Heroes of Mariah - The Emancipation of Mimi street promo, Brussels, 04/09/05

When the fans do the promo!        En français - In het Nederlands

The sun wasn't there today, but if he thought he could discourage us, he was wrong .  Just in case he didn't knew it yet, nobody's more obstinate than a Mariah fan and in foreign countries, people say, nothing is stronger than a Belgian, so just think, what can be a Belgian Mariah fan .
Anyway, we were 5 very motivated fans to walk in the main commercial street of Brussels.  It was windy, at some moments we got rain, but our tenderness and support for Mariah were stronger than the bad weather .
We walked, blastin' the new album, showing a sign that we made, my well known Belgian flag Mariah fashion on my back, a "Mimi" gift box in my hands.  Ok, time for action, curious people, people loving Mariah, interested people, and even unconcerned people and trashers, here we come.

The "Mimi" gift box decorated "The Emancipation of Mimi" way (of course), contained little papers, people needed to take a little paper, read it and won the written prize.  There were promo cards (thanks to Universal Belgium), magnets that we made Kinou and I and even an album (the limited edition, bought by Kinou and I too).  It was funny to see how people were happy with their card or magnet and how some wanted to keep picking papers over and over again.

Some people weren't interested to stop by, but Patrick and Kinou did a good job to make them stop.  Kinou even went next to a police van which was patrolling, moving our sign and showing a thumb up to say that the album is awesome, they smiled and one of them showed a thumb up too .
We met two very cool black American men, they were amazed by what we are doing for Mariah.  They even wanted to take pictures to show what they saw back home, one of them won a promo card, and the other one a magnet, when he had the magnet in his hands, he kissed it and said: "That's my Mariah".  At the moment of the picture, he said to his friend: "I'm here with my man, know what I'm sayin', that's Europe".

It was very cold, but we were happy, the passers by asked us if we were paid, why we did that, etc... and were really surprised that we could promote that way (and for free), some congratulated us and said it was very cool to support the artist you love that way.

Gotcha, a promo team for a very big bank corporation was there to make their promo, they had high tech stuffs, instant picture, same warm outfit, etc... hehe, we got them, several of them came to try their luck with the "Mimi" box, we talked a little about the album and the team leader congratulated us for the initiative, he even rewarded us by giving a picture of our group, made with his brand new high tech stuff, to each of us .

The album has not been won, it will be the prize for a contest for the members of Heroes of Mariah.
Thanks to Kinou for the long hours of work to make the stuffs, and for the warm coffees to keep us warm.  Thanks to Sylvia, Patrick and Olivier who joined us for the street promo and thanks to me .

Thanks to Universal Belgium for the promo cards.

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