July 2002 - Heroes of Mariah
Is it a clue?
Since about 2 weeks we hear again "Fantasy" and "Heartbreaker" on the radio station we listen to.  Would this be a clue about Mariah's next single?  I hope so, I can't wait anymore, c'mon Mariah, hurry, don't you see we need our fix!!! 
Posted on July the 31st.
The spy found something new, click here to see what.
Posted on July the 31st.

Thanks to Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment for the picture.
Glitter DVD with French subtitles in Belgium 
The Glitter DVD with French subtitles will be in stores on August the 6th.  Click here for the special Glitter DVD with French subtitles page and don't forget to check the new contest.
Posted on July the 30th.
A pic from the Miami Gathering organised by Olivia

Source: RPN/Ashes from Rainbow Princess by e-mail.
Posted on July the 29th.
Wise Girls
The Italian Distributors for the film are happy to inform you that film will be released theatrically as of December 6, 2002.
Country: Iceland Distributor: Sam films. Country: Malaysia Distributor: Sunny films. Country: Turkey Distributor: New Film
Source: RPN/Ashes from Rainbow Princess by e-mail.
Posted on July the 29th.
A great edition
No wonder that the Glitter DVD for the Dutch speaking part of Belgium was out of stock!  It's almost a collector item, in addition of all the bonuses, this edition contains:
- Blue picture disc with Glitter written in English and Russian.
- Spoken languages: English and Russian.
- Subtitles in 19 different languages: English, Russian, Dutch, Hindi, Polish, Czech, Hungarian, Icelandic, Hebrew, Croatian,
   Bulgarian, Turkish, Danish, Swedish, Greek, Arabic, Norwegian, Finnish and Slovene.
- Special features subtitled in Dutch.
- Dutch subtitled commentary.
- Zone 2 and 5 PAL.
Congrats again to the five lucky winners of our contest and many thanks again to Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment.

Een supereditie
Geen verbazing dat de Glitter DVD voor het Nederlandstalige gedeelte van Belgïe uitverkocht was!  Het is bijna een collector DVD, al de extra's zijn er en deze editie bevat ook:
- Blauwe picture disc met Glitter geschreven in het Engels en het Russisch.
- Gesproken talen: Engels en Russisch.
- Ondertiteling in 19 verschillende talen: Engels, Russisch, Nederlands, Hindoestaans, Pools, Tsjechisch, Hongaars, 
   Ijslands, Hebreeuws, Kroatisch, Bulgaars, Turks, Deens, Zweeds, Grieks, Arabisch, Noors, Fins en Sloveens.
- Speciale extra's ondertitelt in het Nederlands.
- Nederlandse ondertiteling voor de commentaar.
- Zone 2 en 5 PAL.
Nog eens proficiat aan de vijf gelukkige winnaars van onze wedstrijd en nog veel dank aan Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment.

Une super édition
Pas étonnant que le DVD de Glitter pour la partie néérlandophone de la Belgique ait été hors stock!  Ce DVD est presque un collector, en plus des bonus cette édition contient aussi:
- Picture disc bleu avec Glitter écrit en anglais et russe.
- Langues parlées: anglais et russe.
- Sous-titres en 19 langues différentes: anglais, russe, néérlandais, hindi, polonais, tchèque, hongrois, islandais, hébreux, 
   croate, bulgare, turc, danois, suédois, grec, arabe, norvégien, finnois et slovène.
- Bonus sous-titrés en néérlandais.
- Sous-titres néérlandais pour les commentaires.
- Zone 2 et 5 PAL
Félicitations encore aux cinq heureux gagnants de notre concours et encore un grand merci à Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment.
Fans francophones, bientôt le concours pour gagner le DVD Glitter pour la partie francophone de la Belgique.
Concours ouvert à tous les membres.
Posted on July the 26th.

Mariah's new message
"Hey lambs, I just wanted to say I'm sorry I haven't left any messages in a very long time. I've been working and I've been dealing with a lot of personal stuff, I just wanted to thank you all so much for sending your condolences for my father, and I just wanted to let you know that as always, I'm thinking about you, and um, you know I'm here and everything is going really well with the album. And I'm gonna be checkin in more and more! So, I will holla back very soon, ok? Love you much! Bah-bye!"
Source: mariahcarey.com
Transcript made by CloseMyEyes at Mariah's official board.
Posted on July the 26th.
The Mariah Carey [Sweet Fantasy] rose
Hey guys, look at this , the rose (project realized by the RPN) that the fans will offer to Mariah will only be ready after 1 year of great care from a gardener paid by the fans.  The rose will look like this:

Source for the picture: RPN/Ashes from Rainbow Princess by e-mail.
Posted on July the 25th.
Wise Girls 
Mariahfanclub.com can exclusively reveal that there is plans for the movie wise girls to released in France in the cinema in 2003.  Country: Mexico  Distributor: Gussi.  Country: Russia  Distributor: Paradise.
Source: RPN/Ashes from Rainbow Princess by e-mail.
Posted on July the 25th.
Beyonce relates to Mariah
(Excert from Article)
Hollywood - Growing up in Texas, Beyonce Knowles didn't like the name her parents had given her. 
Beyonce Knowles as Foxxy Cleopatra and Mike Myers as Austin Powers from 'Austin Powers In Goldmember.'"I'm a nice, normal girl. I swear I'm nice, but I guess that's not what sells magazines." She was a shy girl who cringed at the attention she received when teachers and classmates couldn't pronounce her name or made fun of it. Knowles says she understands that female singers have traditionally been viewed as divas."I admire some of those women. Diana Ross is my idol. I know why she got her reputation. She was a strong woman who stood up to the men who ran the music business."A lot of people don't like glamourous, successful, talented women." Knowles says a particular pitfall of being a young, successful singer is that the stress that accompanies celebrity can be exhausting. She points to Mariah Carey and her nervous breakdown. "I can relate to Mariah. I have never felt that I was on the edge, but I do have her life. I can see if you don't have your family around you for support, you could feel vulnerable. Being under a microscope all the time eventually gets to you."People everywhere retreat when someone close to them dies or they breakup with a lover or their job sucks. They take a week off and rest. It's considered a smart move, but if you're a celebrity, it's called a breakdown." Success has brought her so much, yet Knowles admits it hasn't brought her everything.
Credit: The Calgary Sun (All rights reserved)
Source: Stephy from Mariah's Web.
Posted on July the 24th.
Miami Fan Gathering
Out of the 20+ people who responded to my postings on the message boards and/or my emails, only three fans actually attended (not including myself)! A few people who said they would be there, never showed up! Others were working on that day (many people work on Saturdays) and the remainder lived too far (North Florida) and couldn't make it. I didn't cancel the gathering, for the sake of those who wanted to meet some other fans. We were on the beach for five hours, ROASTING! We all finally decided to leave the beach, but met up at a karaoke bar late that night, where we had a blast!  Also, we shot some video.  The good thing is that we formed good friendships and are planning to get together again soon. 
Source: RPN/Ashes from Rainbow Princess by e-mail.
Posted on July the 24th.
London fan gatering report
To read it go to: http://www.mariahcareyuk2002.com/main2NEW.html
Source: RPN/Ashes from Rainbow Princess by e-mail.
Posted on July the 24th.
Mariah sings under the moonlight
Mariah Carey was at the wedding of Simona Massa and Massimiliano Laione (her, a young lawyer from Capri and him, a brilliant guitarist from Rome).  The party took place on a yacht surrounded by little illuminated boats.  Suddenly from the side of the pool, a voice rose, similar to the song of a nightingale, the extraordinary voice of Mariah Carey who makes a very great interpretation of My All, song that Mariah dedicated to Simona who became an inseparable friend.  Under a warm applause, the little boats were illuminated.  Directly after Mariah's song, the sky lit of thousand fireworks.
Translation: Heroes of Mariah.

Mariah zingt onder de maneschijn
Mariah Carey was op het huwelijksfeest van Simona Massa en Massimiliano Laione (zij, een jonge advocate uit Capri en hij, een guitarist uit Rome).  Het feest was op een yacht omringd door verlichte bootjes.  Plots rees een stem langs de kant van het zwembad, zoals het lied van een nachtegaal, Mariah Carey met haar uitzonderlijke stem zong My All voor Simona die een heel goeie vriendin van Mariah is geworden.  Onder warm applaus werden de bootjes verlicht. Onmiddellijk na Mariah's lied werd de hemel verlicht met een groot vuurwerk.
Vertaling: Heroes of Mariah.  Correctie: Björn.

Mariah chante sous le clair de lune
Mariah Carey était au marriage de Simona Massa et Massimiliano Laione (elle, une jeune avocate de Capri et lui, un brillant guitariste).  La fête a eu lieu sur un yacht entourer de barques illuminées.  Soudain du bord de la piscine, une voix s'est élevée, semblable au chant d'un rossignol, la voix extraordinaire de Mariah Carey qui a fait une remarquable interprétation de My All, chanson dédiée à Simona qui est devenue une amie inséparable de Mariah.  Sous une pluie d'applaudissements les barques se sont illuminées.  Directement après la chanson de Mariah, le ciel s'est éclairé de mille feux d'artifice.
Traduction: Heroes of Mariah.
Source: capripress.com.
Posted on July the 23rd.

Sydney Fan Gathering report

On July 20th 2002, like fans in London, Miami, Budapest, Brazil and New Jersey, the Australian Mariah Carey Fan Club @ MariahDownunder.com celebrated everything that is "Mariah" by gathering in Sydney. Approximately 25 people were able to make it to the very relaxed day where many new friendships were made. For the majority the highlight was the Mariah auction where we raised AU$250 for the Fresh Air Fund. Auctioned items included Mariah vinyls, CDs, magazines and more. Donations were also taken for the RPN "Mariah" rose project. Fans were keen to support the project with a further AU$250 raised. The event was filmed and will be compiled onto a tape with the other filmed gatherings and presented to Mariah. The day was a great success, and we look forward to future gatherings where even more fans can attend. Because hey, if Vicki came come all the way from England - then I am sure a lot more natives could make it! ;) Next time we plan to have the day more organised so we can fit in as much as possible. Thank you to everyone who attended, and a big shout out to both Jess and Ricardo who did a lot to help out.
-Neil @ MariahDownunder.com
Source: Neil from MariahDownunder.com by e-mail.
Posted on July the 22nd.
Ashes is happy to announce that RPG can confirm that Wise Girls will be released in: 
Australia, Brazil, Belgium, Holland, Luxemburg, Iceland, Israel, Italy, Malaysia, Middle East, Mexico, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, UK & Turkey.
For further info please contact ashes_to_ashes_uk@yahoo.co.uk
Source: RPN/Ashes from Rainbow Princess by e-mail.
Posted on July the 21st.
Wise Girls in Switzerland
The Swiss distributor just confirmed me by phone that Wise Girls will reach Switzerland.  Yes, yes, yes!!!
Posted on July the 19th.
Need US lambs
If you are interested to promote Mariah in the US, please click here.
Posted on July the 19th.
July 17, 2002 - Mariah would like to thank all of you for your condolensces regarding the loss of her father. Your warm thoughts were appreciated and meant so much.
Source: mariahcarey.com
Posted on July the 18th.
In connection with the Worldwide Mariah Carey Fan Gathering, I and some other fans too has decided to hold the very First Filipino Lambs EB (eye ball) / gathering here in the Philippines this coming July 28 at SM Megamall Foodcourt 3pm. There'll be some stuff like a limited baseball cap with Mariah's printed name, etc. to be sold in order to raise fund for our future projects. We'll also try to organize everything in building an official fan club in the country by electing some officers. To more about this gathering, just text me at +639174107939 or email filipinolambs@yahoo.com. Hope to see u there! 
Note: Prices of Mariah stuff to be sold will be announced later this week. Thanks! - Jonathan
Source: Ashes from Rainbow Princess by e-mail.
Posted on July the 18th.
For the Brazilian gathering new details, click here.
Source: Tahi from Mariah Connection by e-mail.
Posted on July the 18th.
Whose side is Mariah Carey on?
With Ashley Pearson

Mariah Carey has come to the defense of her ex-hubby, says a source. The singer has been uncharacteristically quiet during the nasty and sometimes bizarre feud between Michael Jackson and Tommy Mottola, head of Sony Music - in which the self-appointed King of Pop has called Mottola a racist and has depicted him as a devil for under-promoting his latest album.
Jackson has been saying that Mariah "cried in my arms" over Mottola's treatment of her. He was referring, apparently, to the widely reported rift between Carey and her ex-hubby Mottola - who she accused of trying to sabotage her career. But Thalia, Mottola's current wife, has been telling people that Carey phoned Mottola to offer her support in his dispute with Jackson. "Thalia said that Mariah called Tommy and said that she's on his side, not on Michael's," says a source. "She said Mariah said Michael's wrong in this whole thing, that Tommy's anything but a racist. She wants to leave her dispute with Tommy in the past and she's rather appalled that Michael has dragged her into this thing." Carey was in Capri, recording an album, but her spokeswoman says, "To the best of my knowledge, Mariah has not spoken to Mr. Mottola in several months." Mottola's office had no comment.
Source: Jeannette Walls for MSNBC. (All rights reserved)
Posted on July the 17th.
Heroes comment: The rumors are flying around, Mariah will make a collaboration with Ashanti, The Neptunes, Michael Jackson, Peter André, etc... and she dates Tyrese, AJ from 106th and Park, Eminem, etc... now she phones to Tommy to support him (says Thalia and a source  ).  So, if we believe THE sources, Mariah will release a 10 cd box 'cause of all the collaborations, she will have a different boyfriend for every day of the week and the rest of the time she chat with Tommy.  Oh my God, Mariah!!!  What are you doing? 
Belgian fan gathering report
To read this report, click here.

Rapport de la rencontre de fans en Belgique
Pour lire ce rapport, cliquez ici.

Verslag van de Belgische fan dag
Om het te lezen, klik hier.
Posted on July the 16th.

Don't forget to check these links:
London Mega Auction:
Rose Project: 
Source: Ashes from Rainbow Princess by e-mail.
Posted on July the 16th.
Fan unite for Mariah
This Saturday, July 20th - fans in Sydney, Brazil, Budapest, London & Miami will be gathering to celebrate everything that is MARIAH! These gatherings, along with some that have already taken place, and more to come, will be filmed and compiled onto one tape that will be given to Mariah for her own viewing pleasure. This is a great opportunity for fans to take part in a very special project for Mariah. The gatherings are being held to raise money for the launch of the "Mariah" rose. Yes, that's right - she has Grammy Awards, she has millions of dollars... but not until now has she had her very own breed of rose! So if you are in one of the above mentioned countries and can make it to the fan gathering this weekend, please do so. Apart from meeting fans like yourself you'll have chances to win prizes, trade, sing, dance, eat - whatever! You won't be disappointed. More information about the "Mariah" rose project can be found here: http://www.mariahconnection.com/rpn/
If you are planning on attending, would like more information, or can't attend but would like to contribute to the costly rose, contact the below person living closest to you:
* Australia: webmaster@mariahdownunder.com
* Brazil: webmaster@mariahconnection.com
* UK: mariahstheme@hotmail.com
* Florida: og0122@earthlink.net
* Hungary: zkunsagi@yahoo.com
France: contact@mariahfanclub.com
Belgium: staff@heroesofmariah.com
Spain: Meski@mariahmania.com
Canada: mariah_lamby_@hotmail.com or mariahz_lamby@yahoo.com or pauline@mariahslamby.cjb.net
Germany: honey_kate@gmx.net
Argentina: jmfreytag@arnet.com.ar
Portugal: moonsun_1@hotmail.com
Denmark: nanna@mariahcarey.dk
Ireland: ashes_to_ashes_uk@yahoo.co.uk
Phillipines: mishka@engkanto.com
Korea: chacha100@hanmail.net
China: cloudryan@hotmail.com
Latin/ Spanish Americas: webmaster@mariahconnection.com
GA: missmariah27@yahoo.com or info@mariahangel.com
Rest: LisaGlitterz4MC@cs.com, kh@kelleyannhornyak.com, webmaster@mariahsweb.com
- South African Team-
Sieraaj Ahmed (Cape Town, RSA): sieraaj@xsinet.co.za
Noreen Phillips (Cape Town, RSA): friendofmine_co_za@yahoo.com
Ramon Thomas (Johannesburg, RSA): ramon@ramon.co.za
Zane Alley (Durban, RSA): Zane.Alley@unilever.com
- Rest of Europe: staff@heroesofmariah.com
- Rest of the world: ashes_to_ashes_uk@yahoo.co.uk
Source: RPN/Neil from the AMCF by e-mail.
Posted on July the 16th.
Mariah Having Dinner In Capri

Finally, Mariah
Dinner at the restaurant 'Villa Verde' for Carey
Mariah Carey has come back. The American singer left the 'good rest' of the 'Digital Studios' recording studios on the Mountain Tuoro - where she is finishing the recording of her latest album - to come down to the restaurant 'Villa Verde'. In the local of Franco and Gianni Lembo, the maitre Franco Schiano reserved to Mariah a food surprise. Caprese tomatoes in from Franco's vegetable garden and t-shirts dedicated to the attractive singer.
Source: Capri Press | Nacho | Translation: MariahMania.
Posted on July the 14th.
Mission accomplished
The people and tourists, on July the 13th 2002, saw that we where fans of Mariah.  The first goal of this fan gathering was to promote Mariah and it's mission accomplished.
The complete report of this day will be post soon, let me the time to develop the photos.  The only thing that I can say, is that for me (and I hope for the fans who were there) it was a wonderfull afternoon.  I was able to put faces on the names I knew, I felt a huge tenderness for all these friends that I discovered and it was like we knew each other since a very long time.
On July the 13th 2001: I lived a wonderfull night "with" Mariah in London.
On July the 13th 2002: I lived a wonderfull afternoon with friends in Brussels.
I love ya, appreciate ya and enjoy you.
Thanks to: Muriel, Kelly, Sandra, Fikret, Seb, Jytte, Sylvia, Elise, Olivier, Rosario, Christian, Sylvianne, Tristan, Denise, Kinou... and... Mariah.

Opdracht volbracht
Sorry voor de fouten, maar nu ken je me, hé...  Ik doe mijn best.
Op 13 juli 2002, zagen mensen en touristen dat we Mariah fans waren.  Het eerste doel van deze fan dag was de promotie voor Mariah te maken, en het is gelukt.
De complete samenvatting van de fan dag zal weldra gepost worden, laat mij een beetje tijd voor de fotos te ontwikkelen.  Het enige dat ik kan zeggen is dat voor mij (en ik hoop voor de fans die er waren) het een heel leuke namiddag was.  Ik kon gezichten op de namen dat ik kende zetten, ik voelde zo veel tederheid voor al die vrienden dat ik ontmoette en het was zoals we ons al altijd kenden.
Op 13 juli 2001: Ik leefde een prachtige nacht "met" Mariah in Londen.
Op 13 juli 2002: Ik leefde een prachtige namiddag met vrienden in Brussel.
I love ya, appreciate ya and enjoy you.
Dank aan: Muriel, Kelly, Sandra, Fikret, Seb, Jytte, Sylvia, Elise, Olivier, Rosario, Christian, Sylvianne, Tristan, Denise, Kinou... en... Mariah.

Mission accomplie
Ce 13 juillet 2002, les passants et touristes ont pu voir que nous étions fans de Mariah.  Le but premier d'une rencontre de fans étant de faire de la promotion pour Mariah, c'est donc mission accomplie.
Le résumé complet de cette rencontre sera posté bientôt, laissez-moi le temps de développer les photos.  La seule chose que je peux dire, c'est que pour moi (et j'espère pour les fans présents) cela a été une très belle après-midi.  J'ai pu mettre des visages sur les noms que je connaissais.  J'ai ressenti une grande tendresse pour tous ces amis que je découvrais et c'était comme si on se connaissait depuis toujours.
Le 13 juillet 2001: je vivais une nuit formidable "avec" Mariah à Londres.
Le 13 juillet 2002: je vivais une après-midi formidable avec des amis à Bruxelles.
I love ya, appreciate ya and enjoy you.
Merci à: Muriel, Kelly, Sandra, Fikret, Seb, Jytte, Sylvia, Elise, Olivier, Rosario, Christian, Sylvianne, Tristan, Denise, Kinou... et... Mariah.
Posted on July the 14th.

No updates tomorrow, 'cause it's the day of our fan gathering in Brussels.  And guess who we will promote?
Mariah!  Mariah!  Mariah!  Mariah!  Mariah!  Mariah!  Mariah!  Mariah!  Oops, I think that I become crazy, but after all, where's the problem if we are crazy of Mariah.

Pas d'updates demain, parce que c'est le jour de notre rencontre de fans à Bruxelles.  Et devinez de qui on va faire la promo?  Mariah!  Mariah!  Mariah!  Mariah!  Mariah!  Mariah!  Mariah!  Mariah!  Oups, je crois que je deviens fou, mais après tout, où est le problème si on est fou de Mariah.

Geen updates morgen, want het is onze fan dag in Brussel.  En raad eens voor wie we gaan promotie maken?
Mariah!  Mariah!  Mariah!  Mariah!  Mariah!  Mariah!  Mariah!  Mariah!  Oeps, ik denk dat ik gek word, maar allè, waar zit het probleem als je gek ben van Mariah.
Posted on July the 12th.

Please check this link
It's about the great rose project which we also collaborate.
Posted on July the 12th.
The Wise Girls movie poster was a fake
The Wise Girls movie poster which was on sale on an auction site, was not official.  I didn't post it until I was sure if it was official or not.  And it's not an official one, I just received the confirmation from the co-producer of the movie.  Until now there's still no official poster, so WARNING when you see official Wise Girls posters on sale now, they are fake.  I don't say that the seller knew he sells fake posters, maybe he didn't know it himself.
Posted on July the 12th.

Thanks to Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment for the picture.
Well done Belgium!!!
The Glitter DVD with Dutch subtitles is temporarly out of stock one week after the release.

De Glitter DVD met Nederlandse ondertiteling is momenteel niet meer in voorraad, een week na de verdeling.

Le DVD de Glitter avec sous-titres néérlandais est pour le moment hors stock, une semaine après la sortie.
Thanks to Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment for this great news.
Posted on July the 11th.

Here's an extract of Liz Smith's article, "A Private Photo Session"
I am just surprised Michael hasn't persuaded Mariah Carey to join him as he throws down his gauntlet. After all, she had her problems with Sony's big man, Tommy Mottola, whom Michael describes as "racist." Or how about Prince; he's a freedom fighter, too - remember his long rebellion against Warner Records?  Maybe Michael, Mariah and Prince should get together on an album and show the world. I'd certainly buy it!
Source: Liz Smith for Newsday.com. (All rights reserved)
Posted on July the 10th.
In respect to Mariah's dad memory, you will not find any article about this sad news.

Par respect pour la mémoire du papa de Mariah, vous ne trouverez aucun article relatant cette triste nouvelle.

Uit respect voor de nagedachtenis van Mariah's vader zult u geen enkel artikel in verband met dit droevige nieuws terugvinden.
Nederlandse vertaling: Björn.
Posted on July the 9th.

Sad news
We just received by phone the confirmation that Mariah's dad died on July the 4th.  After we asked if Mariah would be touched if we should make a special worldwide condolences page, they told us it was better to not make one, because it's too soon, and we must give time to Mariah.
No words can be found to tell Mariah that we love and support her more than ever.
Posted on July the 9th.
The first Mariah 2003 calendar in Brussels
As soon that I entered in his store, the manager did a huge smile, and at that moment I knew he had put something aside for me.  AAAAAAAHHHH, OMG, the most beautifull Mariah calendar I ever saw.
I made 2 pictures with my webcam, 'cause the calendar was too big to be scanned by my scanner.

Posted on July the 9th.
Become a member of the Belgian Fan-Club now.
Open to all the countries of the world.
For more details, click here.

Deviens membre du Fan-Club Belge.
Adhésion gratuite.
Pour plus de détails, cliquez ici.

Word lid van de Belgische Fanclub.
Gratis lidmaatschap.
Voor meer details, klik hier.
Posted on July the 8th.

DVD and VHS release of Glitter in Brazil.  The Shine of a Star

After showing her incredible talent as a singer writer and producer, Mariah Carey strikes as an actress in Hollywood, proving to be more versatile than Show Business could ever imagine. Isabel Gomes is the twelve-year old Brazilian girl who plays young Mariah in the movie. Mariah Carey picked out this child on her own for the similarities in appearance she found in the little girl to hers in childhood. Isabel Gomes lives in the USA since she was born and comes to Brazil during vacation to spend some time with her relatives in Minas Gerais. Isabel Gomes will be in São Paulo at Morumbi Shopping in Saraiva Bookstore on the 20th of July at 5pm; and  in Rio de Janeiro, at New York City Center, at the same store, on the 21st of July for the release of the movie in Brazil. We’ll be distributing free gifs for the fans, such as purses with lipstick and glitter, cd boxes, singles and posters. This event is supported by Saraiva Bookstore, São Paulo Columbia Pictures and Freedom System.
Source: Mariah Vision Brasil by e-mail.
Posted on July the 8th.
Don't forget our Belgian gathering on July the 13th.
In English, click here.  En français cliquez ici.  In het nederlands, klik hier.
Posted on July the 7th.
Fan gathering in Berlin (Germany) (update)
Due to multiple request to postpone the fangathering in Berlin because of the Love Parade, we now decided to let it take place on Sunday, July 14th. Like before we'll meet at 12pm CET in front of the world-time-clock at the Alexanderplatz and also the "program" will remain the same.  If you wouldn't have been able to make it on July 13th, but can come on Sunday, please send us a mail at honey_kate@gmx.net untill Thursday, July 11th!! Thanx!  And here are the plans for the meeting once again:  What we'll do...- get to know Mariah-fans - trade Mariah-stuff etc. if you want - you'll be able to win Mariah-prizes - the gathering will be filmed and sent to Mariah - announcement of a new project - Mariah-music etc.
What else you should pay attention to... - wear Mariah t-shirts and other MC-items if possible to show your support for Mariah - take a camera with you if you like.
Source: Honey and Kate from Butterflies Are Free by e-mail.
Posted on July the 7th.
Heroes comment: Mmmm, it would have been a great way to have a lot of people at the German gathering, make their gathering IN the Love Parade.
Mariah on German TV
Yesterday the German TV show "Life" featured a report on St. Barth and they also talked about stars who go on vacation there. They said that even Mariah celebrates her birthday on St. Barth and then they showed a short clip of her on St. Barth earlier this year.

Source: Honey and Kate from Butterflies Are Free by e-mail.
Posted on July the 7th.
hello lambs,
i want everyone to know that www.mariahzworld.tk is now reopen cause i am over seas a computer was not within my reach ,but now i got one and the site is running again .Please if you have a web site if you will post that we are reopen that would be a great help cause people stoped coming.So please help me get up in running again
Source: April from Mariahzworld by e-mail.
Posted on July the 5th.
Jacko furious at snub for Sept 11 record
Michael Jackson is angry that a charity single he made was shelved by his record company. He recorded the track called What More Can I Give with stars including Mariah Carey and Ricky Martin. It had been intended to raise money for the victims of the September 11 attacks. Marc Schaffel, who produced the single, said Jacko was furious that Sony had never released it. He told The Sun: "Sony Music are punishing many innocent people who would have been the beneficiaries. This is the most blatant, disgusting act of corporate greed." No one at Sony was able to comment.
Source: Ananova. (All rights reserved)
Posted on July the 3rd.
Good news for Wise Girls in Belgium
The Belgian distributor of Wise Girls confirmed us that Belgian people will be able to see Wise Girls for sure.  The movie will be released in the movie theaters or on DVD or in the movie theathers and on DVD.  We are really happy with this great news.

Bonne nouvelle pour Wise Girls en Belgique
Le distributeur Belge de Wise Girls nous a confirmé que nous pourrons voir Wise Girls en Belgique.  Le film sortira en salles ou en DVD ou dans les salles et en DVD.  Nous sommes vraiment très heureux de cette grande nouvelle.

Goed nieuws voor Wise Girls in Belgïe
De Belgische verdeler van Wise Girls heeft ons bevestigd dat we Wise Girls zullen kunnen zien in Belgïe.  De film zal uitkomen in de bioscopen of op DVD of in de bioscopen en op DVD.  We zijn heel blij met dit groot nieuws.
Posted on July the 3rd.

Mariah Carey's got a new man 
Revitalized pop star hooks up with R&B heartthrob

Her troubles behind her, Mariah Carey is looking forward to the future with a new guy nearly a decade younger than her – hunky R&B singer Tyrese. "When Mariah laid eyes on Tyrese, she flipped," says an eyewitness at New York City's trendy Serafina eatery, where the two hooked up. "They hit it off instantly, laughing right up till closing time. That's when they whipped out their electronic organizers and exchanged phone numbers." Fate brought the duo together. Carey, 32, recently had been visiting her sick father Alfred in a New York hospital and only stopped by Serafina to pick up her cousin Sean, who's staying with her while visiting from Harvard. It was love at first bite when Carey, dressed provocatively in a low-cut top, jeans and her trademark glittery butterfly necklace, spied Tyrese, 23, grabbing a late-night snack at the restaurant. After spending a little time sipping wine with pals, Mariah asked to be introduced to the strapping star of the John Singleton movie Baby Boy. "They talked all night and were two of the last people to leave the restaurant at 4 a.m.," says another source. A year ago, Carey was at the lowest point in her life. Her boyfriend Luis Miguel dumped her, and she suffered an emotional meltdown. She went berserk in a New York City hotel room and spent time at Silver Hill Hospital in New Caanan, Conn. – the same place that recently treated Billy Joel. On top of her love woes, there was the fiasco of her movie Glitter, which bombed at the box office. And her record company, EMI/Virgin Records, gave her the heave-ho. But she's singing the blues no more. With a sweet new $20 million record deal from Def Jam/Universal Records in hand, her career is back on track. And she's thrilled about finding love with Tyrese. "Mariah looks rested and happy and doesn't ramble on like she used to before her breakdown," says the source. "The only piece missing in her life is a new guy. But judging by how well she and Tyrese got along, he may be just the man to capture her heart."
Source: Star Magazine. (All rights reserved)
Posted on July the 3rd.
Heroes comment: Well, that Mariah met Tyrese, ok it's true, but if there's a love story going on, I will wait to confirm that until Mariah give me a call.

Thanks to Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment for the picture.
Glitter DVD in Belgium
The Glitter DVD with Dutch subtitles will be in stores tomorrow.  The one with French subtitles will be in stores in August.  Click here for the special Glitter DVD page and don't forget to check the new contest.
Posted on July the 1st.


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