Heroes of Mariah - November 2001
Mariah Carey appears on P Diddy remix of new Mary J Blige single, No More Drama
Source: World Pop.
Posted on November the 30th.
Mariah wants to sing for the troops!
Mariah Carey has asked to entertain US troops in Kosovo next month. Mariah volunteered to sing for American troops stationed abroad and had wanted to go to the Persian Gulf to entertain marines onboard an aircraft carrier on duty in the war against terrorism in the Middle East.  But, she rejected that idea on security advice from the US government. Mariah's new Greatest Hits album is out next week and a CBS TV special Home for the Holidays with Mariah Carey airs in the US on 21 December with Destiny's Child and Enrique Iglesias as special guests.  Mariah is currently in Britain promoting her debut movie, Glitter. She will perform at tomorrow's Top Of The Pops awards ceremony in Manchester and will appear on Saturday's cd:uk show on Saturday on Ant & Dec's final show.
Source: World Pop.
Posted on November the 30th.

I made an artistic work on the picture 1, before I work on it, it came from Rolling Stone.
The picture 2 comes from Ananova.
Goodbye George
George Harrison died after a long battle against cancer.
I must admit that I'm not specially fan of the Beatles and that it has no link with Mariah.  But, I must admit too that the Beatles were the model of an entire generation.
My deepest sympathy to the familly of George Harrison, Paul and Ringo and to all the fans of the Beatles.  He will be remembered in our hearts and in our minds.
Posted on November the 30th.

Source: The Sun.
It's pop-out star Mariah
SEXY singer Mariah Carey puts the chest into Manchester as she arrives for tonight’s Top Of The Pops Awards.
The 31-year-old star braved the chilly weather to bring some Hollywood glitz to the city’s rain-battered cobbles.
Mariah is expected to team up with pals Westlife to perform her new single Never Too Far at the awards.
Then she will be zooming off to Kosovo to entertain British troops stationed there. Looks like she’s already started putting on her brave front.
Source: Ananova - The Sun.
Posted on November the 30th at 9h00am CET.
Mariah and Westlife recording
Mariah just finished recording something with westlife @ PWL recordings [380 deans gate].
Thanks to Ashes from Rainbow Princess.
Posted on November the 29th.
Here's what's Ashes from UK sent us:
this is for the lambs in the UK, Germany & Belgium -
* if any lambs can get a group of fans in their local newspaper or their local radio... then they must send proof...i.e scanned paper article [jpeg] or a audio player file of the thing on radio.

Appel à tous les fans
Ashes d'Angleterre demande de lui faire parvenir toutes les actions entreprises par des fans et qui auraient pu être reportées à la radio ou dans la presse écrite.  Si vous avez quelque chose à nous envoyer, joignez-y la preuve de votre action.

Oproep aan alle fans
Ashes uit Engeland vraagt om hem alle fanacties, die in de radio zullen te horen zijn of in de
geschreven pers zullen te zien zijn, toe te zenden. Als jullie de actie melden gelieve het bewijs
van de actie erbij te voegen.
Dank aan Björn voor de vertaling

Mariah in Roma, Italy

Picture 1 and 2: Mariah at the hotel Hassler di Piazza di Spagna.
Picture 3: Mariah with Italian fans.
Source: Valentina from Mariah Carey Sunlight.
Posted on November the 29th.
For our Italian friends who live in Belgium, you can read news in Italian on Mariah Carey Sunlight.
Pour nos amis italiens qui vivent en Belgique, vous pouvez lire des news en italien sur Mariah Carey Sunlight.
Voor onze italiaanse vrienden die in Belgïe wonen, u kan nieuws lezen in het italiaans op Mariah Carey Sunlight.
Very moving tribute
Visit http://usa.corporateclicks.com/  and you will see very moving pictures of the September the 11th tragedy with Mariah's song "Hero".  Very great site.  Thanks to the person who did this.
Thanks to Jeff who gave us this link.
Posted on November the 29th.

Allez sur http://usa.corporateclicks.com/  et vous découvrirez des photos très émouvante de la tragédie du 11 septembre illustrées par la chanson "Hero" de Mariah.  Très bon site.  Merci à la personne qui a fait ce montage.

Ga maar eens op http://usa.corporateclicks.com/  en je zal ontroerende fotos zien van de 11 september ramp met het lied "Hero" van Mariah.  Heel goeie site.  Dank aan de persoon die dat deed.

I just received an e-mail from a fan, telling me that the news about Mariah's wardrobe from E! Online was rude.  Well, everyone has their opinion, for my part, I think that it's very positive that someone recognize finally that Mariah is better than j lo (that we all known already).  A true fan can also post something funny, 'cause I found that the illustration is not rude either, I think it's funny.  Loving Mariah is also have a humor sense.
Posted on November the 28th.

Source for the illustration: Jim Paillot and Kirsten Ulve
Here's what we found on E! Online:
"Gifts We'd Like to Give
Straightjackets, Wigs and Other Perfect Presents for the Celeb Who Has Everything
by Kimberly Potts 
Mariah Carey: A wardrobe consultant. Yes, Mariah, your voice is better than Jennifer Lopez's. But as long as you're raiding Chris Kattan's Mango wardrobe, no one's gonna notice."
Source: Kimberly Potts for E! Online.
Posted on November the 28th.

Source: The Sun.

Westlife 'n Mariah team again 
WESTLIFE are teaming up with MARIAH CAREY to record another duet.  The band hope the single will boost their bid to break the US.  They also plan to appear with Mariah at the Top Of The Pops awards on Friday to sing her track Never Too Far together.  The two camps first joined forces to make the No1 hit Against All Odds earlier this year. They got on really well recording the Phil Collins, er, classic on the island of Capri.  And troubled Mariah was touched by the boys’ support when she suffered a mental breakdown this year, so she asked Nicky, Shane, Kian, Mark and Bryan to join her for the TOTP gig.  Westlife manager Louis Walsh told me: “We reckon the duet’s a great idea. Mariah asked the lads and they wanted to show their support as they know she’s had a hard time lately.  “There was real chemistry when they worked on Against All Odds. We want to record with her again because it would be a great way to bolster her profile in the UK and introduce Westlife to the Americans.”
The two parties will discuss possible songs this weekend although the lads are keen to write their own material with her. They will go into the studio early next year.  They will not be the only duet at the Manchester MEN Arena bash on Friday. Wyclef Jean and Tom Jones will croon a number of hits together.  Other performers include Jennifer Lopez, Kylie Minogue, Atomic Kitten, Travis, Wheatus and Hear’Say. Presenters include Lucy Liu, Caprice, Noddy Holder, Mel B, Vinnie Jones, Ronan Keating and Natalie Imbruglia.
Source: Dominic Mohan for The Sun - Ananova - Ashes from Rainbow Princess.

Thanks to David.
Source: Mariah Daily.
Cute little Mariah
David sent this cute pic to Mariah Daily.  A friend of David had this photo, 'cause he went to pre-school with Mariah, it was in 1974.
Thanks to David.
Posted on November the 27th.
Mariah vs j lo
Here's what we read on Rainbow Princess:
"Hi just got off the phone from a contact and this is what I got:
"mariah was extremely happy to see her fans, like she is you know, she loves her lambies, but there was a slight hiccup in munich as [mariah's bad smell] j.lo stayed in the same hotel as her, there was some confusion to who were there to see mariah [and who were there to see j.lo make a fool of herself again...hehehe]."
[So mariah really loves to see her lambs, so make sure that you make it really clear you are a mariah fan and as mariah goes back to berlin on the 1 december 2001, you german lambz make sure yoiu are out there in greater strength with banners and stuff...this also applies to us brits as no one know where the pong is staying.]
All the stuff in brackets is my comments
carey on~
Thanks to Ashes from Rainbow Princess.
Posted on November the 27th.
Mariah arrived yesterday at the bourget, but unfortunately we didn't found pictures of Mariah's arrival, apparently like in Italy the photographs were not interested, we didn't find either pictures posted by fans.
Posted on November the 26th.
Giant promo poster of the Greatest Hits
Absolutely giant, I never saw that before, I'm 1m83 (6'1'') and I'm behind the poster.  Sorry about the tag, but we all know how certain webmasters take pics or news without giving credit for it.
Posted on November the 26th.
Great fan action in London.
Here's what we read on mariahcareyuk:
"Glitter Gathering was great fun!
Around 20 of us met each other at midday and when Ash arrived he handed out some cool Loverboy and Glitter posters and we took some photos. The group was really cool and some lambs made such an effort with their clothes! There were some beautiful contributions to the fanbook Ash will give Mariah including fantastic artwork from Charli and Bobby! We saw the movie at Odeon and even though the screen was tiny everyone enjoyed it and didn't budge until the entire credits had ended! We gave Mariah plenty of applause as deserved!  Now that we had all seen Glitter we felt inspired so we went next door to the Capital FM Radio offices and got our posters out (and I put my sandwhich board on again) and started chanting "WE WANT MARIAH!" and "PLAY DON'T STOP!". We kept calling them on the phone too and in the end they turned that line off! It only made us shout louder though! One sweet lamb, Sarah, had a VERY loud voice which was cool and she was bellowing the chants so that there was no chance they weren't hearing us! We soon got some response as faces started appearing at the office windows and a large crowd started to gather around us because we were so loud! It was really cool! Whilst we were here we also sang Hero all the way through and I was standing next to a cool guy called Bobby who could sing really well and put me to shame!  Sarah noticed the main entrance door was open and unguarded so in we went in full force and within 10 seconds of walking through the door we had security flying down the stairs who politely got us to leave. We went around the back of the offices (with a few of the 'general public' following us) and chanted some more!
Once we had made our message clear and throats started to become soar we headed over to a Starbucks and sat down in a large group for some refreshments and got to know each other better.  Ash had brought along a friend from Japan who gave out some really cool Japanese promo postcards so thanx to him for that! (We also had a visit from a great fan from Hungary, called Zoli).  Ash also gave out some stills from the film to people who correctly answered some Mariah trivia questions! And a lamb named Nick (the guy who had his question answered by Mariah in her MSN chat) won the prize Ash made for the Best Dressed. He had made a really cool top with the Glitter logo on it (Charli made a fab one too but she already had a few prizes).  And then after almost an hour I had to leave to catch my train. We all had a great time and it was really cool hooking up with other UK Mariah fans, especially such cool ones!  Thanx to everone who came along and I hope to see you all again when we go to London to support Mariah during her visit here very soon!"
Thanks guys, Mariah needs more action like this.
Posted on November the 25th.
Mariah at Torno Sabato - la lotteria on RAI (Italy)
Mariah was dressed with a black dress and black boots, she was very relax and the audience gave her a warm applause as soon she was on the stage and during her performance, the audience applause again and scream her name.  At the end of the song, she leaved the audience and said: "grazie" (thanks in italian) 3 times.
Sorry, but I don't have caps of this performance, 'cause I didn't have time to do some and I didn't found caps posted by Italian fans.
Posted on November the 25th.
Mariah in Italy
Sorry, but I didn't found pictures of Mariah's arrival in Italy, apparently, the Italian photographs were not interested.
Posted on November the 25th.

Thanks to Uwe from mariah-carey-fan.de for this cap.
Mariah at the Sport Gala on ARD (Germany)
It was a gala were they gave Victoria Awards to a lot of  German athletes.  Mariah appeared very elegant as usual and sang Never Too Far/Hero.  When the song was over Mariah received a warm applause from the audience and then she talks a little with one of the host.  Mariah said that she saw skiers on TV and she asks if someone would be her coach, the host asked her if she was doing sports and if she can ski, and our Mariah with a lot of humor said: "no, but I can fall very well".  She leaved the audience and said "danke, danke scheun" (thanks, thank you very much in german).
Posted on November the 25th.
Mariah in München, Germany this afternoon:

Copyrights: (AP Photo/Diether Endlicher)
Source: Yahoo news
Posted on November the 23rd.
The dark side of the music business
Here's what we read on Ananova:
"Alicia nearly quit music over Mariah Carey 'clone' bid
Alicia Keys says she was worried her record company wanted to turn her into a Mariah Carey clone.  She almost gave up the music business.  Alicia claims her old label Columbia wasn't happy with her hip-hop soul style.  Since switching to J Records, she has had a number one album in the US with Songs In A-Minor.  Her current single Fallin' is a Top 10 hit in the UK.  Alicia said: "It was so frustrating when they wanted me to turn in to a clone of Mariah Carey or Whitney Houston.
"I wasn't interested in doing something like that. I had to be myself."  "I've been brought up to do what I believe in and never do what is demanded of me. That's why I had a problem at my old label.  "They wanted me to be something I'm not. I'm not the high-heel and cleavage type.""
Source: Ananova
Posted on November the 23rd.
Exclusive - thanks to Ashes
November 23rd - Munich, Germany. ARD, 'Sports Gala'
November 24th - Italy. RAI 1, 'Torno Sabato'
November 30th - UK. BBC 1, 'Top Of The Pops Awards' at Manchester Evening News Arena
December 1st - UK. ITV, 'CD:UK' for Ant and Dec's final show
December 1st - France. TF1, 'Star Academy'
December 1st - Germany. RTL2, 'The Dome'
December 2nd - Germany. SAT.1, 'Stars 2001 - AIDS Charity'
December 3rd - London, UK. BBC Radio 2, interview with Steve Wright at 1pm
December 3rd - BBC Radio One, interview with the Dreem Team at 1.45pm
December 3rd - Capital Radio in Leicester Square studios, interview at 2.45pm
December 31st - France. France 2, New Year's Eve special
December 31st - UK. BBC 1, 'Friday Night With Jonathan Ross' New Year's Eve special
Thanks to Ashes from Rainbow Princess.
Posted on November the 22nd at 12h00 CET
Mariah Daily's web host closed the download section of the webmaster due to copyright fraud.
Source: Mariah Daily.
Mariah's Thanksgiving
"Rudy Giuliani will spend Thanksgiving dishing out meals for God's Love We Deliver. And Mariah Carey will pass the stuffing at a feast she's helped organize for families of Sept. 11 victims at the Fresh Air Fund's camp upstate. …"
Source: Kasia Anderson and Sari Botton for the New York Daily News.
Posted on November the 22nd.
It was only a rumor
"Mariah Carey's spokeswoman Cindi Berger is denying published reports that the pop star is being forced to renegotiate her $100 million contract".
Source: Bill Zwecker for the Chicago Sun Times.
Posted on November the 22nd.
Mariah at the TOTP Awards
Here's what we read on Rainbow Princess:
"This is a message I got from one of mariah's press spokepersons "mariah would love to see her lambz in manchester, she wants to take all the opportunities she has to thank all her lambies for all their support""
Thanks to Ashes from Rainbow Princess.
Posted on November the 21st.
My tribute to Mariah
Early October, I told you about Fans Illustrated, I don't know if you try to be published, I hope so, 'cause this morning I received an e-mail from them telling me that my tribute will be publish in the great fan book.  They will give an exemplar of this fan book to Mariah for Christmas.
What a nice way to start the day.
Posted on November the 21st.
We Take Carey Of Mariah
This year's TOTP Awards is looking more like the Diva Awards following the announcement that Mariah Carey is to perform at the show later this month.
Yep, the lady with the voice like an elastic band that's been stretched to capacity and then let go will be jetting up North to grace us with her presence. She now joins the likes of Kylie & Jennifer Lopez, who'll also be performing at the Manchester Evening News Arena.
We're feeling mighty privelleged as it's Mariah's first performance since her troubles earlier this year. Looking forward to seeing you, Mariah!
Source: TOTP Awards.
Posted on November the 20th.

Mariah: My Greatest Work Isn't Always Most Popular
Despite her headline-grabbing split with Columbia Records last year, Mariah Carey has no beef with them cashing in on her success by releasing a "Greatest Hits" double LP on December 4.
And though a collection of Carey's highest-charting songs, "No. 1's," was released a mere three years ago, she says that collection didn't include all of her best work.  "The difference is the 'No. 1''s record only had [songs that reached No. 1] on it, therefore I wouldn't let them call it 'Greatest Hits,'" she said. "I made a huge deal out of it: 'You may not call this a greatest-hits [album].' I think people are going to like this "Greatest Hits" because there are songs on it that were not necessarily singles.  "These are songs that needed to be really heard, and I'm happy about it," she continued. "There's a song, 'Vanishing,' that's on the record that I really love, and there's a song called 'Underneath the Stars' that I always kind of fought for. ... There's a lot of songs that I'm happy are gonna see the light of day."  "Greatest Hits" also includes "Fantasy," "Heartbreaker," "Thank God I Found You" and "One Sweet Day," among others.  On the same day that the double album hits stores, Carey will release a maxi-single that features "Never Too Far," "Hero" and "There for Me." Proceeds from the single's sales go to the Heroes Fund, which benefits the families of relief workers lost while trying to save lives during the World Trade Center disaster.  "I started [performing] at different charity events where I did a combination of 'Never Too Far' and 'Hero,'" she said. "We made it into a medley and kinda put them both in the same key and just made it work, and people responded really well to it. It's been interesting for me, since the events of September 11, the way people have been playing 'Hero' and talking to me about 'Never Too Far,' 'cause that song is also about loss.  "I figured that it would be a nice thing to do, to put them both out for Christmas. ... I feel like it's our responsibility to do what we can right now in terms of music, just being artists and being human beings." -- Shaheem Reid, with additional reporting by David P. Levin (MTV.com)
Source: MTV Asia
Posted on November the 20th.

Great, great item
I found a Glitter cd-rom with pictures from the movie.  I found this cd-rom in a music fair.  This cd-rom was given in Germany to promote the movie.
Comments: Sorry about the tag on the scans, but we all know what happen on auction sites.
Posted on November the 19th at 9h30am CET
Source: The Sun. Back to her best ... Mariah steps out in style
Source: The Sun.
Posted on November the 19th at 9h00am CET
Source: pagesix.com Hometown girl
UNLIKE her rival Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey is proving what a New York girl she is by staying in town - and working overtime to create a new single for charity. "So many people were asking me to sing 'Never Too Far' and 'Hero' at fund-raisers that I decided to make a medley of the two," Mariah told PAGE SIX. "This all happened by accident, but I really feel they work together. Even though it's only a single, I wanted the proceeds to benefit the NYC Police Heroes Fund." Due out on Dec. 11, the single - which has kept Carey working until 4:30 a.m. for weeks - includes an unreleased ballad, "There for Me," with David Foster and Dianne Warren on the B side.
Source: pagesix.com
Posted on November the 16th at 10h00am CET
Congratulations to Mariah's Web
Here's what we read on this site:
"You can download the mp3 of "There For Me" at the below link! Wait ... Ok I had this up but I changed my mind. Go buy the single !!!  I thought about this.. I chose not to put up the mp3 of it because I want you all to go out and buy it! I'm sure most of you have heard it by now. But anyways, it's just a personal choice of mine!
(Source: I had the mp3 up and well - changed my mind)"
Thanks to Mariah's Web.
Posted on November the 16th at 10h00am CET

Source: giselencyclopedia.
Mariah, english teacher
Gisele Bundchen was on with Jay Leno Wednesday to promote Thursday's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show on ABC. Gisele says Mariah Carey's music helped her to learn English as she told Jay, "Mariah Carey is like, big, huge in Brazil. And when I came to America, my sister -- the only CD she had was a Mariah Carey CD. So she gave me one of her Mariah Carey CDs, and I bought more because they had the thing inside where you can read, you know -- read the lyrics and listen over and over again. It was easy to learn, so I liked that." 
Thanks to Abstracts Jeff.
Comments: Mariah helps me too to learn english, 'cause I can't imagine being fan of someone who I don't understand the language.
Posted on November the 15th.
Mariah's new message
"Hey lambs, hum...  I tryed to leave you a message about this last week but it didnt go through so here I am calling you to let you know that I re-recorded Never Too Far and Hero and made them into a medley and that's gonna be coming out in stores on December 4th you can hear it on the radio as well, and hum there also gonna be a video taken from a live performance that was done, sooo hum...  The B-side of that is also an unreleased track that I've been saving called There For Me and I hope you like it, so check it out, I will call you again soon, I love you, I miss you and I enjoy you as you know, bye bye (little laugh)"
Transcript made by Gilles.
Posted on November the 14th at 11h00am CET

Petit résumé
Mariah dit qu'elle a réenrégistré Never Too Far et Hero et en a fait un medley qui sortira en magasin aux US le 4 décembre, il y aura aussi un clip d'une performance live.  La face B de ce nouveau single aura une chanson inédite - There For Me.

Korte samenvatting
Mariah heeft gezegd dat ze Never Too Far en Hero opnieuw heeft ingezongen, en ze hebben er een medley van gemaakt die
op 4 december in de winkels in de US zou moeten liggen.  Er zal een bijhorende clip zijn van een live optreden.  De B kant
van die nieuwe single zal een eerder onuitgegeven liedje bevatten namelijk There For Me.
Vertaling: Björn

Glitter (the movie) not in the Netherlands
I just phoned to Columbia Tristar Films Nederland in Amsterdam and they confirmed that Glitter will not be release in the Netherlands, the reason they gave me, is that the DVD zone 1 and VHS in NTSC are release in the US on January the 15th 2002.
Posted on November the 14th at 10h00am CET

Glitter (le film) ne sortira pas aux Pays-Bas
Columbia Tristar Films Nederland à Amsterdam vient de me confirmer par téléphone que Glitter ne sortira pas aux Pays-Bas, la raison invoquée est que le DVD zone1 et la VHS en NTSC sortent aux US le 15 janvier 2002.

Glitter (de film) wordt niet gereleased in Nederland
Columbia Tristar Films Nederland (te Amsterdam) heeft me zo pas telefonisch laten weten dat Glitter niet wordt gereleased in Nederland.  Dit komt omdat de DVD zone 1, de VHS en NTSC al op 15 januari 2002 in de States uitkomen.
Vertaling: Björn

Previewed, but not confirmed
Mariah will maybe do a European promo tour for TV shows.  Virgin Belgium told us that nothing is confirmed yet, but we are sure of one thing, it's that even if she comes, Mariah will not visit Belgium.
Posted on November the 13th.

Mariah va peut-être entamer un promo tour Européen pour des émissions TV.  Virgin Belgium nous a dit que rien n'était encore confirmé, mais nous sommes sûrs d'une chose, Mariah ne viendra pas en Belgique.

Mariah gaat waarschijnlijk voor enkele TV opnames een Europese tour ondernemen.  Virgin Belgium heeft ons verteld dat er nog niks is bevestigd, maar we weten zeker dat Mariah niet naar België zal komen.
Vertaling: Björn

Source: CNN Deepest sympathy to the family of the victims, the victims will stay alive in our hearts and our minds.
Posted on November the 12th.
A.J. Calloway
Source: BET
Mariah and a lucky guy
Mariah Carey popped in for Juke Box Thursdays and swigged Dom Perignon until 3:30 a.m. Mariah, in a tight denim miniskirt, danced exclusively with A.J. Calloway, the host of BET's "106th and Park." 
Source: NY Post page six | Thanks Kaiyan and Ashes from Rainbow Princess.
Comments: Remember that A.J. Calloway knows Mariah since the early days and here's what he said about Mariah's exhaustion: "She was tired ... when she was here. We talked about it all day, about getting rest and taking care of herself."
Posted on November the 11th.
Not confirmed, but
Alain Levy is said to be eager to renegotiate Mariah Carey's Virgin deal. Given that it's now apparent how important input from Carey's former Columbia team was in the making and marketing of her records, insiders are insisting that—if Levy and the Don Passman-repped diva come to terms—Levy will need to enlist a strong personality able to convince her to "put the little black dress back on". Questioners questioning whom the still-managerless Carey might be willing to take input from. 
Source: Hits Daily Double
Thanks to Ashes from Rainbow Princess.
Comments: Please Mister, don't do your "Tommy".  Let Mariah be herself and let her enjoy life, she's only 31.
Posted on November the 11th.
Jennifer Butterfly
Go read why in the spy headquarters.
Posted on November the 9th.
Mariah gave exclusive news
Mariah was yesterday at the Sony Studios in New York to shoot a performance for Top of the Pops.
Danielle from Mariah Daily received this mail from a fan wo was there:
"She sang Hero, Never too far, the medley, My All and Without you! But it was a taping, so she didn't sing live. But we had some exclusive news! She said that she's filming the video for LNADJSML in a few days, she's doing MTV Cribs and that The Greatest Hits album will have a never-released before track! Isn't that awesome? Well everything she taped tonight was for her European promotion, but now that i remember I think she said that the Never too far/hero medley will be a single and the unreleased track was a B side. i think that's what she said. We'll have to wait for another lamb who was also there to confirm this. But I think said the unreleased track will be released in her next single. She also mentioned she was supposed to give a speech for Patti at her tribute, but she couldn't 'cause she was late."
Thanks to Danielle from Mariah Daily
Posted on November the 9th.

Petit résumé:
Hier, Mariah était au Sony Studios à New York pour y enrégistrer une émission pour la promo Européenne pour l'émission Top of the Pops.  Mariah a dit qu'elle allait tourner dans les prochains jours un clip pour LNADJSML (Last Night...).

Korte samenvatting
Gisteren was Mariah in de New Yorkse SONY studio's voor de opnames van een aflevering van Top Of The Pops bedoeld
voor promotie in Europa.  Mariah zei er dat ze de volgende dagen een video zullen opnemen voor LNADJSML (Last Night
Vertaling: Björn.

Source: Amazon.co.uk
America: A Tribute To Heroes
Release date for all format (CD, DVD, VHS):
Belgium: TBA
UK: December the 3rd
US: December the 4th
We will certainly be able to give you the Belgian release date tomorrow.
Posted on November the 8th.

Thanks to Teruhiko for this picture.
Mariah and David Foster special track for Japan
It seems that in the Japanese edition of the Greatest Hits, a special track with David Foster is announced.  We made some investigations and we found that David Foster is a player, composer, arranger, and visionary producer. He's  the vice-president of Atlantic Records and Warner and he have his own label,143 Records.  He works with a lot of artists like: The Corrs, Andrea Bocelli, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Toni Braxton, Chicago, Earth Wind and Fire, etc...  At this moment we are not able to tell you the details of the track, but we listen his voice and if he sing with Mariah, it could be a great duet.  We will try to give you more details, as soon that we receive news from our Japanese friend Teruhiko who is a fan of David Foster.
Posted on November the 7th at 16h00 CET
Glitter (the movie) Belgian infos
Go on columbiafilms.be to see the Glitter page.
Thanks to our contact person at Columbia Tristar Pictures Belgium.
Posted on November the 7th at 9h00am CET
Greatest Hits in Belgium
Sony Belgium told us that the release date of the double cd "Greatest Hits" is planned on December the 3rd (must be confirmed).
Posted on November the 6th
Many thanks to mariahcarey.com for the links they post in their news about Heroes of Mariah's Halloween party.  It's an honor to be in Mariah's official news page.
Posted on November the 6th.
The winners of the contests are announced.
Posted on November the 5th at 17h00 CET
Ally's crew fells for Mariah's charm
The episode of "Ally McBeal", in which Mariah will appear has been shot last week. Mariah's character is the most important link in a chain of evidences against a dating service, Mariah even sings "Lead The Way". After they worked with her, every single member of the show's crew is a Mariah-Fan now. She was at the set in time and she was "lovely, gracious, funny and sweet". Then came the question if there wasn't at least a little something to complain about Mariah, a crew-member answered: "Well, she and her people did complain about all the food - just like real crew members."
Thanks to Mike.

Petit résumé
La semaine dernière Mariah a participé au tournage de l'épisode d'Ally McBeal où elle tiendra un rôle.  Elle y chantera Lead The Way.  Toute l'équipe est devenue fan de Mariah et l'a trouvée adorable, gracieuse, amusante et douce.

Korte samenvatting
Vorige week heeft Mariah deelgenomen aan de opnames van een aflevering van Ally McBeal.  In die aflevering zal ze Lead The Way zingen.  De hele ploeg werd onmiddellijk Mariah fan, ze vonden haar schattig, vriendelijk, grappig en zachtaardig.
Vertaling: Björn.

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Posted on November the 5th at 9h30am CET
Mariah's new message
Hi lambs! I just wanna let you know that I did a show tonight, a tv special, that's gonna be on in December, called "Home For The Holidays," with me and a lot of special guests and I think it's gonna be really nice. It's for foster children and helping them find homes and... things of that nature. So, I miss calling you and leaving messages and... I hope everybody is doing well and, hmm, love ya, appreciate ya and enjoy ya. I... I hope you saw the other night on the Radio Music Awards when I was thanking you, I don't know if I stayed there long enough and thank you long enough but you know that I love you much, so, hmm, and you know how much you mean to me. So, I will holla back soon. Bye!
Source: Scott who sent this transcript to Mariah Daily

Petit résumé
Mariah dit qu'elle a fait un show pour la télé qui sera diffusé en décembre et s'appellera "Home For The Hollidays".  Le but est ici à nouveau d'aider des enfants.  Elle espère que tous les fans vont bien.  Elle espère aussi qu'elle a assez remercié les fans lors du Radio Music Awards.

Korte samenvatting
Mariah zei dat ze een show heeft gedaan die zal worden uitgezonden in december, de show heet "Home For The Holidays".  Het doel ervan is om kinderen te helpen. Verder hoopt ze dat alle fans het goed stellen en dat ze de fans ook genoeg heeft bedankt tijdens de Radio Music Awards.
Vertaling: Björn.

Don't Stop video shoot pictures

Thanks to Bernard.
Posted on November the 3rd at 16h30 CET
No more letters for now
We heard this morning on CNN that many star agencies, press agencies, managements, Official Fan-Clubs, TVs and radios in the US suspend the opening of the letters they receive.  They will start to open the mail as soon that the employees will be protected by masks and gloves.  They mention : Whitney Houston, J. Lo, Julia Roberts, Tom Cruise, Mariah and a lot of others celebrities that I can't remember anymore.
Posted on November the 2nd

Source : Amazon.com
Greatest Hits
A new double cd will be released by the former label of Mariah.  You can see the tracklist on Amazon.com and you can see that unlike what was announced and promised by the former label, there will be NO unreleased tracks.  We found strange too that they put Can't Take That Away as a bonus track, as they didn't want to make any promotion for it during the release of this single.  We hope that the release of this cd will not only serve the former label money interrests and that with this cd Mariah will finally be recognized by all as the greatest artist of the last decade.
Many thanks to the 402 fans who participate to Mariah's Halloween party


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