October 2002 - Heroes of Mariah
Mariah invites us to her Halloween party

Click here to be a guest.
Posted on October the 31st.
Welcome to Kaley Grace 
Stephy from MariahsWeb.com has a little girl since Monday, Oct. 28th, at 4:23pm.
Posted on October the 31st.
Mariah will make a chat on TOTP's site
Here's what I received from the kind TOTP team:
"We are doing a live webchat with her on Thurs 7th Nov, so log on and send in your questions.  Thanks for your interest in TOTP. TOTP Team"
Posted on October the 31st.
TTR not released commercialy in the US
Here's what we received from Leo:
"Maroon Entertainment has confirmed to me that Mariah Carey's New Single  will NOT be released Commercialy and still have yet to Choose the next single, but it will be announced shortly. Noone at MonarC Music Could be reached for Comment. More Information as it arises."
"Ok lambs. One of my MonarC contacts emailed me back and said that 11/26 commercial 12" single will be released." 
Source: Leo from MariahInfo.com by e-mail.
Posted on October the 30th.
I had planned to go to The Netherlands today, but unfortunately I have a kind of flu, so I'm not able to go. 

J'avais prévu d'aller aux Pays-Bas aujourd'hui, mais j'ai un genre de grippe, donc... 

Ik had voorzien om vandaag naar Nederland te gaan, maar ik heb een soort griep, dus... 
Posted on October the 30th.

European dates summary
For the ones who have the time, money, health and chance , here's the list:
- October the 30th to 31st: Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
- October the 31st to November the 2nd: London, UK.
- November the 2nd: Munich, Germany.
- November the 4th: Barcelona, Spain.
- November the 5th: London, UK.
- November the 6th: Berlin, Germany.
- November the 8th to 9th: London, UK.
- November the 14th: Barcelona, Spain. (not confirmed)
- November the 15th: London, UK.
- November the 16th: Paris, France.
Note: Belgium??????? 
Posted on October the 30th.
Mariah in Paris
Mariah will be in the show "Star Academy" on November the 16th.
Source: Mariahfanclub.com.
Posted on October the 30th.
Mariah in Barcelona on November 4th!!!!!!
I just heard on Spain's main station, Los 40 is giving 6 trips to a meet and greet in BCN!!! *I guess* she will visit the TV show "Star Academy" ( www.portalmix.com/triunfo ) , i hope she performs live there, since the live programme is that day!
Source: JoelBCN at FOMM.
Posted on October the 30th.
UK Mariah News
On Monday night at 9:30pm Schooly played the remix of Through The Rain featuring Joe and Kelly Price on his usual 7-10pm weekday show on 95.8 Capital FM. Tonight he did not play it, so get your requests in to him by visiting www.capitalfm.com. Many thanks to Andrew who emailed me to let us know that Rock FM told him they DO have a club mix of Through The Rain but are saving it for "Club Rock" on Saturday night. Please email them asking them to play it and this should ensure that a remix of Through The Rain is played by them Saturday night. You can text from 6pm onwards on 07781484974. Email the "Club Rock" at clubrock@rockfm.co.uk, Email a couple of the DJs at mark.kay@rockfm.co.uk and rick@rockfm.co.uk. The video for Through The Rain can be seen once in a while on VH1 but the music video selection channel Magic added it to their playlist on Monday. Tuesday morning I saw the video played 6 times in just 90 minutes! During the same time the channel's current most requested video was played only 3 times. To ensure the video maintains it's popularity please call 0906 753 6000. The video is selection number 740. I encourage everyone who can get Magic to do this as unlike VH1, they are playing the entire video with the dialogue introduction.
Complete list of confirmed dates for Mariah's UK visits: Thu 31st - Mariah to record at Top Of The Pops (studios at BBC Televison Centre in White City), Fri 1st - press interviews, Tue 5th - Mariah does a masterclass at Fame Academy mansion, Fri 8th - Mariah to appear on Fame Academy's live show, Sat 9th - Mariah to appear on CD:UK, Fri 15th - Mariah to appear on Children In Need.
Source: Matte from mariahcareyuk.com by e-mail.
Posted on October the 30th.
Neil from MariahDownunder.com launched a contest for Australian fans, click here to read the details.
Posted on October the 30th.
Mariah's new message
"Hi... hey lambs, I know it's been a long time since I left a nice message 'cause I've been working hard to finish the album and... it's done and my credits are done and I'm so happy and... hum... I wanted to say that... hum... everybody I have been meeting at all the fan events around the country, you guys are stellar, I love you... and you gave me the best books and... you know toys and Hello Kitty stuffs, lambs and everything has been really really great and I just enjoyed you much, alrighty?  And I love you much and I can't wait for you guys to hear the whole album 'cause it's my favorite definitely since Butterfly and... hum... I just want to say thanks again to everybody for being here, for your support and for being here for... hum... Through The Rain and everything else, so... I... will talk to you soon and I hope you like the nice... video and... hum... I will be leaving you another message shortly, bah-byyye!"
Source: mariahcarey.com.
Transcript: Gilles from Heroes of Mariah.
Posted on October the 29th.
Here's a little news from our friend Stephy from MariahsWeb.com:
"I'm in labor
Just to let everyone know that I am in labor with my baby. I"m home for the day, toughing it out but it looks like I may have her tommarrow possibly, so there will not be any updates, untill after I have the baby. Once I'm home, I will let Tahi from MariahConnection know, and she will be updating the site for me while I'm on maternity leave for a few weeks. For those mommies out there, I'm 3cm dialated, 75% effaced, and contractions are 2-3 mins apart! (If you are not a mommy you have no idea what I am talking about hahaha) 
See ya everyone, please wish me luck in bringing my little girl into this world ! :)"
Posted on October the 29th.
Universal Australia reveals Charmbracelet art cover
Source: Neil from MariahDownunder.com by e-mail.
Posted on October the 29th.
Sorry, I wasn't able to update yesterday 'cause my PC screen had problems.
Posted on October the 29th.
Mariah at the Seventeen magazine's show
Here's what we read on Popdirt.com:
Mariah Carey, Dream, Shaggy, B2K, Sean 'P. Diddy' Combs, Daniel Bedingfield, and Da Brat were on hand at Seventeen Magazine's New Star Showcase presented by Entertainment Tonight at Roseland Ballroom on Friday (October 25) in New York City. Check out photos from Getty Images, LFI, and WireImage.com
Source: Popdirt.com
Posted on October the 27th.
MC is back and in FULL effect
"MC is back and in FULL effect. I am exspecting big things from this single (get over the fact that it's down tempo - let the woman sing her song, give it a chance and the audience will react! ) And, the December album release is going to be THE event of the 4th quarter. Eric Bradley, Music Director WBBM-FM/Chicago, IL"
Just wanted to share it with you all, also this is also printed on Trade Ad's the single cover!
Source: Leo from Mariahinfo.com by e-mail.
Posted on October the 27th.
Please read Janel's story about the New York Meet and Greet, it's one of the most touching stories I've read until now.  To read it, click here.
Source of the story: Janel by e-mail.
Posted on October the 27th.
Mariah in Ally finally on Belgian TV
On Sunday October the 27th on La Deux at 8h50pm CET, we will finally be able to see Mariah in Ally McBeal.  Fortunately it will be in VO.

Mariah dans Ally enfin en Belgique
Nous pourrons enfin voir Mariah dans Ally McBeal, le dimanche 27 octobre à 20h50 sur la La Deux.  Heureusement, ce sera diffusé en VO sous-titré français.

Mariah in Ally eindelijk in België
We zullen eindelijk Mariah in Ally McBeal kunnen zien op zondag 27 october om 20h50 op La Deux.  Het is in VO maar met Franse ondertiteling.  Voor de Vlaamse TV, zullen we proberen te weten wanneer de uitzending zal zijn.  Het zal waarschijnlijk zijn begin 2003.
Posted on October the 25th.

Mariah doesn't think that it's cool when fans come to her house. (uninvited.) She was talking about that at the meet and greet, and I forgot to mention it in my review. What do you all think about it. I was glad when she was talking about it, b/c she is so giving of herself, and a lot of fans take advantage of her. She should be able to sit at home, without some "lamb" beating on her front door. 
Source: twistedjigga00 at FOMM.
Posted on October the 25th.
Carey-ing on
Mariah Carey hasn't let the highs and lows of fame get her down. The pop princess wowed a couple of hundred of her biggest fans Tuesday night with an intimate party to celebrate her new Island Def Jam release, "Charmbracelet." The 32-year-old chanteuse is hoping the sultry new album will put her back on top after a recent rocky spell. "It expresses a kind of spirituality," she told us of her new music. "A lot of the things I've been through, other people, especially women, have also gone through, so I think they can identify with it. But I get feedback from the fans, and I also draw a lot of inspiration from others." Carey mingled with fans during cocktails at the Rose Center for Earth and Space before she played host to an exclusive preview of the album. Sipping from a glass of red wine and looking stunning in a low-cut black velvet dress, she scotched rumors in other newspapers that she was looking to sell her spacious Tribeca home. "It's my first solo apartment, I'm very happy there. It's not for sale." It might not be solo for long, however. She added with a twinkle in her eye: "But I am looking for the right guy."
Source: NY Daily News (All rights reserved)
Posted on October the 25th.
Mariah at BBC1's Children In Need show
Here's what we read on Ananova:
Mariah Carey, Anastasia, Holly Valance and Will Young will be performing live on BBC1 as part of this year's Children In Need. The annual TV event, hosted by Terry Wogan and Gaby Roslin, takes place on Friday November 15. Highlights include the cast of EastEnders performing Michael Jackson's Thriller and Claire Sweeney as Lady Marmalade. The News and Weather teams will perform The Rocky Horror Show, while artists including Darren Day, Eamonn Holmes and Nadia Wadia pay tribute to Elvis Presley. Pop Idol winner Will Young is recording this year's charity single, the double A-side You And I/Don't Let Me Down, and will also open the show with a live rendition in the studio. There will also be BBC Children In Need concerts around the country, with acts and venues to be announced. Last year, BBC Children In Need raised £25m and the charity hopes to raise even more this year. Throughout the night, there will be regular updates from around the country and appeal films, enabling viewers to see how the money is being spent and why it is important to raise even more this year.
Source: Ananova (All rights reserved)
Heroes comment: No tickets anymore 
Posted on October the 25th.
Christina Aguilera 'Really Identifies' With Mariah Carey
Globe magazine reports Christina Aguilera "really identifies" with Mariah Carey after the singer's breakdown, something Christina herself dealt with after being hurt by boyfriends and close associates who sold her out. An insider said, "Poor Mariah suffered her own breakdown after her love life collapsed. And believe me, Christina knows what Mariah went through. She really opens her heart to Mariah and all her problems."
Source: Popdirt.com
Heroes comment: Christina, try to relax and sleep, and you'll feel better like Mariah. 
Posted on October the 25th.
Carson Says Mariah's A 'Lunatic' To Take On Eminem
MTV's Total Request Live today talked a bit about the Mariah Carey 'Charmbracelet' track 'Clown', which many are saying is a diss towards Eminem. John Norris reports Carey says this is in fact about any guy who talks a big game when, in fact, when you get beneath the tough outside, he is kind of a softy underneath. She says, no it is not necessarily about anyone. Carson said, "She's a lunatic to take on Eminem. Keep it to yourself." Norris added, "Not a good idea." 
Source: Popdirt.com
Posted on October the 25th.
Exclusive news from Jerry Blair
He said this in a conference call that just ended:  MonarC will be involved in cartoons, and a jingle house (commercials, TV show, game show themes). Isabel is only artist signed so far, she'll perform tomorrow night, Mariah will introduce her and MonarC will launch a talent search with Seventeen magazine. Possible signing of gospel singers/groups and working with 2 of Mariah's background singers. Mariah doing photo shoots for Allure and Blender. Nov. 13 mariahcarey.com will shut down, Nov. 15 new site launched with cartoons with characters Jack, Ginger, anda Lamby. MTV special air around album release. BET, VH1 tapings. Europe, Japan, Mexico City Telethon appearance, Brazil, France, Spain, Italy. Mall of America signing Dec. 10, tape Dateline interview. Dec. 11 Today Show performance from mall of america Oprah - Dec. 3 - first performance of "Through The Rain." Maybe Spanish version of a track. While at Sony Mariah wanted to do promotion in Latin America, but Columbia wouldn't pay so she financed a 3-day promotional tour and ended up selling 500,000 copies in that area in the following 3 weeks.
Source: Webby28 at FOMM.
Posted on October the 25th.
Official Tracklist of Charmbracelet
1.   Through The Rain 
2.   Boy (I Need You)
3.   The One 
4.   Yours 
5.   You Got Me
6.   I Only Wanted 
7.   Clown
8.   My Saving Grace
9.   You Had Your Chance 
10.  Lullaby 
11.  Irresistible (West Side Connection)
12.  Subtle Invitation
13.  Bringing on the Heartache
14.  Sunflowers for Alfred Roy
15.  Through The Rain   - Remix featuring Kelly Price and Joe
Source: Universal Belgium by e-mail.  Thanks. 
Posted on October the 24th.
Mariah: Who cares about Eminem?
Mariah Carey gets even with Eminem on her new album, "Charmbracelet." Eminem had ripped her in Rolling Stone magazine in June. After noting the two had dated briefly, the rapper said, "On the whole personal level, I'm not really feeling it. I just don't like her as a person. I learned a lesson from it: Don't believe the hype . . . She doesn't really have it all together." In the song "Clown," played Tuesday night at her listening party at the Hayden Planetarium, Mariah sings: "You should have never intimated we were lovers. I gotta break it to you delicately - who's gonna love you when it's over? Who's gonna care?" Did Carey write the lyrics? "I wrote all the songs except for one or two," she said slyly. Accompanied by Def Jam head Lyor Cohen, Carey was dressed to kill in a skin-tight black minidress slit to her navel and knee-high black boots. Asked if she was dating, Mariah replied, "I'm not with anyone right now - got someone?" She also denied rumors that her entourage of hair and makeup artists, assistants and bodyguards includes a food taster who wipes down her soda cans with disinfectant before opening. "Please!" she scoffed. "I am a singer so I am careful with germs, but it's not like I care that much. I open my can of Coke like a regular person and pop in a straw."
Source: PageSix.com (All rights reserved)
Heroes comment: This Coke thing, oh Mariah you're too funny .  Oh by the way, Eminem should have sang:
"I'm sorry Mariah, I never meant to hurt yououou" 
Posted on October the 24th.
New logo: Mariah Official Newsring, Heroes of Mariah is now an affiliate of mariahcarey.com
Click on the logo to read official Mariah news.
Thanks to the Team Mariah.
Posted on October the 24th.
Mariah Does Def Leppard Cover
Due to strict copyrights rules of FoxNews.com, I didn't posted this article on my site, so please go read it on.
Posted on October the 24th.
Source: Flyte Tyme News (All rights reserved)
Posted on October the 24th.
Go on mariahdaily.com to read Liron's New York Meet and Greet story.
Posted on October the 24th.
URGENT: 10/24/2002 - Club RTL - "FAN CLUB" - 5h20pm CET -> 7h20pm CET - Mariah
Source: Denise ("Mamy" for the ones who knows her ) for the info.
Posted on October the 23rd.
Go on MariahBuzz to read Nicole's New York Meet and Greet story.
Posted on October the 23rd.
UK promo
Mariah will be doing the following shows in the UK:
- TOTP on 31 October 2002 - (confirmed).
- BBC 1 Fame Academy on 8 November 2002 - (confirmed by powerhouse).
Source: Ashes, http://mariahconnection.com by e-mail.
Posted on October the 23rd.
Full Intention DJ Dates
Full Intention have got back to me to let me know that they will play TTR remix at all there forthcoming DJ Dates:
30th November - Escape - Brighton, 7th December - AKA - London, 7th December - Ministry of Sound - London , 31st December - MOS @ the Millennium Dome - London
Source: Ashes, http://mariahconnection.com by e-mail.
Posted on October the 23rd.
Exclusive TTR remix interview
RPN has had the great pleasure of interviewing the Dj's behind Full Intention
Q1 Who is Full Intention, and who have you worked with in the past?
Full Intention are two UK Producers and Remixers - Michael Gray & Jon Pearn. In the past we have remixed several artists including Whitney Houston, Brandy,  Jamiroquai, Jennifer Lopez, Another Level and Duke.
Q2 What is your honest opinion of Mariah? How did you feel when you were asked to do a remix for her single?
Mariah is an extremely talented vocalist and this is always very important for us when deciding which mixes we should take on. It was more challenging and exciting to do because it was originally a ballad.
Q3 What do you think of the Remix?
We're very happy with the way it turned out. We were DJ'ing in Bournemouth (England) last Saturday and it went down well. We have also done (under another name) an R&B mix, we don't know if that is getting released.
Q4 What do you think of her original version?
The original version is really a Ballad so although we loved the song and Mariah's vocal performance, Michael felt that it needed some extra Backing vocals to lift the chorus for a Dance remix. We used two of our artists Shena and Xavier.
Q5 Who else would you like to work in the future?
Luther Vandross, George Benson Chaka Khan, the list goes on !
Source: Ashes, http://mariahconnection.com by e-mail.

Le RPN a eu le grand plaisir d'interviewer les DJs de Full Intention.
Q1 Qui sont Full Intention, et avec qui avez-vous travaillé dans le passé?
Full Intention sont deux producteurs et remixeurs Britanniques - Michael Gray et Jon Pearn.  Dans le passé nous avons remixé plusieurs artistes dont Whitney Houston, Brandy,  Jamiroquai, Jennifer Lopez, Another Level et Duke.
Q2 Quelle est votre réelle opinion à propos de Mariah?  Qu'avez-vous ressenti quand on vous a demandé de faire un remix pour son single?
Mariah est une chanteuse extrêmement talentueuse et c'est toujours important pour nous quand nous décidons quel remixes nous devrions choisir.  C'était plus un défi excitant de le faire parce que c'était originellement une ballade.
Q3 Que pensez-vous du remix?
Nous sommes très heureux du résultat obtenu.  Nous avons fait le remix à Bournemouth (Angleterre) samedi dernier et tout s'est bien passé.  Nous avons aussi fait (sous un autre nom) un remix RnB, mais nous ne savons pas s'il sortira.
Q4 Que pensez-vous de la version originale?
La version originale est une pure ballade, donc...  pourtant nous avons quand même aimé la chanson et la performance vocale de Mariah, Michael sentait qu'il fallait rajouter des choeurs afin d'intensifier le refrain pour un remix dance.  Nous avons utilisé deux de nos artistes, Shena et Xavier.
Q5 Avec qui d'autre aimeriez-vous travailler dans le futur?
Luther Vandross, George Benson, Chaka Khan, et la liste continue !
Source de l'interview en anglais: Ashes, http://mariahconnection.com par e-mail.
Traduction: Gilles de Heroes of Mariah.

RPN heeft het grote plezier gehad de DJ's van Full Intention te interviewen.
V1 Wie is Full Intention, en met wie heb je in het verleden gewerkt?
Full intention zijn twee UK Producers en Remixers - Michael Gray & Jon Pearn. In het verleden hebben we verscheidene artiesten, waaronder Whitney Houston, Brandy, Jamiroquai, Jennifer Lopez, Another Level en Duke geremixed.
V2 Wat is uw eerlijke mening over Mariah ? Hoe voelde het om gevraagd te worden voor de remix van haar single?
Mariah is een extreem getalenteerde zangeres en dit is altijd zeer belangrijk voor ons wanneer we beslissen welke mixes we zullen aanvaarden.  Het was uitdagender en boeiender te doen omdat het origineel een ballade was.
V3 Wat denk je over de Remix?
We zijn zeer blij met de manier waarop het uitdraaide.  Vorige zaterdag waren we in Bournemouth (Engeland) aan het DJ'ing and het ging heel goed.  We hebben ook (onder een andere naam) een RnB mix gedaan, maar we weten niet indien deze versie zal uitgebracht worden. 
V4 Wat denk je over de originele versie?
De originele versie is een echte Ballade, niettemin hielden we van het lied en Mariah's vocale prestatie. Michael vond dat het enige achtergrondstemmen nodig had om het tot een Dance remix te verheffen. Wij gebruikten twee van onze artiesten : Shena en Xavier.
V5 Met wie zou je in de toekomst willen werken?
Luther Vandross, George Benson Chaka Khan, de lijst gaat voort !
Interview in het Engels: Ashes, http://mariahconnection.com bij e-mail.
Vertaling: Jacques voor Heroes of Mariah.
Posted on October the 22nd.

Try to win a Meet and Greet with Mariah (of course ) in The Netherlands.
The Dutch radio station Sky Radio launched a contest.  To enter click here.

Probeer een Meet and Greet met Mariah (natuurlijk ) in Nederland te winnen.
De Nederlandse radio Sky Radio heeft een wedstrijd gestart.  Voor mee te doen klik hier.

Essayez de gagner un Meet and Greet avec Mariah (bien sûr ) aux Pays-Bas.
La radio Néérlandaise Sky Radio a lancé un concours.  Pour participer cliquez ici.
Thanks to Maarten for the info.
Posted on October the 22nd.

Mariah Explains The Message Of 'Through The Rain'
Mariah Carey's father passing away last summer, on the fourth of July, making her touching tribute 'Through The Rain' even more poignant. She told Extra TV, "It's not just like, I'm strong, I can do this. We all really can if we have faith. That's the message of the song." Read more.
Source: Popdirt.com
Posted on October the 22nd.
Mariah Carey Previews Tracks At Flyte Tyme Studios
The Star Tribune reports Mariah Carey gave an exclusive lunchtime CD-listening party on Tuesday at Flyte Tyme Studios. Their insider reports that a few bigwigs from Sam Goody and Best Buy got to hear four songs from Carey's 'Charmbracelet', due December 10. Rapper Da Brat was there to act as emcee, sorta. Carey, who looked diva-liciously casual in pigtails, leather boots with six-inch heels and a sweater zipped down to there, didn't let on much about the CD except that she and *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake do a duet. She didn't explain why she used only two of the five songs that she'd recorded with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. But they were nice enough to host the party anyway. 
Source: Popdirt.com
Posted on October the 22nd.
Please check our special Through The Rain promo page, to see it click on our TTR promo page logo.
Posted on October the 21st.
Mariah in The Netherlands on October the 30th. 
Mariah will be in the show "TROS TV Show".  This show will be taped in Hilversum, but unfortunately TROS don't have tickets available anymore since Friday evening, TROS also said that it will be impossible to see Mariah by waiting outside of the studio.
Note: Strange, as the Dutch fans know about this show only since yesterday evening.
Posted on October the 21st.

We're going to be throwing a big event for the UK fans this year, one that I hope a lot of people will come to and remember for some time! A lot of time and money has already been put into this project and we're now ready to start promoting. I want to let all the UK fans know that something special is being offered to them. I really want people to come and enjoy themselves, we're hoping for it to be a really fun day! Full details will be released very shortly, as soon as they are ready.
Source: Matte from www.mariahcareyuk.com by e-mail.
Posted on October the 21st.

Singer Mariah Carey performs at the Black Entertainment Network 8th annual Walk of Fame honoring singer Stevie Wonder in Washington, October 19, 2002.
Source: Yahoo! News (All rights reserved)
Credit of the picture: Hyungwon Kang (All rights reserved)
Posted on October the 20th.
Exclusive! Mariah Carey album details
Mariah Carey has finally decided on a name for her highly anticipated album due out December 10 on MonarC and Island/Def Jam Records. "Charmbracelet" will be the title according to Ms. Carey herself. The album will feature hip-hop and R&B heavy collaborations with previously unannounced Westside Connection, Cam'ron on "Oh Boy," Freeway and Jay-Z on "You Got Me," Jermaine Dupri on "The One," and Justin Timberlake on "Yours." Mariah's first single, "Through the Rain," will have several remixes, but the R&B version will feature Joe and Kelly Price. The video debuted on Friday on MTV's "TRL." Mariah is not only busy working on her own album, but she recently laid down vocals for Busta Rhymes' new album "It Ain't Safe" due out November 26. In other news, Mariah will pose for a photo shoot for "Blender" on Monday, October 21, in New York.
--Devin Lazerine
Source: Rap-Up.com (All rights reserved), MariahJapan at FOMM.
Posted on October the 20th.
Mariah Dines With Da Brat And Masseuse In Atlanta
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that following Mariah Carey's visit to Q100, Mariah Carey dined with her entourage and rapper Da Brat at the Atlanta Fish Market on Monday night. Mariah ate sashimi tuna over white rice, boiled lobster (removed from shell, natch) and steamed spinach. Diners report Carey was wearing a navel-revealing shirt and her personal masseuse occasionally rubbed her shoulders during the singer's meal.
Source: Popdirt.com
Posted on October the 20th.
For the ones who don't have MTV Europe
You can see the video on MTV.com, VH1.com or BET.com.
Posted on October the 19th.
Through The Rain video World Premiere on MTV Europe
Yesterday in the show The Fridge, they World Premiere the TTR video unfortunately they didn't show the end.  The show will be aired again tonight from 10h00pm CET to 11h30pm CET and tomorrow from 5h00pm CET to 6h30pm CET.

Source for the caps: Eran on mariahdaily.com.
Posted on October the 19th.
Mariah Carey Hits Number 1 in Brazil!!!
Only one day after "Through the Rain" was officially released in Brazil, Miss Carey hit number 1 at the radio charts of the Brazilian biggest cities.
Source: Tahi from MariahConnection.com by e-mail.
Posted on October the 19th.
Mariah's sandwich pulled from EBay!
Singer Mariah Carey's local lunch being auctioned on eBay this week caused the online auction house a bout of indigestion Thursday. Around 1 p.m., the turkey sandwich and garnish nibbled on by the pop star while at radio station Q100 this week suddenly disappeared from the Web site. The bid was up to $751. In an e-mail to Q100 jokester Jeff Dauler, Web site officials explained that the foodstuff "does not appear to be consistent with eBay guidelines. . . . All food and related products sold on eBay should be packaged or sealed to ensure that the buyer can identify evidence of possible tampering." 
Dauler tells Buzz he intends to relist the item, because it was clearly explained in his description that the sandwich was being sold solely as a celeb souvenir and could not be consumed. Meanwhile, Mariah's carry-out is becoming a celeb itself. MSNBC gossip Jeanette Walls (clearly a Buzz reader) has now begun writing about the auction as well.
Source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Neil from MariahDownunder.com
Heroes comment: OMG, $751US for a sandwich  who is insane, the guy who sells it or the one who buys it?  But I must admit that if I was next to Mariah and that she leave her sandwich on a table 'cause she doesn't want it anymore, I would take it and freeze it. 
Posted on October the 18th.
Charmbracelets have always had a personal and sentimental significance for me. Charms are like pieces of yourself that you pass on to other people...items that tell your story, and that can be shared...like a song. The bracelet represents the foundation of this album, a body of work that encompasses many feelings.
-Mariah Carey
Source: mariahcarey.com
Posted on October the 18th.
Mariah's sandwich
Here's what we read on MSNBC's site:
In the Scoop's ongoing efforts to bring readers news of sales of worthless celeb items: Q100 radio in Atlanta is auctioning off a turkey sandwich that was partially eaten by Mariah Carey. "The winning bidder will receive the sandwich, salad, pickle, and garnish in a handy Styrofoam deli box. In addition, the winning bidder will also receive a plastic knife used by one of Ms. Carey's handlers to lift the bread, allowing an inspection of the luncheon meat inside," notes the seller. "This sandwich WAS NOT refrigerated for 24 hours after Ms. Carey left the studio, and should not be considered safe to eat. This sandwich is a collectors item, for the true music or Mariah memorabilia collector." Bidding on Wednesday topped $200.
Source: Jeanette Walls for MSNBC (All rights reserved)
Posted on October the 18th.
Mariah in Chicago story and pics!!!!

To read Terry's story click here.
Source: Terry by e-mail.
Posted on October the 18th.
Brand new official pictures

Click on the pictures to enlarge them.  And enjoy !!! 
Source for the pictures: Universal Belgium by e-mail.  Thanks.  You made my day !
Posted on October the 17th.
New Mariah TV interview...
Today on a Spanish TV show called "Al Rojo Vivo" aired an exclusive interview they did with Mariah in Miami, Florida. They talked about Luis, Tommy, and Thalia. Mariah also said some Spanish words. Through out the whole interview "Through The Rain" was playing in the background. After the interview they did a story on Christina Aguilera new video. And when that was finished the host said CA was sexy, but Mariah sexier.
Source: JCLovesMC563 at FOMM.
Posted on October the 17th.
The Washington Meet and Greet is cancelled
Dear Fans,
Due to the recent shootings occurring in and around the surrounding area of Washington, D.C., Mariah wants to ensure the safety of her fans. Unfortunately, this means that the Washington, D.C. region for Mariah's Meet and Greet has been cancelled. On behalf of Mariah and myself, we apologize for this inconvenience.  I understand that nothing can replace the chance to meet Mariah, but we intend to compensate each of you in some way and we'll notify you of that shortly. Mariah sends her love. We thank you in advance for understanding the situation,
Source: Team Mariah.
Thanks to Leo from Mariahinfo.com who send us this info.
Posted on October 17th.
Mariah's New Voice Message
Here is the short voice message from Mariah. http://www.universal-music.co.jp/u-pop/artist/mariah/index2.html
Source: Shino from Love Love Jack.
Posted on October the 17th.
Mariah Trivial Pursuit Question
I was playin the board game Trivial Pursuit the other day (Genus |V edition) and I just happened to come across a trivia card that had a Mariah question on it under Arts & Entertainment. I thought that was so cool. The question was: "What songstress was named by her mom after a "Paint Your Wagon" song about the wind?" Jen
Source: ISpyAButterfly at Rainbow Princess.
Posted on October the 17th.
Through The Rain on the Belgian radios
You can already hear Through The Rain on Bel-RTL and they also make a contest to win a ticket for the special MTV taping in New York.  The other radios will add TTR on their playlist starting next week.  You'll find all the details about TTR in Belgium on our special TTR promo page starting next week too. 

Through The Rain sur les radios Belges
Vous pouvez déjà entendre Through The Rain sur Bel-RTL et participer à un concours pour gagner une place pour le special MTV taping à New York.  Les autres radios vont ajouter TTR à leur playlist à partir de la semaine prochaine.  Vous trouverez tous les détails concernant TTR en Belgique sur notre page promo TTR à partir de la semaine prochaine aussi. 

Through The Rain op de Belgische radios
Je kan al luisteren naar Through The Rain op Bel-RTL en meedoen aan een wedstrijd om een plaats te winnen voor de special MTV taping in New York.  De andere radio's zullen TTR aan hun playlist toevoegen vanaf volgende week.  Je zal alle details voor TTR in België vinden op onze sepciaale TTR promo pagina vanaf volgende week. 
Posted on October the 16th.

Jay-Z, Timberlake, Cam'ron Contribute To Mariah Carey LP
Mariah Carey has been Justified.
Justin Timberlake has joined Jay-Z and Cam'ron on the list of artists lending a hand as Carey prepares her new album. Timberlake added verses and harmonies to Carey's mid-tempo "Yours" last week, and while it's still pending the heartbreaker's approval, the song's seasoned producers already smell a hit. "If I were to compare it to something we have done with her in the past, it would be 'Thank God I Found You,' but I think 'Yours' blows it away," said Jimmy Jam, who produced the track with partner Terry Lewis. "It is probably one of the best hooks [ever]. I have a 6-year-old, and the first time he heard it, the third time the hook came around, he already knew it." Carey has already approved a version of 'Yours' without Timberlake for her as-yet-untitled album, due December 10, but she's flying to Jam and Lewis' Minneapolis studio on Tuesday (October 15) to hear the just-mixed duet and decide if it's better. Jam is convinced she will. "At the end she did a series of ad libs, and he totally did them exactly with her but an octave below her," he explained. "They were kind of intricate, ... but he totally matched everything. He's mega-talented, and to have them both on the same track is special." Jam and Lewis are among an impressive list of producers who have recorded Carey for her follow-up to the disastrous "Glitter" soundtrack. Others include Jermaine Dupri on a track called "The One," Dre and Vidal (Michael Jackson), Damizza (Nate Dogg), DJ Quik, Irv Gotti, and 7 Aurelius. Just Blaze (Nelly) produced a track called "You Got Me" that features Jay-Z and Freeway, as well as a cover of Cam'ron's "Oh Boy" featuring Cam. The album will be the first on Carey's own MonarC Music imprint. Jam and Lewis, who have collaborated with Carey for years, will likely have three tracks on the new album: "Yours," the tentatively titled "Wedding Song," which Carey rescued and penned lyrics for long after Jam and Lewis forgot about it, and the first single, "Through the Rain". "I think 'Through the Rain' is a great way to start the record, because it is emotional and it kind of speaks directly to the questions people might have about the last year of her life," Jam said. "It's a good idea to get that out of the way and move on to happy, less emotional songs." And there are plenty of upbeat Carey songs to move on to. "She's happy," Jam said. "She loves doing music and recording it. I thought Mariah was very focused and intense, as she usually is, but also at the same time much more relaxed." At the video set for 'Through the Rain' late last month, Carey promised an album much different than "Through the Rain." "There are records on the album that are definitely going to be perceived as [sentimental]," she said. "There are a lot of lyrics that are very honest and direct and about me and just about my life as a human being. ... And then there are records that are really fun, like escapism for me. It's not like I'm going to suddenly write this woeful album. 'Oh misery.' No! I choose to turn those things into positives 'cause that's how I get through life." In other Carey and Timberlake news, the two will be sharing the stage later this month along with Ja Rule, India.Arie, Jill Scott, Eric Clapton, Elton John and others. They will be honoring Stevie Wonder at BET's eighth annual Walk of Fame induction ceremony, which is taping October 19 in Washington, D.C., and airing October 29. Jamie Foxx is hosting the event, which has recognized Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and Boyz II Men in past years.
-Corey Moss
Source: MTV.com (All rights reserved)
Posted on October the 16th.
Mariah at the Kidd Kraddick show
Mariah Carey stopped by the Kidd Kraddick show recently and talked about her new album, how the "machine" made her sheltered after about three albums, her shoe collection, 'Wisegirls' and the accent she had to use, the positive reaction she's gotten from fans on 'Through the Rain', the "TBD" album title, and more. Check out pictures from the appearance here and listen to the 11 minute interview here.
Source: abstracts
Posted on October the 16th.
MariahBuzz found a great article, but due to strict copyrights rules of FoxNews.com, I didn't posted it on my site, but please go read it on.
Note: The entire article is excellent, but the words which stay in my mind are these lyrics from one of Mariah's upcoming song called "Clown" - "Nobody cares when the tears of a clown fall down."
Posted on October the 15th.
Our friends Lisa and Kelley with Mariah at the Chicago Meet and Greet

Source: Kelley & Lisa of MariahConstellation.com by e-mail.
Posted on October the 15th.
Breaking news - Wise Girls not in Belgium...  And not in Europe
The Belgian distributor of Wise Girls just confirmed us that Wise Girls will not be released anywhere in the movie theaters, it means not in Belgium and not in the other European countries. 
As the Belgian distributor (which has been the first in the world to buy the rights) will not release Wise Girls in the movie theaters and that the release of the DVD will maybe be somewhere in 2003...  Ignore all the hard work we made for the special Wise Girls promo pages, see here and here, so if you want to see the movie now, go buy the DVD at these Greek on-line stores, here are the links:
- Shop21.
- DVDcool.
You can also buy the US DVD on December the 31st 2002.

Wise Girls niet in België...  En niet in Europa
De Belgische verdeler van Wise Girls heeft ons juist bevestiging gegeven dat Wise Girls niet zal getoond worden in de bioscopen noch in België, noch in de andere landen in Europa. 

Pas de Wise Girls en Belgique...  Ni d'ailleurs en Europe
Le distributeur Belge de Wise Girls vient de nous confirmer que Wise Girls ne sortira pas en salle en Belgique, ni dans aucun autre pays Européen. 
Posted on October the 15th.

Mariah in Germany
Hey lambz!
Okay, someone from the German TV channel ZDF just contacted us and Mariah will be in Berlin on November 06th!! She'll perform at a show called "Das Goldene Lenkrad" which will be airing on November 10th! Here's the mail we got from the ZDF team: "Thank you for your mail. The show "Das Goldene Lenkrad" will be taped on November 06th 2002 in a hangar on Berlin-Tempelhof [which is one of Berlin's airports]. Mariah Carey will be one of our guests. Sincerely, Christine Heck" So this is great news and we'll keep ya updated if we find out anything else!
Source: Honey and Kate from Butterlies Are Free by e-mail.
Posted on October the 15th.
Neil from MariahDownunder.com sent us a cool article, but due to strict copyrights rules of the newspaper, I didn't posted it on my site, so please go read it on.
Posted on October the 15th.
"Through The Rain" played as tribute to those lost in Bali
As the world is shocked by yet another terrorist attack, with the majority of those killed and injured being Australians & Indonesians, Bill tells us that today he called his local station in Sydney to ask that they play "Through the Rain" as a dedication to all those lives lost & the hundreds injured in the bombings. The DJ was so moves by Bills dedication that he went to the music director and explained the situation as Bill waited on hold only to be put through to the MD and explained how "Through the Rain" is very inspirational and allot like Hero, So within minutes he played it. 
Source: Bill, MariahBuzz.
Posted on October the 14th.
Stay tuned for our TTR promo page, it's ready and we wait the most usefull moment to launch it. 

Vous pourrez bientôt voir notre page promo pour TTR, elle est prête et nous attendons le moment opportun pour la lancer. 

U zult weldra onze TTR promo pagina kunnen zien, ze is klaar en we wachten op het juiste moment om ze te lanceren. 
Posted on October the 13th.

Mariah's pounds 3m Paris hideaway
MARIAH Carey has spent $3.1million on a new home so she can escape the pressures of fame. Friends of the 33-year-old star confirmed she has secured a five-bedroom apartment near the centre of Paris. A source said: "She is going to live there when she is in Europe promoting her new album, which is expected to be out in December. "She has been looking at buying a new property for a long time now and this is the perfect place." But the troubled singer, who has had massive hits with Dreamlover and Hero, hasn't even visited the plush flat. The source added: "She had one of her staff go and check it out. "But when she saw photos of it and got a detailed report she didn' t hesitate to buy it. "One of the big factors is that the press are always on her back in America and she wants to get away from that for a while." 
Source: Paul Martin, The Mirror, 10-09-2002, page 18. Stephy from MariahsWeb.com.

Petit résumé
Selon un article paru dans The Mirror, Mariah aurait acheté un appartement près du centre de Paris.  Cela lui permettrait de faciliter ses déplacements pour les promotions à travers l'Europe et aussi d'échapper à la presse Américaine.

Kleine samenvatting
Volgens een artikel van The Mirror, zou Mariah een appartement nabij het centrum van Parijs gekocht hebben.  Dat zou haar verplaatsingen gemakkelijker maken wanneer ze door Europa reist voor haar promotie en ook de Americaanse pers vermijden.
Posted on October the 13th.

Bon Jovi Surprise Carson, Recreating Mariah Moment
Jon Bon Jovi and Ritchie Sambora stopped by MTV's Total Request Live on Friday in a big surprise. Carson Daly, who was hosting, joked, "Bon Jovi just stopped by, apparently unannounced too. Let me tell ya, I was on my way to No. 2. Let me say I hope everything is okay with you two because the last artist to surprise me on this show was Mariah, and we know what happened with her." The two laughed and Carson added, "There is no ice cream in sight." Then Jon started taking off his shirt to attempt to re-create the scene. We'll probably find out from the TRL Diary that their visit caused chaos, since they had promo'd Madonna's phone in all week, and Bon Jovi coming by to shamelessly plug their new album, after Jon had already been on a few days ago, probably upset some of the show's staff. 
Source: popdirt (All rights reserved)
Posted on October the 13th.
TTR remix with Kelly Price and Faith Evans?
In a DJ store in Brussels, the guy said me that he heard rumors about a TTR remix with Kelly Price and Faith Evans, and I was like, huh, is it not Kelly Price and Whitney Houston?  And he said, "No, it's not what I heard".  All the DJ's are talking about Kelly Price and Faith Evans for this remix, so wait and see.
Posted on October the 12th.
Chicago Meet and Greet picture

Source: veda very shining at FOMM.
Posted on October the 12th.
Mysterious J revealed
On Flyte Tyme In The Studio, we found:
Source: Flyte Tyme In The Studio (All rights reserved)
Heroes comment: I made a list of all the possible J artists, Justin Timberlake was on my list, but not at the top, so I'm very curious to see what it will be like. 
Posted on October the 12th.
Source: Flyte Tyme News (All rights reserved)
Posted on October the 12th.
Jill Scott about Mariah
Due to strict copyrights rules, I didn't posted this article, so please go read it on RollingStone.com's site.
Posted on October the 12th.
Mariah at Seventeen magazine's New Star showcase
Shaggy, B2K, and Daniel Bedingfield will perform at Seventeen magazine's New Star showcase at the Roseland Ballroom in New York on Oct. 25. Mariah Carey will also make an appearance, introducing Isabel, a new artist on Carey's MonarC Music imprint. Tickets for the event can be purchased at Seventeen's New York offices through Sept. 3. A portion of the proceeds will go to the Fresh Air Fund. (Kevin Raub)
Source: cdnow (All rights reserved)
Posted on October the 12th.
Please, go vote for Mariah on Popdirt.com's poll.
Posted on October the 12th.
Check out MariahInfo.com for Leo's report of the Boston Meet and Greet.
Posted on October the 12th.
For non-US residents
In responce and a reply to the 1000+ emails from non usa resident fans we have some news for you: " an additional outfit from the video is going to be available for a contest outside the US. Not sure when it will appear or on what sites, but I will do my best to let you know. She wore this additional at the video so it is real and authentic." From this it clearly be seen that the record label is looking after the fans and are listening to what we have to say. 
Source: Universal / Ashes http://mariahconnection.com by e-mail
Posted on October the 11th.
Through The Rain remix
"I've just heard from MTV UK's 'The Lick' that Whitney Houston is doing guest vocals along with Kelly Price on Mariah's new single "Through the Rain" (for the remix)." 
Source: RPN OZ: http://mariahbuzz.com
This has been confirmed by MTV Europe offices, so i take it is true, the above comments were made on the show. As MTV are considered to be official source of mariah, as they are promoting her. We can take their word for it.
Source: Ashes http://mariahconnection.com by e-mail
Posted on October the 11th.
Boston Meet and Greet picture

Source: jonny823 at FOMM.
Posted on October the 11th.
Here's what we read on abstracts.net:
Globe magazine reports Mariah Carey has been fretting to pals that the two sisters kidnapped by Tommy Mottola's wife Thalia could have been her or her family. A pal confided, "Mariah says it makes her blood run cold to know that she or her family could easily have been targetted by kidnappers during the years she was married to Tommy. She always thought he was being paranoid and macho by having a lot of armed guards around. She's now saying Tommy was right to have been so protective of her, but most of all, Mariah wants a happy ending for him, Thalia and her sisters." 
Source: abstracts.net
Posted on October the 11th.
Mariah in Munich on Nov 2nd!
Different German magazines recently reported that Mariah's supposed to be in Munich on November 02nd to perform at the TV show "Millionär Gesucht". Now RTL, the channel who's airing the show, officially confirmed this to us, nd you can find the mail below. It's really cool Mariah's in Germany again so quickly but sadly the performances in the show are always pretty unpersonal. The show will be airing live on November 02nd at 8.15pm CET on RTL. Here's the e-mail we received from RTL: "Hello! It's true: the soul-diva Mariah Carey celebrates her musical comeback live with [Günther Jauch]. Other showacts in the 23rd issue of "Millionär gesucht! - Die SKL Show" will be: popstar Sarah Connor and German rock-singer Marius Müller Westernhagen. Sincerely yours, Katja Herz" Also Mariah is featured in the German mags "Frau mit Herz" and "Das neue Blatt" this week, you can find the scans of these articles on our site! So that's it for now, keep up the great work! Baah-Bye & (M)C ya!
Source: Honey and Kate from Butterlies Are Free by e-mail.
Posted on October the 11th.
October 24th - TV Special Taping - New York City
Mariah Carey will be performing a selection of songs from her forthcoming album for an MTV Special.  The production will be in the same vein as 'Unplugged' (i.e. likely a 5 - 6 piece band), but it will not be called 'Unplugged'.   In addition to the performance, fans in attendance will have the opportunity to ask Mariah questions.  This Q&A session will be included as part of the upcoming special.  This will take place at Right Track Studios, where Mariah is putting the finishing touches on her album.
Source: http://mariahconnection.com/RPG by e-mail.
Posted on October the 10th.
Title of 6 songs from the new album
According to the report of the lucky fans who were at the Boston Meet and Greet, here are 6 song titles from Mariah's new album:
- Through The Rain (of course).
- Oh Boy (really cool).
- Finally Found Someone (really cool uptempo RnB, unbelievable vocals, duet with JD).
- I Only Wanted (kind of a latin style ballad).
- Cloudy (a cool hip hop tune).
- My Saving Grace (was beautiful... You guys will love it).
Note: I want to hear them noooooooooooooooooow. 

Titel van 6 liedjes van de nieuwe album
Volgens de gelukkige fans die in Boston waren voor de Meet and Greet, hier 6 lied titels van Mariah's nieuwe album.  Zie de titels hierboven.

Titres de 6 chansons du nouvel album
Selon un rapport fait par les chanceux fans qui ont été à Boston pour le Meet and Greet, voici 6 titres de chanson du nouvel album de Mariah.  Voir les titres ci-dessus.
Posted on October the 10th.

First report of the Boston Meet and Greet
Well, what a night. Unbelievable. Okay, I'll go from the top. I got there around 7:45, there was already a pretty big line, much more than 25 other people and guest. Probably about 100. So we get in, metal detectors, you absolutely under no circumstances can bring a camera in, so save yourself the effort. Okay, so we got in after about an hour of waiting in line, and we go into this really intimate club/room, colored lights, pictures of MC everywhere (through the rain photo) and theres little postcards on every table that have the TTR photo, and say the following "the strength of her lyrics, the emotion of her voice, a new beginning." theres chips and salsa and stuff of that nature. So, we wait around, I recognize Mariah's entourage, Chris, Louise, and her bodyguards. So about two hours have passed, Mariah finally got in at about, I wanna say 11:30. So she walks through the line of us, were all screaming, and she sits down to do local news interviews for about 10 minutes. Then....the best part...Jerry Blair comes on and says...okay...were gonna play 6 tracks of Mariah's new cd...(unbelievable by the way) I'll get to that later. and then Jerry says, and then each and every one of you will get a picture. Mariah took a picture with everyone there!!! And some people even got two pics, including me. It's a polaroid cam so it's instant. How awesome. she even sat and talked with one fan, it was really touching. She brought her aside away from everything and talked for awhile with her and at the end gave her a hug. Really nice. So anyway, she was signing autographs left and right. So after all the pics, she continued to sign autographs. Oh yeah, along with your pic, you get an autographed pic of the TTR photo. So let's get to the music. Don't hate me because I didn't get all of the names, and the ones I did get, might not even be right, the sound was so loud that it was hard to hear the words, and they didn't really announce every title, and even when they did it was hard to hear, so I did my best for you guys. First they played TTR, everyone clapped and some people sang along, it was really nice. first new track, "Oh Boy." sung to that song...boy...oh boy...sampled over that...really cool. then they played the jd track might be called "Finally Found Someone." really cool uptempo r&b, unbelievable vocals. Then they played kind of a latin style ballad, might have been called "I Only Wanted." Then they played a cool hip hop tune, might have been called "Cloudy" something to do with clouds. And the last one they played was My Saving Grace. My Saving Grace was beautiful... You guys will love it. Mariah had her hair like the CTTA video, and wore a black dress... She looked stunning as always. She was so kind, signed everything for everyone, it truly will be a night to remember, i'm sorry it's so scattered, I hope this helps. There's probably a lot I'm forgetting, but I pretty much got the basics. I'm going to bed... Have a good night... I did! 
Source: sophiesam at FOMM.
Posted on October the 10th.
Mariah at the 8th Annual Walk of Fame honoring Stevie Wonder?
Apparently yes, click here to see the details on BET's site.
Posted on October the 10th.
Mariah and MonarC on Island's site
Click here to see the MonarC page on Island's site.
Posted on October the 9th.
Mariah's tribute to parents
Mariah Carey is featuring the story of her parents' then- controvercial inter-racial courtship in the new video of her single, Through the Rain. The Video stars actress/singer Jamie-Lynn Sigler, of the hit TV show Sopranos, as Carey's mother who runs away with Carey's father in the '60s when she is pregnant with Mariah.
Source: MX Newspaper Melbourne, Sham, MariahBuzz.com.
Posted on October the 9th.
Pasta day
As usual, when there's no interesting news and only rumors and unconfirmed facts, we gonna eat pasta tonight. 
Posted on October the 8th.
Mariah in the Elvis Limited Edition Magazine

Mariah is in the Elvis Limited Edition Magazine. A scan is attacted sorry it isn't a good scan it is a big magazine and it was 
hard to position it and hold it lol. thanks
Source: Leo from Mariahinfo.com by e-mail.
Posted on October the 7th.
Luis Miguel won't talk about Mariah 
Luis Miguel arrived in Spain to promote his new album, Mis Boleros Favoritos. Yesterday, hundreds of journalists filled a room all with the same question: "What really happened with Mariah Carey?" and he answered: "I try to forget her...". "We have seen you in some pictures with an ex-girlfriend"... and Luis: "Everything is going well..." Besides that, in the same afternoon, a program on TV called Sabor A Ti showed more images of the interview he gave. When asked about Mariah again, he answered: "I don't know what to say, the midia got in charge of giving various reasons of what happened".
Luis Miguel hurt with Mariah Carey
The Mexican singer Luis Miguel continues "hurt" with his ex-fiance, singer Mariah Carey. In his recent appearance in Spain to talk about his new CD Mis Boleros Favorites, Luismi tried not to talk about Carey: "I have nothing to say about this. I'm single right now. I'm not dating and I don't have any relationship with anyone" he said without losing control.
Source: labotana.com, MariahsBrasilianLamb at FOMM.
Posted on October the 7th.
Promotional WiseGirls DVD

There is a promotional/screening copy DVD of WiseGirls being auctioned on eBay with a cover never seen before, click here to view the auction and bid on it.
Source: Meski from MariahMania.
Posted on October the 7th.
De Rode Loper
Yasmine: The popdiva is back. The day before yesterday, Mariah recorded the videoclip for her new single, Through The Rain, in a church in New York. The single is forerunner of the new CD.
Mariah: The song itself is just kind of a hopefull message, about people going through tough times and having faith and believing that they can get through them and that's all you need to do. So that's not something that I haven't written about before.
Yasmine: She still sings about the same things, but as a person she has changed.
Mariah: Basically what I did is stopped being everybody's caretaker. I didn't really stop, I still am everybody else's caretaker pretty much. But I mean I also learned that you have to be your own caretaker too.
Yasmine: The past year has been really tough for the popdiva, she was dropped by her recordlabel en she lost her father. It took her quite some time to get through it. But now she feels reborn.
Mariah: You know it's nice, starting fresh with my life. A new label, a new state of mind in terms of like my work. It's still strong and still the same, but it also includes, you know, taking care of myself.
Yasmine: We keep an eye on her, the new Carey album will be released on 10 December.

De Rode Loper
(datgene wat Mariah zegt, zijn in het Nederlands de ondertitelingen, voor het engels heb ik letterlijk opgeschreven wat Mariah zegt)
Yasmine: De popdiva is terug van weggeweest. Eergisteren nam Mariah in een kerk in New York de clip op voor haar nieuwe single Through The Rain, voorbode van een nieuw album.
Mariah: Het nummer is eerder een boodschap. Het gaat over mensen die 'n moeilijke periode doormaken, maar die erin geloven en er doorheen geraken. Die houding moet je altijd aannemen. Het is iets waar ik al vaker over geschreven heb.
Yasmine: Als een doorwinterd predikante stond Carey de pers te woord, ze zingt nog wel over het zelfde maar is zelf wel veranderd.
Mariah: Ik ben ermee gestopt voortdurend andermans toeverlaat te spelen. Niet helemaal natuurlijk, maar toch. Ik heb geleerd eindelijk ook eens aan mezelf te denken.
Yasmine: Het voorbije jaar was geen lachertje voor de popdiva, ze werd door haar platenfirma gedumpt en verloor haar vader. Het kostte haar aardig wat tijd om uit de put te klauteren. Maar nu voelt ze zich herboren.
Mariah: Weet je, ik heb eindelijk m'n evenwicht gevonden. Mijn leven neemt een nieuwe start. Ik heb een nieuw label, ik bekijk m'n werk anders ... Het eist me nog steeds op, maar ik zorg nu ook goed voor mezelf.
Yasmine: We houden ze in de gaten, het nieuwe album van Carey komt uit op 10 december.
De Rode Loper - VRT - Wednesday October 2, 2002
Thanks to Elise who kindly made and translated this transcript for us. 
Please take a look at Elise's site: Elise's Mariah Carey site.
Posted on October the 6th.

I know a winner
Leo is one of the lucky winners who will meet Mariah in Boston.  What a lucky guy. 
Message to Mariah and the Team Mariah: pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaase organize that in Belgium too. 
Posted on October the 6th.
MTV Europe - Becoming Wannabees: Mariah Carey - 7/10/2002 - 17h30CET
Source: MTV Europe teletext
Posted on October the 5th.
Mariah Carey's new video completed
The video that will accompany "Through the Rain," Mariah Carey's new single, is complete.  The shooting, which took place in New York City, lasted two days and was directed by director Dave Meyers. The story is pretty much based on the life of the singer's parents: a mixed couple that in the Sixties is forced to separate and tries to get back together. Who already heard the song talks about a comeback to the atmosphere of Carey's first album. In the meantime, it has been known that another song which will for sure appear in the new still untitled CD to arrive in stores on December 10 is called "My Saving Grace."
Source: Rockol, Federica from Mariah Crybaby by e-mail.
Heroes comment:This article was originally in Italian and Federica kindly translated.
Petit résumé:
Le tournage du clip de Through The Rain dirigé par Dave Meyers et tourné à New York, est maintenant terminé.  L'histoire est basée sur la vie des parents de Mariah.  My Saving Grace est le titre d'une autre chanson prévue sur le nouvel album de Mariah.
Kleine samenvatting
De opname van de video van Through The Rain onder leiding van Dave Meyers en opgenomen in New York is nu beëindigd.  Het verhaal is gebaseerd op het leven van Mariah's ouders.  My Saving Grace is de titel van een ander lied voorzien op Mariah's nieuwe album.
Posted on October the 5th.
New pics on Mariah's official site

Photos by Bill Boatman (All rights reserved)
Source: mariahcarey.com
Posted on October the 5th.
Through The Rain avec Mariah onder moeder's paraplu, I can make it through the rain only avec Mariah onder moeder's paraplu.  AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH, I become crazy.  Hummm, wait a minute I AM crazy. 
Note: Don't search a meaning.  It's a private joke between Mariah and me. 
Posted on October the 4th.
Mariah Carey Gets Back on Track 
New York - A year ago, Mariah Carey's career had pretty much derailed, with disappointing results for her latest movie and album and a stint in the hospital for an emotional and physical breakdown. But she said her life is back on track now and that she is starting fresh. While her work ethic is still strong, she said, she's taking better care of herself. "If you put the whole celebrity and music business and whatever other projects you are involved in first before the human being, that's when anybody will crash physically, your body cannot go on one hour of sleep for two months," she said. "It doesn't work. And no matter how tough you think you are at a certain point, you just have to stop." In addition to a new record deal, she has a new album due out in December. She said her new album isn't exactly autobiographical but that her emotional breakdown last year makes the words in her new project feel a little closer to home for her. She describes the single "Through The Rain" as "a hopeful message about people going through tough times and having faith and believing that they can get through them." "With this particular song, it kind of has a certain realness to it that is a little deeper than maybe in the past," she said. The album is due out in December: the tenth, to be exact. There's no title for it yet.
Source: Yahoo News (All rights reserved)
Posted on October the 4th.
Dear Mariah Fan Site Webmasters,
I really cannot go into details but right now we need all Mariah Fan Site's to e-mail me with your URL and main webmasters e-mail address and what language your site is in. Please make the subject of the e-mail "Mariah Site" so I can get to it asap thanks!
Source: Leo from Mariahinfo.com by e-mail.
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MariahBuzz goes wap! 
Mariahbuzz.com & RPN have got together and have relaunched the WAP sites. They have also opened a new one called mcpromo. The main WAP site is tagtag.com/mariah 
Source: MariahBuzz.com and Ashes by e-mail.
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Mariah wants a buyer for her downtown pad 
By Braden Keil

Is Mariah Carey selling her pricey downtown condo? Real estate sources say the songbird is preparing to unload her triplex penthouse perch at TriBeCa's Franklin Tower. The singer paid more than $9 million for the four-bedroom, 4.5-bath penthouse in the 17-story building, built in 1931 as the Corn Exchange Bank and redeveloped into condos two years ago. She took the top three floors in 1999 after a lengthy search for housing, which included a well-documented co-op board rejection by for Barbra Streisand's penthouse on the Upper West Side. Carey then hired interior designer Mario Buatta to wrap the triplex in chintz. (Her bedroom is "tastefully"done in lavender, pink and apricot.) While Carey's people deny she's pulling up her stakes, she's invited a few brokers to take a look around. "Several brokers have been in to take a look," says one insider. "She's asked them what they thought her place is worth." Maybe she's just curious. Just below Mariah's apartment is a much smaller, 5,000-square-foot condo going for $5.25 million. The building was one of the first to offer uptown amenities below Houston Street, including a doorman, a full-time concierge and porters. Weeks after being rejected by Streisand's co-op board in 1999 - after having waited six months in limbo to learn her fate - Carey decided to go the condo route by pairing two Franklin Tower apartments for a total of $9 million. The colorful showplace, which features a 38-foot-long bathroom and a media room with overstuffed couches, has extraordinary views of the Hudson, Midtown and, unfortunately, Ground Zero. Carey's neighbors include freckle-faced mannequin Maggie Rizer, who bought her 1,895-square-foot, two-bedroom apartment in 2000 for $1.6 million. W fashion editor Lauren duPont bought a similar-size place for $1.3 million. Before settling on her downtown digs, Carey went shopping on the Upper East Side. After giving a pass to a townhouse on East 80th Street, she looked at a condo redevelopment project in another East 60s townhouse - which her ex-husband, Tommy Mottola, eventually snapped up; it's now selling for $45 million.
Source: NYPost (All rights reserved), Neil from MariahDownunder.com by e-mail.
Heroes comment: Mariah, if this article is true, I know a beautifull house, here in Brussels, next to my crib... or you'll maybe prefer Capri. 
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New pictures

Photos by William Boatman (All rights reserved)
Source: Team Mariah by e-mail.
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Check out the NEW Mariah Carey contest! You can enter to win the outfit she wore on her recent video shoot. Head over to http://www2.fanscape.com/mariahcarey/contest.asp for your chance to win!
Source: Team Mariah by e-mail.
Heroes comment: The contest is open only to US residents.  Good luck guys ! 
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Emerging From The Storm
With 34 adds, Mariah Carey gains the Most Added spot at AC with her latest, "Through The Rain." The Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis-produced ballad, which attains New & Active status, is the first track from Carey's MonarC/IDJMG debut album, due this December. Upcoming appearances for Carey include A Tribute to Stevie Wonder (10/19), the Seventeen Magazine Showcase in N.Y. (10/25), the MTV Europe Awards (11/14) and Oprah (11/20).
Source: Radioandrecords.com (All rights reserved), MusicIsMyDrug21 at FOMM.
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On the Set: Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey has returned, and she's back doing what she does best. Her newest single is getting a lot of radio play, and with good reason, after a very tumultuous year clouded in controversy. You would never know it from watching Mariah shoot her new video in a New York church, but the pressure is on as she returns with her first new single in over a year. It's a ballad called -- not coincidentally -- "Through the Rain." Last year, Mariah survived a very public meltdown, followed by a commercially disappointing film and CD, then a split from Virgin Records, which paid her millions to walk away after just one album. Now Mariah's under contract with a new label, Island Def Jam, and the 32-year-old superstar is trying to put the past behind her. She recorded her new album in a studio in Capri. Access Hollywood's Billy Bush sat down with Mariah on the set of her new video ...
Billy Bush: Why are you shooting the video in the church? 
Mariah Carey: We're in the church because everyone thought that the last part of the song was very inspirational and that I should wind up here. And it's kind of part of a narrative. I don't want to give too much away about the video, but the couple that we follow are kind of Romeo and Juliet heroes who wind up here at the end. 
Billy: Is that Hollywood rain or real rain? 
Mariah: It's Hollywood rain, but in New York when you transport it -- it loses something and it's just a little more raw.
Billy: I see Jamie-Lynn Sigler, the lovely Meadow Soprano, lingering around the church. Why is she here? 
Mariah: She's here because she's playing the young version of the mom who winds up in the church at the end.
Billy: So it's been awhile since your last release. How much pressure are you feeling? Are you feeling nervous, excited? 
Mariah: You know what, I'm excited about the music. If I were to be nervous then I wouldn't put a record out. I am making music for myself and my true fans. It's also a healing process for me. I just got back from Capri where I spent the past couple of months. I had to come back and forth for a bit for some family stuff. It was just really relaxing. I just totally immersed myself in the writing process -- because I write all my songs -- and producing. I basically live in the studio upstairs in this little apartment in Capri. And what it did was it was really just a chance to be reflective and just focus on the music and realize like, 'Hello, it's not that deep to get so stressed out over. It's only the music business. It's only TV-land.' The things that really matter like human beings and people and family and friends -- real friends -- are the things that are important. It's great to have success, but I could retire tomorrow and already achieved far more than my goals ever were. 
Billy: Can you believe you've been doing this since you were 19 years old? 
Mariah: Yeah. I know. Well, it's only been a year. (laughs) Well, like you said earlier I started so young. I started as a demo singer at 14. I grew up without money. I grew up having this intense determination and drive to make it, to kind of overcome the obstacles I was presented with, you know? Being interracial, being poor, feeling different, feeling inadequate. Then when everything happened for me and I became famous or whatever you want to call it -- I started working really hard, nonstop, an album a year plus promotion. It's very draining, and people don't realize it because they see you on TV and you're like, 'Yeah! Here's my new record. This is this!' you know? But that requires a lot, to do that 20 times in a row in every country in the world, if you chose to go all over the world.
Billy: And you have a problem saying no. 
Mariah: Exactly! 
Billy: I am also one of those people, too.
Mariah: Were you in the caretakers club too? (laughs)
Billy: Yes!
Mariah: The problem is the caretakers sometimes don't get taken care of. You neglect yourself and what I realized is it's not a bad thing to say no sometimes, put yourself first. And I just sort of realized that's what I had to do.
Billy: Tell me about the album, the first single. Musically, is this album different from what you have done before?
Mariah: The single is called "Through the Rain." It's kind of not dissimilar from songs like "Hero" or "Vision of Love." It's a ballad. And I had a lot of up-tempo records where I was like, 'I love this! It's gotta come out!' But when people heard the song, they were like this really has to be your first single. And I know people are going to associate it with, 'Oh that's about her and her life and stuff.' And of course everything you write comes from within you somewhere. But I always feel that it's important to inspire other people who may be going through something -- whether it's losing a loved one or going through whatever. I just try to instill in people the fact -- which is what I believe -- that if you firmly believe and you have enough faith you can get through anything. 
Billy: The ballad has been just a huge winner for you, right? I mean, it's the bread money, isn't it? 
Mariah: It is but I've had really big up-tempo records, too. It depends on what you choose to focus on. I'll always sing ballads, but I'm not going to stop singing up-tempos because the world is like, 'Oh, we just want her to sing ballads.' That's not true. Most 12-year-old girls in the street come up to me and want to talk to me about "Heartbreaker." There are some songs in there that are just undeniable club records, too. I'm not a one-dimensional artist. I'm not a one-dimensional person. If someone said to me, 'Can you write a jingle for milk?' Yes! I can do that! I'm a multi-racial person. I grew up with different influences in my life. So I don't like to be pigeonholed and put into one thing.
Billy: Let me ask you a corny question. Do you sing in the shower or is that downtime for you? 
Mariah: Well, I don't consider singing work. 
Billy: We all sing in the shower, do you? 
Mariah: Yeah, I do, but I like to take baths. (laughs)
Source: Access Hollywood (All rights reserved)
Posted on October the 2nd.

Mariah Carey Insists She Just Needed Sleep, Taps Family History For Clip

NEW YORK - "I've been here for years, I don't know," Mariah Carey said Monday on the set of her video "Through the Rain" when asked about her much-talked-about comeback. Obviously with more platinum on her walls than Baby from Cash Money has in his mouth, 15 singles that have reached #1 on the Billboard chart and two Grammy Awards, MC is not stressing about proving a point to anybody. But as her commanding vocals blasted out the playback machine during the church scene, the finale of her two-day video shoot, it was also clear that Mariah was in fact coming back to her roots. "Through the Rain," which is the first single off of her still-untitled December 10 release, is a departure from the dancy, hip-hop-influenced initial offerings she hit us with from the last few LPs she dropped. In fact, "Through the Rain" takes us back to her self-titled debut, when she used the big ballad "Vision of Love" to create a buzz. She simply wasn't in the mood for dancing this time out; instead, real-life dilemmas inspired her latest song. "I've always tried to insert positivity into my songs wherever I can, to inspire other people who go through stuff," she said of the single's origins. "I mean the stuff they talked about in tabloids and the things that were so overly exaggerated, that's one aspect. I also went through a lot of personal stuff, a lot of family stuff this year. Losing a parent is an intense thing for anybody. It's brought me to another place. "People are going to read into it as, 'This is Mariah and her struggle,' " added Carey, who insisted there will be fun tracks on her album as well. "But the way I try to word it is, 'It's OK once you say I can make it through the rain.' Not just me going, 'I can make it through the rain,' it's me telling people that if you believe you can get through whatever you're going through, you can get to the other side." Rest and, ironically, returning to work were the main things Mariah needed to help her catch a second wind and get through her troubles (see "Mariah Carey And Virgin Part Ways"). "You know what," she asked rhetorically, sitting in full makeup and a long flowing dress, "I did actually have time to take a break, which is really what I needed. [I needed] downtime, just to sleep. And actually the writing process and working on this album has been something to immerse myself in, because I realized how that has always been my saving grace. There's a song on the album called 'My Saving Grace.' But it actually is [my saving grace], just to go into that process and really live the process of writing, recording, the whole thing, up to the main inception to the mastering of the record." The Dave Meyers-directed clip for "Through the Rain" is based on the singer's own life story. "Originally it wasn't going to have anything to do with that, but people were looking through my photo albums this year," she explained. "My father and I had made some photo albums together of his relatives and different people in the family. A couple people saw [the albums] and they were like, 'This is amazing that you have this.' I guess everybody was like, 'How would you feel about this type of concept [for a video]?' So I guess I thought if someone's going to do it might as well be me. "The story line [of the video] is about an interracial couple," she continued. "It's sort of Romeo and Juliet but it's set in the '60s and they're kind of torn apart. It's about their struggle and I'm sort of the narrator. I don't want to give too much away about it, but it's nice. Something I could relate to, being the product of an interracial union, though [my parents] did not wind up happily ever after standing in church together." Jamie-Lynn Sigler, who plays Meadow Soprano on "The Sopranos," gives Mariah a helping hand in the video. "We just got a call a few days ago and they said, 'You know Mariah would like you to play her mom in her video,' " Sigler explained. "I was like, 'What? Okay!' Not a phone call you expect to get. It's a bit surreal as I grew up being a big fan of Mariah, and to be playing her mother ... it's a very exciting week for me. It's fun for me - I get to be in '60s garb and have old-school hair. I look a little like my mother - a little too much. "With my character, she's basically going against her parent's wishes to be with this gentleman," she continued. "She's pregnant with a baby, which is Mariah, and they run away together. So it's kind of an epic love story, it's nice." All except the rain, Mariah noted with a laugh. "We're on day two of the shoot," she said. "Yesterday was me walking randomly through the streets singing. But then there was, of course naturally, the rain shower, which they told me, 'Oh, you're not going to get that wet.' I got completely soaking wet in this rain, but it looked really cool because it looked like the hugest rain storm New York has seen, ever. And it felt like it too. But it was good." Carey's new album will be released on her imprint MonarC, which is distributed by Island/Def Jam (see "Mariah Returning With First Def Jam Release In December"). She has recorded 20 songs for the LP with producers such as Jermaine Dupri, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis and 7 Aurelius (see "Mariah Carey Records In Bahamas With Live Band, Strips Down With 7")
- Shaheem Reid, with additional reporting by John Norris
Source: MTV (All rights reserved)
Posted on October the 2nd.

First Through The Rain video capture

Source: Stephy from MariahsWeb.Com.
Posted on October the 1st.
Butterfly, Elephant, Cross, Heart, Dolphin, Clover...  Where's the link?  Hummm, click here for the surprise.
Source for the surprise: Universal Belgium by e-mail.  Thanks 
Posted on October the 1st.
Mariah's a raining queen

STUNNING Mariah Carey struggles to keep her head above water as she shoots the video for her new single Through the Rain. And the pop beauty, 32, knows it's sink or swim time for her career, too. Her lastest album, Glitter, flopped - leading Virgin bosses to dump her with a £38million pay-off. Mariah, who signed a £14million deal with the Def Jam label, is due release a new album in December. The last thing she needs is a damp squib.
Source for the article and the picture: The Sun. (All rights reserved)
Credit for the picture: Sygma. (All rights reserved)
Heroes comment: I want to see the TTR video noooooooooooow !!! 
Posted on October the 1st.


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