April 2002 - Heroes of Mariah
Mariah's new message
Yeah, I just calling to check in 'cause I haven't called in quite some time.  I've been busy recording and things of that nature. Everything is going really well and hum... just wanted to call and let you know once again as always that I love you, appreciate ya and enjoy ya!  (Mary-Ann: Yes, she does!)  (Mariah laughs) I'm down here with Mary-Ann doing some... doing some nice vocals tonight and hum... I just tried to leave a message but it got cut off, I think, I'm not sure 'cause we were clowning around as usual, but anyway we just wanted to leave you with a little song for evening, bah byye! (there's a little electronic melody and Mariah laughs)  (Mary-Ann: I do believe!) Bye!
Source: mariahcarey.com
Transcript made by Gilles.
Posted on April the 30th.
Beyonce gives Mariah props on movie Glitter!
I was reading the new Destiny's Child autobiography (yes...i'm a fan) and I came across the section where Beyonce was talking about the pressures of being a singer-turned actress and being on the new Austin Powers movie. This is what she said: "If you're a singer, people just don't want to give you a chance to prove that you can do anything else. Take Mariah, for example. She delivered a wonderful performance in her movie Glitter, but people don't want to give her props, even though she was going through a bad time in her life. I'm not Roger Ebert, but personally I think she did really well. Mariah, you get two very enthusiastic thumbs up from me!" I thought that was really nice of her. Beyonce is a really sweet girl and a Mariah fan.
Source: buttafly03 from FOMM.
Posted on April the 29th.
Divas set to delight!
VH1 sure knows how to make the ladies happy. And at this year's fifth annual Divas Live show they will have to deal with the diva-sized personalities of Cher, Mary J. Blige and Celine Dion. Also on the bill are newly announced acts Shakira and the Dixie Chicks.  And where, you may ask, is a place big enough to hold all these lovely ladies? The answer: the city that has Paris, Egypt, Venice and more all rolled into one - Vegas, baby!  The Diva phenomenon as we know it was born on April 14, 1998. Celine, Gloria, Aretha, Shania, and Mariah stormed New York City's Beacon Theater, and the VH1 Divas Live CD bottled the night's magic. Any backstage catfights? Well - not on that evening, according to self-confessed 'diva-in-training', Mariah Carey;  "I just tripped Celine when she was walking by. I stole one of Gloria's necklaces -- the big one, with the diamond. It was really nice. So I'm pocketing things and I'm listening to Aretha trying to steal some rifts and things, some ideas. So it's good. I'm kidding. There's no diva drama. This whole thing, don't believe it. I mean really. There's no controversy, we're all happy to be here in support of each other, so girl power and all of that nonsense," she joked.  The show will go off on May 23 and be broadcast on VH1. (Net Music/ET)
Source: Mints by e-mail.
Posted on April the 27th.
Mariah Goes From Murder Inc. To The Club With DJ Quik
West Coast MC is new addition to Carey's growing list of cohorts.
By Shaheem Reid

DJ Quik has joined the list of Mariah Carey's collaborators for her next effort.  On Monday, the West Coast MC/ beat miner said he had already completed a track where he took the diva "to the club."  "[I took her] to the low riders," Quik said of the still-untitled track's beat.  "It's 80'-thick."Quik's going back in the lab with Mariah soon to record a ballad, he said.  "Mariah is serious," he observed.  "It's funny, I didn't get a chance to do her vocals, but I like how she takes the recording process seriously. She's not in there lollygagging, wasting time.  She's in there writing harmonies with her girls.  It was real cool.  "It don't hurt that she's real fine," he added.  "She's real easy on the eyes."  Last week, Murder Inc. producer 7 Aurelius (Ja Rule, Jennifer Lopez, Ashanti) said that he, too, had been in the studio working with the multiplatinum pop queen (see "Mariah Carey Records In Bahamas With Live Band, Strips Down With 7").  Carey is indeed working on a new LP, Mariah's spokesperson said, but she's still talking to labels and has neither a home for the record nor a release date. Quik said that when the album does come out, Carey should be able to bounce back from the jeers she received over her last project, the soundtrack to "Glitter."  "I think 'Glitter' was a hoax," Quik said. "In my opinion, I think she got caught in something that just didn't work. I think it was partially timing, too, and the fact [there weren't any] really strong singles.  "I think she can come back," he continued. "Her fans should allow her one wack album. They allowed me one."
Source: Shaheem Reid for MTV News. (All rights reserved)
Credit of the picture: Arista. (All rights reserved)
Posted on April the 26th.
We are on holliday from April the 22nd to April the 27th.
Posted on April the 21st.
Here's what we received from Honey and Kate
Well Mary J. Blige appeared on the German MTV show "Select" because of her concert in Berlin recently and a viewer asked her why P. Diddy appeared in her video for "No More Drama". And since Mariah is in the video as well, Mary of course mentioned her in her answer, here's what she had to say:
"I was putting those people in the video to let people know that if we don't stick together as artists and start trying to pull together to let other people know - on the outside - that we don't know what's really going on in these people's lifes. They have - you know - they have had dramatic lifes, too. But we don't want them to have any more drama in their lifes. So, that's why Puffy appeared and that's the same reason why Mariah appeared. Because she was going through a lot in her life. So that's why I put 'em there, to let 'em know, like, you know, I don't care what people go through. I'm not gonna turn my back on anyone because of what someone else says (...) The press really knows how to beat you up and make you look bad in front of everyone."
Source: Honey and Kate from Butterflies Are Free by e-mail.
Posted on April the 21st.
Skechers Named After Miss Mariah!
At Skechers.com there is a new shoe called Mariah. There are 5 different colors to choose from as well as a small description which reads: Hit the high notes in this glitter and rhinestone platform sneaker - they're the biggest ticket in town.
Source:Danielle from Mariah Daily.
Posted on April the 21st.
Heroes comment: This shoe make me think to the shoes Mariah wears in the video of One Sweet Day.
Posted on April the 19th.

A well-known record producer has confirmed what Mariah Carey suspected -- her music mogul ex-husband Tommy Mottola tried to sabotage her "Glitter" album and boost the career of rival songbird Jennifer Lopez!  Rap producer Irv Gotti revealed that Mottola asked him to remix J.Lo's "I'm Real" record using rapper Ja Rule, launching a sneaky bid to copy -- and beat to the record stores -- Mariah's "If We" track. That previously recorded collaboration with Ja Rule was scheduled for later release on "Glitter."  Ja Rule also confirmed that he was called by J.Lo's people after they heard the song he did with Mariah.  "They thought the record (Mariah's) was incredible. So they called me and said, 'We want you to do a record for J.Lo. . . but we need it now.' " Ja Rule told the Internet site LAUNCH.com.  Mottola -- whose 5-year marriage to Mariah ended in 1998 -- is chairman of Sony Music Entertainment, which owns Mariah's longtime label Columbia Records.  Last year, Mariah jumped ship to EMI/Virgin records to escape Motola's long arm. But after Mariah's emotional meltdown last July, combined with the box-office failure of her movie "Glitter" and weak sales of the film's soundtrack, EMI/Virgin bought out her contract and cut her loose in January.  "Mariah felt all along that Tommy was trying to torpedo her career. It helped spark her breakdown," a source close to Mariah told The ENQUIRER.  "People acted like she was crazy and delusional when she accused Tommy. But this latest admission by Irv Gotti is proof positive.  "When Tommy and Mariah divorced it was a bitter split. And he immediately started to look for a new pop diva to one-up Mariah.  "Well, he found her in J.Lo. She didn't have the voice of Mariah, but she had looks, charisma.  "And Tommy tired to one-up Mariah for J.Lo whenever he could.  "But Mariah's a fighter, and she's coming back stronger than ever."  Mariah's spokeswoman Cindi Berger told The ENQUIRER that the singer is doing great these days. "Mariah is in an incredibly positive space right now," she said. "She's recording her new album, her role in the movie 'Wisegirls' is getting wonderful notices from the press, and three or four record companies are aggressively pursuing her.  "She doesn't want to dwell on the past."
Source: National Enquirer. (All rights reserved)
Posted on April the 19th.
Click on this link and see if you can find Mariah.
Posted on April the 19th.
Eilish O'Regan of Unison.ie reports an expert on eating disorders is saying female celebrities who have "fuller figures" - such as Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez are good role models for women. Dr Michael Bourke, a psychiatrist in the Blackrock Clinic in Dublin, commented it was wonderful to see these female superstars with normal physiques.
Source: Abstracts.
Posted on April the 19th.

Mariah Carey Records In Bahamas With Live Band, Strips Down With 7
She has not announced where her next recording home is going to be, but Mariah Carey is recording.  "All last week I was down in the Bahamas — just working with her was amazing," producer 7 Aurelius said on Tuesday. "It was a really special session down there."  7, who has produced hits for Jennifer Lopez, Ja Rule and Ashanti with Murder Inc. CEO Irv Gotti, said he met with Carey two weeks ago and the singer invited him down to Nassau to make tracks. Once they got down there, 7 said, Carey got into the zone and developed the proverbial "eye of the tiger."  "She's an amazing writer," he said. "We did three or four songs in three or four days. The way we was doing it, I had [a horn section] down there along with me. We had the whole room set up with candles, some nice wine — [it was] a very good vibe. It was completely stripped down, like 'Mariah Carey Unplugged.' She stripped herself down to her talent. She was really trusting of me and my vision, and I was trusting of who she was."  While 7 couldn't disclose many details about the tracks they completed, he did say they worked on a mixture of mid-tempo and up-tempo ditties, as well as ballads.  "We did a stadium joint called 'Reach for the Sky,' which is amazing," he said. "She likened it to 'Hero.' All this was with a live band."  Carey's spokesperson said Mariah is going to continue recording but still has not made a decision regarding what record company she will sign with. The singer is taking her time and fielding offers.  Besides his work with Mariah, 7 just finished tracks for the Eve album and is working on the Murder Inc. family album (see "Ja Rule, Ashanti, Other Murderers Still Don't Give A ...").
—Shaheem Reid
Credit: Shaheem Reid and MTV (All rights reserved)
Thanks to Ricardo from FOMM.
Posted on April the 18th.
Mariah Request Day!! 
Hey there: 
In honor of MC and the fact that her musical ideas were stolen from her (will not name names), I have written Z100 (NY's hottest radio station) to create a MARIAH REQUEST DAY in honor of her and her music. I would like lambs to write them in support of this idea. I have left the details up to them to create but would like fans of her music to call in on the day that they choose and request any song that Mariah has sung. I thought this would be nice for MC since this is her home town and to show our support for her!  If interested in sending an e-mail to the Z Morning Zoo Crew, go to www.z100.com and look for the icon that directs you to their e-mail account. Place in subject "Mariah Request Day!" and then whatever you want to say to try to get this project going! 
Source: MCFan4Evr by e-mail.
Posted on April the 18th.

Mariah's baby
This morning I read the following news on Anorak:
"Baby boom
IN addition to Mel's pregnancy and Jamie's daughter, this week's OK! features Neil "Foxy" Fox's Baby Scarlett, Ulrika's Baby Bo, Liz's Baby Damian, Patsy's Baby Lennon, Mariah Carey's Baby Football."
I was petrified, what's this news, Mariah didn't have a baby and if yes, I don't think she named him Football.  So, I bought the OK to clear the mystery, and here it is:
"You'de be mad not to be paranoid
Shortly before her breakdown last year, Mariah Carey claimed on her website that certain people in the music industry were out to get her.  Many took that to mean she was paranoid about her ex-husband, Sony boss Tommy Mottola.  Well, she could have been right.  In an interview with rap magazine XXL, record executive Irv Gotti claimes that Mottola heard a sample of Mariah's song Loverboy and ordered him to take a sample and use it as the basis for a song for Jennifer Lopez.  The result was Lopez's hit I'm Real.  Says Gotti: "When Jennifer Lopez's record came out and had the exact same song, we knew Mariah had a right to be paranoid".  Still, Mariah had the last laugh.  She left Mottola, tough she owed one album to Sony, and signed to Virgin for £70 million.  Way to go, girl."
Posted on April the 17th.

Source: Tele Flash.
Posted on April the 16th.
Making merry, Mariah-style 
While Mariah may be one of the most sought after record label signings, it would seem that when it comes to the social A-list, all that glitters is not gold. The curvaceous chart-topper turned up to Eugenes, a 24th street bar and restaurant in Manhattan New York, last weekend and was refused entry. Socialite Nicky Hilton was hosting an FHM magazine bash, which was so exclusive there was no room for Mariah. Boy, that Mariah Carey knows how to throw a party. Glamour gal Carey rented out Anago in the Lenox Hotel Saturday night for a celebration to mark her nephew's pending graduation from Harvard. The family event - about 150 attended - had a tinge of ''Glitter,'' with Patriots quarterback and Sports Illustrated cover boy Tom Brady making an appearance. The events got rolling around 10 p.m. with a full dinner, followed by a breakfast course at 2:30 a.m., with the private affair winding up at 4:30 a.m. ... Other invitees included Pittsburgh Penguins superstar Mario Lemieux, who stayed at the Lenox Friday night, but the player/owner was unable to attend the Carey bash. After dropping the last game of the season to the Bruins Saturday night, Lemieux and his teammates headed home. 
Credit: Boston Globe.
Source: MariahBuzz.
Posted on April the 16th.
Promises, promises for Carey

The battle to sign Mariah Carey to a new record label is heating up. Music industry insiders say Clive Davis' J Records Davis is trying woo her with promises she'll have creative control. "He says he will turn her into the new Whitney Houston," one source laughed. "Look at what he did for Alicia Keys - it's impressive, but then again, Virgin gave [Carey] creative control and that was a mess." Lyor Cohen's Island/Def Jam is trying to win Carey over by promising her "cross-promotion" with Island/Def Jam's parent company, Vivendi. "Vivendi owns Universal and Mariah's trying to break into movies," the source pointed out. "Mariah is holding all the cards here." Warner Music is also said to be "aggressively in the mix." Carey's decision is expected within a week. Her rep, Cindi Berger, said: "There are three or four labels actively pursuing her. She is a smart businesswoman and she's taking her time before she makes any decisions." 
Source: PageSix.
Posted on April the 15th.
Mariah Carey weighing her options 
By Sue Zeidler
LOS ANGELES - Mariah Carey is playing hard to get and who can blame the pop diva who got nearly $30 million just to walk away from her last gig?  "There are three or four big labels aggressively pursuing her. Mariah's a smart business woman and is taking her time before she makes any decisions," said Carey's spokeswoman on Thursday.
Carey, who got $28 million to part ways with EMI Group's (EMI) Virgin Records in January, is now talking with Vivendi Universal's (EAUG) Island Def Jam, run by Lyor Cohen, AOL Time Warner Inc's (AOL) Elektra Entertainment Group, run by Sylvia Rhone and J Records, run by music legend Clive Davis.  Music industry sources said Carey has also talked with Warner Brothers Records, another label under the AOL Time Warner umbrella.  Carey, who has had more number one songs than anybody except for Elvis Presley and the Beatles, had a falling out with EMI after her album and movie, both titled "Glitter", fared poorly.  The artist, who is set to star in an upcoming film with Mira Sorvino, also suffered a breakdown from nervous exhaustion in the past year.  Warner and J Records declined comment.  But in an interview with Reuters on Thursday, Universal Music chairman and chief executive officer Doug Morris acknowledged the company was in talks to sign Carey.  "We are trying to sign her," he said, adding that he was aware that he was competing against Davis at J Records and Rhone at Elektra. "I'm not sure who'll get it, but we have a very good chance," he said.  He declined to comment on possible contract terms, but its a foregone conclusion, according to industry sources, that Carey's next deal will be valued far below the estimated $80 million to $100 million EMI originally agreed to pay.  Under the buyout pact, Carey got $28 million to walk away and retained another $21 million previously paid to her when the EMI contract was first signed in April 2001.  Carey's fallout with EMI reflected some of the difficulties facing the music industry as labels have paid huge sums of money for certain artists who have not panned out during a turbulent year when sales are hit hard by free online music swapping.  The recording companies are also dealing with a coalition of pop stars who have raised concerns about industry accounting practices.  But despite the industry's woes and Carey's rollercoaster year, the labels are anxious to get Carey, who has become one of the biggest selling pop artists of all time since her former husband Sony Corp Sony Music Entertainment chief Tommy Mottola discovered her as an 18-year-old waitress.
Source: Sue Zeidler and IWon Money (All rights reserved)
Posted on April the 12th.
Clive & Carey Could Be a Duo 
Clive Davis has his eye on Mariah Carey.  After sitting on the sidelines, music legend Davis has submitted a last-minute offer to sign a record deal with the pop star, sources close to the talks said.  That makes J Records one of two labels in the final round of a diva auction that began after Carey was dumped by music giant EMI.  The surprise move pits Davis — known for propelling pop stars like Whitney Houston and this year's Grammy Awards queen Alicia Keys — against Island Def Jam boss Lyor Cohen, the shrewd music exec behind rap superstar Jay-Z and chart-topping rock act Nickelback.Carey, who has held several recent meetings with Davis, is expected to make a decision within the next few weeks, the sources said.  Several other labels that had expressed interest in signing the songstress have moved out of the running but could possibly jump back into the fray.  Whoever signs on is expected to pay a fraction of the $80 million that EMI's Virgin Records coughed up to sign Carey, and will likely sign on for just three albums.  EMI wanted out after Carey's latest release, "Glitter," flopped badly and the singer suffered a breakdown. The British music giant was forced to pay her $28 million to walk away.  J Records execs declined to comment. Carey's rep Cindi Berger would only say that Carey is meeting with "a lot of record labels.  She's a smart businesswoman and is taking her time making a decision."  Sources said Carey-suitor Island Def Jam has an edge because it is backed by the deep pockets of media empire Vivendi Universal.  But Davis, who is busy resuscitating the careers of Luther Vandross, Busta Rhymes and aging rocker Rod Stewart, could be just what the fallen pop diva needs.
Source: Phyllis Furman for the New York Daily News.  (All rights reserved)
Posted on April the 10th.
Pics from Flash Magazine

Source: Shino from Love Love Jack and Teru.
Posted on April the 10th.
The All that Glitters Barbie
I was looking at the eToys website and noticed there is a new Barbie doll coming on 05/20, it belongs to the Diva Collection and it's called All That Glitters.  This really reminded me of Mariah :) so check it out by clicking on this link.
Source: Federica from Mariah Crybaby by e-mail.
Posted on April the 10th.
Show your support to Mariah!!!
Originally, this picture was to promote a contest I made on the site, but unfortunately, Mariah had her breakdown and I cancelled the contest.  But now, with the recent revelations, I tought it was time to start this contest again.  You can read all the details in the contest page.
Show your support to Mariah!!!
Posted on April the 8th.
Heroes of Mariah, Best Fan-Club at the MC Web Awards 2002

Click here to see all the winners.
Posted on April the 8th.
A funny idea
Here's what I received from my friend Björn:
"I was thinking, wouldn't it be cool if MC released the original version of Loverboy, I mean with the Firecracker sample I'm really curious how it would sound, I already have a name for this version 'Loverboy (Before JLO Theft Mix)"
Thanks to Björn.
Posted on April the 6th.
Tommy Desperate To Hurt Mariah
WBLS 107.5's Wendy Williams said yesterday on her show that Tommy Mottola tried to pay her money to diss Mariah and hurt her reputation. Mike heard it and tells us: I was listening to "The Wendy Williams Experience" today on WBLS 107.5 here in NYC and she was mentioning the story about how Irv Gotti admitted to the "Glitter" sabotage. She mentioned that the story is getting a lot of press and then stated that she too was asked by Tommy Mottola about a year ago to sabotage Mariah. She didn't give much details (she is saving those for her book that she is writing) but did say that there was a "large sum of money at the end of that phone conversation--in the 5-digit area"  Basically what she alluded to was that Tommy tried to offer Wendy money to say false rumors on-air to damage Mariah's reputation. She said he went as far as saying that she wouldn't have to do anything but talk, that he would supply all the fuel and false stories. She declined the money and hung up the phone.  As you may be aware, Wendy's radio show is the most listened to afternoon radio program in NY and can be heard around the country in syndication. Having Wendy trash Mariah would have reached the masses.
[Thank you Mike]
Source: Meski from MariahMania.
Posted on April the 6th.
To all the lambs in the land! (This was taken from MariahBuzz) 
The word of the Tommy/JLo/Mariah situation is spreading & in suport of Mariah, Helen & fans world wide are planing to show suport to Mariah the following way:  "On Monday, April 8th, I would like ALL TRUE MARIAH FANS to visit MTV.com and VOTE for "CAN"T TAKE THAT AWAY" on TRL...in the subject, write anything to show Mariah we don't like what they did to Mariah and we support her in every thing she does. I think if we spread the word now and get a lot of interest, we could get our thoughts and Mariah's vindication announced on TV, not just paper. Please visit the site and show Mariah our support! Go to MTV to vote."  I already voted this morning and I will do it again. Common lambs, we can do it! And it is for a good cause! Won't we show the world what a great fanbase Mariah has worldwide? Please vote! 
Thanks for your time and have a nice day! 
Bine (Germany)
Source: Bine by e-mail.
Posted on April the 6th.
J. Lo not real?
Jennifer Lopez is niet zo echt als ze zegt dat ze is! Toen Mariah Carey haar ex Tommy Motola (Sony baas) beschuldigde van het feit dat hij J LO gebruikte om haar carrière om zeep te helpen, dacht iedereen dat ze jaloers of paranoïde was. Niets blijkt minder waar. Toen Jennifer een duet met Ja Rule uitbracht, zei Mariah
dat zij eerder met Ja Rule een duet had opgenomen, wat de rapper openlijk heeft toegegeven. Ook Ja's zakenpartner Irv Gotti van Murder Inc. heeft toegegeven dat Tommy Motola hem gebeld heeft om hem een gunst te verlenen. Ja Rule moest samen met Mrs. Lopez een track opnemen, die klonk zoals degene die hij
gemaakt had voor Mariah's 'Glitter'. Belangrijk in het geheel is dat beide dames het sample van 'Firecracker' hebben gebruikt, maar dat Mariah hem het eerst heeft gebruikt. Vervolgens werd het nummer van Jennifer voor die van Mariah uitgebracht, waardoor Mariah gedwongen werd om de sample te vervangen met
Cameo's 'Candy'. J LO heeft via haar woordvoerder laten weten dat "het ene nummer niets met het andere nummer te maken heeft en dat het allemaal geheel op toevalligheid berust".
Source: MTV Nederland.
Posted on April the 6th.

Petit résumé
Jennifer Lopez n'est pas si réelle qu'elle ne le prétend!  Lorsque certains ont prétendu que Mariah avait des troubles mentaux l'an dernier lors de la sortie de Glitter (l'album) et qu'elle était obsédée par le fait que son ex-mari Tommy Mottola essayait par tous les moyens de saboter Glitter, la vérité sort maintenant grace à Irv Gotti du label Murder Inc..  Celui-ci vient de faire des révélations concernant la copie éhontée du sample Firecracker.  Tommy Mottola ayant eu accès aux maquettes de Glitter, s'est empressé de faire copier le sample façon Mariah par Jennifer Lopez pour I'm Real, comme si cela ne suffisait pas, on répéta l'opération une seconde fois, cette fois-ci avec l'aide de Ja Rule, pour le remix de I'm Real copié de If We.
Résumé et traduction: Gilles.

Mariah pics from Gala (German magazine)

Source:Honey and Kate from Butterflies Are Free by e-mail.
Posted on April the 5th.
"The situation is worse than I thought" says Mister Friedman.
Here's what we read on Fox News site:
"Mariah 'Ripped Off' Twice on Same Record
Thursday, April 04, 2002
By Roger Friedman
The situation is worse than I thought. In the below story, which we published yesterday, rap impresario Irv Gotti conceded for the first time that Mariah Carey had her work on Glitter lifted for Jennifer Lopez's J.LO album.  It turns out however that before it was released Glitter was pilfered from not once but twice by Lopez.  Not only was a song sample Carey intended to use taken from Glitter, but a concept as well.  All of this has to do with Lopez's hit song, "I'm Real," which in fact is two different songs. Confused? Welcome to pop music in 2002.  On Lopez's album J.LO, "I'm Real" appears as an upbeat dance number. There's no rapping or male vocal accompaniment. The record does sample the old disco song, "Firecracker." The songwriting credits for that version of "I'm Real," list Martin Denny (who wrote "Firecracker") as well as Lopez and three producers. J.LO was released on July 24, 2001.  The remixed "I'm Real," which was released a few weeks later, is quite different. It's a slow give and take duet between Lopez and rapper Ja Rule. Denny's name is gone from the credits, replaced by Ja Rule (real name Jeffrey B. Atkins). This version became Lopez's hit single. Two songs, one title.  For Glitter, Mariah Carey had found the "Firecracker" sample and recorded it on her soundtrack as "Loverboy." For another Glitter track called "If We," she and Ja Rule recorded a slow give and take vocal. On J.LO, the upbeat "I'm Real" ripped off Carey's planned — and subsequently scuttled version — of "Loverboy." The remixed version of "I'm Real" — which Irv Gotti referred to in his XXL interview — copied the style and substance of "If We." Creatively, Carey — who'd worked hard on Glitter for a year in secret — could say she was plundered twice. Wouldn't that be enough to drive anyone crazy?  Thanks to the Internet, Carey's fans can make the "If We"/"I'm Real" scandal a party game simply by logging on to cdnow.com which features audio clips of all three songs — "If We" plus the two "I'm Real" versions. It's fun, free entertainment!"
Credit: Roger Friedman for Fox News.
Posted on April the 4th.
And finally the truth...  but WARNING!!!  It's not pretty at all.
Here's what we read on FOMM posted by MCRulz, found by Nacho and posted by MariahDaily:
"Mariah Vindicated: Her Song Was "Swiped"
Wednesday, April 03, 2002
By Roger Friedman
Mariah Carey may finally have been vindicated. It seems that there was more than a little truth in her accusations last summer that someone was out to get her.  In the new issue of a rap magazine called XXL, record executive Irv Gotti admits that Tommy Mottola, Carey's ex-husband and the head of Sony Music, instructed him to make a record for Jennifer Lopez that sounded exactly like one Gotti's company had made with Carey for her movie, Glitter — even though Glitter was not finished and Lopez would beat Carey to the punch and undermine a project she was recording for Sony.  In XXL, Gotti is asked by writer Keith Murphy: "Is it true that Tommy Mottola asked Murder Inc. [Gotti's production company] to do the remix of [Jennifer Lopez's] "I'm Real" after hearing a song Ja Rule did with Mariah Carey on the Glitter soundtrack?"  Gotti replies: "Ja wrote a song with him and Mariah singing back and forth on the title track. I get a call from Tommy Mottola, who I have a great relationship with, and he's like, 'I need you to do me a favor. I want you to do this remix for Jennifer Lopez. I want you to put Ja on the record.' Immediately I knew what he was doing because we just finished the Mariah record."  The Mariah record Gotti refers to is "Loverboy," from the movie Glitter. Carey had picked out a sample from Yellow Magic Orchestra's recording of "Firecracker" to be the basis of the song. She and Ja Rule worked on it, and the song was included on daily viewings from the filming of Glitter.  But Glitter was a Sony Pictures release, which is a sister company of Sony Music. Mottola, according to sources who worked on the movie, was surreptitiously viewing footage of Glitter while his ex-wife was shooting it.  "Mariah was so paranoid about the music getting out that we had another singer sing the temporary versions," says a Glitter insider.  "When Jennifer Lopez's record came out, and had the exact same song, we knew she had a right to be paranoid. We couldn't believe it."  Indeed, Gotti's statement to XXL suggests that once Mottola heard Carey's song — and knew Glitter was months away from completion — he stole the idea and gave it to Lopez for the remix of her song, "I'm Real."  The hit version of "I'm Real" with Ja Rule was released after Lopez's album was already out. It's substantially different from the original version.  Murphy, the reporter who interviewed Gotti, said yesterday that the rap music executive told him that Mottola wanted Ja Rule to make a record "in the same style" for Lopez that he'd already made for Carey. "It was exactly the same style — with Mariah and Ja talking back and forth, just the way he does with Jennifer on I'm Real."  But here's a key revelation: the music publisher of "Firecracker" — the sample that Ja Rule used first with Carey and then with Lopez — told me yesterday: "Mariah Carey called us to license a sample from "Firecracker" first. Then, within a month, Jennifer Lopez also called for it."  The publisher of "Firecracker" also pointed out that the composition, by Martin Denny, had never been sampled before Mariah Carey called about it.  Sony Music spokesperson Patricia Kiehl said yesterday: "One song has nothing to do with the other. This is absolutely untrue."  When the possible theft of "Firecracker" was brought up in Talk magazine last fall, Mottola and Lopez's producers immediately invoked that idea that it was a coincidence that the sample was used twice, though — a different defense altogether.  Ironically, the "Firecracker" case found Carey getting a taste of her own medicine when she — and not Lopez — had been Mottola's darling. During Carey's 11 years at Sony Music, she, Sony, and Mottola were sued at least three times for plagiarism. Each case was settled out of court for roughly $1 million, with Carey making no admission of guilt. In one instance, Randy Hoffman — Mottola's business partner and Carey's then manager — wore a hidden tape recorder to a meeting with a witness hoping to get him to change his testimony.  Just as other songwriters had once been affected by having their songs swiped, the impact on Carey of losing the "Firecracker" sample for Glitter was deep. The singer was forced to quickly change the sample on "Loverboy" from "Firecracker" to Cameo's old hit, "Candy."  "We had to work fast," says a Glitter source, "because we had to find music that would fit what was already filmed." Nevertheless, the damage was done. When "Loverboy" was released it was savaged by music industry trade paper Billboard in an unusually harsh review.  Carey — exhausted from working on the project and then knocked out by the scathing reaction — snapped and became the subject of public derision.  Insiders speculate the Mottola-Lopez theft may have had a silver lining. Carey was able to use it to free herself and Glitter from Sony, even though she still owed them an album on her contract. One source told me: "Mariah and her lawyer, Don Passman, went to Tommy and told him that if they didn't let her go, she'd let the higher-ups at Sony know what he'd done to her-and to a Sony project."  The speculation is that Mottola had to make Glitter look as bad as possible to Sony's Japanese honchos, who loved Carey and wanted to keep her as an artist. Ironically, Glitter still sold like crazy in Japan.  Carey wound up taking Glitter to EMI/Virgin as the first record on an $80 million deal. When the album tanked, EMI panicked and paid her a total of $49 million to cancel her contract. Carey is now fielding offers from Universal Music Group, J Records, and Warner Music Group for new contract."
Credit: Roger Friedman for Fox News.
Posted on April the 3rd.
APRIL FOOL - he, he, he - Mariah buys a farm was an April Fool
I'm sure that it's an April fool, 'cause I wrote the article myself and I created a false credit "Skye Daily News", the only true things are the Skye island, the Gesto farm, the Barcadale area, the pictures and the credit for the pictures and the Skye.co.uk site.
Posted on April the 3rd.

One of Skye's frequent rainbows -- after one of Skye's frequent storms
Credit: St Paul Star Tribune.

Picture of the Gesto farm.
Credit: Richard Smith.
Mariah buys a farm
Here's what we found on Skye Daily News:
"Diva Mariah Carey bought the Gesto farm located in the Bracadale area and known for their lambs and sheeps breeding.  Farmer P. Muirhed was very surprised by the visit of Carey's business people.  The exact amount of the transaction was not disclosed."
Source: Skye Daily News.
Comments: After a few searches, we found some info about the Bracadale area: Loch Bracadale forms a giant inlet on the west coast of Skye.  This gently undulating, land is fertile pasture and for centuries, Bracadale was one of Skye's centres for growing flax.
We found these infos on: Skye.co.uk.
Posted on April the 1st.


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