May 2002 - Heroes of Mariah
Mariah in Capri for her new album
This is a compilation of several articles published in the italian press.
Many thanks to my neighbor who translated these articles for me.
Mariah has arrived at the airport of Capadichino of Naples and she went straight to Capri where she received a warm welcome.  From the pier Luise, Mariah and her staff went on board of a luxurious yacht called Matuska.  Mariah went then at the "piazzetta" (place of meeting, little known square of Capri) where she meets her friends of Capri who were waiting for her with roses, orchids and "Welcome Mariah" posters.  The persons in the group were: the owner of the Villa Verde (Mariah's favorite restaurant), the owner of a club, the director of the recording studios, one photographer and a group of fans and tourists.  The return to Capri is the first step of the "vendetta" (revenge) of Mariah.  The Capri studios were not choosen at random, they are located on a rock cape and offer a marvellous panoramic view.  When we are under "la luna caprese" (the Capri atmosphere), we give all what we have in our heart and soul.  The blue reflections of the bay, the fragrances, the blue cave, the sun, the typical atmosphere of Capri will contribute to the sensibility of the recordings because Mariah will add some of the Luna Caprese.
Compilation: Gilles.
Posted on May the 31st.

Mariah à Capri pour son nouvel album
Ceci est une compilation de différents articles parus dans la presse italienne.
Un grand merci à mon voisin Roberto qui a traduit les articles pour moi.
Mariah est donc arrivée à l'aéroport de Capadichino de Naples et s'est rendue directement à Capri où elle a reçu un chaleureux acceuil.  Du quai Luise, Mariah et son staff ont embarqué à bord d'un yacht super-luxueux de 30m de long, appelé Matuska.  Mariah s'est rendue à la "piazzetta" (lieu de rencontre, petite place célèbre de Capri) où elle a retrouvé ses amis de Capri qui l'attendaient avec des roses, des orchidées et des affiches "Welcome Mariah".  Le groupe se componsait du propriétaire de Villa Verde (le restaurant préféré de Mariah), du propriétaire d'un club, du directeur des studios d'enrégistrement, d'un photographe et d'un groupe de fans et de touristes.  Le retour à Capri est la première étape de la "vendetta" (vengeance) de Mariah.  Les studios de Capri n'ont probablement pas été choisis au hasard, ils sont situés sur un promontoire rocheux et offrent une vue panoramique merveilleuse.  Lorsqu'on se retrouve sous "la luna caprese" (l'ambiance de Capri), on sort tout ce qu'on a au fond de soi.  Les reflets bleutés de la baie, les senteurs, la grotte bleue, le soleil, l'ambiance typique de Capri contribueront à la sensibilité des enrégistrements car Mariah y aura mis un peu de Luna Caprese.
Compilation: Gilles.

Mariah in Capri voor haar nieuw album
Dit hier is een verzameling van verschillende artikels verschenen in de Italiaanse pers.
Dank aan mijn buur Roberto die de artikels voor mij heeft vertaald.
Mariah is dus aangekomen op de luchthaven van Capadichino te Napels en ze is onmiddellijk vertrokken naar Capri waar ze
een enthousiast onthaal kreeg.  Op de kaai Luise zijn Mariah en haar staf aan boord gegaan van de super luxueuze yacht
van 30 m lang, Matuska genaamd.  Mariah ging naar de "Piazzetta" (ontmoetingsplaats, kleine bekende plaats in Capri) waar ze haar Capriotische vrienden aantrof die haar opwachtten met rozen, ochideeën en affiches met "Welcome Mariah".  De groep bestond uit de eigenaar van Villa Verde (het lievelingsrestaurant van Mariah), de eigenaar van een club, de directeur van de opnamestudio's, een fotograaf, een groep fans en toeristen.  De terugkeer naar Capri is de eerste stap van de "vendetta" (wraak) van Mariah.  De studio's van Capri zijn waarschijnlijk niet per toeval gekozen, ze bevinden zich op een rotsachtige kaap en bieden een prachtig panoramisch uitzicht.  Terwijl men zich bevindt onder "La Luna Caprese" (de Capriotische sfeer), haalt men het diepste uit zichzelf.  De blauwachtige weerkaatsing van de baai, de geuren, de blauwe grot, de zon, de typische sfeer zal bijdragen tot de gevoeligheid van de opnames want Mariah zal er een beetje Luna Caprese ingebracht hebben.
Samenstelling: Gilles.
Nederlandse vertaling: Björn.

Press release on Universal site
Here's the link:
Thanks to Papow from FOMM for the info.
Posted on May the 30th.
Sisters share a Special bond: Just ask Missy Elliot!

Rap artist Missy Elliott spoke with Music Beat magazine recently, and while interviewed she reported that Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston are her sisters. Well, not in that sense of the word. Elliott told reporter Doug Rollins that she considers Houston and Carey to be her sisters who she confides in and looks up to. "I've worked with Mariah and Whitney a couple of times and they are sweet ladies. I've always been a huge fan of both of them since they each released their debut album. I remember when my manager told me that Mariah wanted me to be on the "Heartbreaker" Remix with her and asked me if I wanted to. I thought I was about to faint or something. I was like Mariah Carey; a legendary artist wants me to rap on her track? I was going through so many emotions all at once. I mean I was shocked she wanted ME on her record, thrilled that she did so and asked if I would, and honored and ecstatic that she liked my music and work enough to even ask me. It was something I tell ya". Elliott told Rollins that she sometimes feels that she hasn't earned the right to be associating herself with Divas like Carey, Houston, (Janet) Jackson, and even the ultimate Diva, Diana Ross. She says when she is around them she gets a little nervous. "I start to sweat and my nerves start acting up whenever I'd see or talk to one of them. But after a while I started to relax a bit. I think working with Whitney did something to me. We were working on her track "In My Business" and every time I'd stutter or be all silent she'd know I was nervous and she'd say to me `Girl, would you relax already. I ain't gonna bite you or anything', and things along that line until I calmed down and laugh". Elliott says she has better control over  herself around the people she has come to know and work with but meeting new people is still hard for her. She admits being shy and isn't quick to approach certain people right away. Although life doesn't always treat us right, Elliott says no matter how hard life gets to be at times and everything seems to be going wrong, she gets the strength to go on and gets through her troubles from the support of her sisters. "My music means a lot to me and it helps me to deal with different issues in life; but sometimes it isn't enough and you need another form of saving grace. That's where my sisters come in. Mariah and Whitney and I have all become such great friends. They're my sisters! They are so nice and comfortable to be around and easy to talk to. When I have a problem I'd confide in them and they help me to deal with it. They help me to feel better when I'm down, or whatever. I remember once I was upset about something and I was talking to Mariah. I told her that there was something on my mind and I wanted to talk about it. She says to me, `Sure thing. I know if I had a problem I'd wanna confide in someone like me', meaning herself. That had me cracking up. MC is a funny girl and always makes me laugh no matter what. I love her! But anyway, all I know is that I'm so lucky and honored to know both of them, and to have their friendships. It means a whole lot to me. I wouldn't sacrifice my relationship with my two special sisters for anything in the world. We share a bond that cannot be broke", she says. Just how did the three musketeers form? Well, Elliot explains, "Mariah and Whitney are tight with each other, have been for awhile. They are always there for each other and Whitney told me herself one time that Mariah is her closest friend and is like a sister to her. She'd just keep referring to Mariah as her sister in conversations. Mariah knew how Whitney felt about her and told her she was touched by her gesture, and said she'd love to be her sister. Whenever I'd hang out with them they'd refer to each other as sister and they were so cute when they were together. I told them they have a unique and special relationship being honorary sisters the way they were, and that it made me wish I had a special relationship like that with someone, so they said they'd adopt me and we could all be sisters in a way like no other. That's how our special relationship formed. A relationship I'll treasure forever".
Source: Celebrity Profile.
Thanks to willy_whisper from Mariah's official board.
Posted on May the 29th.
Mariah jeans
"Today we found Mariah Capris at the Online Shop The jeans named after Mariah, are called "Mariah Frayed Capri" and the price for on is $39. You can order the jeans in blue denim, brown denim and brown leather by visiting
Source: Honey and Kate from Butterflies Are Free by e-mail.
Posted on May the 29th.

Credit: Capri Press.
Source: MariahMania.
Welcome Back Mariah!
Carey arrived yesterday afternoon in Capri, where she will stay for about a month. Mariah Carey returned yesterday afternoon to the Blue Island for a vacation-job of approximately a month. After landing to the airport of Capodichino with a private jet, the singer reached the Molo Luise to Mergellina and on board of the 'Matuska ', a super-luxurious yacht of 30 meters, she reached Marina Grande. With Carey there was her staff and Carlo Quinto Talamona, owner of the 'Capri Studios', the recording studio where Mariah will record her first album with Universal Music Group. Arrived in Piazzetta, the popstar found the love of her Caprese friends who were waiting for her and welcomed her with red roses, orchids and banners with "Welcome Mariah" written on them. The group was commanded by Francolino, owner of 'Villa Verde', the singer's favorite restaurant, the maitre of the local Franco Schiano (where she always asks for her favorite salad of tomatos and king) and by Antonello of 'Foto Flash', the only Caprese photographer who succeeded to make the star pose. Today Carey will relax, then she will begin to work on the album in the 'Capri Studios', situated in the top of the Faraglioni.
Credit: Capri Press.
Translation: MariahMania.
Source: MariahMania.
Posted on May the 29th.
Heroes comment: Yeah, I think that I will go to Capri :)
Mariah was in Normandy
An article from The New York Times reports the career and life of Lyor Cohen and we tought that it was not the goal of the Fan-Club to report the entire article in the news, even if it's really interesting.  The only thing which interest us is of course the fact that Lyor Cohen supported Mariah during her difficult times, what we already known, but the new fact we learn is:
"The newest addition is Ms. Carey, who joined the Universal family two weeks ago and will have her own label. Mr. Cohen deftly wooed her after she was dropped by the EMI Group, going so far as to squire her off to Normandy in France to meet with the company's top executives."
Posted on May the 28th.
Mariah About Being Insomniac has a small "research" on their site called: Up All Night: Confessions of Sleepless Celebrities
Here is the part about Mariah:
Insomniac: Mariah Carey
Why She Can't Sleep: There's probably an entire list of reasons why Mariah can't sleep--Glitter was a flop and there was much negative press when she was dropped from EMI. She's suffered a bout with depression and her latest film, Wise Girls, is probably going straight to video. As Mariah told the UK's Sun:
Quote: "I stay up thinking about all the loose ends. When I get these flashes of nerves, I'll call a friend or type on my pager or watch a movie or write lyrics or sit in the kitchen with my dog and cat. If I'm feeling comfortable I could sleep for 10 or 12 hours, but generally I get about three." 
Credit: (All rights reserved)
Posted on May the 27th.
Beautiful message from a fan
This morning, I was reading the new signatures on the Wise Girls petition:
and I found this beautiful message:
"Mariah, you are my VISION OF LOVE! Make my FANTASY come true and release this movie! Don't be a HEARTBREAKER cuz I can't live WITHOUT YOU. Lions Gate, be my HERO and give me MY ALL, "Wise Girls" before I have a BREAKDOWN. Mariah, I'm your LOVERBOY. DON'T STOP making that great music. You have the ability to MAKE IT HAPPEN. You make my EMOTIONS soar when I hear your beautiful music. FOREVER you will ALWAYS BE MY BABY and I will accept your music with OPEN ARMS. I'm gonna stop being a CRYBABY and be glad that I can THANK GOD I FOUND YOU. Please release "Wise Girls" SOMEDAY cuz once it hits the theater, I'LL BE THERE."
Source: Ricky Lopez (2155th signature).
Posted on May the 24th.
Rumor or not?
Mariah working with Ludacris and Babyface on new album 
Mariah Carey has added another name to her already star studded comeback album, due out later this year. Word is that Mariah Carey just finished recording a duet with labelmate Ludacris. This is not the first time the troubled R&B songbird has worked with one of rap music's brightest stars, Ludacris was featured on Mariah's ill-fated "Glitter" album on the #1 R&B single "Loverboy" remix. Mariah reportedly is finished recording for the album and is now in the process of selecting songs that will be featured on her new Def Jam LP. Expect Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, Babyface, JD, and Trackmasters among the many names of producers on the divas first LP with the label. Mariah is definately on the road to success with her new album as well as new movie "Wisegirls" with Mira Sorvino on cable later this year.
Credit: R&B quarterly. (All rights reserved)
Source: Dennis from FOMM.
Posted on May the 24th.
Great news
Glitter will be released on DVD in Belgium on August the 6th.  The VHS will be released 6 months later.

Glitter sortira en DVD en Belgique le 6 août.  La cassette video sortira 6 mois plus tard.

De Glitter DVD zal in de winkels zijn in Belgïe op 6 augustus.  De VHS zal 6 maanden later uitkomen.
Posted on May the 23rd.

Island's Coup: Carey and Capri 
The record executive whos signed Mariah Carey two weeks ago traces his success ti a telephone call he placed well before she became a free agent with a $28 million severance payment from her former record label, Virgin Records.  Lyor Cohen, the head of the Universal Music Group's Island def Jam label, said he made the call after her labum "Glitter" came out and generated lackluster sales. He told her not to worry, and to call if she ever wanted to talk about working together.  Having signed Ms. Carey, Mr. Cohen and some Island Def Jam colleagues are off to Italy. He said that as they signed the contract, she said: " 'I guess you have to come to Capri now. That's where I'm making the new album.'" Mr. Cohen is taking 25 executives and their wives.
Credit: The New York Times. (All rights reserved)
Source: Mac from Mariah's official board.
Posted on May the 23rd.
The Wise Girls petition on German TV
Yes, right!!!! I was just watching INTERACTIV on the german music channel VIVA..this show is just as popular here as MTV TRL is in the US..anyway...suddenly, when they talked about news they began speaking about Mariah (showing a little bit of LOVERBOY in the backround)..they said that her new movie called WISEGIRLS should have been released at the movies, but now it seems to that it will directly go to TV/DVD. But the fans doesn´t accept that and fight for the movie to come to theatres. Isn´t that cool that TV stations already begin reporting about it?!?!?
Source: Luke from FOMM.
Posted on May the 23rd.
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A special thanks to Brian Burns for his kind authorization by e-mail.

By Brian Burns 
The most talked about subject in the music world this week was Vivendi/Universal's signing of Mariah Carey. Carey's records will be released on her label and distributed by Island Records. Veteran Promotion Guru Jerry Blair, who helped Mariah make history when she achieved her record breaking 15 #1 singles and most consecutive weeks at #1, will head up the team at the label. caught up with Blair this week for an exclusive look at the new project. 
Any of those numbers are speculative in terms of what they were. All I'll say is both sides are very happy with the deal. What Doug Morris sees in Mariah Carey is the number one female artist of all time. She has a huge fan base. As far as negative implications from the last album, it was a soundtrack album. It also sold two million records worldwide. Over half a million were sold in the U.S. The movie was a period piece movie of the '80s with music from that period. It was released with little lead and set-up time and came out on September 11. Putting that aside, you still have the number one selling female artist of all time who's one of the few true global superstars in the business. 
She's got a movie coming out called "Wise Girls" which is going to be an HBO premiere movie. It will come out in November, starring Mariah, Mira Sorvino and Laura Walters. It's received incredible praise at Sundance in reviews and we think it will be an overwhelming success. She's got a lot of other movie projects on the table that she's considering too. 
Let me say this just to set the record straight. The company's first priority is the release of her record. Yes, it will be a multimedia company. It's an opportunity to really take advantage of all of the different assets of Vivendi/Universal, everything from their European cell phone company to television with tools like the USA networks. We'll take every advantage of all the opportunities that we can to market her music, but the company that we're going to set up will be a multimedia company. We're certainly going to sign other artists to the label. We'll build it very slowly and determinably and go from there, but the first focus will be her record. 
You're right about that. She takes a real hands-on position in her career. She was working so hard finishing the record last year, finishing the movie, filming "Wise Girls" and working on setting up her promotion. She had a lot on her plate. We're trying to set up a team around her so she can work on being the creative force. Our goal is to set up a team to take care of business. Mariah is going to be intimately involved with everything, but hopefully she can rely on us to make sure that things go into effect and not have to worry about so many details. 
The way we see it is that this company is meant to be the guarantor of her legacy. I just hope to bring as many opportunities out there in the world to present to her for us to pursue and just build a great company. For me, this is a great opportunity. It's an open landscape, a clean canvas. We get to really draft and write the script and that's what's incredible about working in the entertainment business right now. It's an incredible and exciting opportunity. It's a big world. We're not just limited to the United States. It's a global marketplace and our plan is to develop a worldwide company. 
Ultimately we will. The first release will be Mariah's new album and then we'll be signing other acts. That will give Mariah a great opportunity to mentor. It doesn't matter if it's Britney, Christina Aguilera or Nelly Furtado, they emulate Mariah, in a sense, and she is an icon. Now she'll get to be a 'hands-on' mentor with some of the artists on the label and hopefully will create new, great legacies. 
She's been working a lot in the studio because her creative juices are flowing right now. We'll get something out as quickly as humanly possible, hopefully by the end of this year or the beginning of next year. But we won't rush it. When it's ready, she'll know. She's been in the studio almost every day now. 
You're going to get the classic Mariah in that voice. But what you're also going to get is being on the forefront of where music goes to and she certainly has been on the forefront in so many ways before. It's really going to be a record that will appeal to all her huge fan base. That base includes girls five and six years old to people in their sixties and everything in between: men, woman, all races and cultures. You really don't have an artist that has that kind of a wide range of appeal and the fans really aren't going to be disappointed. 
Thanks Brian. This interview was a lot more pleasant than talking to Dan Cox from the New York Post.
Credit: Brian Burns for (All rights reserved)
A special thanks to Brian Burns for his kind authorization by e-mail.
Posted on May the 22nd.

Mariah tribute cd
Take a look at this site, Virginia wants to make a cd were fans will perform songs of Mariah and she needs your help to write the last song of the cd who will be a tribute song for Mariah, for more details and if you want to participate, click here.
Posted on May the 22nd.
Ja Rule and Ashanti on Mariah reports that Mariah Carey has begun working with the producers of Murder Inc. (a subsidiary of the Island Def Jam music group) Ja Rule, recently explained how he felt about Mariah joining the label "Mariah's cool. Mariah's cool. She's working with the Murder Inc. family right now. Holla," he said.  When Launch asked Ashanti if she was going to work on material with Mariah she said she was not sure. "I don't think so. She's working with our producers in Murder Inc. I don't think I'll be doing anything with her... yet. Would love to." 
Source: Abstracts.
Posted on May the 21st.
Universal Germany on Mariah 
Universal Germany finally said sth. on the new contract with Mariah and here's the translation of the quote by Tim Renner, CEO and Chairman of Universal Music Germany:  "It's a wonderful task to get Mariah back to the place she belongs: to the top! I saw her live a few weeks ago and now I know; Mariah's like a Ferrari. Unbelievably exciting, strong and sexy. And you don't give a Ferrari away just because it doesn't start once."
Source: Honey and Kate from Butterflies Are Free by e-mail.
Posted on May the 21st.
No updates until Monday the 20th.
Posted on May the 18th.
Mariah Carey Doing Much Better
Flo Anthony and the DJ's at K104 chatted about how Flo ran into Jimmy Jam on Wednesday and she had a lot to say about Mariah Carey. He said she was with them in Minneapolis this weekend where they were recording. Jimmy said Mariah's doing much better at not overworking this time, telling them she needs sleep at 3-4 am, whereas before she'd want to continue working.
Source: popdirt.
Posted on May the 17th.
Exclusive news from Shino (Japan)
"What More Can I Give" cds is released late in August.  Michael Jackson starts 6 public-performance charity concert from September 11 in Japan. The first day on September 11 is performed in Osaka Dome. Mariah, and Celine Dion and  'Nsync  and Carlos Santana may participate in this concert.  Michael Jackson is negotiating with them eagerly now.  It is thought that it will probably be realized." 
Source: Shino from LoveLoveJack.
Posted on May the 16th.
Wise Girls on HBO
Cable Premiere: November, 2002 (HBO) (going direct-to-cable, skipping a theatrical release in the U.S.A., according to a report by columnists Marilyn Beck and Stacy Jenel Smith; this is just another in a sweeping round of movies that Lions Gate is sending to video) 
Posted on May the 16th.
Heroes comment: HBO is a pay cable channel in the US.  We hope that this fact will not change the Belgian release of Wise Girls in the movie theaters.  We have contacted the Belgian distributor and at this moment there's no change.
No important news today, except rumors about Mariah's new album and a few trash. 
So, guess what... tonight we gonna eat pasta :-)
Posted on May the 15th.
More Awards for Mariah
I found 7 Awards not listed on Mariah's official site in the Awards list.
They are called the "IFPI Platinum Europe Awards", here's the list:
1996 - 3 awards for Daydream
1996 - 1 award for Merry Christmas
1997 - 1 award for Butterfly
1998 - 1 award for Ones
1999 - 1 award for Rainbow
For more information about the IFPI Platinum Europe Awards click here.
Thanks to me :-)
Posted on May the 14th.

Credit for the picture:
Mariah's official site updated
Take a look at the news and the wonderfull new pics.
Posted on May the 14th.
Mariah at Flytetyme studios
Mariah - 5/13/02 
New songs 
Mariah Carey at Flytetyme studios writing, recording & producing new material with Jam & Lewis, and "Big Jim" Wright, for her forthcoming Island/Def Jam debut album. Alex Richbourgh handling midi & drum programming and protools recording.
Source: Björn by e-mail.
Posted on May the 13th.
Eminem mention Mariah on his new album
The tracks from 'The Eminem Show' make references to Mariah Carey. On 'When the Music Stops', Eminem raps, "I came way too far in the game to turn and walk away and not say what I got to say what the fu** you take me for, a joke? You smoking crack? Before I do that I beg Mariah to take me back." Then, on 'Superman', Eminem raps, "Am I too nice too buy you ice? B*tch if you died, wouldn't buy you life. Whatcha tryin to be? My new wife? What, you Mariah? Fly through twice. But I know one thing tho--bitches, they come and go."
Source: Abstracts.
Posted on May the 13th.
The new Mariah album: update
In March, Mariah started recording for her upcoming album. She is writing and recording all-new material with producers Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, P. Diddy, Jermaine Dupri, DJ Quik and 7 Aurelius (of Murder Inc), with whom she has just recently finished potential album tracks with. "She's an amazing writer," he said. "We did three or four songs in three or four days. The way we was doing it, I had a horn section down there along with me. We had the whole room set up with candles, some nice wine, a very good vibe. It was completely stripped down, like 'Mariah Carey Unplugged.' She stripped herself down to her talent. She was really trusting of me and my vision, and I was trusting of who she was. We did a stadium joint called 'Reach for the Sky,' which is amazing," he said. "She likened it to 'Hero.' All this was with a live band." It is possible that the album will also include a new duet with R&B crooner Joe and guest apperances by Westlife, Eminem, Mary J. Blige, Fabolous and long-time friend Da Brat. The new album is expected in November. 
Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, P. Diddy, Jermaine Dupri, DJ Quik, 7 Aurelius* 
Westlife, Joe, Eminem, Da Brat, Mary J. Blige, Fabolous= 
1. Reach For The Sky* 
(*) Confirmed (=) Rumored
thanks to
Source: Brecht by e-mail.
Posted on May the 12th.
Breaking news 5
Millions More for Mariah
Pop star giving Universal a spin following EMI exit 
By Phyllis Furman
Daily News Business Writer

After months of negotiations, pop diva Mariah Carey has landed a $21 million record deal with the world's biggest music company, Universal Music Group.  Looking to vault back to the top of the charts after being cut loose from EMI's Virgin Records, Carey has decided to put her career in the hands of two industry power brokers: Universal chief Doug Morris and fast-rising music exec Lyor Cohen, who heads Universal label Island Def Jam.  "I couldn't be happier," Carey told the Daily News. "Doug is such a great leader."  The pop diva, who has sold 150 million albums during her career making her the biggest selling female artist of all time, will set up her own record label at Island Def Jam to release Carey albums as well as CDs from artists she will sign.  The music giant will pay Carey some $7 million to $8 million per album in a three-album deal. That's a fraction of the jaw-dropping $20 million an album promised by Virgin. Her first album for Universal is slated for release later this year.  Yesterday's signing caps off months of talks, in which some of the most formidable names in the music business — including music legend Clive Davis — vied to sign the pop star.  Universal, a division of French media conglomerate Vivendi Universal, prevailed because of its deep pockets and ties to Vivendi's vast array of media assets that include Hollywood studio Universal Pictures, which could put Carey in its flicks.  Carey said she wanted to be in business with Morris and Cohen.  Cohen, who made his name as the rap mogul behind such superstars as Jay-Z and Method Man, is now ruling the pop charts with such releases as the "O Brother Where Art Thou" soundtrack and rhythm and blues artist Ashanti.  The big question for Universal is whether Carey can make a comeback after a series of wrenching setbacks including poor sales for latest release, "Glitter."  Music insiders said that soundtrack album flopped because it was mishandled by the Virgin team, which pushed for its quick release, just weeks after signing the diva. Carey suffered a breakdown, and Virgin was forced to pay her $28 million to get out of its contract.  "This is a woman of enormous talent, she is a Tiffany piece," Morris said. "This is a brilliant artist who had a bad moment. When she walks on the stage for the next Grammys, watch the tears flow in the audience. That's our dream."  "This looks right," said powerful L.A.-based rock star manager Allen Kovac. "Before she didn't have a lot of input or help. Doug knows how to make records. This is a big win for him."  Not everyone was willing to capitulate to the diva's demands. J Records, the label of music exec Davis, refused to sign a "key-man deal" that would have allowed Carey to walk away if Davis was no longer heading the company, said J Records president Charles Goldstuck.
Credit: Phyllis Furman for the New York Daily News. (All rights reserved)
Source: CrybabyDoll from FOMM.
Posted on May the 9th.

Breaking news 4
Official press release
New York, New York, May 9, 2002 – Vivendi Universal, one of the world’s leading media companies encompassing the #1 music company, has signed award-winning musical superstar Mariah Carey to an exclusive recording contract, it was announced today by Doug Morris, Chairman and CEO of the Universal Music Group, and Lyor Cohen, President and CEO of The Island Def Jam Music Group.  The multi-platform integration of Mariah Carey and her recently established media company into the Vivendi Universal system sets a new standard for the entertainment industry. It is a unique partnership between Ms Carey and Vivendi Universal Entertainment Committee members Doug Morris, Lyor Cohen, Jimmy Iovine (Chairman, Interscope Geffen A&M) and Jorgen Larsen (Chairman, Universal Music International), who will all work together with the various divisions of parent Vivendi Universal (VU) to handle the comprehensive co-ordination of Ms Carey across a variety of VU’s print, television, film and online marketing brands.  “Mariah is an international treasure and when she became a free agent, all of us at Universal saw it as a onetime opportunity since artists of her caliber seldom become available” stated Morris. “Therefore, our approach will exemplify the kind of comprehensive effort we’re uniquely positioned to deliver thanks to the commitment of Jean-Marie Messier (Chairman, Vivendi Universal) to building VU into a world leader. Our approach moves above and beyond the concept of a standard marketing plan by seamlessly integrating a variety of elements that will allow us to be more efficient and effective in our outreach to fans. They will see Mariah in places and ways they’ve never seen before.”  “Despite offers from many of our competitors, we are delighted that Mariah has chosen Island as the place to begin the next phase of her unprecedented career,” commented Cohen. “The hallmark of Island Records has always been to take the current model of bringing music to the fans, turning it on its head, and redefining it for a new generation. And thanks to the overwhelming support of Doug Morris, that’s exactly what we are going to do with Mariah by taking advantage of Vivendi Universal’s unparalleled brands and resources. This will literally be a company-wide effort at all levels.”  “The signing of a superstar like Mariah is a testament to Doug Morris’ vision for UMG,” remarked Iovine. “Following the merger in ’98, Doug has successfully created the first global music company whose different divisions all operate with a level of cohesiveness that is unprecedented in the industry. We are all committed to supporting Lyor and ensuring that Mariah reaches her fullest potential in the marketplace.”  “Mariah is a global phenomenon and we are all excited about working with her,” added Larsen. “Every international territory will be serviced extensively, and we expect to drive record sales with this full-on approach.”  Mariah Carey’s records will be released on her label, which is distributed by Island Records. Jerry Blair, who helped Mariah make history when she achieved her record-breaking 15 #1 singles and most consecutive weeks at #1, will head up the team at the label. States Blair, “Quite simply, Mariah is the greatest singer of our time. She is an incredible songwriter, producer and businesswoman. There is no one who has a closer relationship with her fans. The landscape has forever changed in the music business. This situation creates a new template, and is the guarantor of her legacy. It is a logical progression for Mariah to have her own company working in conjunction with the world’s biggest music entity. We will take advantage of every opportunity to connect with music fans around the globe, with every available facet of media.” Carey, who is already in the process of recording her next album, stated: “I’m incredibly happy. It’s a tremendous and unprecedented opportunity to be working in tandem with Doug, Lyor and Jimmy, and to have the benefit of their powerful international forces led by Jorgen Larsen. They have collectively helped redefine pop music and I am excited to be part of their family.”  As the world’s best selling female performer of all time, Ms Carey rose to superstardom on the strength of her stunning five-octave voice, prolific songwriting ability and far-reaching, versatile talent which allowed her to move easily through many different styles of music, ranging from pop, R&B, dance and ballads.  Her self-titled debut took the music industry by storm, launching no less than a whopping four #1 singles, including “Vision of Love.” Her immediate and unprecedented success earned Grammy Awards for Best New Artist and Best Female Vocalist. Ms Carey went on record to Emotions and MTV Unplugged, which generated 2 #1 singles. Her third full length effort, Music Box, added two more singles to her record of chart-toppers, with “Dreamlover” and “Hero”. She quickly returned to the studio to write and produce the holiday release Merry Christmas, scoring yet another smash with the seasonal hit, “All I Want For Christmas Is You”. Her fifth record, Daydream, marked yet another milestone in the superstar’s burgeoning career, as her first single, “Fantasy”, debuted at #1, making Ms Carey the first female singer and just the second performer ever to accomplish the feat. The follow-up single “One Sweet Day” - - a collaboration with Boyz II Men - -  repeated the feat, and remained lodged at the top of the charts for a record-breaking 16 weeks. Continuing to build upon her reputation as one of the industry’s most prolific singer / songwriters, Ms Carey released Butterfly, another staggering success and her most personal album to date. This was followed by #1’s, a collection featuring her 13 previous chart-topping singles as well as “The Prince of Egypt (When You Believe),” a duet with Whitney Houston. With “Heartbreaker,” the first single from her 1999 album Rainbow, Ms Carey became the first artist to top the charts in each year of the 1990s; the record also pushed her ahead of the Beatles as the artist with the most cumulative weeks spent atop Billboard Magazine’s coveted Hot 100 Singles chart. Ms Carey emerged into the next century with her 15th #1 single, “Thank God I Found You”.  The Island Def Jam Group consists of a multi-cultural and diverse family of artists formed little more than three years ago, and has fast become one of the most successful and profitable labels in the industry. It is comprised of Island Records, Def Jam Recordings and Def Soul and is in Partnerships with American Recordings, Lost Highway Records, Roc-A-Fella Records, Java Records, Murder Inc, Bloodline Records and Roadrunner Records. The roster boasts an array of talented artists including Jay-Z, Bon Jovi, Ryan Adams, Nickelback, Musiq, Ashanti, Slipknot, Method Man, Hoobastank, Shelby Lynne, Ja Rule, Sum 41, Slayer, Kelly Price, Saliva and DMX.
The Island Def Jam Music Group is a division of Universal Music Group, the world’s leading music company with wholly-owned record operations or licensees in 63 countries around the world. Its businesses also include Universal Music Publishing Group, one of the industry’s largest global music publishing operations.  Universal Music Group consists of record labels Decca Record Company, Deutsche Grammophon, Interscope Geffen A&M Records, Island Def Jam Music Group, Lost Highway Records, MCA Nashville, MCA Records, Mercury Records, Motown Records, Philips, Polydor, Universal Records, and Verve Music Group as well as a multitude of record labels owned or distributed by its record company subsidiaries around the world. The Universal Music Group owns the most extensive catalog of music in the industry, which is marketed through two distinct divisions, Universal Music Enterprises (in the U.S.) and UM3 (outside the U.S.).  Universal Music Group is a unit of Vivendi Universal a global media and communications company.
Source: Ashes from Rainbow Princess by e-mail.
Posted on May the 9th.
Breaking news 3
Q&A with Mariah Carey 
May 09, 2002 
Mariah Carey discussed her new record deal with Universal Music Group, her departure from Virgin Records and her film career with The Hollywood Reporter's music editor, Tamara Conniff. 
The Hollywood Reporter: There were a few record labels bidding for you. Why did you choose Universal? 
Mariah Carey: My gut has always been to go with Universal, even before I did the (Virgin) deal. I learned a big lesson: You've got to go with the people that really know what they are doing. 
THR: How is the new label going to be different from your ill-fated Sony label, Crave? 
Carey: Well, Crave really -- without going into too much detail -- was not my company. This is about me at this moment feeling empowered and feeling supported.
THR: Why was the "Glitter" soundtrack such a sales disappointment?
Carey: I feel like it was a domino effect, where the ignorance gets passed along. "Glitter" was a soundtrack record that was a concept album. It was not a studio record. And even still, I feel there were a lot of good songs on there that no one ever heard because they didn't get a chance to. Many multiplatinum artists have been on soundtrack records that were not "Titanic." It happens, and it doesn't warrant the world having this huge (reaction). The last studio album I had, I felt it did very well; it did about 9 million worldwide. I just exhausted myself trying to work my record the way I knew my record was supposed to be worked. We only had seven weeks to set the album up. And it came out on Sept. 11. There couldn't have been worse odds. 
THR: You're in the studio working on a new album. Are you going in a different direction musically?
Carey: I'm going to wherever the creative energy takes me. I'm not trying to sound New Age-y, but it's true. I'm doing a lot of stuff with live musicians, and I'm doing a lot of ballads.
THR: Are you writing new songs? 
Carey: More than 50% of who I am as an artist is because of my songwriting, and a lot of people don't report about that because they don't know. They then put me in the same category of a lot of women out here who don't write and don't produce. I feel it's slightly sexist. 
THR: Has your writing changed on this album? 
Carey: There are a lot of songs I've done in the past that are very introspective and personal. ... This album has a lot of those type of songs. But it also has celebratory, fun songs; I'm not going to sit there and dwell. People are always asking, 'Is everything OK?' Look, I was not depressed; I was freaking exhausted. 
THR: Your independent film "Wisegirls" is going to air on Cinemax later this year. Are you looking at other film roles? 
Carey: I'm so happy I did "Wisegirls." It's a character part, and it's so different from what people would expect from me. It's really in the direction that I want to go, and it has gotten me a lot of offers to do other character roles. You live and you learn. It's OK to wait to do something. You don't have to do the "predictable" thing with the whole studio system. Doing something independent was really freeing and great for me. 
THR: Are you glad your deal with Virgin ended? 
Carey: That's the understatement of the day.
Credit: Tamara Conniff for The Hollywood Reporter. (All rights reserved)
Source: BabyBoy20 from FOMM.
Posted on May the 9th.
Breaking news 2
Mariah Carey Gets Own Label in Deal 
By Nekesa Mumbi Moody

New York - Mariah Carey has signed a new deal with Island/Def Jam that includes her own label, it was announced Wednesday.  The multi-platinum star has been without a label since January.  Since the split, several companies were reportedly bidding to sign the Grammy-winning singer, one of the most successful artists of all time, with hits such as "Vision of Love," "Hero," "Fantasy" and "Emotions."  "Despite offers from many of our competitors, we are delighted that Mariah has chosen Island as the place to begin the next phase of her unprecedented career," said Lyor Cohen, president and CEO of Island/Def Jam.  The company is home to stars such as Jay-Z, Willie Nelson, Ryan Adams, Ja Rule and Ashanti. It is part of Universal Music Group, which is owned by the conglomerate Vivendi Universal.  Carey has already begun recording her new disc, said Jerry Blair, a former executive at Columbia Records who has worked with Carey since the inception of her career.  "The record she's working on is going to be a real wide-appeal record," Blair said. "There's no artist who is as successful a global artist. There is no artist that has as wide range of commercial appeal."  Blair declined to put a financial figure on the new deal. Carey's spokeswoman said the singer would not be available to comment.  Blair said Carey was in good spirits and "doing just incredibly well."  He said she was not concerned that her recent troubles would hurt her career. She has a new film with Oscar-winner Mira Sorvino, titled "Wise Girls." The film debuted at the Sundance film festival (news - web sites), and will be shown in the fall on HBO, Blair said.  He said Carey's new label, as yet unnamed, would focus on her, but would eventually include other artists. Carey has also created a media company to handle publishing, film production and other projects.  "Setting up this company for her is really guaranteeing her legacy," Blair said.
Source: extract from an article on Yahoo news. (All rights reserved)
Posted on May the 9th.
Breaking news
Mariah Signs With Island/Def Jam, Records With JD
That new album Mariah Carey has been recording on the down low has finally landed a home ... on her own label.  The Universal Music Group announced Wednesday (May 8) that they have signed the biz's most highly touted free agent to a new deal that will see one of its branches, the Island/Def Jam Music Group, distribute the music released by Carey's yet-to-be-named company.  "I'm incredibly happy," Carey said in a statement. "It's a tremendous and unprecedented opportunity to be working in tandem with [Universal Music Group Chairman/CEO] Doug [Morris], [Island/Def Jam President/CEO] Lyor [Cohen] and [Interscope Geffen A&M Chairman] Jimmy [Iovine], and to have the benefit of their powerful international forces led by [Universal Music International Chairman] Jorgen Larsen. They have collectively helped redefine pop music, and I am excited to be part of their family."  "Despite offers from many of our competitors, we are delighted that Mariah has chosen Island as the place to begin the next phase of her unprecedented career," Lyor Cohen offered in a statement. "The hallmark of Island Records has always been to take the current model of bringing music to the fans, turning it on its head, and redefining it for a new generation."  Although Cohen has described Mariah as entering a new plateau with her career, the superstar singer is somewhat sticking to the script for her new project. On the set of the video for the "Welcome to Atlanta" remix in New York on Wednesday, longtime collaborator Jermaine Dupri said that he has contributed five songs to the new Mariah project.  "It's hot," a never-shy Dupri boasted. "We ain't doing nothing different. I just wanted to make sure we kept to the same [familiar sound]. A lot of people don't know I did one of the biggest records she ever had, 'Always Be My Baby.' I wanted to make sure we stuck to that. That's what the fans want."  Producers DJ Quik and 7 Aurelius have also come forward in recent weeks to say they've helped to create soundscapes for Carey's new album (see "Mariah Carey Records In Bahamas With Live Band, Strips Down With 7," "Mariah Goes From Murder Inc. To The Club With DJ Quik").  There is no word on when Carey's LP will be released, and no monetary terms of her deal with Island/Def Jam have been disclosed.
—Shaheem Reid, with additional reporting by Sway Calloway
Source: MTV news. (All rights reserved)
Posted on May the 9th.
Wannabe Mariah Carey?
Jennifer found out that MTV is doing a casting call for some new episodes of their hit show, Becoming. You can pick from Honey, Heartbreaker and Fantasy to audition for at the TRL studios in NYC. Try outs are being held May 12th and for more information, click here.  Sunday, May 12th 10 am - 6 pm, Mariah - “Heartbreaker”,“Honey”, “Fantasy”
Source: and butterflyfree from FOMM.
Posted on May the 8th.
Mariah Carey Sit Down with Barbara Walters in a "20/20" Special
“Surviving the Glare,” a “20/20” special edition that also features an update on Mariah Carey, airs Wednesday, May 8 (9:30-11:00 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network.  “I really had this pure determination my whole life since I can remember. I wanted to be a singer and a star,” Mariah Carey told Walters in 1998. She also said that, as the child of a white mom and African American dad, she grew up insecure. “I felt like an outcast because I didn’t feel I had anybody to identify with,” she said in that first interview.  Just a few years later, after Carey had what was described as an emotional breakdown, she told Walters and her colleagues on “The View” recently that she was just totally exhausted. “I never took a break. I never learned how to just put myself before my career.”  Mariah Carey has literally built herself a new life - with a new home in Manhattan, a possible record label of her own and a movie, “Wise Girls,” which received rave reviews at the Sundance Festival.
Source: extract from Zap2it. (All rights reserved)
Posted on May the 8th.
Heroes comment: I know that we can't receive this channel in Belgium, but I hope that American fans will share the comments of this show.
Mariah Message For Her Baby Boys

This is a curious message written by Mariah for Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, the producers she works with since 1999:

[Thank you, musiqlover]
Source: Meski from MariahMania.
Posted on May the 7th.

Jessica Russell, Executive Producer of Wise Girls signed the Give Wise Girls a chance petition.  If you want to see her message it's the 1254th signature.
Posted on May the 7th.
Did you know Mariah left a voice message the day after the tragic events of September 11 and we never heard it? Did you know some of the messages Mariah thinks that got cut off were actually recorded but never posted on her website? Did you know a few days ago she confirmed she's already recording songs for her new album?  You'd like to hear those voice messages, wouldn't you? Well, WE have them! Just visit the multimedia section to download them and read the transcript! Remember you'll only find them at MariahMania.
Source: Meski from MariahMania.
Posted on May the 6th.
Mariah in Minneapolis again
I just got word 2 minutes ago from my manager that Mariah will be staying in our hotel here in Minneapolis this weekend, arriving on Saturday. Last time she was in town, in early March, she recorded at Jimmy Jam's studio. This might be another recording or just a touch up from last time. I'll let you all know when I find out more.
Source: nu_guy101 from Rainbow Princess.
Posted on May the 4th.
Heroes comment: Remember that nu_guy101 works at this hotel and was able to see Mariah early March when she went to the Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis recording studio.
International Wise Girls petition
Please sign the worlwide Wise Girls petition and please pass the word to the more people possible.  Here's the link:
The Wise Girls fans.
Posted on May the 2nd.
Mariah Gets Tattooed
Mariah was the subject of People's Court yesterday, which was about a man who had tonz of Mariah tattoos all over him and was suing for a tattoo that was messed up.  A couple people were able to see the show and here is what they said about it:  David:
A fan was suing a tattoo parlor because he was not pleased with one of the 2 Mariah tattoos that they had done to his body. He had one of TGIFY cover of MC on his upper arm, (the good one) then they showed one on his calf, of the Loverboy cover and that one did not look particularily good. That was the one he was suing them for. He was not pleased because MC was not "perfect" and her cheekbones were not round enough.  He did not win the $1,020 that he was suing for, but was granted $60 to go get a touch up somewhere else. At the end they asked him what he wanted to say to MC on national TV and he said " She is the greatest artist ever and the most beautiful woman and I love her!"
Today I was watching People's Court and this man was suing a tattoo artist because he had asked to have a tattoo of Mariah on his leg and he wasn't happy with it. And it was his 2nd Mariah tattoo! The first one was the "Thank God I Found You" Single cover, with her in the white t shirt and he had it on his upper right arm. The 2nd one was the "Loverboy" single cover, complete with her on the car, on his lower left calf. I thought they both looked a lot like her, but the guy who got them was a little crazy and obsessive about it. This case went on for a good 20-25 minutes, and they kept mentioning Mariah over & over. The judge asked the guy if he had ever written to her, and he said, "All the time! I just hope she's watching this right now!"
Posted on May the 2nd.
I received an e-mail from Honey and Kate letting me know that they just created an e-card service, very good idea and great pictures.  Here's the link:
Posted on May the 2nd.

J'ai reçu un e-mail de Honey et Kate, me laissant savoir qu'elle ont créé un service de cartes virtuelles, très bonne idée et belles photos.  Voici le lien:

Ik heb een e-mail ontvangen van Honey en Kate om te laten weten dat ze een e-card dienst hebben, zeer goed idee en mooie foto's.  Hier is de link:

Fan gathering in London on May the 4th, for details click here.
Source: Ashes from Rainbow Princess by e-mail.
Posted on May the 2nd.


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