Heroes of Mariah - October 2001
Mariah invites us to her Halloween party

Click here to be a guest.
Posted on October the 31st.

Please if you take this capture give us the credit.
Carrey supports Carey
At the end of Mariah's performance at the Radio Music Awards, we were able to see Jim Carrey making a standing ovation for Mariah and invite the audience to applause more and more.  If you are able to see the video of this performance, you can even read on Jim's lips that he said "c'mon".
Posted on October the 30th.
Some fans e-mailed us to say that this guy is probably Mark Mc Grath from Sugar Ray instead of Jim Carrey.  Sorry if I was wrong, but admit that the confusion was possible.
Posted on October the 31st.

Source : maryjbligeonline.com
Thanks to Björn.
Mariah, Mary and P. Diddy
It's still not confirmed if Mariah will appear in the Mary J. Blige video "No More Drama" and still not confirmed either if Mariah will sing in this song, but what is sure it's that these pictures show Mariah, Mary J. Blige and P.Diddy togheter.
Posted on October the 30th.
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Source for this picture : MariahBuzz
Mariah's acceptance speech transcript at the Radio Music Awards for the Most Requested Artist award
"Oh dear, thank you so much, I'm just happy to be here and hum... (little laugh), I'd like to say thank you to radio first of all for beeing for me since "Vision of Love" and hum... you know I wouldn't be here without you mainly basically this award is about the fans and hum... you've been here with me, stuck with me through tick and thin, drama, no drama whatever (laugh) and I just wanna say I love you, I appreciate you, thank you God for hum... taking me through whatever and thank to everybody out there who supported me... that's it !  (little time of emotion and warm applause of the audience) Thank you.
Transcript made by Gilles.
Posted on October the 29th at 10h00am CET

Source : MariahBuzz
Mariah gets standing ovation! 
Dressed in a long sexy black dress with her hair long and straighten, Mariah sung "Never Too Far" hitting all the right notes (yes even the high ones) and then went into singing Hero as confident as ever. And she hit a beautiful, subdued high note that caused an uproar of applause. Mary J. Blige, Christina Aguilera, Gavin Rosdale from Bush and especially Mark Mcgrath from Sugar Ray was extremely complimentary towards Mariah. She then came on stage to accept her award for "Most Requested Artist" of the year beating out Lenny Kravitz, Sugar Ray and Snoop Dog. She thanked the fans, radio, and God. There was some unique vocal gymnastics in the song, very beautiful. This was way, way better than her perfomance at "United We Stand
Source : MariahBuzz
Posted on October the 27th.
Good news from Brazil
- Mariah is still doing great at the Brazilian TRL called "Disk MTV" in front of artists like Jennifer Lopez and Britney Spears!
For October the 26th, Mariah is number 5 with "Never Too Far".
- The movie "Glitter" was set to be in the teathers today,  October the 26th but Columbia Tristar Pictures Brazil decided
to release the movie on January 11th, 2002.  We guess they decided to do that because Janaury is Brazil´s vacation season so more people can go and watch the movie. And because Mariah is so famous here we think they´re doing the best to promote the movie. You can see posters everywhere!!! Go Mariah!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the soundtrack "Glitter" is still doing awesome and selling a lot here.
Thanks to Tahi from mariahcarey.com.br for sending us these news.
A princess is born
In spite of all the efforts of the Belgian Fan-Club, the little crown princess of Belgium will not be named Mariah, her name is Elisabeth :-)  The Belgian Fan-Club will send a Never Too Far/Don't Stop single to the Laeken palace as gift for the little Elisabeth of Belgium.  A new Mariah fan is maybe born.
Posted on October the 26th at 9h30am CET

Une princesse est née
Malgré tous les efforts du Fan-Club Belge, la petite princesse héritière de Belgique ne s'appellera pas Mariah, son nom est Elisabeth :-)  Le Fan-Club Belge va envoyer un single de Never Too Far/Don't Stop comme cadeau à la petite Elisabeth de Belgique, au palais de Laeken.  Une nouvelle fan de Mariah est peut-être née.

Een prinses is geboren
Ondanks al de moeite van de Belgische Fan-Club, de kleine kroonprinses van Belgïe zal de voornaam van Mariah niet krijgen, haar naam is Elisabeth :-)  De Belgische Fan-Club zal een single van Never Too Far/Don't Stop opsturen als geschenk aan de kleine Elisabeth van Belgïe, naar het paleis van Laeken.  Een nieuwe Mariah fan is misschien geboren.
Vertaling : Kinou van de staff, sorry voor de fouten

Go vote for Mariah
Click here and go vote for Mariah at MTV Asia, she needs only a few votes to be number 1.  Even if it's not a vote for your country, do it for Mariah.
Thanks to Strife for this link.
Posted on October the 25th.
Breaking News
Nancy Berry leaves Virgin Records USA.  To read more click here.
Source : Ananova
Posted on October the 24th at 11h00am CET
Mariah's new message
Hey lambs... yeeeaah I'm calling you to say hello, let you know that I've been out doing some stuff, that's hum... been making me happy, and I've been seeing some fans, and performing, I was at the "What More Can I Give" concert, I did a couple of songs, and hum..., it was nice to see all the artists coming together to do that hum... for the cause and I also did the VH1 Fashion Awards which was like a lot of fun and kind like a big party and... things of that sort, and hum..., pretty soon I'm doing the Radio Music Awards, and I guess your gonna be able to see that on the... 20, I think it's the 26, so don't be mad at me if I'm wrong you know I'm not good with dates... (Mariah laughs)... Anyway, I miss you, I love you, I enjoy you... I'm resting, and working and doing the stuff that makes me happy, hum, filming an episode of Ally McBeal which should be cute, and hum, things of that nature... Soooo... I will call in, talk to you soon, and hopefully deal to come around and see all of you soon, hum around the world who have been waitin for me. And I look forward to that. Allright? Talk to you soon. Bye.
Transcript made by Gilles.
Posted on October the 24th at 9h30am CET

Petit résumé
Mariah dit bonjour aux lambs, elle dit qu'elle fait des choses qui la rendent heureuse, elle a pris plaisir à participer au concert "What More Can I Give".  Elle dit que ce sera chouette d'être dans un épisode d'Ally McBeal.  Les fans lui manquent, et elle espère pouvoir faire bientôt des voyages de par le monde pour les rencontrer.

Korte samenvatting
Mariah groet de lambs, ze zegt dat ze momenteel dingen doet die haar gelukkig maken,  ze heeft zich geamuseerd bij het "What More Can I Give" concert.  Verder vertelt ze dat het tof was om deel uit te maken van een aflevering van Ally McBeal.  Ze mist de fans en hoopt binnenkort de wereld rond te kunnen reizen om ze te ontmoeten.
Dank aan Björn voor de vertaling.

New message of the Belgian lamb.
Todo Para Ti
Mariah will sing on the english and spanish version of What More Can I Give.  The spanish title is Todo Para Ti (Everything For You).
Source : MTV
New Mariah fan
We read that Andrea Bocelli who everybody knows as one of the great tenor of our time, he says that he don't listen to non-classical music very much, Mariah is one of the two non-clasical singers he likes to listen.
Posted on October the 23rd at 9h30am CET
Request Mariah's Don't Stop video
I already know a way to start promoting Mariah's new video Don't Stop over here.
Just send a mail with your top 3 videos to clipparade@tmf.be , on the site they also say you can write some news or other stuff on this mail, but it's not necessary, just a top 3 is also okay, oki doki !
Thanks to Björn from the staff.
Sorry, as in 2 hours we received about 100 e-mails, we can't reply to the requests.
Posted on October the 22nd at 12h00 CET

Source : Picture found on a forum without copyrights.
United We Stand - Washington DC - October the 21st
Mariah sang a medley of Never Too Far and Hero and then she sang Last Night A Dj Save My Life.  This performance was really great with new variations of her voice in the 2 first songs and Last Night A Dj Save My Life was more close to the original version of Indeep.
As Fan-Club we  may not post any downloads, so we can't give you this performance on the site.
Posted on October the 22nd at 9h30am CET
Great caps of Lead The Way video
This video is only aired on Chinese tv, like : MTV China and Channel V.
Click here to see them.
Many thanks to Bernard from Hong-Kong to be so kind to send us these caps.
Posted on October the 21st at 9h00am CET
Good news.
All the messages for the castaway of the contest will be send to Mariah's management.  So, don't forget to participate.
Posted on October the 20th
Did Prince talks about Mariah's fans?
The new album of Prince is called "The Rainbow Children".
Mmmm, maybe it's us!!!
Posted on October the 20th at 9h00am CET
Sony to win the battle.  Mariah to win the war!
Will More 'Greatest Hits' Undermine Mariah?
Mariah Carey's Greatest Hits? You may think you already own it, since Sony released the No.1's album last year. But in an effort to saturate the market and drain Carey of any way to resuscitate her Glitter soundtrack, Sony is planning to release Mariah's greatest hits in December.  This will be just in time to suck the life out of any possible way to get Glitter back into sales racks since the thinking goes that fans will want the old songs first.  But Mariah has a few ideas up her sleeve. She's performing a medley of "Never Too Far Away" and "Hero" at the Radio Awards next week. She's also set to appear on Ally McBeal in January, where she'll sing "Lead the Way," the best song from Glitter.  I've got to tell you that no matter what Sony pulls, this is the record to bring Mariah back to the public. As long as Mariah makes a tasteful well thought out video, this could be a chance for her to separate the album from the disaster of the movie. Has it been done before?  The Coyote Ugly soundtrack is a good example of a record that outlasted its awful movie of the same name. And now that Carey has her old promo guy, Jerry Blair, calling the shots, I smell success in the air.
Source : FoxNews.com and the bigham
Thanks to MariahBuzz for this info.

Don't Stop caps
Thanks to MCarey.nu
My favourite
Posted on October the 19th at 10h00am CET

Thanks to MCarey.nu
My second favourite, but, woochch, my eyes become crazy to look the 3 Mariah at the same time :-)
Posted on October the 19th at 10h00am CET

Thanks to MCarey.nu
When I said to you in June that the bandeau was trendy.
Posted on October the 19th at 10h00am CET
What More Can I Give
Mariah Carey, Ricky Martin, Tom Petty, Carlos Santana, Celine Dion, Shakira, Gloria Estefan, Usher, Julio Iglesias, Reba McEntire, Luther Vandross, Brian McKnight, Aaron Carter, Jon Secada, Billy Gilman, Boyz II Men's Shawn Stockman, Alejandro Sanz, Christian Castro, Olga Tañón, Juan Gabriel, Luis Miguel, Thalía, Ziggy Marley and 3LW
"What More Can I Give" will be released in both English and Spanish versions. It was unclear which artists will appear on which one. Jackson penned the song and is producing the English version, while KC Porter is overseeing production of the Spanish rendition. A release date has not been announced.
Source : MTV
Jacko: Stars Pull Out
All is not going smoothly for Michael Jackson´s forthcoming charity single, "What More Can I Give". First Britney Spears dropped out of the project, now Destiny´s Child have also decided that one thing they can´t give is their time.
Source : MTV Europe
Posted on October the 18th
Tous à vos vidéo et... poussez REC
Spécial Mariah Carey - Dimanche 21 octobre 2001 de 20h45 à 22h45 sur MCM
Rediffusion :
Le 27 octobre à 20h45
Merci à Olivier pour l'info.
Posté le 18 octobre.
Glitter goes platinum
Looks like the reports of the Glitter soundtrack only selling 400,000 copies were as much rubbish as yesterdays article on Virgin droping Mariah. Billboard Charts today have 'Glitter' at #34 with the RIAA certification for shipment of 1 million units (Platinum).
Thanks to MariahBuzz for this info.
Comments : RIAA = Recording Industry Association of America
Posted on October the 18th.
Promo single of Don't Stop to win
Win a European promo single of Don't Stop.  Contest open to all, go see the details in the contest.  That's Belgium man!
Thanks to Virgin Belgium for giving us this promo single.
Posted on October the 18th at 12h00 CET
Glitter (the movie) in France.
The staff made some research and we found that for France the movie is postponed until February the 6th 2002.  So, Stéphane will be able to see Glitter in France, but he can come in Brussels too :-)
Glitter (le film) en France.
Le staff a fait quelques recherches et a trouvé que pour la France le film est postposé au 6 février 2002.  Donc, Stéphane pourra voir Glitter en France, mais il peut venir à Bruxelles aussi :-)
Posted on October the 17th at 21h00 CET
Glitter (the movie) not released in France?
Stéphane from Lille e-mail us to tell that Glitter could maybe not be released in France, he tell us also that he read these info in french movie magazine called "Première".  He asked us if the movie will be released in Belgium, 'cause he will pass the frontier to come watch it in Brussels.
Glitter (le film) ne sortira pas en France?
Stéphane de Lille nous a e-mailé pour nous dire que Glitter ne sortira probablement pas en France, il nous a dit aussi avoir lu cette info dans un magazine français du cinéma s'appellant "Première".  Il nous a demandé si le film sortirait en Belgique, parce qu'il va passer la frontière pour venir le voir à Bruxelles.
Posted on October the 17th at 20h00 CET
No, Glitter is not a flop
-1. The album is excellent, original with some great covers and ballads that only Mariah can give us.
-2. For the non-fans, you must not forget that this album is a movie soundtrack.
-3. Mariah suffered from her exhaustion and was not able to do the promotion.
-4. The release of the cd was unlucky, 'cause of the September the 11th events.
-5. The entire world of music, movie and finance suffer at this time too.
-6. 400.000 sold copies?  But, as all the fans bought a copy, this report is impossible.
-7. Anti-Mariah campaign by the press, radios and others...
-8. Inadequate support from several fan sites, proposing downloads of Glitter instead of helping to promote it, helping the
     non-fans to steal the album.
Posted on October the 17th at 13h00 CET
Sorry this post can't be translated in english, 'cause of the belgian sense of the words.
Sorry dit post zal niet in het nederlands vertaald zijn, want de gebruikte woorden zijn typisch belgisch frans.

C'est arrivé près de chez moi.
Aujourd'hui, dans un magazine, je tombe sur l'interview d'un acteur belge.  Et quand je dis je tombe et bien franchement je tombe à la renverse.  On aime ou on n'aime pas Mariah, il en faut pour tous les goûts.  Dis B., ce qui m'a fait tomber c'est pas que tu ne l'aimes pas, c'est que tu ne la connais pas.  Si tu la connaissais, la Mariah qui se cache derrière la star, je te jure que tu en parlerais autrement.  Moi, ce qui m'énerve, c'est pas que tu ne l'aimes pas, c'est que tu la traites de cochonne........ je sais bien que venant de toi, comme on te connait et que nous on t'aime, c'est peut-être finalement un compliment.  Mais allé, les goûts et les couleurs ça ne se discute pas hein?  C'est comme le cornet de frites avec ou sans mayonnaise!
Hé! à l'occasion viens prendre un verre chez moi et je te montrerai le clip de "My All" de Mariah... si ça c'est vulgaire, alors j'ai dû me tromper quelque part!
PS : Ah oui, j'oubliais, tu ne le savais peut-être pas, mais tu est numéro 3 au hit-parade des tableaux de bord des femmes routiers ;-)
Posté le 17 octobre par Kinou du staff.

New CEO at EMI
Carey said in a statement, "I've had a great experience with Ken Berry and I look forward to working with Alain Levy."
Source : The Age
Stem voor Mariah!
Radio Donna:
If you follow this link, you'll be on a Donna page, and you can give your TOP 3 every day.  The programme is called
'de bumpershow' and airs between 17-19 http://www.donna.be/web/m_bumpershow/top3.htm
Vraag je ENERGY hit aan via SMS!
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En dit verstuur je dan naar 3028.
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De EGO TOP 44 is jullie lijst. Mail je persoonlijke top 4 naar laurens.pays@4fm.be Het programma is er elke zondagmiddag van 12 tot 15.
Dank aan Björn van de staff voor deze support actie.
Votez pour Mariah!
Never Too Far est n° 38 (61 la semaine dernière) dans le Hit Contact (3ème semaine).
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1° Cliquer sur le dauphin "VOTER"
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Grâce à nous Mariah peut entrer dans le top 10 !!! :o)
Merci à Olivier pour cette action de support.

The sadness of Luis
Luis Miguel that we have not seen since a long time, appeared at the rehearsals for the Latin Grammy Awards, he was apparently in a good mood, but he avoids the press so that they were not able to ask him questions about Mariah.  He saids however to be "destroyed and sad".
Many thanks to Acapulcoclub.
Posted on October the 15th.

La tristesse de Luis
Luis Miguel que l'on n'avait pas vu depuis longtemps s'est montré lors des répétions pour les Latin Grammy Awards, il semblait de bonne humeur mais évitait la presse pour qu'on ne lui pose pas de questions à propos de Mariah.  Il a toutefois dit être "détruit et triste".

Het verdriet van Luis
Luis Miguel die we al lange tijd niet meer hadden gezien, verscheen bij de repetities van de Latin Grammy Awards.  Hij was blijkbaar in een goeie bui maar ontvluchtte de pers zodat er geen vragen over Mariah werden gesteld.  Hij zei toch dat hij er "kapot van was en triestig".
Vertaling : Björn van de staff.

Please help Mariah in Belgium
It's very simple to help:
E-mail your top 3 songs to primadonna@donna.be and that's all!!!!
1. Never Too Far / Mariah Carey
2. Don't Stop / Mariah Carey
3. your third choice
Thanks to Frederic a true fan for this support action.

Hey jongens e-mail naar primadonna@donna.be en stem voor Mariah.

Mariah Carey fills Manhattan triplex with color
By Jeannie Williams, USA TODAY
There is good news and some not-so-good news about Mariah Carey's newly decorated Manhattan apartment.
The good: Glamour is the word for the silver doors, lacquered peach walls, 38-foot-long bathroom and Carey's signature butterflies worked in cleverly all over by New York designer Mario Buatta.
But the triplex, on the top floors of a former office building, is in Tribeca, and outside the singer's bedroom window, the World Trade Center towers once stood.  The apartment was photographed in midsummer for November's Architectural Digest, and designer Buatta still has a couple of rooms to finish.  Carey, who moved in last April, was in L.A. at the time of the Sept. 11 attacks, and arrived home Sept. 30.  Last Friday, the singer visited ground zero and met with the police commissioner, and also saw relatives of some victims.  "It was the most devastating thing I've ever seen in my life," she told TV's Extra Thursday. "I'll never forget being there and the stories that I heard."  Buatta says Carey had her finger on everything in renovating the raw space.  "She knew what she liked and could make decisions immediately." But then she'd travel and things would have to wait. Buatta says of Carey's recent breakdown, "She worked herself into a frenzy, I think. It was travel, time, relationships, everything at once. I think she collapsed from exhaustion. But I never saw that."
He calls her "a really nice woman."  He designed the heart of Carey's apartment as a long room divided into a living area with a huge, Turkish-style banquette, a dining area and an intimate, after-dinner conversation spot. The singer suffers from insomnia and frequently works in this room at night which is also the showcase spot for Marilyn Monroe's white baby grand piano or has friends to visit.  From the dining area, guests can see the Hudson River and the Empire State and Chrysler buildings. There's a media room with a half-dozen soft couches.  Carey's bedroom is done in lavender, pink, apricot and white, with butterflies woven into the drapery fabric. She has a clothes room no mere closet and a room for hundreds of shoes. In the article, she recalls that as a poor child she had just one pair, with holes.  What did all this cost? "Under a billion," quips Buatta. But he's happy to report: "She told me friends came over and said it looks like she had lived there forever." To him, that's the highest compliment.
Source : Jeannie Williams from USA Today
Thanks to Bernard who e-mail us this article.
Go see the spy headquarters.
Great contest on MariahBuzz
Don't miss the great contest proposed by MariahBuzz from Australia, the prize are absolutely fantastic and it helps to promote Mariah too.
Thanks to MariahBuzz who e-mail us about this great contest.
Posted on October the 14th.
Source : Virgin Records U.S.A.

Thanks to MCarey.nu
Caps from the video of Don't Stop (Funkin' 4 Jamaica)
I hope that we will be able to see this video in Belgium very soon.

Thanks to MariahBuzz
Mariah added to tribute concert 
The lineup for the Oct. 21 United We Stand -- What More Can I Give? concert has grown by three, as R&B/pop acts Mariah Carey, Destiny's Child, and Usher have all signed on for the Oct. 21 concert in Washington, D.C. The trio of artists join previously announced acts Michael Jackson, 'N Sync, Aerosmith, the Backstreet Boys, Rod Stewart, Ricky Martin, Train, P. Diddy, Goo Goo Dolls, James Brown, and Al Green for the event, to be held at RFK Stadium. More artists will be announced in the days leading up to the concert.
Tickets for the event went on sale today (Oct. 12), and are nearly sold-out, according to a statement from organizers. Proceeds will benefit the American Red Cross Liberty Relief Fund, the Salvation Army Relief Fund, and the Pentagon Relief Fund. 
Source: Billboard
Thanks to MariahBuzz and Nacho
Mariah Affected By Attacks
Mariah Carey is so affected by last month's tragedies in New York, she's refusing to travel outside of America -- disappointing hordes of fans.
The 31-year-old sex symbol, who suffered physical and nervous breakdowns this summer, has decided to stay close to her native New York for the time being, following the terrorist attacks which demolished the Twin Towers.
During her live webchat on Tuesday (October 9) on the MSN website, fans from as far afield as Spain, Bangladesh, New Zealand, Australia and Germany expressed their admiration for the star, begging to know when she'd visit their countries.
But Mariah, who recently cancelled a trip to Japan, where she was due to promote her new movie and album "Glitter," told fans, "I wish I could travel around the world and meet all the fans who've shown me such an outpouring of love and support my entire career, especially now.
"At this moment we are having a world crisis and I have to be respectful of that. I wish everyone strength and love during this time and as much peace as possible during this time."
But Mariah does admit that remaining in her hometown New York is also a tough task, because she can never escape the reminders of the tragedies.
She says, "It was very difficult to go to ground zero as a New Yorker. I also only live a few blocks away from Ground Zero.
"As a New Yorker it was an experience I'll never forget. My prayers are with all those who were touched by this tragedy."
Source : MTV Asia.
Belgian radio charts for October the 12th.
Ultratop 20 - Bel RTL ultratip
For the french speaking part : Mariah Carey - Never Too Far/Don't Stop - 1 (19) 2nd week
Ultratop 20 - Radio Donna Tip voor de Top
For the dutch speaking part : Mariah Carey - Never Too Far/Don't Stop - 6 (13) 2nd week
Thanks to all the belgian happy fans who e-mailed us this great news.
Posted on October the 12th.

Vonda Shepard and me in Oostende on July the 7th.

Mariah and me...  When?
Oh my God!  I saw you so close at your party in Hackney, but I was not able to enter with my camera :-(

Mariah maybe as guest star in Ally McBeal
Many sources said that Mariah could make an appearance in Ally McBeal.  Mariah, Calista Flockhart and Lucy Liu were already togheter in America: A Tribute to Heroes.  It would be great if we were able to see Mariah sing with Vonda Shepard.
Posted on October the 11th.
"And then a hero comes along
With the strenght to carry on
And you cast your fears aside
And you know you can survive"
(Mariah Carey - Hero)
This was posted on September the 14th.
MSN Live chat with Mariah
Here's an extract : 
woz777 in Onstage_ asks: Hi Mariah, who is your hero?
Mariah_Carey_Live says: I look at people like the rescue workers and fire fighters that have been working to save so many people out there as our heros. The point of my song "Heros" is to look inside yourself to find the courage to be a hero in any situation. That's what I try
Mariah_Carey_Live says: to do to find strength in myself.
Click here to read the entire chat.
Thanks to Olivier who stay up all night to participate at this chat and sent us the transcript.
Posted on October the 10th.
Glitter and glasses
Someone found a mistake in Glitter (the movie) :
"In the scene where Mariah, is on the "not a date" with Dice, and they're having dinner, they start to talk and in the different shots you see that the amount of wine in the glasses changes in every shot."
Source : Movie-Mistakes.com
Thanks to MariahBuzz and Bernard.
Comments : The person who found this mistake was probably not a fan, I don't know if the glasses are full, empty, half full or half empty, because here in Belgium we must wait until January 2002 to see it, the only thing that I know is that when Mariah will be on the screen I'm sure that's not the glasses that I will look :-)
Posted on October the 9th.

Glitter en glazen
Iemand vond een fout in Glitter (de film) :
"In de "not a date" scene met Dice, beginnen Mariah en Dice tijdens de maaltijd te praten.  Op verschillende momenten in die scene kan je zien dat de inhoud van de wijnglazen altijd maar verandert."
Commentaar : De persoon die die fout vond was zeker geen fan.  Ik weet niet of de glazen vol, leeg, halfvol of half leeg zijn, want hier in België moeten we nog wachten tot januari 2002 om het te zien, het enige dat ik weet is wanneer Mariah op het grote scherm zal schitteren.  Ja, ik weet zeker dat ik niet naar de glazen zal kijken :-)
Dank aan Björn voor de verbetering van de nederlandse tekst.

Glitter et verres
Quelqu'un a trouvé une faute dans Glitter (le film) :
"Dans la scène où Mariah est au moment du "not a date" avec Dice, pendant le repas, ils commencent à parler et dans les différents plans on peut voir que la quantité de vin dans les verres change à chaque plan."
Notre avis : La personne qui a remarqué cette faute n'était sûrement pas un fan.  Je ne sais pas si les verres sont pleins, vides, à moitié pleins ou à moitié vides, parce qu'ici en Belgique nous devons encore attendre jusqu'en janvier 2002 pour le voir, la seule chose que je sais c'est que quand Mariah sera sur le grand écran, ça j'en suis sûr ce ne sont pas les verres que je regarderai :-)

Sorry for the problems with the site yesterday, but my web host had technical difficulties.
Special Glitter promotional pack sale and Glitter promo magnet sale, go see the details in the shop.
A part of this special sale will be given to Make A Wish Belgium to realize the dream of an ill child.  We hope that for Christmas we will be able to help our little "hero".
Posted on October the 7th.
Belgian radio charts for October the 5th.
Ultratop 20 - Radio Donna Tip voor de Top
For the dutch speaking part : Mariah Carey - Never Too Far/Don't Stop - 13 (entry)
Ultratop 20 - Bel RTL ultratip
For the french speaking part : Mariah Carey - Never Too Far/Don't Stop - 19 (entry)
Posted on October the 7th.
Your tribute to Mariah
Go read all the details on www.fansillustrated.com to try to be publish in their book.  Good luck.
Posted on October the 7th.
"Mariah computer virus
David informed me that there is a virus going around called W32/SirCam@MM. The virus's name is "mariah.doc.pif." If you get this file, do NOT download it. The senders name is dengjing@hotmail.com. The person changes their screen names several times a day and earlier this week, I reported them to the IFCC (Internet Fraud Complaint Center) which is in association with the FBI. If you keep getting these e-mails, please contact me and I will forward you the contact information for the IFCC because what this person is doing is illegal. I am pressing charges since I have been getting them for a while now and I suggest to all of you to NOT download any .pif files or any attachment where you don't know the person!"
Thanks to David and MariahDaily.
Posted on October the 7th.
- Photo by: Marion Curtis / DMI MARIAH CAREY says she didn't go to Japan and Australia after all, "due to world events." We were told in good faith she'd gone; we are happy to say she hasn't. 
Mariah expresses amazement that "people are so interested in the details of my daily life [fabricated or not]." Well, let's see - perhaps they are interested after you have a kind of nervous exhaustion breakdown in public on the eve of opening a movie and kicking off a record tour and you end up in the hospital - twice. And after you cancel a big sit-down with Barbara Walters. Also, they could be interested simply because you have rather relentless publicity designed to make people interested.Mariah says, "I took a break just like anybody else and now I'm back to work. But really, how much can somebody sleep? I'm not Rip Van Winkle." OK, I believe we said she was eager, perhaps too eager, to go back to work. 
Mariah: "Virgin Records couldn't be more supportive, and I'm very grateful to have them in my corner. If anyone says otherwise, they're lying."
Source : Liz Smith for pagesix.com and NYPost
Posted on October the 5th.
Don't forget, Mariah is nominated for the MTV European Music Awards 2001
Please, vote for Mariah.
Silence is also an answer
Here in my country, there's a popular expression who says : "We answer to stupid people by the silence".
So, no comments for these following news :

1-"Executive producer Lorne Michaels then joined Giuliani onstage, as the mayor urged New Yorkers to return to work and reminded Michaels, "Saturday Night Live is one of our great New York City institutions...so that's why it's important for you to do your show tonight."
"Can we be funny?" Michaels asked.
"Why start now?" Giuliani joked. He then embraced Michaels, before triumphantly announcing, "Live from New York, it's Saturday Night!"
The show did make some attempts at topical humor during the fake news, Weekend Update, joking that suspect Osama bin Laden is believed to be hiding out in "remote and barren" places "where he is unlikely to encounter others," suggesting they check movie theaters that screen Mariah Carey's box-office dud Glitter."
Source : E! Online news

2-"Britney also said she will not be following the example of diva Mariah Carey, who ended up in hospital after a breakdown.
Britney blames Carey's breakdown on a failure to separate reality from the hype around her.
"She believed her own hype. I think that sometimes stars start believing they are a goddess or that they are this god-like figure.
"When I'm on stage and I'm singing, that's my time to perform and be an actress. But when I'm off stage, I'm just like everybody else.
"You need to separate your career and your life. This is not my life, this doesn't mean everything to me."
Source : MegaStar

3-"Mariah's a laughing stock
Mariah Carey's debut movie Glitter seems to have given a recovering America something to laugh about.
The weekend saw Mariah suffer the wrath of top US satirical show, Saturday Night Live when the show's writers revealed no compassion for the singer's fragile emotional state, joking openly about the box office failure of Glitter.
The show's newscast section mocked the movie stating, 'US terrorist attacks prime suspect Osama Bin Laden is thought to be hiding out in 'places remote and barren where he is unlikely to encounter others' - namely, in theatres showing the new Mariah Carey flop, Glitter.'"
Source : Worldpop
Thanks to Kinou from the staff

Thanks to Uwe from Mariah-Carey-fan.de and MariahMania for this scan.
God Bless America cd
This cd is sold to the profit of the twin towers fund.  WARNING, it's not the America: A Tribute to Heroes cd, and the twin towers fund is different of the Tribute To Heroes fund.  But I'm sure that a lot of people will also be interested by this God Bless America cd.  Here are the artist present on this cd : Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Bob Dylan, Gloria Estefan, Billy Gilman, Lee Greenwood, Tramaine Hawkins, Mahalia Jackson, John Mellencamp, The Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Pete Seeger, Simon & Garfunkel, Frank Sinatra, Bruce Springsteen, Bill Withers.
Source : Heroes of Mariah.
Posted on October the 2nd at 9h00am CET
Mariah's visit in Japan canceled
Mariah's visit to Japan is canceled.  It's confirmed by Sony Music Japan.
The likely reason of this cancellation is probably the fears of future terrorist acts.
Thanks to Shino from LoveLoveJack.
Posted on October the 2nd at 9h00am CET
Here's what we read on MariahBuzz :
As you may know, you can now dowload the film "Glitter" off the internet. John tells us of the problem in Asia:
The Asia people can't really wait for Mariah's movie GLITTER. In fact they've already started pirating the movie along with the soundtrack. Along the sidewalks here in the Philippines, you can now buy Mariah's movie GLITTER (in VCD format) and the GLITTER SOUNDTRACK and it will only cost you 70 pesos for the VCD and 35 pesos for the CD (how cheap can you get). In fact, if you will look at the VCD's jewel case, it really looks like the "Real Thing" (but it's not). With the great cover and the short summary of the movie on back of the jewel case, you will definitely want to buy it (but I did not). According to a reliable source, these pirated VCD's came from the island of Mindanao. I've already told the authorities about this and they said that they're going to do something about it. I ask all Asia people and all Mariah fans, please don't buy these cheaply made VCD's and CD's. When you buy pirated VCD's and CD's , you're like stealing.stealing. stealing."
Source : MariahBuzz.
Posted on October the 2nd at 9h00am CET
What's the difference between a fan, a spectator and a critic?
-The fan, go see the movie and in any case, he likes it, because the person he's fan of, is in it.
-The spectator, go see the movie before and makes an idea by himself after.
-The critic, makes an idea by himself before and go see the movie after.
But, now that I think to it, who criticize the critics?
Posted on October the 1st.

Thanks to Mariah Daily.
Thanks to Uwe from Mariah-Carey-fan.de.
Mariah and George Clooney backstage at America: A Tribute to Heroes
EXCLUSIVE - One night with Mariah - English - Nederlands - Français

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