Mariah's birthday 2003           En français - In het Nederlands

Sorry guys if I tagged the pictures, but unfortunately I found out that the nice pictures taken by the lambs are used at commercial purposes by "fans" in certain countries.

March the 25th: After a lot of cellphones problems, the Belgian fans finally meet eachother to the hotel where we stayed and we looked the Eurobest on TV.  At midnight we went to the George V in order to welcome Mariah and my first goal was to be able to give the worldwide lambs board for Mariah's birthday .  It was a long night and at about  3h30am or 4h00am I don't remember, Michael and Wayne came outside to tell to all the fans who were  there that Mariah was very tired and was already in the hotel.  Many fans were very angry.  Kinou and I told to Wayne that we totally understood and that the most important was that Mariah rests.  He smiled and thanked us.
Note to the angry fans: Mariah is not our thing, imagine only one moment if you were fan of any other person, you should not even wait in front of a hotel.
March the 26th: We arrived in front of the NRJ studios (a French radio station) where Mariah was expected. Even before that Mariah arrives, some started to push eachother.  How can you be a lamb and not standing together .  Kinou talked to almost everyone to ask them to stay calm, to not scream, to not push, otherwise, Mariah would not stop.  Some paparazzi arrived and obviously wanted to stay in front of all the fans which already waited.  Suddenly one of them noticed the board and maybe he realized that Mariah's birthday was close .  He screamed: "Hey, what's her age?" Kinou reacted, first our names are not "Hey" and then... she gave him tit for tat: "Sir, if you're a professional, you should know that, it's your job no!".  Mariah arrives more beautiful than ever.  She gave some autographs, smile, I can't believe it, some "fans" push, want to be in front of everyone, I will not move, I have my mission to achieve in the name of all the worldwide lambs, some "fans" were now almost lying on us , even a hand start to take the board , nooooooo not that, it was well tried but it didn't work , Wayne saw it, he came near us and asks Mariah to come... she's there, she looks at the board, she loves it, she removes her glasses to read the names, she's very moved.  I don't find the words and I think that she don't find the words either.  My mission is done.

We wait that Mariah leaves the studios and I go backwards where the cars are parked, they let me pass, they smile to me, I may take a picture of our board in Mariah's van.

A fan told us that Joséphine came for Mariah's birthday.  Mariah leaves and still makes great smiles and signs of the hand by the open window of her car.  We decide to don't go to the Hit Machine, after what we lived here I don't dare to imagine what will happen there, I have my arm almost dislocated, the buttons of Kinou's shirt are torned, her hands are scratched, no, we will not go to the Hit Machine (note: all the French fans are not like that).  A rumor is running around that Mariah could leave directly after this show to the airport.  Oh well, we return to the hotel and we'll see.  As there's nothing to do, we decide to wait in front of the George V, and if... 4 French fans are there, then 6, then 8 and if... the other Belgian fans come back from the Hit Machine and decide to also wait in front 'cause they saw Mariah's limo.  We hope again.  One of us decides to bring back jackets, sandwiches, drinks. One for all, all for Mariah (thank you Jack (dad) ).  For Mariah's birthday, I had a funny inflatable plastic cake, we inflated it in front of the hotel.  The limo arrives, my heart beats faster... no luck, nobody is inside.  A little later I see Louise and I say hi to her, she looks at me,  smiles and sees the cake and comes: "It's so nice, thank you" and I ask her "Will Mariah come back?"
- "She went to eat, she will come back in a couple of hours".
Thank you, thank you, I could have hugged Louise .  We gather and the tension goes up, we joke, we laugh, we support eachother 'cause we're all so tired.  A rumor is running around that Mariah is in a restaurant of the Avenue George V at about 5 minutes of the hotel.  Many fans went in front of this very private restaurant, we decided to stay here, we think that Mariah deserve a little intimacy and private life.  Louise come out from the hotel and I ask to her if Mariah comes back, she told me:
- "Yeah shortly, but I'm looking for the Belgian fan with the cake".
- "I'm the Belgian fan with the cake".
- "Oh, so you're the cake".
- "Yes, I'm the cake".
The limo still doesn't move.  Kinou jokes "Mariah will come back walking in the Avenue with Louise and Joséphine, WiseGirls way" .  We burst out laughing.  And then suddenly, no! It's true , Mariah comes back walking in the Avenue surrounded by a band of screaming fans who followed her from the restaurant to the hotel.  Louise and Joséphine are in front of the George V, I say hi to Joséphine, she smiles and asks me "how are you".  Louise makes me a small sign, Mariah is there, it's a complete and total mess, it's a huge scuffle, the security is  reinforced.  Suddenly Louise clutches me the wrist and makes me pass by the turning door, somebody draws me backwards, result, my hand which holds the cake is wedged in the doors.  Louise screams: "Oh, the cake!", then she realizes that it's my hand which is wedged in the doors, she helps to block them to release me, she say to Kinou to enter too.  She suddenly announces that the Belgian fans who are outside may enter, she goes out and  calls the Belgian fans, the one next the door goes in, she then asks Kinou's help to locate the others, one by one they manage to come, pushed from all side and then we are all with Mariah in a back hall.

This will remain THE moment of our life which we will never forget, that we never imagined in our craziest dreams and sorry if I don't tell anything more, all this was too intense.  Then, when all was over, none of us moved anymore, we said thank you, thank you for everything, we said to Mariah to take care, that we love her so much and then... emptiness. After a moment, we looked at eachother and then we threw ourselves in the arms of eachother, we hugged, we kissed eachother, I believe that each one of us was trying not to cry.  We left the hotel and we realized that something so deep and tender had occurred... something which will never happen anymore.  And then we burst out laughing because we had just realized that none of us had thought to ask an autograph.
Thank you so much to Mariah, Louise, Michael, Wayne and Joséphine to have given us this moment.  We will never forget, we love you all.

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