her school but probably a later edition and also a special show about the opening.
Mandela congratulates Oprah
Former state president Nelson Mandela on Tuesday congratulated talk show host Oprah Winfrey on being a benefactor of the disadvantaged around the world at the opening of the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy in Gauteng, according to a statement issued on Winfrey’s behalf.
Source: Sunday Times (All rights reserved) (extract)
Posted on January the 2nd.
Oprah's Academy officially opened but still no pictures of the New Year's party and the opening of the school, I guess Oprah holds the great pics for her O Magazine.....
Oprah sees her dream school turn into reality - Click here.
The dream of American talkshow host Oprah Winfrey to build a school for poor South African girls has finally come true. 
Winfrey was officially due to open the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls at Henley-on-Klip, south of Johannesburg, today. 
At the opening, the world-renowned talkshow host, producer, actress, radio programmer, magazine founder and editorial director was to be in the company of Nelson Mandela, among others. 
Source: The Star (All rights reserved) (extract)
Posted on January the 2nd.


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