June 2009 - Heroes of Mariah
Videos: Mariah on the set of "Obsessed" 
Click here to watch!
Source: TMZ - David on our forum
Posted on June 30
Mariah everywhere in every country (almost)
Mariah as a rapper or a doorman is a genious idea!!!! Almost every country in the world is talking about it....  Well done!!!!

Posted on June 30
More pics on the set

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Posted on June 30
US Fans
Get Obsessed on 07/07/09
Let the countdown begin!!!

The wait is almost over...just 7 days until you can download your copy of Mariah's hot new track OBSESSED! The first single from Mariah's upcoming CD "Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel" will be released as a digital single on 07/07/09. So mark your calendars and be sure to download what some music critics are declaring 2009's #1 Summer Anthem; OBSESSED by Mariah Carey available to download on 07/07/09!

Source: MariahCarey.com
Posted on June 30

Mariah double on the set!
A few days ago I told you that according to a casting call, they are looking for a Mariah double for the "Obsessed" video.
Moony was able to take some pics on the set.

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Source: Moony
Posted on June 30
Mariah Is the Real Slim Shady
Will the real MC please stand up? Mariah Carey transforms into Eminem and a doorman on set of her Brett Ratner-directed video for “Obsessed” in NY

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Source: GossipGirls - Rap-Up
Posted on June 30
Footage from the video shoot today!!!!
Click here to download
Source: Moony
Posted on June 29
Check Out The star Of Mariah's Video Obsessed 
Rolling on the floor right now  Propz Mariah!!!!!!!!

Source for the pic: Mariah's official site
Posted on June 29
Some more pics on the set of "Obsessed"

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Source: GossipGirls
Posted on June 29
"Obsessed" - a special cameo
According to Faded Youth, there will be a special cameo in "Obsessed".  Enjoy more pics on the set.

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Source: Faded Youth
Posted on June 29
2 Untagged pics of Mariah on set for her new music video "Obsessed" in NY
Unfortunately the third one is tagged.

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Source: CU - Love B Scott
Posted on June 29
Pics of Mariah on set for "Obsessed"
Paparazzi at Mariah's video shooting!
- Mariah Carey is shooting her new music video on 5th ave ... She looks much better in person. about 1 hour ago from TwitterBerry 
- Paparazzi will do anything for a picture lol .. 
- Just saw Mariah Carey doing some kind of commercial shoot at The Plaza... about 1 hour ago from TwitterFon 
Source: Kathy Ann - Kathey
Posted on June 29
Please credit this guy!
Huh, Ok, I received an e-mail asking me if I could give credit to this guy for the Plaza Hotel infos, so here it is.
Jacob Epstein who's working on the "Obsessed" video posted the following infos on Twitter:
- is enroute to the Plaza Hotel for the music video shoot - 2:15 AM Jun 28th from TwitterBerry 
-  busting his ass on Mariah Careys music video for "Obsession". - 7:05 AM Jun 28th from TwitterBerry 
- is busting his ass on Mariah Carey's music video shoot. - 7:45 AM Jun 28th from TwitterBerry
- still working on Mariah's music vid. Probably going to be working 18 hours today (6 am-12am). I'm going to collapse - about 20 hours ago from TwitterBerry

Now you can all spam him with messages 'til he wish he hadn't leak infos 
Source for the info: Jonas by e-mail
Posted on June 29

Mariah Shoots "Obsessed" Music Video in The Plaza Hotel
Yesterday, June 28th, Mariah has started filming the music video for "Obsessed," the first single off her new album, Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel. Day one of the shooting was held behind closed doors on the fourth floor of The Plaza Hotel in New York City. The concept of the video is a fiercely protected secret, and there are reportedly "many surprises" that they do not want to disclose at this time.

The "Obsessed" music video, directed by Brett Ratner, is tentatively set for release on Monday, July 13th.
Source: Denny - MariahDailyJournal - Andrew by e-mail
Posted on June 29

Moral Contract page updated
Europeans are against piracy!!!  Wanna join?  Click here.
Posted on June 28
Video: Nick on Marriage to Mariah 
From Blackplanet's YouTube: click here to download.
Source: Moony
Posted on June 28
Mariah to shoot "Obsessed" video tomorrow (Sunday)
From Mariah's Twitter:
"Getting ready to shoot the video for "Obsessed" tomorrow."

Apparently, according to a casting call, they are looking for a Mariah double and background male/females from all ethnicity.
Posted on June 27

This one will be for real curious fans....
"Guilty By Association" out on September 11
Damizza's book "Guilty By Association" will hit the stores and Amazon on September 11. 
"It’s an amazing book, and I’m not saying that because it’s mine.  It’s the people that play a part in my story: Eminem, Dr. Dre, 2Pac, Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, Al Gore, Jay-Z, Nate Dogg – and we all pray for Nate Dogg to get better.  The fans have never had a chance to hear some of the stuff that goes on behind the scenes, and all of the things that that made all of these guys stars.  You’ll hear about Eminem before he became a star.  You’ll hear about The Notorious B.I.G.’s mindset the morning before he died as he was sitting in my office, telling me how good it felt to be out on the West Coast.

I got disgruntled with the book at first.  In the press, the hip-hop sites took out all of the stuff about working with Korn and Mariah, and said it was a tell-all on Dr. Dre.  Then all the Mariah sites said it was a tell-all on her.  That’s not what I’m about.  I want to tell you the stories of how your favorite records came together, as one fan to another.  It got away from that, and it really affected me.  It’s a really weird feeling when you walk into a supermarket with your Grandma and you see a National Enquirer or a Star Magazine saying that you’re writing a tell-all on Mariah.  Let me ask you a question, Eddie.  How did it feel seeing your name in the National Enquirer?

Now let’s talk about the cease and desist notice Mariah Carey sent you about the “Guilty By Association” book…
That’s just lawyers running scared.  I would never cheapen her or myself and air someone out like that.  I know in some of this interview, it sounds very blunt.  I’m not trying to say anything about anyone personally.  The truth isn’t always popular, but, it’s always the truth, and when it comes to Mariah, I don’t have anything bad to say about her.  I don’t say anything about her personal business, the “Glitter” album, her health, or anything like that.  In the book, I’m telling stories about our trip to the Super Bowl when we met Al Gore, or when we recorded “Crybaby.”  Me, Snoop Dogg, Battlecat, and Kurupt were under Snoop’s mixing board with flashlights trying to get the microphone to work.  It’s stuff like that.  It’s not negative.  I’m not trying to write a tell-all about people’s business.  But that just goes to show you that when you’ve got someone in the background who has been so involved with all these projects and lives, people get a guilty conscious and are going to say, “Wait a minute, he knows too much, and what if he says this about me?”  That’s not what I’m about.  The book is about positivity, and it’s about a music fan that was lucky enough to work with somebody as beautiful and smart as Mariah Carey.

The thing that does bother me is that she knows me.  We were best friends for a long time and she knows what I’m about.  So if there was a problem, she just should have picked up the phone and said, “Dame, what is this all about?”  I would have sent her the chapter and let her read it.  I’ve always been a big advocate for her, so why would I do something like that to destroy a career I helped bring back?  I mean, let’s go back in time.  When she left Sony with “Glitter” and all those other projects, I took a big step to help out somebody who wasn’t doing so well, and I took on the Sony system at the same time.  She did a lot for me, and in fact, the chapter is more about how smart and generous she is.  She could program a radio station if she wanted to.  She’s an amazing writer.  It’s really about how smart and savvy of a woman she is and how she doesn’t get credit for it.  There’s been people that have tried to use her as a platform to get famous.  I’ve never done that.  She asked me to be in every single one of her videos, she asked me to be on MTV Cribs with her, and I always turned that stuff down.  I didn’t charge her money for producing “I Still Believe.”  She offered me money for that and I said, “No.  I just appreciate you giving me a shot!”  That’s what the chapter’s about. Every Mariah fan will read it 10 times if they want to know how cool she really is. And you may get some surprises too.
Source: Eddie and Damizza on Chronic Vacation
Posted on June 27

DJ Clue to work with Mariah
From DJ Clue's Twitter:
Source for the info: Dean by e-mail
Posted on June 27
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Posted on June 26
Mariah "Obsessed" Update
Mariah closes out 70% of the impacting radio panel in the first week!
All the major markets are on board – New York, LA, Miami, San Fran, Philadelphia, Chicago, Detroit – over 100 reporting stations have added Obsessed!

First reviews

Rolling Stone: "Obsessed is the catchiest anti-stalking anthem of the summer"
Click to enlarge
People: “Single of the Week”
Click to enlarge
Posted on June 26

Mariah's reaction to Michael Jackson's death
" I am heartbroken. My prayers go out to the Jackson family,and my heart goes out to his children. Let us remember him for his unparalleled contribution to the world of music,his generosity of spirit in his quest to heal the world & the joy he brought to his millions of devoted fans throughout the world. I feel blessed to have performed with him several times & to call him my friend.  No artist will ever take his place. His star will shine forever. - Mariah"
Source: Mariah on Twitter
Posted on June 26
Martha Stewart sets things straight
So it seems the mean Perez lied and trashed Mariah again, but Mariah has a good friend...  Martha Stewart!
While Perez lied about Mariah's attitude on the shoot of Macy's commercial.
Martha Stewart had this to say:
"by the way mariah did not keep us waiting as reported by perez hilton the shoo is on schedule thanks to sonnenfeld's complete command"
Posted on June 26
H.A.T.E.U remix played at the Eldridge club
"Banged the H.A.T.E.U remix in Eldridge last night. It shut the club down!!"
Source: Nick on Twitter
Posted on June 26
Mariah and Nick leaving The Eldridge in Manhattan video
- Mariah and Nick Leaving the Eldridge club last night from TMZ  - click here to download.
Source for the pic: Young Black and Fabulous
Source for the vid: TMZ - Moony
Posted on June 26
Mariah reveals her new album cover!

The reason I chose to use 3 images for the cover is cos there are a lot of different emotions and stories revealed on this album.
Click to enlarge
Source: Mariah on Twitter
Posted on June 26
For video collectors
- Mariah Mention in the Today Show (June 23) - click here to download.
- Mariah Footage Shown on ET (June 23) - click here to download.
- Mariah Mention on E! News: Nick would like Mariah on America's Got Talent (June 24) - click here to download.
Posted on June 26
Last minute info: Belgium
- Obsessed goes officially to radio on July 6 and the single will probably be released only on iTunes.
- Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel will be in stores on August 21.
Posted on June 22
Support "Obsessed"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted on June 21
NY fans, Z100 added "Obsessed"
You can now request the track at the following link.
Posted on June 21
Still time to join the Moral Contract
Or there are less Mariah fan sites, or they now want to pirate Mariah's jointz.
Posted on June 21
Wow, I'm impressed how some people thought I made the fragrance name and bottle picture up 
I didn't post the source yesterday, 'cause I wanted some of you to search by themselves , I know I'm evil, must be since "Obsessed" 
How did I found it?  Very simple... 3 days ago on Essence Magazine Twitter 
I'm actually surprised someone could imagine I made the pic myself, c'mon if I could do it, my site would probably have another look

Anyway, if I'm not the photoshop king, I was however able to develop a new program ... with my new program you will now be able to smell scents via e-mail, but as I leave tomorrow (again) for a few days, you will need to wait to smell "Forever"!
Posted on June 21

Song of the Summer: Mariah Carey Dominates (Pun Intended!)
Mariah Carey has snatched the No. 1 Song of the Summer spot from the Black Eyed Peas, whose “Boom Boom Pow” is officially overplayed out.
Congratulations to Mariah on the Power Rankings’ first-ever No. 1 debut. On a side note, another notch in Mariah’s impressive SOTS CV are her gritty choices in remix partners: following in the footsteps of O.D.B. and Jadakiss come Gucci Mane and the official “Obsessed” remix..
Source: NYMag
Posted on June 20
Support "Obsessed"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The track is doing good, especially the remix (I guess) on Urban Radios.  Keep requesting!!!!!
Posted on June 20
Mariah's new fragrance: Forever

"I am in a wonderful place right now, surrounded by all the things I love and Forever captures this moment in time. When I put on this fragrance, I am transformed into feeling glamorous and sophisticated."

The fragrance is an opulent floral with notes of Tuberose and Gardenia
The fragrance will be released in September 2009.
- Eau de Parfum Spray from $42 to $65
- Parfum at $250
- Body Lotion at $28
Source: Glamazons
Unfortunately, Forever will not be released (again) in France and Belgium (and probably other countries too that I don't know off).
Posted on June 20

Mariah's HBO Christmas Special
Dammit guys, some of you are really boring.  If you don't believe what I write, don't come to check my crappy site anymore 
It's gonna happen!!!!! 
Posted on June 20
Vote for Mariah on the 'Twitterwall of Fame'.  Mariah gave us so much joy and infos already on Twitter,  it's time to thank her dammit!!!!
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Looking For Talent at the White House?
“America’s Got Talent” host Nick Cannon was spotted hanging at the White House Tuesday morning. The actor/hip-hop singer/ producer, who was accompanied by a small entourage of four, said he hadn’t seen the President. Why was he here? Cannon was taping promos for the season premiere of the show. In fact, later he was positioned in front of a camera on the North Lawn next to CNN yelling loudly “America’s got talent! Season four! Begins now!” “The wait is finally over! This is America’s got talent!” “Tonight season premiere! The show that turns ordinary people into superstars!” Facing the same challenges White House correspondents regularly experience, Cannon, was forced to do several takes of the teases, stopping and starting because of noisy hammering from construction across the street.

There was just one question almost all the White House photographers asked Cannon, “where’s Mariah?” Indeed, there was a lot of finger-pointing and excitement among some who referred to him as “Mariah Carey’s husband.” So I asked Cannon myself, if she’d be coming. Cannon said Mariah was at home and doing great. You could see the disappointment on so many faces.

Cannon, like many tourists, went to the White House briefing room, stood behind the press secretary’s podium, and mugged before cameras. Later he went to the press’ back lunch room where he munched on a vending machine sticky bun. Cannon seemed thoroughly excited to be at the White House, despite the fact many in the press corps who spotted him, kept asking, “isn’t that Mariah Carey’s husband?”
Source: CNN (All rights reserved)
Posted on June 20

Another title of "Memoirs": "The Impossible"
US fan site MariahDailyJournal held a game yesterday, they gave clues and fans were invited to guess another the title of Mariah's new album.
Source for the info: Andy by e-mail
Posted on June 20
Mariah's HBO Christmas Special on the way
People in charge are now busy putting all details together.  It's gonna happen!!!!
Posted on June 19
Too many e-mails to check
I'm gonna try to reply to some asap
Posted on June 19
Thanks to Mariah's official site!!!!!!
Thanks to Mariah's official site I was able to hear "Obsessed" in de middle of nowhere (where I was last week ).  I'm telling you, never ever listen to Mariah when you sleep in a sheepfold , dunno if sheeps and lambs became addicted but we were not able to sleep 
Posted on June 19
Another title of "Memoirs": "Candy Bling"
ESSENCE Entertainment Director Cori Murray wrote the following on his Twitter page:
"Just back from hearing Mariah Carey's new album... I really like. Wait for "Candy Bling" and "H.A.T.E. You" and the "Obsessed" remix."
Source for the info: Danny- Andrew by e-mail
Posted on June 19
  Mariah Carey For West End Show
Reports say she’ll hit the stage next Spring…
Mariah Carey is heading for a West End to star in a play in 2010- according to a report.

It’s claimed the singer has already had talks with a top theatre producer and has been offered a £15,000 a week contract to appear.

MC will release a new album later this summer and this week debuted new single Obsessed on radio. It’s thought the track is aimed at Eminem who dissed her on recent song Bagpipes From Baghdad.

Carey has already acted in comedy Glitter and recent drama Precious- which was shown at the Cannes film a festival.

According to the new report Mariah will hit the stage in London in Spring next year.

Her new album Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel is released August 25.
Source: MTV UK
Posted on June 19

Gucci Mane Talks "Hard" Remix With Mariah Carey
Is Gucci Mane going from the Trap House to the penthouse? After appearing on a remix of the Black Eyed Peas' #1 single "Boom Boom Pow," the Atlanta MC recorded his biggest collaboration to date: a remix of Mariah Carey's new single "Obsessed." 

"That joint hard, ain't it? It was crazy," he said about working with Mariah. "It was big."

Gucci said 50 Cent's manager, Chris Lighty, orchestrated the guest appearance. 

"Shout-out to Mariah Carey and her whole squad and my boy Chris Lighty," Gucci said. "He got me and Mariah together. I appreciate it. He put me on there as well as her. Both of them are smart for doing that. The song came out hard. Mariah knew I wanted to do a song with her. It finally happened, and it turned out hard. I just flew up there to New York, went in the studio with her. I flew right out and went back on the road. When I do a song with people, I like to really get in the studio with them so I could feel they swag and they could feel mine. The music comes out better." 
Source: MTV
Posted on June 19

Mariah Exacts Revenge on Eminem
Mariah Carey is finally getting back at Eminem. Her revenge for his ranting and raving about their alleged “affair” is a witty, biting new single called “Obsessed.”  You can hear it at www.mariahcarey.com.

Good for Mariah, who’s had to put up with Eminem’s lunatic name calling for the last couple of years. Then, just to get publicity, Eminem took more swipes at her on his new CD in a song called “Bagpipes from Baghdad.”

In the “song” — a term used loosely — the execrable Eminem calls Carey the “c word.” *(This is what your kids are spending millions on, folks. Wise up.)  He not only attacks the singer but her husband, Nick Cannon, and long ago boyfriend Luis Miguel.

Mariah’s comeback is funnier, catchier, and more likely to be a bigger hit. “Why are you obsessed with me?” she sings to one of the best hooks in her storied history. “You’re delusional/you’re confused/you’re losing your mind,” Mariah continues. “Lyin’ that your sexin’ me.” Ouch!

And the winner is: Universal Music Group. Both performers record for them. And a feud is always good for business! “Obsessed,” by the way, is the first single from Mariah’s new album, due August 25th, to be called “Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel.”
Source: Showbiz411 (All rights reserved)
Posted on June 19

Thanks to Mariah's official site!!!!!!
Thanks to Mariah's official site I was able to hear "Obsessed" in de middle of nowhere (where I was last week ).  I'm telling you, never ever listen to Mariah when you sleep in a sheepfold , dunno if sheep and lambs became addicted but we were not able to sleep 

Official Press Release
Mariah Carey Puts Finishing Touches on her new album MEMOIRS OF AN IMPERFECT ANGEL for August 25th release
Obsessed, first new single pick - goes to radio today, June 16th - Written & Produced by Mariah, The-Dream and Tricky Stewart
The first new single pick from MEMOIRS is "Obsessed" which blasts out to radio today, June 16th.

(June 16, 2009 - New York, NY) First came the emancipation, then came energy and power, and now come MEMOIRS OF AN IMPERFECT ANGEL, the new album by international superstar Mariah Carey, scheduled to arrive on August 25th. The first new single pick from MEMOIRS is "Obsessed," which blasts out to radio today, Tuesday, June 16th. The video for "Obsessed" will be directed by Brett Ratner. "Obsessed" was written and produced by Mariah, The-Dream and Tricky Stewart, who are responsible for the majority of tracks on the new album. MEMOIRS was executive-produced by Antonio "L.A." Reid.

"The 1st single from my new album MEMOIRS OF AN IMPERFECT ANGEL is called 'Obsessed' and will be at radio next Tuesday. I'm a lil' exc ... Seriously, this is one of my favorite songs ever. I love the whole album. I'm completely immersed in it. I can't wait for you to hear it. LY"
- Mariah Carey, on Twitter

MEMOIRS OF AN IMPERFECT ANGEL, the 12th studio album of Mariah's career, is the eagerly anticipated follow-up to her RIAA platinum-selling album E=MC2 (released April 15, 2008), and her worldwide 10 million selling The Emancipation Of Mimi (released April 12, 2005). Both were Soundscan #1 debut albums that made chart history for Mariah in the U.S. and numerous territories around the globe. 

The Emancipation Of Mimi generated three Grammy awards (including Best Contemp-orary R&B Album), two #1 singles, and countless more honors during its 18-month chart stay. The album debuted at #1 on first week sales of 404,000 copies, Mariah's highest first week sales total (until E=MC). Soundscan's biggest-selling album of 2005, Mimi featured "We Belong Together" (Grammy winner for Best Female R&B Vocal and Best R&B Song) and "Don't Forget About Us," Mariah's 16th and 17th #1 career singles respectively. They tied one of the most enduring chart records in Billboard Hot 100 history, Elvis Presley's 17 #1's. 

Three years later, E=MC2 debuted at #1 on first week sales of 463,000 copies, which now stands as the highest first week sales total of Mariah's career. The album's success brought total sales of Mariah's albums, singles and videos to more than 160 million worldwide, distancing her even further from the pack as the top-selling female recording artist in history.

E=MC2 spun off four singles: "Touch My Body," "Bye Bye," "I'll Be Lovin' U Long Time," and "I Stay In Love." Of these, "Touch My Body" made history when it became Mariah's 18th #1 Hot 100 hit, thus surpassing Elvis Presley. "Touch My Body"'s two weeks at the top also marked Mariah's 78th and 79th cumulative career weeks at #1, which tied Elvis' long-standing all-time high of 79 weeks at #1, as calculated in Billboard.com. At the same time, Mariah is now positioned as the only active recording artist in the 50 years of the Hot 100 (which began in 1958) with the potential to surpass the Beatles' all-time high of 20 #1 hits.
Source: MariahCarey.com
Posted on June 19

No updates for a few days
Enjoy the track, premiering tomorrow on all US radios, and start requesting right after!!!!!!!! 
Posted on June 15
Those who know, don't tell. Those who tell, don't know. RIP Ossie Davis
Posted on June 15
Shame part 2!!!!!!
Mariah has near 600.000 followers who all received the tweet and there's only 5962 votes on the 'Twitterwall of Fame'.  Mariah gave us so much joy and infos already on Twitter,  it's time to thank her dammit!!!!
C'mon everyone, it's here and now!!!!!
Posted on June 15
Gucci Mane on the Mariah remix
It seems Gucci Mane is the one we will hear on the "Obsessed" remix.

7jbreeze, posted the following on his Twitter:
"Gucci Mane just confirmed to DJ Drama on HOT 107.9 Atlanta that he is on the remix of OBSESSED and was in the studio with Mariah"

As it's Twitter and we need to be careful, I checked and indeed DJ Drama talks about it with Gucci at the following link.
Posted on June 14

Lucky London fans hear a snippet of "Obsessed"
As Mariah and her friends left The Dorchester Hotel earlier today, some fans were lucky enough to hear a 20 second teaser of “Obsessed” from the limo window.

We can reveal that track is definitely uptempo, has a summery vibe and has a catchy beat. When Mariah mentioned via a Twitter page that it was different to the stuff she has previously done, she was right! So be prepared to be excited! 

All in all, a sure fire HIT!

Go take a look at the pics of Mariah leaving the hotel today at this link
Source: Mariah Connection UK
Posted on June 13

TMZ Coverage of Mariah's Dorchester Hotel Arrival
TMZ features pictures shot at Mariah's arrival at the Dorchester Hotel.  Click here to download it.
Source: Moony
Posted on June 13
Mariah tweets!!!!!!
- also there's a remix of H.A.T.E.U. that is completely resung which incorperates a "classic" and a POW rap section. I had FUN in the studio!
- By the way H.A.T.E.U. Stands for something..can anyone guess? The chorus starts w/ "I can't wait to hate you make you pain like I do.."
- The point is you still love the person.."I can't wait to h.a.t.e.u. cos right now I need you..
Posted on June 12
Mariah has 587,315 followers who all received the tweet and there's only 3406 votes on the 'Twitterwall of Fame'.  Mariah gave us so much joy and infos already on Twitter,  it's time to thank her!!!!
C'mon everyone, it's here and now!!!!!
Posted on June 12
I told you so on June 3, but you never believe me 
"Obsessed" remix
Mariah just tweeted:
"In London listening to the remix of "Obsessed" over and over"
Posted on June 12
DJ Whoo Kid apologizes to Mariah and Nick
DJ Whoo Kid apologizes for the comments he let Eminem make on his radio about Mariah back in time.  You can watch it here at around 7:20 if you really want, 'cause the guy is not that interesting.
Posted on June 12
Fan pictures at the Dorchester hotel
Go take a look at MariahConnection's gallery, there are a lot of pics taken by fans.
Posted on June 12
Mariah arriving at the Dorchester hotel in London a few hours ago

Click to enlarge
Source: GossipGirls
Posted on June 12
Mariah arriving at Heathrow airport this morning
Click here to watch the pictures.  I'm not gonna post them due to severe copyright rules.
Posted on June 12
Bianca, the return?????
Apparently, Mariah sent a direct message to a fan on Twitter, telling Bianca would be in the "Obsessed" video.  We have no proof so wait and see....
Source: mimifankatt - Andy by e-mail
Posted on June 11
Most Top 10 Hits On US Radio
P!nk just tweeted this:
"Pink pretty exciting: i am 3rd (tied with mr. timberlake and nelly) in the most top 10 hits on us radio in history. madonna, 2, mariah, 1."
Source for the info: O_O on our forum
Posted on June 11
Reminder: Vote for Mariah on the Twitterwall of Fame!!!!!!
We can vote for Mariah to be on the 'Twitterwall of Fame'
C'mon everyone, it's here and now!!!!!. C'mon, you can vote every 20 minutes
Posted on June 11
The-Dream Talks Mariah's Answer Record
The-Dream hinted that Mariah Carey's next single is an outcry, perhaps at Eminem, that may shock the media world. Speaking simply about upcoming productions, the artist said, "The most anticipated is the Mariah project, and she just released a fire record in the building today. And we have been blasting it out all day. It’s just fucking retarded. I don’t think anybody is going to expect her to come out punching like she is going to come out. But she got a record." He continued, hinting at the content, "It’s going to light the blogs up too because you don’t know who she talking about, what she talking about, but she talking about something. And remember The-Dream told you first. So you can start that up right now. Mariah Carey has a record, and somebody’s going to be very upset. I said that."
Source: Hip Hop DX
Heroes comment: Awww, no Terius, you're no the first one to tell it, Def Jam employees already did 
Posted on June 11
MariahConnection Exclusive: Mariah Carey to arrive UK tomorrow!
Mariah Carey is scheduled to be in the UK tomorrow for a private visit. 

She is staying at The Dorchester Hotel, which is situated at Park Lane, London W1K 1QA, England.

Expected time of arrivial at hotel is sometime after 10.15 am. The visit to London is just for the day and she is expected to leave sometime on Saturday.

If you can, please come out and support Mariah! Banners & all to kick start The Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel era in the UK!
Source: Mariah Connection
Posted on June 11

Mariah on Twitter
"Its funny when haters get on here and think they're irking me when it actually makes me lmao and appreciate everyone else that much more."
Heroes comment: I can't believe people go spit their hate on Mariah's own Twitter page, really, some people have no a sad little life or no life at all....  they must be pissed Mariah laugh at them 
Posted on June 11
The World According to Lee Daniels 
Director, producer and general force of nature Lee Daniels is a hot property these days. So hot that two studios, Lionsgate and the Weinstein Company, are suing each other over the rights to distribute his second directorial effort, "Precious," the winner of both the jury and audience awards at Sundance earlier this year. Lawsuits willing, "Precious" opens in the fall, and in the meantime Daniels has "Tennessee" in theaters, a small-scale Americana-steeped road movie he produced under his own banner of Lee Daniels Entertainment. "Tennessee," directed by David Cronenberg nephew Aaron Woodley, has the distinction of containing the first Mariah Carey acting role to officially see theaters since "Glitter," something that was looked upon as potentially laughable when the film premiered at Tribeca last year, but that seems a lot less so now, in light of the singer's praised turn as a social worker in "Precious."

"Tennessee" (2008)
Aaron Woodley had it the easiest of all of my directors. I hired him for his palate really, a visual that's intoxicating. He did his thing, but I really didn't do my thing. I did "Tennessee" because I wanted to show a sense of versatility, that I could do something that wasn't too wild. I'd just come up from "Shadowboxer" -- that was crazy. This is a lot tamer. I wanted to appeal to a specific demographic that I don't ordinarily appeal to, which is, you know, those Republicans out there? People that voted for Sarah Palin? There was something simple about the movie. I didn't have to think too hard, like, "What is the statement that we're trying to make here?" I'm very good friends with Mariah Carey. I wanted to work with her, and I think that it prepared me for my work with her in "Precious," ultimately.

Janet Jackson
"Tennessee" was originally written for Janet Jackson -- she was the first person I had in mind. I said, "Janet, I don't want to work with you if you don't put on weight. I want you fat in this." She put on all this weight for me. We were trying to raise the money and she was fat and she was like, "Lee! Lee!" [laughs] I didn't realize how catastrophic it was until I'm looking at "Oprah" one day and she had gained all this weight for a movie that never happened. Oprah said, "Were you pissed?" She was a really good sport about it, but it was borderlining on obese. Finally she said, "Lee, I have a record to drop. I have to look good. This is insanity. This movie's never going to happen." Then as soon as she bailed, we got the money.

Mariah Carey
Mariah came down to my set on "Shadowboxer." I just fell in love. She's outrageous and fun and makes me laugh. People have this impression of her -- I had that impression of her, until you know her and realize she's making fun of herself. As we became friends I saw her do impersonations. She does an Aretha Franklin like no other. How can you impersonate Aretha Franklin? I said, "I'm gonna find a job for you." I sent her the script and yeah; she did it. I was really glad.

I never thought about "Glitter." I didn't think it was bad. Her persona was so what it was -- people didn't understand her and she got a bad rap for it -- she wasn't bad in the movie. She was very nervous doing "Tennessee" because she knew that she had a perception of being... She saw me working and how serious I was and how we don't have money. There's no room for a masseur, for tardiness, for an extra hairdresser. The beauty of independent cinema for me is everybody's doing something.

Source: IFP (All rights reserved) (extract)
Posted on June 11

"Obsessed" to World Premiere on Chicago's B96
Chicago's #1 hit music station, B96 will be premiering "Obsessed" on Tuesday, June 16th at 3:00pm Central Time (4:00pm EST).

According to B96, they will be getting the song on Tuesday afternoon at 3:00pm or so local time and plan to play it right away! 

Be sure to tune in! Fans outside the Chicago area can listen to the station's live stream by clicking here.

Note: Please be aware that time could change (sooner or later) rather quickly. Please try to tune in early. 
Source: B96 - MariahDailyJournal  - Alexia - Dean - Ronnie
Posted on June 10

Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!  Tennessee released on DVD 

You can now pre-order the DVD on Amazon.  The release date is on September 1

Run Time: 99 minutes 
Product Description
A moving tale of sacrifice and self-discovery; Tennessee is the story of three people who strive to realize their dreams. Brothers, Carter (Adam Rothenberg) and Ellis (Ethan Peck) set out on a road trip to their childhood home in a desperate search for their estranged father, who may hold the key to their future. Along the way, they are joined by Krystal (Mariah Carey), who is trying to escape a troubled life. These unlikely traveling companions are guided in their mutual journey by the conviction that the only way to a new life is by overcoming their past.
Posted on June 10

More videos
- Daily 10 : Report and short interview at the Apollo Theater 
- E! News: Her Cavali gown, Mariah talks briefly about her new anniversary ring, followed by a short clip from the award presentation
- ETOnline: Mariah mentions and footage from the Apollo Theater
- ET TV: Mariah footage on the red carpet and back stage.
- Hollywood 411: Report and footage from the Apollo Theater 
- YouTube's Koyitokabuto: Mariah Giving An Award to Patti Labelle at the Apollo Theater 
Click here to download all videos in 1 zip file
- Inside Edition: Report and footage
Click here to download it
Source: Moony
Posted on June 10
Brett Ratner directing "Obsessed"??????
The rumor is flying around Brett Ratner could direct the video for "Obsessed".
Posted on June 10
Europe info
- Expected release date for "Obsessed" next week.
- Expected release for "Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel", probably end August.
Posted on June 10
Vote for Mariah on the Twitterwall of Fame!!!!!!
We can vote for Mariah to be on the 'Twitterwall of Fame'
C'mon everyone, it's here or here (if she already went to the first page in a few hours). C'mon, do it now, you can vote every 20 minutes
Source for the info: B.Lamb on our forum
Posted on June 10
"Obsessed" is SO me"
 - So"Obsessed" is an uptempo fun summer record. We were gonna go w/the ballad 1st but don't worry,its coming. I tried to make something for all who love Butterfly, and even older albums, but"Obsessed" has to come out 1st, asap!! Its different for me,but clearly,its SO me!

- In the studio.. driving the engineer crazy cos I'm a control freak and once again we're STARTING at 1:16 am..perfectly normal 
Source: Mariah on Twitter
Posted on June 10

Rev. Al Sharpton to Mariah: "Eminem is outrageous"
Baptist Minister, Political Civil Rights and Social Justice Activist Rev. Al Sharpton who also was at the Apollo Theater told Mariah how outrageous Eminem is.
"I also had time to tell mariah carey how outragous eminen is"
Source: Rev Al Sharpton on Twitter
Posted on June 10
Mariah pays tribute to Patti

Click to enlarge
Posted on June 9
Video: Mariah Carey pays tribute to Patti LaBelle at the Apollo Theater's 75th Anniversary
Click here to watch the video.
Source: Koyitokabuto on YouTube
Posted on June 9
The "Obsessed" news is everywhere on the net!!!!!!!
Posted on June 9
Mariah and Prince at the Apollo Gala!

PRINCE: Mariah bet me $5 that I wouldn't show up at the Apollo benefit dressed like a just-slightly-larger-than-life-size banana. Who's laughing now?

Prince and Mariah Carey were among the stars who helped the Apollo Theater celebrate its 75th anniversary Monday night with a fundraising concert and induction ceremony for Quincy Jones and Patti LaBelle, who became part of the Apollo Legends Hall of Fame.

Prince made a surprise appearance and rocked the Apollo yet again.

Source: Singersroom - The Star Ledger (All rights reserved)
Posted on June 9

News Coverage Of Mariah's Apollo Appearance
From CBS and ABC  news. No interview, just news reports with Mariah mentions and some red carpet footage.
Click here to download clips from both news shows in one zip file.
Source: Moony
Posted on June 9
Heroes of Mariah bashers, what do you have to say now  I told you so on June 3 
Mariah announces first single for next week!!!
- " The 1st single from my new album "Memoirs of an imperfect angel" is called "Obsessed" and will be at radio next tuesday. I'm a lil' exc ..."
- "Seriously, this is one of my favorite songs ever. I love the whole album. I'm completely immersed in it. I can't wait for you to hear it. LY"
Source: Mariah on Twitter
Posted on June 9
Mariah at the Apollo Gala: Arrival Footage and Red Carpet Interview
- Red carpet interview by My Fox NY - Click here to watch.
- Short footage of Mariah's arrival.
Click here to download a zip file containing the 2 videos.
Source: Moony
Posted on June 9
Mariah arriving at the Apollo Gala

Click to enlarge
Source: C.U
Posted on June 9
Le Crillon for sale!
Remember, Mariah stayed at the great hotel Le Crillon when she was in Paris for her awesome "One Mighty Party" concert at Disneyland resort Paris in June 2007.  Well, the hotel located Place de la Concorde is up for sale, are you in or do I buy it on my own????
Posted on June 8
Ride, Carey, Ride: Mariah and Her Mustang Hit the Road to 'Tennessee'
New review added to the Heroes of Mariah "Tennessee" promo page.
Click here to read the full review.
Source: The Bloodshot Eye
Posted on June 8
New track "Obsessed" update, the hype goes on!  It seems everyone and their mama heard the track!
- " Real Talk. Get ready for round 3 in the MC vs. EM saga"
- " MC's album is crazy"
- " OBSESSED....official new chick anthem of the summer!!!!"
Posted on June 8
Apollo Theater 75th. Anniversary Gala
Concert & Award ceremony honoring Quincy Jones and Patti LaBelle, appearances by Anita Baker, Mariah Carey, Jamie Foxx and the O'Jays.

7:00 pm - Tribute concert and Award Ceremony
8:30 pm - Cocktail
Posted on June 8

Was 9/11 to blame for ‘Glitter’?
Mariah Carey is getting a lashing on the blogs for recently saying that September 11th was part to blame for Glitter’s failure at the box office.

The singer — who stars in new movie Precious – says her semi-biographical film was destined to bomb at the box office as it was released on exactly the same day as the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center eight years ago.

“That movie was released on September 11th, 2001 – could there be a worse day for that movie to come out? I don’t think so,” she said. “I don’t even know that many people even saw the movie so I don’t think it’s the worst thing ever done.”

“Glitter was a learning experience and I wouldn’t do it again if you paid me. But I didn’t have representation or anyone to tell me: ‘What you need is a great director’.”

Carey, 39, recently played down her reputation as a diva — insisting she is simply misunderstood.

“I have been through a lot that’s made me stronger,” she said. “They say: whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. So I’ve been through that kind of stuff a few times.”

Okay, I might be in the minority here, but I believe there is some truth to this 9/11 theory.  There were a slew of movies that opened the weekend of September 21st and all of the movies failed. While Glitter didn’t do amazingly well opening weekend, it was the #1 grossing new movie that was released.  Also, most of the films that weekend experienced an extreme drop in box office numbers.  Maybe there is some truth to it.  No one was thinking about Mariah, Glitter, or anything Hollywood that week.
Source: BET (What The Flick) by Clay Cane - Dean by e-mail
Posted on June 8

"Tennessee" not so well received
Even if most of the critics admit Mariah acts very well in "Tennessee", it isn't enough to give the movie a fair chance.  Unfortunately it was a very limited release, so the Box Office doesn't reflect a real national release.
Anyway, here what's "indieWire" reported:
Aaron Woodley’s Lond delayed "Tennessee" co-starring Mariah Carey,  grossed only $10,000 from 15 screens.
Posted on June 7
New song: "Obsessed"
A Def Jam employee leaked the title of a new song on her Twitter (not sure if she knew what she was doing..)
Here's the tweet:
" I'm obsessed with the new "Obsessed" record by Mariah Carey!!! Holy shit! She's the best!"
Source: Def Jam employee on Twitter (no link, we don't want her to be fired)
Posted on June 6
Mariah attends the 2009 Fresh Air Fund Salute To American Heroes 

Looking radiant than ever, Mariah and husband Nick Cannon were among a handful of celeb attendees at the 2009 Fresh Air Fund Salute To American Heroes at Tavern on the Green in New York City, on Thursday evening (June 4).

The event which Mariah co-chaired was hosted by Brian Williams, Anchor of NBC's "Nightly News" to honor Susan and Donald Newhouse, Football great Michael Strahan and Oscar-nominated actress Michelle Williams.

Since 1877, The Fresh Air Fund, a not-for-profit agency, has provided free summer experiences in the country to more than 1.7 million New York City children from disadvantaged communities.  Each year, thousands of children visit volunteer host families in 13 states and Canada through the Friendly Town Program or attend one of five Fresh Air Fund camps.

Camp Mariah, The Fresh Air Fund's Career Awareness Camp, enables nearly 300 inner-city adolescents to explore educational paths and career options, while enjoying camp adventures. Camp Mariah offers a unique setting to engage boys and girls in an educational curriculum and prepare them for the world of work. Intensive three-and-a-half-week summer sessions and weekend camping trips are complemented by year-round activities in New York City.

For more information on the Fresh Air Fund's programs and how to donate or volunteer please visit www.freshair.org
Source: MariahCarey.com
Posted on June 6

TV footages

- Extra TV: Mariah and Nick talk about Suzan Boyle, her anniversary ring, Whitney Houston.  Mariah says she has to finish her album in a week or so.
- NY1.com: Mariah talks about her career awareness camp with Fresh Air and going up to the camp with Nick.
- Access Hollywood (1080i): Mariah on the return of Whitney Houston. She and Lee give tidbits from movie shoots. Hilarious! 
Click here to download all 3 videos in a zip file

- Access Hollywood Online Interview (longer than the other one above)
Click here to download

Click to enlarge
Source: Moony
Posted on June 6

From TMZ TV 

Click hereto download the video
Source: Moony
Posted on June 5
Mariah welcomes the idea of working with Whitney Houston for another duet, saying, "I would love to."

Mariah Not Surprised by Boyle's Breakdown
Superstar Mariah Carey tells "Extra" she's not the least bit surprised that Susan Boyle was freaked out by her newfound fame.

The five-time Grammy winner suffered from a physical and emotional breakdown in 2002, and she confesses, "I feel bad for her, but I think in this society we build people up so quickly now, of course it's going to freak some people out. It's difficult. It's got to be tough."

"Britain's Got Talent" megastar Susan Boyle became an overnight sensation, and the sudden fame got the best of her, leading to her stay in a mental health center earlier this week. 

On Thursday night, Carey and hubby Nick Cannon attended the Fresh Air Fund's Annual Spring Gala, and Mimi revealed her summer plans will be spent in the studio "working, putting out an album." 

Carey also dished about who she wants to record with again. Mariah says she welcomes the idea of working with Whitney Houston for another duet, saying, "I would love to." Back in 1999, Carey won an Oscar when the superstars combined forces for "When You Believe" from "The Prince of Egypt" soundtrack.

The Fresh Air Fund is a non-profit that provides free summer experiences for inner city kids in New York.
Source: Extra (All rights reserved)
Posted on June 5

Fresh Air Fund Honors Participants At Tavern On The Green + vidéo
Mariah Carey hosted this year's Fresh Air Fund, Salute to American Heroes at Tavern on the Green in Central Park earlier this week.

"I support the Fresh Air Fund because I think it's one of the most important organizations, especially here in New York," she said. "To take kids, a lot of whom have never left their own city block and to make sure they get a chance to see the world outside of where they're confined. A lot of them can go off to learn, like my camp is a career-awareness camp, so I bring a lot of different people who have succeeded in different fields, who the kids can relate to, and they learn about different options they have."

Mariah Carey's husband, Nick Cannon, said he was pleased to learn that there was a Fresh Air Fund camp named after Mariah.

"We went up there, took a visit, saw Camp Mariah," Cannon said. "So we are going to try to go up this summer. It's a beautiful thing."

The Fresh Air Fund was founded in 1877. It is one of New York City's oldest charities.
Click here to watch the vidéo
Source: NY1 (All rights reserved)
Posted on June 5

Nice photographer sent pics for fan sites 

Click to enlarge
Credit for the pictures: Sol (thanks!)
Posted on June 5
Lil Footage: Mariah's Arrival At Fresh Air! 

Click to enlarge
Click hereto download Moony's footage
Source: Moony
Posted on June 5
Fresh Air Fun
Mariah Carey wasn’t the only one hosting a party at Tavern on the Green Thursday night.

The Tavern was pulling double duty. In one area, Mariah and other celebrities like Michael Strahan, Michelle Williams and Anthony Edwards, raised money to send underprivileged kids to summer camp. In another some students who probably went to whatever camp they liked were celebrating their prom.

As Mariah and her husband Nick Cannon spoke to the press outside the fundraiser,  stretch limos pulled up continuously behind her with dozens of tuxedoed teenagers spilling out.

I told Mariah she should head into the prom, but I don’t know if she decided to make their night.

And while the kids may not have gotten any closer than flashbulb distance to the pop star, Nick Cannon was gracious enough to help a few of them get Mariah’s autograph before she went in.
Source: CNN (All rights reserved)
Posted on June 5

Who's the luckiest man in Mariah Carey's life right now? Nope, not Nick Cannon
TENNESSEE: 2 stars 

Three outcasts hit the road. At the Sunshine (1:39). R: violence, language. 

Who's the luckiest man in Mariah Carey's life right now? Nope, not Nick Cannon. It's Aaron Woodley, who somehow snagged the songbird for his downbeat drama. Granted, Carey probably came cheap, given her failure in films like "Glitter." But she's actually the best thing about this formulaic indie, in which two brothers (Adam Rothenberg, Ethan Peck) help her sad-eyed waitress escape a violent husband (Lance Reddick). The good news for Carey is that she gets to prove she's a pretty decent actress after all. The bad news, of course, is that she's done it in a movie no one has any other reason to see.
Source: NY Daily News (All rights reserved)
Posted on June 5

Mariah arriving at the Annual Spring Fresh Air Fund Gala, June 4

Click to enlarge
Source: C.U.
Posted on June 5

More Tweets from the Fresh Air Fund
- Mariah Carey sighting: Mariah is standing in a group with Nick Cannon and speaking to folks from the event. She's mingling, I would say 
Fresh Air Fund Gala live updates on Twitter!

- Mariah Carey arrives in her gleaming black Maybach 62s limosine to the roar of the crowd
- Mariah Carey is elegant in a fitted icory strapless dress and glittering diamond earings and she is wearing her hair down. Beautiful!

- I am not allowed to put up the photos of Mariah Carey directly to Twitter! Sorry! Please forgive me!

- Nick Cannon was right there by Mariah Carey's side! What a gorgeous couple

- When Mariah left the red carpet all the paparazzi dispersed into thin air 

- Mariah Carey sighting: Mariah is standing in a group with Nick Cannon and speaking to folks from the event. She's mingling, I would say 

Heroes note: So, no Mariah pictures allowed by the Fresh Air Fund on Twitter, I'm going to bed and wait for the official or paps pics tomorrow.  Too bad, other pics were allowed, you can go take a look, there's one of Michelle Williams and one of Gaby (Precious).
Awww, look our dear Louise is there 
Posted on June 4

Heroes of Mariah "Tennessee" promo page updated
Posted on June 4
Reminder: Apollo’s 75th anniversary on June 8.
At the event, the Apollo will induct Quincy Jones and Patti LaBelle into their Legends Hall of Fame, Jamie Foxx will be presenting to Quincy Jones, and Mariah
will be presenting to Patti LaBelle.
Posted on June 4
Some neighbors unhappy with the Def Jam party
A Greenwich Village location where famed fashion designer Donna Karan holds her Urban Zen Foundation events is causing some very un-Zen-like effects among neighbors, basically driving many of them to distraction on a semi-regular basis.

The Urban Zen Foundation has three missions: patient advocacy and well-being — such as using yoga to help cancer patients — empowering children and preserving cultures. 
The Dalai Lama has visited the space, at 711 Greenwich St. at Charles St. Earlier this year, Gwyneth Paltrow, Christy Turlington and Moby headlined a “Bent on Learning” benefit there for yoga in New York City public schools. There was an African rainforest fundraiser.

But the place also hosts major private parties that do not fall under the banner of Urban Zen, and one event two weeks ago — Def Jam’s showcase for its new music releases — did not exactly put residents into a meditative state of mind. In fact, one neighbor, so distraught over the disruptions, allegedly threatened to come over and “start shooting.”

The neighbor — who denies making the threat — said the booming bass from 711 Greenwich St. shook a painting off his apartment wall. Another neighbor said he was shocked to see that the water in a glass on his table was vibrating to the music beats. A Community Board 2 member said — not water in a glass — but his chest was vibrating when he walked past the place during the Def Jam bash.
Click here to read the full article
Posted on June 4

Free tickets for "Tennessee" in Memphis!

The Memphis Flyer wants to send you to a free screening of the new film Tennessee this Thursday, June 4th. No purchase necessary. All you have to do is pick up your free pass at our offices located downtown at 460 Tennessee Street on the 2nd floor. Just stop by and tell the receptionist you're here to pick up your free movie pass.
Limited to one 2-person pass per visitor. The screening for the R-rated film, starring Mariah Carey, Adam Rothenberg, and Ethan Peck, is at Malco's Ridgeway Four at Poplar & 240 at 7:30 p.m. Tennessee opens in multiple locations around town this Friday.
Posted on June 3
"Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel" info compilation 
- The-Dream (source: Mariah - The-Dream) 
- JD and Brian-Michael Cox (source: JD - Brian-Michael Cox) (maybe only for 100 Percent for Precious)
- James "Big Jim" Wright (source: Mariah) 
- Tricky Stewart (source: Mariah - Tricky Stewart)
- Timbaland (source: Mariah)

Expected release date: 
- September 2009 (source: Nick, a long time ago  - MTV Italy) 

- Hate U
- Rumored: Cover of The Foreigners' I Want To Know What Love Is

Expected radio add for the first (unconfirmed) single:
- End June
- Remix planned

Posted on June 3

A september release too late for the Grammys???  (we don't care about the Grammys anymore after their attitude towards Mariah, but it seems Mariah still does!)
Mariah: "I feel it’s a special album and I want it to have a shot."
Mariah: Grammy Deadline Looms
The Grammy deadline is August 31st. That’s a month earlier than usual because the Grammy Awards are a week earlier this year, on January 31, 2010.

Yes, that’s right: a week, a month. It makes no sense, but that’s what they did at Grammy HQ. At the end of January 2010 they’re going to give out awards for music released between October 1, 2008 and August 31, 2009.

Mariah Carey is buzzing away in the studio for her new CD, called “Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel.” She’s been working with The-Dream and other producers putting together another collection of catchy pop songs. But will she be ready by August 31st? It doesn’t seem possible. But don’t count her out. Mariah tells me, “I feel it’s a special album and I want it to have a shot.”

P.S. As I told you during the early days of this new column, Mariah is also working with Jermaine Dupri on a theme song for Lee Daniels’ great movie, “Precious.” It’s set to be called “100 Percent.” At least Mariah will make the Oscar deadline!

Source: Roger Friedman for Showbiz 411 (All rights reserved)
Posted on June 3

“Precious” Nears Perfection
"Precious." It was one of the best movies I've ever seen!
Click here to read the review!
Posted on June 3
Mariah to attend the Annual Spring Fresh Air Fund Gala, June 4
On June 4, Mariah will attend the 2009 Fresh Air Fund Spring Benefit.  The event will take place at Tavern on the Green, Central Park West at 67th Street.  Cocktails at 6:30 PM, Dinner and Dancing at 7:30 PM

Mariah is listed as Co-Chair.

Also from the Fresh Air Fund Twitter:
"Only 2 days until our Annual Spring Gala with Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon and Michelle Williams! Can't wait to LIVE Tweet from the event!"

Source: Fresh Air Fund
Source for the Twitter info: Dennis by e-mail
Posted on June 2

Mariah Cannon
Nick was caught in New York and asked if it was true that Mariah was changing her last name to Cannon. And he said that it was changed on Day 1. 
Click here to download.
Source: Moony
Posted on June 2
Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel seen by Boudir

Boudir made again a great drawing, this time the talented artist () was inspired by the title of Mariah's new album.  Great work again!
Click to enlarge
Source: Boudir by e-mail
Posted on June 1
Nick, suspect number 1 
At the MTV Movie Awards show last night, Bruno aka Sacha Baron Cohen was flying in the air and landed with his ass on Eminem's face .
Eminem knew about the stunt at the MTV Movie Awards but didn't know that Bruno would only be wearing a thong 

Eminem seemed really angry when he left the show...  it's so funny to insult or make fun of people but it's not so funny when it fires back huh clown ....
In any case, internet goes wild with comments about the "incident", some (not fans) think it's Nick Cannon who setted it up as a revenge for all Eminem's insults towards a lot of people, including Mariah.

Click here if you want a good laugh 
Posted on June 1

MTV Italy announces a September release for "Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel"
I already reported it several times, now it's MTV Italy which reports a September release for Mariah's new album and they even reports the release date on September 18.....
Source for the info: Fabio - Lucas by e-mail
Posted on June 1


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