Heroes of Mariah - December 2001
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Happy New Year!!!!!!!
Posted on December the 31st.
Official Belgian charts
Top 50 albums
For the french speaking part:
Greatest Hits - 31 - last week 36 - 2nd week.
For the dutch speaking part:
Greatest Hits - 45 - last week 49 - 2nd week.
Posted on December the 28th.
Let Mariah enjoy her life
We found the news about Virgin dropping Mariah on a lot of news sites, and on many forums, we read that the fans want that Mariah goes to one label, the others want she goes to another label, then that Mariah must sing like this or like that and then that Mariah must have her hair color like this or like that, etc...  We can only say that Mariah is not the "thing" of the fans, all that we, fans, can do for her, is support her and love her the way she is.  That Mariah goes to one label or another, that she sings like this or like that, that her hair is brown, blond, blue or red... it's her life, we have no rights to control it.
We love Mariah, whatever she does.
Posted on December the 28th.

Laissez Mariah vivre sa vie
Nous avons trouvé l'info de Virgin qui pourrait "licencier" Mariah sur un tas de sites d'actualités, et sur beaucoup de forum nous avons lu que les fans veulent que Mariah signe avec tel label, les autres veulent qu'elle signe chez un autre label, puis que Mariah devrait chanter comme ceci ou comme cela et puis aussi que Mariah doit avoir telle ou telle couleur de cheveux, etc... Nous pouvons seulement dire que Mariah n'est pas la "chose" des fans, tout ce que nous, fans, pouvons faire pour elle est de lui donner notre support et de l'aimer telle qu'elle est.  Que Mariah signe avec un label ou un autre, qu'elle chante comme ceci ou comme cela, que ses cheveux soient bruns, blonds, bleus ou rouges... c'est sa vie, nous n'avons pas le droit de la contrôler.  Nous aimons Mariah quoi qu'elle fasse.

Laat Mariah genieten van haar leven
We hebben het nieuws dat Virgin Mariah zou droppen gevonden op vele nieuws sites, en op vele forums lezen we dat sommige fans willen dat ze overstapt naar een andere bepaalde label, anderen willen dat ze overstapt naar nog een andere label, ook  worden daarop besproken zoals Mariah moet dit of dat zingen, en Mariah moet dit of dat haarkleur hebben etc...
Wij kunnen alleen zeggen dat Mariah niet het "ding" is van de fans, al dat wij, fans, kunnen doen is Mariah steunen en van haar houden zoals ze is. Dat Mariah nu een contract met het ene of andere label afsluit, of ze nu zus of zo zingt, of haar haar nu bruin, blond, blauw of rood is ... het is haar leven, wij hebben geen recht om het te controleren.  We houden van Mariah, wat ze ook doet.
Nederlandse vertaling: Björn en nagezien door Jack.

Please, go vote for Mariah, click on the NRJ logo.

Source: Butterflies are free and MariahCareyFan.de
Posted on December the 27th.
- It seems (we don't remember where we read that) that Virgin Australia will open a forum about Mariah.
- Virgin Brazil post on their site that there will be a lot of surprises and contests next year for the Mariah fans.
So, why they would do that if the news about Virgin dropping Mariah is true?
Posted on December the 27th.
I just phoned to Virgin Belgium to ask them about the news that Mariah is no longer at Virgin and they kindly said "no comments", wait and see.
Posted on December the 27th.
Levy's Christmas gift to Mariah ?
Here's what we read on the AMCF and MariahBuzz:
"EMI dumping Mariah Carey
IT was the biggest contract ever signed in recording history. Mariah Carey signature at the bottom of the EMI contract was worth $80m for four albums. After one, it's over. The LA Times report EMI is negotiating to pay Mariah out of her contract. There will be no further releases for her on the English label. Her recent Virgin Records release "Glitter" is considered a flop, although it did sell over two million copies worldwide. However, two million sales on a $20m advance is not considered good business.  Mariah's "Music Box" album on Sony sold 20 million copies. Her collective works on Sony sold 150 million copies. "Glitter" pales compared to her previous work and doesn't justify the contracted advance of her next album.
Virgin's Mariah Carey debut couldn't have come at a worse time for the label. The big budget album was to be cross promoted with a big budget film in which Carey was the star. Just prior to the release of both, she had a much publicized nervous breakdown and in the United States, the film was shelved. The LA Times says Mariah's contract with EMI was for a $20 million advance for each of four albums and a $6 million music video production fund. An additional $1.5 million was budgeted to promote four singles. They say $10m was spent of the promotion of Glitter. With Mariah free to start a new life on another label, industry spectators are punting of a reunion with Clive Davis' new label J. J Records current roster includes Alicia Keys, Deborah Cox, Angie Stone and Luther Vandross. Mariah would fit right in.
Credit: Undercover Music News
Source: AMCF and MariahBuzz.
Posted on December the 27th.
Mariah's Christmas message
"Merry Christmas lambs, hold on everybody wants to say Merry Christmas to you...
- (Children) Merry Christmas, by-ye.
- (Mariah) Sadie, say Merry Christmas lambs.
- (Little Sadie) Merry Christmas lambs.
(Big laugh) Hope you all are having a great holiday and hum... enjoying yourselves and being festive, being safe and all those things, I love you much and hum... I will speak to you soon, bah, by-ye, Merry Christmas."
Source: mariahcarey.com
Transcript: Gilles.
Posted on December the 25th at 10h00am CET.

Posted on December the 24th.
Belgian poster of the Greatest Hits (limited edition)

Posted on December the 23rd.
Who dissed Mariah in 2001?
Here's what we found on cdnow:
"Who dissed whom in 2001? Well, we thought you'd ask, so here are Miss Truth's picks for the top 10 disses from musicians to musicians in the past 12 months:
1. Everyone to Mariah Carey: It wasn't just the press that had a field day with Mariah Carey's physical and mental breakdown in July, entertainers used it as comic material as well. Among the more famous quotes are:
- "I'm having a Mariah Carey." -- Usher in US magazine on his stress level
- On an episode of Will and Grace a character asked how bad something was, and the answer came: "Mariah Carey in Glitter bad."
- Saturday Night Live's Jimmy Fallon used it in his "Weekend Update" when he said the U.S. military was searching for Osama bin Laden in all the places no one would go: "Like theaters showing Mariah Carey's film."
- And, even actor Brad Pitt got in on the action in Vanity Fair when he talked about his hard time with success, saying, "I thought about pulling a Mariah Carey, [but went through 18 months of therapy instead]." (allstar, Miss Truth, Nov. 7)
Source: abstracts, cdnow.
Posted on December the 23rd.
Comments: Miss Truth forgot to mention Jamie Foxx.
Mariah at CBS: A Home For The Holidays, singing Reflections, aired on December the 21st.

Credit for the caps: Mariah's Web.
Posted on December the 22nd.
Official Belgian charts
Top 50 albums
For the french speaking part:
Greatest Hits - 36 - 1st week.
For the dutch speaking part:
Greatest Hits - 49 - 1st week.
Posted on December the 21st.
Ashes from Rainbow Princess sent us this:
"As it is the xmas season...most people will be busy doing things and this is a great time to request and get through....let Move mariah up the usa charts, please request @ least 4 times:
Everyday for 4 days: non USA lambs
MTV Asia
Top 26 Stations From Mariah's Management
1. Z100 - NY (1 - 800 - 242 - 0100)  2. WKSS - CT (1 - 860 - 247 - 9570)  3. WVQS - San Francisco (1 - 888 - 876 - 0957) 4. WXYZ - Baltimore (1 - 410 - 481 - 1027)  5. WWZZ - Washington DC (1 - 800 - 987 - 2104) 6. WNKS - North Carolina (1 - 704 - 570 - 9595)  7. WDCG - Raleigh (1 - 919 - 860 - 1051)  8. WXKS - Boston (1 - 617 - 931 - 1108)  9. Y100 - Miami (1 - 305 - 550 - 9100) 10. KIIS - Los Angeles (1 - 800 - 520 - 1027)  11. KDWB - MN (1 - 651 - 989 - 5392)  12. KHKS - Dallas (1 - 214 - 263 - 1061)  13. WSTR - Atlanta (1 - 404 - 741 - 9400)  14. KRBE - Houston (1 - 713 - 390 - 5723)  13. WSTR - Atlanta (1 - 404 - 741 - 9400)  14. KRBE - Houston (1 - 713 - 390 - 5723)  15. KMXV - Kanas City (1 - 816 - 576 - 7093)  16. KSLV - St. Louis (1 - 314 - 969 - 1077)  17. WDRQ - Detroit (1 - 313 - 298 - 9393)  18. WKQI - Detroit (1 - 313 - 298 - 9595)  19. KHTS - San Diego (1 - 619 - 291 - 9191)  20. WSLZ - Tampa (1 - 727 - 446 - 9393)  21. XL106 - Orlando (1 - 877 - 919 - 1067)  22. WIOQ - Philadelphia (1 - 610 - 667 - 8102) 23. KKRZ - Portland (1 - 503 - 733 - 5100)  24. KBKS - Seattle (1 - 206 - 805 - 7061)  25. WBZZ - Pittsburgh (1 - 412 - 333 - 9494)  26. WPRO - Providence (1 - 401 - 224 - 1234)"
Posted on December the 21st.
Comments: For the non-US fans, use an e-mail address with a .com, .net or .org, so the radios will not know that you are not a US resident.
Please check this link for the Care Enough action from Mariahfanclub.com.
Posted on December the 21st.
Mariah and Luis in Aspen again?
Neil Travis of the New York Post reports Mariah Carey will fly to Aspen next week with Luis Miguel, whom she's began dating again for the past month according to his spies. The couple will be among the A-list guests at the opening of the first Prada store in the resort as well as the party afterwards at Harley Baldwin's exclusive Caribou Club.
Source: abstracts
Posted on December the 21st.
Comments: Maybe that our wish in the Christmas page will happen.  Our wish is Mariah's happiness.
Mariah's new message
"Happy holidays (singing)
Hey lambs, I'm just calling to say an early happy holidays and hum... let you know that I'm just thinking about you and... being greatfull for your support all year and... every year basically, and... let you know that I love ya, appreciate ya and enjoy you and hum... the tv special "Home for the holidays" is gonna be on hum... the 21st, which is either today or tomorrow whichever day this message gets up and... I will be calling in again soon, I hope you all enjoying the holidays and... feeling festive ok?  Bah, bye."
Source: mariahcarey.com
Transcript: Gilles.
Posted on December the 20th at 17h30.

Petit résumé
Mariah remercie tous les fans pour le support qu'elle a reçu cette année et les années précédentes, elle parle aussi de l'émission télévisée "Home for the holidays" qui sera diffusée aux US le 21.  Mariah nous souhaite de bonnes fêtes de fin d'année.

Korte samenvatting
Mariah bedankt alle fans voor de steun die ze dit jaar en de vorige jaren heeft gekregen.  Ze spreekt ook over de TV-uitzending "Home for the holidays" die op de 21ste zal worden uitgezonden in de Verenigde Staten.  Mariah wenst ons prettige eindejaarsfeesten.
Dank aan Björn voor de nederlandse vertaling.

MariahBuzz e-mailed us to explain that it was a misunderstood due to tiredness, well for my part all is ok now.
Kinou for the staff of Heroes of Mariah.

MariahBuzz not fair with the credits
This morning we sent the news about Mariah and Luis to several sites. It was not yet on any site. A little time after we e-mailed to Buzz, he posts it on his site without giving us the credit. I know that it's not a speed contest, but if someone e-mailed a news, it's normal in the courtesy code to give him the credit of the info. As Buzz cut and paste almost all "his" news, he copy a detail we wrote ourselves and who is not on abstracts or The Sun sites. This is not the first time and certainly not the last that he will take the info of the others, but it will no longer be ours, 'cause we will stop to send him our news.
Kinou for the staff of Heroes of Mariah.
Posted on December the 20th.

Mariah and Luis together again ?
Here's what we read on abstracts:
"The Sun reports Mariah Carey and Luis Miguel have rekindled their long romance as the couple have been dating for the past 4 weeks. The pair were spotted shopping on Monday in New York and spent two hours buying gifts in the Saks Fifth Avenue store where onlookers described them as "very much together.""  If you want to read The Sun article, click here.
Source: abstracts.
Posted on December the 20th at 11h00am CET
Mariah and AJ find comfort in each other
After learning what the other one has been through, McClean and Carey formed a bond that only they can relate to and understand. A spokesperson for McClean says, "after finding out about the drama Mariah was in, he sent her a nice bouquet of flowers and a card that she received the day after her Glitter Premiere, which read, 'You're strong Mariah and everyone was praying for you. You have been an inspiration to many, including myself. I knew you'd be ok because in some respects I know what you've been through. I'm glad you're back on your feet and may you continue to do well. God Bless - AJ'. He gave her his number in the note and Mariah called him a few days later to thank him".  A source from Carey's side says, "they've met a couple of times for lunch since then and speak on the phone from time to time. I think they have found comfort in each other which helps to give them both peace".
Source: Celebrity Profile | Thanks Glittergirl_Mariah & Karyna and MariahBuzz.
Posted on December the 20th.
Mariah on BET's Xmas Remembrance
Mariah was on BET's Xmas Remembrance special last night. She gave 2 amazing performances! The first one was of "Joy to the world" in which she hit an amazing high note at the end! The second was a rendition of "One Sweet Day" with Boyz2Men. Another amazing performance. Her voice sounded incredible!

Source: Pop-Fantasy.
Posted on December the 19th.
Mariah at The View
Mariah was in The View on the American channel ABC yesterday evening.

Credit for the caps: Mariah's Web.
Posted on December the 18th.
Larry fan of Mariah
Looks like CNN's Larry King is a big fan of Mariah Carey as he again has closed an episode of his Larry King Weekend talk show with footage of Mariah Carey singing 'All I Want For Christmas Is You' at her Kosovo USO concert intertwined with footage of U.S. troops coming back from overseas to be greeted by loved ones.
Source: abstracts.
Posted on December the 17th.
Mariah's Greatest Hits in the Billboard 200
Mariah's Greatest Hits enters directly at 52 in the Billboard 200.
Source: Billboard.
Posted on December the 17th.
Comments: We hope we will be able to give you the chart position for Belgium later.
Who wouldn't be a fan
US Weekly features a photo of Mariah Carey being escorted by troops in Kosovo where they quote Carey telling them during her performance, "Remember when you're out here freezing, know that everybody at home loves you." As for the singer's presence, Private First Class Duane Stelzik said, "She is a diva, who wouldn't be a fan?"
Source: abstracts.
Posted on December the 17th.
For the great collectors
Here's a scan of the cover of a double cd called "A Romantic Christmas", this cd is a compilation of Christmas songs, and the first song on the first cd is Mariah's "All I Want For Christmas Is You".  This cd is released by Sony Music Belgium.
Posted on December the 16th.
Never Too Far/Hero sticker
Here's a scan I made of the sticker which is with the cd.
Posted on December the 16th.
Funny girl
Here's what we read on Stephy's site:
"Globe reports Mariah Carey revealed she's not the smartest singer on the planet saying, "The thing is I can't add two and two. My father's an aeronautical engineer, but me? Ask me about fractions and you're gonna have a problem. That side of my brain does not function".
Source: abstracts and Mariah's Web.
Posted on December the 15th.
Comments: I found that really funny, there's only Mariah to laugh of herself :-)  and by the way, I'm not so good for mathematics either, can someone help me for adding two and two?  PLEEEAAASE :-) :-)
Funny for a real fan, maybe trash for the others
The Daily Star (December 12) reports that Mariah, who went a bit mental recently after she cut her feet on plates and assorted crockery, turned down the chance to eat food prepared by popular big chef Gordon Ramsey in order to have a McDonald's McChicken.  The news has shocked fans of the dolphin-voiced chanteuse in several places throughout the known world. However, others have leapt to her defence.  "You have to know Mariah to understand her reasoning," one of Carey's staunchest allies said earlier. "Since the mental thing, she has been unable to eat off plates. Some days she can't even walk past china shops. In top class restaurants, Mariah would have felt people were literally rubbing her nose in the plate saying 'Hey Carey, eat from that or eat that, you mother' and understandably she's moved away from that world. McDonald's produce meals in styrene trays and they are safe. It took a while to get to them even. For a time she would just eat chips from newspapers with a few parched peas. I think she's still not the full deal, you know. She thinks she's in the army now because she visited those soldiers. She answers every question shouting 'Sir, yes sir' like she's in 'Full Metal Jacket' or something. She's learned all the old episodes of 'Sgt. Bilko' too. She's talking about making a film with Chuck Norris."
Source: nme.com
Posted on December the 13th.
Comments: Maybe this post will shock some fans, but personally we find that funny and really in the wacky sense of humor of Mariah.

Petit résumé
Le Daily Star a reporté que Mariah préfèrait manger un McChicken plutôt que d'aller dans des restaurants chics.  D'autre part depuis qu'elle a rencontré des militaires, elle s'amuse maintenant à répondre à chaque question par "Sir, yes sir".
Pour certains ceci pourrait paraître trash, mais nous avons estimé, connaissant l'humour de Mariah que c'était amusant.

Korte samenvatting
De Daily Star schreef dat Mariah liever een McChicken eet dan te gaan dineren in een luxe restaurant.  En sinds haar
ontmoeting met militairen, amuseert ze zich om op iedere vraag te antwoorden met "Sir, yes sir".
Voor sommigen zal dit klinken als trash, maar wij veronderstellen, de humor van Mariah kennende, dat het grappig was.
Nederlandse vertaling: Björn.

Cross your fingers
On many forums, we read that in a lot of stores in the US (of course) that Never Too Far/Hero is already out of stock.
So, buy, buy, buy, 'cause it could be Mariah's #1 for this year.
Posted on December the 12th.
Mariah at the Super Bowl
An American colleague of my dad who works in the financial world e-mailed this to my dad:
"NFL Selects Mariah Carey To Sing National Anthem At Super Bowl XXXVI
NEW YORK, NY--(INTERNET WIRE)--Dec 11, 2001-- Singer, songwriter and producer MARIAH CAREY will sing the National Anthem at Super Bowl XXXVI at the Louisiana Superdome in New Orleans Sunday, Feb. 3, the NFL announced today. Bowl XXXVI will be televised by FOX to an expected 130 million viewers in the United States and 800 million viewers worldwide. The Super Bowl is annually the nation's highest-rated TV program and the most-watched single-day sporting event.  The NFL previously announced that U2 will perform live during the E*TRADE SUPER BOWL HALFTIME SHOW. Performers for the pregame show will be announced in the next few weeks.  Carey is the top-selling female pop artist of the 1990s.  Carey will add her name to the Super Bowl National Anthem performers' list that includes: Diana Ross; Neil Diamond; Billy Joel; Whitney Houston; Harry Connick, Jr.; Garth Brooks; Natalie Cole; Vanessa Williams; Luther Vandross; Jewel; Cher; Faith Hill and last year's group, the Backstreet Boys."
Source: National Football League and Yahoo finance.
Posted on December the 11th.
Greatest Hits sold out in Köln, Germany
Today Tina wanted to go buy the Greatest Hits in the stores of Köln, but it was already sold out.
Thanks to Tina and Rainbow Princess.
Posted on December the 11th.

Source: Raymond and MariahDaily.
Cool pharmacy
In Pasco, USA, a pharmacist decorated his shop window for Christmas.  If all the pharmacists were so cool, it would be a pleasure to go to the pharmacy :-)
Posted on December the 11th.
Last Night or not Last Night?  That's the question.
All the efforts are made to find a solution for a new recording of Last Night A DJ Saved My Life, to release this single in Europe.  The more likely solution is that Mariah will resing this song with another rapper.
Thanks to Virgin Belgium.
Posted on December the 10th.

Source: Sabine and mariah-carey-fan.de
One of the best pictures of Mariah in Europe
This picture was taken in Berlin, Germany on December the 1st 2001.
Posted on December the 9th.

Good and bad news from Brazil
The good news are:
- Mariah is in first place of the MTV Top 20 with Don't Stop.
- The Greatest Hits debut at #1 on the Brazilian charts.
- Never Too Far is the #1 single in Brazil for the last two weeks.
The bad news is:
Glitter Postponed in Brazil Once Again, this is the third time Columbia Films decides to change the date of the movie's premier. Now, the movie will be in theaters February 1st. Lots of Brazilian fans are worried because of the possiblity of non-theater release but Columbia Films said they are changing the dates only because of markting strategies.
Source: Marcus, Tahina and MariahDaily.
Posted on December the 9th.
No need to fraud, pas besoin de frauder, niet nodig om te frauderen !
Listen "There For Me" on mariahcarey.com and discover a wonderfull song that only Mariah can give us.
Ecoutez "There For Me" sur mariahcarey.com et découvrez une chanson merveilleuse que seule Mariah sait nous donner.
Luister naar "There For Me" op mariahcarey.com en ontdek een prachtig lied dat alleen Mariah ons kan geven.
Posted on December the 7th.
No confirmation
At this day, there's no confirmation for the release of the Last Night A DJ Saved My Life single in any countries.
Posted on December the 7th.
Greatest Hits Japanese edition
Here's what we received from Shino:
Japanese disc will be release on December 12.  These are put to a thick jewelry case. 2disc's song title printed color is a yellowish green.  B/W explanation book that reaches 56 pages.  (track listing, discography, biography, lyrics are included)
Japan only bonus tracks: Music Box, All I Want For Christams Is You, Open Arms, Never Too Far/Hero (Album Version)

Thanks to Shino from LoveLoveJack.
Posted on December the 7th.
Never Too Far/Hero on an auction site
We found Never Too Far/Hero already on sale on an auction site.  As the seller is a store in the south of London, and the release date of this single is on December the 11th only in the US, there's something which is not working right in the distribution system of the American stores.  Here are the supposed tracklist, catalogue number and picture of this cd: 
1.Never Too Far/Hero Medley 4:48
2. There for me 4:15
V25D 38813
Posted on December the 6th.
Go on http://www.euronews.net/ you can watch the subject on Mariah in Kosovo.  You can watch it in: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian and Portuguese.  You can also read the transcripts in these languages.
Posted on December the 5th.

Please, if you want to use this cap, give us credit.
Mariah in Kosovo TV caps
For the special Mariah in Kosovo TV caps page click here.
Posted on December the 5th at 10h00am CET
New pictures from Mariah in Kosovo
For the special Mariah in Kosovo page click here.
Posted on December the 5th.

Copyright: Reuters/Dan Chung
Source: Yahoo.
For the US troops in Kosovo, Santa's gift was Mariah
For the special Mariah in Kosovo page click here.
Posted on December the 4th.
Heroes of Mariah 2002 calendar
We made a 2002 calendar in a cd box.
Of course the item sold is not taged.
A part of this sale will be given to Make A Wish Belgium to realize the dream of an ill child.
More details on the shop page.
Posted on December the 4th.
Another trap?
Here's what we found on mariahbuzz.com:
"Sony duped Mariah with new album?
Mariah has been stating in different interviews that she's glad older song like Vanishing (a true Mariah gem) would be included on the new Greatest Hits album released by Sony. However, it seems Sony are up to their old tricks. Homewrecker81 reports; a DJ from "N1" (german radio station) did an interview w/ MC backstage at "The Dome 20". The interview hasn't aired yet, but he just said that MC was kinda shocked when he gave her 5 copies of the GH (he wanted her to sign them for a competition or something). she stared at the tracklisting for a few seconds and showed it to one of her people... he said that MC looked extremely ****** and asked him where he got the CDs from and if he's sure that they're not promos or something. they (sony) promissed her to add Vanishing and 2 other tracks."
Source: Homewrecker81 and mariahbuzz.
Comments: I censured a word.
Posted on December the 4th.
It's confirmed
Here's what we found on MTV.com:
"Mariah Carey Heading To Front Lines In Kosovo
The pop diva will fly to the Balkans later this week in a USO-sponsored trip to boost the morale of U.S. troops who are unable to be with their families this holiday season.  The singer was already in Europe to promote her Glitter album and her greatest-hits compilation. She decided to perform in Kosovo shortly before her November 30 Top of the Pops Awards appearance in Manchester, England. Her statement coincided with an announcement that Jennifer Lopez, Kid Rock and Ja Rule would play a concert for U.S. servicemen and women at an undisclosed military base (see "J. Lo, Kid Rock, Ja Rule To Entertain Overseas Troops").  Carey's Kosovo concert will be staged right on the front lines, her publicist said. Carey will likely perform four or five songs, and the show is expected to draw thousands of lonely soldiers.
In addition to performing to the base in Kosovo, Carey will be flown by helicopter to four remote military locations to visit other troops.  After returning to the states, she will play four radio station concerts at New York's Madison Square Garden. Her December 18 appearance at WKTU's Miracle on 34th Street fest also features Alicia Keys, Craig David, Enrique Iglesias, Mya, Shaggy, Shakira and others.
óJon Wiederhorn
Source: Jon Wiederhorn for MTV and Sonicnet.
Posted on December the 4th.

Source: Stephan.
Mariah at the Sat1 Stars 2001: AIDS Gala
Mariah singing Never Too Far/Hero on December the 1st in Berlin.  If you want to see more caps, go on Stephan's site: Mariah Carey makes Chart History.
Posted on December the 3rd.

Source: Stephan.
Mariah in Berlin, Germany
Meeting with fans on December the 1st.
Posted on December the 3rd.
For great collectors
Here in Belgium the Greatest Hits is in stores since friday November the 30st.  Sony Belgium told us that there's a limited edition only available in December.  You can recognize this limited edition by the gold sticker on the cd box: "Limited Edition - with bonus track - All I Want For Christmas Is You" and a number.
Posted on December the 2nd.

Pour grands collectionneurs
Le Greatest Hits est en vente depuis vendredi.  Sony Belgium nous a dit qu'il y a un édition limitée seulement disponible en décembre.  Vous pouvez reconnaître cette édition grâce à l'autocollant doré sur le boitier: "Limited Edition - with bonus track - All I Want For Christmas Is You" et un numéro.

Voor de grote verzamelaars
De Greatest Hits is hier sinds vrijdag te koop.  Sony Belgium heeft ons laten weten dat hiervan een Limited Edition beschikbaar is enkel in december.  Jullie kunnen die editie herkennen aan de gouden sticker op de box met "Limited Edition - with bonus track - All I Want For Christmas Is You" en een nummer.
Dank aan Björn voor de nederlandse vertaling.

Mariah's new message
"Hey lambs, I just wanted to call and say thank you because I'm traveling around and I'm just seeing so many... of you and getting so many incredible fan books and just really nice gifts and everything and yeeeaaah I wanted to let you know that you make me happy and hum... thats the most important thing just like being there for eachother in life and hum, thats all I can say, is thank you much... and I'm trying to read through all the fan books and the classic there's a classic moment before I was reading through one of the fanbooks and Jack, my dog has his own website (laughs) and that was the best that made me laugh for like 10 minutes, so I love ya, I enjoy ya and I appreciate you! And I'll call again soon, bye"
Source: mariahcarey.com
Transcript: Gilles.
Posted on December the 2nd.

Petit résumé
Mariah remercie les fans et est heureuse des nombreux cadeaux et fan book qu'elle a reçus.  Le meilleur moment qu'elle a vécu, c'est quand elle a visité un site web sur Jack et cela l'a fait beaucoup rire.

Korte samenvatting
Mariah bedankt de fans, ze is zeer blij met de verschillende cadeaus en fanboeken die ze heeft ontvangen. Ze moest erg lachen toen ze ontdekte dat er een website bestaat over haar hond Jack.
Dank aan Björn voor de nederlandse vertaling.

Source: BBC.co.uk Mariah and Westlife
Backstage at the TOTP Awards.
Posted on December the 2nd.

Credit: AP Photo/PA, John Stillwell
Source: Yahoo.
Mariah in London
American singing star Mariah Carey leaves Claridges Hotel in central London Saturday, Dec. 1, 2001. Carey appeared Friday night on stage in Manchester for the inaugural Top of the Pops Awards.
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Posted on December the 1st.

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TOTP Awards - beautifull Mariah
Here are 2 pictures of Mariah arriving at the awards ceremony in the Manchester Arena.
Posted on December the 1st at 8h00am CET
Don't forget the broadcast of the TOTP Awards tonight on BBC1 from 18h40 to 20h10 CET
N'oubliez pas la diffusion des TOTP Awards ce soir sur BBC1 de 18h40 à 20h10 CET
Vergeet de uitzending niet van de TOTP Awards vanavond op BBC1 van 18h40 tot 20h10 CET
Posted on December the 1st at 8h00am CET
First review of Mariah's performance at the TOTP Awards
Here's what careymad posted on Rainbow Princess:
"back from awards and was brill mariah and westlife performance was the best these girls shout out get on with it you silly cow so i turned round an gave them a tellin (oh) and they shout up then calling mariah all kinds so i thought i d best stick up for mariah was good but there were only 8000 poeple there altogether i thought there would have been more or maybe it was 18000 i dont know it was good never too far/hero with westlife was very good and i bet a single to soon hopefully"
Thanks to careymad and Rainbow Princess.
Posted on December the 1st at 8h00am CET


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