March 2002 - Heroes of Mariah
Happy Easter lambs.
Posted on March the 31st. (Day +4)
Mariah in St Barthelemy.

Credit: The Sun.
Source: MariahBuzz.
Posted on March the 29th. (Day +2)
Mariah pics from Bild (German newspaper)

Source: Butterflies Are Free by e-mail.
Posted on March the 28th. (Day +1)

Anastacia On Mariah
Evasen sent me a piece from an interview Anastacia did with People magazine recently where she mentions Mariah...
Do you sometimes feel a little annoyed that people treat you like a goddess?
No, not at all, I think that there are certainly advantages that come with fame. I'm still shocked when people assume that I want them to bow down to me and treat me like royalty. I can still open my own door and pour my own drink. I'm not a diva, that's just not me.
So we should never compare you to Mariah Carey?
No, Mariah Carey is definetly what I would consider somebody who deserves to get a tremendous amount of respect. She has been in this business for a very long time. She has been an incredible writer, an incredible singer and a beautiful lady and whatever these artists go through in their lives is sometimes sad. Mariah has gone through hard times and was at the mercy of the press. I commend her for holding her head up through it all. You know, the public really doesn't make it easy for people like us to go through a difficult thing..
Source: MariahDaily.
Posted on March the 28th. (Day +1)
Cool Sweat Top 100
the best hiphop, soul & r&B video's ever.  Paasmaandag 1 april van 11u tot 19u!!  de 100 hottest, sweatiest, most sexy, groovy en funky clips ooit gemaakt…en JIJ stelt ze samen!  Stuur nu je favoriete top 3 naar en maak kans op een collectie van 25 R&B cd's, geschonken door Free Record Shop.
Source: Björn.
Posted on March the 28th. (Day +1)
Happy Birthday Mariah
Click here to see and hear our gift.
Posted on March the 27th. (D Day)
Don't forget to go see our Birthday gift to Mariah.  Click here.
Posted on March the 26th. (Day -1)
I'm feeling blue for you guys
Here's an extract of an interview that we read:
"D: We're going to play a diva's song next. I watched the film 'Glitter' last night and I thought it was absolutely appalling. Bless Mariah Carey! I'm sorry, but if you're listening, you can't act darling! I'm not being nasty but it wasn't the greatest I've seen! But you do have a great voice.
A: I liked the ending. Best part of the film wasn't it!
D: Anyway, I'm going to choose a song from Mariah because I think she's absolutely wicked and I think she should stick to singing. One of my favourites is called 'Hero'.
L: 'Hero' is one of my most favourite songs that she's ever done. I love the emotion in her voice when she's singing it. I don't know if she had a sore throat or anything that day, but it's great! She either had a sore throat or she was actually crying in that booth!
S: I think she does too much twiddling in her songs these days, too many scales."
Source: Abstracts.
Comments: Hey guys, I know that everyone has his own tastes and thank to A, he liked the end of Glitter.  Thank to you all you like Hero.  But, you are brand new in the music world and there's maybe a thing you need to learn, it's to not give a false image of yourselves.  I'm not an artist, but I can tell you that you have maybe a promising career as actors, 'cause when I met you by accident in the V offices, you are really not what you show to the fans and the public.  No charm, no smile.  So, my conclusion is that you are really good actors.  I thought that blue was a beautifull color, but this color is only beautifull on paper, 'cause in real it's absolutely not the same color.
Posted on March the 26th. (Day -1)
Our gift will be on-line until Thursday March the 28th. Heroes of Mariah birthday gift to Mariah
Click here to see and hear our gift.
Posted on March the 25th. (Day -2)
Credit: Gromyko Wilson Mariah in St Maarten
Here's what we read on Yahoo news:
"Mariah Carey is photographed with her dog at the Lobby of Port de Plaisance Hotel on St Maarten on March 23, 2002. Carey arrived on the Dutch West Indian island of St.Maarten by private jet."
Source: Yahoo news.
Posted on March the 25th. (Day -2)
Sad news
Stephy from Mariah' must temporary close her site due to personal problems.  We wish a very good health to her little boy, to her and to the baby who will be there in November.
Posted on March the 25th. (Day -2)
Everything goes wrong for one of the
Music giants, and they are so "kind" to let the press know who
Is the reason of their financial problems.
Comments: They only forgot to tell that these problems were there before the contract signed with the person that we care about.
Posted on March the 23rd. (Day -4)
Who is insane?
We read on a showbizz site (that we don't want to name) that Mariah is insane because she talks to her dog.
Comments: Who is insane, the one who talk to his dog or the one who think it's insanity?
Posted on March the 21st. (Day -6)
New contest: special great prize!!!
Posted on March the 19th. (Day -8)
Here's what we received from Shino, if you want to read more, go on her site:
"Pearls of wisdom on beauty shots 
"You can get everything else in a music video right but if the beauty shot of the singer isn't perfect, chances are it is not going to work," says Daniel Pearl. He has compiled some 500 music video credits and earned countless awards along the way. "The beauty shot is a close-up where the diva connects and reaffirms her relationship with the audience." Following are excerpts of a conversation about beauty shots:
You have filmed a lot of beautiful women?
Pearl: I've been fortunate to photograph many beautiful divas including Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Toni Braxton, Shania Twain, Janet Jackson and others. They are all beautiful to start with, but it's still a precise science. I model and sculpt everything else with light, but that doesn't apply to beauty shots. Film is a two-dimensional medium and a shadow implies depth. There are only a few shadows tolerated in beauty shots and they've got to be in the right places.
Are there basic rules for great beauty shots?
Pearl: It's important for your subject to know you really care about them and you can't fake that. The great divas all have an inner beauty. We have to earn their trust so they show us their inner beauty. They have to feel comfortable and relaxed and know that you are going to make them look great.
Are there new tools that you find useful?
Pearl: There are new, bigger lights and faster films with finer grain structures, but it also comes down to the individual. I designed a special lightbox to shoot Mariah Carey for MTV Unplugged and often came up with a different lighting rig.

Denis Reggie
He has photographed the wedding of Mariah Carey.
Credit: Kodak."
Source: Love Love Jack.
Posted on March the 19th. (Day -8)
A lot of artists against drunk driving
On March the 24th in Los Angeles, a lot of artists will be at the EBELL, to attend this gala.  There are 2000 invited guests, with celebrities such as: Aerosmith, Michael Jackson, Mick Jagger, The Beach Boys, Shaquille O’Neal, Barry Bonds, Russell Crowe, Sandra Bullock, Meg Ryan, Mira and Paul Sorvino, Minnie Driver, Nastassia Kinski, Audrey Tautou, Mathieu Kassovitz, Jason Biggs, Ray Liotta, Mariah Carey, Jon Bon Jovi, Jackie Chan, Jenna Elfman, Melissa Gilbert, Kiefer Sutherland, Leanne Rimes, Barbara Hershey, Lauren Holly, Jenny McCarthy, Julianne Moore, Chris O’Donnell, Sean Penn, Patrick Swayze, Reese Witherspoon, David Schwimmer, Kyra Sedgwick, Anne Hathaway, Salma Hayek, Kelly Rutherford, Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Wolfgang Petersen, Roland Emmerich, Wim Wenders, and many more... Several famous celebrities have already confirmed that they are attending, including: Charlize Theron, Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson, Martin & Janet Sheen, Courtney Love, Portia de Rossi, Dana Delany, Cybill Shepherd, Christine Lahti & Tommy Schlamme, Maria Bello, and Bonnie Hunt. 
Comments: We received the following e-mail: "Her agent rsvp'd , but that 's no guarantee she'll be there."
Many thanks to J. Cheriff, Director of New Business Development of DigitalProduce for his kind reply.
Posted on March the 18th. (Day -9)
Mariah's official site is updated
A new look, cool music and WAOW beautiful Mariah pictures.
Posted on March on the 16th. (Day -11)
No interesting news, except here and there trash.  So tonight, guess what?  Yeah you're right, we gonna eat one of Mariah's favourite dishes: Pasta!!!
Posted on March the 15th. (Day -12)
Take a look at me noooowwww...  Hum no, I meant take a look at the spy headquarters :-)
Posted on March the 15th. (Day -12)
Last Night a DJ Saved My Life news
Here's what we received from Ashes:
"Well an interesting tidbit I found out yesterday from my friends in Virgin...i am not sure if you know this...
They confirmed that the video for Last Night A DJ saved my life was recorded but never released...but the interesting thing is that Virgin do not own the rights to this vid but mariah herself...If MC wishes she could release it for viewing
My insider also said that they thought production on Glitter stopped the minute mariah left the label...that was not what we were told was it?"
Source: Ashes from Rainbow Princess.
Posted on March the 14th. (Day -13)
We in Belgium, as well as the Netherlands and Luxemburg have the chance to have a distributor for Wise Girls.  In goal to help other countries to have a distributor too, please sign this petition , even if your country has already a distributor.  Here's the link:
Posted on March the 13th. (Day -14)
Take a look
We at, the French fan-club, are raising some money for the Camp Mariah throughout what we called the Care Enough Operation. After the LoverBoy vinyls, we are proposing 'Last Night a DJ saved my life' promotional vinyls, very rare and exclusive because Last Night has never been released by Virgin because Mariah has left them too early ! You can find more details there :
Posted on March the 13th. (Day -14)
Carey Forming Her Own Record Label
by Marilyn Beck and Stacy Jenel Smith
It's confirmed: Mariah Carey is forming her own record company. This is the word we get from her attorney, Don Passman, who informs us that the new entity will not only feature Mariah's talents, but other artists', too. According to Passman, they still do not have a launch date or a title for the label. In January, after her initial album for EMI proved to be her first flop since she burst upon the scene in 1990, the firm paid the songstress $28 million to avoid fulfilling the $80 million, four record contract she signed last April. She has been expected to link up with hip-hop label Def Jam or one of many other labels rumored to be courting her -- and this news of her forming a label will come as a major surprise to many. Some are bound to question the wisdom of the 31-year-old singer taking on the stress of her own company such a short time after suffering an emotional and physical breakdown -- with many citing Mariah's workaholic ways as a probable contributing factor. She was hospitalized twice just prior to the release of "Glitter" Sept. 21. She has seemed to be bounding back. She took part in the "America: A Tribute to Heroes" telethon in September, entertained our troops overseas and made an appearance at the Sundance Film Festival in January. But taking on the load of a record company? Is it wise? We'll see.
Credit: Marilyn Beck and Stacy Jenel Smith for TeenHollywood.
Posted on March the 12th at 8h30am CET (Day -15)
Mariah Carey continues to grow as a musical artist
By Mary Ann A. Bautista, Inquirer News Service
HER voice soars no matter what song she sings. Mariah Carey stamps each song with pain, joy, passion, sincerity and honesty. She practically bares her soul. So when she came out with a compilation album, she had a tough time selecting her songs. She has compiled an extraordinary amount of hits yet she humbly admits that she still has a lot to learn. “I feel like I’m still growing as an artist. I feel that I wrote some of my best songs even before I had a record deal. I have a song, ‘Reflections on Glitter’ which I feel is in the caliber of my best songs. “Because of my songs, I understand myself better as an artist and as a person. I was so young when I started making music. I was just a kid with a demo tape, then the first albums came one after another. I didn’t take a break. “But I like being a workaholic. Though now I can sometimes sit back and appreciate and enjoy the process of making the music. Performing out there can be fun, instead of being on a treadmill that doesn’t stop,” Mariah sighs. 
Is your album reflective of who you are as a person? 
Yes, it’s a portrait of how I’ve grown as an artist. Some of the big hits were not my favorites, but I’ll always love my song “One Sweet Day” because fans are always requesting it. There’s also “Hero.” I think the most important thing is that the fans get something that they like and that they want to listen to. Some fans say, they’ve never heard the song, “So Blessed” before, or that they want to check out “Daydream.” It’s an emotional journey to have this album. It started with a song that was written in a studio at the back of a woodshed. Thank God, I’m still having fun with my music. Music is what gets me through everything in life. For a songwriter, some songs trigger special memories. Can you share some of your good memories. I remember that I wanted to come together with BoyzIIMen to do “One Sweet Day.” We clicked and we had a similar idea about the melody. I remember writing “Love Takes Time” because we needed a pop song for the album. When I listen to it now I understand why people like it, because it is so simple yet it is also emotional. It’s hard for me to talk about different tracks because they all evoke a different memory. 
Can you pick a favorite song? 
“Fantasy” is a definite favorite among the up-tempo records. But there are favorites that I haven’t heard for a long time, songs like “Can’t Let Go” and “Any Time You Need A Friend.” I don’t listen to my own music everyday, especially the older stuff, so it’s nice to do back and hear those songs. It’s hard to pick a favorite because I’m also a songwriter. 
Are you more comfortable with ballads or upbeat tunes? 
I like both. People ask me to sing upbeat tunes. People love the regular version as well as the techno-house version of “Dream Lover.” I also like singing ballads because they’re so emotional. 
You have a knack for turning your ballads into club anthems. What’s your secret? 
I just watch and listen to my audience. I can redo ballads and turn them into dance records because I collaborate with David Morales. I give him free rein with the track and I re-arrange the vocals and re-write the song. I don’t know, we just get inspired just sitting there, listening to the beat, and singing whatever comes to mind. She also doesn’t mind collaborating with other artists. She did “I’ll Be There” with Trey Lorenz; “Endless Love” with Luther; “One Sweet Day” with BoyzIIMen; “When You Believe” with Whitney Houston and “Thank God I Found You” with Joe and 98 Degrees. 
What is it about your music that your fans connect with? 
Each song should lift you out of a bad mood. It should touch you emotionally. A song can do that.
Credit: Mary Ann A. Bautista for
Source: GlitterGlamour from FOMM.
Posted on March the 11th. (Day -16)
Mariah close to a deal
Mariah is in advanced negotiations with other labels about a deal and could make a decision as early as next week.
Universal Music Group's Island Def Jam made a proposal.  Mariah's representatives have responded with a conterproposal.  The Warner Music Group has also made an offer and is expecting a response friday.
Source: New York Times.
Comments: We didn't post the article due to copyrights.
Posted on March the 8th. (Day -19)
Columbia Records has re-released Mariah's top three best selling singles as a part of their special "Platinum Hits" Singles Collection. The scans courtesy of Mariah Land are below.

Source and credit: Mariah Land.
Posted on March the 7th. (Day -20)
Mariah Faked Herself For A Movie
During the filming of Mariah Carey's flop movie, "Glitter", the diva tried hard to ensure that her songs were not leaked out prematurely. The filming concluded almost a year before the movie was released to theaters - so this aspect, as you can see, was very important to control. Carey asked her somewhat-sound-alike and background singer Mary Ann Tatum, who portrays the voice of young Mariah in "Glitter", to record renditions of the songs scheduled to be in the film. Those versions were used during filming and the real songs were later laid into the actual movie.  Mariah said she could finally rest easy after months of trying to throw potential song scammers off her trail. To ensure this, she even went as far as having Tatum record a song titled "Every Time" and had it leaked out onto the Internet - on purpose. "The whole thing was me saying, 'OK, how can this not get ripped off?' Let me come up with a fake title and not put my voice on this yet," she said.  Though her plan worked for the most part, several of Carey's ideas for samples supposedly hit the streets before the "Glitter" soundtrack was available on store shelves. "That's the result of the thievery. But it's OK," she said. 
Credit: found without copyrights.
Posted on March the 6th. (Day -21)
Wise Girls European promo pages launching day
Heroes of Mariah was chosen by Mariah's management to promote Wise Girls in Belgium (Dutch speaking part) and the Netherlands.  But of course, we make the promotion for Belgium (French speaking part and Dutch speaking part) :-)  Click on the Wise Girls banner to access our promo page.  The links for the other languages are at the bottom of our special page.
Posted on March the 5th (Day -22)

Jour de lancement des pages promo Européennes pour Wise Girls
Heroes of Mariah a été choisi par le management de Mariah pour faire la promotion de Wise Girls en Belgique (néérlandophone) et aux Pays-Bas.  Pour les fans Belges francophones, toutes les traductions françaises ont été assurées par le Fan-Club Français dont vous trouverez le lien au bas de notre page promo, vous y trouverez aussi les liens pour les pages en allemand, espagnol et anglais.  Rassurez-vous, nous assurons évidemment la promotion Belge (francophone et néérlandophone) :-)  Cliquez sur le banner Wise Girls pour accéder à notre page.

Wise Girls Europese promo lanceringsdag
Heroes of Mariah werd door Mariah's management uitgekozen om de promotie van Wise Girls in Belgïe (Nederlandstalig) en in Nederland te verzorgen.  Maar natuurlijk, zullen we de promotie voor Belgïe (Nederlandstalig en Franstalig) doen :-)  Klik op de Wise Girls banner om onze pagina te openen.  De links voor de andere talen zijn onderaan onze pagina.

After receiving the confirmation on February the 13th that Wise Girls will be distributed in Belgium, we now received the confirmation that the movie will be distributed too in the Netherlands and Luxemburg.
Posted on March the 5th. (Day -22)
Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow (part 2)
In goal to support Mariah's movie "Wise Girls" in Europe, an European project will be launch tomorrow.  This project is realized by the following European Mariah sites: Rainbow Princess, Mariah Carey UK, MariahMania, Butterflies Are Free, and us, Heroes of Mariah. There will be a special page which will guide you to the Wise Girls promo pages in 5 different languages.  These sites will feature all you need to know about Wise Girls.  We received the task of the dutch page, but it will be updated in french too for the french speaking part of Belgium, aside of the project.
Posted on March the 4th. (Day -23)
Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow.
Don't miss the special Wise Girls European promo page.
Posted on March the 4th. (Day -23)

Thanks to Sylvain for this animated logo.
Posted on March the 4th. (Day -23)
Mariah and Aaron Mathias?
If you want to read an article on Aaron Mathias, go to Federica's site, Mariah Crybaby.
Thanks to Mariah Crybaby.
Posted on March the 4th. (Day -23)
Mariah's fans are her guests
Mariah Carey turned glitter into gold for four of her most devoted fans.  The pop diva was shocked to learn that four young fans from Spain had arrived at her doorstep Wednesday morning expecting to stay in the "guest" room they had seen on the popular MTV show "Cribs."  She had boasted during the show that the room was for her "fans" - and the foursome believed that fans were allowed to actually spend the night.  When Carey learned of her crestfallen admirers, she put them up at a four-star TriBeCa hotel.  "Speaking in broken English, the kids explained that they saw the guest room on MTV and they came to stay with Mariah," Cindy Berger, Carey's publicist, told The Post. "But the room is actually where Mariah keeps all of her fan mail and gifts."  "They follow her everywhere, they've been to all of her European concerts and are really devoted to her," Berger said.
Credit: Jen Vitale and Clemente Lisi for the New York Post.
Source: Yahoo news.
Posted on March the 4th. (Day -23)
Due to a massive electricity blackout, I was not able to upload since Saturday.
Posted on March the 4th. (Day -23)
Mariah in Minneapolis (part 2)
nu_guy101 from Rainbow Princess posted this:
"OK what I've heard is that she's here in Minneapolis to record at Prince's recording studio "Jimmy Jam's" She's recording some time tonight either before or after she checks into the hotel and tomorrow as well."
Posted on March the 1st. (Day -26)
Pop Diva Carey Talking with Other Labels 
By Sue Zeidler 
Los Angeles - Pop diva Mariah Carey got $28 million to walk away from her gig at music giant EMI Group Plc last month, but now the suitors are lining up for her hand. According to record industry sources, Carey has been discussing potential deals with several major labels, including Island Def Jam, RCA and Elektra, who are interested in capitalizing on her star power despite her flameout with EMI. "Mariah is talking with several companies," a spokeswoman for the star said, refusing to elaborate further. Officials for Vivendi Universal, the parent of Island Def Jam, and AOL Time Warner Inc's Warner Music Group, parent to Elektra, declined comment. Officials from Bertelsmann AG's RCA were unavailable. Carey's lawyer, Donald Passman, told Reuters in January that recording companies had shown interest in the star ever since speculation of her breakup with EMI began circulating weeks late in 2000. Industry sources speculate her next deal will be valued at far below the estimated $80 million to $100 million EMI originally agreed to pay her only to see the singer's new album, "Glitter" and a film by the same name bomb. Under the buyout pact, Carey got $28 million to walk away and retains another $21 million previously paid to her when the EMI contract was first signed in April 2001. "She doesn't need a lot of money at this point. She just needs someone to distribute her music. People still think she's a very marketable brand," said one record label executive. Carey's fallout with EMI has come to symbolize the dysfunctional state of the music industry, which has paid huge sums of money to a few acts that have failed to live up to their value in a year when sales have slid, online piracy has increased and pop stars railed against industry accounting practices. The news also topped a turbulent year for the singer who suffered an emotional and physical breakdown and has figured prominently in gossip columns since the end of her marriage to Sony Corp Sony Music Entertainment chief Tommy Mottola, who discovered her as an 18-year-old waitress. Other artists have recently gone on to bigger and better things after being let go by EMI's Virgin. After recording two albums for Virgin, reggae star Shaggy signed to MCA Records, where his 2000 album, "Hotshot," was one of the best-selling releases last year. And the Wallflowers recorded one little-noticed album for Virgin in 1992 before being let go and landing at Interscope, where their 1996 album, "Bringing Down the Horse," sold 6 million copies worldwide. MCA and Interscope are units of Vivendi Universal.
Source: Yahoo news.
Posted on March the 1st. (Day -26)


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