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Accomplished mission
This 13 July 2002, the passers by and tourists could see that we were fans of Mariah.  The first goal of a fan gathering is to make promotion for Mariah, it is thus accomplished mission.  The only thing that I can say, it's that for me (and I hope for the fans who were there) it was a very beautiful afternoon.  I could put faces on the names which I knew.  I felt a great tenderness for all these friends whom I discovered and it was as if we knew eachother since always.
July 13, 2001: I lived a great night "with" Mariah in London.
July 13, 2002: I lived a great afternoon with friends in Brussels.
I love ya, appreciate ya and enjoy you.
I posted only the photo of the group, 'cause I would not like to attack the private life of our hosts of mark.
Thanks to: Muriel, Kelly, Sandra, Fikret, Seb, Jytte, Sylvia, Elise, Olivier, Rosario, Christian, Sylvianne, Tristan, Denise, Kinou... and... Mariah.
11h00am - It's with a great pleasure that the fans meet on  the Grand'Place.  We are happy, a little timid, we don't know eachother, but... we recognize eachother.  The Belgian flag is used as point of rallying, but not a regular Belgian flag, we made some changes for the circumstance.  The weather is not very good, it drizzle a little, but the sun is in our hearts. 

11h30am - We make a pilgrimage to the statue of  t'Serclaes (a middle-class man of Brussels which contributed to the liberation of the city), the legend says that when you rub his arm, it brings good luck.  We thus all rubbed his arm and we made a wish: 
- That the next album of Mariah become a great success. 
t'Serclaes do your job now.
12h00am - The pilgrimage continues towards the statue of the Manneken Pis (the most famous little boy of Brussels, which saved the city by making a little pee on a bomb, you know, the old round ones with a wick). There, we wished that Manneken Pis pee on all the trash, the bad press and on the people who want to harm Mariah. 
Well, little guy, pee day and night, otherwise we could come to cut you "something".

12h15pm - We go to the nice little room of the Jacqmotte Coffee House Grand' Place, we start to laugh, speak, exchange ideas while videos of Mariah are broadcast on a screen. 
- We took care to hang our flag on the door, by this way the customers saw the photo of Mariah. 
- We also hung the famous sign on our door.

12h45pm - We start to eat, ok, it's not smoked salmon and caviar, but thanks to mom to have done all the sandwiches.

2h00pm - We listen rare remixes and one unreleased.  (never released on cd or vinyl)
- Laughter, big laughter, we speak in English, French, Dutch, all the fans try their best.
- We announce the special project of the rose, this project will be developed more after all the fan gatherings. Each fan writes his word for Mariah (promised, I did not read them). - Now, it's time for karaoke, not too much 'cause it's difficult to sing the songs of Mariah. 
- Hero (pure karaoke, without Mariah's voice). 
- CTTA (semi-karaoke, with Mariah's voice). 
- AIWFCIY (special karaoke where we sing "with" Mariah and at several times we cut the music). 
- It was great, all the eyes shone, all the faces were smiling. 
- Each fan drew a song of Mariah on a board and the others needed to guess the title.  It was very funny. 
5h00pm - We distributed some posters, Glitter stickers and promo cards.  And then, it's time to say goodbye, the kisses fly around.  We are happy (not to say goodbye, but happy to have meet eachother). 
And yeah... everyone left, we repack the material, we clean the room, ok, all is perfectly in order and at the time to close the door, I feel suddenly a great emptiness.  I give the key to the manager and I thank him for the room.
"Oh! You know, a lot of customers said us that you had put ambience up there, they were very happy, come back whenever you want!" 
Ok, promised, it's a deal, we will come back for sure! 
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