August 2002 - Heroes of Mariah
Mariah records 100 songs for new album!
TITLE: Mariah records 100 new songs!
PUBLICATION: Australian Mariah Carey Fanclub @
DATE: August 30th, 2002
DANIEL Bedingfield has revealed to a source that Mariah has recorded nearly 100 songs from which she will compile her new album! Regarding Bedingfield's partnership with Mariah, the source revealed, "It sounds like the project has lost a little steam. He said she's probably only doing one [song with him] - 'A Thousand lifetimes'." Last week he told Melbourne 'HiT' magazine, "I'm writing three songs for Mariah at the moment. "It's very flattering to be asked to write someone a song. The whole thing is flattering." 
Described as a "love song ballad", Bedingfield isn't quite sure whether or not it will be a duet, although he had written it that way. Bedingfield stated that they are still (!) yet to meet, and haven't even spoken. Great news though was that Mariah has "recorded around 100 songs for the album, which is still meant to be out at Christmas."
NOTE FOR WEBMASTERS: My source is one of Australia's leading music/entertainment journalists, so I can guarantee he spoke face to face with Bedingfield yesterday, and this is what he found out.
Source: Neil from by e-mail.
Posted on August the 30th.
MonarC Music's site almost launched?
Everyday and several times a day, I go check and... YES, today there's a logo on it !!!  But, AAAAAAH, we can't enter yet.  Go check this site.
Posted on August the 29th.
Anderz's site, Mariah's Diary is open again.
Posted on August the 29th.
Mariah in Ally finally on Belgian TV
On Sunday September the 8th on RTBF at 9h40pm CET, we will finally be able to see Mariah in Ally McBeal.  Fortunately it will be in VO.

Mariah dans Ally enfin en Belgique
Nous pourrons enfin voir Mariah dans Ally McBeal, le dimanche 8 septembre à 21h40 sur la RTBF.  Heureusement, ce sera diffusé en VO sous-titré français.

Mariah in Ally eindelijk in België
We zullen eindelijk Mariah in Ally McBeal kunnen zien op zondag 8 september om 21h40 op de RTBF.  Het is in VO maar met Franse ondertiteling.  Voor de Vlaamse TV, zullen we proberen te weten wanneer de uitzending zal zijn.  Maar als je het al weet, laat het ons a.u.b. weten.
Posted on August the 28th.

EXCLUSIVE Interview with Mariah´s European Press Office
Please note the answers are in precise content, to avoid a misunderstanding.
1) For how long have you worked with Mariah?
Just over three years now.
2) What do you like about working with Mariah?
What is impressive about Mariah is her humanity and how hard working she is. 
3) Does Mariah talk about her fans to her friends? If yes...what does she say?
Yes, of course. Mariah adores her fans. She always speaks so highly of you and loves meeting you all.
4) What do you think we can expect from Mariah´s new album?
Expect to be blown away. Mariah's new material is fantastic.
5) What do you personally think of Mariah fans in Europe?
You are all great. So supportive to Mariah.
This is copyrighted material for RPN. Please, make sure you use exact quotes in case you want to post this on your website. And please, credit RPN/European Press Office.
Source: RPN / European Press Office.
Heroes comment: Don't forget that Heroes of Mariah is a member of the RPN, please check the RPN site too.
Posted on August the 27th.
Universal Lambs Appreciation Award!

In recognition of the Dedication and Inspiration that Mariah Carey had brought to her fans over the last 12 years, we welcome you to be a part of a special dedication. Janel Spiegel, Leo Porter (of Porter Promotions & and Helen Stockwell are joining forces to present Mariah Carey the “Universal Lambs Appreciation Award” for her constant love and appreciation to her fans all over the world. The award will be sent to Maroon Entertainment, where it will be presented to our very own Queen Chop. For $1 USD, you can be one of the 250 lambs that will be a part of this once in a lifetime opportunity. Act now because entries will go fast to place your tribute on this prestigious reward. If interested, please visit for further Tribute details. But hurry, time and spaces will go fast. It’s Time to Show Support for OUR SHINING STAR! We would appreciate all the help you can in making this tribute a complete success for Ms. Carey. We ask that all webmasters post this information on your site, if you would be kind enough. We appreciate all of your hard work and dedication that you do for Mariah! Lambs United! Thank you!
Helen Stockwell
Source: Helen by e-mail.
Picture: This is the photo of the Award.  The inscription will say: Mariah Carey - Universal Lambs Appreciation Award - 2002.
Posted on August the 26th.
There are 6 !!!
I found this article in 'Het Laatste Nieuws'.  The NIS (National Institute for Statistiques) gave them a look at the register of births to see the most popular first names in Belgium.  And as you can see in the scan I made, there are 6 girls named after Mariah ! ;-) (6 out of 10 million Belgians).  To see the scan of the article, click here.
Source: Björn for Heroes of Mariah.
Posted on August the 26th.
Jasmine's gossip slot
This week on Jasmine's gossip slot she didn't really have any Mc news BUT she introduced us to her 2 friends from NY who were both lawyers- and one of them was MC's nephew Shawn!!! He's qualified as a lawyer now and she said he plans to be a senator someday!!! He told us he's good friends with Jay-Z but it was obvious he didn't like Christina Aguilera or J-Lo!!! He's been in London all week and Jasmine took him to a party hosted by former MC remixers Stargate. The funniest bit was when they were talking about P Diddy who might be moving to either Sony or Electra- she asked Shawn who he's choose and he said 'Electra but then I have personal reasons'(for not choosing Sony). Later Universal records were mentioned and he said they were a greaty company!!!
Source: Victoria at Rainbow Princess.
Posted on August the 26th.
Mariah Protects Her New Sound
Popstar MARIAH CAREY has stepped up security as she records her musical comeback on the Italian island of Capri.The curvy songbird, whose last album GLITTER was a commercial and critical flop, has invited music executives to come and listen to her new material, which she is recording under her own imprint for the DEF JAM MUSIC GROUP. But security on the island is tight and no one is allowed to bring any recording equipment or take any copies of her music away. Carey says she is determined that no one else will hear any of the songs until the CD is released in December (02).
Source: Lycos Entertainment - Stephy from Mariah's web.
Posted on August the 25th.
Carefree Carey back in the swim

WITH her suicide bid and record label sacking behind her, these are the first pictures of the new MARIAH CAREY. The singer is back in shape after a turbulent year and is recording an album on the Mediterranean island of Capri. The only man who will not be happy to see the snaps is Mariah’s new record label boss LYOR COHEN, who last week asked the sexy star to stop flashing so much flesh. Island/Def Jam president Lyor told her: “If you have a magnificent voice and you write such compelling songs, why are you dressing like that?” Mariah has penned most of the numbers on the new album, due out in December, which she has yet to name. She signed a £14million record deal with Island/Def Jam in May – four months after EMI dropped her with a £38million payoff after her album Glitter bombed. 
Picture 1: Bright star ... Mariah seems to have got over her gloom
Picture 2: Water therapy ... Mariah in Capri
Picture 3: What a view ... Mariah looking relaxed
Source: Dominic Mohan for The Sun. (All rights reserved)
Pictures: FAMOUS (All rights reserved)
Heroes comment: Yes indeed Dominic, what a view! 
Posted on August the 24th.
Bedingfield looks into Mariah's eyes

Here's a new bit of info from Daniel Bedingfield regarding Mariah. More will be coming next week when the man himself is in Australia. I have also attached a thumbnail of the scan which if you wish you can tell people they can see the full version at Anyway, herez the article:
Songs for a diva, the writing on the wall
'HiT' - August 22nd, 2002
GOTTA Get Thru This earned Daniel Bedingfield the attention of the music world.
He wrote and produced the song, and songwriting offers have come in from Destiny's Child, Ms Dynamite, H & Claire (ex Steps), Barry White and Mariah Carey. "I'm writing three songs for Mariah at the moment," Bedingfield says. "One might even be a duet. "But of course if we do a duet I'll be looking at her eyes the whole time. "It's very flattering to be asked to write someone a song. The whole thing is flattering. "It's not my fault Gotta Get Thru This went so huge. I just wrote a song. I'm really humbled by it." 
NOTE: I spoke with the journalist who interviewed Daniel and he confirmed "A Thousand Lifetimes" is the title of the first track, while the other two will be "love songs". He's in Australia next week, and my contact will be meeting him and will try get as much info from him as possible. So stay tuned for that! One other thing I forgot to mention - A THOUSAND LIFETIMES is a duet.
Source: Neil from by e-mail.
Heroes comment: I wanna look into Mariah's eyes too. 
Posted on August the 22nd.

Bon appétit!!!
Here's what we read on the fomm:
Official Album Tracklisting
'Mariah's Kitchen' - Mariah Carey
1. Baked Potato (ftg Cheese)
2. Waitress Blues
3. Onion Tears
4. Macaroni (Mariah's Treat)
5. Buttered Bread (ftg Crus T)
6. Whatever! (Ring The Bell)
7. Bacon & Eggs
8. Vegemite On Toast (ftg Butta)
9. Ice Cream Delight (ftg Ice T)
10. A Little Splash Of Olive Oil
11. My Heart Was Microwaved On High (Interlude)
12. Where Sleeping Dogs Lie (In My Kitchen)
13. I Need You (2 Find My Taco)
14. I Lost My Poor Meatball
15. Suckin' Spaghetti (ftg Da Brat)
16. Bacon & Eggs (Scrambled remix) 
Source: ShayneFly at FOMM.
Heroes comment: The fans of Mariah become more funny everyday, this tracklist is the best I read until now, but even if I laughed to death, I hope that it's not the official one. 
Posted on August the 21st.
Universal Japan announced Mariah's new album for late November.
Source: Shino from LoveLoveJack by e-mail.
Posted on August the 21st.
Exciting news
I'm in shock!!! I just talked to a friend of mine who does work for one of Germanys biggest tv channels ("ZDF")... and he was part of a press conference for the german tv-show "Wetten-dass?"... it's the show where all mega stars present their new songs AND THEY TALKED ABOUT MARIAH!!!!!!! She is on the list and in talks to be part of a show later this year but they havn't decided yet. And then he said to me "I also got the chance to listen to her new single..." And I was like WHAT ARE YOU SAYING!!!!!!????   He didn't know that I was that a big fan and he was surprised that I nearly flipped!!! So here is what he said... it isn't much. He said it's a ballad. So I guess it's true that Through The Rain is the first single. I asked him about the title and he said he couldn't remember   I then told him about the title TTR and he said something like "That was it I think..." I asked him 100 times to describe the song and to tell me EVERYTING but he couldn't say much BUT he said it's a very melodramatic song. I asked him about her voice and he just told me " always"   I was like "TELL ME HOW HER VOICE SOUNDED!!!???" He then told me that he thinks to remember that it started very quiet and builded up very loud... so it seems to be a typical MC-ballad. He also said that her voice wasn't as big as Without You wich is the only MC-song he knows. He also said that people at the conference didn't like the idea of having this song in the show that much because it's a sad song. AND they said that it was very difficult to work with her the last time she was in this show (she saing TGIFY then)... whatever that means....  That's all.
Source: Marten2 at Fomm.  A really big thanks to him for sharing this great news. 
Posted on Agust the 20th.
Mariah Carey Turns Down Insulting ER Cameo
WENN reports Mariah Carey angrily rejected an offer to appear on the hit medical drama ER after being offered a role of a singer suffering a break-down is too similar to her own real life mental problems. "Mariah needs to redeem herself because Glitter flopped," said a source. "She is a huge fan of ER, which is still the top rated show in the US, so she was obviously delighted when they asked her to take part in an episode or two. But she couldn't believe how insensitive they were when they asked her to play a loony-tune pop star. Someone was being very mischievous, or they have very short memories."
Posted on August the 20th.
Bedingfield pens song for Mariah

Daniel Bedingfield has a completed a song which he plans to sing with pop diva Mariah Carey.
The singer exclusively revealed to worldpop that the new track will be a love song called A Thousand Life Times. 'I haven’t met up with Mariah to record the song yet but I have finished it so I will be singing it with her at some period in the future,' said Bedingfield. 'I am looking forward to meeting her though and I’m sure it’ll be a lot of fun.' Mariah, who is now on the same record label as Bedingfield in the US, has previously collaborated with Irish boy band Westlife. Bedingfield, who shot straight to the top of the charts with his debut single Gotta Get Thru This, is also planning on cracking America when he starts a world tour next February. 'It is supposed to be tough over there but Dido did it. I am just going to keep riding the wave over there at the moment and see how I do.' 'I am going to go over there for two weeks in the next couple of days to do a few radio shows to promote the album. But I plan to do a lot more dates over there next year to try break it. Making it in America is central to making it in England as well.' Bedingfield’s current single James Dean (I Wanna Know) entered the UK charts at No 4. Last week, Daniel told worldpop about his plans to work with Pop Idol contestant Darius Danesh.
Source: worldpop. (All rights reserved)
Posted on August the 19th.
Mariah's album preview a hit under tight security
If you were on the Isle of Capri the other day and saw a bunch of crazy Americans splashing in the Blue Grotto, I'll tell you who they were. It was Mariah Carey and friends including Island Def Jam Records President Lyor Cohen, all celebrating after hearing tracks from Carey's new album. She's been recording in Capri for weeks, and the sessions are said to be a great success. Some song titles have already hit the Web, including one called "Through the Rain," which may be the title track. I'm told that after playing the songs for European accounts, everyone who was invited to the session -- including Carey -- took a swim in the Mediterranean. Meanwhile it may be hard to get too much info on song titles and credits until right before the December release date. "We don't want what happened last time," a source said, referring to the theft of a Carey song by Jennifer Lopez during production of the Glitter album. 
Source: Fox News - Jeane via email to MariahBuzz.
Posted on August the 19th.
Jasmine interview
After the last voice message most Mariah fans would know who the wonderful Jasmine is.  She kindly took a time out to answer a few questions for us.
Source: MC:UK, RPN and Ashes from Rainbow Princess by e-mail.
Posted on August the 19th.
Customize MSN
The MSN Messenger users are going to be happy. Download the following ZIP file and send its content to the MSN installation folder (By default: C:\Program Files\Messenger). Windows will ask you if you want to replace the already exciting files. Answer 'Yes.' From now on, you can chat with Mariah.
Source: by e-mail.
Posted on August the 19th.
I'll make a little trip from August the 15th until August the 18th.  See you all Monday August the 19th.
Posted on August the 14th.
Yes!  We did it, it works!
There are already 20 sites which support the moral contract - United Fans Against Piracy.  My goal when I launched this action was not to stop piracy in the world, but try to prevent that Mariah fan sites post the new single and album in downloads on their site.  I'm really happy that our little Belgium was able to unite so many sites.  Go Belgium!!! 
Source: Heroes of Mariah.

On a réussi, ça marche!
Il y a déjà 20 sites qui supportent le contrat moral - United Fans Against Piracy.  Quand j'ai lancé cette action, mon but n'était pas d'arrêter la piraterie dans le monde, mais d'essayer d'empêcher que des sites de Mariah ne mettent les nouveaux single et album en download sur leur site.  Je suis vraiment très heureux que notre petite Belgique ait réussi à unir tant de sites.  Go Belgium!!! 
Source: Heroes of Mariah.

We deden het, het werkt!
Er zijn al 20 sites die het moraal contract - Verenigde Fans Tegen Piraterij steunen. Toen ik deze actie heb gestart was het niet mijn doel om piraterij tegen te houden in de wereld, maar proberen te verhinderen dat Mariah sites geen downloads van de nieuwe single en het nieuw album op hun site plaatsen.  Ik ben heel blij dat ons klein België zo veel sites bijeen kon brengen.  Go Belgium!!! 
Source: Heroes of Mariah. (Nederlandse correctie: Björn)
Posted on August the 14th.

Flag display tours south suburbs
Signed banners at the center of Sept. 11 memorial.
Times Staff Report
RICHTON PARK --- The Ground Zero Flag memorial debuted Monday in Richton Park, the first stop in its nine community, south suburban tour, to bring the words and photos of those immediately touched by the Sept. 11 attacks a bit closer to home. "It's pretty moving," Richton Park Village Trustee Gary Marquardt said as he perused an 8-foot tall poster board display of Sept. 11 images. "When you look at these pictures ... it's kind of hard to understand all of it." The touring memorial also features flags signed by former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani as well as city firefighters and police officers who heroically responded after the two commercial airliners disintegrated the twin towers. Visitors can also view a videotape of photos as they hear fitting music such as Eric Clapton's "Tears in Heaven" and Mariah Carey's "Hero." The videotape depicts significant moments of the tragedy to bring the viewer to the heart of the sorrow and horror evoked on Sept. 11, including victims jumping from the smoke-engulfed windows of the World Trade Center. "It is very emotional, it's hard to look at the pictures of the kids," Richton Park resident Beth Marow said Monday as she left the memorial with her finance Jim Hennessy. "We thought it would be something to come and see," Hennessy said. "It's so surreal."Visitors at all of the tour's stops will have the opportunity to sign a village flag that will be sent to New York City to hang in one of it's 230 fire stations. Richton Park's flag was already crowded with "God bless" and "We will never forget" messages on Monday afternoon. "It's my understanding they are going to collect these flags from all across the country," Marquardt said. The Ground Zero Flag memorial will be at each of the municipality's village halls for one week, opening at one nearly every Monday until mid-October. The current schedule is: Worth Monday-Aug. 23, Oak Forest Aug. 26-30, Orland Park Sept. 9-13, Homewood Sept. 16-20, Matteson Sept. 23-27, Posen Sept. 30-Oct. 4, Chicago Heights Oct. 7-11, Riverdale Oct. 14-18. The tour is sponsored by the Chicago Southland Chamber of Commerce, state Sen. Peter Roskam, R-20, Manny Hoffman Insurance Agency, First National Bank and Travel Brokers/ Carlson Wagonlit Travel.
Source: The Times online. (All rights reserved)
Posted on August the 14th.
Mariah's new single title?
October 8 - Mariah Carey: "Through The Rain" (IDJMG)
Credit: All Access Music Group.
Source: jonny823 at FOMM.
Heroes comment: Rumors goes around about Mariah's next single title, but nothing is confirmed yet by: Island Def Jam, Universal or MonarC Music.
Posted on August the 13th.
Congrats Mariah!
Here's what we read on
2002 Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Awards, handed out Aug. 9 in Miami:
Top R&B/hip-hop single, sales: "Loverboy," Mariah Carey featuring Da Brat and Ludacris (Virgin).
Heroes comment: The most boycotted song by the radio stations wins the Top R&B/hip-hop single, sales award.
Well done Mariah!  You showed them you're the best. 
Posted on August the 11th.
I'm singing in the rain
Gene Kelly sang that a long time ago, but now Mariah may sing it too.  I just heard on Euronews that a storm flooded Capri, there was a lot of damage in the luxurious stores and restaurants of the Piazzetta.  Let's hope that Mariah took her rubber boots and her raincoat. 
Source: Heroes of Mariah.
Posted on August the 11th.
Check this link for the pictures of the Paris and London gatherings:
Source: Sylvain from Mariahfanclub.comby e-mail.
Posted on August the 11th.

New official pictures
Go check them on Mariah's official site in the candid pictures section.
Posted on August the 10th.
Neil let us know that there's also a street team in Australia.
Source: Neil from AMCF by e-mail.
Don't forget to ask us infos about our Belgian street team.  We need more people.
Posted on August the 10th.
Mariah's New Record Label Takes Wing
By Roger Friedman
Drum roll, please. Mariah Carey -- still mourning the recent death of her father -- has chosen a name for her record label. And it is MonarC, as in the monarch butterfly. The M and C are capitalized for Mariah's initials. A San Francisco jazz label called Monarch Records wasn't interested in relinquishing its name, even though Mariah asked. Hence, the unusual spelling. After some brainstorming Carey and her management came up with this idea, rather than just winging it. MonarC will be distributed by Island/Def Jam Records, which is part of the Universal Music Group. As for Carey's recordings, her first single will be out during the last week of September, which will make the Grammy deadline of Oct. 1. The single was recorded, like the rest of the new album, on the island of Capri off the coast of Italy. What won't happen with this release is the same debacle that afflicted Glitter, Mariah's last project. Glitter -- the worst movie of 2001 -- was undermined by many things including possible theft of some of its music by Jennifer Lopez and Ja Rule, courtesy of Sony Music. But all that is behind Mariah now, I am told. And certainly it's incumbent upon Doug Morris and Lyor Cohen of Universal to have a big, big hit with Carey right away. Ironically, Mariah's single will debut just a week or so after Whitney Houston's new album is released on Arista. This column reported on July 10 that Houston's new single, "Whatchulookinat," had been leaked to radio stations. It was catchy -- no doubt about it. But according to Radio & Records, which monitors airplay, almost no one is playing it. (Give it a spin, guys! The voice is better than ever.) This is kind of interesting since I heard recently that one of the four major networks (Fox, ABC, NBC, CBS) inquired on Houston's behalf about a special featuring the two divas. I'm told however that Carey's advisors declined the opportunity.
Source: Roger Friedman for (All rights reserved)
Heroes comment: 4 words and 4 digits are wrong, search them. 
Posted on August the 9th.
Voulez-vous gagner un DVD de Glitter?  Le Fan-Club Français vous en donne l'opportunité.  Cliquez ici.
Source: Sylvain de par e-mail.
Posted on August the 9th.
Moral contract - United Fans Against Piracy
I would like to propose to all the sites to be united to avoid the copy of Mariah's new single and album.  I know that everyone likes to have exclusive news, but I think that the fact of giving in download commercial songs is not an exclusiveness.  It seems to me that we owe that to Mariah.  She worked so much to create this new album that we can't demolish all and steal her work.  I also know that the majority of the fans will buy the album, but others fans or non-fans quite simply will pirate it.  If we all could be united against the hacking of Mariah's new album that would prove that we are true "lambs" and it is the most beautiful gift we could make to Mariah! 
Spread the word. 
Please give me your opinion and let me know if you adhere to this moral contract.  Thank you for Mariah. 
Source: Heroes of Mariah.

Contrat moral - United Fans Against Piracy
J'aimerais proposer à tous les sites de s'unir pour éviter la copie des nouveaux single et album de Mariah.  Je sais que chacun aime avoir des nouvelles exclusives, mais je crois que le fait de donner en download des chansons commerciales n'est pas une exclusivité.  Il me semble que nous devons cela à Mariah.  Elle a tant travaillé pour créer ce nouvel album que nous ne pouvons pas démolir tout, en volant son travail.  Je sais aussi que la plupart des fans vont acheter l'album, mais d'autres fans ou non-fans vont tout simplement le pirater.  Si nous pouvions tous nous unir contre le piratage du nouvel album de Mariah cela prouverait que nous sommes de vrais "lambs" et c'est le plus beau cadeau que l'on pourrait faire à Mariah!
Faites passez le message.
Donnez-moi votre avis s'il vous plait et laissez-moi savoir si vous adhérez à ce contrat moral.  Merci pour Mariah. 
Source: Heroes of Mariah.

Moraal contract - Verenigde Fans Tegen Piraterij
Ik zou graag aan alle sites voorstellen om zich te verenigen om het kopiëren van de nieuwe single en het album van Mariah te vermijden.  Ik weet dat iedereen graag uitpakt met exclusief nieuws, maar ik denk dat het aanbieden van downloadbare commerciële liedjes geen exclusiviteit is.  Ik denk dat we dat aan Mariah zijn verschuldigd.  Ze werkte zo hard aan dit nieuwe album dat we het niet mogen vernietigen door haar werk te stelen.  Ik weet ook wel dat het merendeel van de fans het album zullen kopen, maar andere fans of niet-fans zullen het simpelweg plagiëren.  Als we ons allen konden verenigen
tegen de piraterij van het nieuwe Mariah album dat zou bewijzen dat we echte "lambs" zijn en dat is het mooiste geschenk dat we voor Mariah kunnen maken !
Geef de boodschap door.
Gelieve mij uw mening te geven en mij te laten weten als u zich houdt aan dit moraal contract.  Bedankt voor Mariah. 
Nederlandse vertaling: Björn voor Heroes of Mariah.
Source: Heroes of Mariah.
Posted on August the 8th.

Official press release
Here's what I just received from Universal Belgium:
August 6, 2002

Mariah Carey Set To Release New Studio Album 
December 2, 2002 
MonarC Music/Island Records

New York, NY -- MonarC Music/Island Records is set to release Mariah Carey's new studio album (title:TBD) internationally on December 2, 2002.  The Japanese release date is November 27, 2002 with the United States and Canada following on December 10, 2002.  The album features Carey writing and co-producing with such A-list producers as Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, Jermaine Dupri among others. Mariah, who has already recorded 20 very personal songs for the album, showcases her stunning voice, prolific songwriting ability and incredible versatility on this new album. 

Mariah Carey, the world's best-selling female performer of all time, signed to the Universal Music Group's Island Records in May 2002. In addition, Carey has formed her own label, MonarC Music.  MonarC Music's first release will be Carey's new album through Island Records. 

The Island Def Jam Music Group is home to a multi-cultural and diverse family of artists and has fast become one of the most successful labels in the industry. It is comprised of Island Records, Def Jam Recordings and Def Soul, and is in partnerships with American Recordings, Lost Highway Records, Roc-A-Fella Records, Murder Inc, Bloodline Records, Java Records, Roadrunner Records and MonarC Music.  In addition to Carey, the roster boasts an array of talented artists including Jay-Z, Bon Jovi, Ludacris, Ashanti, Ryan Adams, Nickelback, Musiq, Slipknot, American Hi Fi, Method Man, Hoobastank, Ja Rule, Sum 41, Slayer, Kelly Price, Saliva and DMX.
Source: Universal Belgium by e-mail.
Many thanks. 
Posted on August the 7th.

More about Jasmine
Jasmine Dotiwala
DJ Name:
My real name is more notorious than a DJ name !
Genre of music that you specialise in:
RnB and Hip Hop
Please list current residencies & guest DJ slots:
Producer/presenter MTV NEWS EUROPE, guest columnist for the Voice newspaper, Eastern Eye newspaper and one off stories for the national papers.
Please describe your DJ & musical background :
After University Jasmine joined ''the Big Breakfast'' show on Channel Four as a floor manager before hosting the cult show '' The Word'' for the same TV company - Planet 24. Then she co hosted MTVs the Grind in New York alongside Heavy D before returning to MTV Europe as a producer/presenter. As well as interviewing and making top rating shows for the MTV network worldwide Jasmine wrote a long standing ''Girl Talk'' column for urban music magazine Touch, Eastern Eye newspaper, and The Voice newspaper.

How long have you been DJ'ing?
1 year
What was the first record you bought?
Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam-- Home Home
Top 5 records of all time:
1. Electric Relaxation - Tribe Called Quest
2. So Special - Dru Hill
3. Big Poppa - Notorious B.I.G 
4. Heaven Can Wait - Michael Jackson
5. Fantasy Remix - Mariah Carey feat ODB
PIC: Jasmine and Mariah's New Years Eve party
Source: Björn for Heroes of Mariah.
Posted on August the 7th.

Credit: MountainMan335 at FOMM.
Please if you want to use his work, give him the credit. 
Posted on August the 7th.
Mariah's new message
(laughs) "Hi Lambs! Anyway... hum... I'm still here working on the album, and... you know, doing the best I can to enjoy the beautiful surroundings when I get a chance, and hum... just want to check in and let you know that I love you much and hum... things of that sort. Now, my friend... is here from England, Jasmine from MTV, so that you may know her, and hum... we're practicing Bianca-ism again but I'm not ready to go back into that yet 'cause (with an English accent) I don't have it down quite... well enough darlings, but hold on" 
Jasmine: "Darlings I don't know who Jasmine is this is Bianca (Mariah laughs) I want to let you know as much as it pains me to say so I've been listening set Mariah's new track today I managed to sneak to the exclusively hear them and I've got to say they're what we call in England banging and heavy meaning amazingly great, so I know you'll be looking forward to that, so tata (Mariah says Jasmine) back now" 
"It is it is actually Jasmine (Mariah and Jasmine laugh), alright lambs, love you much, talk to you soon, bye!"
Transcript: Heroes of Mariah.
Posted on August the 6th.
Tonight on VTM in Exclusief, they gonna mention Mariah.
Source: Björn for Heroes of Mariah.
Posted on August the 6th.
Allez vite acheter votre DVD de Glitter à partir d'aujourd'hui.
Posted on August the 6th.
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, I can't wait for official news, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! 
Posted on August the 6th.
Mariah on the move

Mariah Carey's first album for her new label, Island Records, has been put on the fast track, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Titled Mariah, fans can expect to see the CD on shelves in early December. The first single is expected to be released for radio play during the second week of September. Known for being very hands on during production, Carey herself has penned the majority of the songs.
Source: (All rights reserved)
Posted on August the 6th.
UMG brass hitting fast-track key for Carey's Island Records debut 
Mariah Carey's debut album for Island Records is being fast-tracked, sources said. The first single will go to radio the second week of September, and the new album is slated to hit stores Dec. 10, in time for the holidays. Insiders said Carey has written 99% of the songs and has been in the studio with such producers as Irv Gotti, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. Carey inked a $20 million recording contract with Island Def Jam Music Group in May, less than six months after Virgin Records dropped her. Carey's still-untitled new album is being positioned as her big comeback after the meager sales of her soundtrack album "Glitter," which was released last year. UMG's top honchos -- chairman and CEO Doug Morris, IDJMG president and CEO Lyor Cohen, Interscope Geffen A&M chairman Jimmy Iovine and Universal Music International chairman Jorgen Larsen -- are devoting time to the project, sources said. (Tamara Conniff) 
Source: The Hollywood Reporter. (All rights reserved)
Posted on August the 6th.
Carey delaying comeback
By Dennis Daily
Many in the world of popular music had thought that Mariah Carey would have put out a new CD by this time. Nope. For some reason the singer, whose career has been in low gear in recent months, will now wait until nearly the end of this year to present her latest effort to her fans. According to the New York Post, Carey's latest compilation, to be called "Mariah," is due to hit store shelves in mid-December. It's being produced by a music man with quite a reputation, Irv Gotti, considered by many to be a genius when it comes to putting together music presentations. Some of his past efforts include helping Ja Jule and Ashanti rise to national prominence. The new Carey CD will be released on Island Def Jam Records. By the way, Carey's official Web site -- on the Internet -- contains the latest information on her career and even has a sound clip from the singer, saying "Hi" to her fans.
Source: UPI. (All rights reserved)
Posted on August the 6th.
Fan's meeting in Brazil

For the third time Mariah Vision fan club promoted a fan meeting in Brazil. The purpose of the event was to celebrate the release of Glitter DVD in Brazil and to bring all the fans together. It took place in cities like São Paulo and Rio De Janeiro. We had the pleasure to have Isabel Gomes in São Paulo who introduced herself and took pictures with her newest fans. The Glitter movie when launched in Brazil was not that successful and people could watch it in few cinemas, but now due to this occurrence Glitter turned to be the second most rented movie in all Brazilian video clubs. It proves that all Brazilian fans support our diva, who surprised all the company that were not confident  about this huge succsess. During the event, Raphael Mello, responsible for the Mariah Vision web site and fun club played with the fans on games like: "Music in reverse", where the fan had to find out which song was being played listening to it on back to front, karaokes, and interviews about Mariah . The event also had an exclusive video tape of the Glitter premiere in Los Angeles.
Pictures by Kilvia da Costa
Source: Raphael from Mariah Vision by e-mail.
Posted on August the 6th.
Marilyn Monroe - 40 years already
Norma Jeane Mortenson - June 1, 1926 - August 5, 1962

A few quotes of Marilyn:
"No one ever told me I was pretty when I was a little girl. All little girls should be told they are pretty, even if they aren't."
"[Hollywood is] a place where they'll pay you a thousand dollars for a kiss and fifty cents for your soul."
"Everybody is always tugging at you. They'd all like a sort of chunk out of you. I don' think they realize it, but it's like 'grrr do this, grr do that...' But you do want to stay intact--intact and on two feet."
"It stirs up envy, fame does. People...feel fame gives them some kind of privilege to walk up to you and say anything to you--and it won't hurt your feelings--like it's happening to your clothing."
"Fame is fickle and I know it. It has its compensations, but it also has its drawbacks and I've experienced them both."
"With fame, you know, you can read about yourself, somebody else's ideas about you, but what's important is how you feel about yourself--for survival and living day to day with what comes up."
"Only the public can make a star. It's the studios who try to make a system out of it."
Source for the quotes: (All rights reserved)
Pictures found on the net without copyrights.
Posted on August the 5th.
Isabel Gomes on Brazilian tv show

All Mariah Carey fans who got to know Isabel Gomes, a  beautiful and sweet 14 year old actress, had the chance to watch Isabel Gomes on a very popular Brazilian Tv Show called Raul Gil. Isabel promoted her participation on the movie Glitter where she starred Mariah as a child. We, from Mariah Vision, regard this event an achievment because Glitter the movie now has no chance to be forgotten in our country. Everyone here in Brazil know about the movie and Isabel´s appearance.
For those who didn´t give a chance to Gliter now have a great opportunity to try.
Source: Raphael from Mariah Vision by e-mail.
Posted on August the 5th.
Carey comeback
Naysayers predicted that Mariah Carey wouldn't come out with another album until at least next spring, but the sultry songbird has proved them wrong. Sources say Carey is making her comeback debut with Island Def Jam records on Dec. 10. "They will release a single in the second week of September," we hear. The album, titled "Mariah," is produced by Irv Gotti - the genius behind Ja Rule and Ashanti.
Source: (All rights reserved)
Heroes comment: Don't forget that nothing is confirmed yet.
Posted on August the 5th.
Being multiracial
Here's an extract of an article from The Olympian:
Though multiracial people still represent a small portion of the population locally, multiracial celebrities have already captured hearts nationally. Household names like Shakira (Colombian and Lebanese), Mariah Carey (African-American, Venezuelan, and Irish), Keanu Reeves (Chinese, Hawaiian and Caucasian), and, of course, multiracial poster boy Tiger Woods (Thai, Chinese, African-American, Caucasian and Native American) attest to this phenomenon. 
Seventeen-year-old Liz Scott, a senior at Capital High School, said being biracial is not a big issue for her. "I'm just who I am," Scott said. "I'm not black, I'm not white, I'm just mixed." Yet even as Scott represents a growing number of teens who embrace life between races, some may also face a period of confusion or frustration being "both" in a society that still tries to force people to pick one race -- on everything from SAT test forms to job applications. 
Matt Kelley, the 23-year-old founder and president of The MAVIN Foundation, a nonprofit organization addressing multiracial issues. "When you're multiracial," Kelley said, "only checking one race means denying one of your parents."
But for Gina Davis, 17, of Olympia it is often a lack of questions that can be troubling. "People come up to me and start speaking Spanish, assuming I'm Latina," said Davis, who is African-American, Italian and Cherokee. "Being mixed isn't really important to me, but it's the people around me who make it a big deal." 
Kelley echoes Davis' comments. 
"There's nothing inherently wrong or weird about being multiracial," Kelley said. "It's society's ignorance that isolates mixed-race youth."
Source: The Olympian. (All rights reserved)
Posted on August the 5th.
Sony Music Starts Cutting Jobs
By Roger Friedman
The word from Sony Music today is that more than 100 jobs are being cut. I told you recently that veteran producer John Kalodner (Aerosmith, Journey) is likely to be one of those affected. Big mistake in my opinion. Kalodner at least produces hits. The new Springsteen album notwithstanding, Sony -- which is really Columbia and Epic -- is not doing so well on the charts now. They have one album in the top 20, which is No. 19, Aerosmith's Greatest Hits. Recent releases by Celine Dion, Oasis, and Marc Anthony have been huge disappointments. We won't even discuss Jackson's Invincible...The company has spent the whole summer living off Shakira, the Andrea True of 2002. It's not like Sony is alone in cutting jobs or taking it on the chin in the charts. Certainly the other labels, with the exception of the Universal labels, Arista, and J, are having similar problems. Almost nothing is selling well. CD prices are ridiculously high, and the quality of most of the releases is abysmal. But Sony gets the blame when things go wrong because in good times they are arrogant and flashy. They need to develop some new interesting acts now, and they'd better hurry up. Their former big star, Mariah Carey, I hear is busy completing her new release for Island/Def Jam. And it's said to be quite good.
Credit: Roger Friedman for (All rights reserved)
Source: rbaine at FOMM.
Posted on August the 2nd.
No, you will not be able to read the name of Mariah's label on our site until there's an official press release, 'cause it's against the ethical rules.

Non, vous ne découvrirez pas le nom du label de Mariah sur notre site, jusqu'à ce qu'il y ait un communiqué de presse officiel, parce que c'est contre les règles d'éthique.

Nee, we zullen de naam van Mariah's label op onze site niet posten tot dat er een officiële pers mededeling is, want het is tegen de ethische regels.
Posted on August the 1st.

Fridge story

Our kitchen has a new look... but the fridge was still soooooo old.  So, I wanted to give him a relaxing massage and then a personalized make up.  I know it sounds crazy, but after all, this old guy worth it with all the hard work he made all these years.  I grew up with him and he's a Mariah fan since 1993 too.  But, my dad said "Are you insane?  We gonna buy a new one!"  What?  OMG, no!  Please let me try, you may not throw him to the dumping ground.  And if we buy a new one, how will we know if he's a Mariah fan?  So, I gave a new look to my old buddy and as a true Mariah fan he wrote a special message for my dad.  And now my dad wants to keep him too, awwwwww, how cute. 
Posted on August the 1st.


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