Heroes of Mariah - Through The Rain street promo, Brussels, 11/23/02

When the fans do the promo !             En français - In het Nederlands

This Saturday November the 23rd, we hope that it will not rain!  Not because we don't like rain (in Belgium, we are used to it) but because we have especially decorated umbrellas for TTR and obviously, if it rains and that all the passers by open their umbrellas, the effect will be missed. 
And yes !  No rain, I feel that our TTR street promo will be seen. 
At the beginning of the afternoon, I welcome a fan who nicely answered our request.  Thanks to Olivier. 
We prepare ourselves and very happy, with a big smile on our faces, we start our promo for TTR. 
Kinou had decorated a large umbrella and attached flyers on a small umbrella which she wears on her head, also, she was transformed into a human juke-box, a backpack on the belly (so, it's a bellypack ) containing a portable cd player with speakers, playing TTR.  Olivier and I distribute 300 flyers printed by Heroes of Mariah. As we are not a group, we are forced to walk in the entire city instead of being able to cover several streets at the same time as planned.  Oh well, too bad for the fans who didn't come, we have fun, We speak about Mariah with many people, we make them listen to TTR (thanks to our human juke-box).  People of any age are interested. 
The 300 flyers are distributed, we rest a little, we talk and we make the review. 
The reactions are positive. 
- "Thanks for the flyer, I will put it in my school book." 
- "Great, Mariah is beautifull and she sings very well." 
- "What a beautiful song, is the cd on sale now? And where?"
- "Can we win the umbrella?" 
We go in several stores and the salesmen say to us that the single was very well sold this afternoon, in a store TTR is even almost out of stock .  Thanks to us?  Huh, maybe, maybe not, but our goal is reached, we made our promo for Mariah. 
A big thanks to Olivier (who deserved his promo cd of TTR, given by Universal Belgium ), to Kinou (for the decoration of the umbrellas and to have made the human juke-box all the afternoon ) and to Gilles ((it's me, well yes, I can thank me, no? ). 

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