Heroes of Mariah - Bringin' On The Heartbreak street promo, Brussels, 10/25/03

When the fans do the promo!           En français - In het Nederlands

Here we go again, three days after the street promo for "The Remixes", our street team is again on the Place de la Monnaie in the commercial city center of Brussels.
It's cold, very cold, but as usual the heat is in our hearts .
The usual plan:
- We play Bringin' On The Heartbreak non-stop very loud on a cd-player with powerful speakers.
- My Belgian flag Mariah fashion on my back.
- Flyers.
The plan this time is to talk with the passers by, telling them that there's a new single of Mariah and that it's the one they can hear thanks to our cd-player.  Did we really needed to tell them to listen, the only thing you could hear on the Place de la Monnaie was Bringin' On The Heartbreak .

When people were interested, talked a little with us and could answer to one question, they received... a clothes pin .
Thanks to this clothes pin, they could try their luck at our contest.

They needed to pick in a bag full of half hearts (in cardboard, of course ) the second half of the heart shown on the board I had.  If they recontructed the entire heart... Bingo!!!  They won the cd (kindly given by Universal Belgium) .

The fact of seeing a few winners started to catch the attention of the passers by.  Everyone tried to pick the right half of the heart.  Little groups of people started to wait their turn.  We heard passers by saying: "Mariah Carey fans again, they are crazy, by this cold weather.".
Some asked where they could buy the cd.  Unfortunately, we encounter a few problems as the stores of the city center didn't have the cd on their shelves .  Some stores didn't even knew that a new single was released .  People came to say: "C'mon, let me win, I don't find the cd anywhere.".  Others wanted to buy it and didn't understood why we didn't wanted to sell it to them 'cause it was a contest.
On another side, this will maybe create a demand.  Let's cross the fingers .
Thanks to Universal Belgium for the promo cds .
Thanks to Patrick, Kinou and me .
Thanks to Kinou and Jack who gave the money to buy the material for the street promo .

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