January 2002 - Heroes of Mariah
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Mariah at the Pre-Show and National Anthem Media Conference of the Super Bowl XXXVI
I was surfing on the Super Bowl official site to try to find some news about Mariah and I saw there was a Media Conference about the Pre-Show and the National Anthem, I record it hoping that Mariah would maybe be there and...
I just heard Mariah's press conference at the Pre-Show and National Anthem Media Conference of the Super Bow XXXVI.  She was there from 21h47 to 21h55 CET (3h47 to 3h55pm EST) 7 great minutes.  She talks about the importance this patriotic Super Bowl had for her and she was very honoured to sing the American national anthem.  She talks also about us Mariah fans, she said "my loyal and incredible fans" if it's not there tomorrow in several articles, I will try to make a transcript.
Comments: Sorry if it was too late to let you know about this.
Posted on January the 31st at 22h15 CET.
A new game!
When the world of sports and specially the Mariah fans wait impatiently the broadcast of the Super Bowl where Mariah will sing the American national anthem, a new game is very popular in the U.S.A..  The Super Trash.  The rules of the game are a lot more easier to understand that the ones from the American football.  After an attack on the opponent, not with the ball but verbally, the attacker must try to cheat the more he can to totally annihilate his opponent and eventually make him quit the game.
Example: Let's choose a player and... hum... we gonna call him Mariah Carey.
- The first rule of the game consists to avoid the broadcast of the songs from the players latest album, as all the tricks are allowed, the attacker may ask the help of the radios and DJs.
- The second rule of the game consists to reveal the private life of the player and laugh of his health problems, as all the tricks are allowed, the attacker may ask the help of the press.
- The third rule of the game consists to laugh and make fun of everything the player does, try to destroy the player at all costs, as all the tricks are allowed, the attacker may use all he can find.
- In the fourth rule of the game, the attacker may bluff until he fakes the stats, example, the player would have sold only 200 DVDs...
Ha, ha, ha.
The creator of the Super Trash forgot that the player has a Joker, given only to the players who have a great career, talent and a great fan base.  So, Mariah Carey may use the Super Joker!
Who will be the next player of the Super Trash?
Posted on January the 31st at 13h30 CET

Un nouveau jeu!
Alors que le monde du sport et spécialement les fans de Mariah attendent avec impatience la diffusion du Super Bowl, où Mariah interprétera l'hymne Américain, un nouveau jeu fait fureur aux Etats-Unis.  Le Super Trash!  Les règles du jeu sont beaucoup plus simples à comprendre que celles du football Américain.  Après avoir attaqué son adversaire, non pas avec un ballon, mais verbalement, il faut essayer de tricher le plus possible pour l'anéantir tout à fait et éventuellement lui faire quitter le jeu.
Exemple: Prenons un joueur au hasard et... hum... appelons-le Mariah Carey.
- La première règle du jeu consiste à ne diffuser aucune chanson de son dernier album, comme tous les coups sont permis, l'attaquant peut demander l'aide des radios et DJs.
- La seconde règle du jeu consiste à dévoiler la vie privée du joueur et à rire de ses problèmes de santé, comme tous les coups sont permis, l'attaquant peut demander l'aide de la presse.
- La troisième règle du jeu, bloquer et rire de tout ce qu'entreprend le joueur, essayer de le démolir à tout prix, comme tous les coups sont permis, avec l'aide de... tout ce qu'il est possible de trouver ou d'inventer.
- Quatrième règle du jeu, pousser le bluff jusqu'à truquer les chiffres, exemple, le joueur n'aurait vendu que 200 DVD.
Ha, ha, ha!
Le créateur du Super Trash a oublié que le joueur dispose d'un Joker, accordé seulement aux joueurs qui ont une grande carrière, du talent et des fans inconditionnels.  Mariah Carey dispose donc du Super Joker!
Qui sera le prochain joueur du Super Trash?

Een nieuw spel
Terwijl de sportwereld en vooral de Mariahfans ongeduldig zitten te wachten op de uitzending van de Super Bowl, waar Mariah het Amerikaans nationaal volkslied zal zingen, is er in de U.S.A. een nieuw spel heel populair. The Super Trash.  De spelregels zijn veel gemakkelijker dan die van het Amerikaans football.  Na een aanval op de tegenspeler, niet met de bal maar verbaal, moet de aanvaller zoveel mogelijk vals spelen om de tegenspeler helemaal te vernietigen en hem uiteindelijk het spel te doen opgeven.
Bijvoorbeeld: Laten we een speler nemen en ... hum ... we zullen hem Mariah Carey noemen.
- De eerste spelregel bestaat uit het negeren van de uitzending van de liedjes van de spelers laatste album, omdat alle trucjes zijn toegelaten,  mag de aanvaller de hulp vragen van radio's en DJ's 
- De tweede spelregel bestaat uit het privéleven van de speler te onthullen en te lachen met zijn gezondheidsproblemen, omdat alle trucjes zijn toegelaten,  mag de aanvaller de hulp vragen van de pers 
- De derde spelregel bestaat uit het uitlachen met alles wat de speler doet, de speler proberen te vernietigen koste wat het kost, omdat alle trucjes zijn toegelaten,  mag de aanvaller alles gebruiken wat hij kan vinden.
- In de vierde spelregel mag de aanvaller bluffen tot het vervalsen van de cijfers toe, bijvoorbeeld; de speler zou maar 200
   DVD's verkocht hebben...
Ha, ha, ha!
De schepper van de Super Trash vergeet dat de speler een Joker heeft, die enkel werd gegeven aan spelers die een grote carrière, talent en een grote fanbasis hebben.
Dus Mariah Carey mag de Super Joker gebruiken!
Wie zal er de volgende speler van de Super Trash zijn?
Nederlandse vertaling: Björn.

Mariah's new message
Hello, hey lambs...  I'm calling to say hi, I'm hoping that the last message I sent... hum didn't go but I have a feeling that it did and it was quite a bunch of nonsense as usual.  But anyways I just wanted to say hi, let you know that I'm thinking about you love you appreciate you and enjoy you and we're having a good time you know Mary Ann wants to say hi and ta ta that's tot tatum tot hold on.
(Rap way)Yeah, I'm just hangin' out, you know hangin' out with ma girlfriend.
(mariah laughs) Right, Oh Godness, Big Nasty over here, Trey Lorenz wants to say hi, his new name is Big Nasty (laughs)
(Very deep voice)They call me Big Nasty 'cause I'm big and I'm nasty.
Ok, bah-byye.
Source: mariahcarey.com
Transcript made by Gilles
Comments: You will not find a lot of ponctuation in this transcript, if you listen the message you will understand why.
Posted on January the 30th at 20h45 CET.
Mariah in the Hello magazine (available in many cities in Belgium)
Issue No 699 - 05.02.2002
Just one flop was enough to seal Mariah Carey’s fate. Her record label, EMI, has opted to pay out $28 million to cancel her contract. The singer, who has sold more records in the last decade than any other female artist, has fallen casualty to a situation where the music industry needs instant hits to compensate for one of the worst periods in its history. Britney Spears, Nsync and Backstreet Boys are today’s hot stars, shifting five million units. It remains to be seen how they will age. 
Thirty-one-year-old Mariah fell when she was unable to sustain the interest of record-buyers. Glitter, her last album, was released on the less-than-auspicious date of September 11, and has barely sold two million copies. The eponymously-titled film in which she starred – the hackneyed tale of a musical Cinderella – was cruelly slated and survived just weeks on the cinema screens. EMI, which last April paid Mariah between $80 and $100 million, if rumours are to be believed, for a five-album contract, has decided not to run the risk of their second record failing. To read about Mariah´s EMI payoff in more detail, check out this week´s HELLO! magazine, on sale now. 
Credit: Hello.
Thanks to Ashes from Rainbow Princess.
Posted on January the 30th.

You can watch the Super Bowl and of course Mariah who will sing for the first time the American national anthem on:
NED2 - February the 3rd from 23h50 to 3h30am CET - live
CANAL+ - February the 3rd from 0h15 to 4h05am CET
Warning: We are not sure that CANAL+ will show Mariah singing, 'cause they paid only for the rights of the game.
Posted on January the 30th.

Super Bowl XXXVI
Vous pourrez suivre le Super Bowl et évidemment Mariah qui chantera pour la première fois l'hymne Américain sur:
NED2 - le 3 février de 23h50 à 3h30 - en direct
CANAL+ - le 3 février de 0h15 à 4h05.
Attention: Nous ne sommes pas certains que CANAL+ montrera Mariah, parce qu'ils ont seulement payé les droits pour le match.

Super Bowl XXXVI 
Je kan de Super Bowl en natuurlijk Mariah, die het Amerikaans nationaal volkslied zal zingen voor de eerste keer, bekijken op:
NED2 - op 3 februari van 23u50 tot 3u30 - live
CANAL+ -  op 3 februari van 0u15 tot 4u05
Opgelet: We zijn niet zeker of CANAL+ Mariah zullen tonen want ze kochten enkel de uitzendrechten voor de match.
Nederlandse vertaling: Björn.

No Hidden Agenda
Tabloid stories are again ruining Mariah Carey's mood. The singer is irked by reports she is so distraught over her split with EMI's Virgin label last week that she's "gone into hiding" at a Palm Springs spa. It's true that Carey was hospitalized last summer after suffering a physical and emotional breakdown, as no one will let her forget. But her rep, Cindi Berger, says the latest stories "are absolutely ridiculous." For one thing, Carey visited the Enchantment spa, which is in Arizona, not California. What's more, says Berger, "She's there with some friends to have saunas and facials and herbal wraps. She's just there to relax and get pampered." Carey is spending the rest of the week on a Caribbean isle before she heads to Miami to sing the national anthem at the Super Bowl on Sunday. 
P.S. Carey has no fiercer defender than her brother, Morgan. The other night, when actor Jamie Foxx got a laugh at Mariah's expense during Muhammad Ali's 60th-birthday celebration in L.A., Morgan blurted, "That's not funny." Security cooled the two guys down. 
Credit: New York Daily News Online.
Source: mintu uk2002 from Rainbow Princess.
Posted on January the 30th.
Many thanks to all the fans who e-mailed me about my tribute to Mariah.
Posted on January the 30th.
Published in Superstars: A Tribute to Heroes Big and Small
I don't like to be a boaster and I don't think I'm one, but I want to share this with you.  In November 2001, I wrote my tribute to Mariah to try to be published in the Superstars: A Tribute to Heroes Big and Small book from Fansillustrated.com.  My text was accepted and is published in the book and a copy of this book was given to Mariah.  Yes, yes, yes!!!
Here are the questions and my answers: 
Who is your favorite band or performer?
"Carey, Mariah"
What makes this band/performer so special?
"One day, I heard a voice… the most beautiful voice that I ever heard, this day, in 1993, I understood why God gave me two ears.  It was to listen to Mariah Carey.  Step by step, song after song, I discovered that behind this voice, which goes from deep notes that touch the heart, to high notes that touch the senses, yes I discovered that behind this voice, there was above all a great person.  Mariah can make me laugh with her wacky sense of humor, which inspired me, but she can make me cry as well with the meaning of a lot of her songs.  I try to follow her advice: “Always follow your dreams, never give up and don’t listen to people who try to discourage you”.  When I’m sad, I listen to Mariah and I feel so much better.
The difference between a fan and a Mariah fan is precisely Mariah.  Being a Mariah fan is a way of life, it’s being aware of the others, being straight, sensitive, being human.
And in my craziest dreams, I imagine that one day when people will meet someone who is nice, funny, dreamer, honest and tolerant, they will say: “It’s surely a Mariah fan”."
In your opinion what is their greatest contribution to music?
"If one singer serves the music, it’s surely Mariah Carey.  She contributes to make popular different styles of music, like R&B, Soul, Gospel, Hip-Hop, Rap.  Thanks to Mariah Carey, many people in the world discover these genres of music.  Mariah is one of the first singers who sang with rappers, this fact gave the opportunity to new artists to have success, now, in the charts.  Mariah Carey is an example of a complete artist who can adjust her voice and her talent to almost every style."
Nominate the greatest quote/line from a band something that inspires you or means a lot.
"I’m not Cinderella
My life has not been a fairy tale
Forget the image
Forget the ensembles
Forget the rumors
Forget the short skirts
Big hair, whatever…
I owe this to the fans and I will never forget you
“Mariah Carey at the Billboard Awards 2000”"
Posted by Gilles on January the 29th at 10h30am CET.
Credit: Sansupo. Frosty air
Mira Sorvino and Mariah Carey tried hard to quell rumors of an on-set fight during the filming of "Wise Girls," but the frigid air between the two was obvious at the Sundance festival. "They never hung out unless it was for press," said one spy. "When they went to the Motorola house to do interviews, Mira sulked in the background because everyone really just wanted to talk to Mariah." Sorvino's sulk was cut short when her manager choked on a carrot and had to be given the Heimlich maneuver. 
Source: PageSix.com
Posted on January the 29th at 10h30am CET.
Mariah checks into centre
[NOTE: This is probably a rumor] Troubled singer MARIAH CAREY has checked in to a desert retreat following her split with VIRGIN records.  The GLITTER star is staying at the $4,550 (GBP3,500)-a-week WE CARE CENTRE near Palm Springs, California, which offers help with stress and fatigue-related problems.  Mariah, 31, who was hospitalized last year (AUG01) after suffering a breakdown, is expected to receive $26 million (GBP20 million) after splitting with her record label.
An onlooker at the retreat says, "Some people who come here look terrible, but she looked fine."
(World Entertainment News Network)
Source: Mariah Crybaby.
Posted on January the 28th.
Please go vote for Mariah!
Mariah is beating J-Lo!  To vote click here.
Thanks to Anderz from FOMM.
Posted on January the 28th.
Mary J Blige on press, Mariah
"Look, the press is not usually nice to us hip-hop artists. So then we get not nice in return because it bothers us when we read something about us that isn't true. But the thing is, we don't start out not nice. None of you knew us when we were all fresh and new. Then suddenly we make it. Then suddenly everything and everybody comes at us. And people say nasty things and the nightmare begins.
"I don't say some of us don't get a little head on. It's true. But the others just get afraid to be close or to trust. Like Mariah now is probably scared to talk to anyone."
Credit: New York Post.
Source: MariahBuzz.
Posted on January the 26th.
Taryn shares love for Mariah
Singer Taryn, who's song 'Make It Go Away', will feature on the Wise Girls soundtrack and in the movie, has kindly put a message on her site especially for Mariah fans. Taryn also shares with us her story and love for Mariah:
Hello Everyone,
I decided to write a personal note to all of you who have been so supportive of me and my song, "Make It Go Away". As a huge Mariah Fan myself, I was as disappointed by her absence from the soundtrack to "Wisegirls" as the rest of you. I am still in shock that my music will be a part of this movie and it's in part, because she decided not to be. I wanted to share my story with all of you about how much she's inspired me because I know we all have dreams and likely, some of the same ones.
I have been a singer all of my life. My Dad ran a recording studio in Washington State (where I'm from) so I was constantly surrounded by music and naturally very comfortable with the recording process. By the time I was 11 I was the lead singer in a band and had already began touring. When I was 14 my life was changed. I heard Mariah Carey for the first time. It was like being slapped in the face! THAT was a singer! For the first time ever I realized I never thought about what I did, never questioned whether I was good enough, never challenged myself to be better. Something clicked at that moment and I immediately ran out (I'm telling you this on the risk of sounding corny) and bought several of Mariah's back-up tracks to rehearse with. I sang for hours a day for the next few years. I didn't have the luxury of a vocal coach so I used Mariah. Now don't get me wrong, I got passed the phase of imitating her rather quickly and applied what I was learning to my original music. I've always written my own songs and even now, I write and produce everything with my partner Chris Landon.
I can't compare myself to Mariah at all for two reasons. One, a little voice in my head that says, "you'll never touch that" and the fact that I have a realistic idea of who I am. I don't see myself as a diva in the making. I'm a bit of a tomboy; I have a love/hate relationship with my own voice, (I'd like to think it's pristine but I know better!) I also know that I'm earthy and a little rough around the edges. That's me and no matter how much I can't compare to her, I can credit her for giving me the drive to "Make It Happen" and for inspiring me to be the best that I can be. I have many goals for myself in my life and career. The achievement of "Wisegirls" is one small step toward what I envision but the reality of coming so close to someone I have admired is like being re-fuelled after all the disappointment and self doubt I've faced. I'll admit, I was a little scared you guys would hate on me cause' even I am guilty of being protective of Mariah and defending her till the end. She has set a very high standard for all of us and I am so shocked and amazed at the support you've given me. Thank you so much!
In case any of you are wondering, No, I have not seen the film, and no, unfortunately I have not yet had the chance to meet Mariah. I am hoping it's in the cards because for me it would be one of the most validating experiences of my life. I wasn't able to attend Sundance so I'm unsure of the where or how but I don't want to let that part of the dream go... after all, anything's possible right? Even now, I'm using her music to calm my fears. Yesterday, I played "They Can't Take That Away" so many times my brother nearly killed me. Point being, we're all vulnerable and no matter where we're at in life we need the comfort of being able to relate to someone. For many of us, Mariah is that someone and I am so happy she's brought us all together. You guys are amazing! I tip my hat to you and all you do for MC. Keep up the good work!
Love, Taryn
Credit: Taryn Online.
Source: MariahBuzz.
Posted on January the 26th.
On October the 17th 2001 and January the 3rd 2002 we posted this:
"No, Glitter is not a flop
-1. The album is excellent, original with some great covers and ballads that only Mariah can give us.
-2. For the non-fans, you must not forget that this album is a movie soundtrack.
-3. Mariah suffered from her exhaustion and was not able to do the promotion.
-4. The release of the cd was unlucky, 'cause of the September the 11th events.
-5. The entire world of music, movie and finance suffer at this time too.
-6. 400.000 sold copies?  But, as all the fans bought a copy, this report is impossible.
-7. Anti-Mariah campaign by the press, radios and others...
-8. Inadequate support from several fan sites, proposing downloads of Glitter instead of helping to promote it, helping the non-fans to steal the album."
Note: When we made this report the point 6 was 400.000 sold copies, now there are "only" 2.000.000 sold copies.  We repost this report to show that Glitter is absolutly NOT a flop.
Comments: We sent this report to Mariah's management and to different newspapers in October 2001 to give them our vision about the fact that Glitter (the album) is not a flop.  Unfortunately, the press realize only now what we wrote in October 2001 was true.
Posted on January the 25th.

Ballad for Mariah
The singer’s sudden pay-off is a sign from the struggling music industry
By Lorraine Ali and B. J. Sigesmund
She has had more No. 1 songs than any artist working today. In the history of pop music, she’s outranked only by Elvis Presley and the Beatles in that category. Her albums have sold 8 million copies each on average. But in today’s frenetically paced, financially troubled music business, all Mariah Carey had to do was make one bum CD and those past achievements were easily overlooked. IN AN UNPRECEDENTED MOVE Wednesday, EMI Records announced that the label would be buying Carey out of the remainder of her reported multi-album, $100 million contract. Though both parties said it was an “amicable termination,” Carey was later upset with a regulatory disclosure that EMI sent out for stock-market purposes. It stated that the company had “terminated its contract with Carey.” Her lawyers claim it helped stir press headlines such as RECORD COMPANY DUMPS MARIAH. The label is clearly unhappy, too, starting with the sales of the first EMI-Carey album, “Glitter.” It sold only 500,000 units in the United States. Several factors contributed to the CD’s poor showing. Though its mix of ballads and funk was not a musical departure for Carey, its harder hip-hop edge and the singer’s new bad-girl persona were clear signs Carey was scrambling to update her image. It didn’t help that it was a soundtrack to a poorly received movie or that the album had the bad luck of being released on Sept. 11. And of course, Carey did less promotion for the CD than usual, due to her infamous breakdown and self-imposed rehabilitation this past summer due to “exhaustion.” But EMI and Carey’s parting of ways may have less to do with the diva’s behavior than with a sagging economy and murky economic outcast for the record industry. Had the CD’s sales skyrocketed, the 31-year-old singer would probably be working on her next release instead of cashing the $28 million check she received from the label’s Virgin Records. Instead, the sudden pay-off is a signal about the state of the troubled music industry. With the rise of downloadable music and so much piracy on the Web, CD sales have been sagging over the past year. In 2001, purchases were down 5 percent. Now, drop the current recession into the mix, and you have an industry that is cutting ties with those who can’t produce quick money-making hits. EMI in particular had a rough 2001: it reported a loss of $77.6 million the first half of its fiscal year. The label was banking on releases by Carey, Mick Jagger and Lenny Kravitz to pull it back into the black, but the sales of those albums hardly met expectations. With new CEO Alain Levy on board, EMI also recently parted ways with the high-priced rock legend David Bowie. These cost-cutting measures may be harbingers of things to come. High-profile acts with similar contracts such as Whitney Houston and R.E.M.—who hardly have spotless track records when it comes to consistent blockbuster sales—may soon feel more pressure from their labels. Record execs may be skipping to the bottom line a lot faster in the future.
Credit: Lorraine Ali and B. J. Sigesmund for Newsweek.
Source: MSNBC.
Posted on January the 25th.
We can't post all the articles which talk about the EMI/Virgin case, so we choose to show you the great work of Shayne from MariahBuzz (Australia) and member of the FOMM.  This beautifull artwork means so much more than thousands and thousands words.

Credit and copyrights: Shayne.
Thanks a lot to Shayne.
Posted on January the 24th.
Mariah's Lawyer Explains Virgin Buyout
Mariah Carey's attorney told LAUNCH that the pop superstar received a total of $49 million in payment from Virgin Records when her deal with the label abruptly ended this week. This contradicts a statement issued by the record label's parent company, EMI, whose statement placed a value of only $28 million on the deal. Carey released only one album, Glitter, while the contract was in effect. Carey's attorney Marshall B. Grossman told LAUNCH, "EMI and Virgin entered into an agreement with Mariah Carey, which releases Mariah Carey of any further obligations and provides for the payment to her of $28 million in addition to the $21 million that had previously been paid to, and for her benefit. A total of $49 million." EMI issued the statement valuing the deal at $28 million without Carey's permission or knowledge--a violation of a prior agreement with the singer, according to Grossman. Grossman continued, "As is typical in this type of arrangement, the parties agreed on the terms of a press release to be issued jointly by them in the U.K. and in the United States. They also agreed to 'no further statements by either side'...Unfortunately EMI took it upon themselves to issue a further press statement, which was in direct violation of the agreement between the parties." Wednesday afternoon (January 23) Carey's publicist Cindi Berger and Grossman fired back with a press release of their own, which stated: "The release of EMI, independently issued by it, is in direct violation of the agreement between the parties. It is also false." Grossman further took issue with EMI's spin on the deal. "The EMI statement...(says) 'Virgin Terminates Contract With Mariah Carey,' and that is simply not true," he told LAUNCH. When asked about possible legal action against EMI, Grossman said, "Right now we are simply trying to deal with what has occurred today, however we will explore all available options." The actual sentence in question in the EMI press release reads: "Mariah Carey and EMI's Virgin Records announced today the amicable termination of their multi-album contract." Grossman told LAUNCH that Carey deserves $49 million, although she released just one album on Virgin. "Given her track record and history and her status--with over 150 million albums sold--I think most of her fans would say she deserved every penny of it," he asserted. "And in the wake of EMI's conduct I suspect many of her fans would say that she should now receive more. I think that if anything the public will be outraged and should be outraged at EMI's treatment of such an American heroine."
-- Jason Gelman, New York
Source: Ananova, Launch.
Posted on January the 24th.
Mariah's brief statement
We found this statement Mariah made today in an article from Billboard, if you want to read the entire article click here.
 "This is the right decision for me, I look forward to the many new and exciting opportunities, which have now been presented to me. I wish Virgin well."
Source: Billboard.com
Posted on January the 23rd.
Mariah's new message
Hey lambs... I'm just calling in... letting you know that... as always I'm just thinking about you... hum... I appreciate you much, love you and... hum I enjoy you and I'm gonna call you again soon... ok, hope everybody's New Year is going great.  Bah-byye.
Source: mariahcarey.com
Transcript made by Gilles
Comments: Mariah's voice seems sad.
Posted on January the 23rd at 13h20 CET
The first moment of shock is passed.  Now, we can write serenely.  What to say?  We are angry.  What to do?  Cry or laugh.  It's useless and the most important in all of this is that Mariah don't suffer again.  Come on Mariah, hold on, we are with you.  You know what?  This evening, wrap your fish in a newspaper where you will read this unjustified dumping, we will do the same.
The Heroes of Mariah staff.
Posted on January the 23rd at 13h00 CET

Voilà, le premier moment du choc est passé.  Maintenant nous pouvons écrire sereinement.  Que dire?  Nous sommes fâchés.  Que faire?  Pleurer ou rire.  Peu importe, cela est inutile et l'important dans tout cela c'est que Mariah ne souffre pas à nouveau.  Vas-y Mariah, tiens bon, on est avec toi.  Tu sais quoi?  Ce soir emballes ton poisson dans un journal où tu liras ce larguage injustifié, nous, on va faire pareil.

Het eerste moment van shock is voorbij. Nu kunnen we rustig schrijven. Wat zeggen ? We zijn boos.  Wat doen ? Wenen of lachen.  Het is nutteloos en het belangrijkste in dit alles is dat Mariah er niet terug onder lijdt.  Komaan Mariah, volhouden, we zijn met je.  Weet je wat ? Wikkel uw vis deze avond in een krant waarin je dit ongerechtvaardigd dumpen kon lezen, wij zullen hetzelfde doen.
Nederlandse vertaling: Björn.

Copyright: Fred Prouser
EMI dumps Mariah Carey
LONDON (Reuters) - Music group EMI has said its Virgin Records label is paying U.S. pop diva Mariah Carey $28 million (19.56 million pounds) to end her recording contract.
EMI said on Wednesday the cost, together with 18.5 million pound of balance sheet and other write-offs linked to Carey's recording contract, would be treated as exceptionals in accounts for the year ended March 31, 2002.
EMI signed Carey to its Virgin Records label last year in one of the most expensive recording contracts ever, only to see her first album, "Glitter", flop. The music group has been looking at ways to slash costs after a dismal 2001.
Source: Yahoo
Comments: Thank you so much Mister Levy!!!
Posted on January the 23rd at 10h15am CET
The Mariah's hair page is back!
In August 2001, we made the Mariah's hair page for the fun.  As a lot of fans and other people would like to change Mariah, we repost this special page, only for the fun, 'cause we love Mariah whatever she looks like.  So, if you want to laugh a little, go to this page.
Posted on January the 22nd.
Virgin Records chief ousted as EMI's Levy wields the axe
By Nigel Cope, City Editor
EMI has axed the head of Virgin Records as part of a management shake-up led by Alain Levy, EMI's new chairman and chief executive of recorded music. Paul Conroy, who oversaw the launch of the Spice Girls during his tenure as president of Virgin Records UK, has left the company with immediate effect.  His position has been absorbed within the responsibilities of Tony Wadsworth who has been promoted to chairman and chief executive of EMI recorded music UK and Ireland. He was previously the head of EMI Records UK.  The shake-up is seen as part of a move by Mr Levy to stamp his authority on EMI after joining Britain's biggest music group last year. He is currently undertaking a strategic review of EMI's operations but has decided that EMI Records and Virgin Records should be brought under one regional head for the first time.  Mr Conroy, 53, joined EMI from Chrysalis in 1992 and oversaw the signing of bands such as The Verve, Massive Attack and Atomic Kitten.  Commenting on Mr Conroy's departure, Mr Levy said: "Paul has had a great career at Virgin. He has made an enormous contribution, both to the company and to the record industry."  Tony Wadsworth, 43, has been at EMI since 1982. Between 1993 and 1998 he was managing director of EMI's Parlophone label which enjoyed success with Blur, Radiohead and Supergrass. More recently he has helped bring on acts such as Coldplay, Gorillaz and Starsailor.  Mr Wadsworth said Virgin and EMI would continue to co-exist separately. "The labels will maintain their own distinct styles and cultures whilst benefiting from the added strength of close co-ordination."  EMI has also named Emmanuel de Buretel as chairman and chief executive of EMI recorded music in Continental Europe. The division will work more closely with EMI's UK operations than before.  Mr de Buretel has helped develop French acts such as Air and Daft Punk.  Mr Levy was formerly the head of PolyGram prior to its takeover by Seagram in 1998. He was recruited by EMI in October.  EMI has reportedly been seeking to pay £35m to end its contract with Mariah Carey.  The shares closed 4p lower at 346p.
Source: Nigel Cope for the Independent.
Posted on January the 22nd.
Go in the news on Mariah's official site mariahcarey.com to see a great artwork of Wise Girls made by Nacho.
Posted on January the 19th.
Mariah Carey promises to ignore criticism of her second movie
Mariah Carey says she will ignore critics if they pan her new film.  She is following her flop Hollywood debut Glitter with the new movie Wise Girls.  Mariah says she is a fighter who will not hide from her critics.  Carey, who co-stars with Mira Sorvino, is promoting Wise Girls at the Sundance Film Festival in the US.  She told People magazine: "If I was gun-shy I'd be home hiding under the covers. I'm a fighter. I have been since I was a kid."  She dismissed suggestions she may get bad reviews for Wise Girls and said she would be ignoring the critics' verdicts.  "You can always wrap fish in it," she said.  Her new film, which does not yet have a UK release date, features Carey as a waiter working in a restaurant owned by the Mafia, who becomes involved in intrigue after she witnesses a crime.
Source: Ananova.
Posted on January the 18th.
Morgan defends sister Mariah!
Trouble Backstage
Things got dicey backstage at the Muhammad Ali 60th Birthday Celebration at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood on Saturday between "Ali" co-star Jamie Foxx and Mariah Carey's older brother Morgan. According to our spies, just moments before Carey was scheduled to perform "Happy Birthday" onstage for Ali, Foxx, who was commenting about his performance notes, used the word "breakdown," prompting laughter from people nearby. (Last summer, Carey was hospitalized after suffering an emotional and physical breakdown.) Morgan overheard the laughter and told Foxx: "That's not funny." Then Morgan and Foxx started cursing each other. Security separated them.
Sources: Anderz (From FOMM), LA Times and MariahDaily.
Comments: Well done Morgan!  This Jamie guy is always ready to say mean things, even at a Birthday party.  Remember that this "funny" guy did the same mean things last year at the 2001 MTV Video Music Awards, but that time it was not backstage it was live on TV.  Here's what we post on September the 9th 2001:
"At the 2001 MTV Video Music Awards, the wild beast was not in the cage, but on the stage.
Please tell this "man" that his "humour" was offensive for the artists who have health problems (Mariah Carey, and the curageous AJ McLean from the Backstreet Boys)."
Posted on January the 18th.
Muhammad Ali's 60th Birthday Celebration tonight on ARD from 23h50 to 0h30 CET
Many thanks to mariah-carey-fan.de.
Posted on January the 17th at 21h00 CET
Super Bowl pre-game show program
Paul McCartney, No Doubt and Barenaked Ladies have been added to the Super Bowl pre-game show at the Louisiana Superdome on February 3.  McCartney will headline the event and lead what is being called a "Tribute to Everyday Heroes" to honor the acts of kindness and heroism that people contributed in the wake of September 11. The Beatles bassist will perform his song "Freedom" with 500 young people who will symbolically represent the 180 countries broadcasting the football game across the globe.  The pre-show party will begin hours earlier with a performance by Barenaked Ladies at the Fox Tailgate Party in the parking lot of the stadium. They'll be followed by a set from No Doubt. Then Mary J. Blige and Marc Anthony will perform "America the Beautiful" along with the Boston Pops and America's Heroes Chorus.  The Pops will also back up Mariah Carey's singing of the national anthem right before kickoff, which is scheduled for 6 p.m.  Additional pre-show performers may be announced at a later date.  Grammy nomination-gobblers U2 will provide halftime entertainment for the event. The band has yet to announce what its short set will consist of or who may join the group onstage.
— Jon Wiederhorn
Source: sonicnet and MTV News.
Posted on January the 17th.
Glitter in the Belgian movie theaters, 2nd week:
Kinepolis Brussels: VOstBil - UGC Cinema Antwerpen: VOstBil - Metropolis Antwerpen: VOstBil - Ciné City Mechelen: VOstBil - Ciné Stewart La Louvière: Français - Euroscoop Maasmechelen: VOstBil - Focus Filmzalen Turnhout: VOstBil
Posted on January the 17th.
From Mariah to Ali
Here's the transcript of Mariah's birthday message to Muhammad Ali:
"You've been an inspiration to the whole world and you've changed the world and we all love you, Happy Birthday to the greatest."
Taken from the all stars birthday messages.
Source: CBS
Transcript: Gilles
Posted on January the 16th.
Caps of the Muhammad Ali's 60th Birthday Celebration commercial
I'm sorry about the quality, but I don't have professional material and I wanted to share this with you.

If you want to use these caps, please give us credit, 'cause we work hard to made them.
If you want to see this commercial go on: http://www.cbs.com/
Posted on January the 16th.
Mariah at the 2002 Sundance Film Festival

Credit: Sansupo.
Source: LoveLoveJack.
Posted on January the 16th.
Glitter (the movie) in Brussels, 650 visitors in 6 days
We have contacted a person of Kinepolis Brussels and he told us that Glitter had 650 visitors in 6 days.  We didn't phone to all the 8 movie theaters showing Glitter in Belgium, but we consider that 650 visitors only for Brussels, it's not bad at all, knowing that the promotion was almost invisible and that Glitter was released at the same time that "Lord Of The Rings" and "Spy Game".  In conclusion, we can say that in 6 days, it's 650 fans who saw Glitter in Brussels.  Also, Glitter is 19 in the Kinepolis Brussels 25 most seen movies of the week.
Thanks to Kinepolis Brussels for these infos.
Posted on January the 15th.
Never Too Far/Hero medley single: go see in the shop page.
Posted on January the 15th.
Mariah at the 2002 Sundance Film Festival
Mariah was there for the premiere of Wise Girls.

Credit for the pictures: Fred Prouser and Yahoo.
Posted on January the 14th.

Credit: AP Photo/CBS, Monty Brinton and Yahoo.
Tender moments
Mariah Carey and Muhammad Ali appear onstage Saturday, Jan. 12, 2002, in Los Angeles, at the taping of "Muhammad Ali's 60th Birthday Celebration," which airs Wednesday on CBS.
Source: Yahoo.
Posted on January the 14th.
Mariah in Barbados pics
Here are new pictures from Mariah in Barbados:

Credit: OK!
Posted on January the 12th at 17h00 CET
Glitter in the Belgian movie theaters:
Kinepolis Brussels: VOstBil - UGC Cinema Antwerpen: VOstBil - Decascoop Gent: VOstBil - Carollywood Charleroi: Français -  Eldorado Namur: Français - Kinepolis Hasselt: VOstBil - Kinepolis Kortrijk: VOstBil - Kinepolis Liège: Français
Comments: Unfortunately, the fans from the french speaking part will see the movie in french, can you imagine the voice of someone else speaking instead of Mariah.  Fortunately, the dutch speaking part and Brussels have the movie in VO subtitled in french and dutch.
Posted on January the 11th.
Heroes of Mariah EXCLUSIVE: Glitter DVD scans
I just received my Glitter DVD, YES, YES, YES!!!
Here are the scans of that precious thing :-)

Comments: I didn't post these scans in great size, so people with little connection speed can view them too.
Posted on January the 11th at 14h00 CET
Mariah in Barbados
Here's a new picture of Mariah in Barbados:

Credit: Gala.
Source: Butterflies are free.
Posted on January the 11th.
Mariah in the 2001 Belgian charts
French speaking part:
Semaine 01 – 05 janvier 2001
N° 1 de l’Ultratop 20 – Ultratip avec Can’t Take That Away (Mariah’s Theme)
Semaine 02 – 12 janvier 2001
N° 40 de l’Ultratop 40 Singles avec Can’t Take That Away (Mariah’s Theme)
Semaine 29 – 20 juillet 2001
N° 19 de l’Ultratop 20 – Ultratip avec Loverboy
Semaine 30 – 27 juillet 2001
N° 1 de l’Ultratop 20 – Ultratip avec Loverboy
Semaine 31 – 03 août 2001
N° 34 de l’Ultratop 40 Singles avec Loverboy
Semaine 32 – 10 août 2001
N° 36 de l’Ultratop 40 Singles avec Loverboy
Semaine 38 – 21 septembre 2001
N° 15 de l’Ultratop 50 Albums avec Glitter
Semaine 39 – 28 septembre 2001
N° 11 de l’Ultratop 50 Albums avec Glitter
Semaine 40 – 05 octobre 2001
N° 19 de l’Ultratop 20 – Ultratip avec Never Too Far / Don’t Stop
Semaine 40 – 05 octobre 2001
N° 31 de l’Ultratop 50 Albums avec Glitter
Semaine 41 – 12 octobre 2001
N° 1 de l’Ultratop 20 – Ultratip avec Never Too Far / Don’t Stop
Semaine 41 – 12 octobre 2001
N° 37 de l’Ultratop 50 Albums avec Glitter
Semaine 51 – 22 décembre 2001
N° 36 de l’Ultratop 50 Albums avec Greatest Hits
Semaine 52 – 29 décembre 2001
N° 31 de l’Ultratop 50 Albums avec Greatest Hits
Dutch speaking part:
Semaine 29 – 20 juillet 2001
N° 19 de l’Ultratop 20 – Ultratip avec Loverboy
Semaine 30 – 27 juillet 2001
N° 2 de l’Ultratop 20 – Ultratip avec Loverboy
Semaine 31 – 03 août 2001
N° 49 de l’Ultratop 50 Singles avec Loverboy
Semaine 38 – 21 septembre 2001
N° 22 de l’Ultratop 50 Albums avec Glitter
Semaine 39 – 28 septembre 2001
N° 10 de l’Ultratop 50 Albums avec Glitter
Semaine 40 – 05 octobre 2001
N° 13 de l’Ultratop 20 – Ultratip avec Never Too Far / Don’t Stop
Semaine 40 – 05 octobre 2001
N° 26 de l’Ultratop 50 Albums avec Glitter
Semaine 41 – 12 octobre 2001
N° 6 de l’Ultratop 20 – Ultratip avec Never Too Far / Don’t Stop
Semaine 41 – 12 octobre 2001
N° 31 de l’Ultratop 50 Albums avec Glitter
Semaine 42 – 20 octobre 2001
N° 5 de l’Ultratop 20 – Ultratip avec Never Too Far / Don’t Stop
Semaine 43 – 27 octobre 2001
N° 4 de l’Ultratop 20 – Ultratip avec Never Too Far / Don’t Stop
Semaine 51 – 22 décembre 2001
N° 49 de l’Ultratop 50 Albums avec Greatest Hits
Semaine 52 – 29 décembre 2001
N° 45 de l’Ultratop 50 Albums avec Greatest Hits
Thanks to Olivier for these great reports.
Posted on January the 11th.
Glitter contests
- Because of the Glitter movie release Belgian girls can win a pink or blue Glitter T-shirt.  All they have to do is write or mail to: VRT-Teletekst (Glitter) 1043 BRUSSEL teletekst@vrt.be
- Call & win ! (This competition runs from 09/01-15/01) All you have to do is dial the following number 0900/20722
(0,45 EUR/min) and answer this question; "Welke bekende zangeres vertolkt de rol van Billie Frank in de film 'Glitter' ?" 1)Mariah Carey 2)JLO 3)Madonna
Thanks to Björn for these infos.
Posted on January the 11th.
We receive an e-mail from Carolina, she has problems with her site, here's the most important points:
"I´m Carolina from "Mariah Carey Wallpaper Galore". We´re in trouble. My partner (and the builder and first owner of the site) had some personal problems and cannot go ahead with the site any more.  So maybe our site, my personal dream, has to close. We´re very sad about that because we´ve worked very hard on it. We´ve reached the number 2 and number 1 on the Mariah Carey Greatest Sites this two months. I´m now the only webmistress of "Mariah Carey Wallpaer Galore" and I want to fight for it.  Maybe there´s somebody out there that wants to help? "Mariah Carey Wallpaper Galore"
Posted on January the 11th.
Please check this link for the Care Enough action from Mariahfanclub.com.
Posted on January the 11th.
Mariah's crib caps

Thanks to Stephy from Mariah's Web for these caps.
Comments: 1. I am nice - 2. I want to be this little dooooog!!! - 3. Mariaaaaah... I found my first suitcase from when I was a little boy and Oh my God!!!

And finally where's the link?  No, it's not Kitty.  Look at this:

Now, have you found the link? ;-)
Posted on January the 10th.
Barbados pictures

Arigatou (thanks in Japanese) to Shino from LoveLoveJack.
Posted on January the 10th.
Mariah carries on with record deal, recovery
After rumors swirled for more than a week, EMI/ Virgin has denied reaching any kind of a deal with pop diva Mariah Carey that would cancel her reputed $100 million deal with the record company. Carey's attorneys reportedly had reached a $50 million ''buyout'' agreement with the label--supposedly allowing the singer to leave Virgin after delivering only one album of a five-disc deal, just inked in April.  That one album, of course, was the disappointing ''Glitter,'' which only sold a fraction of Carey's earlier releases. So far, only 2 million copies have been sold worldwide, compared with 20 million for her ''Music Box'' in 1993.  But the failure of the CD was exceeded by the film ''Glitter,'' which marked Carey's big-screen starring debut.
Virgin, a division of EMI Music Group, released a statement Monday refuting stories that any deal had been cut. ''In light of recent press comment that EMI has paid or agreed to pay Mariah Carey a lump sum to release her from her recording contract, EMI wishes to make it clear that it has made no such payment or agreement.''  Carey's spokeswoman, Cindi Berger, backs up EMI, telling this column ''there were inaccurate reports in the media that the recording agreement between Mariah Carey and Virgin Records has been terminated. ...The contract remains in full force.''  *After Carey's tough summer of 2001--which included a widely publicized emotional breakdown and split with her boyfriend, Latin singing sensation Luis Miguel--Mariah recently has been on a rebound.  Carey impressed fans with her numerous appearances in support of both Sept. 11 relief efforts and U.S. troops fighting overseas. She appeared Monday night on a much-touted ''Ally McBeal'' episode--engaging in a bit of self-spoofing, playing a disgruntled dating service customer. And the singer will showcase her own Manhattan digs on the MTV show ''Cribs,'' airing at 9 p.m. Wednesday.  *Finally, sources say that not only have Carey and Miguel patched things up, they are even dating again.  Sounds like 2002 is off to a good start for Ms. C.
Source: Chicago Sun Times.
Posted on January the 9th.
Today, Glitter is released in the Belgian movie theaters.
Posted on January the 9th.
Belgische fans: ga naar http://www.columbiafilms.be/ er is een Glitter wedstrijd.
Fans Belges: allez sur http://www.columbiafilms.be/ il y a un concours Glitter.
Thanks to Björn for this info.
Posted on January the 8th.
When the fans do the promo...
As the movie Glitter is release on January the 9th here in Belgium, Heroes of Mariah was in the commercial streets of Brussels to promote Mariah, not only the movie and the cd's, but the artist.  We don't know if it's the same in other countries, but here when a baby is born, the familly offers candies that we call here "bonbon de baptême" in a little box with the baby's name written on a little card.  So, we distribute 100 little boxes to people and we explain them that Glitter (the album) is a movie soundtrack the movie of the same name.  After that we gave the little box and the explaination, we showed them the Mariah basket with all they can buy in stores at this moment.  The majority of the people didn't know that Mariah did a movie and also a lot of people didn't know either that Mariah released a new cd.
When the fans do the promo...

Posted on January the 7th.
Listen to Z100 everywhere in the world
Finally we are able to listen Z100 (New York's #1 Hit Music Station), while you surf you can listen to this cool radio, since yesterday, I listen to Z100 instead of my local radio stations.  Go on Z100's website: http://www.z100.com/ and click on the listen link.  Thanks to Z100 to broadcast on the internet.
Posted on January the 5th at 13h00 CET
Mariah's new message
Hi lambs! Happy New Year, I hope you can hear me from this staticy phone. But I just wanted to call and say Happy 2002 and everybody here wanted to agree with these wishes because...
(Mariah's friends start saying "Happy New Year")
Sadie: Hap, Happy New Years Everyone!
(Mariah laughs)
Mariah: That was Sadie and she has one more thing to say
Sadie: What?
Mariah: The baby song
Sadie: This baby is nice, this baby is a lamb, this baby is cute and that's....(?)
(Everyone laughs)
Mariah: Ok, bye, call ya back soon...
(Everyone says bye and Happy New Year in the background)
(unaware that the phone hasn't hung up yet LOL)
Mariah: I hope that got recorded cuz that was a classic.
Source: mariahcarey.com
Transcript: MariahDaily
Comments: Mariah, you made my day :-)
Posted on January the 5th.
Please vote for Never Too Far/Hero
Here's what Shino from LoveLoveJack sent us:
"NTF/ HERO is recording the #5 with the radio chart of Japan (TOKIO HOT100 ). Tomorrow this chart is renewed. There is not time in us. Your cooperation is necessary. please vote now!! The NTF/ HERO single is not releasing in Japan.
This radio chart is the evidence that NTF/ HERO is supported by many listeners in Japan. We want to make the #1 NTF without fail. I need your help....Please.....
Vote now!
1 step:
Click >> TOKIO HOT100 charts
(It is under the screen left)
2 step:
Click >> NTF/ HERO Mariah carey ( Vote )
3 step:
$B;aL>(B ( your name ) , $B@-JL(B : $BCK!"=w(B ( Sex distinction : male or female ) , $B%a%C%;!<%8(B( Message ) >> Vote click >>> finish.
You do not have to type other frame.
I am hoping that you can safely vote.
Thank you so much.
Thanks to Shino from LoveLoveJack
Posted on January the 5th.
At this moment we have still no confirmation from Virgin Belgium.
Posted on January the 4th.
Virgin gives Carey R600m handshake!
By Scott Smith
Shame, suffer the little children. Mariah Carey fans were horrified to learn that Virgin records, a division of music giant EMI, was thinking of sacking her because her latest release, Glitter, had performed dismally. Turns out Virgin did end up giving her her marching orders.  Although Virgin pushed the album and was expecting high returns, it looks like it was a bum deal as the album has only sold two million copies to date. While the millions lost on Carey in the business world are reason enough to get upset, it seems a bit much to let go of a star Variety magazine reports is one of the most popular female artists of all time, selling more albums than Madonna.  So what is Carey going to do? Will she become a vagrant, a drop-out, never to sing again?  Well, whatever twist of fate lies in store for the octave-breaking diva, you needn't shed too many tears for her as Virgin has reportedly agreed to pay her out a whopping £35-million (about R640 000 000!) to cancel the five-album contract of way over £70-million (about R1-billion) — that should keep her off the streets for a while!
Carey is now said to be spending time coming to terms with the news at a top Aspen hotel with her Mexican singer boyfriend, Luis Miguel.  Ag, shame!
Source: Scott Smith for iafrica.com.
Posted on January the 4th.
Credit: The Sun Mariah's New Year sails
POP diva Mariah Carey looks like she’s heading for calmer waters after a terrible year.  The 31-year-old singer appeared carefree and relaxed in a pink bikini as she enjoyed a sailing trip during a sunshine break in Barbados. 
It follows a troubled year which saw her have a breakdown before she was dumped by Virgin Records over disappointing album sales.  The label gave her a £35million pay-off.  So although they may have thrown Mariah overboard, it looks as she’ll be able to stay afloat.
Credit: The Sun
Source: Mariah World and MariahBuzz.
Posted on January the 4th.
Sad news for the Brazilian fans
Here's what we read on MariahBuzz:
"Tahiana from www.MariahConnection.Com wrote in with: "I want to let everyone know about what is going on here in Brazil. I think you all know the the movie Glitter has been postponed 8 times here in Brazil. Allright...today they decided to do it once again. I can´t believe those guys...the thing is...the fans were already planning a huge event with Isabel Gomes (the little Billie Fran from the movie) present. But...now we can´t do it. Do you have any idea about what we´re talking? We got Isabel at come (come on...it´s not easy..at all...and Columbia is not even paying her airplane tickets) and now they simply decide not to release the movie when they said they would. Isn´t it said? After a lot of work we just feel really bad. Not because we did this all...that´s not the point. The point is that they´re not respecting Mariah´s work and that makes me REALLY mad. You don´t know how much. I know that the movie wasn´t this good in other countries but hey! Mariah needs to at least have the chance of trying to Glitter. I am sure the movie would do great in Brazil because the fans here are amazing."
Source: MariahBuzz and MariahConnection.
Posted on January the 4th.
On October the 17th 2001 we posted this:
"No, Glitter is not a flop
-1. The album is excellent, original with some great covers and ballads that only Mariah can give us.
-2. For the non-fans, you must not forget that this album is a movie soundtrack.
-3. Mariah suffered from her exhaustion and was not able to do the promotion.
-4. The release of the cd was unlucky, 'cause of the September the 11th events.
-5. The entire world of music, movie and finance suffer at this time too.
-6. 400.000 sold copies?  But, as all the fans bought a copy, this report is impossible.
-7. Anti-Mariah campaign by the press, radios and others...
-8. Inadequate support from several fan sites, proposing downloads of Glitter instead of helping to promote it, helping the
     non-fans to steal the album."
Note: When we made this report the point 6 was 400.000 sold copies, now there are "only" 2.000.000 sold copies.  We repost this report to show that Glitter is absolutly NOT a flop.
Posted on January the 3rd.
From Ally to Ali
Here's what we read on Mariah'sWeb.com:
"2002 looks like a good year for superstar Mariah Carey, as her breakdown, two hospitalizations, flop album, movie and single are all behind her now. This year we can expect a guest appearance on Ally McBeal, a knockout performance of the National Anthem at the Superbowl, Mariah's second feature film - "Wisegirls," co-starring Mira Sorvino, and later on in the year, a new album. But the latest appearance to be added to Mariah's busy schedule is one at Muhammad Ali's 60th Birthday Celebration. Carey will be performing none other than the festive standard "Happy Birthday" to the king himself.
The hour-long Muhammad Ali 60th Birthday Celebration airs January 16th on CBS at 9:00 PM."
Source: Mariah's Web and Mariah Land.
Posted on January the 3rd.
Top singles
A Belgian magazine which is the most famous in the french speaking part of Belgium, made Mariah number 9 with "Never Too Far" in their top singles.
Posted on January the 3rd.
No confirmation and no news from Virgin Belgium yet.  Wait and see.
Posted on January the 2nd.
Cindi Berger's first reaction
Here's what we read on abstracts:
"$50 million... That's the figure that the New York Post is reporting that lawyers of Mariah Carey and Virgin have hammered out to cut Mariah loose from her contract with the label. Mariah reportedly toasted the news while dining at the St. Regis hotel in Aspen. Mariah's rep didn't have much to add to the report as Cindi Berger said, "I don't know. I have not been able to reach Mariah's attorneys.""
Source: abstracts
Posted on January the 2nd.
Sorry, but I'm not able to access the internet since December the 28th, thanks to my internet access provider UPC Belgium (Chello), as they don't know when it will be fixed, I use a free internet access as an emergency solution.
Posted on January the 2nd.


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