June 2002 - Heroes of Mariah
Mariah to work with Mike City?
R&B producer Mike City is in talks with Mariah Carey about doing some tracks for her next album. City has recently worked with Solange Knowles, Dave Hollister and Terry Dexter.
Source: MTV.

Who is Mike City?

With an impressive list of clients that includes Babyface, Gerald Levert, Brandy and Dave Hollister, writer/producer Mike City was poised to make a major career move. City, who produced a pair of certified gold tracks for Dave Hollister ("One Woman Man and "Keep On Lovin' Me"), sealed the deal when he signed with a new record label, Soulife Entertainment.  With City's vision, the Charlotte, NC-based company, run by Grammy-winning producer Mark Sparks and his partner Chris Dawley, hopes to make a return to the roots of r&b and soul music carved out by artists like Al Green, Marvin Gaye, Gladys Knight and Joe Tex. Mike City will be wearing multiple hats at Soulife, working as a writer, producer, arranger and artist. In addition to the Hollister tracks, City's credits include production on "I Wish," a song he wrote for Badboy Records artist Carl Thomas. "I Wish," the platinum single that topped the charts in December of 2000, just a few months before the success of the Dave Hollister recordings, was an afterthought, according to City, who notes: "When I came up with the song, the album was over. They had to open it back up to put the song in." Based on the heat of his recent track record, producers - especially those at Soulife Entertainment - will most likely be holding slots for Mike City tracks open for quite some time.
Gary Eskow
Source: BMI.
Posted on June the 29th.

Credit of the picture: Hello magazine.
In an interview with ex-Atomic Kitten and wife of Bryan from Westlife, Kerry Katona...
What's the best present you've ever received from another celebrity?
Two big silver photo frames from Mariah Carey, for our wedding. Bryan did some recording with Mariah [Against All Odds, #1 in August 2000], that's how we know her. Anyway, one of the frames has mine and Bryan's names engraved on it and the other has the date we got married.
Credit: Enya @ RPG.
Source: Ashes from Rainbow Princess by e-mail.
Posted on June the 28th.
Gathering infos
Please, check this link to see the pictures and read the reviews of the gatherings around the world.  At this moment, you can read reviews from the French and Argentinian gatherings and see pictures of the last one.  Check this link regularly to see where and when there are gatherings and read reviews when they are over.
http://www.mariahconnection.com/rpn/ in the projects section.
Posted on June the 28th.
Ashanti hits the UK
Record label Def Jam will host a star studded party next week to celebrate the album and single release of R&B star Ashanti. The singer's debut single, Foolish, is out on 8 July with an album to follow. The album has already hit the No 1 spot in the US.
The party will be one of Def Jam's finest with record company Godfathers Lyor Cohen and Russell Simmons in attendance especially for the occasion.  The pair recently signed Mariah Carey to the Def Jam label and diva Carey is rumoured to be attending the party and performing. Ashanti will be performing on the night and guests will include high profile celebrities from the UK as well as big name US label mates. Ashanti has already featured in the UK Top 10 twice this year with her collaborations with Ja Rule (Always On Time) and Fat Joe (What's Luv). Ashanti and Ja Rule will be doing a signing at the Virgin Megastore, 14-16 Oxford Street, London on Wednesday 3 July. In related Ashanti news, the star has started an alternative career away from musc, as a poet. The singer is set to release a book of poetry and reflections entitled 'Foolish/Unfoolish: Reflections Of Love'. The book is expected to hit shops in November.
Source: worldpop. (All rights reserved)
Posted on June the 27th.
Don't forget to check the pages of the Belgian gathering.
In english, click here.  In het nederlands, click hier.  En français, cliquez ici.
Posted on June the 27th.
The French gathering was a success and the fans had a great day.
Source: based on a report Sylvain from Mariahfanclub.com sent us by e-mail.
Posted on June the 27th.
At the Start of the Sales Season, a Date Few Will Touch
By Steve Hochman
Mariah Carey released her "Glitter" album last year on Sept. 11. How much that day's terrorist attacks can be blamed for the album's ultimate poor showing is up for debate, but it's a good bet Carey won't be releasing a new album in the week of Sept. 11 this year. Nor will just about any major recording act. In deference to what is certain to be a national and international focus on commemorating the anniversary of the tragedies, the pop music world is largely steering clear of scheduling major-act releases not only for that week, but the weeks before and after as well.
If you want to read more, click here.
Source: Calendar Live.
Posted on June the 24th.

Petit résumé
On sait tous l'impact que les évenements du 11 septembre a eu sur les ventes de cds sortis à cette époque.  Il est donc confirmé que la majorité des artistes vont éviter cette date ainsi que les semaines précédant et suivant cette date.

Korte samenvatting
We weten de invloed die de gebeurtenissen van 11 september op de verkoop van de in die periode uitgekomen cd's gehad hebben.  Het is dus bevestigd dat de meerderheid van de artiesten deze datum alsook de voorgaande en opvolgende weken zullen vermijden.

Mariah at Serafina

Credit: celebrityvibe.com.
Found by: MariahsMateo.
Source: mariahdaily.com.
Posted on June the 22nd.
Mariah's Out Burning the 4 A.M. Oil
By Kasia Anderson, Sari Botton, Emily Gest and Lola Ogunnaike
Mariah Carey is in town tending to her ailing father and staying up almost all night again. The singer-actress, dressed in a white tank top, jeans and a glittery butterfly necklace, rolled into the weekly Candyland party at Serafina around 2:30 a.m. and sipped wine and water with friends. There she was introduced to R&B singer Tyrese. Carey and the 23-year-old crooner and model hit it off, chatting about future projects. At closing time, just after 4 a.m., they each whipped out their pagers and exchanged numbers. "Mariah visited her father in the hospital late Wednesday night before heading to the studio to work on her music," says her rep, Cindi Berger. "Then she swung by Serafina to pick up her cousin Sean, who's visiting from Harvard and is staying with her." Berger says Carey hit the party "for all of 20 minutes," but bystanders swear she stayed closer to two hours. After the 32-year-old Carey's breakdown last year, and her legendary trouble sleeping, let's hope she turns off her beloved pager long enough to get some rest.
Source: New York Daily News. (All rights reserved)
Posted on June the 22nd.
No panic!!!

I'm still in touch with the Belgian distributor of Wise Girls, they told me that they will certainly have a solution for Belgium.
As soon that I know more I'll let you know :-)
Posted on June the 21st.
DJ Quik On Working With Mariah Carey

DJ Quik is one of the producers who have worked on new material with Mariah Carey, who recently signed a recording contract with the Island Def Jam music group. Quik, the beatsmith behind Truth Hurts' R&B single "Addictive," said that he and Carey have worked on one uncompleted track. Quik recently explained the feel of the song. "It's kinda summery. It's like a real happy track, 808-driven, warm. It's like my old stuff, like stuff I used to do, like, 'Tonight' and 'Black,' like all my old records." After their initial meeting, Quik said Carey did not hesitate to work with him. "I met her through a friend of mine. My boy Benny introduced me to her. She said she likes my music," he said. "I told her I'd always been a fan of hers, 'Let's get in the studio and work.' And usually when you say that it's always just like Hollywood talk, 'Hey, hey, hey, let's do lunch. Ha. Bye. Bye. Bye.' But she was like serious. So we got in the studio and started working. That's what I like, that reality."
Billy Johnson Jr., Los Angeles
Source: Launch. (All rights reserved)
Posted on June the 21st.
Feeling feminine is at your fingertips
We are such a celebrity now that we've had our nails done by Deborah Lippman, the woman behind Sarah Jessica Parker's beguiling hands, and those of Mariah Carey, Martha Stewart, Gwyneth Paltrow and countless other gorgeous It Girls.
It's no easy feat doing nails for stars, who are constantly on camera and appearing in front of crowds. Carey, a real nail girl, would sometimes ask Lippman to change her nail colour four times in one night, to go with each wardrobe change. But Lippman loved the challenge. "I adore her. She's really fun. She likes her nails natural when she's not performing, but when she's on stage, she's not afraid of colour."
Credit: Thestar (All rights reserved)
Source: MariahBuzz.
Posted on June the 21st.
Review of Argentina Gathering 
Well the fan gathering took place in Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA on the 9th of June. It was a very nice meeting organized by two guys from this RPG/RPN?organisation, Tomas Balmaceda and Jonas and it took placed on a Pub that they had rented specially for the event. It was all set up with Mariah Stuff like Posters ( Rainbow, Glitter , etc ) and the main course of the night was the proyection of Glitter, because it was not realased in Argentina and I guess they are not planning to do
it !!!!!!. It was a really nice and emotional evening !!! Apart from the movie, which was amazing, we also watched a lot of Mariah Videos ( don´t stop, never too far, the roof, always be my baby remix, etc ) and Mariah Live performances ( hero/ Never too far, Luther and Mariah, Patti labelle and Mariah ) and also some LIVE oldies like Can´t let go, Emotions, Vanishing, Vision Of Love, and stuff like that. They also put all the material they had obtained from international trades
so it was really like, BEING IN HEAVEN, because some of us had never seen lots of her live perfonmances so it was a really big chance to catch up with it jejejej !!!! You know, buenos aires is a place where Mariah is not quite PROMOTED, and although she came in 1999 due to the promotion of Rainbow, the media never gave her the place she deserves it , but there are certain people that never forget about her and her talent, which is unique !!!!! Besides, it was a really nice chance to meet other Mariah Fans that feels the same like us about her, so It was incredible !!!! A friend and I are part of a Us Gospel cuartet here in Argentina and we are so crazy about mariah that we are planning to make some vocal arrangements to include stuff like ANYTIME YOU NEED A FRIEND OR VANISHING to our rapertoire jejejejeje crazy about Mariah.
Credit: Juan Pablo.
Source: Ashes from Rainbow Princess by e-mail.
Posted on June the 20th.
Please vote for Mariah at pop-music.com.
Source: eranmc from FOMM.
Posted on June the 20th.
Foxnews.com, the next Court TV?
Foxnews.com talks again of the Hero "case".  The case will be taken to court in the following days, it's the reason why we didn't posted the article.  We will tell you the verdict of the court when the trial will be over.
Posted on June the 18th.
Heroes comment: I didn't know that Foxnews.com's dream was to be like Court TV, talking about trials.  Personally I think that this article of Foxnews.com is against the deontological ethics.
Jacko attacks Sony bosses
Michael Jackson has attacked Sony Records bosses, blaming them for the poor performance of his last album, Invincible.
Speaking at a special event at London's Equinox on June 15th organised by fans of the star, Jacko raged: "Sony tried to destroy Invincible because they couldn't stand the idea that the artist had out-thought the company."  Uncharacteristically, Jackson also launched a personal attack against Sony Boss - and Mariah Carey's former husband - Tommy Mottola, describing him as "evil" and "the devil". He also went on to tell the 2,500 revellers how Mariah had spent many a night crying on his shoulder telling him how her former other-half had stalked her and tapped her phone lines following their highly publicised split.  Meanwhile, looking to the future, the eccentric singer, who on June 14th had serenaded MP Paul Boateng with a rendition of Happy Birthday at the House Of Commons, said that he was only contracted to deliver one more album to Sony. Jackson revealed that it would be boxed-set, featuring just two new songs.  Earlier in the day, Jacko joined a throng of fans outside Sony's offices on London's Great Marlborough Street who were protesting about the way Invincible was promoted. As the crowd chanted "Sony Sucks!", Jackson - aboard a London sightseeing bus - gave them a supportive thumbs-up!  Released last September, the album debuted at No. 1 in the UK before nose-diving down the charts within weeks. A single from the album, You Rock My World, failed to oust Kylie's ...Out Of My Head from the top spot, while a cringeworthy follow-up, Cry, flopped big-time, failing to break the Top 20.
Source: Yahoo Music. (All rights reserved)
Posted on June the 18th.
No interesting news, except here and there trash.  So tonight, guess what?  Yeah you're right, we gonna eat pasta.
Posted on June the 17th.
Mariah has been nominated to be the covergirl for glamour mag
Please vote for Mariah here.
Source: Pandemonium from FOMM.
Posted on June the 16th.
Jimmy Jam On Working With Mariah Carey On New Album
Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis are among the producers working with Mariah Carey on her Island Def Jam debut that has not yet been scheduled for release. The duo, which has produced for Janet Jackson, Mary J. Blige, and Boyz II Men, among numerous others recently explained the types of songs they are collaborating on with Carey: Jam said the songs they have recorded with Carey so far, are primarily slow-tempo: "The things we're doing with here are very much classic, singer-songwriter type songs, ballads, that really explore the range and the incredible voice that she has. Just letting her be an artist," he noted. "You know, we're co-writing all of the songs with her, co-producing with her, and we've done, I think four or five songs thus far, and we're really happy with all of them. Not sure whether all of them will get used or not, but we're really happy with what we've done thus far. She's very re-energized, very excited, and thus far been a fun project to work on." Jam didn't know, however, whether Carey would address her nervous breakdown last year that resulted in her being hospitalized: "I'm not sure. We haven't dealt with it yet," he said. "But that doesn't mean that we won't maybe deal with it or maybe she'll address it. Although, it wouldn't be the crux of the album. It would maybe be one song on an album that addresses it. But it wouldn't be like, become a theme for an album." In addition to Jam and Lewis, Carey is reportedly working DJ Quik, and the Murder Inc. production camp, whose credits include Ja Rule, Ashanti, and J. Lo.
-- Billy Johnson Jr., Los Angeles
Source: Launch. (All rights reserved)
Posted on June the 16th.
"Please support the Fresh Air Fund by making a donation through the Mariahfanclub.com's 'Care Enough' operation. The Fresh Air is celebrating its 125th birthday. Help us celebrate a tradition of sending inner city New York City children on free summer vacations with host families form southern Canada to Virginia or to one of five Fresh Air Fund camps in Fishkill, NY.
Thank you for your support!"
Jenny Morgenthau
Executive Director
Source: Ashes from Rainbow Princess by e-mail.
Posted on June the 16th.
What More Can I Give?
I discoverd that the url whatmorecanigive.com is registered to Michael Jackson's company, Neverland Valley Entertainment. The angle to this, I found, was that this URL was registered and created on August 29th, 2001... 14 days (exactly) before the September 11th attacks. 
Allthough the website has still not be created, the registery remains. The media has said that Michael created and wrote the song in light of the attacks, to raise money. If that is so, then how was the URL registered before hand? Was he planning this song anyway? Was it allready written? In any case, the point remains to be seen as whether or not Michael's battle with Sony will bring about the release of this single, and the video, which features Mariah. 
Source: Stephy from Mariah's Web.
Posted on June the 15th.
Chris Isaak wants Mariah on his show
During an interview in the July 2002 issue of Playboy, the star of the Showtime series 'The Chris Isaak Show' explained his broken heart, his broken nose, and why he likes older women. Further through the interview Isaak was asked which star he would like to have appear on his show. His first choice? Troubled songstress Mariah Carey. ?"It seems like the press is having a field day saying she's having a hard time. But she wrote all those songs and she produced them. She isn't a piece of fluff. It would be funny for her to come on the show and make fun of the fact that somebody was knuckleheaded enough to pay her millions to be let go. She's going to turn around and have another huge hit. I think she'd be fun."
Source: Mariah Constellation and Ashes from Rainbow Princess by e-mail.
Posted on June the 15th.
Heroes comment: I tried to have infos and to visit the official site of this show, but unfortunately, this site didn't allowed me to see the pages as I don't live in the US.  So, it's strange that when Chris Isaak makes a concert in Belgium we are allowed to go.
Home to daddy

Mariah Carey had to stop working on her new album last week when she found out her father was sick. "Mariah was recording in Capri, and had to come back to New York suddenly because her father is seriously ill," Carey's rep, Cindi Berger, confirmed. "She has visited him daily and is planning a special surprise for him to lift his spirits up on Father's Day." Berger didn't elaborate on the illness or the surprise.
Credit: PageSix.com. 
Source: Kaiyan from FOMM.
Posted on June the 14th.
Mariah looking at the first edition of the unofficial cd "Out in Japan".
Thanks to Stefanie for this pic.
Posted on June the 13th.

Fan gathering - on July the 13th.  En français cliquez ici.  In het nederlands click hier.

Here we go!!!
Mariah, we love you and today more than ever, we want to show it to the entire world.  Your Belgian fans are proud to support you and it's with a great tenderness that we dedicate this day to you.
- 11h00am on the Grand'Place of Brussels.
- Animations.
- Promotions.
- Participation of people and tourists.
For the ones who already confirmed their presence:
- We were able to have a room with a splendid view on the Grand'Place.  (Many thanks to the Jacqmotte Coffee House Grand'Place).
- We give you the sandwiches.  (Thanks mum and dad ).
- We will listen rare remixes and one unreleased.  (never released on cd or vinyl).
- Non-stop music videos on TV.
- Karaoke.
- A big project will be announced.
All is free.  You must only bring your good mood and your tenderness for Mariah.
The gathering will be filmed and sent to Mariah.
Posted on June the 12th.
Fan gatherings
On June the 22nd:
France (Paris) Contact: contact@mariahfanclub.com
Portugal (Liboa) Contact: moosun_1@hotmail.com
On July the 13th:
Germany (Berlin) Contact: honey_kate@gmx.net
Belgium (Brussels) Contact: staff@heroesofmariah.com
On July the 20th:
England (London) Contact: mintu_uk2002@yahoo.co.uk
Brazil (Rio de Janeiro) Contact: tahiana_leal@yahoo.com.br
Australia (Sydney) Contact: webmaster@mariahdownunder.com
Hungary (Budapest) Contact: zkunsagi@yahoo.com
South Korea (Seoul) Contact: chacha100@hanmail.net
USA (Miami-FL) Contact: og0122@earthlink.net.
USA (New York-NY) Contact: amandahanzlik@excite.com.
Special day:
USA (Camp Mariah) on July the 20th.
Posted on June the 12th.
Please check this link: http://www.mariahconnection.com/rpn.
Source: Ashes from Rainbow Princess by e-mail.
Posted on June the 12th.
Mariah Carey's Official Site Voted Best
KTLA has a video clip on how Mariah Carey got the top spot for 'Best Celebrity Websites', citing her voice messages and revealing photos. Watch the clip here.
Source: Popdirt.com and FeedRoom.com.
Posted on June the 12th.
And another one
There will be a fan gathering in the US in Miami on July the 20th, for more details contact Olivia at: og0122@earthlink.net.
Source: og0122 from Mariah's official board.
Posted on June the 11th.
Spotlight shines on two men behind the hits 
Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, Mariah Carey, TLC: These are just a few of the acts that the blue-chip production team of Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis is scheduled to work with this year. The duo will be honored at the 2002 Essence Awards, airing tonight. 
Mariah Carey: "We were working about two-and-a-half weeks ago, and we came up with a song that everybody was feeling. And normally she would wait around for us to cut it, and she would do a demo vocal. But this time, she said, 'Do you want me to stay?'  "And we said, 'No, we can do it tomorrow.' And she said, 'Good, then I'm going to go home to go to bed.' And I thought, 'Great!' That's something I've never heard her say before!"
Credit: Craig Seymour for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.
Source: twistedjigga00 from FOMM.
Posted on June the 11th.
Heroes comment: Good girl Mariah, you didn't forget you need to relax 
Fan gathering in Brussels on July the 13th.
The details will be posted in a few days, and I think it will be awesome.  Contact: staff@heroesofmariah.com
Posted on June the 10th.

Fan dag in Brussel op 13 juli.
Je zal alles weten in enkele dagen, en ik denk dat het iets groots zal zijn.  Contact: staff@heroesofmariah.com

Rencontre de fans à Bruxelles le 13 juillet.
Vous connaîtrez les détails dans quelques jours, je crois que ce sera grandiose.  Contact: staff@heroesofmariah.com

"Loverboy" up for Billboard RnB/Hip-Hop Award
"Loverboy" has been nominated for Top R&B/hip-hop single (sales) at this year's Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Awards. The awards, which take places August 9 in Miami Beach, are based on recordings' and artists' performances on Billboard's R&B/Hip-Hop and Rap charts over the year beginning with the June 2, 2001, issue and ending with the May 25, 2002, issue. All the nominees in the category are: 
"Loverboy," Mariah Carey feat. Da Brat & Ludacris (Virgin) 
"Bootylicious," Destiny's Child (Columbia) 
"My Baby," Lil' Romeo (Soulja/Priority) 
"U Remind Me," Usher (Arista) 
Source: MariahCarey.dk.
Posted on June the 8th.
Carey's Make-A-Wish dedication stronger than ever

Amid the glitz of Mariah Carey's forbid glare lies a golden heart. Carey is one of the few celebrities who assess children's heartfelt dreams and turn them into reality as she begins an unprecedented partnership with the Make-A-Wish Foundation of America.  Ms. Carey has announced a contribution of $100,000 to the charity, to grant wishes related to the performing arts nationwide for children with life-threatening illnesses. Such arrangements, where a benefactor designates significant funds to underwrite a specified type of wish experience, are typically made by the charity with corporations. Ms. Carey's commitment represents the first of its kind from an individual celebrity in the Make-A-Wish Foundation of America's history.  "We are delighted that Mariah Carey has chosen our children to benefit from her outstanding generosity," said Paula Van Ness, Make-A-Wish Foundation of America president and chief operating officer. "She knows that many of our children wish to either meet a famous performer or enjoy a special experience through the performing arts, and understands the hope, strength, and joy her commitment will provide. We are truly grateful."  Beyond her financial support, Ms. Carey has also committed to speak publicly on the Foundation's behalf through the media, and to act as a liaison with the celebrity community to support the wish-granting process. All the while, she continues to fulfill the many wish requests the Make-A-Wish Foundation receives from children who especially want to meet her.  Such wishes have become reality several times in the past. On September 20, 2001, Erika Swiggum, 18, of El Segundo, California, and Vanessa Primrose, 11, of Sacramento, California, realized their dream of meeting the pop music superstar in a very special way. As part of their experience, Erika and Vanessa joined Ms. Carey as they walked the red carpet together to the screening of Carey's movie "Glitter" at the Mann's Village Theatre in Westwood.  In January 2000, Carey gave up her seat at the American Music Awards so two Dream Come True children could watch her perform and accept her award. Later, Ms. Carey took them along with her to a Rolling Stone magazine photoshoot where they were able to get more aquatinted.  The following month on February 26, 2000, Ms. Carey met with wish child Anna Chan, 15, who has fought Hodgkins Lymphoma, backstage at her concert at Wembley Arena. A chauffeur driven limousine whisked Anna off for an early dinner in the West End before the concert. Having watched the show in the company of all the other VIPs - Naomi Campbell and Claudia Schiffer, Denise van Outen and Martine McCutcheon to name just a few. Anna was then escorted backstage for a special meeting with her heroine, an experience which, she told us she will never, ever forget.  Another one of Carey's dream-come-true presentations occurred in November 1997 when she met up with Janel Spiegel of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Spiegel had been suffering with Vascular Neurosis for nearly a decade when she saw Carey perform several songs on the NBC-TV show "Saturday Night Live." After the performance, Spiegel was taken backstage where she met the performer and chatted for over an hour. This makes just one of many times Ms. Carey has lent her hand in helping children and those less fortunate worldwide.  The Make-A-Wish Foundation grants the wishes of children with life-threatening illnesses to enrich the human experience with hope, strength, and joy. It is the largest wish-granting charity in the world, with 81 chapters in the United States and its territories and 22 international affiliates spanning five continents. This year marks the 21st year of the Make-A-Wish Foundation, which has granted more than 83,000 wishes to children around the world since 1980. 
Credit: Make-A-Wish.
Source: Will from Mariah Land by e-mail.
Posted on June the 8th.
And one more!
There's now a fan gathering in Lisbon, Portugal on June the 22nd, for more details you can contact Oscar at: moonsun_1@hotmail.com
Posted on June the 7th.
Fan gatherings
On June the 22nd:
France (Paris) Contact: contact@mariahfanclub.com
In July:
Belgium (Brussels)(date to be announced) Contact: staff@heroesofmariah.com
On July the 13th:
Germany (Berlin) Contact: honey_kate@gmx.net
On July the 20th:
UK (London) Contact: mintu_uk2002@yahoo.co.uk
Brazil (location to be announced soon) Contact: tahiana_leal@yahoo.com.br
Australia (Sydney) Contact: webmaster@mariahdownunder.com
Hungary (Budapest) Contact: zkunsagi@yahoo.com
On July the 20th or 21st:
South Korea (location to be announced) Contact: chacha100@hanmail.net
Posted on June the 5th.
David Morales about Mariah
In an interview with Speed Garage the DJ David Morales, who already did lots of remixes for Mariah, talked about working with Miss M. Here's the part of the interview:
Speed Garage: How did you begin collaborating with Mariah Carey?
David Morales: I was asked to do a remix of her 'Dreamlover' record and I didnít like the original. There was no way I was going to remix it, it was too fluffy, too poodle. I said, there is no way I can do this, can she re-sing it? They told me yeah. It was the first time a remix became a re-vocal. Thatís when the remixing game changed was with an artist really getting involved. Because she writes her tunes, she was able to re-work it and re sing it the way that she wanted it to. Some artists because they did not write it, they may not be able to re-sing it another way so it sounds strange. With Mariah, she hit it. She was great working with. She knows what she is doing. We developed a great relationship.
Credit: Speed Garage. (All rights reserved)
Source: Mariah Land.
Posted on June the 5th.
The quirky demands of the superstars
Celebrities know how to get exactly what they want. Here's a look at some of the specific demands Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, Busta Rhymes and other musical prima donnas have written into their contract riders before they'll agree to appear in concert, thanks to Entertainment Weekly.
Mariah Carey -- She just signed a new $20 million deal with Def Jam records, but on the road, Carey's needs are not quite so upscale. She asks for a tea service for eight, champagne flutes and wine glasses -- and bendy straws to sip from.
Jennifer Lopez -- J.Lo is a bit more needy. Her standards include a trailer at least 40 feet long, furnished all in white (flowers, tablecloths, drapes, candles and couches), a VCR and CD player, and an "assortment of current R&B, hip-hop and salsa" CDs, for which she offers 43 selected titles.
Britney Spears -- Britney demands a private phone line in her dressing room -- but she'll fine the promoter $5,000 if the number gets published and anyone calls her. She also must have General Foods International Coffee, Cap'n Crunch, Froot Loops and Pop Tarts. (Hey, you are what you eat.)
Busta Rhymes -- Busta knows how to unwind after a show. The rapper's rider requests a 24-piece bucket of KFC, six bottles of Moet champagne and one full box of ribbed condoms.
Christina Aguilera -- Aguilera asks for both health food (organic fruits and veggies, soy milk and soy cheese, Flintstones chewable vitamins) and sugary drinks (Nesquik and Coca-Cola -- "NOT Pepsi, no diet").
Janet Jackson -- Miss Jackson requests $75 worth of white flowers (tulips, roses, gardenias and lilies) and fresh ice for drinks, specifying "NO FISH ICE." She explains, "If it had never happened, I wouldn't have to write this."
Source: The Spokesman-Review.com.
Posted on June the 5th.
Heroes comment: I posted the entire article so that you can see that the people who says that Mariah is a capricious star, don't know what they are talking about.
Fan gathering in Brussels in July
Ok, we will try to "make it happen", the date will be announced soon.  Contact: staff@heroesofmariah.com
Posted on June the 4th.

Rencontre de fans à Bruxelles en juillet
Bon, on va essayer, ok?  La date sera annoncée bientôt.  Contact: staff@heroesofmariah.com

Fan dag in Brussel in juli
Allé, we zullen het proberen, ok?  De datum zal binnenkort aangekondigd worden.  Contact: staff@heroesofmariah.com

The "luna caprese" will give a really great cd

Picture 1: A rainbow in Capri's sky.  Picture 2: The "piazzetta" of Capri.
Thanks to Fabio who sent me these pictures.
Posted on June the 3rd.
The Capri Studio
Steph, from MariahsWeb.com, told me that if you want to check out the studio Mariah is currently working in, just click here
Source: mariahdaily.com
Posted on June the 3rd.
Buenos Aires Awaits "Glitter" Premiere
"Glitter" wasn't released in theatres in Argentina. All Mariah fans from here were disappointed, so the idea to have our very own private "Glitter" premiere was born. A pub has been especially chosen for the occasion. We want everybody to find out about "Glitter", so we have filled Buenos Aires with flyers and posters of the event. It will be a glittering night for Argentina, and we would love to have international lamb guests from around the globe. Needless to say, your housing is covered! The premiere will take place on Sunday, June 9th. For additional information, please visit us at http://glitterbuenosaires.8k.com
Best regards,
Johann Freytag & Tomas Balmaceda
Source: Ashes from Rainbow Princess.
Posted on June the 2nd.
Message from Honey and Kate
Hey lambz!
We just wanted to let ya know that the news section on Mariah's official site www.mariahcarey.com has been updated with some news and pictures!  Also we updated the sound o' the month on our site www.butterfliesarefree.de and you can now download mariah singing vision of love @ arsenio hall in 1990, visitors can also leave their vote for the next sound o' the month on our site! so that's it! have a nice day and keep up the great work! baah-bye & (M)C ya!
- honey & kate
Source: Honey and Kate from Butterflies Are Free by e-mail.
Posted on June the 2nd.
Mariah Land is back
You can go check here: http://www.mariahland.com/
Source: Will from Mariah Land by e-mail.
Posted on June the 1st.
Fan gatherings
On June the 22nd:
France (Paris) Contact: contact@mariahfanclub.com
On July the 12 or 13:
Germany (location to be announced) Contact: honey_kate@gmx.net
On July the 20th:
UK (London) Contact: mintu_uk2002@yahoo.co.uk
Brazil (location to be announced soon) Contact: tahiana_leal@yahoo.com.br
Australia (Sydney) Contact: webmaster@mariahdownunder.com
On July the 20th or 21st:
South Korea (location to be announced) Contact: chacha100@hanmail.net
Source: Ashes from Rainbow Princess and Mariahfanclub by e-mail.
Posted on June the 1st.


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