September 2002 - Heroes of Mariah
Go quick on to see photos of Mariah shooting Through The Rain.  Very good quality and 2 high quality pictures. 
Thanks to dreamlover at FOMM for the info.
Posted on September the 30th.
Sexy Mariah 'rains' supreme as she shoots new video 
By Bill Hoffmann
Comeback kid Mariah Carey, who suffered a devastating mental meltdown last year, was all smiles yesterday as she filmed a new music video along Park Avenue South in the city. Looking smokin' hot, the sexy pop princess strutted back and forth in a thigh-baring skirt and ultratight top that had male onlookers on fire. The video, directed by David Meyers, is for her new song, "Through the Rain," in which she bares her soul about her past problems and her hopes for the future. Appearing confident and carefree, Mariah seemed like her old self as she happily waved to fans who stopped to watch. It's been a tough haul for the perky hitmaker who delivered eight chart-topping albums and 25 singles in just 10 years - and then had a nervous breakdown in July 2001. In the weeks leading up to that collapse, fans had listened in sadness as Mariah left a series of rambling and unfocused phone messages on her official Web site. Not helping her situation was disastrous starring role in the movie "Glitter" and a bad breakup with Latin pop sensation Luis Miguel. Mariah was also dumped by her label, Virgin, who paid off her long-term contract to get rid of her. But she's been determined to bounce back, and now with a new label, Island/Def Jam, and new album on the way, she may be able to do just that. "Through the Rain," released to radio stations last Thursday, has already gotten good reviews from fans and deejays.
Source: (All rights reserved)
Posted on September the 30th.
Mariah on the set of the TTR video
Papow at FOMM posted the pictures, but as they are copyrighted, I made some research and I found the company which own the rights, so click here to see the pictures on their site.
Posted on September the 30th.
JBK transcript part 2
Hey lambz!
We just wanted to let ya know, the we now uploaded the next part of the translated transcript for the Johannes B Kerner-Show. In this part Mariah mostly talks about her early career and her marriage to Tommy Mottola and we'll add the last third of the interview tomorrow. You can read the transcript in our "interview" section on!
Baah-Bye & (M)C ya!
Source: Honey and Kate from Butterlies Are Free by e-mail.
Posted on September the 30th.
News from Spain
TTR was played yesterday on 40 Principales (the most important radio station in Spain). the DJ's read lots of emails from fans that requested the song, the DJ almost cried listening to the song and she was socked because there were so many emails and so much devotion from the mariah fans!!! 
Source: Mari,, Ashes from RPN by e-mail.
Posted on September the 30th.
JBK - transcript 
Hey lambz!
We're really exhausted now, but you can find the first third of the Johannes B Kerner-show on our website now. Since the interview took 40 minutes and is freakin long, we can't post it all at once coz it would take too long, but we'll complete it asap! So you can find the transcript in English and German (also the things they cut out) on our website in the "interview" section. we also added our story of seeing mariah yesterday to the "in touch with mc" section and btw, michael richardson, mc's bodyguard told us that that new pic of mariah was taken just last week, so he was pretty surprised to see it already, lol :) so bye and (M)C ya!
Source: Honey and Kate from Butterlies Are Free by e-mail.
Posted on September the 29th. relaunch
Go check Neil's site new design.
Source: Neil from by e-mail.
Posted on September the 29th.
Mariah Carey with Johannes B. Kerner

The most important quotes of the Pop Queen 
For the first time world star Mariah Carey spoke so openly in a German Talkshow about her private life! 
The world star chatted on Friday, 27 September 2002, for about 40 minutes with Johannes B. Kerner. Read here their most important quotes again:
Mariah Carey over the death of her father
"The death of my father - that was a very hard time for me. I went straight to the mourning service. That was several weeks ago now. I think of him. We were not very close for a while, but then that changed. We became very close the last few years. That he died, was a shock for me. He had cancer. He was not operable any more. He died on July the 4th, on the American Independence Day. He wanted liberty and he died on the Independence Day. We were able to became friends a short time before he died, I'm very lucky and I am grateful that I had this opportunity."

Over her marriage with Tommy Mottola
"There was a very big passion between us. For me it was overwhelming. But I was never someone who should be married. My parents got separated when I was little. I did not want to be crushed, I still wanted to be with my friends, I wanted to do the things I like. I do not have anything against him. But I made it in such a way, because he wanted that." "Okay, we have stop a big wedding: 'but I did too, if you want' It would have kept longer, if we had not married. I was not so far and did not want to be someone's wife, those time were nice and I was protected by a 50 year old man. In the garden, I did not sit with the adults. We had a marriage contract. I did not leave with anything - only what I had before."

Over her nervous breakdown
"I was at the end. The whole 'nervous breakdown' to call it like that was totally exaggerated. The following happened to me: I worked two months straight, 20 hours a day without break. If you make that longer and not reasonably eats and sleeps, you do not hold out. Simply only work. I left Sony at that time. I had the new company and not yet the support around me. I did not have the people around me, which said: ' Mariah, you worked now 14 hours on the piece. As it would be now with something to the meal?' I simply forget that. I did not to worry anyone about me, and I also. I neglected myself. The star was for me  in the foreground. But I neglected the human in me, no question. And then I was so exhausted and finished that my physical health was at the end. I was finished. No one understood that. Nevertheless always there was Mariah - full energy. When I visited my mother, I was so finished. I had no more energy at all. And I was physically finished. I begun to be scared and therefore I called 911. That's the whole story. My mother did not know, how she should react with the fact that I was suddenly weak." 

What she learned from her defeat
"I now have a contract locked: sound as I need much sleep, to relax and eat. You must regulate that somehow. I even make contracts and I force myself to keep them. I really thank God for everything that I had experienced. I am now a much more  spiritual person. I went through and come through and I learned very much about me. For example, what you may not allow for yourself. We must actually take our position for ourselves. Also with my father this year. I learned, how valuable the life is and how quickly it can go away. I am different than one year ago. I have priorities: Camera and Hollywood are one - the music business. But the most important is not in the life. Humans are much more important. Humans are more important than career!"
Translation made by Gilles from Heroes of Mariah.
Posted on September the 28th.
"Mariah the person is more important than Mariah, the star"
OMG!!!!! it was such a great day! and we actually are way too tired to do anything now, we just wanted to let ya know it was great! there were about 60 people and the interview was AWESOME!!! mariah was funny, cute, relaxed... EVERYTHING!!! the host of the show told us he really liked her afterwards :) she looked beautiful and they played a clip of her singing a part of ttr in the studio in capri... we'll tell ya everything in detail after we got ourselves some sleep :)
Source: Honey and Kate from Butterlies Are Free by e-mail.
Posted on September the 28th.
Mariah in Hamburg - first pictures

Credit: Stephan from Mariah Carey Makes Chart History and Yvonne for the caps.
Source: Uwe from Mariah Carey Fan DE.
Posted on September the 27th.
Don't forget to watch ZDF tonight from 10h45pm CET to 11h45pm CET.  VCR ready?
If you don't have ZDF on your TV, you can watch it, live on ZDF's site.

N'oubliez pas de regarder ZDF ce soir de 22h45 à 23h45.  Tous à vos magnétos!
Si vous n'avez pas ZDF sur votre télé, vous pouvez regarder live sur le site de ZDF.

Vergeet niet te kijken naar ZDF vanavond van 22h45 tot 23h45.  Videorecorder klaar?
Als je ZDF niet kan hebben op je TV, je kan het live zien op de site van ZDF.

Posted on September the 27th.

Exclusive! Radio ID on
Mariah introduces her new single Through The Rain, available exclusively on promo singles for radio stations only!!
Source: Zoli from by e-mail.
Posted on September the 27th.
Only 3 words in my head today.
Mariah...  Hamburg...  TTR...  Mariah...  Hamburg...  TTR...  Mariah...  Hamburg...  TTR...  Mariah...  Hamburg...  TTR... 

Now, you all know what's in my head today. 

Posted on September the 26th.

Only 1 vision in my head today.
And four more
Listen to Mariah's new single on,, and
Note: To listen on and you need to subscribe as a member of their site first. has the best quality and a very nice text. 
Posted on September the 26th.
Listen to Mariah's new single on
Click here to listen to Mariah's new single "Through The Rain".  Hey guys, I will listen to it the entire day. 
Posted on September the 26th.
Brand new picture
Uwe from Mariah Carey Fan DE has received from Island Mercury Germany this amazing picture.
Posted on September the 25th.
Only 2 words in my head today.
Mariah...  Hamburg...  Mariah...  Hamburg...  Mariah...  Hamburg...  Mariah...  Hamburg... 
And AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH, ZDF hasn't tickets anymore. 
Posted on September the 25th.
Wise Girls DVD
Just wanted to let you know that as of today the Wise Girls DVD is available for rent and sale in Greece.
Source: MCinGR at FOMM.
Posted on September the 25th.
Through The Rain Video Shoot Date Moved
The video shoot date for "Through The Rain" is now scheduled for Oct. 1st through Oct. 4th. Aiming to deliver the video for the week of October 22nd.
Source: Zoli from at FOMM.
Posted on September the 25th.
Mariah Fan Events
From October 7th to October 16th, Mariah will be visiting radio stations across the US. Each evening, there are plans to create listening events for members of the Mariah fan club and Online Street Team. These will be intimate events, likely at the hotel where Mariah is staying and Mariah will be a part of this. In addition, there is also discussion of making the NYC event on the 8th larger. In either case, these events could be utilized as contest opportunities to get your partners involved early - radio, online, etc. Obviously, this timeframe is quickly approaching. We will provide details on the NYC event once things are confirmed. Here is the working itinerary for these fan events:
Oct. 7th: Boston - Oct. 8th New York City (* may become larger) - Oct. 9th: Wash DC - Oct. 10th: Atlanta - Oct. 11th: Miami - Oct. 14th: Chicago - Oct. 15th: Minneapolis - Oct. 16th: Los Angeles.
Source: Zoli from at FOMM.
Posted on September the 25th.
Hey lambz!
Well, we're kinda freakin now but we just wanted to let ya know that we got to know that Mariah will be in Hamburg / Germany THIS Friday! Someone from the "Johannes B. Kerner Show" contacted us and he told us, that she'll definetely be there this Friday! The show will be taped Friday evening and will be airing on Friday between 10.45pm and 11.15pm CET on the channel ZDF, he said more will be confirmed! So we wanted to let ya know, he said it probably is her only stop in germany and that she's supposed to talk about the breakdown a little and the "new image" and stuff! We don't know if she'll be anywhere else in Europe, but we guess so so, yeah we gotta try to calm down a lil :)
Baah-Bye & (M)C ya!
Source: Honey and Kate from Butterlies Are Free by e-mail.
Heroes comment: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH...  I want to go to Hamburg !!!  AAAAAAAHHH
Posted on September the 24th.
Pop into Steph has got the official Japanese site translated into English.  She has also got more news on the Japanese soap that TTR is the sountrack of.
Source: Ashes from RPN by e-mail.
Posted on September the 24th.
Universal Nederland geeft nu een officiële Mariah Carey nieuwsbrief.  Klik hier.
Dank aan Maarten voor de tip.
Posted on September the 24th.
Universal Brazil e-cards
Click here to see 3 e-cards.
Click here to see 4 e-cards.
Source: Raphael from Mariah Vision Brasil and Tahi from Mariah Connection by e-mail.
Heroes comment: WOW 
Posted on September the 24th.
Mariah Carey Not Afraid To Continue Hip Hop Collaborations
This week's CHR Special, 'CHR: Real Time', has an exclusive interview with Mariah Carey, where she's asked if she every feels like she stepped over the line with hip-hop and blew off some of her core fans. "I will always sing ballads, but I will not be afraid to continue to do new collaborations in hip-hop or whatever the musical genres I choose," Carey said. "That's my right as an artist, anything else would be boring as hell."
Posted on September the 23rd.
7 is a lucky number for R&B stars 
By Melanie McFarland
Seattle Times staff reporter
There was a time when pop-music producers were cloaked behind the musician's screen. Only the most devoted fans and avid combers of Rolling Stone knew the names making the stars shine. The rest of us just jammed out to the tunes. No longer - not since P. Diddy was known as Sean "Puffy" Combs. These days The Neptunes, Rockwilder, Jermaine Dupri and Missy Elliot are held in the same high regard as the artists to whom they've lent their golden touch - Mary J. Blige, Tweet and Jay-Z among them. The hot production crew right now is Irv Gotti's Murder Inc. But the bigger news is that Murder's hottest star, 7 Aurelius, is rising in his own right. 7 is the man behind the catchy pop tunes on R&B artist Ashanti's debut album, a CD that has made her one of the hottest divas of the past year. He's polished tracks for Ja Rule, J. Lo, Eve and Janet Jackson, and has a reputation for combining melodious bubbly pop music with a sexy, jagged edge. He is also very confident of his talents. Just to prove he's got chutzpah, he's even working with the more notorious luminaries in R&B. His highest-profile client other than Jackson? The flighty Mariah Carey. Next up with him in the studio: Whitney Houston. And to lacquer his image as a risk-taker, he's even gone on record with The Associated Press, saying he'd like to sign "American Idol's" eliminated Pink doppelganger, Nikki McKibbin, to his new label, The Seventh Sign. Talk about testing your Midas touch. Whether he sets a gold standard, well, that's something to watch for in the coming year. Don't be surprised if 2003 is the magic number for 7.
Source: Melanie McFarland for the Seattle Times. (All rights reserved)
Posted on September the 23rd.
3 from 1 weekend on MTV Europe
Please vote now for Mariah at the following link:
Note: Here are the countries receiving MTV Europe: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belgium (Flanders and Brussels), Belarus, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Egypt, Georgia, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Israël, Lebanon, Luxembourg, Malta, Moldova, Monaco, Portugal, Romania, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine.
Posted on September the 23rd.

Heroes comment: Guess who is who?  Aaaaaah, run Ben, run !!! 
Why Ben, why?
Here's what we read on
Star magazine reports that Jennifer Lopez was shocked to learn boyfriend Ben Affleck owned several Mariah Carey albums. J.Lo rolled her eyes and asked Ben, "Do you really LIKE these?" Ben squirmed his way out of the situation saying they were gifts. While Lopez left it go, friends of Affleck say she would hit the roof if she knew he used to play Carey's music all the time. 
Heroes comment: Hey Ben, keep listening the music you like! 
Posted on September the 21st.
Brett Ratner to direct "Through The Rain" video

Universal Denmark said that the video for the new single "Through The Rain" is currently scheduled to be shot in New York City on September 24th and 25th. The director will be Brett Ratner, who is known for his direction on such film hits as Rush Hour and Rush Hour 2. He's also behind the new "Silence of the Lambs" film, "Red Dragon" and has recently signed on to direct the new Superman movie. Ratner has worked with Mariah on several occasions, most recently on the videos for "I Still Believe", "Heartbreaker", "Heartbreaker Remix" and "Thank God I Found You". The new video is expected to surface in mid-October. 
Source for the info: on FOMM
Source for the picture: USA (All rights reserved)
Heroes comment: The Silence of the Lambs 
Posted on September the 21st.
News from Japan
Hey Lambs!
Check it out Mariah's special website!
Love, Shino.
Source: Shino from Love Love Jack by e-mail.
Posted on September the 21st.
Rose Update
Well guys, the rose has been bred and is now blossomed. The amazing thing is that the rose has grown to six feet in height, in weather that has been terrible [floods, heatwaves, etc].  What I find amusing is that: That the breeder himself said, "that it truely represents mariah with its height,  strength of character and its ability to adjust and survive turbluent times" Lets hope this is a good omen for the year.... For more rose info click here.
Source: Ashes from RPN by e-mail.
Posted on September the 21st.
Through The Rain played a lot on US radios
It seems that according to different sources that Through The Rain is played a lot on US radio stations.
Posted on September the 21st.
Little summary of the week
"Tribute To Heroes" Wins 2 Emmies
LaniABMB (from FOMM) informs us that "America: Tribute To Heroes" (the show that Mariah performed "Hero" on to help raise money for Sept 11th victims) won two awards in the Emmy's Creative Art awards. It got one for "Outstanding Sound Mixing For A Variety Or Music Series Or Special" and the other is a special award (Governors Award) being presented at the actual Emmy's (Sept 22) because all of the networks came together to make the Tribute to Heroes special.
09.20.2002 | HSX | Shreiking Songstress | MariahBuzz | Birgit
The website hollywood stock exchange had Mariah Carey stocks listed at $145.65 each, up from $33.88 from the beginning of the year. Compared to other divas Mariah is doing pretty well just below Madonna ($151.12 from a low of 65) and Whitney $157.47 (from a low of 77) and far above Celine Dion ($13.44 from a low of 0.18). Get your own Mariah stocks at!
Source: Mariah Constellation.
Posted on September the 21st.
Well guys, I'm on holliday for a few days and I'll be back on September the 20th.  A few days off before the promo of the new single in Belgium will not be bad. 
PS: It was supposed to stay secret, but the real reason of my holliday is that I'll be in the TTR video, they asked me to be Mariah's partner in her video and after a few thinking I said yes. 
Posted on September the 16th.
Mariah with a gun!!!

Source for the caps: MariahMania.
Posted on September the 15th.
Wise Girls commercial
Mariah Daily give something very great, go see what it is. 
Also you can see caps of the Wise Girls commercial on Mariah Daily, but MariahMania did clearer caps. 
Thanks to Mariah Daily and MariahMania.
Posted on September the 15th.
News from Belgium
Posted on September the 14th.
News from Japan
Mariah's New Album will be absolutely successful in Japan.
In Japan, the song used for the theme song of TV drama makes surely big sales record. AIWFCIY was used for the theme song of TV drama  of Japan in 1994, and made big sales record. It was decided that her TTR will be used for the theme song of TV drama of Japan which will start this autumn in October. It is certain that the sales results of the album and single make about the same good sales record as MUSIC BOX by this good news. We believe that Mariah continues shining glitteringly forever in Japan.
Source: Shino from LoveLoveJack by e-mail.
Posted on September the 14th.
News from Germany

Since Hex Hector will do a remix for "Through The Rain", we checked his website and we also found a pic we didn't know yet on it. It shows him and Mariah at Mariah's birthday party and it's attached to this mail! Also TTR isn't playing in Germany yet and all the radio stations we called couldn't tell us when they'll get it but one station, 104.6 RTL, told us they don't have it yet but they expect to get it next week! So, we hope that's true and we'll hear the song here, too soon! That's it for now, keep up the great work & baah-bye!
Source: Honey and Kate from Butterflies Are Free by e-mail.
Posted on September the 14th.
Mariah´s first performance confirmed for October the 25th
Click here for more details.  At the bottom of that page you can see the MonarC logo.
Source: Papow at FOMM.
Posted on September the 14th.
Last post for today, 'cause I'm tired now, it's time to go in my little bed and let my PC rest a little too, but he will stay on his desk, 'cause I didn't bought him a bed yet.   So, ta-ta.
PS: My PC says ta-ta too.
PPS: My fridge says ta-ta too.
Posted on September the 13th.
Mariah Carey's Next Movie Headed For Pay Cable

Mariah Carey's next film is about to make its debut, but don't go looking for it in theaters "Wisegirls" will debut on Cinemax. Part crime drama, part chick flick, "Wisegirls" premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January to rave reviews, in contrast to the widely panned "Glitter." Carey, Oscar winner Mira Sorvino and Melora Walters portray three young waitresses who work in an Italian "family-run" restaurant, whose clientele includes more Mafia members than a "Godfather" movie. Carey's character, Rachel, considers herself more of a hardened vet at dealing with the wise guys and takes under her wing the new and somewhat naive Meg, played by Sorvino. "When I read the script, I didn't realize what this character was going to do for me," Carey said. "I actually liked the other two characters better. It was going to be really challenging to play this type of character. But I thought she was really funny. Rachel is really the type that takes control during a situation that's frightening. Rachel's kind of the only one of these three characters who grew up with these guys, and so the reason she can be so free and so daring in ways is that to them, she's one of them." "You know, she's frigging Rachel," Carey added, slipping into a Staten Island accent. "She talks like this. She's yippety-yappety all over the place. She kind of loves to take control, whateva." One of the scenes Carey enjoyed most included her character getting an ovation for her handling a drunken customer. "A character we have named Johnny the Lush, who gets a little affectionate when he drinks, has kind of grabbed me in a place I didn't want to be grabbed," Carey said of the scene. "I don't want to be grabbed anyway, so I get to drop his tray and tell him off and kick him out of the restaurant." Carey's whirlwind schedule at the time of filming "Wisegirls" contributed to her exhaustion last summer, she said. "Wisegirls" started filming in May 2001 and wrapped in July, the same month as her breakdown (see "Mariah Carey Had 'Breakdown,' Her Publicist Says"). Lions Gate Films had intended to release the film in theaters but sold broadcast rights to HBO (which owns Cinemax) this past spring. For her next film, Carey re-teamed with "Wisegirls" co-producer Anthony Esposito for "Sweet Science," in which she plays a boxing manager (see "Despite 'Glitter,' Mariah Carey's Movie Career Could Still Sparkle"). "It's been great for me," Carey said, "just to come into it as an actor and go forth and feel and to be creative and to express another side of my creative self. It's been the most freeing experience." "Wisegirls" debuts October 19 at 10 p.m.
Credit: VH1
Source: Mariah's Web.
Posted on September the 13th.
Island Def Jam promo plans
Director of video is not Paul Hunter, still confirming who it will be.
Video will be released in mid-October (hopefully)
Promo in Europe is tentative for November 2002
Promo in Japan in tentative for late November 2002
She is going to japan 4 album launch
Source:Island Def Jam / Ashes / Mariah Connection.
Posted on September the 13th.
Through The Rain video not shot yet
We can exclusively reveal that the video for Through the rain has not been shot, and this is a responce we got from a source in responce to a news article about Universal Holland saying the video will premier online next week:
"Not sure why that was said as the video will not have even been shot by that point.
There is no way they could premier it!"
Source: Ashes / Mariah Connection.
Posted on September the 13th.
Isabel Gomes has been signed by MonarC

According to Universal Music Brazil (see the news from Mariah Connection, here under), Isabel Gomes has been signed by MonarC.  Remember that Isabel Gomes played the young Billie in Glitter.
Source for the picture: Raphael from Mariah Vision by e-mail.
Posted on September the 13th.
Mariah Carey Makes It 'Through The Rain'
The first single released from Mariah Carey's as-yet-untitled new MonarC Music/Island Records studio album will be "Through The Rain." The soaring ballad was produced by Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis and mixed by Steve Hodge and Alex Richbourgh at Flyte Tyme Studios. The track is due to go to radio September 27, but New York's Z100 (WHTZ) has already aired it. Thematically, Carey's comeback ballad is slightly reminiscent of Barry Manilow's 1981 top-10 single, "I Made It Through The Rain," but that's pretty much where any comparison with Manilow ends. Carey's vocals shine though in the hook of the song, where she proclaims, "I can make it through the rain/I can stand up once again on my own/And I know that I'm strong enough to mend/And every time I feel afraid/I hold tighter to my faith/And I live one more day/And I make it through the rain." Carey's full-length album is scheduled for release on December 10. 
-- Jason Gelman, New York 
Source: Yahoo news. (All rights reserved)
Posted on September the 13th.
Mariah Carey is Universal Music now
The singer releases her new album, yet untitled, worldwide, December 2nd. Due to her strong connection with Brazil, Mariah has decided to be in our country for the cd release.On December, she will come to Brazil . She has chosen Brazil because of her love for the country and because she also has a Brazilian assistant named Arlete. The girl who played the young Mariah on the movie "Glitter" is a Brazilian girl that is signed under Mariah's new label. Brazil is the third country where Mariah has sold more albums. Her first single is called "Through The Rain". 
Credit: Universal Music Brasil
Source: Tahi from Mariah Connection by e-mail.
Posted on September the 13th.
Black day for "Through The Rain"
"Through The Rain" is in download on some Mariah "fan" sites.  I'm sad, disappointed, disgusted.  I'm feeling bad.  Mariah worked so much and today she's betrayed by some of her "fans".  It hurts!
Today, they burned the wings of the butterfly. 

Jour noir pour "Through The Rain"
"Through The Rain" est en download sur certains sites de "fans" de Mariah.  Je suis triste, déçu, dégouté.  Je me sens mal.  Mariah a tant travaillé et aujourd'hui elle est trahie par certains de ses "fans".  Cela fait mal !
Aujourd'hui, ils ont brûlé les ailes du papillon. 

Zwarte dag voor "Through The Rain"
"Through The Rain" staat in download op enkele Mariah "fan" sites.  Ik ben droevig, teleurgesteld.  Ik ben er niet goed van.  Mariah heeft zo veel gewerkt en vandaag wordt ze door sommige "fans" verraden.  Het doet pijn!
Vandaag hebben ze de vleugels van de vlinder verbrand. 
Source: Heroes of Mariah.
Posted on September the 12th.

"Through The Rain" on Z100
We read on a lot of sites and message boards that Z100 (a New York radio station) played Mariah's new single yesterday.
Posted on September the 12th.
Mariah returns to her roots
MARIAH Carey isn't taking any chances when she releases her new single Through The Rain in November. The song is a ballad along the lines of her breakthrough Vision of Love. Producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, who wrote the song, have focused Mariah back on the sound of her most successful era after the disastrous Glitter album two years ago. According to Jimmy Jam "Through The Rain is a Star Search ballad about making it through a storm", something Mariah can easily equate to her life in recent years. Jam and Lewis have produced 5 songs on the upcoming album including an uptempo dance number titled 'Yours'. Jimmy Jam says "Yours is supermelodic love song that you can bounce to or groove to." Mariah recorded 20 songs for the album in very comfortable surroundings on the Isle of Capri in the Mediterranean off the coast of Italy. The album will be released in December on her own label MonarC Music.
Credit: Undercover Media
Source: Neil from AMCF by e-mail.
Posted on September the 12th.
No updates today
September 11th 2001 - September 11th 2002.  We remember.

Source for the pictures: FDNY Online. (All rights reserved)
Posted on September the 11th.
Ludacris Full Of Praise For Mariah Carey caught up with Ludacris recently and asked him about his guest appearance on Mariah Carey's 'Loverboy' track ('Glitter'). "I feel extraordinary about being on the Mariah Carey record, because she only works with selective rappers from what I've seen, and this is way before I got signed," he said. "You can just tell that she tries to pick out the ones that are in the streets heavy, or the ones that are really popular, or a combination of both. So any time you see a rapper on her record, you can tell that either she has put a lot of thought into it or her crew has put a lot of thought into it. Like, 'We need this person to balance off this side of it.' You have the commercialized side of things and you have the street side of things. She's trying to capture a different audience, and so maybe by her getting me for a song I felt privileged, because they knew I have a certain audience that they want to capture. She picked us because of the 'What's Your Fantasy?' song. And she got a lot of money, too. So it was good breaking bread with Mariah Carey and drinking Cristal in the studio. She's a real down-to-earth person, and I really hope to work with her again." 
Check out the entire interview here.
Posted on September the 10th.
Hot news
It's confirmed that Mariah's new album will be released on December the 2nd in Belgium.  The title of Mariah's next single is still not confirmed.  I will be able to give you more details about Mariah's new video, as my kind contact from Universal Belgium invited me to go see it in their offices in the week of September the 23rd.
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH, I can't wait, I become crazy, hum... no, wait a minute... I'm already crazy! 
Source for the infos: Universal Belgium by phone.  Thanks. 
Posted on September the 9th.
Wisegirls on TV October 19th 2002 !
Wisegirls will be premiering on CINEMAX channel on OCTOBER 19TH, 2002. A promo is already running (on 'upcoming movies') and here is the information that Cinemax Site lists: WISEGIRLS - ALL SHOWINGS, HBO/MAX East DATE/TIME CHANNEL: Sat 10/19 10:00 PM CINEMAX - EAST, Sun 10/20 07:15 PM MORE MAX - EAST, Mon 10/21 08:50 AM CINEMAX - EAST, Mon 10/21 08:00 PM CINEMAX - EAST, Wed 10/23 09:30 AM CINEMAX - EAST, Wed 10/23 10:00 PM CINEMAX - EAST, Fri 10/25 09:00 PM MORE MAX - EAST, Sun 10/27 01:00 PM CINEMAX - EAST, Mon 10/28 03:45 AM CINEMAX - EAST, Tue 10/29 08:15 PM CINEMAX - EAST
Source: MariahDaily.
Heroes comment: Cinemax is a US pay-TV channel.  We are still waiting for news about Wise Girls in Belgium.
Remember that Belgium was the first country which bought the rights of the movie. 
Posted on September the 9th.
Julie Greenwald about Mariah
Here's what we read on
Tamara Conniff of the Hollywood Reporter spoke with Julie Greenwald, president of Island Records and executive vp at Island Def Jam on Mariah Carey's new comeback album, due out in December. "Mariah is singing her heart out," Greenwald says. "She's so cool and down to earth. It's going to be such a fun project." Read more.
Posted on September the 9th.
Mariah Carey in Brazil - this December
"Linked to Brazil at least professionaly - her assistant is Brazilian - Mariah Carey decided that she will start her new career in here. She will come to this country in december for the worldwide release of her first album distributed by Universal."
This note ws published by the biggest Brazilian newspaper called "O Globo" on a section called "Rio" under the subtitle "People".
Source: Tahi from Mariah Connection by e-mail.
Posted on September the 9th.
Grand opening greatest moments
Yeasterday for the Pitz grand opening, we gathered for a marathon chat, many Mariah related persons. Among them, Christine (Camp Mariah Counselor) who gave us some exclusive news from our Diva (see, Jessica Russell (executive producer of Wisegirls) or Taryn (singer on the OST) and Janel from the Make-a-wish foundation.
See the greatest moment of this chat and read the transcript here.
Source: by e-mail.
Posted on September the 9th.
MARIAH - 9/6/02 
Source: Flyte Tyme. (All rights reserved)
Posted on September the 7th.
From nice to naughty
When Mariah Carey first hit the music scene she was the quintessential girl next-door. Her hair was bleach free and curly, her make-up pretty and natural and her clothes flirty but demure. It was an image controlled by her then record label boss and husband, Tommy Mottola. From the beginning he told her what to sing, how to dress and how to wear her hair. "My image was supposed to be non-image," Mariah commented a year after breaking up with the music mogul. "That's why I was in a field wearing a flannel shirt with cut-offs and sneakers - girls could relate to that. And yes, that was part of my life, but ever since I've been 12 years old, it was just in me to want to be someone who could change their look and look glamorous." And what a difference a year makes. With the help of stylist Tonjua Twist, Mariah switched from good girl to raunchy diva. Out went to laid-back look and in came to micro skirts and low-cut tops. "Before, Mariah looked sexy, naive and young. Now, she's not bubblegum, she's adventurous," said Tonjua. From there the sexy star bleached and straightened her hair and started wearing even less, stepping out in tiny bikinis. In Spain she once posed for fans wearing only a tasseled white bikini - wrapping her legs around her boyfriend at the time Luis Miguel to ensure the pics made news around the world. And while she may now be single, her holiday snaps are just as saucy.
Mariah won't cover up
Just a week after her new record label asked her to dress more conservatively, Mariah Carey showed off her wears on the Mediterranean island of Capri, where she's recording her new album. The troubled songstress, who suffered a nervous breakdown last year, took to the beach in a tiny white bikini, complete with matching sarong. And there was even more skin on show at her palatial apartment overlooking the sea. Hoping in the jacuzzi, Mariah, 32, whipped off her top and made a phone call. Then, conversation over, it was time to model more teeny outfits. Taking a break from the studio, Mariah pulled on a red bikini, adding an off-the-shoulder red top, sarong and heels. Completely the raunchy look was an ankle bracelet and belly chain. The singer even customised her gym gear to show off her belly. Dressed in a pair of blue shorts, she tied her T-shirt up while puffing away on her exercise bike. The flashy fashion parade came just days after Lyor Cohen, president of her new record label Island/Def Jam, told Mariah to tone down her look. "If you have a magnificent voice and you write such compelling songs, why are you dressing like that?" Lyor asked the belly-baring diva. But as our pictures show, his words have fallen on deaf ears. And we're betting Mariah will stick to the formula that has already earned her $600 million and resulted in 13 US No 1 hits and more than 100 million album sales worldwide. She is currently working on her new record, her first since signing a $39 million deal with Island/Def Jam in May - four months after EMI dropped her when her last album bombed. It's hoped Mariah's new material will mark a triumphant comeback for the star, who only last year tried to kill herself after breaking up with Latin pop singer Luis Miguel. She was also panned by critics and audiences alike for her role in the film Glitter. A year on, however, with the bad times behind her, the Mariah of old appears to have returned.
If you haven't seen the scans you can find them at, and they're supplied thanks to Mariah's Lambs Heaven!
Credit: NW Magazine []
Source: Neil from AMCF at FOMM
Posted on September the 6th.
Confirmation by Universal Germany
We talked to Universal Germany today and they finally were able to confirm us that the new album will be released on December 02nd here in Germany, too. The woman we spoke to, couldn't name us an exact release date for the single yet but she said it'll probably be out in October here.
Source: Honey and Kate from Butterflies Are Free by e-mail.
Posted on September the 6th.
Pitz international opening
For the details click here.
Source: by e-mail.
Posted on September the 6th.
Mariah's official online street team
Here's what you can read on Mariah's official site:
"Join the Mariah Carey Online Team 
Hey fans, the official Mariah Carey online street team is now accepting new members! In return you will receive t-shirts, stickers, autographed cds and posters, concert tickets and a chance to meet Mariah this fall. JOIN"
Source: (All rights reserved)
Heroes comment: Join, spread the word, join, spread the word, join, spread the word, c'mon do it!   Did I say you must join and spread the word? 
Posted on September the 5th.
Correction about Mariah in Ally McBeal
We finally have the confirmation that the episode where Mariah is in Ally McBeal called "Playing with Matches" will be showed in 8 weeks, so, check your TV guide around October the 27th on La Deux.

Correction à propos de Mariah dans Ally McBeal
Nous avons finallement reçu la confirmation que l'épisode où Mariah est dans Ally McBeal, appelé "Playing with Matches" sera diffusé dans huit semaines, donc, consultez votre magazine télé vers le 27 octobre sur La Deux.

Correctie voor Mariah in Ally McBeal 
We hebben eindelijk confirmatie gekregen dat de Ally McBeal aflevering waar Mariah in meespeelt, getiteld "Playing with
Matches" zal uitgezonden worden binnen 8 weken, zo, kijk in uw TV blad rond 27 oktober op La Deux.
Nederlandse correctie: Björn for Heroes of Mariah.
Posted on September the 5th.

Glitter VHS in France
For more details, click here.
Source: by e-mail.
Posted on September the 5th.
She's back, and she's gonna make it after all

Due Out: December 10th.
Sound: Vintage Mariah. Returning after the crash and burn of last year's Glitter, Carey refocuses on songs that emphasize her vocal command. "Yours' is a "supermelodic love song that you can bounce to or groove to," according to producer Jimmy Jam, who worked on five Carey tracks with his partner, Terry Lewis. "Through the Rain," Jam says, is "a Star Search ballad about making it through the storm." A Woman with a purpose: "She comes in very well-informed and knows what she's looking to do," says Jam. "We'd site in a room and I'd play keyboards, and if she said, "That was nice,' we'd go back and forth on it." Meanwhile, Carey jetted off to Italy, where she recorded her vocals. So Fresh and So Clean: So how does a dive dress when she's in the studio? "She'd come in wearing jeans and tank tops," says Jam. "But she always looks great, she always smells great. I'm a happily married guy, but it doesn't hurt. This business is all about inspiration.
Credit: Rolling Stone (All rights reserved)
Credit for the picture: (All rights reserved)
Source: NhWxMaN at FOMM
Posted on September the 4th.
Here's what you can read on Mariah's official site:
"Fanclub Information: 
Mariah Carey & MonarC want you to know that the new improved Mariah Carey Fanclub will be opening its doors in the Winter of 2002. The Fanclub will have tons of exclusive materials and contests just for you , the biggest Mariah Carey fans. For more information or comments please send email to"
Source: (All rights reserved)
Posted on September the 4th.
New contest
The prize...  WOW!  An amazing photo of Mariah in Glitter.  A4 format on photo paper, this photo was made from the official transparency slide given to the press.  Great quality.  A must have for the collectors!!! 
To see the question, click here.

Nouveau concours
Le prix...  WAOW!  Une super photo de Mariah dans Glitter.  Format A4 sur papier photo, tirage fait à partir des diapositives officielles fournies à la presse.  Extra-qualité.  Un must pour les collectionneurs!!!
Pour voir la question, cliquez ici.

Nieuwe wedstrijd
De prijs...  WAOW!  Een prachtige foto van Mariah in Glitter.  A4 formaat op fotopapier, die foto werd gemaakt met de officiële dia's die gegeven werden aan de pers.  Superkwaliteit.  Een must voor verzamelaars!!!
Om de vraag te zien, klik hier.
Posted on September the 3rd.

A lot of rumors are flying around and worst of all, these rumors are made by fans on forums and message boards.  What a pity!!! 
Posted on September the 2nd.
La crème de la crème.
If you want to see the best free e-cards service ever made, go there:
Posted on September the 2nd.
Japan release dates
Mariah's new album will be release in Japan on November 27.
New Single Title : Through The Rain /  Release Day : November13 or 20 
New Album Release Day : November 27
Source: Shino from LoveLoveJack by e-mail.
Posted on September the 2nd.
Mariah's cottage
You can see the cottage which Mariah rented before half a year in the Caribbean Sea.
It is said that this cottage has seven bed rooms and seven bus rooms. It can look at the sea from all rooms.
Source: Shino from LoveLoveJack by e-mail.
Posted on September the 2nd.


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