May 2007 - Heroes of Mariah
Can we say it will be hot!!!!!
"Lil' L.O.V.E."video directed by Chris Robinson
Mariah will make a special guest appearance in the upcoming video for the latest Bone Thugs -N- Harmony track Lil L.O.V.E. The video which will be shot in the coming days in NYC will be directed by Chris Robinson who last directed Mariah in the video for the smash hit I Know What You Want with Busta Rhymes.
Posted on May the 31st.
Warning: All the ones who installed CDPass.dll to watch the extra features of "The Emancipation of Mimi" Ultra Platinum!!!!!!
ActiveX module for CD bonus content unsafe
Eminem, Cold Play, 50 Cent, Mariah Carey - there's one thing they all have in common - an application on their CDs which promises additional downloads and content. The program, going by the name of CDPass, analyses the inserted CD and then activates web content if the user can prove that he owns the media. 
US-CERT reports, however, that the ActiveX module provided by the file CDPass.dll is vulnerable to numerous buffer overflows. As a result, attackers can inject malicious code via crafted web pages or HTML e-mail and execute it with the user's privileges. US-CERT does not provide any further information in its security advisory. 
No update from the vendor, Media Technology Group, is yet in sight. Affected users should therefore either deactivate ActiveX or set the kill bit for this ActiveX control, which has the CLSID {46C66BBD-E667-4dad-9682-58050E7C9FDC}. A Microsoft knowledge base article offers assistance with doing so. 
See also: 
Media Technology Group CDPass ActiveX control stack buffer overflows, vulnerability note from US-CERT 
Source: heise Security (All rights reserved)
Posted on May the 31st.
Akon collab with Mariah?
Akon is not so "Lonely" anymore, since his debuts in 2004 and his smash hit "Lonely" sampling Bobby Vinton's "Mr. Lonely", he has worked with a lot of artists.
He's now set to record new joints, Mariah is rumored to be on the upcoming collabs.
Wait and see....
Source for the info: my homie DJ AJChild by e-mail
Update: It now appears on The Detroit News
Posted on May the 31st.
Show L.O.V.E. to "Lil' L.OV.E."
Please US fans:
- Request the track in your area, also click here to access a page my friend Alex made with links to radios to request.
- Download it on iTunes: clean and explicit.

- "Lil' L.OV.E. will be released as a physical single in Belgium, I'll post the radio and street date asap. The Heroes of Mariah promo page will be up soon and a street promo will be planned. Don't forget you can also legally download the track on iTunes Belgium
Posted on May the 30th.

French radio Ado FM played "Lil' L.O.V.E." last night, please head over in our section in French to know how to request the song.
Source for the info: mallo on our forum
Posted on May the 29th.
Moral contract - United Fans Against Piracy 
Season 1: About 50 sites took part for Charmbracelet. 
Season 2: About 40 sites took part for The Emancipation of Mimi. 
I know there's still plenty of time before the release of the new album, but I thought it would be good to start now, so, it will be totally in place for the release.  Feel free to use the banner and/or logo and link them to the Moral contract - United Fans Against Piracy Season 3 page, here.  Also, e-mail me the link of your site or messageboard at, so I can add it to the page.  Please, spread the word.  Thanks . 
All the sites must be united to avoid the copy of Mariah's new singles and album at least by her own fans. 
Everyone likes to have exclusive news, but giving commercial songs in download is not an exclusiveness. 
We owe that to Mariah. She works so much to create a new album that we can't demolish it all and steal her work. 
The majority of the fans will buy the album, but others fans or non-fans quite simply will pirate it. 
If we all could be united against the hacking of Mariah's new album it would prove that we are good fans and it is the most beautiful gift we could make to Mariah! 
Spread the word. 
Posted on May the 29th.
Mariah To Attend Fresh Air Fund Gala
Mariah Carey will serve as one of the Honorary Chairs for this year's The Fresh Air Fund's Salute To American Heroes on Thursday, July 7, 2007 in Central Park under the tent at Tavern on the Green with Cocktails (The Crystal Garden) at 6:00pm and Dinner and Dancing to follow at 7:30pm. The gala, hosted by Tiki Barber, honors Harry Carson, Alicia Keys and Michelle Williams.
Source: Fresh Air Fund - MariahDailyJournal - Andy by e-mail
Posted on May the 29th.
Hum, ok Jeff, you're smart....
R&B superstar Usher spent $800 in a shopping spree at designer store Blue and Cream in East Hampton on Saturday. 
Rolling up with music producer L.A. Reid in his new Bentley, Usher bought a white and blue cream thermal hoody with a gold skull emblem, gold limited-edition Nikes and two pairs of high tops for his son. 
B+C owner Jeff Goldstein quickly called Mariah Carey in St. Maarten and advised her to buy a pair of the same $500 UES shoes that Usher's son got so that she could give them to Reid's son, Aaron, as a high-school graduation present. She did. 
Source: New York Post
Posted on May the 29th.
"Heartbreaker"- Sims 2 version
Take a look at this guys, great work!!!! Click here to access the YouTube link.
Source: Folha Online
Posted on May the 29th.
Keep requesting "Lil' L.O.V.E."
Please, click here to access a page my friend Alex made with links to radios to request "Lil' L.OV.E." in the US.  Support the track NOW!!!!
Download it on iTunes: clean and explicit.
Posted on May the 28th.
A lot of so said DJ stores across the US sell bootlegs of 12" vinyls of "Lil' L.O.V.E.", on a side it's a good sign as it's a proof the track as potential, on another side these will not be counted in the official sales. 
I'm sure the track will appear soon in Europe on the infamous bootleg collection "Killa Kuts".
Here's the scan and tracklist of the only official one:

-Lil Love - Dirty
-Lil Love - Clean
-Lil Love - Instrumental
-Candy Paint - Dirty
-Candy Paint - Clean
-Candy Paint - Instrumental
-Candy Paint - Acappella
Posted on May the 28th.
Be sure to go on SweetMariah
SweetMariah has now more than 10.000 pics of Mariah up on the site.  Be sure to go take a look and don't forget the media section.
Posted on May the 28th.
"Lil' L.O.V.E." video!!!!!!! 
Mariah is scheduled to shoot the music video to "Lil L.O.V.E." in New York on June 4 & 5.
Source for the info: Alan for MariahDailyJournal
Posted on May the 26th.
"Tennessee" premiere in Toronto DENIED
Yesterday, VVS Films (Canadian distributor of "Tennessee") confirmed to MariahConnection that the film is scheduled to premiere at the Toronto Festival this fall.  In order to keep the Heroes of Mariah "Tennessee" promo page the most accurate possible, Aaron Woodley (director of "Tennessee) e-mailed me to deny the info.  It's NOT true, the film is still in post production and has not been submitted to any festival at this point.
So, we will need to wait for accurate and officially confirmed news, I removed the "premiere" info from my promo page.
Source for the info: Aaron Woodley by e-mail
Heroes note: Don't blame MariahConnection for the info they gave, they only reported the news they received, and who knows maybe it will still be in Toronto, except that it's not confirmed yet.
Posted on May the 26th.
Mariah in another movie (certainly not in real...)
Gad Elmaleh (Moroccan native and living in France) will direct the movie from his show "La Vie Normale"
Story: Coco organises a huge and expensive bar-mitsva for his son, at the party he meets Mariah Carey who came without invitation.
Source in French: Cyberpresse
Posted on May the 25th.
"Tennessee" Canadian premiere confirmed!
V V S Films, the canadian distributor of Tennessee confirmed the following today:
" The film is scheduled to premiere at the Toronto Film Festival this fall; theatrical date is still to be determined. "
Source: Mariah Connection
Posted on May the 25th.
Yes, Yes, Yeeeeeeeeeeees 
Just received the confirmation that "Lil' L.OV.E." will be released as a single in Belgium, I'll let you know the street date asap.  Of course, there will be a Heroes of Mariah promo page and probably a street promo to support the single.  Stay tuned for more details.
" can I get a little bit a L-O-V-E? can ya spend a little bit of dough on me? can I get a little bit a ya T-I-M-E boy"
( and no, this is not the "aaaaahhhhhh" news, I'm still waiting for more infos about that good news)
Source for the info: Universal Belgium
Posted on May the 25th.
YOU can make it happen!!!!!!
Please, click here to access a page my friend Alex made with links to radios to request "Lil' L.OV.E.".  Support the track NOW!!!!
Download it on iTunes: clean and explicit.
Posted on May the 24th.
"Lil' L.O.V.E."
This album is nothing if not diverse, offering listeners everything from the bouncy, pop-driven radio track "Lil Love" with Mariah Carey to an irresistibly fun track done with one of the most unlikely samples ever seen in rap music: Fleetwood Mac.
Source: The Santa Clara
Heroes note: This is a mistake ..... as written in the credits of the album, the Fleetwood Mac song sample is "Wind Blow" and not "Lil' L.O.V.E."
Posted on May the 24th.
Will we see some pics and footage of Mariah?
Mariah listed as guest at the Dress-For-Success Benefit Gala on June 6 (warning, guest doesn't mean attendee)
The “Women Empowering Women” Dress-For-Success Benefit Gala will take place on June 6, 2007. The event will be at the Westin Times Square Hotel in the Majestic Ballroom at 7:00 PM.
This event will honor:
Kimora Lee Simmons, President and Creative Director of BabyPhat and KLS
Julie Greenwald, President of Atlantic Records
Amy Berman, President of Sony Marketing Group
Vanessa Williams, Actress and Musician
Joi Gordon, CEO of Dress for Success

Invited guests include Lyor Cohen, Kevin Liles, Anna Wintour, Russell Simmons, Sylvia Rhone, Clive Davis, Andre Leon Talley, L.A. Reid, Jennifer Lopez, Bobbi Brown, Tracey Reese, Carolina Herrera, Naomi Campbell, Bob Johnson, Alicia Keys, Vera Wang, Vivica A. Fox, Star Jones, Mariah Carey, and Kelly Ripa, among others.

The ceremony will be broadcasted on the Oxygen Network and American Latino TV. New York City’s station for Hip-Hop and R&B, Power 105.1 will be the official radio sponsor, with a special musical performance by Melissa Jimenez, the first lady of SRC/Universal Records and the first lady of R&B, Kamesha Sams.

Tickets can be purchased for $250 and tables of ten can be purchased for $2,500.
Source: Dress For Success and Mr Blauburg by e-mail
Posted on May the 24th.

Mariah receiving a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame delayed???? 
A fan called the Hollywood, CA Chamber of Commerce and left a message inquiring about when Mariah's star would be give this year, so that he may plan a trip to go out there and witness it......The director called him back and told him Tim McGraw already received his star this year and that Mariah Carey and LeAnn Rimes will NOT receive their stars this year. She said she is booked for the rest of the year with dedications of other stars... and Mariah and LeAnn Rimes most likely will be recognized in 2008.
Source: mclafan
Heroes comment: And IF Mariah gets an Oscar for "Tennessee", she will be on the Walk Of Fame as an actress 
Posted on May the 24th.
Honey B. Fly membership renewals will be starting shortly
Go on Mariah's official site for all infos.
Posted on May the 24th.
"Tennessee"..... be patient guys...
Aaron Woodley got finally a lil' time to e-mail about the "Tennessee" premiere: "Unfortunately at this point I can't comment on when the film will be finished or where it will premiere. However I can say, for Mariah's fans, to please be patient. The film is most definitely on its way."
Source: Aaron Woodley by e-mail
Posted on May the 24th.
Lovers and Haters out on September the 16th.?
According to Mariah and Benny Medina co-executive produced a movie called "Lovers and Haters"that will be coming out this September.
Short Genre: 
Mini movie spoof of the life of Mariah Carey, with the Lovers and Haters that she encounters along the way, and how she overcomes those haters and obstacles to still be one of the most talented and loved musical sensations in history. 
Dur: 15 min
Release: 16 September 2007
Source for the info: Chopare
Heroes note: Spike Lee directed Mariah's 2006 tour vignettes "Lovers and Haters". 
Posted on May the 23rd.
Show L.O.V.E. to "Lil' L.OV.E."
Please US fans:
- Request the track in your area, also click here to access a page my friend Alex made with links to radios to request.
- Download it on iTunes: clean and explicit.

- "Lil' L.OV.E. is not planned for a commercial release at the moment in Belgium nor in France, maybe later.... but don't forget you can legally download the track on iTunes Belgium, also "Strenght & Loyalty" is on sale in all stores.  In Belgium, we have the European CD and only the dirty version,  in France, it's the US import album, clean or dirty version.  French fans, the album is currently on sale at Amazon France for only 8,53 Euro.

- New Heroes of Mariah contest open now!!! 
The prize is the European copy of "Strenght & Loyalty", the brand new album of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony which contains "Lil' L.O.V.E." featuring Mariah.  The album has also a sticker with Mariah's name on it .   Click here to access the contest.
A big thanks to Universal Belgium for the CD.

- A great fan!!! Belgian fan Rosario who already entered the new Heroes of Mariah contest, e-mailed me to cancel his entry and that way to give more chances to other fans, as he bought the Bone Thugs album.  Thanks!!!!
Posted on May the 23rd.

Fridge story
The ones who are visitors of Heroes of Mariah since long years will remember my fridge.... in 2002, my dad wanted a new fridge, and my mom and I didn't wanted our good old friend being throwed away, 'cause I grew up with him and he's a Mariah fan too   we then gave him a new look by decorating the upper-door and during all these years he stayed with us.  Well, today, we finally needed to let him go for a well deserved retirement.  We went to buy a new fridge not without a long interview with him to be sure he's a loyal Mariah fan .  2 men came to bring us the new buddy and they took my good old friend to his retirement place. At the very last minute, my mom said "Wait, I need to say goodbye, and I have something to do".  Believe it or not, I have now a fridge door in my bed room 
Click on the pics to enlarge (if you want)
Posted on May the 22nd.
Jessica Simpson: "Mariah is amazing"
Jessica Simpson and sister Ashlee are among the clique of celebrities who’ve found a weekly home in the glossies whether they like it or not. It must be a very weird existence, I said. Don’t you have to put up a wall and not think about it?
“It’s hard,” she replied. “You have no idea.”
Meanwhile, Jessica also told me she’s gotten a lot of positive reinforcement from another singer who’s been through the mill and come out the other side a success: Mariah Carey. “She’s amazing,” Jessica said.
Source: FOXNews (All rights reserved) (extract)
Posted on May the 22nd.
David Cronenberg (Aaron Woodley's uncle) about Mariah in Tennessee
Director David Cronenberg who is currently in Cannes for the Film Festival talked about Aaron's upcoming movie "Drones" (the story of a boy who has an obsession with bees). David is Aaron Woodley's uncle and the person who gave him the desire to direct movies. 
David has already seen a rough cut of "Tennessee" and is full of praise and admiration for Mariah's performance: "If I had not known she was a star, I would have said it was terrific casting. She was really very impressive."
Posted on May the 22nd.
"Tennessee" premiere, yes but where????
IF "Tennessee premieres in September, there's a few Festivals where it could happen:
In the US
- Black Earth Film Festival in Galesburg IL
- Northern New Mexico Film Festival
In Canada
- Bay Street Film Festival in Thunder Bay
- Commffest Global Community Film Festival in Toronto
- Toronto International Film Festival (most likely this one as Aaron Woodley is Canadian and already premiered and won an award for "Rhinoceros Eyes")
- Edmonton International Film Festival in Edmonton
And the list goes on.....
Source for the infos: Film Festivals
Posted on May the 22nd.
Mariah and her folks love The Wizard of Oz and sing "Ease On Down The Road" loud
Jasmine tells us some tidbits again....
My mum dragged me to Wembley to see Diana Ross who I was informed would "show me what real feel- good music was like". It was a night of enlightenment! I confess that when I thought of Diana Ross I had the notion of an old singer with not that great a voice who had her day. How wrong was I! This was a great show! 

Ms. Ross came out at the age of 63 looking like a 30-year-old with her slim, fit looking body complete with still juicy high booty covered in floor length gowns and feather boas which she changed four times during the show. Beginning with a red sequinned number, then yellow, then white and finishing with the nickname her one-time lover Berry Gordy calls her - 'Black'. The reason I know this? I'm currently reading her biography and it's amazing! Just like her show. From the moment she began with the much sampled I'm Coming Out, the hits kept coming, and I thought I didn't know many Diana Ross songs! Chain Reaction, Baby Baby , Baby Love, Upside Down, Can't Hurry Love, Do You Know, Ain't No Mountain High Enough, Why Do Fools Fall In Love, and Endless Love (her duet with Lionel Richie) but the best fun was Stop In The Name Of Love complete with hand gestures! 

The MTV crew were laughing at me cos when I wasn't singing I was transfixed listening to Diana who I had previously heard had a ropey voice. I wonder how that rumour spread? Her voice was really honeyed and melodious. When she began Ease On Down The Road (from The Wizard of Oz), I confess I lost it slightly cos me, Mariah and Mariah's folks love that movie and sing that song loud every time! 
Source: The Voice (All rights reserved) (extract)
Posted on May the 22nd.

Mariah's identity stolen
Local couple wanted for celebrity ID theft
The search is on for two Rochester people posing as Hollywood celebrities and illegally spending thousands of dollars in their names.
Charles B. Curry, Jr. and his wife, Shameika Drain Curry, are accused of using the Internet to steal the identity of celebrities like Mariah Carey and Ashanti. They are also accused of using credit cards in their names.

At this time, Agents from the U.S. Marshal's office are trying to track them down.
The criminal complaint says Charles B. Curry, Jr., and Shameika Drain Curry used the Internet to obtain lines of credit in the names of several local people, including one elderly woman in the city. But they're also accused of getting a credit card in the name of singer Mariah Carey and cashing a check in the name of actress Nia Long.
U.S. Postal inspectors got suspicious when a sudden spike in financial mail arrived at the Curry's former home on Still Pond Way in Henrietta. Investigators searched the home and their computers and found the names of the victms.

According to the paper work, Curry bought a Mercedes Benz posing as his father. Shameika Drain Curry bought a $36,000 car using a driver's license in the name Ashanti Douglas. Ashanti is a well-known R&B singer. 

With the charges they're facing, both Curry's are looking at 30 years in prison.
Click here to watch the video.
Source: WHEC-TV (All rights reserved)
Posted on May the 21st.

Oh, the elusive scent of fame
For the past two years, celebrity scents have driven growth in the U.S. fragrance market. According to global market research company Euromonitor International, they accounted for about $390 million in sales for 2006, a 12 percent increase from the previous year.
"Celebrity fragrances work so well because they enable a scent to ride on a ready-made image," said research analyst Virginia Lee.
Celebrity fragrances have "brought the young person into the department store," said Christine Walsh, senior vice president of Coty Prestige, which creates fragrances for Lopez and Parker. "The fragrance counter was not catering to younger customers up to that point."

Walsh added that many of the younger consumers are purely celebrity driven. "There are fans out there, and they are extremely involved in celebrities," she said. "They take it very seriously." And those fragrances require constant updates or fickle young customers will buy one of the other celebrity scents on shelves, she said.

Increased competition means Catherine Zeta-Jones, David and Victoria Beckham, and Mariah Carey will have to work even harder to make their signature fragrances rise above the pack. That may mean aiming for an audience older than 12.
Source: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (All rights reserved) (extract)
Posted on May the 21st.

Wow, they went fast with their decision since last week (posted yesterday), my friend Rashmi (music journalist) sent me an e-mail to tell that "Tennessee" will premiere in September.
Anyway, I can't wait to see the movie, which is still so far for us Europeans.
Posted on May the 21st.
"Lil' L.OV.E. is not planned for a commercial release at the moment in Belgium nor in France, maybe later.... but don't forget you can legally download the track on iTunes Belgium, also "Strenght & Loyalty" is on sale in all stores.  In Belgium, we have the European CD and only the dirty version (yup, we are like that ), in France, it's the US import album, clean or dirty version.  French fans, the album is currently on sale at Amazon France for only 8,53 Euro.
Posted on May the 21st.
Please US fans: request "Lil' L.O.V.E. in your area, also click here to access a page my friend Alex made with links to radios to request.
Posted on May the 21st.
"Tennessee" release in 2008
According to my contact, "Tennessee" could be released in 2008 (they are still in talks).
In a way, it makes sense if they want to premiere it at the Sundance Film Festival.
Posted on May the 20th.
"Lil' L.O.V.E." in Belgium
- The track has been added to Belgian radio FM Brussel.
- Download "Lil' L.OV.E." on iTunes Belgium, 'cmon guys, it's only 0.99 Euro.  Show love and support!!!!
Posted on May the 20th.
Rare and exclusive videos on SweetMariah
Be sure to go on SweetMariah for rare and exclusive videos.  Also, take a look at the awesome picture galleries the team shares with us.
Posted on May the 20th.
"Lil L.O.V.E." Goes For Adds on June 5 in the US
The Friday Morning Quarterback has updated its Available For Airplay to now list Bone Thugs-N-Harmony's "Lil L.O.V.E." featuring Mariah Carey & Bow Wow as going for adds on June 5, 2007 at Rhythm/Crossover radio format.
Source: FMQB - MariahDailyJournal - Andrew by e-mail
Posted on May the 20th.
Battle of the Beats: "Lil' L.O.V.E. wins 
On last weeks Harrisburg's Hot 92 "Battle of the Beats" - Bone Thugs "Lil' Love" vs. 50 Cent "Amusement Park" - Winner: Bone Thugs "Lil' Love" (83%)
Posted on May the 18th.
More Pinko stores in Belgium
A few days ago,  I posted the pic my friend Elise took of  the Pinko store in Nieuwpoort,  well, well, I got more news today.... if you guys can go take a look, there are stores:
- in our capital, Brussels
- in Flanders: Antwerpen, Mechelen, Aalst, Knokke, Gent, Herentals, Hasselt, Maasmechelen and Roeselare. 
If you find a list for Wallonia (french speaking part of Belgium), please sent it so I can add the cities.
Posted on May the 18th.
Spanish newspaper '20 minutos': Mariah and Thalia catfight
On free Spanish newspaper "20 minutos", they wrote an article about Thalia being mad at Mariah, 'cause of Mariah said she regrets marrying Tommy Mottola and they talk about a catfight.
We all know the story and they tell it over and over again to be sure we understand it , what's different in this one is how they talk about Mottola: " 58 years old Tommy Mottola, ex CEO of Sony Music, who was never really attractive married 2 of the most desired woman in the world, his ex wife Mariah Carey and his actual wife Thalia.  Mariah who never liked to talk about the break-up with Luis Miguel, comes up in interviews with the reasons why the marriage with Tommy didn't went well".
Source in Spansish: 20 minutos - Patrick by e-mail
Posted on May the 18th.
T.I.: Call me Mariah!
In a B. Scott Exclusive interview, T.I. talks about Mariah

"There was also a rumor that T.I was going to be on Mariah Carey’s upcoming tenth studio album. You know I had to ask about that!
In response, T.I stated: 
“I want to work with Mariah! I have wanted to work with her for a long time. I have produced beats for her to use, tried to get her on this album and will work with her on her new stuff. I will do whatever Mariah wants! Tell Mariah to call me, I’m down. Call me Mariah!” 
Source: Love B Scott - MariahConnection- MariahDailyJournal - Andy by e-mail
Posted on May the 18th.

Back at #1: Bone Thugs-N-Harmony's 'Strength & Loyalty' Debuts #1 R&B/Hip-Hop and #2 Pop
The strength and loyalty of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony and of their fans are being rewarded as the group's first major label album in five years, Strength & Loyalty (Interscope/Full Surface), released May 8, 2007, has debuted #1 R&B/Hip-hop, #1 Rap and #2 Pop on the Billboard charts, with scanned sales of 119,283. In addition, the album's first single from Layzie Bone, Krayzie Bone and Wish Bone, "I Tried," featuring and produced by Akon, has jumped into the Top 10 of the Hot 100, is a top 10 mobile product at Sprint and T-Mobile and top 15 mobile product at AT&T and Verizon. The next single, "Lil Love," featuring Mariah Carey and Bow Wow (produced by Jermaine Dupri), is already climbing the chart at Rhythm Crossover radio.
Source: Elites TV
Posted on May the 18th.
CD Review: Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Revive Career With 'Strength' Of Peers
The group can also show a softer side without stooping to syrupy-ness. Mariah Carey's sensual crooning is the first voice you hear on "Lil' L.O.V.E." and before listeners know it, they're hooked and drawn into the midst of a seductive club jam. Dupri, who specializes in such designer dance floor material, helms the song's dense, layered keyboard noodling and synthetic bass pattern that while completely formulaic, could've been a contender on the R&B charts if Carey was its sole focus. Instead, the song's potential is blocked by the Thugs' and Bow Wow's loquaciousness on the mic.
Source: News 4 Jax (extract)
Posted on May the 18th.
DJ Toomp produced 3 tracks for Mariah
"Yeah, I’m on Mariah Carey next album, after I sent my tracks, I sent like 3 tracks, I’ve also got 3 tracks on Kanye West’s new album coming up."
Heroes note: Sooo, we know until now that 7 tracks were made (4 with Brian-Michael Cox and 3 with DJ Toomp), but as usual we know a lot of tracks will not make their way on the final album. 
Posted on May the 17th.
"Lil' L.O.V.E." enters at #17 On Billboard Bubbling Under
Not really great as technically it didn't enter the Billboard 100, "normally" US fans should have downloaded the track by now.  Can we say thanks to leaked tracks and piracy?
Anyway, let's see it that way, here in my country we say: " Don't complain to have a half empty bottle, be happy you have a half-full bottle", so I'm gonna say I'm happy... I guess.
Source for the Billboard info: Chopare - bks

- "Lil' L.O.V.E." update
Spins: 536 (513)
Audience/ Millions: 5.191 (4.961)
Rank: 47 (55)
Please US fans: request the track in your area, also click here to access a page my friend Alex made with links to radios to request.
Posted on May the 17th.

It's all about L.O.V.E.
- "Lil' L.O.V.E." update
Spins: 513 (471)
Audience/ Millions: 4.961 (4.869)
Rank: 55 (53)
Please US fans: request the track in your area, also click here to access a page my friend Alex made with links to radios to request.

- According to Nielsen's SoundScan, Bone Thugs' seventh album, Strength & Loyalty, executive produced by Swizz Beatz and featuring appearances from Twista, Akon and Mariah Carey came in at No. 2, reeling in 119,000 copies.

- Bone Thugs' message in their MySpace bulletin:
Thanks to all our FANS we did 116K our 1st week out we would like to thank all of you for buying the album and supporting us!!
Thanks Much Luv from all the BTNH family!!

- New Heroes of Mariah contest open now!!! 
The prize is the European copy of "Strenght & Loyalty", the brand new album of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony which contains "Lil' L.O.V.E." featuring Mariah.  The album has also a sticker with Mariah's name on it .   Click here to access the contest.
A big thanks to Universal Belgium for the CD.
Sources:Mediabase - SOHH - Bone Thugs
Posted on May the 16th.

Mariah won 2 BMI Pop Awards 
- DON'T FORGET ABOUT US / Mariah Carey / Rye Songs / Songs of Universal, Inc. / Mariah Carey / Island Records
- SHAKE IT OFF/ Mariah Carey / Rye Songs / Songs of Universal, Inc. / Mariah Carey / Island Records
BMI staged its 55th Annual Pop Awards on May 15
Hosted by BMI President & CEO Del Bryant and BMI Vice President/General Manager, Los Angeles, Barbara Cane and held at the Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills, the black-tie, invitation-only dinner recognized the writers and publishers of the past year’s 50 most performed pop songs from BMI’s catalog of more than 6.5 million compositions.
Taking home two BMI Pop Awards each were Fall Out Boy’s Andrew Hurley, Patrick Stump, Joe Trohman and Pete Wentz; Mariah Carey; Ne-Yo; and Nickelback members Daniel Adair, Chad Kroeger, Mike Kroeger and Ryan Peake (all SOCAN). Publishing companies EMI-Blackwood Music, Inc., Universal Music Publishing (Irving Music/Songs of Universal, Inc./Universal-Songs of Polygram International, Inc.), BMG Music Group (Killer Tracks/Zomba Songs), Sony/ATV Songs LLC, K’Stuff Publishing, Chicago X Softcore Songs, Rye Songs, and Super Sayin’ Publishing were each cited for multiple award-winning songs.
Source:BusinessWire - BMI
Posted on May the 16th.
Nelly wants it big, first Mariah and Janet, now Bruce Springsteen
It was reported that singer “Nelly” wanted to work with Mariah Carey & Janet Jackson; and now it appears the rapper wants to branch out even further, as he has expressed interest in collaborating with music legend Bruce Springstien- if he can convince the “Streets of Philadelphia” star to join him in the studio.
The “Dilemma” singer is reportedly very keen on the idea of working with Bruce, after his Over and Over duet with country star Tim McGraw became a huge hit back in 2004.
Nelly’s producer friend Jermaine Dupri tells MTV, “I think he’s doing a record with Bruce Springsteen. You know he always has to do one of those! “My two records (that I’ve produced for Nelly), he’s gonna have some people on them - I won’t tell it yet. I don’t want to jinx the record.”
Source: Contactmusic
Posted on May the 15th.
JD honored by ASCAP
The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) will honor Grammy Award winning producer Jermaine “JD” Dupri as Songwriter of the Year at their 20th Annual Rhythm & Soul Awards, to be held Monday, June 25 at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles. The honor follows Dupri’s sixth Songwriter of the Year distinction at ASCAP’s annual Pop Music Awards in April.  He was recognized as Songwriter of the Year, along with singer/songwriter, Johnta Austin, for the hit songs, “Grillz” (Nelly), “Like You” (Bow Wow featuring Ciara), “Pullin’ Me Back” (Chingy featuring Tyrese) and “Don’t Forget About Us,” “Shake it Off” and “We Belong Together” by Mariah Carey.
Source: EURweb
Posted on May the 15th.
"Lil' L.O.V.E." update
Spins: 471 (428)
Audience/ Millions: 4.869 (4.707)
Rank: 53 (54)
Please US fans: request the track in your area, also click here to access a page my friend Alex made with links to radios to request.
Source for the info: Mediabase
Posted on May the 15th.
Pinko in Belgium 
Keep an eye open (or better the two ), 'cause Pinko is in Belgium!!!!
The store in Nieuwpoort (Belgian coast) has a Mariah Pinko poster.
If you see something in other Belgian cities, please drop me an e-mail.
Click on the pic to enlarge
Source for the info and pic: Elise on our forum
Posted on May the 15th.
"Lil' L.O.V.E." announced as a single
On their MySpace, here's what Bone Thugs published today 15 May 2007: 
"Listen to Bone's New Single Lil Love"
If it's not done yet MySpace people, add them as a friend and show them some L.O.V.E. 
Let's hope Europe will follow with the release of the single.
Posted on May the 15th.
"Lil' L.OV.E." now on iTunes Belgium
You can now download "Lil' L.OV.E." on iTunes Belgium, 'cmon guys, it's only 0.99 Euro.  Show love and support!!!!
Posted on May the 14th.
New Heroes of Mariah contest open now!!! 
The prize is the European copy of "Strenght & Loyalty", the brand new album of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony which contains "Lil' L.O.V.E." featuring Mariah.  The album has also a sticker with Mariah's name on it.   Click here to access the contest.
A big thanks to Universal Belgium for the CD.
Posted on May the 14th.
"Strenght & Loyalty"
In the booklet of the album, Krayzie writes:
"Mariah Carey we love you and we always gotcha back. Holla!"
Posted on May the 14th.
"Lil' L.O.V.E." update
Spins: 428 (389)
Audience/ Millions: 4.707 (4.399)
Rank: 54 (59)
Please US fans: request the track in your area, also click here to access a page my friend Alex made with links to radios to request.
Source for the info: Mediabase
Posted on May the 14th.
Indie Label Baby Ree Records Shaking Up Industry With Aim Of Becoming "Westcoast Motown"
Multi-Platinum producer/artist Damion "Damizza" Young (Mariah Carey, Snoop Dogg, Korn and others) is giving the state record industry an overdue wakeup call.  The 32-year-old Baby Ree Records CEO - Who has been rated by Source magazine as the #4 most powerful person in hip-hop and the LA Times as "One of the most powerful executives in the music business" has an unorthodox & landmark independent distribution deal through Universal/Fontana and now intends to evolve his label into what he descibes as the "West-Coast Motown".
Click here to read the full Press Release.
Posted on May the 14th.
Eurovision controversy
It's now a few years I don't watch the Eurovision song contest anymore, first 'cause I have no time and then 'cause I lost interest in this kind of masquerade that it has become.  Anywayz, Serbia won the 2007 contest with "Molitva" sung by Marija Serifovic who often refered Mariah as a model.  But.... the writer of the song (whoever it is) probably has J.Lo as a model.  Click here to listen how the Serbian song copied "Ndarja", sung by Albanese Soni Malaj in 2006.
Source for the info: Belgian newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws by e-mail
Posted on May the 14th.
"Lil' L.O.V.E." update
Spins: 389 (353)
Audience/ Millions: 4.399 (4.023)
Rank: 59 (61)
Please US fans: request the track in your area, also click here to access a page my friend Alex made with links to radios to request.
Source for the info: Mediabase
Posted on May the 13th.
Keep checking SweetMariah
SweetMariah has THE biggest photo gallery online with more then 8000 pictures and scans. The most complete gallery, well sorted and still growing. You can find very exclusive HQs and everything from recent going back to the 90's.
Just one click to access SweetMariah, a paradise for every fan!!!
Posted on May the 13th.

Happy Mothers Day to all the moms and especially to all the fans who are a mom, to all the moms of fans and to Pat, Mariah's mom. 

Joyeuse Fête des Mères à toutes les mamans et spécialement à toutes les fans qui sont maman, à toutes les mamans de fans et à Pat, la maman de Mariah. 

Gelukkige Moedertjes Dag aan alle mama's en in het bijzonder aan alle fans die mama zijn, aan alle mama's van fans en aan Pat, Mariah's mama. 
Posted on May the 13th.

YOU can make it happen!!!!!!
Please, click here to access a page my friend Alex made with links to radios to request "Lil' L.OV.E.".  Support the track NOW!!!!
Posted on May the 12 th.
"Lil' L.O.V.E." update
Spins: 353
Audience/ Millions: 4.023
Rank: 61
Please US fans: request the track in your area.
Source for the info: Mediabase
Posted on May the 12th.
ODB's mom: "He didn’t want me in the music industry, period. He knew it was a cruel world"
It's maybe a bit long, but it's really great and moving, I couldn't extract any part as it's all important, I posted the article in full...
Though it’s been several years since his untimely passing, Hip-Hop has yet to find another Ol’ Dirty Bastard. In fact, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say the odds of ever finding him again are slim-to-none. Name another rapper who bumrushed The Grammys, allegedly got held up by Diddy’s goons, then saved a little girl from being crushed to death—all in the same week. There truly was no father to his style, in the booth or out in the world—but there was a mother. 

Just in time for Mother’s Day, caught up with Ms. Cherry Jones to see how she’s coped with the loss of her son, and to explore the murky details surrounding the late rapper’s estate. Though she’s endured a public feud with his former wife, and has been burdened with the debts he accumulated, she carries herself forward with dignity, grace, and a sense of humor not unlike Dirty’s. Sitting down with her in her Brooklyn Brownstone, one gets the sense that much of his talent came directly from his mama. Whether it’s the way she laughs, or how she bats her eyes when she smiles, you’re left with the impression that a part of Ol’ Dirty is still alive and kicking in spirit. And while it hasn’t been an easy coping with the loss, Ms. Jones is determined to carry on and survive, sadly, without the support of her son’s fellow members of the Wu-Tang Clan. I actually read an interview from The Village Voice and the writer paraphrased you saying that your son didn’t like having you backstage. Why?
Cherry Jones: He didn’t want me in the music industry, period. He knew it was a cruel world, and he can’t be onstage and take care of me at the same time. [He said] “Mama, I don’t want you involved in the business,” but I told him the last time he came out [of jail] that I was going to be in the business so he could have something. We he was with Wu-Tang, he had nothing. [Laughs] Nothing. Everything he wanted for he had to go and beg. He had to fight them for a dollar bill. So, even off of [Return to the 36 Chambers: The Dirty Version], he had to fight for his fair share of the profits?
Cherry Jones: He had to fight for everything, you know, beg: “I need a couple dollars here.” It takes time to make money in the music industry. Rusty was never rich. He just made enough money to survive and take care of his child support. He was never able to buy a home. He was never able to buy his mother a home. He was rich inside; whatever he had, he gave, but I never was able to sit down [and live off of him]. I told him “I could buy him a house.” [Laughs] What did you do to support yourself?
Cherry Jones: I worked for NYPD—I was a corrections officer. I did everything. I was driving the buses in Manhattan; I started that job when I was 59. I’ll be 61 in July. I could never stop working. [Even] now, I don’t have a penny. When he died, his wife never lived with him, but she walked in and poof [took all available money for herself]. But I retire next year, so I ain’t gonna worry. He was quite prolific as an artist. What would you say were some of the things you instilled in him as a little kid?
Cherry Jones: Never forget who you came from. A lot of these entertainers get up there and think they’re too good to stop and even speak to you. I told him not to forget where you came from, because the same people you meet going up, you meet going down. Always take the time to stop and say hello. He used to go downtown and feed the poor. He never had a [driver’s license], so he’d be on the train and the bus [Laughs]. I didn’t know that he had an expensive taste in clothes. Where’d he get that from?
Cherry Jones: He always had that because I didn’t put anything cheap on them when they were children. I taught him that if you buy something of good quality, it’ll go down the line; I had seven kids. If I bought something good, I could pass that down to the next child, and the next child…and that’s what I did. I told him to never put no cheap shoes on your feet; you buy a good shoe. I instilled that in him, thank goodness, because his wife used to tell me she’d go to Payless—and he hated that. He hated it, so he’d go and do all the shopping. He’d buy her clothes, his clothes and all the kids’ clothes. What would you say your relationship is with her? I can sense a little tension.
Cherry Jones: I haven’t seen her since the funeral. I never did anything to her. But she takes time to go on Wendy Williams and threaten my life and stomp my brains out so, I left everything in the hands of God. I didn’t understand [the falling out]. We were friends until the day he died. So, what happened?
Cherry Jones: He was signed to a million-dollar deal [with Roc-A-Fella Records]. She thought she was gonna get the million dollars. She’s too ignorant to know that he didn’t get nowhere near that money anyway; Damon Dash never paid him. If he had lived, he probably would have got his money, you know, but he was never paid. She thought that all that money was gonna go to her, but she ain’t know that all the money that was paid to him was going towards making the album. [Laughs] So she told the world that I robbed a million dollars from Dirty. But, obviously, you don’t have that.
Cherry Jones: Have what? [Laughs] I don’t have a penny. A lot of times I walk to Downtown Brooklyn. I don’t even have [cab] fare. Dirty bought an expensive car for $80,000 and I’m paying for it through the help of my mom and my father-in-law. Dirty bought it for his friend and I’m not gonna let his friend go down so, every month I’m looking to make a payment. He bought it in October…he died in November. It’s a Chrysler 300 Hemi Special Edition with wood trim inside and everything. If I had [that million dollars], wouldn’t it have been paid for? When I finish paying for it, I’m gonna try and put it on eBay and sell it to pay off some of his taxes and stuff. We he came out [of jail] I had power-of-attorney. They put my name on everything he bought. Things will work out, though. I ain’t got time to worry about it. You worry about it, you get old-looking. You get bags under your eyes…I ain’t even worried about it. [Laughs] You don’t even look 61, by the way. I’m not even saying that to butter you up. 
Cherry Jones: Thank you. [Laughs] If he was alive, I wouldn’t have to worry about anything because he took care of his mother. But the wife [messed things up]. She actually told the courts that she wanted everything. Like Dirty wasn’t going to take care of his mother! So, if he gave me any money while he was living with me, she wanted that back. I think that’s sick. Where is she living now?
Cherry Jones: In Georgia. She just had a baby with this guy she’s been with for a long time. She wanted all my [RIAA] plaques. I told her, “Come here and try to take them.” You can’t take nothing from me. Everything I have, he put in my hands. He said, “Mommy, this is for you.” If he wanted you to have it, he would’ve said, “Here wifey, this is for you.” The RZA and Dirty were cousins. He’s your nephew. Do you talk to him often?
Cherry Jones: I don’t. They don’t call you. The last time I saw RZA was out in Cali at Rock The Bells. He didn’t pay for my ticket, he didn’t invite me. Chang [The concert’s promoter] set me up to go out there. He had nothing to do with it. Other people arrange for me to go places. The VH1 Hip-Hop [Honors]? My girlfriend told me about it. He didn’t tell me anything. Is anyone from the group staying in touch with you?
Cherry Jones: No. Not one of them. Now, could that just be a case of “Out of sight, Out of mind?”
Cherry Jones: They don’t contact me on anything. They might be busy, I don’t know. But when it comes to family, pick up the phone. I don’t have their number—I had RZA’s number, but I guess with so many people calling him, he changed it, you know. He gets me aggravated. Every time you call him, he thinks you want something. I never asked him for nothing. Well, I asked him one time to help me with Dirty’s car and he said he didn’t have nothing so, I’ve been doing it on my own ever since Dirty died. I ain’t gonna ask you but one time. It’s hard, but I’m hanging in there. He really was larger than life, in a lot of ways… 
Cherry Jones: Oh, yes. Yes, he was. Even now, when Wu-Tang’s on stage, people scream, “Dirty, Dirty, Dirty!” It makes you feel good. It really does. Jay-Z too. I saw him in concert last summer and he had the crowd singing “Brooklyn Zoo.” 
Cherry Jones: Oh, wow! I really like that. You know, they never really got along… Really? Why?
Cherry Jones: ‘Cause Dirty [was] like that. He wanted to be the front-and-center. If you up there singing, he’d go up there and take the show. He was always like that. I’d tell him, “That’s not nice.” He didn’t care. [When he was on the lam], he’d put a hoodie on and go “I gotta get outta here because they gonna lock me up.” I said, “Boy, you stupid.” Then he goes in McDonald’s [In Philadelphia and gets arrested]. They told him to stay in the car, but he comes out and says “They locked me up.” You walked in and they locked you up? [Laughs] You know, I was watching the Grammy incident last nite. He was very calm and professional when he took the mic…
Cherry Jones: Rage Against The Machine said, “Wouldn’t nobody do it but Dirty.” They said they loved it! I said, “All of y’all are stupid.” I said it [to Dirty] “It wasn’t nice of you to do that, either. Don’t you ever do that again in your life. I’ll tear your head up.” [Laughs] He was sober, you know… Really? 
Cherry Jones: Really. On the way there, a limousine came and picked us up. He stopped at almost every corner and bought little bottles of water. He had nothing to drink that night. Nothing at all. So when he went up there, I felt bad, but I said “At least the boy is sober.” Puffy’s people had him hemmed up by the neck. His henchmen ain’t gonna hem up my doggone son. I said, “It’s time for me to fight.” He said, “Calm down mommy, everything is gonna be okay.” If Rusty don’t wanna fight, you know he’s sober! His bodyguards had him by the throat down there because of the comment he made: “Puffy’s good, but Wu-Tang’s the best.” After seeing him like that, I said, “Boy, he really need a drink!” [Laughs] Were there any moments you were proud of in particular? 
Cherry Jones: When he got to The Garden, I went. He was with Mariah Carey. He bought me a great big bouquet of flowers and, it was so nice. I was so proud of him that night. He had no clothes; the clothes they brought him were too small, so he stripped Poppa Wu [his cousin] right out of his clothes. He really did. Then he went on stage and the kids loved him. [Mariah] didn’t go on stage with him because he had just came in off tour. He came straight from the plane into The Garden. He didn’t have time to rehearse with her, so she didn’t sing with him. He went on the stage and rocked the house without her. He said, “Screw her!” [Laughs]. I said, “Boy, you stupid!” He was fantastic. I’m about to ask you a dumb question, but, how’d it feel when you first heard the news? 
Cherry Jones: I lost my mind. What bothered me the most was, they had called me, and they hadn’t even called the ambulance. They said, uh, “Dirty’s on the floor and we’re not getting a response.” I started screaming, “Why don’t y’all call the damn ambulance?” He’d probably been dead a long time…that’s why they never called…I don’t know…I don’t know. Dirty lived a life he wanted to live. He was about to go on tour and he said to me, “Mom, this is the last time you’re gonna see me.” He said he was going to Mexico. I told him that, “If you go, give your mother a call and tell me that you’re okay.” He never got a chance to call because he…died in the studio. The RZA sent a limo to pick him up. He got off the plane on a Friday and died on a Saturday. He had cocaine in his system, and when he was on tour, he fell off the stage and [surgically] had pins placed in his foot which was very painful. So, when he got to the studio, he asked for a painkiller like Tylenol and they gave him something much stronger, like Tramadol. With the coke, it’s a deadly mixture, that’s what the medical examiner told me…he had a smile on his face, though…. I used to wash him and put him in his clothes…that was my boy. When he told me, “This is the last time you’re gonna see me,” maybe he felt something, you know? But…I enjoyed every day of his life.
Source: Chris "Milan" Thomas for (All rights reserved)
Posted on May the 11th.

Macau update
After many researches, I found out today that Belgian artistic creator Franco Dragone is in charge of the big show for the official opening of the Crown Macau.
Still no other infos about the rumored participation of Mariah in the open air concerts, except here.  So wait and see!!!!!
Posted on May the 11th.
US fans, download "Lil' L.O.V.E." on iTunes and win prizes
Jeremy is giving all of you a chance to win a "So Lonely" USA CD Promo! 
All you need to do is download "Lil Love" from iTunes USA and email your proof of purchase to to register for your chance to win. 

Marc is giving all of you a chance to win a copy of "Strength and Loyalty" album! 
All you need to do is download both the explicit & clean version of "Lil Love" seperately from iTunes USA and email your proof of purchase to to register for your chance to win. 
Download: Clean Version - Explicit Version
Cut-Off Date: 15 May, 2007
Source: Jeremy
Posted on May the 11th.

Is Thalia mad at Mariah?
According to one of Thalia’s friends, Thalia is mad at Mariah for saying that she regrets marrying Tommy Mottola and would not do it again.

It seems that Thalia does not understand how Mariah can say those things about Tommy after being the person responsible of Mariah’s success.

"Certainly, that lady does not have a good memory, she might have forgotten that the best opportunity of her career was given by Tommy Mottola", said 
one of Thalia’s closest friends.
Source: La Segunda - Mariah Connection Spain - Simona by e-mail
Heroes comment: that's hilarious, that poor creature (Thalia's friend) doesn't know the difference between business and romance , Mariah didn't say she regrets being signed way before the marriage, she said she regrets marrying Tommy Mottola.
Posted on May the 10th.

Mariah To Help Celebrate VH1 Save The Music Foundation's 10th Anniversary
Mariah Carey and Jon Bon Jovi will join in celebrating the VH1 Save The Music Foundation's 10th Anniversary Gala on September 20th at Lincoln Center in New York City. Jon Bon Jovi will perform as part of a special tribute to VH1 Save The Music founder John Sykes during a ceremony that will also honor Mariah Carey for her unyielding support of the Foundation's mission. 

"I am thrilled to have Jon Bon Jovi and Mariah Carey share in the celebration of the VH1 Save The Music Foundation's 10th anniversary," says Paul Cothran, Executive Director of the VH1 Save The Music Foundation. "It would be hard to look back on the past ten years and recount each of our triumphs and successes without recalling individuals such as these two artists that have donated so much of their time and efforts to restoring music education programs across the country." 

During the elaborate 10th anniversary celebration, the VH1 Save The Music Foundation will honor Mariah Carey for her outstanding dedication to the organization over the years. Since 1998, Mariah Carey has been instrumental in helping the VH1 Save The Music Foundation achieve their goals by volunteering her time and efforts in various ways. Mariah has performed at several benefit shows including the very first "VH1 Divas" in 1998 and has been active in raising public awareness about the benefits of music education during events such as NBC's "VH1 Save The Music Today! Week." In 2006, Mariah donated the Escada dress she wore in her Intel Centrino Duo commercial, which later sold at auction to benefit The Foundation. 

John Mayer, who can be seen in one of The Foundation's newest public service announcements, will co-headline the event. Tim Gunn of Project Runway will also be on hand to emcee a live auction, which will feature one-of-a-kind items and experiences from VH1 Save The Music partners. Additional honorees, participants and attendees will be announced in the coming months. 

About VH1 Save The Music Foundation

Since 1997, the VH1 Save The Music Foundation has successfully restored and sustained instrumental music programs in 1,400 public schools in 80 communities across the country, including Memphis, Houston, Chicago, New York, Denver, Baltimore and Milwaukee. Over the past ten years, various artists and celebrities have shown their devotion to the VH1 Save The Music Foundation by partnering with the organization as they've reached out to struggling school districts across the country. Celebrities including Mariah Carey, Beyonce, Sting, Billy Joel, Kiefer Sutherland, John Legend, Rob Thomas, Alicia Keys, and Jewel have donated their time and efforts to the organization in attempts to raise awareness about the importance of music in a child's education. 

To date, The Foundation has provided more than million in new musical instruments, affecting the lives of more than 800,000 children. For more information on the VH1 Save The Music Foundation, please visit here.
Posted on May the 10th.

Daniels promises Carey will surprise
Liz Smith asked Lee Daniels about his latest film project, "Tennessee," filmed in that very state and starring Mariah Carey. It seems the divine diva next door, as she calls her, had been a doll to direct, even forsook her six-inch heels when the characterization called for flats, and it's Lee's belief that she is going to surprise us this time out.
Source: Liz Smith for Baltimore Sun and  Variety
Posted on May the 10th.
Billboard Bits
Mariah Carey has recently logged time recording in the British Virgin Islands for her as-yet-untitled new Island Def Jam album, the follow-up to 2005's "The Emancipation of Mimi," released in 2005.
Bryan Michael-Cox is one of the songwriters submitting songs for the project, which will feature contributions from longtime collaborator Jermaine Dupri.
"The Emancipation of Mimi" has sold 5.8 million copies in the United States, according to Nielsen Soundscan.
Source: Billboard
Posted on May the 9th.
Don't shoot the messenger 
After my previous update, some fans e-mailed me to tell that news was not accurate, hey... I don't make it up, I have more important stuffs to do 
Anyway, I made some more research, as I know it's strange, there's another article talking about the same news, it's in Portuguese and I've no time to translate it right now, but it's almost the same as the previous one.
Click here to see it by yourself.
Posted on May the 9th.
Mariah rumored to attend the festivities for the opening of Crown Macau hotel and casino

According to Hong Kong newspaper Oriental Daily News, Mariah is expected to attend the official opening festivities of the Crown Macau hotel and casino.
You can already see white tents, many technicians and many foreign people checking the place.  The event will take place starting May the 12th.  Other rumored names for the open air concerts are Kylie Minogue, Celine Dion and Sting. 
More about the Crown Macau
Located on Taipa island, Crown Macau is a luxury and contemporary casino and hotel development catering primarily to the high-end gaming market. Opening in the second quarter of 2007, the 36-storey complex will provide a genuinely unique six star experience offering superior quality and exceptional service for those seeking the finest gaming and hotel facilities in Macau.
Crown Macau will feature one of the most dazzling multi-level gaming venues in Asia offering an incredible array of gaming options in a vibrant and sophisticated setting. Amidst 17,000 square metres, the casino will offer 220 gaming tables, more than 500 slot machines and a series of exclusive private salons.
Conveniently located within the complex will be Crown Towers, a stylish hotel created by one of the world’s leading hotel designers, Peter Remidios. Crown Towers will feature 216 spacious guest rooms including 24 luxurious suites and eight exclusive villas – all with spectacular panoramic views towards the lights of Macau Peninsula.
Numerous world-class restaurants and bars, offering a vibrant range of cosmopolitan dining options, and a deluxe spa and wellness facility complete the leisure and entertainment experiences at Crown Macau.
Crown Macau is located on Taipa island, Macau at the intersection of Avenida Dr. Sun Yat Sen and Avenida de Kwong Tung.
Sources: Crown Macau - Oriental Daily News (All rights reserved) - Jen
Posted on May the 9th.
"Lil' L.O.V.E." update
Spins: 230 (202)
Audience/ Millions: 3.161 (2.866)
Rank: 70 (74)
Please US fans: request the track in your area.
Source for the info: Mediabase
Posted on May the 9th.
Thanks to "Heroes" and "We Belong Together", Eric Roberts has a new audience
Ever since Roberts landed the role of Thompson on Heroes, a mysterious associate at the Primatech Paper Company and the man who hired Mr. Bennet into the company, Eric has been revelling in his newfound spotlight. But, as Eric explained in a recent conference call, that's not the only reason he's become so popular, "It's a combination, I think, of Heroes and a couple of hit music videos. The Mariah Carey and The Killers video have given me a whole new audience under 15 that I didn't have before.
Source: UnderGroundOnline (All rights reserved) (extract)
Posted on May the 8th.
Movie Poster Series from MariahTurkiye 
Guys, you need to go take a look at Can and Murat's fan site MariahTurkiye, they did a very creative and awesome work with their movie posters series.
These movie posters are of Mariah's best videos, they've been inspired from the themes of the songs and the videos themselves. 
They also sent them to Mariah as an artbook, for which we selected the 30 best.
Go check it now by clicking here!!!!!!
Source: MariahTurkiye by e-mail
Posted on May the 8th.
Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh, double aaaaaaahhhhhhhh, triple aaaahhhhh, soon ....... 
Posted on May the 8th.
Jim Jones speaks out loud and clear against the Rockefeller Drug Laws in New York. 
Jones' "Lockdown, USA" video features powerful images from America's War on Drugs, illustrating the widespread imprisonment that has resulted from the laws in New York and their influence nationwide. Footage from a "Coalition for Fairness" rally, led by Hip-Hop Summit Action Network leaders Russell Simmons and Dr. Benjamin Chavis is also included in the clip. With "Lockdown, USA," Jim Jones has joined the HSAN and a number of other celebrities (including 50 Cent, Mariah Carey, Reverend Run, The Beastie Boys, Jay-Z, Nas, Diddy, Madonna, Susan Sarandon) in speaking out against the Drug Laws. The song will be featured in the forthcoming documentary, Lockdown, USA, which premiered at last year's Tribeca Film Festival and is scheduled for theatrical release this year.
Source: SOHH
Posted on May the 8th.
Support "Lil' L.OV.E." now
Plesase US fans, support the track now, request it at your local radio, also click here to access a page my friend Alex made with links to radios.
The request infos for Belgium and France will be up soon on Heroes of Mariah.
Source for the link: Alex by e-mail
Posted on May the 8th.
"Lil' L.O.V.E." update
Spins: 202 (200)
Audience/ Millions: 2.866 (2.701)
Rank: 74 (75)
Please US fans: request the track in your area.
Source for the info: Mediabase
Posted on May the 8th.
Strength & Loyalty reviews, some good, some bad
 AllHipHop says "Lil' L.OV.E." is a pathetic rehash of past hits and quotes:
"If released in 2000, this same LP may have been passable, but today, the sound is just too dated to stand up. Yes, Strength & Loyalty is the best of their last few albums, but that's mostly because their last few albums haven't been very good. The string of weak albums hasns't completely ruined their legacy, so maybe it's time to attempt a graceful exit. The market leaves everyone behind eventually; the only shame is in not knowing when your time is up."
The Washington Post writes: "From the speaker-thumping "Flow Motion" to the Bible-thumping "Order My Steps (Dear Lord)," Krayzie Bone, Wish Bone and Layzie Bone sound as nimble as ever -- albeit less melodic without the croon of on-again/off-again member Bizzy Bone.
They compensate with an impressive guest list, including cameos from the Game, Mariah Carey and Will.I.Am, as well as the omnipresent Akon, who seems to be meeting his quota of appearing on every pop album released this quarter"
Cinema Blend writes: "The other good stuff oozing out of the album is “Flowmotion,” a killer number where the boys showcase how fast they can rap, which apparently is really, really fast. For “Wind Blow,” they sample from Fleetwood Mac’s “The Chain.” Hearing these mixes can be awkward at first, until they win us over by developing their own identity. 
Then Mariah Carey and Bow Wow (who, remember, axed the preceding “Lil” some time ago) join the cause for “Lil L.O.V.E.” Mariah reveals she’s still plenty relevant and is not vanishing anytime soon. Bow Wow sounds pleased with himself in the song’s background, so good for him.'
Posted on May the 8th.
Villa in Anguilla
This is where Mariah is/was

Posted on May the 8th.
French president-elect Nicolas Sarkozy loves Mariah
And he has good taste 
Posted on May the 7th.
Mariah shot her first album cover at Jimbo's
Maybe we knew it, maybe we forgot it or we didn't know it, Mariah shot her first album cover at Jimbo's place.  Jimbo's is not a bar; it's not a restaurant; it's not a convenience store. It's a place where you can buy shrimp bait for fishing, ice cold beer, soft drinks and the best fresh smoked fish in the world.
Click here to visit Jimbo' site
Posted on May the 7th.
MIMS' Manager & CEO of Digiwaxx, Corey "CL" Llewellyn, worked at Mariah's Crave Records
Greenburgh, NY native CL started his music business career during high school, interning in the promotions department at Epic and Penalty Records. After graduating, he quickly climbed the ranks at Mariah Carey's Crave Records, a division of Sony, where Llewellyn started as a paid intern in video promotions before going on to head the department; by age 19, CL would be the Director of Street Marketing. CL continued to be promoted at Crave, eventually landing the position of Director of A&R before the company folded in 1998.
While CL would land on his feet, partnering with Rob Stone to run the radio promotion department for Cornerstone Promotion, where he is credited for co-creating the 1200 Squad, Cornerstone Mixtapes and Fader magazine, it was his experiences at Crave and Sony Music that planted the idea for Digiwaxx.
Source: SOHH
Posted on May the 7th.
"Lil' L.O.V.E." update
Spins: 200 (188)
Audience/ Millions: 2.701 (2.624)
Rank: 75 (79)
Please US fans: request the track in your area.
Source for the info: Mediabase
Posted on May the 7th.
It can happen to everyone of us: Mariah got once a panic attack
According to Janet Snyder who host the morning show at Kiss 98.5, Mariah had a complete panic attack and locked herself in the bathroom. She eventually pulled it together and came out.
We don't know when this happened, but after all who cares, it only prooves Mariah is like everyone of us!!!
Source for the info: The Buffalo News
Posted on May the 7th.
Nelly wants a Janet/Mariah duet, and he wants to be in it too
It's the same old story with Jermaine Dupri: He's in the studio trying to make even more hits — with everybody. He's producing an all-ballad album for Jagged Edge, then you have Usher, Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson and one of his best friends, Nelly.

"Nelly's got a crazy collaboration he's trying to put together, which is him, Janet and Mariah Carey all on one song," JD said. "That's what he wants. If he could convince them to do it, it would be crazy. He wants Janet to rap a 16-bar verse, he wants Mariah to sing the hook and he's gonna do two verses. He has it all planned out. You ask him about it! This is what he wants; he's 100-percent deadlocked into it. And I think he's doing a record with Bruce Springsteen. You know he always has to do one of those! My two records [that J.D. has produced for Nelly so far], he's gonna have some people on them — I won't tell it yet. I don't want to jinx the record.

"Me and Nelly in the studio is barely work," he continued. "We can't even get to work, it's so much partying. No sleep, nonstop. It's a party in the studio. He's the only person I go in the studio with and we party all night. The way Nelly works is, he works 100 percent off a vibe and what's going on in the studio and how people in the studio are moving off his record. People come to the studio and might not give a song a good response. He'll be like, 'Scrap that beat!' We bring in a whole new set of people in. We put on a new beat and if they start moving, he gets excited and it'll be more drinks and the smoke gets thicker and it gets crazy."

J.D., of course, recently signed on to be president of Island Def Jam Records, and he says he wants to build it up as big as it was when Dru Hill and Kelly Price were big. He divulged that Janet Jackson is in negotiations with label head L.A. Reid to come over and join the likes of Mariah Carey, Lionel Richie, Babyface and the aforementioned Jagged Edge on the roster. He also has one MC under his wing, Hot Dollar, whose underground record "Two Steppin' " caught his ear.

"Me being a talent-finder and looking for artists, he happened to have crazy record in L.A. I got his demo, he had more songs. I was like, 'This ain't bad!' I've always been one to move with the new and young talent, so I was like, 'Let's come in with some fresh blood.' " ...
Source: MTV's Mixtape Monday
Posted on May the 7th.

I'll reply to your e-mails as soon as I can, my lil' trip to plan the promotion for Damizza in Europe was absolutely great but I had only 10 hours of sleep since Friday, I need some sleep right NOW 
Posted on May the 6th.
Mariah featured in a book.....
Brother-and-sister writing team Kathryn and Ross Petras wrote a book called: "Unusually Stupid Celebrities: A Compendium of All-Star Stupidity", I think we can boycott that one 
Source for the info: Chicago Sun Times
Posted on May the 6th.
As already reported on March the 20th., 
In a recent interview with Anthony and Desire on Rappers Delight, Cool from Cool and Dre was talking about his current productions, he quotes Freeway, Britney, Christina Millian and... Mariah.
Now here's what we can read on Mixtapekings:
"When did Cool & Dre feel like they finally made it?" I ask. Cool laughs for a few seconds and yells out "Yesterday!" Of course he was kidding. But he makes it clear that such ideas don’t really stir their minds. What can I say, the guy is humble. He continues though, "…But when you got Mariah Carey on your phone asking for a hit, then.…" He laughs and doesn’t finish the sentence; but you get the point. 
Heroes note: Remember, Cool and Dre produced "Feel my Pain" by The Game featuring Mariah, one of the tracks which was scrapped from Game's latest album "Doctors Advocate"
Posted on May the 6th.
"Lil' L.O.V.E." update
Spins: 188
Audience/ Millions: 2.624
Rank: 79
Please US fans: request the track in your area.
Source for the info: Mediabase
Posted on May the 6th.
No updates 'till Sunday
I'll travel a bit around to plan some promotion for Damizza in Europe.
Be good, stay safe.
Posted on May the 4th.
A lil' song for you guys before I go to bed, no, not a lullaby 
Ah huh huh huh ahhh.... could ya be my one and only.... I’m tired of being so lonely, come hold me.... ah huh huh huh ahhh.... I wanna wrap myself around you.... f*** whenever you want to.... come make me say.... ah huh huh huh ahhh..... could ya be my one and only..... I’m tired of being so lonely, console me.... ah huh huh huh ahhh.... I wanna wrap myself around you..... f*** whenever you want to.... come make me say~~~~ 
Posted on May the 3rd.
"Lil' L.O.V.E." added on L.A's Power106
"Lil' L.O.V.E." was played in Power 106's NEW @ 2, which means you need to request it so they will add it to the station's Playlist.
Please request the song.
Posted on May the 3rd.
Please check your local CNN for the Special Larry King - 50 Years of Pop Culture
Mariah is listed among the numerous celebrities featured in the two-hour special Larry King -- 50 Years of Pop Culture, CNN International will show it starting tomorrow and repeat it all weekend long.
Posted on May the 3rd.
"Lil' L.O.V.E." update
Spins: 133 (119)
Audience/ Millions: 1.953 (1.795)
Rank: 94 (99)
Please US fans: request the track in your area.
Source for the info: Mediabase
Posted on May the 3rd.
More news on Karen Clark-Sheard and Mariah, which album will it be... Mariah's or the Tribute album?
In an interview (no date) with Urban Bridgez, Karen talks about her recording with Mariah:
UBG: Any truth to the rumor that you have recorded a new song with Missy and Faith?
Karen Clark-Sheard: No, not anything new as of yet.  I am recording with Mariah Carey soon.  It's still in the process and it's for her album.

While searching for other infos, I found the following posted on February the 21st. 2006 on my own website 
Tribute album for Mariah
In an interview on Christian Music Today, Karen Clark Sheard said: " I was asked to sing one of Mariah Carey's inspirational songs on a tribute album for her, and I thought that was so awesome. I felt like it was so major just to have been asked. I was told that when she heard that I'd be part of the project, she was jumpin' up like I was a mega-star! 
When I finally got a chance to talk with her, she began to cry and told me that she'd admired me from afar." 
Also from a Gospel Flava interview:
About a month ago, I was asked to be a part of a tribute to Mariah Carey, and not just to sing but to have a one-on-one session with her. As we were backstage talking she just began to cry and she said to me, "Sis Karen, you changed my life". While we were talking I could literally feel the yearning inside of her to know Christ and we talked for a while.
Posted on May the 2nd.

"Lil' L.O.V.E." update
Spins: 119
Audience/ Millions: 1.795
Rank: 99
Please US fans: request the track in your area.
Source for the info: Mediabase
Posted on May the 2nd.
Gospel singer Karen Clark-Sheard and Mariah collaboration?
Karen Clark-Sheard speaks about a collab with Mariah in an interview:
Terrell: Cool.  Now you mentioned Aretha Franklin, I read somewhere that you're supposed to be working with her with your sisters and whatnot, but the fans want to know, what are some of the collaborations that you have in store for us in the near future?
Karen Clark-Sheard: Well, of course Aretha reached out to us, she has a production that she is coming out with that she wanted us to be apart of.  So we're looking to collaborate with her in the future.....  And also Mariah Carey as well, I'll do something with her in the near future as well.
Source for the info: MiddleChildPromotions - Whitneyluva
Posted on May the 1st.
Johnta Austin explains how he co-wrote "We Belong Together"
For "We Belong Together",  the second verse is about how I can’t sleep at night, and there’s Bobby Womack on the radio. I try to write about real situations – it could be from things I’ve been through, or what friends have been through. It just comes to me.”
He co-wrote Mariah’s "We Belong Together," plus 3 other hits from her multi-platinum The Emancipation of Mimi album: "Shake It Off", "It's Like That" and "Don't Forget About Us"
In an interview published in a songwriter's publication, Johnta Austin discussed his songwriting, and that his specialty is writing lyrics.
He recalled the writing session for "We Belong Together" which took place in early 2005: "It was myself, Mariah Carey, Jermaine Dupri and Manuel Seal in the studio. It was late one night when we wrote this song - Mariah likes working late at night. Jermaine, Manuel and I were working on it for her, and then she came in and we wrote it together. We were very excited about how "We Belong Together" turned out, and we thought it would be a hit. But I had no idea it would be so huge, spending 14 weeks at #1."

During this interview, Austin took time to describe his songwriting and lyric process. "When I write the lyrics, it’s usually while we’re working in the studio"  he explained. "In most cases the track comes first, then I would write the lyrics and melody to it. But sometimes I’ll come up with the lyric idea first. For my lyric ideas, people are the best inspiration. For "We Belong Together",  the second verse is about how I can't sleep at night, and there's Bobby Womack on the radio. I try to write about real situations – it could be from things I’ve been through, or what friends have been through. It just comes to me."
Posted on May the 1st.

Absolutely GREAT!!!!!
Please guys, check this out.
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Posted on May the 1st.
My annual May the 1st. post
I don't know in other countries, but here in Belgium, we offer lily of the valley on May the 1st. to bring happiness until the next May the 1st.  So today, Mariah, my dear little sweetheart, I offer you one year of happiness.

Je ne sais pas dans les autres pays, mais ici en Belgique, nous offrons du muguet le 1 mai pour porter bonheur jusqu'au 1 mai prochain.  Donc aujourd'hui, Mariah,  mon cher petit coeur, je t'offre un an de bonheur.

Ik weet niet in andere landen, maar hier in België, geven we meiklokjes op 1 mei om vreugde te geven tot de volgende 1ste mei.  Dus vandaag, Mariah, mijn klein schatje, geef ik je een jaar vreugde.
Posted on May the 1st.


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