Heroes of Mariah - August 2001
Another great artist in the art gallery
Thanks Jan.
Thanks to VH1. Mariah in a quizz on VH1
Mariah is in the "Before they were rock star" quizz on VH1 site.  Mariah is at the question 4 with a photo taken in 1987.
Thanks to VH1.
Mariah's fans family
Here's what Mariah said about her fans in a recent MTV interview :
"I can only say that I'm grateful to have them in my life. They've like validated my existence in a way and become almost like an extended family for me."
Source : MTV UK

Unfortunately, Mariah will not be on the car ;-)
Belgium Mariah Muscle Car Tour
A car like the car who is on the cover of the Loverboy single and decorated with giant Glitter stickers will go over Belgium.
The muscle car will distribute per day : 1000 stickers, 750 samplers, 75 womens t-shirts.  New program, the muscle car will visit 2 cities.  The members will receive the cities and dates by e-mail.  The others, open your eyes.
Thanks to Virgin Belgium for this info.
Posted on August the 28th.
Never Too Far will be the next
Never Too Far will be the next single in Belgium, it will be released on September the 24th and will be in the stores on September the 25th.
Posted on August the 28th.
Our forum is closed
We saw yesterday that our forum was full of disrespectful messages about Mariah.  We don't know what kind of people do that and as our forum bannished the words : downloads, mp3, etc... and also the injurious and vulgar words, we supposed that these people don't appreciate the idea of a "clean" forum.
Go to see the amazing japanese Glitter promo book on Shino's site LoveLoveJack.
Thanks to Shino.
Another new message from Mariah
Here's the transcript :
"Hey lambs, it's me.  I just wanted to call in and say I love you and thank you so much for everything.  And for just giving me the strength to like, deal with any nonsense because life is too short to dwell on any negativity.  And I just want you to know I appreciate you so much.  And I say it all the time but I really mean it.  And I'm blessed to have everything I have and we all are.  And I just want to send out love to everybody and tell you how grateful I am just to be where I am.  And to have you and thank you for getting me through everything.  Love you much.  Bye bye."
If you want to listen this message go to Mariah's official site.
Thanks to Jeff for this transcript.
Mariah's sympathy message to Aaliyah
Here's the transcript :
"Hey, as I said in my earlier message life is really, really precious and I just wanna send out my deepest sympathy and love to Aaliyah and her family...  And humm, that's the most important thing ..life, and appreciating it, bye."
If you want to listen this message go to Mariah's official site.
Posted on August the 27th at 9h30am CET

Sad day for RnB
Aaliyah, 22, died in a plane crash in the Bahamas.
Sincere sympathy to her family, friends, entourage and fans.
Posted on August the 26th at 8h30 CET
Heroes of Mariah helps to promote Glitter in Belgium!
With the friendly authorization of Virgin Belgium, we decided to make Glitter magnets.  These will be give in the commercial streets of Brussels, from early September.  Don't miss it!  The members of the belgian Fan-Club will of course receive their magnet by the post.
Thanks to Virgin Belgium for their authorization.
Posted on August the 25th.

Heroes of Mariah aide à la promotion de Glitter en Belgique!
Avec l'aimable autorisation de Virgin Belgium, nous avons décidé de faire des magnets Glitter.  Ceux-ci seront donnés dans les rues commercantes de Bruxelles à partir de début septembre.  Ouvrez l'oeil!  Les membres du Fan-Club belge recevront le leur par la poste.

Heroes of Mariah helpt aan de promotie van Glitter in Belgïe!
Met de vriendelijke toelating van Virgin Belgium, hebben we beslist Glitter magnets te maken.  Deze zullen gegeven worden in de winkel straten van Brussel vanaf begin september.  Mis het niet!  De leden van de belgische Fan-Club zullen natuurlijk hun magnet ontvangen door de post.

Mariah in Puerto Rico
We read that Mariah is in Puerto Rico with friends at the Conquistador Hotel.
Source : Planet Québec - Thanks to mariahnews.
Comments : We hope that the press and the paparazzi will let Mariah enjoy her holliday.
Glitter car in Belgium
A car like the car who is on the cover of the Loverboy single and decorated with giant Glitter stickers will go over Belgium.
We don't know the exact dates yet, we wait confirmation, but, we know the cities the car will visit, here they are :
Brussels, Liège, Antwerpen, Gent, Hasselt.
Thanks to Virgin Belgium for this info.
Posted on August the 24th at 10h30 CET

Glitter auto in Belgïe
Een auto zoals die die op de Loverboy single geprint is en versiert met grote Glitter stickers gaat in Belgïe reizen.
We weten nog de juiste datums niet, we wachten naar confirmatie, maar we weten de steden waar die auto zal rond rijden, hier zijn ze : Brussel, Liège, Antwerpen, Gent, Hasselt.

Voiture Glitter en Belgique
Une voiture comme celle qui est imprimée sur le single Loverboy et décorée avec de grands stickers Glitter va parcourir la Belgique.  Nous n'avons pas encore les dates exactes, nous attendons la confirmation, mais nous savons dans quelles villes cette voiture se rendra, les voici : Bruxelles, Liège, Antwerpen, Gent, Hasselt.

Glitter (the soundtrack) number 1 in Japan.
Mariah's japanese next single will be "Reflections" - release date 27/09/2001
Thanks to Shino and Mimika.
Mariah's first interview since the events
Interview with Barbara Walters
On September the 12th on ABC's "20/20"
For more details go see Mariah's official site.
Thanks to Gwinny and mariahcarey.com
Mariah's new message
You can listen to this new message on Mariah's official site mariahcarey.com
Go listen it, 'cause Mariah's voice sounds really relaxed.
Here's the transcript :
"He guys!  I'm just checking in, letting you know that I love you!  I'm reading the letters you wrote me and you always make me smile, no matter what.  I'll call you soon, bye!"
Thanks to Kinou for this transcript.
Comments : If Mariah just checked in, this could mean that she's in an hotel, we hope she's on holliday :-)
Posted on August the 23rd.
Promo album of Glitter to win
Win a European promo album of Glitter.  Contest open to all, go see the details in the contest.  That's Belgium man!
Thanks to Virgin Belgium for giving us this promo album.
Posted on August the 23rd at 16h30 CET
GLITTER (the movie) NEW BELGIAN RELEASE DATE - January the 9th 2002
We just received from the spoke person of the Belgian distributor for Glitter (the movie) that the release date is now on January the 9th 2002.
Many thanks to the spoke person of the Belgian distributor to support the Belgian Fan-Club.

Glitter in de Belgische bioscopen nu vastgesteld op 9 januari 2002

Glitter dans les cinés Belges confirmé maintenant pour le 9 janvier 2002
Posted on August the 23rd at 12h00 CET

My name is Joe
You all know of course Joe who sang with Mariah, but we discover another Joe, he doesn't sing but he makes great art logos.  You can see 3 of these art logos in our art gallery.
Flag day in Brussels
No, it's not a Belgian public holliday, but for Heroes of Mariah today was a special day.  We received 2 of the flags who were used in the Loverboy video, on the giant cake. Mariah signed them and a lot of Virgin offices around the world received something used in the video.  Virgin Belgium received these 2 flags and they were so kind to give them to the Belgian Fan-Club.
Thanks so much to Virgin Belgium and Mariah.
Posted on August the 22nd at 16h30 CET
Surprises, gifts, contest...  Don't miss it in the next few days!  Virgin Belgium is our Santa Claus!
Surprises, cadeaux, concours...  Soyez attentifs ces prochains jours!  Virgin Belgium est notre Saint Nicolas!
Verrassingen, geschenken, wedstrijd...Wees aandachtig de aanstaande dagen! Virgin Belgium is ons SinterKlaas!
Posted on August the 22nd at 16h30 CET
"After every storm, a rainbow appears"
Thank you Mariah, for your message.  Now, I can eat, sleep and laugh again, 'cause I know that you feel better, and it's strange, this morning in the sky of Brussels, there's a rainbow.
"I know there is a rainbow for me to follow, to get beyond my sorrow"
Posted on August the 21st at 9h30am CET
Transcript of Mariah's new message
"Okay this is a message for my fans and I just want to say thank you SO MUCH for all the letters and everything that I got from you. Want you to know that you just can't believe everything you read and umm and thank you because I am taking care of myself and as we speak, I am going to speak to you, I am looking at the most beautiful rainbow going across the sky. And I love you much, thanks, bye!"
Thanks to Regina from Mariahdaily for this transcript.
New message from Mariah
You can go listen it on Mariah's official site : http://www.mariahcarey.com/
Black week-end for Glitter (the soundtrack)
This black week-end began friday when rippers gave the entire cd of Glitter (the soundtrack) in download.  In a few hours the entire web had these downloads.  What a pity, I can't understand this kind of practice.  We wait this album with so much impatience, it was not these days still left 'till the release who make a difference.  There's always people who want to rip without thinking that they do dammage to Mariah, 'cause there's now people who will not buy this cd.  For my part I will wait the release date and don't miss this pleasure to enter in a shop, buy my cd and discover it in a legal way.
I owe this honnesty to Mariah!
Mariah Carey Gives Campers a Treat
AUG 18, 2001
City youths enjoying the great outdoors at the Fresh Air Fund's Camp Mariah had a surprise visitor this week.  The pop star Mariah Carey, who has kept out of the public eye in recent weeks since her hospitalization for exhaustion, stopped by the camp in Fishkill, N.Y., that is named for her. After the 140 campers finished dinner on Wednesday evening, Ms. Carey, who has supported the camp financially, strode through the dining hall doors, bringing dessert.  While Ms. Carey, 31, talked with the children, a Mister Softee ice cream truck served up treats. She also gave each camper a portable compact disc player and a copy of her current single, "Loverboy."  As Mariah Carey songs blared from the public address system, campers cheered and sang along. "The whole atmosphere was like a rock concert," said the fund's executive director, Jenny Morgenthau.  Desiree Gilmore, 13, of Queens, said: "We were all so excited to meet her. She said she was happy to come, she came a long way and was happy to see all of us."  Miriam Seidenfeld, the director at Camp Mariah, learned on Tuesday evening that Ms. Carey would be visiting the camp.  "It was a hard secret to keep," she said. On Wednesday afternoon, when Ms. Seidenfeld told campers, "they all jumped up and down, cheering," she said.  Although Ms. Carey usually visits once or twice each summer, it had been uncertain whether the singer would make it this year. But she wanted to see the campers, said her spokeswoman, Cindi Berger. "She loves the camp and adores the children," she said.  During her two-hour visit, Ms. Carey sat briefly at every table, signed autographs and posed for snapshots. "They hugged her, and she hugged them," Ms. Morgenthau said.  Kleaver Cruz, 12, of the Bronx, said, "She autographed my shirt on the right sleeve." Kleaver said he was happy to speak with Ms. Carey face to face, rather than just listen to her sing, but he was unable to recall what she said, exactly.  Camp Mariah opened in 1994. Each summer, the Fresh Air Fund sends nearly 300 city children, ages 12 to 14, on four-week vacations there. The camp's theme of career awareness is reinforced through classes about career skills, an annual career fair and job-shadowing field trips throughout the school year.  Meeting Ms. Carey was a reward for the campers' focus and an example of the camp's values, Ms. Seidenfeld said. "The kids feel really special, and it shows that hard work pays off," she said.
Source : New York Times.
Thanks to Björn and mariahsweb.com
Mariah's new hair style
If you want to see Mariah's new hair style click here.
Posted on August the 16th at 17h00 CET
We hope that Sony Music Japan had use the "SUN-X Sentinel"
As Glitter (the soundtrack) is release on August the 18th in Japan, we are afraid that the album will be in download everywhere on the net, so, we hope that Sony Music Japan had use the "SUN-X Sentinel" to protect Glitter (the soundtrack) against the rippers.  As far as we know this technology allows the record company to protect the cds against piracy, this technology known as "SUN-X Sentinel" is also called "Copy Protection System and Method".  If this method had not been used, we hope that the real fans will not download the pirated Glitter songs and wait until the release of Glitter (the soundtrack) in their country.  In the mean time, you can still listen to the Mariah Carey Preview Juke Box :
Of course, we are really impatient to hear the full songs, but downloading these pirated songs gives the opportunity to the non-fans to don't buy Glitter (the soundtrack).  So, the conclusion is, in any case it damages Mariah.

Thanks to Shino from LoveLoveJack.
The Japanese Glitter bus
The record of Mariah is not lost, 'cause the record is that she had a single number 1 in the Billboard each year since the past 10 consecutive years.  So, as 2001 is not over yet, the record is not lost until December the 31st at 23h59m59s.  But of course Mariah will make a single number 1 in the Billboard before the end of the year.
But at this moment what is important to us is that Mariah is ok.
If you take this news, please, give us credit for the research.  This news is already sent to the approriate persons.

Le record de Mariah n'est pas perdu, parce que le record est qu'elle ait un single numero 1 dans le Billboard chaque année depuis les 10 dernières années.  Donc, comme l'année 2001 n'est pas encore terminée, le record n'est pas perdu jusqu'au 31 décembre à 23h59m59s.  Mais bien sûr Mariah va avoir un single numero 1 au Billboard avant la fin de l'année.
Mais pour l'instant ce qui est important pour nous c'est que Mariah soit ok.
Si vous prenez cette news, s.v.p., donnez-nous le crédit pour la recherche.  Cette news a déjà été envoyée aux personnes concernées.

Het record van Mariah is niet verloren, want het record is dat ze een nummer 1 single in de Billboard heeft ieder jaar sinds de 10 laatste jaren.  Zo, zoals het jaar 2001 nog niet afgelopen is, het record is niet verloren tot de 31 december aan 23h59m59s.  Maar natuurlijk Mariah zal wel een nummer 1 single in de Billboard hebben voor het einde van het jaar.
Maar op dit moment het enige die belangrijk is voor ons is dat Mariah ok is.
Als je dit nieuws neemt, a.u.b., geef ons het krediet voor de nasporing.  Dit nieuws word al opgestuurd naar de betrefte personen.
Posted on August the 14th at 16h00 CET

To the fans
We received a lot of e-mails from fans telling us that they are disapointed by the new release date for Glitter (the soundtrack and the movie).  Here we go again, for the third time since July the 28th we will post the same message :
We don't care!  At this moment the only thing important is to know that Mariah is ok and that she will recover stability in her life.  The Billboard, the promos, the movie... Mariah is so much more than that!

Aan de fans
We kregen veel e-mails van fans om te laten weten dat ze teleurgestelt waren met de uitgestelde datums voor Glitter (de cd en de film).  Hier, voor de derde keer sinds 28 juli posten we de zelfde boodschap :
Wat geeft het!  Het enige wat ons momenteel bezighoudt is dat Mariah het goed maakt en dat ze vlug een evenwicht in haar leven terugvindt.  De Billboard, de promo's, de film... Mariah is veel meer dan dat!

Aux fans
Nous avons reçu de nombreux e-mails de fans nous disant qu'ils sont déçus avec les nouvelles dates de sortie de Glitter (le cd et le film).  Nous voilà repartis, pour la troisième fois depuis le 28 juillet nous postons le même message :
Que m'importe!  Pour le moment ce qui nous préoccupe est de savoir que Mariah va bien et qu'elle retrouve un équilibre dans sa vie.  Le Billboard, les promos, le film... Mariah c'est bien plus que ça!
Posted on August the 14th at 16h00 CET

GLITTER (the movie) NEW BELGIAN RELEASE DATE - January the 16th 2002
We just received from the spoke person of the Belgian distributor for Glitter (the movie) that the release date is pushed back to January the 16th 2002.
Many thanks to the spoke person of the Belgian distributor to support the Belgian Fan-Club.

Glitter in de Belgische bioscopen uitgestelt tot 16 januari 2002

Glitter dans les cinés Belges reculé au 16 janvier 2002
Posted on August the 13th at 11h30am CET

Never give up
We just open a forum called "Never give up", open to all the REAL fans from all the countries of the world, you may post there : news, ideas, impressions, etc...  You may also post your messages in english, français, nederlands, deutsch.  Here's the address : http://pub89.ezboard.com/bnevergiveup  take a little look and enjoy.
Glitter publicity
On this picture we see a publicity for Glitter (the album) on a Tower Records, the country was not specified.
Japanese Glitter Album will be release on August the 18th
Our great friend Shino, sent us these very beautifull scans :

Waow, what a cd!!!
Thanks to Shino from LoveLoveJack.
If you want to see these scans in bigger size, go to Shino's site.
Glitter (the soundtrack) in Europe on September the 11th too.
We received this press release from Virgin Belgium :
Soundtrack Accompanies Twentieth Century Fox Film Of Same Name,
Which Hits Theaters September 21
Los Angeles, CA – August 9, 2001 - Virgin has announced today that the soundtrack album to Mariah Carey’s film debut Glitter will now be released on September 11.
Nancy Berry, vice chairman, Virgin Music Group Worldwide, comments, “Mariah is looking forward to being able to participate in both her album and movie projects and we are hopeful that this new soundtrack release date will allow her to do so.  She has been making great recovery progress, and continues to grow stronger every day. Virgin Music Worldwide continues to give its absolute commitment and support to Mariah on every level.”
The Glitter soundtrack features eleven all-new recordings from Mariah Carey, undeniably the most successful female singer of the 1990s.  With this collection, Mariah pushes the creative envelope further than she ever has before, highlighting her incredible versatility and depth, not to mention her amazing vocal range.
“Loverboy,” the first single, hit Number Two on the Billboard Hot 100 after selling over 180,000 units in its first week at retail. The track has been Number One for the past three consecutive weeks on the Billboard Top Singles Sales chart, and Number One for two consecutive weeks on the Hot R&B / Hip-Hop Singles and Tracks chart.   It has also spent the past three weeks at Number One on Soundscan’s R&B singles cores stores chart, and R&B singles overall chart, bringing total single sales thus far to over 400,000.
Other titles on the soundtrack include such uptempo songs as “Don’t Stop (Funkin' 4 Jamaica)” (featuring Mystikal); “If We” (featuring Nate Dogg and Ja Rule); “I Didn’t Mean To Turn You On” (featuring the original’s writers / producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis); and a dancefloor-filling cover of “Last Night A DJ Saved My Life” (featuring Busta Rhymes and DJ Clue).  Among the ballads are “Lead The Way,” “Reflections (Care Enough),” “Twister” and the new single “Never Too Far.”  All the original compositions were written by Mariah Carey, who also executive produced the entire album.
Earlier this week, Twentieth Century Fox announced a new release date of September 21 for the film Glitter.
Thanks to Virgin Belgium for their support.
Posted on August the 10th at 14h00 CET
Glitter (the soundtrack) will now be released in the US on September the 11th
The rumors who said that the soundtrack will be pushed back in the US are now confirmed by Virgin Records US.  At this moment, we don't have official info for Europe, will it be pushed back too or not?
Source : Virgin Records US
Posted on August the 10th at 9h00am CET

Source : New York Post
Comments : The first photo of Mariah seen by the New York Post
Posted on August the 9th.

Source : Heroes of Mariah Post
Comments : I think that the Heroes of Mariah Post found the real first photo of Mariah!
Posted on August the 9th.

Source : New York Post.
Comments : Good news, 'cause Mariah feels better, but bad news that photographs can't respect her rest and privacy at this moment.
Posted on August the 9th.
August 9, 2001 -- A pajama-clad Mariah Carey, wearing shades and sipping a drink, was spotted yesterday strolling in the lush garden of her mom's suburban home, where the singer is recovering from a nervous breakdown. 
In the first photograph since the 31-year-old diva was released from Connecticut's tony Silver Hill Hospital on Tuesday, Carey sported a jaunty ponytail and appeared cool and calm despite the oppressive heat.  Wearing pajamas with sky-blue and white clouds on them, Carey walked for just a few moments on the leafy property of the Goldens Bridge, N.Y., home, sipping a yellow-colored drink through a pink straw. Two dogs frolicked as she walked.  The garden on Patricia Carey's property has a pond and is sprinkled throughout with Adirondack chairs.  Two livery cars came in and out all day, dropping off passengers and supplies. Security was kept tight.  In a statement yesterday, Carey's spokeswoman, Cindi Berger, said the singer was "feeling better."  "She is resting under a doctor's care . . . with her mother." 
Source : New York Post.
Posted on August the 9th.

Thanks to Shino.
Fabulous Japanese magazines
Shino, our Japanese friend, sent us these fabulous scans.
If you want these scans in greater size, go to Shino's site.
Thanks to Shino from LoveLoveJack.

"Mariah Out of Clinic
Reported feeling better, staying with mom
Daily News Columnist
Singer Mariah Carey has checked out of the clinic where she has been recovering from a nervous breakdown, her spokeswoman told the Daily News yesterday.  "MC is feeling better," Carey's rep Cindi Berger said. "She's resting under a doctor's care at an undisclosed location with her mother."  Carey has been under treatment during the past two weeks at Silver Hill, an exclusive Connecticut hospital specializing in mental illness and addiction.  The 31-year-old pop star was rushed to a hospital emergency room and then checked into the facility after a violent outburst July 25 that prompted her mother, Patricia Carey, to call 911 from her home in Westchester.  A family friend said Carey slipped out of Silver Hill yesterday — avoiding paparazzi and reporters who had gathered outside the facility since word leaked of her whereabouts.  "It was done very quietly," said the source.   "Fans have been sending their best wishes to her from all over the world," said Berger.  Berger declined to say whether Carey would be able to promote her new album, "Glitter," but said she believed that Virgin Music still planned to release the CD as scheduled Aug. 21.  Twentieth Century Fox announced Monday that it would delay the scheduled Aug. 24 opening of Carey's first starring movie, also called "Glitter," till Sept. 21.  Speculation is the studio pushed back the film's opening to give Carey more time to recover, although it still was not clear whether she'd be available to take on a rigorous promotional tour.  Officially, Fox exec Bruce Snyder said yesterday that "the change in date provides a better opportunity for Mariah's legion of fans, many of them young people, to experience her motion picture debut." Carey is known to be both a workaholic and an insomniac and has often said she gets by on as little as three hours of sleep a night.  She had been on a downward spiral for weeks before the 911 call.  Some believe she was distraught over the critical reception received by her new single, "Loverboy," and romantic problems with singer Luis Miguel. Her handlers have insisted that it was the stress of making her next movie, "Wise Girls," while promoting her latest CD and film that led to her hospitalization.  A source told the Daily News last week that Carey seemed "extremely depressed" when she arrived at Northern Westchester Hospital Center in Mount Kisco in the early hours of July 26 after her mother's 911 call. The source said Carey had bandages on both wrists and hands in the emergency room.  Carey's camp has acknowledged that she broke glasses and dishes out of frustration "and may have stepped on them."  But her reps have vigorously denied reports she tried to commit suicide or hurt herself."
Thanks to George Rush and the New York Daily News for the article.
Thanks to BBC for the picture of Mariah.
Posted on August the 8th.

Thanks to Gerald S. Williams for the pic of Usher.
Thanks to an unknown source for the pic of Mariah.
RnB star Usher talks about Mariah
We read an interview of Usher titled "Heartthrob Usher back with new CD, '8701' ".  Here's what Usher said : 
-"Hopefully, this business won't suck me in," he says. "You can't beat it, it will beat you. Look at what A.J. [McLean] of the Backstreet Boys went through, and Mariah Carey, too."
"I love what I do so much," says the singer, who has his own Us label and production company and is considering writing his autobiography. "But you realize that if you don't stop and get some rest, it will kill you." 
Thanks to The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Posted on August the 8th at 9h00am CET

Good or not good for Glitter (the movie)
Today in a lot of newspapers on-line we were able to read about the same news regarding the pushing back of the movie.  But, on pagesix.com in conclusion of the article we found this :
"They should just release the movie on schedule and take advantage of all the notoriety," said one movie-theater executive.
Posted on August the 7th at 17h00 CET
Glitter (the movie) pushed back in the US
I don't care!  At this moment the only thing important is to know if Mariah is ok and that she will recover stability in her life.  The Billboard, the promos, the movie...  Mariah is so much more than that!
Glitter (le film) postposé aux US
Que m'importe!  Pour le moment ce qui nous préoccupe est de savoir si Mariah va bien et qu'elle retrouve un équilibre dans sa vie.  Le Billboard, les promos, le film... Mariah c'est bien plus que ça!
Glitter (de film) uitgestelt in de VS
Wat geeft het!  Het enige wat ons momenteel bezighoudt is te weten indien Mariah het goed maakt en dat ze vlug een evenwicht in haar leven terugvindt.  De Billboard, de promo's, de film...  Mariah is veel meer dan dat!
Posted on August the 7th at 11h00am CET
Glitter (the movie) pushed back in the US
Yesterday we were not sure that it was not a rumor, 'cause there were no official statement.  But today, on the official site for Glitter we found this.
Posted on August the 7th at 9h00am CET
Chat with Mariah!
Uwe sent us this news :
"Top News! Mariah is in a live chat on MSN on 20th August! (more infos: http://chat.msn.com/aom.msnw)"
Thanks to Uwe from mariah-carey-fan.de
Listening Party and Chat begin on Monday, August 20 at 5pm PT/8pm ET.
Comments : Warning, for Europe here's the date and time : Tuesday, August the 21st at 2h00am CET

Thanks to uBid.com.
Posted on August the 6th at 9h00am CET
Bid or dream!
If you don't have enough money to buy it, you can still dream.
Mariah Carey Personal Collection Boxers 
Inscribed with a message just for you 
Description :
A pair of Carey's used-but-laundered boxers will be auctioned off at uBid.com for the educational charity Knowledge Is Power.  The undies are inscribed, "Lamb... I used to sleep in these — and things of that nature! Love, Mariah MC."
You can bid on uBid.com
On the hip hop influences in 'Glitter':
This record - the ballad's are still there. I don't want people to be like "Ooh, she thinks she's a rapper now!" or something "She thinks she's Thug Princess!!". But truthfully, when you see the movie... it feels like the record is ballad heavy to me just 'cos I know the movie and it's like the ballads that I wrote were written in the voice of the character pretty much in the situations that are going on and they lead you through the film storywise, but they stand on their own as ballads anyway.
Mariah on those SOS band flavours:
 In the movie you don't hear me and Mystikal or Fabulous and Clue and Busta because it takes place in 1982. What I tried to do is for the album, make it '82 meets 2002. The track I did with Eric Bernet 'Want You', that I did with Jimmy and Terry Lewis, and since they did all the SOS band, Alexander O'Neill, Shirelle - all those records that I loved growing up, I said "Guys, can we do something very SOS band but new?" and because they have the same synthesisers from back in the day, they've got the same reverb plates that they used. Nobody can recreate that unless they loop it, but we did a track that's classic Jam and Lewis... if you listen to that, it's very much, "is that an SOS band record?!"
Thanks to BBC online.
From Janet to Mariah
Here's an extract of an interview Janet Jackson gave to an Australian magazine :
"Janet ended the interview with a message that clearly puts all the rumours of a rivalry to rest; "Mariah, I, from the bottom of my heart wish you a safe and full recovery. Millions of people around the world are praying for you and we all know in our hearts that you're gonna be back and stronger than ever. God Bless". "
Source : Street Music Express
Thanks to Neil from MariahAustralia.

Mira Denies Mariah Catfight
by Mark Armstrong
Despite recent reports of an on-set wrestling match, Mira Sorvino says she and Mariah Carey were as close as, um, salt and pepper during the making of the film Wisegirls.  Sorvino on Friday lashed out at the "irresponsible journalism" behind a People magazine report quoting a producer who said Carey "threw a salt shaker" at Sorvino and then wrestled with her, after the troubled songbird showed up late to the set of their Mob movie.  "No physical fight ever occurred between us and the idea is as insulting as it is laughable," Sorvino says in a statement. "We finished the film dancing at an impromptu wrap party in high spirits and exchanged gifts and warmest goodbyes. My heart goes out to her and I am praying for her speedy recovery."
Both Carey and Sorvino's publicists acknowledged that "words were exchanged" between the costars after Carey was late to the set one day. But Sorvino's rep says the incident was "ridiculously blown up" and never turned physical.  The People story quoted Wisegirls producer Billy Blake, who said the two women got into a scuffle during the first week of filming. "They wrestled to the floor," he told the magazine.  But just as soon as the spice-throwing spat got picked up by other media, retractions quickly followed. Blake issued a statement Thursday denying knowledge of the battle. "I do not have firsthand information of any altercation between Mariah Carey and Mira Sorvino as I was not on the set that day," he said.  Sorvino released her own statement denying the brawl--and wishing Mariah the best.  "I am terribly concerned for Mariah," Sorvino's statement reads. "I enjoyed my experience with her on Wisegirls, and witnessed firsthand how incredibly talented and hard working she is; flying in and out on weekends faithfully fulfilling her numerous obligations in both the film and music industry."
Wisegirls producer Anthony Esposito, who was on the set of the film in Nova Scotia, also refuted the wrestling story. "They got along very well, and it's unfounded," he tells E! Online. "It would have destroyed my film if it were true."  Despite the denials, People magazine stands by its quote. "Billy Blake told us he had this from eight different eyewitnesses who called him immediately after the incident," says People senior editor Ken Miller. "As a producer of the film, we felt he hardly had an axe to grind."  Wisegirls, tentatively scheduled for release next February, was just one of many projects Carey had undertaken before her hospitalization last week for an "emotional and physical breakdown." Filming on Wisegirls wrapped last month. But with Carey's other new film, Glitter, and its accompanying soundtrack coming out this month, the breakneck schedule led her to leave a rambling message on her official Website before checking into an undisclosed hospital, where she's been under psychiatric care.  Carey's publicist Cindi Berger told E! Online Friday that the octave-shattering singer is "still in the hospital, and she's resting and improving daily."  Esposito says that when he spent time with Carey during the Wisegirls shoot, it was clear she had been pushing herself to the limit. After a day of shooting on the film, he says Carey would often just keep on working into the night.  "My wife and I looked at her and we could tell she was totally exhausted then," he says. "She's very grounded and very caring...but this is a person that never, ever relaxes."
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By PAULA FROELICH, DENISE BUFFA and MARIA ALVAREZ Mariah Carey was padding around a posh suite at the TriBeCa Grand hotel in bare feet and a bathrobe when she had her nervous breakdown - throwing a tantrum so violent it frightened pals and startled bodyguards, The Post has learned.  The singer was hospitalized after last week's outburst and is now believed to be undergoing treatment at Silver Hill Hospital, an exclusive Connecticut facility specializing in mental illness and addiction.  Carey's spokeswoman continued to deny reports that she tried to commit suicide during the episode, but
new details about the violent outburst reveal Carey was completely out of control.  A frequent guest at the hip, downtown hostelry, Carey was ensconced last week in a top-floor suite, which includes a bedroom, kitchenette, guest room and roof deck, spokeswoman Cindi Berger said.  A TriBeCa Grand bartender at the hotel said Carey kept a low profile during her stay, coming in and out without an entourage, "looking like anyone else."  But all that changed Wednesday night when Carey - "obviously upset about something," according to Berger - began breaking scores of dishes and glasses in the kitchenette.
During the hysterics, Carey gashed open her foot, but "that was the only place she was hurt," Berger insisted.  Still, a stylist and a friend keeping Carey company in the suite were frightened by the out-of-control diva.  Bodyguards, stationed outside and in rooms down the hall, "heard a commotion and went in. Mariah then said she wanted to go to her mom's house, so they took her," Berger said.  At the Westchester County home, Patricia Carey became "very upset" about her daughter's condition and dialed 911 because "she needed help controlling Mariah," Berger said.  "At no time did she tell police that Mariah was going to kill herself," added Berger, who has described Carey's troubles as "an emotional and physical breakdown."  Police soon arrived at the house and took Mariah away in a squad car to Northern Westchester Hospital.  She's since been transferred to another facility, apparently Silver Hill in New Caanan, where several family members visited yesterday. Previous high-profile patients at the hospital include actor Eric Douglas.  As The Post first reported, the pop star has been distraught over the disappointing release of her album "Loverboy," rifts with the Virgin record label and the deterioration of her romance with Latin crooner Luis Miguel.  She's also working on two movies and a new record, provoking what Berger described as "extreme exhaustion."  Signs of stress began appearing long before last week, however.  A few months ago, Carey hired San Francisco private eye Jack Palladino to "check into all the bad press stories" about her, Berger confirmed yesterday.  Palladino and an unidentified lawyer have since badgered several public-relations people, trying to get them to admit they spread negative stories about the warbler - and blaming her ex-husband, music exec Tommy Mottola, for the leaks.
Source : PageSix.com:Celebrity News
At the moment, this is the main page of the Sony Japan site.
Glitter bus in Japan!
Mimika sent us this mail :
"I read new news to the formula official site in Japan.  However, it is performed only in Japan.: [Mariah "GLITTER" bus] will be Kanto suburbs run schedule in August 11 - 30 It runs from 2:00 p.m. to night 11:00, playing the music [ several ] sound
of an album, while a bus emits light.  A basic route is Daiba, Ginza, Shinbashi, Roppongi, Aoyama, Shibuya, Harajuku, - Shinjuku -.  In addition, there is also a China Town in Yokohama route."
Thanks to Mimika from lullaby.ee.mu.
Comments : Lucky Japanese fans, if only Japan was not so far, I would be there to follow this bus an entire day!
Virgin makes a big present to the fans
On the site of Virgin US in the section juke box, you can listen to 25 minutes of the Glitter soundtrack, who is also the new album of Mariah.  It's really GREAT.  Here's the address to access directly this page : http://www.mariahpreviewjukebox.com/
Many thanks to Virgin for this great gift.
Posted on August the 3rd at 9h00am CET
WARNING : We know that some of you will rip these files and put them on their sites, but PLEASE, give the credit to mariahpreviewjukebox.com and you fans go listen on Virgin's site : http://www.mariahpreviewjukebox.com/  , 'cause if you don't go listen on this site, Virgin will think that the fans are not interested by Mariah's new album!!!
Cindi Berger said : "The rumors about a suicide attempt are mean and scandalous".
Found on the net.
Posted on August the 2nd at 13h30 CET.

Cindi Berger zegt : "De geruchten over een zelfmoordpoging is uit den boze en zijn schandalige geruchten".

Cindi Berger a déclaré : "Les rumeurs concernant une tentative de suicide sont méchantes et scandaleuses".

I found this morning about 20 stories who report the breakdown, here's the most crazy that I found, it comes from The Sun :
By VICTORIA NEWTON, Showbiz Editor and CLODAGH HARTLEY in Los Angeles
BLOODSOAKED Mariah Carey was wearing just a black slip and high heels when she slashed her wrist, it emerged last night. Aides found the distraught singer in her hotel room at 6am - and her mum Patricia called police because she was so worried about her.  The Sun can reveal the dramatic moments that followed Mariah's suicide attempt - triggered by her bust-up with Latin chart heart-throb Luis Miguel.  The 31-year-old rang reception at New York's plush Tribeca Grand to ask for extra towels, sobbing: "There's blood everywhere".  Hotel security guards banged on her door, but she refused to open it.
She shouted: "What do you want? Stop banging on my f****** door."  Mariah's bodyguards arrived and persuaded her to let them in.  They found the scantily clad star with blood pouring down her left arm. Mariah had told pals she wanted to end her life after the collapse of her three-year relationship with Mexican Luis, 31. She was led out to a car and whisked to mum Patricia's house nearby.  Patricia was so appalled by Mariah, whose hits include Vision Of Love, that she rang police. She told them: "She's cracking up. I think she's going to kill herself."  Cops took Mariah to Northern Westchester Hospital in an ambulance.  She was classified as "emotionally disturbed" and has stayed there since last Wednesday.  A source said: "She was in a terrible state. No one knows when she'll go back to work."
Comments : So, if we read carefully the article, the door of Mariah's room was closed, but they already ask towels to the reception...  So, if we are logical, the blood was running under the door!  And with all the details that the reporters of The Sun gives, I think that they were there!
Posted on August the 2nd at 8h30am CET

Un bref résumé
Un article du Sun reporte que Mariah a été trouvée dans une chambre d'hotel, et qu'il y avait du sang partout.  Ils ont même dû aller chercher des essuies à la réception tellement il y avait du sang.  Mariah refusait d'ouvrir la porte et finalement ses gardes du corps ont pu entrer.  Mariah a été emmenée à l'hopital par la police et une ambulance.  On ne sait pas quand elle pourra reprendre ses activités.
Commentaire : Donc, si on lit attentivement cet article, la porte de la chambre de Mariah était fermée, mais on avait déjà demandé des essuies à la réception...  Donc si on est logique, le sang coulait en dessous de la porte!  Et avec tous les détails que donnent les reporters du Sun, je pense qu'ils étaient là!

Kort samenvatting
Een artikel van de Sun zegt dat Mariah werd in een hotel kamer gevonden en dat er overal bloed was.  Ze hebben zelfs hand doeken moeten gaan halen naar de receptie zodanig er bloed was.  Mariah wilde de deur niet openen en ten einde konden haar bodyguards binnen.  Mariah word naar het ziekenhuis gevoerd door de politie en een ziekenwagen.  Niemand weet wanneer ze zal terug kunnen werken.
Commentaar : Dus, als we dit artikel goed lezen, de kamer deur van Mariah was op slot, maar ze hadden al handoeken gevraagd aan de receptie...  Dus, als we logisch willen zijn, het bloed liep onder de deur!  En met al de verklaringen van de Sun reporters, ik denk dat ze daar waren!
(Sorry voor de fouten, maar onze Björn is nog met vakantie).

Thanks to Mimika from lullaby.ee.mu
Mimika sent us this : 
Glitter Japanese Album released August 18 
13. Loverboy MJ Cole Radio Edit ---Japan Bonus Track 
I don't know [ that it's true ]. 
However, this photograph was announced by the Japanese newspaper with news of yesterday. 
This photograph is a photograph in an album.
Thanks to Mimika from lullaby.ee.mu
Shino sent us this :
Glitter Japanese Album ( 13 track list )
01. Loverboy Remix
02. Lead The Way
03. If We
04. I Didn't Mean To Turn You On
05. Don't Stop
06. All My Life
07. Reflections (Care Enough)
08. Last Night A DJ Saved My Life
09. Want You
10. Never Too Far
11. Twister
12. Loverboy
13. Loverboy MJ Cole Radio Edit ( Bonus Track For Japan Only )
Yesterday morning, the TV program and newspaper of Japan reported that Mariah visits Japan in October.DJ of the Japanese radio said that Mariah visits Japan in September.  But it was the previous day when she gets hospitalized.  Because she got hospitalized her visit to Japan became October.  In Japan the movie begins from October.  Sony Music Online website is admitting that the news of the newspaper and TV program are a fact.
Thanks to Shino from LoveLoveJack.
Carey Diagnosis:'Breakdown'
Mariah Carey's condition has been downgraded.
The 32-year-old pop star, who was hospitalized last week with what her rep described as "extreme exhaustion," may indeed be tired, but her illness is turning out to be more serious.  In fact, Carey has suffered "an emotional and physical breakdown," rep Cindi Berger said yesterday, adding that the singer is "resting and improving" at an undisclosed facility in the New York area.  The London tabloids are reporting today that Carey attempted suicide by cutting herself. But Berger vehemently denied those reports. "There was no suicide attempt. Mariah did break some dishes and glasses and may have cut her foot in the process, but she definitely did not hurt herself intentionally," Berger said.  Carey's mother, Pat, and her brother, Morgan, have visited her, Berger added.  What's more, Carey's boyfriend of the last three years, Luis Miguel, is "very concerned about her," says Berger, who adds that, contrary to reports, the two "have not officially broken up."  The recording star's hospitalization is the subject of next week's cover story in Us Weekly.  The magazine reports that Carey's monthlong downward spiral, which included incoherent rantings on her Web site and during an interview on Long Island, hit a low point when she looked at her pager while sitting in a hair salon and saw 297 messages. Clearly, she was on overload.  Although Carey was unable to attend tonight's MTV 20th-anniversary special and has canceled all other appearances, her first album for Virgin Music, the soundtrack to the film "Glitter," is still set to be released on Aug. 21. "Glitter," Carey's first movie, comes out 10 days later.
Thanks to Mitchell Fink and the New York Daily News.
Comments : Be very carefull with the rumors, 'cause this source comes from the London tabloids!!!
Mariah and Luis?
We received an e-mail from the official Fan-Club of Luis Miguel-Acapulcoclub.
Here's the translation :
We want to tell you that thank God, Luis Miguel is not hospitalized, all this are lies made by the press.  During the following days he will go to London to work on his new CD, and then he will go to LA.
About the breakup, a person very close to Luis Miguel, tell us that they had a little fight, but he think that the breakup will not be definitive and that they certainly be back together.
We hope to stay in touch with you and we respect very much Mariah as an artist.
We hope also that she'll be fine very soon."
Many thanks to Acapulcoclub.
News from Japan
We received this mail from Mimika :
News flash!! Mariah return
Although precedence sale of Mariah's album for the first time in two years will be carried out prior to the world in Japan on the 18th, this album is the sound track of a movie.  The new song "LOVER BOY" put on the market on July 18 is begun, and a total of 13 music is recorded.  In Japan, it puts on the market from Sony Music.  A movie will be exhibited in the United States on the 31st, and is exhibited also in October by the national Toho system in public presentation and
Japan.  Mariah falls into the tour in Britain on the other day for "being fatigue of a degree very much", returns to New York, and is being sent [ be / it ] to hospital now.  Although leaving hospital time is undecided and it is worried about condition, according to the persons concerned, it is said that a work return is carried out within the limit of the two weeks back.
The first starring movie, the album for the first time in two years -- It is almost certain to visit Japan in accordance with public presentation of a movie only to Mariah known for a Japanophile for PR.  A fine figure is likely to be shown to a fan by the 6th visit to Japan.
Thanks to Mimika from lullaby.ee.mu
On the way
Thanks to all of you, who sent a support message for Mariah.  The messages are on the way by 3 different ways.

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