Heroes of Mariah - September 2001
Official Belgian charts for September the 28th
For the french speaking part : Mariah Carey - Glitter - 11 (15)
For the dutch speaking part : Mariah Carey - Glitter - 10 (22)
Posted on September the 29th.
Glitter in the world
Here's the latest release dates known for different countries :
Argentina - No Release, Australia - 1st November, Austria - No Release, Belgium - 9th January 2002
Bolivia - 8th November, Brazil - 26th December, Central America - 9th November , Chile - No Release
China - No Release, Colombia - 16th November, Czech Republic - No Release, Denmark - 18th January 2002
Ecuador - 7th December, Finland - 8th February 2002, France - 16th January 2002, Germany - 15th November
Greece - 23rd November, Holland - 20th December, Hong Kong - No Release, Hungary - No Release
Indonesia - 30th January 2002, Israel - 8th November, Italy - 30th November , Japan - 31st October
Korea - 23rd November, Lebanon - 29th November, Malaysia - 5th December, Mexico - 21st December
New Zealand - 30th November, Norway - 7th December, Peru - 8th November, Philippines - 21st November
Poland - No Release, Portugal - 14th December, Romania - 7th December, Russia - No Release
Singapore - 31st December, Slovakia - No Release, Slovenia - No Release, South Africa - 28th December
Spain - 9th November, Sweden - 14th December, Switzerland - No Release, Taiwan - 8th December
Thailand - 31st December, Turkey - No Release, Uruguay - No Release, U.K. - 23rd November,
U.S.A. - 21st September, Venezuela - 21st November, Yugoslavia - No Release.
Thanks to Zoli from www.mariahcarey.hu
Thanks to Shane from MariahBuzz.
America: A Tribute to Heroes
We read on several news sites that this tribute will probably be released on CD and DVD, all the proceeds of these CD and DVD, will go to the Tribute to Heroes fund.
Posted on September the 27th.
Heroes of Mariah obtain the rights of a rough interview of Mariah (of course :-)
Thanks to Marc H., who met Mariah, did an interview of about 10 minutes and was so kind to provide us the rough copy of the interview.  This rough copy is uncut and not edited.  In this interview we can hear Mariah laugh, make a mistake in the text of the station call and start over.  It's really interesting to hear how she remains natural and very kind too off the air.
We will try to find a way to make copies for our members.  In any case, this interview will NOT be in download and this to protect the rights.  Every member who wants to have a copy, will have to sign a "honesty contract".  The details will follow.
Posted on September the 27th.
Heroes of Mariah heeft de rechten van een ruw interview met Mariah (natuurlijk :-) gekregen
Met dank aan Marc H., die Mariah ontmoette en een interview van ongeveer 10 minuten maakte en die zo vriendelijk was ons een ruwe copie van het interview te bezorgen.  Deze ruwe copie is onbewerkt.  In dit interview horen we Mariah lachen,  een fout in de tekst voor de zender maken en herbeginnen.  Het is werkelijk interessant te horen hoe ze ook natuurlijk en vriendelijk blijft buiten de uitzending..
We zullen proberen een manier te vinden om copiën voor onze leden te maken.  In ieder geval, zal dit interview NIET in download zijn dit om de rechten te beschermen.  Ieder lid die een copie wil zal een "vertrouwelijkheidscontract" moeten ondertekenen.  De details zullen volgen.
Heroes of Mariah a obtenu les droits d'une interview à l'état brut de Mariah (bien sûr :-)
Un grand merci à Marc H., qui a rencontré Mariah, fait une interview d'environ 10 minutes et a eu la gentillesse de nous procurer la copie à l'état brut de cette interview.  Cette copie à l'état brut n'est donc pas retravaillée et non éditée.  Dans cette interview, nous entendons Mariah rire, se tromper dans le texte des messages radio et recommencer.  C'est vraiment intéressant d'entendre comment Mariah reste naturelle et gentille aussi hors antenne.
Nous allons essayer de trouver un moyen de faire des copies pour les membres.  En AUCUNE façon cette interview ne sera en download ceci pour en protéger les droits.  Chaque membre désirant une copie devra signer un "contrat de confiance".  Les détails suivront.

Source : mcarey.nu
Too funny
Mariah is nominated for the MTV European Music Awards 2001
Please, vote for Mariah.
America: A Tribute to Heroes
Mariah in Japan
Mariah will be in Japan from October the 2nd until October the 7th.  This visit is confirmed by Sony Music Japan.
Thanks to Mimika from MariahLullaby for this great info.
Posted on September the 23rd at 21h30 CET
America: A Tribute to Heroes
Heroes of Mariah: A Tribute to Mariah and to Heroes
Thanks to all the artists who gave us 2 hours of emotion and special thanks of course to Mariah for this moving performance of Hero.
Posted on September the 23rd.
America: A Tribute to Heroes

Thanks to Stephan from Mariah Carey Makes Chart History for the caps.
Thanks to Uwe from Mariah-Carey-fan.de.
Thanks to René. Exclusive
We will have the chance to see Mariah in Glitter during 1h45
Many thanks to the spoke person of the Belgian distributor to support the Belgian Fan-Club.

Please give us credit if you use this capture.
Mariah out of hospital?
As they was not official statement that Mariah was in hospital, there's not official statement either that Mariah was released of the hospital.  These caps only show us that Mariah was hungry.
If you want to see more caps, click here.
Posted on September the 14th at 17h00 CET
We will not update before this afternoon, in respect for the victims of all terrorist acts.  In all the countries of the world, blood has the same color.
"And then a hero comes along
With the strenght to carry on
And you cast your fears aside
And you know you can survive"
(Mariah Carey - Hero)
Day of mourning and 3 minutes of silence in Europe September the 14th...12h00 CET...3 minutes of silence
Posted on September the 14th at 9h30am CET
Click here to see the Glitter promo day report
Pictures of the Glitter car, sampler cds, promo cards, etc...
Posted on September the 13th.

Cliquez ici pour voir le Glitter promo day report
Photos de la voiture Glitter, cd sampler, cartes promo, etc...

Klik hier om de Glitter promo day report te zien
Foto's van de Glitter auto, cd samplers, promotiekaarten.....

No updates
Because of the horrible death of thousands of innocent people in the U.S.A. we will not update the site.
Our deepest sympathy goes to the family of the victims.  The victims will be remembered in our hearts and in our minds.
Glitter day
Posted on September the 11th at 8h30 am CET
At the 2001 MTV Video Music Awards, the wild beast was not in the cage, but on the stage.
Please tell this "man" that his "humour" was offensive for the artists who have health problems (Mariah Carey, and the curageous AJ McLean from the Backstreet Boys).
Posted on September the 9th at 12h00 CET
Please, take a look at the spy headquarters, you'll be troubled.
No single of "Last Night A Dj Saved My Life"
We have maybe found why this song can't be released as a single 'cause of legal reasons.  Here in Belgium, there's a big return to the music of the 70's-80's, there will even be a concert with the bands of the 70's-80's who make a come back.  Among these bands, Indeep will be a part of this concert.  As we all know that Indeep sang the original version of "Last Night A Dj Saved My Life", and if they want to make a come back, this could explain why there's legal reasons with the release of Mariah's version as a single.
Posted on September the 9th at 9h00am CET
Mariah's humor
Talk magazine reported that the outburst came as Mariah was interviewed for another publication before her breakdown. When the journalist mentioned she had interviewed Jennifer, Mariah said: "I bet that was really intellectually stimulating. I bet you could just see the depth in her eyes."
Source : Sky news
Posted on September the 8th at 8h30am CET
Een ganse dag met Mariah!
Op maandag 10 september kun je luisteren naar interviews en de preview van Mariah's nieuwe cd.  Van 7 uur 's morgens tot 7 uur 's avonds, en dat op Radio Contact NL.  Vraag dus aan je baas of je leraar om naar je favoriete radio te mogen luisteren.
Bedankt aan Radio Contact NL voor deze toffe dag :-)
By Liz Smith
NEW YORK--Mariah Carey's cancellation of her much-touted interview next week with Barbara Walters doesn't really surprise anyone who has been observing the very public nervous breakdown of this very good singer. She is now hospitalized at UCLA Medical Center. She has an album and a movie coming out just at this bad moment. Actually, I think she is the first person since Marilyn Monroe to go to pieces like this in front of the whole world. Carey has driven herself and driven herself. She doesn't know the meaning of "down time." She fears that if she isn't pushing every second, she'll lose ground. And she is competing on the level of today's underdressed, gyrating young singers. As a result, she stopped using her voice as her main instrument and began using her new blond hair and her body. Relax, girl. Your many fans are with you! ...
Source : Los Angeles Times
Comments : Thank you Miss Liz Smith for the last words of the article.
Posted on September the 7th.
By Robert Dominguez and Corky Siemaszko
Daily News Staff Writers
Two weeks before Mariah Carey's new film "Glitter" is supposed to open nationwide, the studio was still uncertain yesterday whether the stressed-out star would be well enough to promote the movie.  "The director and other actors are doing publicity for the movie," a 20th Century Fox spokesman said. "We hope that perhaps [Carey] may still be able to participate."
Meanwhile, a recording industry source confirmed yesterday that Carey now recuperating at a Los Angeles hospital was "legitimately sick" from a relapse of the "nervous breakdown" she suffered in July.  Carey's spokeswoman Cindi Berger continued to maintain her silence on any aspect of Carey's condition including yesterday's report in the Daily News that the 31-year-old singer was a patient at the UCLA Medical Center, which has a large psychiatric wing.  "Glitter" a $22.5 million movie in which Carey has her first starring role originally was slated to open Aug. 31.  But the film was pushed back to Sept. 21 after Carey was first hospitalized July 25. The movie company said yesterday there were no plans for any further postponements. A spokesman for Virgin Records said the movie's soundtrack album likewise will be in stores Tuesday as scheduled.
Source : New York Daily News
Posted on September the 7th.

Thanks to Virgin Belgium for this design preview.
Exclusive : 
We announced several days ago the Belgium Mariah Muscle Car Tour, we can now show you the design preview of the Mariah Muscle Car.  This is an official document, so please apologize the tags we made on this picture, but we all know what's happen on auctions sites.
Thanks to Virgin Belgium for this design preview.
In a few days we hope that we will be able to show you pictures of the car in real, don't forget that the Mariah Muscle Car will distribute per day : 1000 stickers, 750 samplers, 75 womens t-shirts.
Posted on September the 6th at 14h00 CET
Source:New York Daily News Oh please, not again.
Mariah Suffers Relapse 
Singer in California hospital 
By Mitchell Fink, Emily Gest and Corky Siemaszko 
Daily News Staff Writers
Source : New York Daily News
We also read approximatively the same info on pagesix.com and thesun.co.uk, let's hope it's only a rumor.
Posted on September the 6th at 12h00 CET
Mariah Cancels the ABCnews interview
Here's a report of what we read on ABCnews site :
Mariah cancelled the interview with Barbara Walters, it would have been Mariah's first television interview since her breakdown.  This interview was set to air on September the 12th in 20/20.  Cindi Berger, said Mariah is continuing to recover from her breakdown and "needs more time to rest".  When Barbara Walters learnd about Mariah's cancellation, Barbara Walters said : "We were concerned to hear that Ms. Carey would be unable to do the interview at this time, and wish her well."
Source : ABC
Posted on September the 5th at 9h00am CET
And if...
Some fans said : "pfff, still 7 days until the release of Glitter".
We said : "yipie, only 7 days until the release of Glitter".
God created the world in 7 days, and if...  He had said "pfff".

Posted on September the 4th.
Mariah at the VMA?
Mariah could make an appearance at the VMA, 'cause in the commercial aired on MTV at the moment they said : "and many many more" they show a capture of Mariah on the car of Loverboy.
Thanks to Fiona.
Here's what we read on mariahcareyuk.com :
"Private Glitter screenings for UK
MC:UK's secret info provider "The Source" has learned that Glitter has already screened in Britain for a select audience of critics. Although details remain unknown to us, we do know that another such screening is said to be hosted this fortnight some time.
As far as we know, Glitter still premieres here on 9 November."
Thanks to mariahcareyuk.com.
On Ebay you can find : Mariah Carey Glitter Rare promo CD pack.
We don't accuse the seller, but consider these details before bidding :
1.no bonus track.
2.on the posters you can see the Virgin logo, but for Japan it's still Sony.
3.the posters are in english and the 2nd single announced is Never Too Far, we all know that in Japan the 2nd single is Reflections.
If you want to bid, maybe it's better that you e-mail the seller first.

EXCLUSIVE - One night with Mariah - English - Nederlands - Français

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