February 2002 - Heroes of Mariah
Mariah in Minneapolis
Mariah will be in Minneapolis from February the 28th until March the 2nd. She will stay in the Grand Hotel.  She will stay in the presidential suite.
Source: nu_guy101 from Rainbow Princess.
Posted on February the 28th.
Mariah will launch her own label.
We just received this:
"The following news was just on MTV Europe:
Having split with Virgin Records last year, Mariah Carey continues her search for a new record label. But wherever she'll end up, it's going to be Mariah who'll be in charge.  The diva, rumoured to be in talks with Universal Records' daughter company Def Soul, has exclusively told MTV that any deal will involve her own record company, which she will head herself. Says Mariah: 'I haven't decided where I'm going yet but I'm doing a joint-venture with my own label wherever I end up. I have some incredible people work on a partner with me, wherever I go, so I'm really excited about the whole thing.'"
Many thanks to Anne-Martijn.
Posted on February the 27th at 22h00 CET

We searched on a lot of news sites and we found this exclusive news.  Mariah was in a Manhattan club and guess what she did there... she went to the ladies room.
Mike Walters from the National Enquirer reports this amazing news.  What a great job, beeing paid to tell who is going to the ladies room, where and when.  WAOW!!!
Posted on February the 27th.
Extract of an article from a medical newspaper:
"A California doctor rocks with the stars
Part of his practice is to treat pop singers. It's only rock 'n' roll, but he likes it.
By Damon Adams, AMNews staff.
Mariah Carey singing a roller coaster of notes. Britney Spears slinking across the stage in a sexy outfit. The Eagles rocking to "Hotel California." Stuart Finkelstein, MD, has seen them all, but not as part of the audience. You'll likely find him watching from just offstage. But you have to look closely: He dresses in black to blend into the shadows. His inconspicuousness, however, belies his importance. Dr. Finkelstein is doctor to the stars, the one who makes sure Mariah, Britney and the rest are healthy when they take the stage."
Source: AMNews.
Comments: We post only an extract and we don't post the picture we found of doctor Finkelstein either, in goal to preserve his privacy.
Posted on February the 25th.
The New York Daily News reports Mariah Carey hit an all night party held weekly by Noel Ashman at Eugene. With Carey was singer Trey Lorenz. Deejay Mark Ronson got so tuckered keeping Carey's groove on that Saturday Night Live's Jimmy Fallon helped carry his records out. 
Source: abstracts.
Posted on February the 25th.
Wise Girls review
Movie Profile: 4 start out of 5
The Setup: After her fiancé is killed in a car crash, former medical student Meg (Mira Sorvino), moves in with her grandmother and gets a job at a mob-run pasta joint, where she witnesses some ghastly incidents in the back rooms. Should she tell her pals, waitresses Raychel (Carey) and Kate (Melora Walters)? Or should she just leave town?
The Breakdown: Capitalizing on the success of all-chick flicks like "Coyote Ugly" and mob hits like HBO's "The Sopranos," "Wise Girls" combines girl power with some gory "Goodfellas"-style antics. The result is an enjoyable guilty pleasure destined to win over female audiences--or at least become a late-night cable hit. Despite reported catfights between Sorvino and pop diva Carey on the set, the two couldn't be chummier on screen. Sorvino is subdued as the mourning Meg, while Carey has a ball with Raychel's flashy jewelry and Brooklyn attitude. The story could use some wising up, but the gotcha! finale is a pleasant surprise.
Source: Mariah Crybaby, Mariah Tropolis and Butterflies are Free.
Posted on February the 25th.
We search on all the news sites and  it's the "Sweet Science" news everywhere, the only others news are trash, so no news today, except if there's something important before this evening.

Posted on February the 22nd.
Boxing Mariah: Indie 'Science' corners Carey 
By Chris Gardner
LOS ANGELES (The Hollywood Reporter) --- After receiving a string of favorable reviews for her starring turn in the Sundance Film Festival (news - web sites) selection "Wisegirls," Mariah Carey is set to reteam with the film's producer for her next acting job, the indie drama "Sweet Science." 
Carey will star in the project as a determined boxing manager who drafts an unknown female boxer to make a name for them both. Gary Goldman ("Total Recall"), Stan Seidel ("One Night at McCool's") and Rick Angres penned the screenplay. 
"Wisegirls" producer Anthony Esposito will produce through his Leading Pictures along with Meg Liberman and Cami Patton. Producers are eyeing a summer start for "Science." 
"I had such a great experience with Mariah Carey on 'Wisegirls' that I wanted to make another film with her," Esposito said. "Her performance in 'Wisegirls' is outstanding, with reviews from Sundance praising her work. I feel (that) given the right role, the depth of Mariah's performance will make everyone take notice of her great acting ability." 
Plucked as a special screening for Sundance last month, "Wisegirls" is scheduled for release this year from Lions Gate Films. In the David Anspaugh-directed film, Carey stars alongside Mira Sorvino and Melora Walters as Rachel, a sassy-yet-sensitive waitress who works in a restaurant run by the mob. 
Carey, repped by WMA and Talent Entertainment Group, made her feature starring debut last year in the 20th Century Fox rags-to-riches tale "Glitter." She also made a cameo appearance on an episode of Fox's "Ally McBeal (news - Y! TV)" last month and, even more recently, made headlines for parting ways with her record label, Virgin Records (HR 1/24). Sources said Carey is in conversations with several labels about a new recording contract but that she has yet to make a decision on where her next music home will be. 
For "Science," which is being packaged by WMA Independent, and all other films on Leading Pictures' slate, Esposito is partnering with John Fremes' Fusion International Sales Corp. for worldwide distribution and marketing. Leading Pictures' slate also includes: 
o"Ironman," written by Nathan Adams, produced by Rich Salvatore and David Ornston and starring Patrick Swayze and Jesse Bradford in the story of a high school wrestling champion who struggles with the death of his mother and the volatile relationship with his abusive father. 
o"Caught in the Headlights," written and to be directed by Deborah Brock, produced by Pam Abraham and Ed Reilly and starring Anne Archer and Patrick Bergen in the story of an FBI (news - web sites) agent who must overcome hit men and rogue agents when trying to transport a murder suspect back for a trial. 
o"Angel Falls" written and to be directed by John Rice, produced by Stockon Briggle and Frank Suffert and starring Alyssa Milano as an angel who loses her memory and falls in love with the man she is sent to save. 
Source: MariahsMateo from FOMM
Posted on February the 20th.
Pics Of Mariah & Mystikal

Source: MariahMania.
Posted on February the 19th.
Warning for rumors, as long that a news is not confirmed, it's a rumor, here's what we found:
"Carey on you two

Mariah Carey and ex-husband Tommy Mottola together again? Whispers are they may be throwing their forces together again in some way.  Tommy's middle wife - between the one who bore him his children and the Spanish singer who's his current newest and youngest - was Mariah. As a couple, both were at the dizzying top of their careers. Could be they now need one another. She's had headlined problems. He, Sony's Music Man, is up for a contract re-up. He'll nail it, but renegotiations haven't fared all that well. He's spending big and he owes large money.  Mariah needs a hit. Tommy wants them to be connected. He's never gotten over her leaving him. Whispers are he'll bring her back to the fold in some way. Like putting out a "The Best of Mariah" album or some such. Like becoming once again her manager, adviser, controller, whatever."
Source: Cindy Adams for New York Post and pagesix.com
Posted on February the 18th.
Carolina's site is back
A little time ago Carolina sent us a help message, now good news, here's what she sent us now:
"Hi, Lamb!! 
Thanks sooo much for your support!! I have great news: all the nice messeges from lambs offering help and supporting us to go on (more than 100) finaly made my partner come back, and we´re working hard on the new site. It´s going to be quite similar to the first one, and you can visit it now at a new adress:  mcwallpaper.1accesshost.com please, check the new site for the newest wallpapers very soon, and tell any lamb you know that like our site about the new adress. I only can say thank you sooo much, because all of you made it happen, 
Posted on February the 18th.
It was a rumor
Here what we found on Rainbow Princess:
"Well you lot are gonna hate me but here is the news.
My source has given me the following info:
"Mariah has not given her name to any clothes ranges and therefore there will be no clothes range release in 12 european countries as specified by some parts of the media....also she is not in any negoiations to do so."
"press will be the the press...they are so reliable!!!!""
Source: Rainbow Princess.
Posted on February the 16th.
CD piracy
An analyze has been made and it has been reported that for 2001, 2.000.000 cds were sold less than in 2000, here in Belgium.  The reason is the illegal music download on the internet.  This analyze showed too that it caused a loss of  € 37.500.000, only for Belgium.  Can you imagine the worldwide stats?
Posted on February the 15th.
February the 14th 2000 - REMEMBER
Close your eyes and remember...  Oops don't close your eyes, otherwise you will not see the pictures :-)

Posted on February the 14th.
Don't forget the Cribs on MTV Europe this evening from 21h00 to 21h30 CET.
Posted on February the 14th.
Yes, yes, yes!!!  Wise Girls in Belgium!
Yesterday we received the confirmation that Wise Girls will be shown in the Belgian movie theaters.  The exact date is not known yet, but it will certainly be in fall/winter 2002.
Many thanks to the kind team from Paradiso, the Belgian distributor.
Posted on February the 13th at 11h00am CET

Youpie!!!  Wise Girls en Belgique!
Hier, nous avons reçu la confirmation que Wise Girls sera diffusé dans les cinémas Belges.  La date exacte n'est pas encore connue, mais ce sera probablement en automne/hiver 2002.

Joepie!!! Wise Girls in België!
Gisteren ontvingen we de bevestiging dat Wise Girls te zien zal zijn in de Belgische bioscopen.  De exacte datum is nog niet geweten, maar het zal waarschijnlijk zijn in de herfst/winter 2002.
Nederlandse vertaling: Björn.

Please visit the art gallery, there's a beautifull new art logo made by MariahsMateo from FOMM.
Posted on February the 13th.
Mariah's new message
(Bell, laughs) Hello, I'm callin' you from the kitchen tonight with huuuh... Jack and Ginger and Mary-Ann (bell) Oh!  Mary-Ann chiming in on the bell this evening, actually I was tryin' to get the dog to say hello to you, let me see if I can do it, hold on, Mary-Ann can you hold the phone for a second please, thank you. (Mary-Ann: Of course) Come here Jack (hands claping) (Mary-Ann: Now what will be taking place in this present moment) Come here baby, come here baby (Mary-Ann: Would be gen'tly, but he's ready to kill) (Jack barks, Mariah laughs) (Mary-Ann: She's ready to kill) Just sayin' hello (the dog, maybe Jack barks and Mariah laughs a lot, bell) I love you, I enjoy ya and I appreciate ya.  Bah-byye (very high voice) (Mary-Ann: Peace out) (very high voice).
Source: mariahcarey.com
Transcript made by Gilles.
Posted on February the 12th at 13h30 CET
Cool link
Mariah Carey Flash Song - Without You: http://lovesong4u0.tripod.com/es1.html
Thanks to Jennifer who posted this on Rainbow Princess.
Posted on February the 12th.
Mariah with the greatests
Here's what we found on razzies.com:
"22nd Annual Golden Raspberry (‘RAZZIE’) Award Nominees:
WORST PICTURE: DRIVEN (Franchise Pictures/Warner Bros.), FREDDY GOT FINGERED (20th Century-Fox), GLITTER (20th Century-Fox/Columbia Pictures), PEARL HARBOR (Touchstone/Disney), 3000 MILES TO GRACELAND (Franchise/Warner Bros.) - WORST ACTOR: Ben Affleck/PEARL HARBOR, Kevin Costner/3000 MILES TO GRACELAND, Tom Green/FREDDY GOT FINGERED, Keanu Reeves/HARDBALL and SWEET NOVEMBER, John Travolta/DOMESTIC DISTURBANCE and SWORDFISH - WORST ACTRESS: Mariah Carey/GLITTER, Penelope Cruz/BLOW CAPTAIN CORELLI'S MANDOLIN and VANILLA SKY, Angelina Jolie/LARA CROFT: TOMB RAIDER and ORIGINAL SIN, Jennifer Lopez/ANGEL EYES and THE WEDDING PLANNER, Charlize Theron/SWEET NOVEMBER - WORST SCREEN COUPLE: Ben Affleck & EITHER Kate Beckinsale or Josh Hartnett/PEARL HARBOR, Mariah Carey's Cleavage/GLITTER, Tom Green & Any Animal He Abuses/FREDDY GOT FINGERED, Burt Reynolds & Sylvester Stallone/DRIVEN, Kurt Russell & EITHER Kevin Costner or Courtney Cox/3000 MILES TO GRACELAND - WORST SUPPORTING ACTOR: Max Beesley/GLITTER, Charlton Heston/CATS & DOGS, PLANET OF THE APES and TOWN & COUNTRY, Burt Reynolds/DRIVEN, Sylvester Stallone/DRIVEN, Rip Torn/FREDDY GOT FINGERED - WORST SUPPORTING ACTRESS: Drew Barrymore (The Ex-Mrs. Tom Green) FREDDY GOT FINGERED, Courtney Cox/3000 MILES TO GRACELAND, Julie Haggerty/FREDDY GOT FINGERED, Goldie Hawn/TOWN & COUNTRY, Estella Warren/DRIVEN and PLANET OF THE APES - WORST REMAKE or SEQUEL: CROCODILE DUNDEE in L.A. (Paramount), JURASSIC PARK III (Universal), PEARL HARBOR (Touchstone/Disney), PLANET OF THE APES (20th Century-Fox), SWEET NOVEMBER (Warner Bros.) - WORST DIRECTOR: Michael Bay/PEARL HARBOR, Peter Chelsom (w/Warren Beatty) TOWN & COUNTRY, Tom Green/FREDDY GOT FINGERED, Vondie Curtis Hall/GLITTER, Renny Harlin/DRIVEN - WORST SCREENPLAY: DRIVEN Screenplay by Sylvester Stallone, Story by Jan Skrentny & Neal Tabachnick, FREDDY GOT FINGERED Written by Tom Green & Derek Harvie, GLITTER Screenplay by Kate Lanier, Story by Cheryl L. West, PEARL HARBOR Written by Randall Wallace, 3000 MILES TO GRACELAND Written by Richard Recco and Demian Lichtenstein - NOMINATIONS PER PICTURE: FREDDY GOT FINGERED: 8 Worst Picture, Actor, Supporting Actor, 2xSupporting Actress, Screen Couple, Director and Screenplay - DRIVEN: 7 Picture, 2xSupporting Actor, Supporting Actress, Screen Couple, Director and Screenplay -  GLITTER: 6 (Picture, Actress, Supporting Actor, Screen Couple, Director and Screenplay - PEARL HARBOR: 6 Picture, Actor, Screen Couple, Remake, Director, Screenplay - 3000 MILES TO GRACELAND: 5 Picture, Actor, Supporting Actress, Screen Couple - TOWN &  COUNTRY: 3 Supporting Actress, Supporting Actor and Director
"WINNERS" WILL BE ANNOUNCED 11:30am/PST SATURDAY, MARCH 23rd in Ceremonies at The Abracadabra  Theatre, 1418 Fourth Street in Santa Monica, California."
Written by John Wilson.
Source: Razzies.com
Posted on February the 12th.
Close contest for worst film of year
By Arthur Spiegelman
LOS ANGELES - The Oscars are not the only race that is too close to call for film awards this year -- there's a battle raging for the worst film of 2001, according to the 22nd annual Razzie award nominations.  The Razzies, which purposely names its nominees a day before the far, far more prestigious Oscar nominations are announced, said on Monday the fight

for worst film has come down to five critical fiascos: "Driven," "Freddy Got Fingered," Mariah Carey's "Glitter," "Pearl Harbour" and "3000 Miles to Graceland," a near-forgotten tale of what happens when Elvis imitators go bad.  Few films were hammered as hard by the critics last year as the five named as the non-profit satire group's worst film nominees. But the driving forces behind the race-car drama "Driven," Sylvester Stallone, and gross-out comedy "Freddy Got Fingered," Tom Green, were also nominated for four other worst awards, tying the previous record for most individual worst nominations.  According to Razzie head John Wilson, Green was "fingered" for worst actor, worst director, worst screenplay (with Derek Harvie) and for worst screen couple as "Tom Green and Any Animal He Abuses." (The film is replete with animal abuse.)  Stallone, who won the Razzie Worst Actor of The Century trophy in 2000, was nominated for worst supporting actor, worst screenplay, worst screen couple (with co-star Burt Reynolds) and for worst picture as one of the producers of "Driven." This brings Stallone's career Razzie total to 29 nominations in 22 years. He won nine times.  Besides Green, the worst actor nominees were Ben Affleck for "Pearl Harbour," Kevin Costner for "3000 Miles To Graceland," Keanu Reeves for "Hardball" and the tear-jerker "Sweet November," and John Travolta, nominated for "Domestic Disturbance" and Swordfish."  Carey was nominated as worst actress for her work in her off-key screen debut in the box office disaster "Glitter." Also nominated were Penelope Cruz in "Blow," "Captain Corelli's Mandolin" and "Vanilla Sky," Angelina Jolie for "Lara Croft: Tomb Raider" and "Original Sin," Jennifer Lopez for "Angel Eyes" and "The Wedding Planner" and last but not least, Charlize Theron, for "Sweet November."  Nominated for the worst screen couple were Ben Affleck and "either Kate Beckinsale or Josh Hartnett for 'Pearl Harbour,'" Mariah Carey's "cleavage" for "Glitter," Tom Green and the animals he abuses in "Freddy Got Fingered," Burt Reynolds and Sylvester Stallone in "Driven" and Kurt Russell and either Kevin Costner or Courtney Cox in "3000 Miles To Graceland."  Winners of the Razzies will be announced on March 23, just a day before the Oscars are handed out. Nominations and winners are voted on by about 500 members of the Golden Raspberry Foundation, industry figures and entertainment journalists.  Razzie head Wilson said in an interview with Reuters that this year he has a personal favourite for worst film -- "Freddy Got Fingered," even though he said the category was a real contest thanks to "Drive" and "Glitter."
"'Freddy' is a new, and I hope all time, low in bad taste, unfunny humour and bad career judgment. I hope we give all the awards to Tom Green because he might not be back," Wilson said.
Source for the article: Yahoo news.
Comments: Where is the shame?  If even professional actors and actresses are nominated.  We must not forget that for Mariah it was above all realizing a dream.  If Mariah's name is next the names of Ben Affleck, Kevin Costner, Keanu Reeves and Penelope Cruz, well, where is the shame?

Posted on February the 11th.
Message from Honey and Kate
Because of Mariah's 32nd on March 27th we had an idea together with Manuela from Holland. Because we can't imagine a single lamb that doesn't love the voice messages by Mariah, we're pretty sure that Mariah would love voice messages by her lambs, too. 
That's why we offer you to send us your own birthday voice message to Mariah, we'll put all the messages on CD and thanx to Janel, Mariah will get the CD through her official fan club. 
So if you want to take part, just send your voice message (in MP3, .wav or .rm format) to honey_kate@gmx.net untill March 01st 2002 (!!)! If you're not able to record audio files on your computer, you can also record your message on tape, send it to us via snail mail and we'll record it! If you want to do that, just mail us and we'll send you our address! 
So we can't wait for your messages to Mariah, and believe us, we appreciate every lamb participating! If you have any questions left, just send us a mail! Thank you! 
short form if you want to take part:
1. record your voice message for Mariah in MP3, .wav or .rm format
2. send it to honey_kate@gmx.net (or mail us to ask for our postal address) untill MARCH 01st 2002
3. we'll put all the messages on CD and send them to Janel (thanx much girl!)
4. Janel will give the CD to the official Mariah fan club, who will give everything straight to Mariah
PS: * First everybody should say his name or at least tell us in the mail, if you have a website and want it listed in the booklet we'll make, too, just tell us!
* And second please try to keep your messages not longer than 2 or 3 minutes!
Honey & Kate - www.butterfliesarefree.de
Posted on February the 11th.
Message from Judyna
I just wanted to write that the CanadianLambs site has moved and changed to MariahTropolis.com since we received many international fan and the site was growing.  There's a new message board, better graphics and layouts that are less painful for your eyesights.  The site will still have the Canadian concept, but everyone is welcome to participate in forum discussions and other site features.  We also wanted to thank everyone who visited for their support.
Posted on February the 11th.
MTV Europe: Valentine's gift to the Mariah fans
MTV Europe will broadcast MTV Cribs with Mariah on Valentine's day.  Check the hour for your country:
Thursday, February the 14th from 21h00 to 21h30 CET.
Note: Here are the countries receiving MTV Europe: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belgium (Flanders and Brussels), Belarus, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Egypt, Georgia, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Israël, Lebanon, Luxembourg, Malta, Moldova, Monaco, Portugal, Romania, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine.
Posted on February the 10th at 16h00 CET
We all saw BOB
After a few searches, we found a picture of BOB, and yes it is the guy we saw in the Cribs :-)
Come on Mariah, unwind yourself, DESTROY HIM :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)
Posted on February the 10th.
Here's what we received from Judyna:
"Mariah recently admitted to radio listenners that she has discovered a way to relieve her inner rage.  These days, the one-troubled diva takes out her aggression on a new pal: BOB.  "Did you ever see that contraption they call BOB?" Carey asked New York's Hot97 radio host Angie Martinez.  "It's a heavy bag designed like a man.  I have BOB set up in my basement with some nice gloves, and I release my anger.  Every now and then, BOB gets a smack." BOB, the Body Opponent Bag, is a lifelike "heavyweight" mannequin that fits on a free-standing base.  BOB's replica human torso and head feature realistic vital points such as the eyes, nose, throat, sternum and chest. When filled with water, the "plastinol" doll weights 290 pounds. "We are very honored that a superstar such as Mariah Carey is training with one of our products" says Dan Bower, the president of Century Sporting Goods, the midwest City, Oklahoma, company that makes BOB. 
Source : Blender, the Ultimate Music Magazine, Feb/Mar 2002 page 28"
Thanks to Judyna from Canadian Lambs.
Posted on February the 10th.
Here's what we received from Federica:
"Billboard poll finds Mariah leaving EMI 'a good move'
Mariah Carey's recent split with Virgin Records after just one album was a good move for the artist, according to a recently completed Billboard.com poll. A total of 60% of 4,099 voters agreed that the artist is better off after accepting the label's payout of $28 million (on top of a $21 million advance) to settle her multi-album contract after the disappointing sales 'Glitter,' her only Virgin release. 
Of that total, 36% believe that Carey can now find a new label willing to help her return to the level of her past multi-platinum releases. Another 24% said the money and newfound freedom to do what she pleases in the future made her the winner in the deal.
On the other hand, 31% said that Carey's star power has waned, and that the split was better for Virgin, which decided to cut its losses in paying out her contract, rather than risk an uncertain future with the artist. Another 9% said that the negative press she received for 'Glitter,' coupled with last year's emotional and physical breakdown, now makes her an undesirable artist for any label.  (Billboard)"
Source: Mariah Crybaby.
Posted on February the 10th.
Here's what we received from Federica:
"Tabloid trash
Please forgive me if I can't give you the exact name of the tabloid (may have been the Enquirer) but on the cover of this tabloid's new issue is a small picture of 'Mariah' sweating on the treadmill. The gossip says that she supposedly went through a torture losing weight at the before mentioned clinic before Super Bowl (and didn't we confirm that was a rumor because MC was rehearsing the anthem?)
Well, the funny thing is that the girl in the picture is NOT Mariah, and if it is then I need to check my eye sight. So if you go to the supermarket check out the tabloid-- don't buy it-- it's not worth it for that trash!!"
Source: Mariah Crybaby.
Posted on February the 10th.
We just received the prototype of the sunglasses, remember that this line of products will be launch in the European Union this summer.  As the head office of the European Union is in Brussels, we receive the exclusivity of this info.  For more info, click here.
Posted on February the 8th at 15h00 CET
Mariah's influence on Australian weddings? :-)
Here's what I found on Yahoo UK news:
"Butterflies cause flutter at Australian weddings
Canberra - Forget confetti or rice -- guests at chic Australian weddings are casting live butterflies at the newlyweds.  The demand for butterflies at Australian weddings has soared in the two years since the country's first commercial butterfly breeding business was set up in Western Australia by Jill Murray, who noted a growing trend in the United States.  Murray, who used to run a bridal shop before establishing Butterfly Release, said she was seeing huge demand for boxes of Australian native orange and black monarch butterflies which have an 8 cm (3.2-inch) wing span.  "Demand has been amazing because so many churches and parks now do not allow confetti, rice or rose petals," Murray told Reuters.  "Releasing a box of butterflies can be a magical moment and every bride likes a little magic."  Murray breeds the butterflies on a farm at Denmark, 350 kms (217 miles) south of Perth, and delivers them at a cost of A$71.50 (28.22 pounds) for six in cool, dark containers, which prompt the cold-blooded creatures into natural hibernation.  When the packages are opened the warmth and light wakes them and they fly out.  "They're not afraid of humans and fly around and sit on people," Murray said. "Then they're free to go and live the rest of their lives according to their natural cycle."  Murray said butterflies were also in demand for fashion shows, funerals and naming ceremonies, with the events ordering 24 butterflies on average.   Butterfly experts said there was no real harm in the practice but the butterflies should only be released outside and on warm days to allow them time to find food and shelter before nightfall."
Source: Yahoo UK news.
Posted on February the 8th.
EMI revamps record labels
By Merissa Marr, European media correspondent
LONDON (Reuters) - Music empire EMI has pressed on with its sweeping makeover after it rejigged its worldwide labels under two brands -- Virgin and Capitol -- and streamlined its international management, just days after a profit warning.
EMI Group (LSE: EMI.L - news) , whose stars include Lenny Kravitz and Janet Jackson, said on Thursday it was scrapping the EMI Records brand and combining back-office operations of its imprints as part of plans to cut costs and improve creativity.  The moves come after a flood of shocks and changes at the world's third biggest music group. EMI unnerved investors on Tuesday with its second profit warning in six months, shortly after axing pop singer Mariah Carey in an effort to save money.  Music groups have been under severe pressure to slash costs and restructure after one of the industry's worst years on record when a dearth of major hits, rampant piracy and an economic downturn hammered album sales.  In its latest revamp, EMI said the EMI brand would now only be used for EMI Classics and at a corporate level, bringing its global structure in line with changes in its core U.S. market, where labels are already arranged under Virgin and Capitol.  EMI last month overhauled its U.S. management, bringing trusted executive David Munns in to run the group's operations in the world's biggest music market where EMI has seen its business slip in recent years.  FINE-TUNING
The group said on Thursday it was also scrapping overlap in its international management, leaving just one managing director for each country. Previously, some countries were run by two bosses -- a relic of EMI's Virgin Records acquisition.  EMI bought Virgin Records from Richard Branson in 1992, beefing up its U.S. market share and propelling the group into the ranks of the top music companies. Los Angeles-based Capitol has been a core part of EMI since 1955.  All EMI's imprints will now be arranged under the Virgin and Capitol brands. For example, in Britain, Virgin will be an umbrella for the Virgin Records, Innocent and Hut imprints, while Capitol will be home to Parlophone and Chrysalis.  "This change in structure clarifies the roles of our creative record labels and focuses them on the key activities that will make a difference in signing, developing and marketing great talent," EMI's new head of recorded music Alain Levy said.  Levy has been trawling through the sprawling music group for possible cost savings and restructuring, and is due to deliver the findings of a strategic review next month.  His biggest splash so far has been dropping Carey from her multi-million dollar contract. In Tuesday's profit warning, EMI said 2001 pre-tax profits would be some 150 million pounds, compared to market expectations of 160 million, and replaced its finance director after 12 years at EMI.  EMI has already warned it may breach a previously earmarked 100 million pound restructuring charge for its makeover. A 38 million pound write-off related to Carey's contract as well as other costs could see this rise to 160 million pounds.  EMI said plans to combine back-office roles would include sales, finance, IT, human resources and catalogue exploitation.  EMI has been under added pressure to streamline after two failed mergers in recent years -- Warner Music and BMG -- after regulators made clear they would not accept further consolidation among the world's top music groups.
Source: Yahoo UK finance news.
Posted on February the 8th.
Bon Appetit!
Why tell rumors, non-sense things or even invent stories just to show that we have news everyday?  We all know that Mariah don't do amazing stuffs everyday.  So, today there is nothing to tell you, and this evening we all gonna eat Mariah's favorite menu : pasta.
Posted on February the 7th.
Mariah Lauches new clothing range
Carey trademarking her name to launch products 
Troubled star Mariah Carey is hoping to boost her ailing career by launching her own range of products - ranging from glasses to stationary. 
The diva, who was paid US$28 million (RM$106 million) to sever her recording contract with music giants EMI last month, has applied to trademark her name in the fifteen European Union countries - allowing her to market a range of products.   Carey wants to sell clothing, footwear and head-wear, eye-wear, as well as school stationary. (WENN) 
Source: Soundbuzz / Mariah Buzz 
Thanks to Ashes from Rainbow Princess.
More details:
* "It will consist of Denim, sunglasses and swimwear"
* "planned release is summer this year"
Source: Liquid News
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Posted on February the 6th.
Spit Out by the Star-Making Machine 
Jon Pareles New York Times Service 
NEW YORK "She knows there's no success like failure," Bob Dylan sang in "Love Minus Zero/No Limit," doubtless anticipating Mariah Carey, who just got a lottery-size payoff, $28 million, to leave Virgin Records.  The double disappointment of the movie "Glitter" and its tie-in sound track album, along with Carey's breakdown under a nonstop promotional schedule, convinced Virgin that the $21 million it had already paid her for "Glitter," plus about $60 million it had promised for Carey's next four albums, would add up to an unprofitable investment. Under new management at its parent company, EMI, Virgin treated her like a depleted oil field. As a result, Carey has become perhaps the only major-label star in history to receive every penny that her album earned, and then some. But in today's music business, you're considered an artist only as long as the hits keep coming.  Carey is not the only big-name musician to be shown the door lately. Rod Stewart and Tori Amos are now on their own, and David Bowie, another former Virgin act, announced he would release his own music rather than seek another major-label deal.  Treated as underperforming assets in a business that rarely looks beyond quarterly figures, they are musicians who, as most artists do, have ups and downs. They don't sustain the kind of steady upward growth that looks good on a spreadsheet. Inspiration peaks and ebbs; their music moves in and out of sync with what radio stations want to play and people want to hear. If it were fully rational, it wouldn't be music.  Even when a star has good material, name recognition and dedicated fans - things that can't be guaranteed - every album remains a gamble. Record executives complain that the costs of marketing new releases to a mass audience have grown prohibitive, not acknowledging that those costs have long helped limit competition from smaller companies.  Along with video clips, advertising, publicity and support for tours, recording companies pay stores for desirable shelf placement and displays. They also pay millions of dollars in promotion fees to consultants who mysteriously ensure radio play. No single company will cut back on such expenditures; it would be treated as unilateral disarmament.  Carey's exit from Virgin may just reflect a deal that was unrealistic in the first place. But she was a wildcatter's dream in the 1990s. She knocked out a multimillion-selling album every year or two, writing most of her own lyrics for good measure. She was a video and audio star before she started touring arenas, and she became such a strong pop presence that she spawned her own competition: a generation of singers who, like Christina Aguilera, have picked up every one of her vocal excesses. Carey also generously provided soap-opera drama and tabloid headlines.  Despite the tepid to derisive movie reviews that greeted "Glitter," it was by no means a preordained disaster. Its 1980s nostalgia had been built into songs like "Fantasy," which sampled Tom Tom Club's 1982 "Genius of Love." And for a failure, the "Glitter" album didn't do too badly. "Loverboy," its first single, sold more than half a million copies on its own in 2001, and Soundscan tallied more than half a million sales of the album. But the deal called for nothing less than a blockbuster.  All the major labels probably have a contract or two like it, negotiated at the height of a performer's career with the expectation that the hits would keep on coming. It's a self-sustaining folly that flatters egos, draws labels into bidding wars (in which executive egos can come into play) and gives managers and lawyers an immediate return from large advances. When big names negotiate new deals, they may also demand what amounts to reparations for old deals that they accepted before they had any clout. And until Carey's buyout, it was sensible to think that a label would work overtime to promote its most expensive projects.  While recording companies portray themselves as trapped between greedy musicians and greedy media and retail gatekeepers, musicians have grown increasingly vocal about their unhappiness with standard contracts. When an album is released, a company recoups its costs from the performer's royalties, often around 15 percent or less of wholesale, before the performer starts to share the profits. If the label does recoup (and 90 percent of albums do not break even), it still owns the master recordings even though its investment has been repaid. So to be practical, musicians and their representatives ask for as much as possible in advance - even $21 million - because they may never see another dime.  The Recording Artists Coalition is holding benefit concerts the night before the Grammy Awards to support a change in California labor law that would limit recording contracts to seven years rather than a specified number of albums. Recording companies oppose the change, saying that artists can't be compelled to record, and that there would be no incentive to invest in long-term artist development if another company could reap the benefits after seven years.  But in the era of video and short-term corporate accounting, few performers receive seven years of major-label support if they're not already generating hits. If reputation, staying power and the loyalty of fans didn't lead to sales of catalogue albums, recording companies might be tempted to release an endless string of one-hit wonders, signed to less favorable contracts and replaced at will. Or is that where the music business is now?  With her nine months' earnings of $49 million, Carey can afford to shop around for another major-label deal, perhaps with a few million dollars less up-front. But she could also try a different paradigm: bankrolling and owning her recordings, directly distributing her music to fans via the Internet and contracting with a major label to manufacture, market and distribute CDs. If the major-label star system didn't work for someone like Carey - with her voice, songwriting skills, video presence and adoring fans - maybe it's time for her to tailor a new one.
Source: The International Herald Tribune.
Posted on February the 6th at 10h00am CET
Show me the money
Over £10 million of royalties owed to artists ranging from multi-platinum stars to one-hit wonders is sat unclaimed in a bank account.  The dormant cash has been collected from radio and TV plays since 1986 but hasn't been called in by the musicians. Now the Phonographic Performance Limited - the British organisation responsible for regulating royalties - has launched a website that lists those entitled to the money.  The site www.performersmoney.ppluk.com - includes the likes of Michael Jackson (for 'Say Say Say'), Mariah Carey (for 'Against All Odds'), Shirley Bassey and David Baddiel for the Euro 96 hit 'Three Lions'.  "The money is burning a hole in our pockets, but we just can't get rid of it," a spokesman told The Times newspaper. "If anyone has seen Rick Astley please let him know 'Never Gonna Give You Up' is still earning him money," he added.
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Posted on February the 5th.
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Posted on February the 4th.
Breaking news
The Super Bowl on the free Belgian channel VT4 tonight from 0h00 to 4h00am CET
Posted on February the 3rd at 19h30 CET
Mariah in Bunte magazine (available in many cities in Belgium)

Thanks to Honey and Kate from www.butterfliesarefree.de
Posted on February the 3rd.
Here's what we received from mariahfanclub.com:
"Glitter will only be released in 6 or 7 theaters in France on february 6th. Then, at Mariahfanclub.com, we are doing our best to promote it and we have declared February 6th the Glitter Day. Indeed, if it turned into a success in these theaters, some other theaters will ask for it.  To do so, we are collaborating with Columbia Tristar who distributes the movie. There is some merchandising for all the French lambs who will promote the film, by being an ambassador in their area.  Actually, we plan to meet a lot of lambs around the theaters where Glitter is released. We have launched a big contest where the lamb who will get the most Glitter tickets will win a special prize. A TV crew from the French channel M6 will be there to shoot the fans promoting the movie by convincing people around to go and see the movie. There will be banners, Glitter posters, T-shirts... At the end of the day, everybody will gather in a restaurant where they could talk about the movie and compete for other gifts. Moreover, all the benefits from this party will go to the 'Care Enough' operation (http://www.mariahfanclub.com/evenements/campmariah/)  to help the Fresh Air Fund kids. We want this movie to have the opportunity to show what it's worth !"
Posted on February the 3rd.
EXCLUSIVE from Honey and Kate
Mariah's rehearsal for the Super Bowl XXXVI
Here's what we received:
"Hi Lambz!!!!
we're Honey & Kate from www.butterfliesarefree.de and we just were watching the german channel sat.1 when some v.i.p. news came up and they had a mini clip on the superbowl featuring a MINI part with mariah rehearsing the anthem... OMG!!! we took some screencaps... don't ask us why they had to show that in that freakin blue-tone... maybe they find it kinda sexy or whateva LOL! and we also taped the part where mariah sings... it's poor quality, coz it seemed to be pretty quiet... and the acustic obviously is not perfect... the link is  http://breakthrunetwork.com/mariah/honeykate/anthem.rm
thanx lambz! can't wait for the freakin' superbowl :))) baah-bye! (m)c ya!
- Honey & Kate

Many thanks to Honey and Kate for this great exclusive.
Posted on February the 1st.
Wendy Williams rooting for Mariah
I was listening to the greatest afternoon radio show on WBLS (107.5) and Wendy Williams mentioned the fact that World Entertainment News reported Glitter only sold 200 copies in the US and less than 200 in the UK. (she also said that Glitter was pulled from UK movie theatres after only 3 weeks) Wendy said she doesn't believe that and it's just bad press being spread around; she said she hopes Mariah will come to her show soon and that her upcoming movie, "Wise Guy" (she got the title wrong) will do well in theatres.
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Posted on February the 1st.
More about Mariah at the Pre-Show and National Anthem Media Conference of the Super Bowl XXXVI
- You can listen here.
- You can read the transcript here.
- You can view 21 little pics here. Thanks to Judyna for the info.

Thanks to Shino for the first pic, you can see more pictures on her site.
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EXCLUSIVE - One night with Mariah - English - Nederlands - Français

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